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Dreamweaver Chapter 208




Shun POV


Hah they can’t get me!

It’s been a good two hours while I’ve just been sitting tight in the barrier bubble. I’ve just been letting the hellhound fire dogs circle and run around the shimmering energy of the bubble while I’m lying down casually in the bottom bowl shape of the sphere barrier I’ve made. The sphere shape for some reason is slightly more mana economical compared to box shapes or fences. I think that’s because of the circular shapes help mana flow stay consistent and more natural to how mana flows over and within itself.

And why was I like this? Its simple there’s like hundreds of hellhounds out there. There’s too many to fight but I can wait them out.

Do I risk it?

So far I have avoided summoning anything that the fae might detect and screen as problematic. That means I can’t summon anything that’s on the darkness element or demon side without creating problems. I can’t summon Ayumi Sensei, and I also can’t summon Doppel-chan, even if I wanted to (although Asakura probably wouldn’t ping on their radar as a threat).

There’s a chance that there would be so much stuff in here that they wouldn’t really notice because of too many hell hounds surrounding me. It would be like signal interference because of all the signals stacked up on top of each other in the same spot.

Barriers are supposed to block everything out, physical or elemental damage. But I don’t know if that’s true for intelligence gathering types of magic spells for a lot of reasons. The barrier spells are clear too, and intelligence gathering magic could just ‘look’ at it. And who knows about if there’s a magic radar type of ability; I suspect there are several versions of these.

At some point I will start to summon others so that I can mana leach off them in chains. This could theoretically let me keep this up all night.

But the catch is that to do that I have to not have a caster enemy show up to try to pop the bubble. Some casters could theoretically try to pop the bubble if they have a magic canceller ability, a counter ability, or a tool with either. That’s got me sweating to worry about because it would get me eaten fast.

And the demon hell hound dogs aren’t that shabby in stats. I can feel there’s a great strength and vigor in them, along with something like their elemental affinity for mostly fire, and some of darkness too. Plus their size is a bit past about half the height of a man at the shoulders. So as I think about it, I recognized that without conscientiously thinking about it; I’d identified that their element is mostly fire and some darkness element too.

Right now there’s no sign of anything except hell hounds. But something has to be leading and summoning the hellhounds! Does that mean they will send other stuff later or just that hell hounds are enough? What is their objective?

I’m trying to weight out and think what the enemy wants as I try to rest and keep my mana balanced and recharging.

The hell hounds still want in my bubble too but they can’t and that’s making them pissed. They are also trying to still chew on the sphere even though they can’t because it’s so smooth they can’t even get a grip on it. Sometimes they end up wiping their drool on the see through glass made out of energy.


OK, I have to time this and do the math well. It’s really technical. As long as my recharge rate over time is higher than my mana draw rate then I’ll live. If not I’ll be fucked and turned into puppy chow. No matter how good you are you can’t fight hundreds of them at once.

So far, it’s been one barrier spell per hour. I can also reset it or reenergize it before it ends. That means I’ve regenerated 3% of my total mana per hour after losing 9 percent each cast. And it will continue to progress in a similar income loss of mana situation like that for some time. You would think that’s losing badly. However I can still summon a minion and snatch mana from them with my mana leach ability and that’s not counting minion mana regeneration rates too factored in and cycling my minions. This brings it back to a fairly even draw of almost as much mana income as mana loss. I could sustain this for probably days or more, but I would eventually probably start to lose from exhaustion. It’s also complicated to fight the clock and be right on top of the timing, though I can feel when the barrier starts to weaken and run out of time.

“OK, you can do this. Breathe…” I said to myself. I’m actually trying to not panic.

At first it was just like having about several dozen hell hounds surround you watching for something like an opening is quite scary. Now some of them are sitting on their haunches watching me. Then after that it was like 4 dozen hell hounds. And then 5 dozen estimated and then some more. Then more came after that, and they pretty much never stopped. From the beginning it was never really about fighting them but just about holding out. They are all going mad with bloodlust. Actually hell hounds look both rabid and crazy all the time probably and not just now…

Is rabies related to hell hound genes somehow or their genetic structure?

It’s hard to rest and wait like this. I want to do something but it’s a waiting game.

I hope things will be OK.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Come on you can do it.

I flex my fingers.

The hell hounds get even more restless if possible. Sometimes they start biting each other, but something prevents them from killing each other outright. That’s a clue there’s summoners involved controlling the hell hounds.

I can do this.

Carefully I watch the minutes on my watch. Actually this is Asakura’s watch, which I’m borrowing.

Currently at 87% mana…

I can keep renewing the spell. And for some reason I don’t know why I don’t have to worry about oxygen or running out of oxygen while in a sphere bubble. I guess there wouldn’t be much point to such a spell if you were smothered to death in the process right? Then it would be called death bubble instead of barrier. The barrier also helps with the heat nearby too from the fires.

At this point I’m being more careful.

Briefly I summoned Sunghee.

If I were doing something mana efficient it would be best to summon Rina but since her health isn’t good then I can’t do that. So taking mana from Sunghee, who doesn’t need it to fight is good. But if possible I want to avoid taking it from Sylvie. And it also seems that Asakura uses a blend of physical damage with ghoul attributes fueled by mana, so I want to avoid using her mana too.

Plus Asakura being summoned might affect my ability to blend in, but in a roundabout way. She looks human still but people definitely notice something like a ‘Kyo Nyuu’ girl. And she is definitely a kyonyu classification.

“Uh boss, um where am I?” Sunghee looks around. Then sees where we are.

“Holy crap! How did this happen?! What the hell?!” Sunghee cried out.

“I don’t know. Seems like a lot of trouble huh?” I said.

“EH?! A-are those hellhounds?! What the frick? There’s what five hundred of them? How did you get into this mess?!” she exclaimed.

“I just did. I’ll get out somehow don’t worry,” I said.

She looked skeptical seeing all the hell hounds. Anybody would feel a bit intimidated by that though.

“You should have summoned me sooner! This is crazy! Holy shit that’s the restaurant we ate at yesterday on fire over there. And everywhere else is having problems too. I guess the war came here huh,” she said.

“Yeah sorry. Um, yeah this isn’t good,” I said.

“I’ll help. Let me help,” she said.

“This isn’t a fight yet. I just have to make my mana last forever,” I retorted.

“Oh right. The mana tap thing huh? That’s good that you are staying smart and safe but be careful. But can you keep it up? OK so does it matter what kind of pose I use for you to tap my power?” she asked. She’s getting into this a bit too much. She at first reacted like putting her arm out to me like she might if I were a nurse drawing blood at a hospital. But then she changed poses.

“Oh right maybe chest contact is better with direct contact to get optimum mana?” she asked. She’s a bit forward but she could be right about this. She’s also trying to get me to feel up her tits.

“Yeah probably.”

“Does it need to be bare skin? Or will clothes hurt the efficiency rate? I think even if it’s a small really small amount bare skin is better right?” she asked trying to be helpful.

Just like that she wripped open the front of her blouse. Everything is showing but right now its just us and hellhounds. I think she tore off a button too because the pheromones make the girls obsessed and too eager. Around her eyes looks a bit intense too, no doubt due to the pheromone effect.

Ugh…she didn’t need to do that.

“Well go ahead…” she said. She smiled really big.

Ahh well…might as well enjoy it.

I placed my hand over her breast and pulled mana from her carefully and slowly. I do it slowly so they don’t feel it. If I pull fast and hard then it feels like painful at times. I don’t do that, and so I do a slow draw.

“Hmm, that’s good,” I noted.

“Really? Did I do good sweetie?” she squealed happily and very flirtatious.

“Yes you did good honey.”

“Are you proud of me?” her smile is very flirtatious. If she had a tail it would be wagging like a happy puppy. Pheromones are awesome.

“Yes, I’m very proud of you,” I nodded.

Then she reached out for a hug with her shirt open. I get a reward for summoning her with some French kiss goodness and a hug.

“Um you need to close that up. There are still other people around,” I said.

“Ahhh party pooper. I don’t see any other people. Why are you alone anyway. Alone is bad,” she said. Then she closed it back up.

“Thanks for your help. I agree.”

“Wait! Let me stay! Um can I stay and help?” she asked.

“I think it’s better if you rest. Then I’ll re-summon you soon while your resting up,” I said.


“It’s a numbers game this time, not about people but mana,” I said.

“Ahh please! I never get to be alone with you anymore. There are too many other girls now. And you do need a guard to protect you please!” she pleaded while literally hanging onto my hand and wrist. She won’t let go at all and is so clingy that it’s getting to cause some time loss now.

Actually clingy girls are the best because girls aren’t in between I’m finding out. She either wants to be around you or she doesn’t. There’s no middle ground. So most people complain about clingy but it’s ideal. If the girl doesn’t want to be with you with her time something is wrong anyway.

“Please, please, please!” with more puppy dog eyes…

“I need you to rest and then I might need more mana soon. Don’t worry, I’ve got you in mind,” I said.

“Come on, please! Let me help you!” she is shaking my arm up and down like a kid.

Yeah pheromones have drawbacks sometimes. This is like a kid in a candy store begging mom to buy them stuff. They all beg for more time together but I have to micro manage things properly this time.

“You are so wonderful. I wish more people were sweet like you are. Don’t worry I’ll pull you back out soon,” I said.

“What? No…argghhh!” she’s frustrated that I won’t let her stay to help..

“Sunghee…I can’t explain this but for it to work I need to chain mana and it’s a delicate operation here. It’s math in my head and physics,” I said.

“Ok, ok fine…just remember who your best girl is,” she said. She waves her hand up in the air, blowing off the idea of staying finally. She didn’t cover up her chest and it’s hanging out almost like she’s unaware. The truth is she’s purposely getting me to stare at her beautifully shaped tits and thick nipples.

Then she reacted again. “Are you sure that’s all you need?” she asked with pleading puppy dog eyes.

I de-summoned her without answering. If she’s de-summoned she’s at an accelerated rest rate and will rejuvenate her mana easier.

Still even annoying like that I couldn’t help but smile because her loyalty is like super awesome. Who else has loyalty like that? She was even crazy enough to be with me when I was surrounded by like 50 or more hell hounds!

I go over this in my mind. OK mana checks out. That helped a lot.

I just have to win out over the enemy in terms of willpower. That’s all there is to it. So far the math is…as close as I can to not being an estimate. But it’s imperfect because I can’t use a computer on a biologically based system, even if it is magic.

I think I pulled maybe 55% of the mana out of Sunghee’s tank, but it’d only filled me up about 8%. From her end it’s not efficient, but while she gets that back each hour, a different girl will then take the loss as I suck the mana back in; all while her tank is filling back up. Sunghee’s just not got a high mana total count since she’s not a mage. Hmm but maybe I should tell them I need direct skin contact on the chest area for this technique just for fun.

Huhuhu…I laughed mentally.

But that means I have to be careful. That much mana at once might have drawbacks though so I was right to desummon her. Pulling that much out of Asakura in training, for example, made her light headed and disoriented. I bet pulling it out to 0% could be dangerous to their life too. So I’m never going there.

Doing this too much could get bad too if I did it non-stop for a long time with side effects showing up. But just for one battle should be OK.

This means if I let Sunghee rest for awhile; in real time her mana will replenish at probably 100% per 8 hours if it was normal time but with the unsummoned factors in place its less. So in 3 or 4 hours I could pull some more.

But the sphere barrier is such an intense spell that requires monitoring that I can’t sleep myself. I have to be awake this whole time. And not only that I have to at each hour renew the spell before it expires to keep the hell hounds out.

So there’s no telling how long I might have to go without sleep.

In other words…

I will have to rotate pulling mana out of the team members in a very specific and careful order…with careful timing, always watching the clock carefully which is such a pain in the ass.

First, Sunghee,

Then next hour will be Asakura…(small bonus to mana draw because we’re closer than the others)

Then after that Sylvie…who will cost me more but give me more also with a bonus. (large bonus from soul link)

Then …I don’t know if I can pull mana out of Rina without hurting her…I can decide in a few hours for sure.

And I could theoretically pull mana infinitely out of Doppel-chan, Mallory, and Ayumi but the problem is the fae would be drawn to them instantly. Those fae are annoying. They could notice one of us doing something wrong but they don’t come out to fight for their own stronghold? I might have to risk it anyway.

What gives?

Ahh, so tiring…

So the math rotation should be Sunghee, Asakura, Sylvie, then Sunghee again. Then Asakura and Sylvie again. That could buy me about 6 hours. And I’ve used 2 hours of mana already.

But at what point will others from the enemy tea come to help assist the hell hounds in finishing off any survivors? At that point they will be searching for ways to pop my bubble.




Lars POV




My arm burns from lactic acid buildup of fighting non-stop. I’m also determined to be the last man standing.

My team is …well some of them are still alive. There are eight of us left all in a semi-circle formation against the back of a building. This one was hard for us to get to because many of them have lava globes melting from the tops where the enemy artillery had shot them. I see bodies hanging out of windows too. Some of them were eaten while trying to jump and other had died of smoke inhalation.

I wonder how we can get through this.

“Sir, he’s still there. I can hardly believe it,” the Detector guy said.

“What? You mean that one guy by himself?” I’m shocked.

“Yep, same guy,” he said.

The other team members murmured in disbelief. Some of them think our detector guy got it wrong but he ignores them.

“This better not be a game. Are you sure? Did you check the data?” I asked.

“Yeah I did, several times knowing you’d ask about that,” he said.

“Boss we need to get out of here now!” one of the men screamed while panicking.

The hell hounds are taking their time now. We’ve killed enough of them that they are afraid of us, but they know we can’t hold up all night. And we’re all wounded and tore up. The smell of blood is pulling them ever so slowly back to us, despite their fear of our weapons.

“Boss!” the same guy urged.

“Hang on, I’m thinking…” I said.

Well half-ogres aren’t good for complex plans. But this will have to do.

“Hey couldn’t we just run over to where that guy is?” Detector suggested.

“What?” the other guy is surprised.

I’m surprised too actually. “What the hell dude, that’s like two streets over,” I said.

“Yeah but we aren’t going to live through the night just staying here,” Detector argued.

“Hmm that might not be a bad idea boss,” the other guy said.

Nobody else wants to talk because they are saving energy.


Well it could work right? Couldn’t it?

That guy’s barrier has been going this whole time.

“There haven’t been any interruptions or fluctuations in that bubble barrier right?” I asked.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean I’m asking if it’s a stable barrier judging by the signal,” I said.

“Oh right…Yeah I haven’t seen it fluctuate at all. It’s smooth, and that’s weird too,” he said.

“OK everyone. We have a new plan. Everyone get ready to run over to that barrier. We have to all go at the same time and those hell hounds are going to try to eat us every step of the way,” I said.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this…” I muttered.

“What was that boss?”

“Uh just stay strong, stay in a formation in a controlled retreat. If we panic or break formation the dogs will get every one of us,” I said.

“I hate when you say it like that,” one said.




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