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Dreamweaver Chapter 205

Shun POV a few hours later…

Thoughts for a journal if he really had one would have looked something like this;

Things have been a bit peaceful lately. But now it’s boring. I’ve put down the event, which is fake. The fae made a fake event…what’s up with that? To think I trusted them…what’s going on with this? Oh well I got a bit of money from it. I like money; that means more upgrades so its not all bad.

Ever since that day people are giving me more space, at least for the humans. But some things have confused me. I’m not much more powerful than I was not too long ago. But that one duel with the lizardman shaman almost totally wiped me out.

The lizard man shaman fight taught me a lot. So are humans just that weak compared to everything else? That might be the case. I would like to gather more data on this however from several sources to study it out.

The leader board was basically for humans. So that means I still have a long way to go. The leader boards for other races and for combined races don’t have any humans on them. Not even me. This means that humans are far behind everyone on this world. All the other creatures on the planet are large and mighty compared to humans. Well except for dwarves… and the leader boards for non-humans that I found out about are mixed but rarely have any high humans appear on even the bottom tiers.

I’m standing in front of the registration office. In front of me there’s a cute cat girl secretary there. She smiles big at me. Strangely she has really dark hued hair, and two earrings but both are in the same ear while she regards me coolly.

I’m trying to get my classes sorted out for government sponsored training and going over if there are other options and so on. I’d had pressure from the guys I’d met initially to do so, even though they did give me a break for a few days. I might not go to all the classes though if they aren’t beneficial. But I still want to know if there is something there.

Behind me there’s a huge line of other students.

“So you need to fill out that form. Then we process it and put you with others of the same class within the pri- err fortress. It’ll be fine. You will have plenty of chances to grow and improve your strength. Despite this being a place defending against demons it’s a good chance to grow,” she explains coolly.

Catgirl Secretary A suddenly is a bit flirty and touching my hand all over. I hadn’t even tried to dose her and suddenly she’s getting clingy despite not knowing me. The others in line are clearly jealous and angry already but don’t know why she’s like that.

Oh? Cat girls are weak to pheromones aren’t they?

Catgirls are nice looking.

How come I didn’t pay more attention to this before?

“So some of this stuff is pretty basic, name, address is my room in my cell block area and so on. But do I have to put down all my skills?” I asked her nervously.

“Well a lot of people don’t list their skills. They are concerned about privacy you know,” Catgirl Secretary A stretches out and now I can see she has a really nice body and bust. Her figure kind of resembles Rina in a way. She’s also stretching out to show off for me where she has her blouse tied under her bust with her midriff showing over a black leather miniskirt.

“For now just put in your class or job and that should be OK,” she coached. She’s still stretching. Isn’t she stretching too long? I think she’s trying to get me to notice her.

“Hmm, what should I put? I could technically put more than one thing,” I said. Since she’s obviously flirting with me like crazy I can probably openly ask her anything I want too.

“Um do what is best for you. We want you to be happy. And I can help you with permissions,” she said while her fingers are tracing down my forearm and hand. I also felt her distinctively sniffing at me, and taking in my aroma.

Wow she’s bold. She’s very clearly giving me sexually aggressive signals.

Maybe if what the scarred fairy said is true, I should put something that is like not offensive in power but defensive? I could put something that actively does well. If healers weren’t supposed to be extinct then I’d put that. So instead maybe I could put buffer trainee?

“You are such a cutie aren’t you?” Catgirl Secretary A said with a big lovey smile.

“Eh but I’m already taken, I’m sorry,” I said.

“EH?! No way! But….but …I mean…I could be your mistress maybe?” Catgirl Secretary A whispers to me under her hand.

“I’m afraid my wives might not like me picking up a stray,” I whispered back.

“Heh, I guess I am a stray. But, oh please give me a chance! Please!” Catgirl Secretary A suddenly scratched my hand fiercely. I almost cried out. But then she licked the blood where she’d just scratched me.

She blinks for a few seconds staring off into space. Then she licks her lips while staring at me.

Uh oh.

This is a really strong reaction, more powerful than every other reaction towards me except for Ayumi. And Ayumi’s reaction was pretty much instantly trying to fuck me.

I should totally run right now. I blink a few times trying to process this.

“I’m taking my break now!” Catgirl Secretary A turned and shouted to the other secretaries.

“What so soon?” one of the other staffers near us said in surprise. I don’t think they realize what’s going on yet, but if we don’t hurry they will.

“Well she did work hard yesterday and the day before. We can probably let it slide,” another said.

Funny they all look the same. Are they all sisters?

“Come with me! NOW!” Catgirl Secretary A says while practically dragging me down the hall with her. Within seconds we found ourselves locked in a janitorial closet in the building that is completely dark while Catgirl Secretary is already ripping off her clothes as she tries to jump me.

Eh...Asakura isn’t going to be happy that I acquired another girl huh? But this girl is too fierce. This is almost like Doppel-chan level of fixation, but just she’s not as strong.

I woke up a good while later but found myself alone still locked in the janitorial closet. I think it was just a nap after all that physical exertion.

Huh? Where’d she go? She just ran off? What the hell?

That’s so mean. Nobody likes people that just run off…cheap… that’s the ‘fuck and run’ thing that people go through huh? I can see why people think it’s shameful. You ditched someone after it happened. And you don’t know where things stand with them.

I don’t like the smell of this closet. Wait, I’ve got to get out of here. What if someone finds me in here? What if we were heard by someone? What if…

Whew…calm down me.

She…she ran off? She ran off…how?! I’ve never been the victim of a quickie escape after mating with a girl and I thought she’d be like with me afterwards. She would fit right in with Rina as a catgirl duo. I thought Rina might like another catgirl friend. That’d be nice.

I thought only guys ran off but girls do it too.

The catgirl secretary with the hot body is gone. When I went back to the booth where she worked she’s also gone. Dang it. She had a nice tan too and her figure…. We must have gone at it for hours.

She still wasn’t as beautiful as Mallory but she was almost as enthusiastic as Rina.



I don’t know her name or how to reach her! DAMN IT! And she wasn’t at the staff area before where I’d met her after that.


Somehow I snuck out of there without being caught. I’m headed back to my platoon’s area.

I don’t like this. I don’t want it to ever be like this. I thought there was a relationship but she …well…something happened.

I’m glad I was alone. Normally I have Sunghee with me since she doesn’t have to worry about trouble being in a human or fae city. But this wouldn’t have happened if she’d been there. And I can’t really explain why I’m discouraged because I got ditched by a girl to her. It might make her ornery at me or jealousy that I wasn’t with her instead.

Coming out of some building’s janitorial closet is something I don’t want to have to explain either. How would I? And I feel embarrassed even though not anyone has noticed as I shut the door behind me and proceed to the building exit. It’s the fear of what if they can tell something is up or who is this guy we don’t know here? What if they can tell I shouldn’t be in this area that the catgirl secretary led me too? Someone could just stop me and be like, “hey where’s your ID? You don’t work here…”

People are kind of looking around at me sometimes because I’m the only guy not going around in a full platoon. Most the adventurers here travel in packs for safety, both from each other and because people know demons could attack at any time.

So far no one is stopping me as I work my way out of this business office floor. Thank goodness I’m finally out of that building. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Still, no Catgirl Secretary A anywhere…

And no one has tried to contact me with magic even a few hours later.

Not many of them know my face connected with the spot on the leader board still. So I’m also saved from embarrassment.

There are other things I’ve discovered too.

Then I hit up some shops in the fae town in the fortress. It didn’t take long to run into some alchemist shops that had what I wanted.

Using spare change in my pockets it actually was quite a bargain.

My purchase? Anti-smell tonic. Or in other words an anti-cologne, perfume, etc.

I don’t want this to happen again.

In order to keep my cover I have to wear an anti-perfume, or an anti-cologne; I’m not sure which describes it better. But it seems that catgirls are almost instantly snagged by the pheromone stuff. So I’ve been keeping a supply of this on me which I frequently use. Twice in the last couple of hours, I almost caught a few other catgirls. And the fae would notice eventually if I’m running around town surrounded by catgirls or having them mysteriously following me.

So the goal of the anti-perfume or anti-smell device is to not be noticed by beastkin especially who have higher smelling noses and in particularly catgirls. I’m lucky that the fortress doesn’t have tons of beastkin but there are some. And I’m still not sure if all of them will react to me or not, but cat beastkin have an extreme reaction that is like almost instantly hotwiring them for mating when they smell me.

I don’t want to mess with the girl’s hearts either. I only want permanent relationships and to sort of cultivate a family of protectors watching out for each other, not people that run off and ditch me. If I bring too many girls home Asakura will probably cry too and that’s my biggest worry. Well…she’ll cry until she gets hooked by the smell then five minutes later.

Today I had to run away from two of the catgirl types, right after one another in the last hour before I managed to find an anti-smell potion. And I don’t want to bring anymore home after what happened with the catgirl secretary. I don’t want to be just going from bootie call to bootie call. I want solid relationships and team members that will really care about each other more than something like getting high off sex. So I feel bad.

Man, this is discouraging. The fact that so many assholes would treat me like I’m a drug is seriously offensive and makes me feel really bad. I want to be treated like a person! I have feelings damn it! Don’t tread on them.

But I have to figure out how to work out my party.

Last night in the dream state I trained and tried summoning different variations of team members. We had to train and practice all night in a fake dungeon that Doppel-chan made. But even though we asked her to make it fake she still put blood thirsty orc scum in it.

Because it was a test dungeon there wasn’t any real gain on loot or abilities; the focus was instead figuring out who could work with whom. Our goal was to assign people to the most efficient teams in terms of which harem members would be with other harem members without picking fights, having accidents, and have the best efficiency.

It showed me we have a few week sots to sort out. And I realized that if we hadn’t done this on a dummy dungeon we would have had a mega disaster later on. It was the right thing to do and couldn’t be put off. We narrowly avoided several disasters already probably. And ironically the danger wasn’t only Doppel-chan; surprisingly a lot of people in the team couldn’t work together.

Doppel-chan being the most obvious problem, who also isn’t compatible with any other team members except me with her chain on. And that frightens me for obvious reasons. So if I team with her, then I can’t summon out anyone else, since she’s like a solo team with me. Well she can’t be pulled out now anyway with the upgrades I put on her but theoretically before those she could have been. She does want to mesh well with the other team members too but her nature is just too violent and working at demon issues, though I have figured a way to get her out and keep her loyal to me without hurting me if it’s just me and her with no one else. And I can’t also have her smell ‘anyone else’ on me! This is a critical issue of epic proportions that I hadn’t really identified clearly until now and the catgirl problem helped me see it. So that’s another reason for the anti-cologne or anti-perfume.

But there are other complications too, not just her.

It seems that light creatures’ mixes with other light creatures, but dark mixes only with similar dark raced creatures. They in other words can’t go together for any reason, despite many efforts. So putting light with dark or vice versa is like begging for an accident.

So putting Sunghee, a high human with Asakura, a special elite ghoul, with Sylvie the feral type foxgirl, and Rina in a team will work and it’s actually the most stable team so far. I think though from what we can tell that if Sylvie had always been a feral type that it wouldn’t have worked then. But she became that after already being a somewhat less wild foxgirl. And the same was true for Asakura; being a super person and super race doesn’t mean you will have the best team but humans are good with working with humans too. And perhaps Haruka will be part of this group too? I don’t know for sure.

And Mallory the vampire trying to be in a team will work with Asakura because somehow ghoul types mix extremely well with vampires, since she’s a living variant darkness element ghoul; but not with anyone else. Plus, vampires naturally also have ‘drudges’, which are ghoul servants, so this is I think even a ‘bonus’ teamwork situation.

So…yeah Mallory is a tight fit trying to work her with anyone really besides Asakura, I thought at first. The strange thing though is that Asakura will work with any other combination except Doppel-chan and has the highest compatibility, probably. And Rina or Sunghee with Mallory is just insane dangerous and stupider than hell. But then I realized that possibly I might be able to get Ayumi to work with this group too but I just have to let her and Mallory get used to each other.

Mallory loves the smell of human blood and what she calls cunt honey, since its biological too, though not much for vampire nourishment. That’s odd, I didn’t think that would trigger bloodlust. But she’s not a lesbian thank goodness; just that some things that are biologically based things might resemble junk food to her maybe. Rina and Sunghee are still blushing and now won’t go near her, but Asakura was milking at the time and didn’t hear it thank goodness or that team might not work.

Sylvie doesn’t work well with everyone not because of personality though, but because her extreme height means she takes up more space in corridors and that can be dangerous when she takes up too much space and can hit others by accident with her limbs or her tails whipping around on accident. This combined with not realizing her strength and sometimes accidentally pushing others around. This presented some interesting challenges too when we realized some places where we’d be teaming wouldn’t even allow her to be summoned period because of being nearly 9 feet tall. She accidentally nearly took Sunghee’s head off just because her swing was too big when using weapons; thankfully the shielding absorbed the impact but did fail and that sent Sunghee into the wall. And when we kept trying to work it out, it kept happening. Then the others accidentally made her cry by not wanting to team with her.

You might think that oh I forgot one right? I forgot Ayumi…nope, I didn’t. I had sort of placed her temporarily in with Mallory’s team. But that’s not a for sure thing.

Ayumi seems to be not ready for adventuring though she does have a huge sex addiction. She seems to be trying to get used to it slowly over time in the idea of protecting and defending our team. And if push came to shove she absolutely would defend us from invasion, but other than that it’s almost like gambling on a chronic illness if she’s on a good day or bad in terms of how ready she is to step up to the plate. I think she’s some kind of daemon with a percentage of succubus (but not full Succubus) genes because I literally have to summon and recall (de-summon) her for booty calls only and nothing else on many days; which is too bad but that’s all she’s willing to do and she has a lot of challenges with her spines shredding clothes. I had been hoping to also get her involved in adventuring but she also refuses to wear clothes but since the spines shred them anyway that’s difficult but I also don’t want everyone else seeing my woman’s overly healthy tits hanging out.

I do plan to try to unlock Haruka soon…yeah. But no rush...because I anticipate there is going to be some problems there much like how unlocking Ayumi was dangerous and I’d rather go for a for sure thing than a chance at her dying. It’s good if I can solidify the team first. If Haruka sees we’re not united and together then she might choose not to stay with us and that’s a big concern. And part of getting Haruka ready will be based on if there aren’t any other needed healing magic spell formations I need.

I have other considerations too that I have to plan out.

Sylvie, and Doppel-chan (well I can’t really summon her in real time but I can summon her in different places in the dream state) use about five times as much mana to summon as Asakura, Sunghee, and Rina. Mallory is sort of in between using more mana to summon than a human but not as much as the other two, but that’s basically only because of the soul link skill giving a bonus to summons for Sylvie and well…whatever it is that’s giving Doppel-chan an advantage.

She isn’t also duplicating the soul link is she? The extra mana must be something but what is it? Is this a new evolution or skill change? Wait, I’m not sure of that…I may have to think about that later. But it is true that Doppel-chan’s appearance and current body is a mix of mostly Sunghee and Sylvie’s parts. So maybe…

I will research this again later.

This will have a lot of practical application too in organizing well, because if Mallory costs more of my mana to summon then I can’t just summon her in and out all the time. Don’t ask me why but vampires cost more to summon. And so do daemon girls, but the humans or former humans only costing around 2 or 3% each to summon mean that I can do a lot.

For a mana efficiency dungeon this could be life or death, but up until now I’d not had to worry too much about mana efficiency. Now I think that mana efficiency situations must be looked after and identified. Maybe that’s because I’m more experienced now to think of that.

I have to think how that could affect being able to survive a battle in other words. Anything that costs me more than about 6 percent of my mana to use for one time could end up getting me killed, even with my current mana regeneration rate being pretty good.

I can still get most of that back almost immediately with my mana leach skill. But efficiency is always important.

It was a productive training. Now I have three teams sorted out. One for standby or a fall back defense position, and then one for light, and then one for dark also.

Team A;

Sunghee, Rina, Asakura, Sylvie, and me (possibly also Haruka in the future)

Team B;

Doppel-chan and I

Team C;

Mallory, Asakura, Ayumi, myself, and (?)

I really feel that Team C needs one more person besides myself. Team has five people not counting me assuming Haruka goes this direction. But for Team C to only have three could be a bit of a blocking problem because offensive power (from Mallory primarily), doesn’t necessarily mean blocking power to hold back an enemy tide. So does that mean having two more people in team C or just one more?

So now to plan where the other person is coming from…

  My options for Dark Team, Team 3 positions;

  Buy a slave

  Recruit someone openly possibly by hiring them a daily wage

  Set up a soul crystal and throw someone in while breaking their mind

  Capture an enemy villain’s pets or slaves

And also I need to figure out what went wrong with that Catgirl Secretary still. It bothers me a lot still. I’ve never had my pheromone soup fail before. So this is leaving me with manhood issues. I mean what the frick? How could the pheromones fail?!


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