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Dreamweaver Chapter 209

Fire Salamander Head Prince and Chief General POV in the fire salamander palace

“Sir, our hell hounds have penetrated most of the fae fortress city,” my aide tells me. A few other servants also confirmed his reports with their own. We have a redundancy system in place where various messengers try to confirm data, through more than one source to avoid being deceived by enemy troops. Thus, one messenger will be delivered by the land army, one messenger will send a report gathered from intel on flying fire drakes, and a third source will be divination battle strategist mages, who specialize in troop movements.

Nobody has as many troops as I do that I know of. And my spy networks have been looking constantly. I’ve been cultivating vast hordes here deep within the Earth near some of the middle crust lava beds that have access to vast amounts of water and fish ecosystems, and then blending gene pools with mages who aren’t even fire salamanders to bring in new elements of magic into our species, then blending those with dragon mana to strengthen their bloodlines.

The end result is that I’ve been able to grow vast armies in a very short amount of time after beating out the local competition. Now currently, I have massive mage support for not just divination, but also our fire shamans, and I have the means to teleport vast armies via group based circle magic, which basically means a coven of mages pooling power to warp in hundreds of troops at a time, which is what they’ve been doing all day while I watch from my fortress.

Our work is coming to fruition! We now have a force that can dominate a good chunk of this continent. Even the massive orc kingdoms shouldn’t be able to hold us back. We have created the ultimate set of soldiers and summons working together from borrowing from infero genes and magic.

Nobody can stop me…well almost nobody. There are still some unknowns among some daemon princes. But I’m building up to take one of their spots anyway. Soon I’ll be a daemon prince too. It’s within reach and then I won’t have to serve one anymore.

“Your orders ssssir?” the aide asked.

“Keep going as issss, no changes yet. Update me often even if there are no changesss,” I said.

“Sir, isss it time to implement the next phasssse?” one of my Generals asked. General Tall Fang of the Ruby Rake Clan; he’s just one of many generals and many clans that are all serving me and trying to one up over each other to win my graces.

“Jussst a bit longer, let them penetrate a bit further. Sssoon we’ll have our goalsss in sssight,” I said.

He seemed to flinch, because he’s anxious and impatient, but he obeys. “Yesss, sir. Your ordersss are absssolute.”

Then the two other message runners confirmed my troop placements had taken another street. And we’ve only released the hell hounds, so this is pretty much going with hardly any problems so far.

“Wonderful, that’s absolutely wonderful. Everything is going according to plan,” I said.

“Sir, it doesn’t seem right. The enemy should have more numbers and better resistance than this. We need to be careful,” My other General, General Swift Dagger said. He’s edgy and nervous because he keeps thinking the enemy has some hidden wild cards but we’d been forcing them to show those early on for some time. Sometimes he’s a bit too timid I think.

After several battles we think we’d forced every surprise out of the enemy. All their trump cards are one by one being undone. After we’d gotten past the wall it wasn’t hard to do.

A series of verbal insults then exchanged between my other general and Tall Fang, trying to contradict each other because their rivalry is so intense but I won’t let them duel to the death because I need them both and they both have unique traits and adaptability. At length one of the hell hound summoner teams came over.

“Sir, we’ve reached max energy spent for hell hound summoning. Even with mana potion storage we can’t really go beyond what we’ve got already. So to confirm this is absolutely the maximum amount of hell hounds we can currently do even with mana potions being used in bulk. It’s also the furthest we’ve stretched our limits towards. Our mages are nearly at their breaking point,” he confirmed.

“Just keep at it if they can. They will be weakened so pull them back as much as you can without losing the hell hound summons and have them just concentrate on keeping what they have out. And keep the enemy wasting their strength on the hell hounds instead of our real troops. We can afford the resources. We want this to be perfectly timed for the next phase,” I added with my fingers steepled together with my finger claws clicking on each other as they twitched.

There are several chuckles and snickers among my inner circle. They know this is a cleverly staged plan with many facets to it.

Around me numerous salamander girl concubines and scantily clad female lizard woman servants of many types and sub-species are waiting upon me and around the steps leading to my throne. This throne room is fairly typical of many fire salamander castles except this one is huge beyond compare and made from beautifully polished granite from the blood of deep dwarven slave miners. Because I have access to such powerful sorcery of battle divination I can tell what’s going on in my throne room, direct troops, and play with my favorite concubines without having to be on the front lines.

The one lizard girl concubine in front of me sitting on my lap is my favorite. And like other fire salamander females I prefer them all only wearing loin cloths. Each of them has beautiful tail spikes and covered in shiny ruby colored scales covering all of their body just the way our species likes. In particular, we like our females slender with flat chests, which is true beauty, and we’ve been bred to think that way unlike humans and soft skin species that like inflated fat bags on their females’ chests which are useless.

(loin cloths…with hot lizard females…drool…oh what was I thinking about again…ahh the battle…)

And while I’m trying to not think about that…the target city we’re sacking…what is it with human and fae sexual preferences?! They pick the wrong types! Humans are crazy! They choose to be enamored with big chest fat bags make the females unable to compete in athletics or survival. I’d never understood why humans think so strangely. Flat chests mean superior breeding, athletic and running ability; because they can move faster with less unnecessary weight or movements and graceful precision and dance well with their tails. Those human fools are so obsessed and have bad genes to make them think that they want lumps of fat on their mates.

Unconsciously my clawed right hand is already playing with the chest scales of the concubine sitting on my lap. Her scales are soft and tender, but still hard enough to be exciting and combat usable…I feel so horny right now.

While my aides, scribes, and messengers are kneeling at my feet, a dozen paces in front of the throne pedestal my concubines are feeding me chilled fire grape juice with ice in golden cups, and other exotic delicacies like dark elf corpse thigh roasts, and even harpy shredded mutton.

(…jeez I’m getting so hungry thinking about that. I hope the kitchen is stocked well tonight for dinner…)

My soldiers are jealously eyeing my banquet table. Some of them will jealously glance at my females but then avoid my eye contact when I’m actually looking. Let them look but if they make a move on my women I’ll skin them alive.

You wouldn’t think there’s a banquet table in the middle of an invasion but its true there is. I think better on my feet with a good harpy mutton drumstick in my hands. The savor of exotic wines also dulls my sense of fear to help me be bolder and I share my treasures with my generals and champions on behalf of the Fire Salamander Empire.

Just then another messenger came in.

“Sir, we have a problem.”

Fuck. My stress peaked right when that was said. I hate when it starts like that. I’ve come too far to lose from here on.

My generals flinched as I accidentally broke my golden chalice, spilling wine over my concubine. Oops, I didn’t mean to use that much strength. My concubine would have been annoyed except if she leaves me I’ll wring her neck, and she knows it. She’s also seen me do it to others. I have to give permission first. She just sort of sat very still with spilled wine all over herself. Her eyes widened a bit.


“Um….well…there’s resistance in the 4th quarter. The hellhounds have bottlenecked somehow,” the messenger said.

“How can that be? There’s too many of them to let any resistance survive?” I said.

The Generals are silent for a bit. I can feel their nervousness about me lashing out against them.

“Well what do you think?” I asked them.

“Let’s bring in some of your best advisors great one. They can surely tell us more,” General Tall Fang suggested.

“Fine let’s do it. I welcome new ideas as always,” I said.

But I’m also ready to crush new ideas too.

They are slick and clever as always. They don’t think I know what they are doing but I do. Both of them deferred to let combat advisors be summoned to the throne room, knowing that when I’m mad I usually kill whoever is talking.

The first military advisor is obviously a green horn.

(Where the heck did they get this guy from? He’s nervously in nerve tremors as he stands before me and can’t look me in the eye.)

“Sir, the math calculation of the total friction of the fae fortress ground is higher on our hell hounds feet than previously indicated. The surface area generated with mana disturbance factored by a coefficient of X and so on. This results in more energy consumptions of gnome children from our gnome farms…which is good in one way, but it slows the overall rotation of the planet making it hard for us to assault their stronghold.”

What the hell kind of excuse is that? He thought I wouldn’t understand his technical bull shit. Gnome children? Fuck…I eat gnome children for breakfast. They aren’t strong enough to add any friction. I think gnomes will be extinct in another fifty years.

Even my two generals are almost having brain seizures trying to comprehend this fellows stupidity. How did he get to be an advisor?

“Kill him,” I said.

“With pleasure sssire,” came a reply.

That was followed by a squawk from that guy trying to get away.

General Tall Fang’s sword had released the head on this chump faster than I’d finished the sentence. The arterial spray doesn’t touch my throne room so I won’t punish him by taking his tail this time.

Actually…the way that sword went through the air was so graceful and flowing. It was almost lovely in a way. He has good form and technique.

“Wow that’s a nice swing,” I noted, impressed with Tall Fang’s skill. He has a beautiful decapitation move that is really smooth and fast, not just powerful.

“Th-thank you sir! You are so generous!” he said.

I think both him and the other guy have a tear in their eye because they wonder why a big shot like me still appreciates his underlings. Well…the ones that aren’t worthless…Actually I’m manipulating the scum but oh well. It’s good if they think it’s helping them.

“Oh servants…please get rid of the body of that thing. Please have some janitors lick up all the blood too, every last drop and no overtime just because they got a free meal. You can like maybe make what’s left into a stew for the children,” I said while ringing a small silver handbell.

“…I wouldn’t let children eat that guy’s brain. I’m afraid they’d get infected with something,” I heard my concubines muttering.

“Wow, my lord that’s so genius. I should have thought of that,” Tall Fang said with admiration.

Instantly several female servants in loincloths are rushing to take care of the body. And of course I only have female servants in the throne room normally, except during war maneuvers that way if I need to let loose it’s not a big deal to promote one of them after the deed, to concubine status.

The servants are already carrying the body away when the next military advisor steps in. He’s a tall skinny fellow.

“Well, got anything smart and witty to say?” I asked.

His response was a bit later than I thought was natural. Something is off about this guy. His eyes look too far apart too, and that’s a sign of bad genes. “About what ssssire? Why was I brought here again? I sssseem to have forgot…” he clicks his jaw unnaturally and is a bit wall eyed.

“Seriously? You don’t have any idea what’s going on? You should know by now how this works. You either impress me or…you take door number 2,” I said.

“Sir, he smells strongly of dark elf wine again,” General Swift Dagger said.

“I agree…so disrespectful,” the other General concurred.

“What’s in door number two?” he asked with his jaw bone creaking from some facial tick. He looks a bit tipsy.

What a dumb shit. Fuck. This is one of the traits I’ve tried to curb in our massive breeding programs. Some are a little slow in the head. But I’ve been correcting that too. It just takes applying lack of patience.

My generals began snickering without hiding it. They can tell what’s going to happen. In fact, they are like a couple kids waiting for it. They look like teenagers smiling at this guy.

Oh now I get it. They purposely put some clowns in military advisement to entertain me I guess. I can play along since its fun to slaughter inbred lizards. It actually stimulates my aggression and now ideas are flowing into me because of it. In the end I was still inspired.

(Tall Fang is genius. Why didn’t I think of this myself?)

“Um, what’s everyone smiling about?” the target of my malice unknowingly asked.

Tall Fang can’t hide his giggling any longer. But he’s trying.

“Oh right…sir I have…” this second expendable think tank military advisor is speared through the heart with my butter knife that I just flicked with such ease that the body splatters back a good four paces. Well, even if you call it a butter knife, it’s made of mithril looted from a city of deep dwarves that I’d conquered two years ago…and is unnaturally sharp. That combined with my superior strength makes that guy unable to keep up.

The breeding experiments with the deep dwarves and salamander girls didn’t work though. They aren’t even worth making brothel fodder with. So that city was a total loss. We’d tried it to see if we could implant some of the dwarves’ longevity genes into salamander kin but the children all come out fucked up and deformed.

“I confirm he’s dead sir,” General Tall Fang said while bowing.

“Nice shot sir, you still have the touch even though you mostly play with females all day lately without working out. I’m impressed!” Tall Dagger said. Actually I could have interpreted that as an insult but its hard work making soldiers to conquer the world. Fire salamanders in general want soldiers related to them by blood because of a type of gene related dominance trait that we can use on our descendants.

“Well I want to know why we’re bottlenecked taking the fae stronghold’s front door. The other two daemon princes that I colluded with on this assured me it would be easy,” I said while raking damage on my throne rooms arm from my anger.

“A valid concern. But if you have strong allies and organization it should be possible.”

The generals waved in another military advisor, we’re hoping it won’t be some idiot this time.

“Sir?” a new fellow came in with a glass eye, and he looks and smells like some kind of mage with a fire salamander skeleton pet with him. The skeleton has a limp and acts a bit twitchy and uncertain but still follows its master.

“Why are our troops bottle necked? I need answers and the two idiots before you couldn’t tell me shit, so I’m having their children sold as slaves or to go to a meat butcher shop. They will also eat their father’s remains for bread this month. See how generous I am,” I said.

Yes, fire salamanders don’t enslave only other species. We enslave anything that needs to be made an example out of. Except for some reason we don’t really enslave dark elves because we think they are cool and smart and hard to beat; plus they get the drop on us half the time. And although we enslave succubi too, that can’t really count as slavery since for some reason they always seem to manipulate us more than we can manipulate them. And somehow they always trick us into letting them go.

“You are fortunate sire, I believe I can give you the answers you require,” this fellow said.

“Oh really?” General Swift Dagger said.


“Well out with it,” I said.

Smug little shit, isn’t he?

“It seems that like our previous plan things were going good until you hit this section here. Am I right?” he pointed to the map that’s next to my banquet table that little modelers are moving figures on to represent the real time placement of our troops.

“That sounds about right,” Tall Fang noted nodding to me.

“Well it just so happens that most the barracks before this point are cannon fodder troops, but on this side is where they had some elite barracks. They have in effect several tiered rings around the fortress with the weakest troops on the outer most ring, then the second most weakest in the next ring, and so on with the harder and tougher troops and crack troops occupying villas and even rich dwelling spaces on the most inside parts nearest the actual door to the fae hidden realm gate,” he said as went on explaining.

“How come we didn’t hear this earlier? This was good information,” I said to the other two Generals.

“Sir, I smell a rat. This information the other two princes who are colluding with you should have known and gave you this information beforehand. This is basic military intel, not even advanced stuff. Hell, we could have gotten this much from any merchant off the street with a good bribe. And they should have passed onto us. It’s not that difficult to find out. This information is so basic that I don’t know how it could have been missed,” General Tall Fang concluded after he realized this.

Shit, were we manipulated?

Well even if we are we’re too strong to be undone.

Ahh fuck. Well we have gone too far to back out now. I don’t let my anger show on my scales though, that’d be weak.

“I agree,” the other General said, though they were still eyeing each other with enmity and severe distrust from their endless rivalry.

“Err…which princes if I might ask? Do you mean the fire salamander princes or …the other princes?” the necromancer military advisor lizard asked openly.

“I didn’t give you permission to speak yet,” I said.

“Oh sorry…” he scratched his head and now he’s looking around the room. He waits patiently.

I accidentally clawed more of the throne room arm again. It’s a bad habit I have but this necromancer fire lizard has been eyeing one of my concubines too closely. He surely won’t leave the room alive, even though his advise was sound. I’ve caught him before following one of my favorite lizard girls around, but I was too lazy to punish him last time. I won’t make the same mistake again.

I’ll placate him until he leaves, however. It will keep his senses dull until I strike him down. His guard in the throne room I can sense is rather high.

“In answer to your question, I obviously mean the daemon princes,” I said flashing sharp teeth. But then he’s looking at one of my favorite concubines again. This guy…so brazen; even my generals have noticed it.

“Oh that’s nice sire. I always knew you had potential,” he said right before I nodded at Tall Fang to take his head.

He was so busy staring at one of my concubines he didn’t even realize it until his head was on the floor. Then the body somehow started peeing itself right before it hit the floor. It made all of us laugh pretty hard as we saw it.

That fool, didn’t even realize the lesson he was supposed to learn.

“Hmm, haven’t seen one of them do it like that,” giggled the concubine on my lap.

“Yeah usually they only pee themselves when they look me in the eyes,” I noted.

“OK, send in the next advisor!” The Generals barked while tapping the butts of their spears against the floor.

Several servants are hurrying with terribly fearful expressions.

As they open the door to the throne room, another goofy looking guy that looks like his parents were brother and sister started walking in.

“Don’t worry, the boss is an equal opportunity employer,” my herald said to calm the newcomer.

The generals are trying hard to cover their smug expressions as this guy comes towards me with a big smile on his face.


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