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Dreamweaver Chapter 206

It’s been about a day since the catgirl secretary incident. I had been walking to the market when I felt like a feeling of forgetfulness. Looking around I’m shocked.

What just happened?

Somehow it’s like I’m in a grid patterned room like for holograms and such but instead it’s blue and obviously made from magic. Somehow I’m not in the fae fortress prison anymore, but this is like a miniature dream realm.

Wait a minute.

I piece it together. There was probably a stun that just hit me too, on my mind. I vaguely feel that something stung me in the face but had its damage absorbed by my runic shielding. The force had been enough to get through the shielding.

And prior to that, I’d been walking around the fae fortress town, which looked like a super clean medieval city of blue crystal. I’d been surrounded by all kinds of people on the street walking up and down it as customers, vendors, soldiers, and adventurers all going to and from different places in the same street that I was on.

That was when I’d been hit by whatever that was. Then I’d been force warped I think too. I’d been sucked in here against my will with the enemy. He’d done it to isolate me from help and from the others. I still don’t know who the enemy is. Looking down I can see a projectile of some kind that had bounced onto the ground of puncturing my shielding.

I’m lucky though that I am not wounded or bleeding, but stuns are pretty damn dangerous because of leaving you open.

“Runic shielding!” I casted to get my shielding back up. The buff activated in time.

Still no sign of what pulled me in here.

And notably, I wasn’t in the dream state when it happened. I’d been walking around the fae fortress and something sucked me into a dimensional pocket. I’m not imprisoned but it could be a fight or die trap. That ruled out some kind of dream shaman attack like I’d experienced before.

So what was this?

“Protection from normal missiles!” I casted.

Crap. I barely got that buff up and then rolled to the side to avoid an attack. I felt the air vibrate with force, signaling an incoming blow. Even moving as fast as I could I barely got out of the way, feeling the force of the air next to my face. “ARRRGHHH!” I dodged the blow going straight for my head again.

I massively huge chain sickle impales itself into the ground where my head used to be. But it wasn’t a sword like metal this time, nor was it a type of bladed edge like swords but something else I’d not seen before. I didn’t think people really used weapons like a chain sickle but they do exist; but it feels like a strange and bizarre weapon almost grown. This has a blade that’s larger than life though. Even some ogres would have trouble swinging it, and somehow it looks less like blacksmithed metal and something more shaped or grown but that should be impossible.

Grown metal? How?

Wait…only daemons can grow metal. And this thing was big enough and swung with enough force I worry if my runic shielding could block it thoroughly on even a single blow. I rolled to the left while checking my buffs on the follow up swing. But then I was interrupted before I could do so.

“Tch. I can’t believe you dodged that. You must be good at this huh? No matter, I like a good fight,” to my surprise and horror it’s the catgirl secretary from before. The one that got away! But why the frick is she trying to kill me?!



“Wait! Why?! Stop! We can work this out!” I urged while retreating. She’s already coming at me for another attack. At least this dimensional pocket she’d summoned me into has a lot of room to maneuver into.

“Shut up!” she cursed angrily. Her eyes looked like they were seething in hate so badly that I thought she might even blow a gasket from heart trouble just from the stress she was emitting.

“What are you doing?! Stop!” I said.

“Fool. You managed to catch me off guard before but this will be your undoing,” she swung the chain sickle at me again.

I checked my buffs, and to my relief they are still up. I’ve been keeping them up thinking that perhaps there might be chances of fights occurring in the prison. Right now I have the following magic buffs active;

Runic Magic Shielding;

ESP Protection

Elemental Resistance

Protection from Normal Missiles

Lately I’d been using the ESP Protection a lot since I’m in a fae governed town.

Although to be truthful the population breakdown of the fae fortress is still mostly human because of their citizen soldiers program. I don’t have an exact number on the breakdown but I’m guessing its probably something like this;

Humans 60%

Beastmen and others 30%

Fae 10% or less…

But there’s no way to confirm that.

Good buffs are up. It’s always good to go by the basics though and that means making sure buffs are up first. I love buffs. I’m using them more and getting into it. With buffs I can be an medieval super hero in some ways, although still not anywhere near Superman level.

These are the core sustainable buffs but not everything. I can get through most basic fights with just this much. In addition to that, I can and usually do have 2 slave crystals equipped like Sunghee or Rina anytime I want, for a good 10% stat gain each on top of the buff gains! (Usually not the ones I’m going to use that night for bodyguard services determines which soul crystal I’ve got equipped.) I can’t just equip all of them though, because if they are equipped on me for buffing then I can’t summon them while they are like that.

I don’t have circle of protection up, nor movement speed buff up yet. This is because movement speed buff up around town draws attention to the fact that I’m a spell caster when I’m moving around other people (it’s too visually noticeable when I’m trying to blend in). And also circle of protection while being a powerful buff is short term and intense on mana when using it all day.

Her chain sickle slashed a huge gash in my runic shielding. I leapt back to get out of the way.

Weird…why attack me? Aren’t they supposed to be attracted to me? Did they get attracted so much as to cause insanity or is something else going on?! What is this?! Did the pheromones malfunction?! I’m trying to think fast as I have to stay moving and out of her scythe blade whatever it is range.

“Stop! We’re supposed to be together! Why are you attacking?!” I cried out.

How can she be resisting my pheromones still?! I’m sure this is the same catgirl secretary!

I recast my shielding buff to renew it, while still moving. There’s a bit of a movement speed loss when casting and running. I’m also still not at a master casting level yet. This means that the only spells that I can really cast while moving is runic shielding. I’m not even sure it’s possible to get all of them to that level.

But she’s going for another attack. She’s toying with me instead. And the look on her face is totally bizarre too. It’s like some emotional state I’d never comprehended before. It seems scary but not in a monstrous way; instead it’s some kind of mind fuck scary.

Then I even tossed on her a saved up a bottle of my spit that I’d had saved in inventory slot space for emergencies with Doppel-chan. But while it sprayed all over her face and even caused her to stop for a few seconds; somehow she resisted it!

What?! Impossible!

Do I need to level up my pheromones??

“Fool! I’m not your lover but an assassin sent to take you out! You are a fool for thinking you are invincible but I have the power to destroy you,” Catgirl Secretary said confidently. Her eyes showed she really believed what she was saying. Then she wiped off the pheromone slime off her face that I’d landed on her.

Too bad…what a waste; it took a long time to save all that saliva filled juice up. I began to feel queasy inside. I almost stumbled hearing her words.

What does it mean? What’s going on? Is what she saying true? And if it is then where did it come from? Did someone turn her against me?

A lot of thoughts kept racing through my head. Mostly I don’t want to waste a potential ally situation so I’m trying to think fast. But fearful thoughts also keep trying to push me down.

How did it become like this? Did the pheromones back fire somehow? Or is this something else? For now I won’t know until I find out more.

“No! Please! I like you!” I said.

Who doesn’t like catgirls!

“Fool! You will die under my blade!” she said.

She whirled again showing off her short mini skirt’s effects again while swinging the huge chain sickle blade. This wasn’t just a normal chain sickle but the sickle blade on this one was like four feet long and a few inches thick; only something ridiculously strong could even lift the thing I suspect. Again I am seeing some strange growths on the blade showing it to be a daemon grown blade.

Dang that’s hot. She I think tried to distract me.

It took a huge chunk out of my runic shielding again.

Catgirl Secretary is hugely insane strong! She’s not bound by humanoid limits, and also the effect of her giant sized chain sickle weapon is almost like my mana sword technique that I’d borrowed from Sylvie. Even one blow with a partial evasion still takes a huge hole in my shield. In fact, in two hits she’d kill the shield. That’s a big deal considering my shield is currently at nearly the strength of twice the normal level of a good shield.

Is she stronger than Mallory? The physics don’t match up. A catgirl should never be able to have higher stats than a vampire. And she’s not a doppelganger or other shape shifter either. This keeps getting more mysterious. And before I fully take her on I have to understand what’s going on or I’ll just burn up resources.

She whirled the chain while I’m retreating but thankful this dimension duel place that she’s summoned us into is big enough for me to fight in.

Blow after blow whirl by my head as I try to evade, while also rebuffing my shielding when I can squeeze in a chance.

Finally at the seventh attempt of evading I managed to quickcast a movement speed buff on myself. This helps to buy time. She’s still pushing me back and when I run out of room I divert to the other walls of the dimensional space as she continues her attack.

Do I dare risk summoning the others? What if I accidentally summon them, and they don’t have a chance to get their guard up? They don’t get to be summoned with buffs already up.

I keep dodging and trying to look for an opening.

With more breathing room from the movement speed buff, I hit her with my movement speed debuff. She curses and that’s when I noticed her eyes.

Wait, there’s something wrong with her eyes. Suddenly they are like wall eyed. One of them is even rolling around in her head and has strange weird growths in it. This is really mind fuck level weirdness.

How could I have missed it! Now I get it!

She smells almost like…

“What? You’re a daemon aren’t you? Or at least you’ve been infected with becoming a daemon!” I realized.

That was why I didn’t realize it at first, it was similar to me but without pheromones or else I was immune to its pheromones which is a good thing. I hadn’t picked it up because it was subtle; like when you don’t notice your own smell but notice the smell of others. Whatever she was becoming was an offshoot like me but something without seduction powers.

This thing is like me?! Either a similar type as me or like a pet of one like me; I think its likely to be the latter and that would explain how she resisted my pheromones. Because she’s already tuned to another pheromone type of course she’d resist mine!

Rather than be comforting it’s like revolting. It also fills me with a strong danger sense.

At first, this Catgirl Secretary had been a beastkin, but now she was a daemonized beastkin catgirl!

But she hadn’t been this way when she dragged me off into that janitor closet! It means she was adopted into becoming a daemon through some sort of ugly rituals that had corrupted her body, or a mutation, or something like that if not her spirit also.

And the ‘tell’ was her eyes looked no longer like the other catgirls I saw around town; but instead kind of like Ayumi’s eyes looked. She didn’t look like Ayumi though. While Ayumi’s eyes were pretty and beautiful they didn’t look like a cat beastkin’s eyes did! However Ayumi looks mostly sane (but not all the way). And further, I now could notice that the demonized catgirl had noticeable spine spike things sticking out of the full length of her tail from her ass downward. There’s some kind of growth like liquid metal spikes coming out of the tips of her ears and hand claws too, which are also longer than before. The pattern of the grown metal also matches her blade.

Had she been infected recently? Or infected might not even be the right word. I doubt just anyone can accidentally get infected to be a daemon adoption or daemon crossbreed. She probably had to choose it willingly in an elaborate ritual and expensive resources too.

Also unlike Ayumi’s transformation being beautiful and seductive this one is like grotesque and like turning something’s world upside down. Her growth isn’t symmetrical in the body, or even something resembling an animal like reptilian or mammal. Instead it’s almost like something grew a bunch of bacteria or protozoa into human size shapes and stuck them on one side of her body but not the other.

I didn’t infect her I think. The growths are older than from just today I finally confirmed. That relieved me only slightly because I’m still in danger. I’m glad I didn’t mess her up biologically though. This came from someone she’d met before me. The taint doesn’t smell like it came from me. I think it smells like something else. I don’t even have a good sense of smell like Asakura, Sylvie, or Doppel-chan but this I can smell because its similar to my daemon genes. It’s some other daemon’s scent and noticeable. If I were to run into them on the street I could probably recognize them by it.

But I’m afraid of what would happen if I had the other girls with me when meeting something else with pheromones. What would it do to them? Would it try to capture them from me? Would there be a loyalty battle? And who would win? Would real love added into the mix let me win over something that had probably been a daemon much longer than I had?

“I can help you. Stop!” I cried out.

“Shut up fool! What do you know?!”

I avoided her next blow and hit her with slow debuff and also my resistance to magic debuff. Then I had to dodge again.

The effect of having both debuffs on her and full buffs on me helps a lot and starts to add up. But that’s making her even angrier from wanting to lash out at me. Now she’s screaming for blood, but then she did something weird and activated a strange daemon skill.

Does she comprehend how strange her appearance has warped to in such a short time?

She shook in pain trembling in her whole body as she shook. I realized she’s screaming from the pain as her body and bones stretch and grow as she mutates. She’s still changing?! Wow. These changes are out of control and really worse than before even, but still continuing to become even more bizarre than I’d previously thought which was a lot already.

Her limbs elongate and become like twisted ugly muscle flesh with her claws extending another six inches. Some of the now crooked and deformed femur bones and bicep bones didn’t straight out the way they should when they stretched out too adding to her monstrous appearance. Her snout and teeth also extend with her neck lengthening and she then resumed a sort of primal posture as she chased me with increased speed and strength. It also looks like half her skull got mashed like a melon from the growth being unbalanced.

I screamed in fear.

This is amazingly powerful. Even with all my debuffs active she’s catching up and probably stronger than Mallory at the moment. Somehow she increased her speed!


I’m dead if I don’t think faster than she does.

I’m trying so hard to avoid her slashing me to death that I can’t activate another technique or my speed will drop and I’ll die. This is undoubtedly a deadly predator that is losing its sanity. Within seconds of the change catgirl secretary even lost her ability to speak! Now she can only snarl and grunt in madness.

I pity her but I can’t save her. This is too dangerous to leave alive. Hopefully no one else is contaminated with whatever she’s got. And what if this is like a plague where she infects anything she touches?

It’s sad. I didn’t want to hurt her but whatever poison she was infected with had probably fried her brain when she tried to do a forced transformation finish, plus being infected with hate. She’s also too dangerous for me to try to not go all out on. And if I go all out she won’t survive. It’s a fight that’s that bad.

It was strange too though that she didn’t recognize me as an ally. How can that be too? Or do various daemon warlords war on each other sometimes or maybe all the time?

She’s no longer a sentient being but ruled over by her primal instincts and whatever suggestions her master is inducing into her psyche.

Suddenly I was scooped up and out of the reach of her slash attack by Sylvie.

“Gotcha!” she smiled and chuckled while carrying me like a mother might carry a toddler under one arm. With another burst of speed she pulled us away from the bladed attack and is moving fast.

“Thanks!” I managed.

I’m relieved when Sylvie’s stride surpasses the mutant ‘thing’.

With her longer stride and tall feral foxkin body, Sylvie is easily a match for her in speed but still avoids her blows with high agility stats. I guess that she’d sensed what was going on through our Soul Link skill; being two way it’s saved me again. Then using that too she summoned herself; it’s tricky for her to do that and chancy for it to work right.

So we got lucky. Sylvie’s stats are good for a fight like this. Sweet!

“You shouldn’t take her on alone lover,” Sylvie chided me.

“Sorry but I didn’t have much choice,” I said.

I cast runic shielding on Sylvie. Then I added the movement speed buff and the others I’d done on myself.

“What is she?” I asked next.

“I’m not sure but I think she’s one of the Fallen,” Sylvie said.


Hmm that sounds important. It’s clearly a named term of some kind.

“Fallen? Or become fallen?” I asked as Sylvie is continuing to dodge.

“The Fallen are a daemon worshippers cult. I didn’t think I’d actually see one in person. She matches the descriptions of their experiments on people though. They seek to destroy this world by targeting specifically the Church of Gaia and the Fae, or anyone who has the strength to oppose evil. One of their problems is that they don’t care how dangerous the means they use is. They use a lot of suicide troops too. This is a classic pattern they follow of recruiting people, usually non-humans who have suffered at the hands of their enemies to the point of being mentally ill and pushing them into further self harm, which pushes them into such a type of group of people that are a bad example, and then corrupting them with feeding them daemon blood for food,” she said.


Some people you really can’t judge them by their appearance!

Sylvie is sort of using some weird mana glide technique in the air that resembles air ice skating to move quickly. I didn’t know she could do this but she can’t get very high above the ground as she carries me easily. It’s a cool ability but probably requires high strength and agility stats to use, in addition to the mana used and mana technique.

“I didn’t cause it to be like that did I?” I asked to confirm.

Sylvie thought about it, and then I think she realized what I meant. “Ahh, you had sex with her?” Surprisingly she’s not stressed out or disappointed. I hesitated to answer because this surprised me and I didn’t want disappointment.

“Well…she practically assaulted me. It got out of hand before I knew what I was doing. But I’m sorry,” I said.

“That’s OK, I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you. I should have chaperoned your date too so that’s my fault. Please forgive me instead; and I’m glad you are trying to recruit more harem members. Because I told you to get more bodyguards, it would have happened anyway and is my doing in a way. Any bodyguards you get will end up being harem members anyway. It’s sweet that you are trying to expand our family and mana pool to help me become a powerful elder foxkin archmage someday,” she said.

Then she gave me a quick kiss while still running away while taunting that thing.

Weird…I don’t understand Sylvie at all. Most girls would be jealous. But she’s almost like high fiving me.

Sylvie dispatched the the daemon catgirl with a lightning bolt strike that hit her so hard it like went through her skull instantly snapping her neck because of the violent force throwing the body in a completely different direction when it was going at full speed run. Then it was followed by activating the massive blazing hot hard to look at bright ‘mana sword technique’ that almost vaporized the catgirls’s head in one blow. She didn’t have a chance. Sylvie is extremely careful with that hot darkstar flare like burning mana sword that resembles a small solar nova as she tries to put it away while sweating like crazy. But it’s a reminder to not use that move carelessly to see that even she has to be super extra careful with it, as if she’s like carrying spent nuclear fission rods or something. It could also be my imagination but I think that move is getting more powerful than it was before. In fact most the edge of her neck where her head used to be is a torn and shredded mess of crumbling charcoal and ash.

I actually like it when Sylvie uses that technique instead of me because when I wield it, it feels so heavy that I’m afraid it will backlash and vaporize my body or get so heavy I end up cutting off my own hands; except it would be more like melting them off instead of cutting. It’s like when you know something is as dangerous as hell but you can’t avoid using it because it’s the only tool in the bag that fits.

I got lucky. According to Sylvie I might have grown some of that pestilence growth mutation if that thing had touched me. She did touch my mana shielding but not me. So I’m very, very lucky.

My powers are defensive and for survival but I’m not actually that strong. I depend on people like Sunghee, Sylvie, and Asakura to actually help me with offense.

Yet even as the body struggles to follow us still with its head decapitated after a good ten seconds it too stumbled to the ground even with chunks of melted flesh flopping onto the ground that daemon mutationed body won’t stop right away. I’d almost missed it because I thought how fast the body was burning was why it hadn’t fallen to the ground yet, like burned weeds that are dead in the ground but still standing up. Then it began moving still to my shock. That’s also a warning how dangerous daemons and their kind are. What kind of creature still tries to attack you for a good ten seconds after having its head ripped off?


As we are afraid to go near it, we want to make sure it’s dead. But not till it’s stopped moving for a full five minutes.

But strangely the body melts and evaporates before we can loot it. Dark particles of melting shadow mana and ash are floating up into the sky. The ground in this dimensional pocket look polluted though. It doesn’t smell right according to Sylvie.

“Ahh well it probably didn’t have anything that wasn’t contaminated huh?” I said.

“I suppose. Please don’t meet anymore of those,” Sylvie said.

“I don’t plan too,” I shrugged.

“That’s freaky seeing them die huh?” Sylvie noted.

“Yeah it is,” I said.

“I’m so glad you are safe!” she hugged me hard pulling me against her body.

“You too. Please be careful taking risks for me,” I said.

“Right I will. But I have to protect you. I’m your wife remember?” Sylvie squealed in excitement when she said it.

“That’s sweet of you to say,” I countered.

“Just so you know, that was a foot soldier not a leader. Somewhere around the town there’s a leader and circle of friends for that thing. That means there’s the danger they might have noticed you. You better watch it,” Sylvie warned me.

“Damn,…” I sighed.

“It probably would have happened sooner or later. It couldn’t be helped. This is like two werewolves in the same town noticing each other. They couldn’t not notice each other; but I just worry about how many are in this thing’s inner circle you know?” Sylvie asked.

I nodded. I don’t like this. It’s bad.

How many are with it? What she said about there being a master sounds right.

It’s amazing to be around Sylvie and feel how wonderful she is. Even with other girls they are all fascinating and exciting; yet stunningly beautiful so that even with all of them I don’t get tired of interactions with each individually.

“But, how did you summon yourself?” I realized.

“I can’t summon myself most the time, but I can feel when you are in danger through the soul link we have. This time I kept pushing against the resistance to try to pull myself to you but I doubt I could do that again. That can sometimes let me bend the rules a bit and come help but not for long. It wastes a lot of extra mana though; there’s no free lunch,” she winked at me while giving me a sexy pose.

I hugged her but its still embarrassing that when I hug her my head and mouth are exactly above her clit by just a few inches. In fact when she hugs me she pulls me against there probably on purpose. While we’re doing so now, I felt her yelp when I rubbed my chin against it. Then she’s patting my back.

“Stay safe Shun,” she chided.

“Crap, we didn’t get anything from it,” I said.

“Yeah I’m sorry. I should have been quicker,” Sylvie said.

“Ahh it’s not worth picking up some viral sickness,” I said finally.

It’s like falling in love all over again as I see her. She’s beautiful with her silky hair flowing. And she’s wearing what looks like short cutoff shorts with a sleeveless tank top but with strange sandals from this world.

“Um, Shun…something smells wrong. I think your real world position is under attack by monsters!” Sylvie said while sniffing the air.

Crap. Is this the invasion people had feared?!

Actually there are a lot of unanswered questions.

The catgirl had daemonized somehow and I found out how. But I still don’t know who or what her friends are. And what’s this new problem Sylvie is telling me about? How long was she watching me? Did she figure out where I lived and report that too?

We didn’t find out how she’d ripped me into a sub-dimension though. Was that a time space mage co-conspirator? I suspect that a fighter type wouldn’t have magic directly like a mage. Someone had pulled her and me into this dimenaional pocket and might still be close by.

Am I going to be snuck up on as soon as I leave here?

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