If otherworld summons were used on North Korea…would a summoned NK remnant regime be most likely to;
1) Mutate into goblins
4.97% 4.97% of votes
2) Ally with goblins against humans
5.59% 5.59% of votes
3) Have farms for ‘goblin meat’ or ‘orc meat’
7.45% 7.45% of votes
4) Recruit goblins to build rocket like siege weapons
11.18% 11.18% of votes
5) Try to breed with goblins to conquer the world
14.29% 14.29% of votes
6) Use the goblins as slave troops to go after everyone else.
30.43% 30.43% of votes
7) Pursue importing goblin gene therapy experiments to create a master race
14.29% 14.29% of votes
8) None of the above
11.8% 11.8% of votes
Total: 161 vote(s)

A note from naosu

Thank you for your support! Also this chapter has several plot explanations re: things that happened early on in the book so it's a must read.

Dreamweaver Chapter 202




Settling into the new place to live within the fae realm’s outer gate (prison) fortress;

AKA, the base for the ‘citizens to soldiers’ mortal re-education center




Asakura’s to do list for Shun;

New place to live (Inn for now, later we should get some land and a building) ü

Budgetting for land and building; Unfinished (contradicts combat readiness goals)

Start to investigate if the fae are trustworthy ü

Finish investigating if fae are trustworthy enough to stay; unfinished

Check grocery and shopping opportunities ü (Medieval but it works? Food storage without a magic inventory is still problematic for the populace. We’ve decided to store enough food in the inventory box for some time, in case of sieges, unexpected flight from the land, etc.)

Sunghee sponsored plan; prioritize combat readiness ü

Maintain at least two night guards for Shun ü (We now have enough people to do this without losing next morning dungeon run capability!)

Build contacts and try to find out more about the adventurer’s guild and dungeon in the fortress; unfinished




As I go from the inn to my training class for the day I can see the rest of the town looks pretty much like a human town except made with way better materials, organization, and the quality is amazing. The blue crystal marble like material that everything is made out of is cool. And unlike a medieval human town there’s no sewers emptying in the streets, or other bad smells.

Everything here is well organized actually. The chalkboard has the lesson of the day written across it. In bold print I can read à Fae fortress classes on how to survive the war part 1…’



It’s been a few days since we…or I got here. It turns out the battle warning of the first day me being here was a false alarm. The demons haven’t attacked, but everyday there are classes, training, and battle preparation with myself and others in what looks like the fae version of a high school from our world.

It seems also that the fae read some Otherworld Syndrome people’s minds and decided that a feel like a high school or college classroom with everyone thrown in it would be best for training. So that’s what it looks like.

Somehow the guards here in charge led everyone here to class but then left. We were left with some normal looking guys in front of the class that look too perfect to be normal humans are obviously fae in disguise that are currently giving us instructions as we all settle in our desks, chairs, and with writing tools, and paper on them. One by one we filed into and picked desks to sit at.

“Um what is this? Why does this look like an Earth classroom?” the guy next to me said…except he’s a dwarf.

“It is weird huh?” someone echoed after him in agreement.

“Fuck…I hated high school,” someone said.

“I didn’t like school much. People were mean,” the dwarf retorted dourly.

I don’t want to reveal anything about myself but I also think the same thing.

“Eh? You are from Earth too?!” another guy with a horn sticking out his head exclaimed. He doesn’t look like he’s from Earth but maybe more people went through changes like my acquaintance that turned into a satyr. He’s some kind of half beastkin, half human guy three rows over also sitting at one or the earth style school desks. At the front of the room are two instructors.

“Yeah,…wait, how do you know about Earth? Unless you are from Earth too?!” the dwarf exclaimed.

“I’m from Earth,” a wimpy looking guy said but everyone ignored him because he doesn’t look like he could last the week.

Ah, the dwarf must have evolved here too? So there were other classrooms and cities brought here huh?

“Hey wait, I’m from Earth too!” another guy said. This guy doesn’t look quite as pathetic.

Actually as I look around the room the guys from Earth have a clear disadvantage, looking a bit unhealthier and less muscle tone than the others.

Suddenly this is getting interesting. So there are many people from other worlds summoned here and somehow the fae are collecting them to have us help them, and them help us. This is also the first chance I’ve gotten to compare notes with other people that are from other worlds while not being on the run! I have to seize this chance!

Who knows what I might learn here!

There are choruses of several people, but none of them are human, each of them saying if they are from Earth or somewhere else. There are quite a few from somewhere else too, though I don’t quite get that right now. There are humans here also which aren’t culturally from Earth; in other words coming here as a human doesn’t correlate with an ‘Earth’ origin! A lot of them are demi-human types like beastkin, and half beastkin, dwarves, and a few others.

“Um, what the fuck is going on teacher? So there are other people from Earth? How is that possible? I knew everyone from my group and you aren’t from my group. How is it that the non-humans make up the majority of the ones from Earth?” the first guy said, who was a dwarf.

“Eh, no I’m not from your group,” the same guy said.

“Who cares about Earth,” some girl said.

“Why is Earth so good?” another said.

“You wouldn’t get it. Earth was a good place to live. We didn’t have to fight for our lives there just for a piece of bread,” the dwarf answered back.

“By any chance was your group from an athletic competition?” the other guy that wasn’t a dwarf said.

“Mine came here from a school but there wasn’t any athletics competition involved,” one said.

“Me either,” another said.

“So not all of us came through schools,” someone said comparing notes again as we all sat at desks.

“Not us, we were prisoners at a jail,” someone said, and then he looked embarrassed when everyone gave him weird looks. Surely he didn’t think people would make him popular with a thoughtless comment like that.

“Are there others from the jail?” someone asked tentatively with a worried look.

“Uh, well the truth is a lot of us didn’t make it. The beginning here has no guide system. And too many people in my group thought it was some VR game and died trying to find the ‘reset button’,” came the reply.

Some of them shook their heads at that comment. And others giggled, muttering about “reset button huh? Heh, definitely not a game!”

“We had trouble with that too! Everyone seemed to think it was a game! I don’t understand the whole game obsession thing. When the orcs were eating people live, taking chunks out of their legs they realized then it was only a hell game if a game at all!” the dwarf said.

Some murmured in agreement.

“Damn game obsession wrecked our group too,” another agreed.

“We didn’t have game problems. But we were enslaved for awhile,” the half beastkin guy muttered.

“That’s awful…” several others were instantly sympathetic. It was actually now resembling a trauma recovery support group in the classroom.

“I was working with a co-op group at a farm with like twenty other people after we were captured. It was so awful. I think I lost a year and a half before I could escape. And the escape was through an orc raid so that wasn’t helpful either. Only me and two others survived,” someone said with a frown that looked like some kind of cat beastkin male.

“So not everyone came from schools huh,” the dwarf concluded.

Shun mental goal; purposefully I’m not speaking up now but will ask a few that look trustworthy afterwards to get information from. I can’t reveal anything about myself to keep my guard up. Perhaps to even get some skills.

There are also a few things that are confusing too; last I checked my version of Earth didn’t have dwarves. I’m trying to figure this out but it could be mutations like what happened to Akira. And why are so many of the ones from Earth mutated into non-humans?

“Well now that you’ve had a chance to talk and vent your frustrations. Now would be a good chance for me to speak up. I hope to answer a few of your questions if that’s OK?” the first teacher offered.

Some of the reactions are with mistrust but some are accepting. After a few odd looks at each other some of the students let the teacher proceed.

“First, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. Let me handle this. I think I can explain a few things to help you,” the first teacher said.

“Yeah well somebody better start explaining. And why do all the people who ‘claim’ they are from Earth don’t look human at all?!” a girl yelled from the front row. She’s the only one that looked human, and is even wearing human clothes that look like a nun of some kind with patchwork metal pieces that aren’t quite armor but are kind of cheating the armor rule that a lot of king sponsored towns have.

Somehow she resembles a heavy metal nun?

“Are you from Earth too?” The dwarf asked.

“No! I’m not from Earth! And I’m not from here originally. I came from somewhere else. Earth people are weird too,” the nun girl responded.

Actually I’ve noticed that there aren’t many girls here. Maybe that’s because it’s harder for girls to survive on their own without help. And this is a hell world.

This surprised in regards to the nun girl, because despite looking the most human, she’s not from Earth?

“I don’t get it either. Why are all the people from Earth mutants?” another girl said.

Apart from those two, there’s one other girl. So… three girls in all and the rest boys?

Oh what’s this? Is she right?

There was then a beat down chorus of people threatening her to apologize for being rude until the teacher spoke up. Some of the Earth people had an obsession with accusing others as being racist. But that was kind of baseless and silly. The others are just annoyed by them pushing their own agenda. Then the teacher had to take a minute to get control of the class room again.

“Actually it’s true that all of you that mutated are from Earth, but your spirits and bodies were amplified into being affected into mutation by the difference in mana coming to this world, as well as Earth not having a stable magic system, which caused you to be more vulnerable. Therefore you had less defense from mutations. That’s why people from Earth are more likely to mutate into a creature than non-Earth people coming to this world. And no I’m not from Earth, don’t ask me,” the teacher said. He’s even wearing an Earth style business suit from 20th century.

This is so weird…

I’m sitting in the back while leaning on my elbow at the desk.

“So Earth people are weak haha,” one guy started to say but the dwarf hit him so hard in the nose that he’s spurting blood.

“See if you feel that is weak,” the dwarf spat. The other guy didn’t say anything then.

“Hey that’s enough of that. We’ll have battle practice afterwards,” said the second teacher, who is also a guy wearing a business suit and sunglasses. Surprisingly he sounds like he’s tired and doesn’t care much, to our shock. He just doesn’t want it to interrupt his activities.

Actually somehow I missed when the second teacher came in because I was so interested in the fact that this world has a very serious problem of kidnapping othere worlds’ citizens.

“Why’d you pick a classroom like Earth style?” I asked after raising my hand and wanting to change the subject. The entire room does look like an Earth style school classroom after all.

The dwarf gave me a funny look; he’s also seated not far from me.

Crap, he might use that comment to figure out I’m from Earth too. But I don’t want to share since there’s the chance they could be like Akira, Akimoto, or the others that came here with me.

“So for starters, there are four planets of intelligent humanoid life represented in this classroom of forty students,” the first teacher said.


“No way?!”

“Four planets? Wow!”

“I want to learn where those planets are,” some of the people with astronomy interests had comments like this in several variations.

“I wonder what solar systems those are in?”

“Four planets of intelligent life? I wonder what solar systems too,” the nun girl started to ask.

“Oh that’s a good question huh? I love physics too,” some guy said trying to impress the nun girl.

“Um, not to rain on your parade you kids but astronomy isn’t going to save you from the orc invasions,” the dwarf said.

The beastman had a useless comment right after that agreeing with the dwarf.

It seems those two are more practical than the others.

The teacher waved his hands for us to quiet down. “OK, OK, I get that you are excited. For simple explanation, this room is made to look like Earth because Earth has more people in this fae fortress than the other planets. We’ve found people from Earth condition well to survive the changes with less psychological problems and a slightly higher survival rate, so we are trying to amplify those conditions and emulate them for everyone. And even though Earth is down on magic, their harsh reality of not having it has also made their people better suited to survival for some reason. And that’s why we like to have Earth candidates to defend this fae realm,” he said with a clipped smile.

“So the fae are the ones that really kidnapped us?!” the dwarf’s eyes are bloodshot.

“Wait that can’t be right? I’ve heard otherwise. So that theory doesn’t make sense,” the heavy metal nun girl said. She stood up to try to get the dwarf to calm down before he does something stupid.

So, I better listen closely on this.

Uh oh that’s not good…the dwarf still looks mad and suspicious but that might be him just not wanting to back off. And it’s true that there would be more than one story out there because not everyone would have right information and the ones who did it would naturally point at someone else and build up that rumor as much as they could to avoid the fallout targeting them.

A lot of others look mad too. But I’m confused, how this fits with what we’d been told about evil mages and Egyptians earlier.

And this argument doesn’t sound right either, but it’s a point of view I haven’t heard so I’m curious what they will say and how much of it will be true. I also have to think about how I’ll identify the truth from falsehood in it too. Some people make it a science of making clever untruthful things truthful by lawyer mongering and so on.

“I realize that it looks that way but it’s not true. We aren’t the ones that ‘stole you’ from your previous worlds. We just diverted you away from the ones who actually did it, but it took awhile because it’s like we have two or three fronts we’re fighting on so we couldn’t get everyone all at once. And we couldn’t get everyone right away. In a sense we were trying to both liberate you and get you to help us. Some of you we had to pick up later and we’re sorry about that. At any rate, enough bad people were doing it, that we intervened and stole you from them afterwards, some of you were picked up right when you came here and others were picked up later. We also took losses helping you so please don’t be mad at us!” the second teacher said.

“As my coteacher has stated, the Egyptians, the Orc shamans, and several other groups are the sources of the kidnapping. In some cases they were working together,” the other teacher said.

“Wait, that’s confusing. I though those two factions were fighting too,” someone objected. And it’s a good point too.

“That’s true they were fighting. But with big kingdoms sometimes the wealthy and privileged elite of a society may have secret deals with others like themselves in other societies even when the locals are having a war,” the teacher said.

Bingo…he just hit in on the money. I wish I’d heard this earlier with this version instead of the dark dwarf version that was missing parts. Actually I think the leaders of the dark dwarves were also keeping back pieces from their own people on purpose.

“So I guess this is how when the US fought Vietnam we were still shipping oil and corporations were selling to them at the same time,” the dwarf observed.

Only people from Earth understood what he was saying of course.

The teacher then proceeded to give a clipped explanation of an additional detail I hadn’t heard until now! The Egyptians and the orcs were cooperating!

This has made me curious…and mad too. It takes some more time to quiet us down from wanting to go all ‘riot’ on them but eventually they quieted us down.

“Now before you ask, no we can’t send you back to your own worlds. The cost is too high,” the first teacher said. There’s a myriad of tons of different gasps of astonishment and dismay. He must have known saying that would cause a lot of problems and outbursts. It did.

“Why not?”

“Come on! That’s not fair!”


“Fuck! Let’s mutiny these bitches…” another was riled up like the dwarf.

“Why no?t! We deserve…”

The outcry from several people took time to contain.

“Shut the hell up!” the second teacher yelled so loudly the people on the front row are clutching their ears in pain.

The second teacher straightened his suit and came forward. “Just so you know, and some of you do know this already, that various magic factions like the Egyptians with orc cooperation, and others were summoning people from other worlds through blood sacrifice, as in deaths to fuel the long distances of crossing solar systems. In other words it’s a ritual of ‘death for summons’, or for short we call them ‘death summons’, and it’s a highly dangerous spell that is awful which ruins both people and the lands they came from. It’s because you were summoned using blood sacrifice that we can’t send you back. Would you want us to send you back knowing that the spell we were using would kill everyone in your hometown to send you back? And yes it would kill people at the origin or destination, taking the weak people first. In other words it would have a high chance of killing those on your home worlds, since many of those have little or no magic. What would that do to your parents, siblings, or other family members?” the teacher asked.

Everyone is stunned.

Actually I wouldn’t want to go home if I’d have to give up Asakura, Sylvie, Mallory, and the others. So I carefully observe without getting emotional. Still I want to know how this all fits together.

This is the most confirmation on how it all fits that I’ll ever have access to. And it seems that everyone here in this room is just like me in trying to find a magic class or warrior class job here to survive! They all have their own parties too! Some rare few might even have harems too!

Well…the exception being that they may have some commonality but I’m pretty sure that there aren’t any other daemon prince candidates here within even a thousand miles of us.

There’s a chorus of agreement, groaning, and stupid comments from us tolerating the two teachers…who are both heavily armed and look like they could kill us all with their eyes alone.

“Death summons…gross…that’s so vile,” the dwarf guy said near me from his desk, which he’s clutching tightly.

“Blood sacrifice huh? Momma wouldn’t want me back if I did something like that,” the nun girl said.

“Every time the world summoning spell like that is used…it burns up hundreds and thousands of people…real people and souls as reagents on your world just to get some people over here. And that means natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and so on manifesting on your home worlds too. There’s also a high chance that even if we went ahead doing that, the resulting devastation would eat up your home towns since the spell tends to use reagents from the target areas of those respective worlds. The reagents tend to occur on which world has less magic too because of the way that spell is written so we can’t control who would die from it,” the teacher concluded.

Crap, those are very specific very bad side effects! We’d heard it was really bad but maybe they didn’t want us to know how bad before, for fear some of us would think that we’d discovered the secret formula hearing that.

The class is silent in depression now. They hadn’t realized that their trying to go back might get their parents and home town killed off. There are two or three that still want to go home and that are clearly dirtbags but they shut up pretty fast when they see everyone is staring at them for being scumbags.

“So we’re stuck here aren’t we?” the half beastkin guy said.

“It looks that way,” the dwarf could scarcely talk, he’s so emotional.

“Once again, I’m sorry. But while you are here you can do some good. We can help you to have a good life and meet your needs for shelter, food, a comfortable life, and a place that is moderately safe provided that you help defend it,” the first teacher said.

I suspect he’s actually fae in some kind of human skin illusion the more I think about it. And if he is then the second guy probably is too. The guards that brought us here I don’t think were fae however.

I raised my hand. “I don’t understand why things were chaotic so quickly when the group of people I was with got to this world. It was like everything bad happened only and people were really quick to basically go nuts. There still hasn’t’ been any explanation on why so much violence happened so quickly when we got to this world. It was like everyone went mad.”

The teacher nodded as he listened. “Finally someone brought up a good question! That’s because you didn’t know about the Madness God’s miasma that’s effect on the surface of this world.”

“Shit. Just when I didn’t think it could get any worse,” the nun girl said.

“There’s a madness god here? Ahh fuck,” one of the angry people is shocked.

“I agree with her,” the half beastkin said to her with an alluring smile.

“What? That sounds like an excuse,” the nun girl said folding her arms.

“Unfortunately it’s not. It’s very true. Think about it, when you got here as soon as you did strange random things that were crazy happened in your group of people right? People who were anti-law and anti-cop for example started to act out very fast with no explanation into sudden violence when coming here? And why was it so hard for people to get organized?” the teacher asked.

The nun girl and the others looked disturbed suddenly. Realization is setting in. This guy is right on the money and we all can see it. He’s actually telling us the truth!

But not everyone agreed. Some people can’t handle the truth. The class is bickering again as they consider this until he silences them.

“What you probably heard or learned when coming here is that two worlds were fighting to take over this one. Right? Did everyone hear that story? Something about demon mana trying to overcome the Gaia mana of this planet… And by the way probably not many of you know this planet’s name is Gaia,” the teacher stated.

Oh that fits…

The Church of Gaia…now I understand their nomenclature; it has that name because this is the planet Gaia. Things are making sense slowly, as more pieces are delivered. And Gaia mana comes from the planet Gaia…but I wonder what the merging demon version planet is called that’s merging with this one?

“Basically there’s the pro Gaia faction which consisted….err consists of what’s left of humans, beastkin, dwarves, light elves…well there used to be light elves, fae, and everything recruited from other planets against the demon races. But what you didn’t hear about yet is that there are two demon Gods, just like there were 2 pro Gaia gods on this world too,” the teacher said.

“Wait, what do you mean there were elves?” one of the nerdy guy said.

“Elves are believed to be extinct, except for dark elves,” one of the teachers said.

A number of males groaned realizing their harem fantasy of elves would never come true.

“I didn’t know that part,” the dwarf guy said.

“How could you not know that? It’s an urban legend in most towns here?” someone responded.

“Well to be honest I haven’t been here long,” the dwarf said.

“Of course you didn’t know that part. That’s because one of the pro Gaia gods was killed. Why the hell do you think its been so hard and why everyone’s losing so badly on the side of good? It was the death of one of the good gods that triggered it. That left the elves with diminished defenses, which relied upon holy magic to protect themselves,” the teacher said.

Wait, if what he said is true, then is that also why there aren’t any healers? Without meaning to, he’s also slipped something important by accident. But I have to keep my mouth shut on that. Suddenly that makes sense too. The more I think about it, the more I’m sure that’s why there aren’t healers left on this world except for those with connections really high up to super monsters or higher.

Holy freaking shit! This is a major reveal that I’d needed for some time. But only the really smart people like the fae had all the pieces!

The room looks horrified. Eventually the teacher shuts them up.

“That can’t be good. Two against one?” the nun girl said.

“You’re right it isn’t. But one of the reasons why we don’t know how bad it was is because the Madness God faked his own death. And through that was how he set up the trap for killing one of the good gods. We thought he was dead, thus thinking there were only a few evil gods left, but he was only wounded critically. Then recently we found out he was reviving himself in bits and pieces after near death,” the second teacher said.

“But why does that matter? This isn’t our world. This is your fight. Why should we care,” a rabbitkin guy said. He looks like a total dweeb saying that because rabbitkins are lazy and he’s got his feet up on the desk. He’s obviously one of the souls from another planet that had been mutated into a native species when he got here, but I can’t really tell his age because rabbitkin look different than humans.

“Good question. Let me ask you this…did any of you when you got here to this planet have people from your groups break out into psychotic rages for no reason?” the teacher raised his hand.

There’s a chorus of astonishment and agreement.

“That’s because of the Madness God’s miasma. In short, not having any previous exposure to mana and coming to a new world feeling mana for the first time, almost all of you especially the groups from Earth had sudden psychotic episodes sporadically occurring hourly and daily for the first couple weeks on planet Gaia until your bodies and minds adjusted to the mana here. And you can’t go back either from a mutation without really miraculous help, and not without killing a lot of other people and sacrificing them to evil spirits,” the teacher concluded while smiling.

I wanted to wipe that smug smile off his face.

But the others around me are horrified and in shock.

“Why can’t you block the Madness God’s miasma?” Someone asked.

“Actually you can because he was thought to be dead for so long…we later learned that one of the reasons he was faking his death for so long was to make people think they didn’t need the ‘resistance to anarchy, and madness promoting’ buffs. He waited until those were neglected and forgotten by many societies to act,” the teacher answered.

Other comments followed as realization hit.

“That’s clever but awful to do,” the nun girl said.

“Shit! That means…Those guys weren’t evil but were suffing from …the miasma!” one said.

“Those poor people! It wasn’t really their fault!”

“Wait, but weren’t they more vulnerable to the miasma because they were already entertaining those ideas as fantasies anyway?” I said.  

“Ahh that’s true too,” the nun girl said.

“Once again yes that’s true,” the teacher said.

“Well actually it was a combination of both. The people that got violent so quickly early on had a chance of naturally doing so without help. And you could draw a bell curve showing averages of anarchy increasing from lawful people, to disorderly people with everyone in between with a probability increase,” the second teacher said.

“Dude, they don’t understand your nerdspeak,” the first teacher rebuked the second teacher.


“Moving on,” the first teacher said.

“Wait, let us talk about this. This seems important,” the nun girl asked.

“I guess you are right there too. The people in my group that went psychotic were already half criminals and bullies already,” the dwarf guy said.

“Jeez, this is crazy! I can’t believe how awful our situation is,” the beastman admitted.

“You guys are prejudice against people who have gone to jail. So unfair,” said the guy who came from a jail before coming here.

But everyone is already sick and tired of hearing the ‘don’t judge me’ and race cards all the time. The conversation continued.

That sent everyone else into a mayhem of strange comments too that the teachers were trying to calm down. I’d often wondered why things went bad so quickly when we first came here to this planet. Now I know the truth.

The Madness God’s effect on people from our world, it turns out is especially harsh. And I find out after comparing notes with tearful people all around me that it seems that all Earth groups had psychotic rages and violence sprees. There wasn’t a single group from Earth that it didn’t occur but it usually happens only in the beginning. But it seems the longer someone is here and if they are disciplined then they can resist the madness god’s miasma.

I’ll have to look into that more later probably.

The fae really should be telling the other people this. Either they aren’t or they aren’t doing well in the war. But then again I’d mostly had contact with dark dwarves. They wouldn’t share this information with a human anyway!

We also learned too that for some reason the spell targeting summoned people from another world also in particular hits areas where people are prone to have populations with crime in their area, which also adds to the effect. This was also partly why things were so bad when we came to this world. And when I compared notes with five other people from Earth, their groups also had psychotic rages break out with killing in their groups just like mine before the orcs hit us.


I learn we have daily class here to learn about surviving in this world. Every morning we come here but we don’t actually stay in this building all day like a high school. We train for much of the day in martial skills and gyms.

So everyday it’s like going back to school at least for a bit.

I later learned the names of the two teachers;

Mr. Zeph (probably a fake alias)

Mr. Soon (also probably a fake alias)

Neither of them look like they really want to teach us. But they are trying to be honest at least.

They expect us to show up once a week minimum for sure, but encouraged us not to go to class everyday even though they are required to have class daily. This doesn’t make sense unless you think that they don’t really like us and are trying to get us to not bother them.

When asked they won’t teach us skills directly but will permit us to teach each other skills. But most people are probably going to guard their skills jealously to themselves and only their lovers, or a few tight groups.

So who knows if this will even be gainful for use of my time?

“So there’s no gain from coming to this class?” the nun girl asked me whispering over the back of her hand near the end when people were leaving.

Ahh, looks like she had the same conclusion I had. But maybe I should try it anyway.

“Umm, hmm, I guess so,” I said.

A few others near us also heard us whispering about it. But no one dares talk back to the those two fae teachers in human disguise since we don’t know the limits of their power.

Still…when I tell this to Asakura, and Sunghee they are going to be floored in shock.

It’s absolutely amazing we’re alive up until this point. I don’t think any other group could have survived what we went through! We landed in an orc mess, and then survived a kingdom of shady ass dark dwarves!

And now we’re here!

The danger level of this world, I can see is much higher than I had imagined before. And I’d already given it the benefit of the doubt on my previous estimates!


Still…the fae are honest though still tricky in other ways. I might be able to use this for a base for awhile. The information gathering potential here is unreal.  And no wonder the fae want to cooperate with everyone. Their recruitment was …well…lacking in the agency department but now I can see why. They are totally desperate seeing what kind of world this really is!



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