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Dreamweaver Chapter 211





“Sir, I think we can begin the next phase now,” the first fire salamander general said.

“What? Oh right, sorry I was distracted,” the salamander kin prince said. It was easy to get distracted at times like this. Currently he had one of his favorite concubines calming him by sitting on his thigh and knee up close with one arm draped around his shoulders leaning against him, while a chessboard was next to him. On the other side of his chessboard, not far from both of them to the left a couple feet another concubine was playing against him.

This concubine knew she ultimately had to let the prince win or she’d be executed. But she also had to be good enough at it that he didn’t get bored either. If he got bored then he’d throw a fit. Then he’d probably cut off her arms like he did the last salamander kin girl.

She carefully moved her peace forward.

“Hmm, why did you move there?” the prince murmured, then responded by moving his own piece.

“Sir, about the next phase of the plan?” the general coughed lightly to get his attention. It wasn’t unusual for the prince to need several things occupying his attention at once. So the general was used to this type of behavior. And as long as this was done with no down time there was more chance for him to let the others around him survive longer. Plus, salamander kin had brutally strong princes that could kill a general as if they were flies, even though generals were also strong themselves. This particular prince was also stronger than most.

“Oh right…so the hell hounds have crushed all the resistance?” the prince asked.

“Well…most of it. There’s currently what we think to be less than 10% visible left,” the general’s voice barked in response. He knew the prince wanted a confident response.

“Oh that’s not bad. They sure are holding their own this time eh?” the prince said.

“Sir is that much acceptable? It’s slightly higher than we thought. But 10% isn’t bad?” the general offered.

“I think 10% is acceptable,” the prince was smiling big thinking of the spoil he was about to get.

“Shall I release the fire drakes now?” The general asked. He was a bit eager to release the fire drakes since he’d been part of their breeding and training programs. He wanted to show the prince his worth and that he was clearly superior to the other general who only led the hell hound breeding, and summoning program.

“Hmm, what’s our current strength at?” the prince asked.

He knew the prince was testing him. The prince wanted to make sure he knew, and that he believed in the plan. The prince in other words already knew all these answers and was timing not on the response but the quickness of how fast he could respond with readiness! If he were to hesitate or be dimwitted he could easily be killed for no reason at all!

“Currently we have 23 fire drake large platoons. Each platoon unit has about twenty of the fire drakes mostly young but battle tested and screened for weaknesses and inbreeding, all with riders who are veteran warriors armed with elite equipment! All are prepped, ready to go, and anxious to prove themselves for his lord ship,” the general said. He kept his eyes locked with the prince, knowing the prince would be watching for any sign of weaknesses. If he showed a weakness then the prince would believe he didn’t have confidence in the plan and then might pull back.

“OK good. Send them in then. And if your program shows its mettle I will reward you well. But make sure you have the smaller summoned scout units attached to each and moving with appropriate probing distance ahead of each unit. Take every precaution in this endeavor and don’t underestimate the enemey,” the prince said.

“Yes, My lord! We will make it so!” the general then saluted.

Then he finalized the orders with the shaman messengers to confirm all the order details with its supplies. Immediately the shamans were beginning their communication magic on specially made leather scrolls made from human skins.

“We will finally have our foot in the fae stronghold, my Lord,” The second general said.

The other two, the prince, and the first general both cackled with laughter while the two concubines were too terrified to laugh but masking it well.






Lotti POV






“So what’s our status?” she asked the cat butler in front of her.

She was currently very deep underground, far below the dwarven realm’s city above them for days. It had taken her a long, long time to reach this furthest point under the Earth that she’d ever been in, with endless searching, worrying, tracking, and correcting their route several times. In fact it was so hard for her to maneuver down here following the trail of her prey that she’d had to use all of her elite trackers at once just to not lose the trail. And she’d taken every precaution to stay alert and not be ambushed when resting, etc. She had protection spells of all kinds, pressure protection due to being down so low (she didn’t know if she’d need it or not), also protection from poison (due to worrying about air quality this deep down), an air filter and air creation bubble that circulated her and her retinue, and numerous stoneskin enchants on herself and all of her cats, elemental resistance, and magic resistance spells.

And she’d also had a close call with a certain giant spider that seemed to have some kind of skills such as [Heavy Stander], and [Magic Resistance] that made things quite perilous for a time.

“Hmm, I’m not sure sir?” the cat butler and several others were combing the area in front of her. She had like five of them running tracking duty, with a few dozen also doing bodyguard duty. Each of them were dressed like human soldiers with small helmets, small boots, and weaponry which they held as if they were people.

“I’ll be angry if you can’t pick up the trail again,” Lotti exclaimed.

“Sir, we’re doing all we can. Please have mercy!” the cat butler bowed deeply.

“Ahh that’s true I’m supposed to be merciful aren’t I?” she huffed while sitting on her chair in her pumpkin coach.

Just then one of the trackers had an alert.

“Sir, we have a signal!” the cat butler said.

“Good, where is it? What’s happening?” Lotti asked.

One of the trackers bounded up and whispered to the butler while Lotti waited patiently.

“Sir, this is absolutely amazing. The one called Shun not only survived the giant spider, but somehow found some other mutated demons in this area. The scent matches one of the signals of scents to memorize within the database of scents you provided to the trackers!” the butler saluted.

“Oh really? Which one?” she asked.

How dare my prey escape. That was my human piggy bank that just walked out of town…no snuck out to avoid paying up. Nobody defies me!

The butler pulled out a chart book of some kind that helped him flip through what was basically a monster encyclopedia. “Hmm, I believe this one seems to match, or is close enough to be #9085, mistress.” He added another bow at the end; witches like servants that bow, and punish the proud.

Still the cat butler and the other cats acting human ish with even standing up and posing their limbs like humans had a soothing effect on her killing intent due to their cuteness.

“What? 9085? I thought I marked that one off as extinct a few centuries ago?” Lotti asked.

The butler looked nervous then, and froze. Did the tracker make a mistake? He was puzzled. What should he do? But he can’t admit a mistake in front of Mistress Lotti without a penalty. As a result he began to sweat it out, wondering what had just happened.

Wait, maybe it wasn’t a mistake?

Could this species still exist?! My goodness…the monster table displaying its skills and traits was horrific in description. If such a monster existed…goodness…nothing could survive it! It might even be worse than the giant mutant spider queen they’d recently survived. He trembled thinking about it.

“Hmm, can you have the tracker verify it again please. I’m not sure why that one could be possible,” she said. Rather than a question, she said it as a polite order.

“Yes, your highness!” the butler said.

It took the polymorph mutated cats a few minutes to respond. Some of them were trembling in fear. None of them were used to this strange underground wilderness that shouldn’t exist. It was like a hell but with coal and rubble instead of grass, and a cavern that stretched forever as the sky. The air felt heavy here too and had strange smells that would have made them sick if not for Lotti’s survival enchants. Then the tracker finalized it with two other trackers, after a brief discussion. Then they saluted the butler and indicated the same symbol in the scent database.

The butler was surprised.

“It seems it is truly scent number associated with species 9085 mistress. I find this puzzling since such creatures shouldn’t exist anymore,” the butler bowed while saying and sweeping his hat low.

“9085? I …those are supposed to be extinct, like you say. To think they could be hiding this deep underground in a place that is almost not even capable of supporting life! Did the target get eaten by 9085? What happened after our target met up with 9085?” she asked.

“That’s the weird part. We have scents and evidence of a large gathering of creatures of this type. Also we believe a battle was fought here with your target and another subject with him involved. It seems somehow he was able to survive the ordeal, but that’s confusing because with so many 9085 signals scents in one spot that should have been enough to finish him off. Also it seems that they have been feeding on outcasts of various neighbors to stay alive while living under stealth and surprise to avoid detection by others. I doubt their neighbors knew much about them other than that it wasn’t safe to go outside their own towns,” the cat butler said carefully.

“Hmm, what could that mean? You have done well. Keep it up and we’ll have fish tonight,” she wondered.

“Mistress, the air feels poisonous down here! Please take us back to the surface soon! I beg you!” the butler cried out while bowing as low as he could to avoid her anger.

“Soon…I can’t let this guy escape…Shun belongs to me. Bastard…he’ll pay for this. I’ll repo him!” Lotti’s nails scratched at the arms of her chair leaving marks in the woodwork.

Her cat butler almost couldn’t believe his ears hearing they would have a fish dinner. Lotti pushed them hard always, so for her to reward them was almost unthinkable.

“OK, very well. Please proceed,” she waved the pumpkin carriage to resume following the trackers while they moved forward with her armed guards.

“Sir, this is amazing! Who could have thought that all your research on tracking could make it so impossible for someone to escape you!” the chief butler cat said in awe.

“I know right? I am so smart,” Lotti said with an evil smile.

“By the way I think its time for tea,” Lotti said while ringing a servant’s bell.

“Oh right! Thank you mistress! I love the breaks when we can rest!” one of her guard cats said. (He was one of the others that hadn’t lost human speech, but he had his tail and was partly blind in one eye as a result of war and espionage activities for Lotti.)

The cat servants finally could rest. Yet Lotti had been driving them so hard. They’d covered almost 40 miles today on foot…or rather paws alone. Even with Lotti’s growth and stat enchant buffs that was hard to do.

But just then one of the scout cats ran up, saluting, but very scared.

“Mewooooooooooo!” a low growl.

“Intruders mistress!” the butler cried out to Lotti, who was still drinking her tea.

“Eh? They dare mess with my tea time?!”

She then pulled out a destructive wand. “What kinds of creatures and how many?”

“Umm….I’m not sure how to describe it?! It’s like giant slugs with human appendage bodies impaled on growth tentacles. Wh-at is such a thing? I didn’t comprehend such things could exist?!” the scout cried out.

“What? So it is this species then…” the butler muttered to himself.

“And its worse, they seem to have recently massacred a small dwarven army down here. I fear their strength may overcome us!” the scout added.

Then they found out a single slug filth monster whatever they are had massacred the dwarves.

But 5 such beings were approaching Lotti’s temporary camp.





Later that day a strange report came into the fire salamander throne room.

A messenger ran in personally to confirm the veracity of the strange report.

-Scout #471 reports; strange waterfalls have begun flooding from the sky in the fae fortress. The strangeness of waterfalls of vast amounts of thick water like whole rivers pouring from the sky! And a strange barrier around the town not letting fire drake patrols leave even the air space around the fae fortress; the description was almost like they were in some kind of land fishbowl. When aerial units reached the end of air space they were suddenly bent at a different angle and redirected towards the center of the fortress as they flew. Somehow the patrols aren’t sure how to leave yet though they still report wins and massacring ground troops of the enemy.

The fire salamander throne room is currently scratching their heads.

Fire Salamander General #1; ‘What does it mean?’

FSG#2; ‘But we’re winning right?’

FS Prince with concubine riding his lap; ‘As long as we’re winning isn’t it OK?’

But then minutes later another report came in. It was verified again. The previous report was accurate but so bizarre as to make it temporarily unsure how to respond. Further reports came in of ‘rivers from the sky’ dumping into the town?! ‘What the fuck?!’ thought the prince. ‘What does that mean? Maybe it was a translation error; the problem with rapid expansion of many fire salamander and troglodyte tribes means the difficulty in consolidating language and culture while eliminating dialects. A request was sent out for a translation team to figure out what the fuck a river flowing down from the sky meant.

-A second report ten minutes later; “My G--! We’re being literally flushed! Woe is….AAAAAAAAAa---” Only a partial script came through. It seems the messenger perished while sending the message with a lot of magic ‘white noise’ in the background that they weren’t sure about.

-At that point numerous fire drake aerial patrol units had communication errors. Whole patrols were missing, and some were confused, sending help requests from ‘HELP! We’re being flushed!’.





And another war report came to the fae fortress simulator control room right before the fire samander throne room had its spree of reports begin.

-Aerial fire drake patrols of more than 20 in number each. With a total of 20 such patrols. Each with strong fire salamander champion riders; for such numbers to exist on beasts near the strength of dragons, the fae intelligence units were exceedingly astonished. Never before had they seen mortals with such strength as this! And to have harnessed the power of lesser dragons too!

-How is it that the fire salamanders were able to cultivate such strength and tame such beasts of horrific strength?! And to have so many where even a small platoon of five might threaten whole countries they were shaking in their boots!

-Would the ‘system flush and reboot’ of the simulator with its two part process work on such beings of near heroic level strength?!

-Message sent from fae control tower to monster tamer guild; ‘Can fire drakes swim? What would happen if they were submerged? We’ve not encountered a battle scenario like this before and the fire drake has a water born cousin with a very similar gene pool that can breathe water which worries us…? Will flushing them still work for phase 1 of simulation models 1&2? Please advise.’


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