Which types of summons to another world seem most 1) interesting and 2) realistic?
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7.84% 7.84% of votes
23.53% 23.53% of votes
26.47% 26.47% of votes
6.86% 6.86% of votes
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Have you noticed how a lot of transferred to another world stories use a lot of the same introductions on how they got transferred? There are several main themes. They are written below. it’s fun to consider each of them.

I don’t I have any complaints here about how stories use them. I also applaud the creativity of others and their hard work. But I wanted to research which of these seem the most realistic and interesting to people? Actually you could say realistic and interesting are two different questions right? I think these are an interesting discussion to go over for research for future stories. These kinds of ideas are fun to look at what seems realistic and why to readers. Some of the transfer causes I did like in the past and some I didn’t.

Here are a few examples;

  • 1) Main Character was summoned by magic. (Doesn’t have to be a hero version obviously. It could be a group summon like this story used.)
  • 2) Main Character died, and was given a second chance by Heaven relog-insert system (blessed by God, etc.)
  • 3) Main Character died, and was reincarnated (not exactly the same as number two.)
  • 4) Main Character was transferred by warp magic, or other device, or another twist would be he's still on Earth but the fantasy aces have come HERE instead!
  • 5) Main Character (and possibly friends) were locked into a VR system / Video Game, etc. and can’t get out. They aren’t really on another world. Also they don’t own the abilities they have because they can’t use them when they leave the game. (For reasons described right there, I’m not as much as fan of this one because it feels like you are ‘renting’ your superhero cape. Who wants to rent your superhero costume? If you don’t own it its not yours right? If you can’t use it when you leave go back to reality that kind of is a letdown in some ways. But these can still be interesting stories. Obviously this one has been done a lot by a certain popular anime, etc. and probably a popular option. I am not bashing this option but I can’t help but feel a rented superhero cape that you don’t own is a downer.)

Now I’ve put this research page on KTAW’s story because I like doing novel research and it has a pretty good following. I’m not worried about if people like the way this story started or not and I’m not trying to prove anything for this story. I just want to get some good research. I like talking to readers period. It’s also a way to reward readers by letting them input and be listened to. However this research page here won’t be used for KTAW and I want to be clear about that. I actually like how KTAW’s transfer to another world was done. But I have so many other story ideas you know…so this is for one of my other projects.

Anyway I wanted to do a feeler of which you felt was most realistic and interesting? And in what order of the others…. (For that part you can list the order in comments at the bottom. I can’t really do option orders on these because just writing out the voting choices would be a huge freaking mess.)

Thank you

A note from naosu

You can pick two. One for most interesting, and the second for the most realistic. Then if you want you can write a comment. 

Have a great Sunday!

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