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Dreamweaver Chapter 201 Part B




In the dream state continued…



Little by little after a ton more arguing we got things to move forward a little better between all of us as a group. They are gathered in a sort of circle to hash things out and are surprisingly not selfish about it. But it’s not easy since with this many of them the monster cores won’t stretch very far.

Asakura and Sunghee were the most helpful in trying to strategize which abilities to incorporate and which not to. While they are doing this Sylvie and Ayumi have to watch from nearby. Ironically you would think Sylvie would be the best for planning this stuff out but the problem is that most of Sylvie’s skills and experience have been involved with soloing, but not with group planning. And Asakura has a big advantage in helping us work it out just from being one of the smartest people I know and a good head for math and analyzing as my advisor. Sunghee by contrast, has experience as a team leader and coordinating the group of them to compromise things out.

“OK, that one looks pretty good,” Sunghee said.

“I like the buffs too. When we plan incorporating them that’s like every person has the ability bought when he buffs us all. With individual abilities they can’t be shared like the buffs can. So it’s in our best interest to get Shun’s buffs over anything since when deployed they are like an ability that can be put on everyone,” Asakura said.

“Hmm good points,” I said.

I hadn’t expected for her to be pro-Shun even at the cost of getting less for herself. But the others are thinking similarly.

“And with 22,491 monster cores to spend theoretically you could get either 2 or 3 abilities for everyone or all the buffs and at least one ability for everyone,” Asakura said.

“That’s all huh? It goes pretty fast when you divide them,” Ayumi’s metallic voice said.

“So those are the choices huh?” Rina asked to confirm.

“ Yep.”

“That’s not bad. We can be happy and have a good battle increase with both options,” Sylvie noted.

“Let’s see we have to worry about Shun, me (Sunghee), you (Asakura), Doppel-chan, Ayumi, Haruka not right away…, Rina, and Sylvie. Did I miss anyone?” Sunghee wondered.

“Well Mallory…” I growled.

“Isn’t Mallory already strong enough?” Rina argued.

“Well that’s true…” Sylvie said.

“Our primary concern is boosting survivability and strength. She is already above everyone else in that. But it’s up to Shun,” Sunghee said.

“We’ll figure out something for Mallory later Shun. Don’t worry,” Asakura said.

“That’s eight people all together, not counting Mallory. But Rina might need something like a stamina upgrade boost option or constitution stat up, separate from all the others just because she’s weak. We can’t neglect that even if Shun can heal,” Asakura said.

“So do we really have to include her? I mean even if we had her crystal for summoning…she IS a vampire? You can’t think that’s going to be dangerous right?” Rina asked.

They sighed. “Well she belongs to Shun and did save him. So we have to include her,” Asakura said while biting her lip.

“Right, let’s move on then,” Sunghee said.

“OK, so we get something like +constitution for Rina separate from everything because it’s needed. And then plan the rest?” Sunghee said.

“Normally that would be favoritism but she does need it,” Sylvie grumbled.

“It’s kind of amazing how that huge stack of monster cores will get eaten so fast divided among this many people,” Asakura grumbled.

“Is it fair to think that Doppel-chan already got her share though from the mask, soul chain thing, and her new cage. And she’s too strong to control now anyway, so we don’t need to upgrade her,” I asked.

“Yeah I think so. She got like over 10,000 cores spent on her…hope that she stays loyal. I’d say that puts her out of future upgrade lotteries too if you ask me,” Sunghee said with a lilt in her voice.

“OK, so she’s taken care of, that leaves 7 people and 22,491 monster cores. Or namely listed as; Shun, Sunghee, me (Asakura), Ayumi, Haruka, Rina, and Sylvie. So Shun, you can either get 3 abilities for each, or buy the buffs first for yourself and spread the rest among everyone. So we’re all on the same page right?” Asakura summarized.

“Yeah though it’s Shun’s say on final decisions,” Sunghee flashed me a devoted smile.

“Of course! I’m more devoted than you are on this of course!” Asakura jealously countered and then flashed me a devoted smile too.

“Hmm…it’s hard to decide when you think that picking that one right combination of an ability might be the difference between saving someone and dying,” I frowned.

“I agree,” Asakura said also looking serious.

“Let’s go over the buffs first and things that really look good,” Sunghee suggested. She pulls out some paper and a pen while we write down the options.

“We were so overdue for this it’s not even funny,” Asakura said.


Options we like so far;

Runic Shielding upgrade option; knockback injury protection

Runic Shielding upgrade option; additional falling injury protection damage mitigation

Runic Shielding upgrade option; strength over-bearance protection;

(Those three together would essentially together function something like a heavy stander boss ability, I theorize.)

Circle of protection upgrade option; aether resistance;

Steady feet, and anti-gore clumsiness buff (cheap but could make a big difference in a big battle with bloody turf everywhere.)

*Summon Mallory skill; custom summon spell tweak for summoning Mallory*(a backdoor light summon option for Mallory. I’m curious about this and how it will affect the darkness version I’d just purchased. It also seems to have some kind of a type of ‘Summon Protection’ similar to the Daemon Prince ‘system restore’! I couldn’t resist getting something like this, since any kind of summon protection is in a sense a type of immortality for battle summon pets! In the future also I will look out for other Summon Protection abilities because of how cheaty they are.)

Mutate Familiars and summons upgrade option; side effects make it undesirable

Phallic Wyrm evolution for Shun; noticeable battle strength increase but side effects make it undesirable. Who wants to become some icky snail tentacle mutant?!

Buff; increase Strength

Buff; increase Agility

Buff; increase Health

Buff; increase Intelligence

Buff; increase Mental Accuity

Buff; Endure breakage, weapon version;

Buff; Endure breakage, clothing and equipment version;

Buff; Protection from Undead, and darkness element

Buff; Protection from demonic element creatures, and demon elements

Buff; bestow blocking ability;

Buff; elemental affinity up+!

Buff; bestow evasion ability;

Summoner base creature attributes increase 10% (This is essentially free stats for all! Sweet!)

Additional shared mana pool upgrade option;

Additional max number of summons increase; (Eh?! Was there something cool like this?! I will watch for more of these.)


“OK, well that’s too many. We all like those but if we got all of them then there would be nothing left although Shun would have a crazy amount of buffs,” Asakura said.

“I can’t complain about that 10% summoner base creature attribute increase. That’s like free strength since it would apply to all of us,” Sunghee noted.

“Oh you’re right. I see why this is so cool now,” Rina said.

“OK that’s for sure. And it would also help with Rina’s constitution problem too plus help everyone out,” I noted.

“OK, so we add the summoner base creature attributes increase 10%+. That one has to be taken first, it’s too good and useful,” Sunghee confirmed. I nod to give the OK.

And just like that we began working out abilities.


New abilities;


Rina; constitution (2%) +, constitution (2%)+, evasion skill (unlocked through cat girl evolution blueprint tree)(Woah, there is an evasion skill!) And it can be both active and passive!) Cost; 500+500+1000

Asakura; demon milk efficiency breast expansion (Oops, we didn’t know buying this would increase her bust size but we’d needed something that would promote more protection of my food sources, which are very limited right now and still this is a worry.) (Used to help regulate milk production efficiency, including maximum efficiency and upping minimum efficiency during low production periods, when unable to stop or while traveling.), Ghoul constitution+ (10% constitution gain), Second chance! (ghoul race skill only;in KO and death situations has additional chance for ghoul body to use stored cells in special organ in the body to keep the mind and body alive.) Cost; 1000+500+1000

Sylvie; Battle meditation skill (allows boosted mana regeneration while moving and in combat, even if in close combat using non-magic skills); cost; 2000

Ayumi; fast reflexes, agility up self buff, Dodge skill; 500+500+1000

Doppel-chan; already received skills…(overkill on price…)

Haruka; not opened yet, unable to unlock skills, not awakened; will use cores on later when she awakens.

Sunghee; Summon campfire stone, survival, item box! (500+500+1000) (Having her own inventory box is sweet!) Unexpectedly though, there’s an Adventurer class bonus skill up achieved; 5% bonus to constitution, stamina, and agility (Adventurer class only hidden skill up through path achievements.)

Mallory; NA due to unknown future and current status; truthfully she’s already overpowered and doesn’t need upgrades. Upgrades might make it harder to control her. I may revisit this later. Theoretically, if she has a personality clash with another harem member she can’t be so strong that I can’t pull her off someone or have her pulled off with the help of others and with no or few injuries.)

Sub-total of summoned creatures and harem; (2000+2500+2000+2000+2000 = 10,500)

22,491 monster cores -10,500 monster cores = 11,991

“OK, so use the remaining 11,991 on Shun,” Asakura said.

“Eh? You guys won’t feel bad if I get more?” I wondered. I sort of feel greedy but it’s necessary, and if I get the right buffs this could help everyone. So I’ve mentally justified it to myself.

Both of them laughed. “Heck no, it’s expected if you get one buff it benefits all of us better too,” Sunghee smiled big while saying. She’s also got her arm around me.

And nearby us I notice that Ayumi and Sylvie are suntanning on the arena floor near us from the fake sun that Sylvie has put up in the dream realm’s sky.

“This place is so peaceful,” Ayumi said in her weird metallic voice.

“Hey! Who the hell said you two could suntan topless!” Asakura screamed at the two of them.

“Well…I can’t help it. My back spines cut the bikini top strings again,” Ayumi said.

“Well I was following her. And I didn’t want to be left behind,” Sylvie pointed the finger at Ayumi trying to act innocent.

“Whatever…a likely excuse,” Asakura rebuked them.

“But …it’s so hard to compete against your giant bust. You don’t realize how intimidating that is for us,” Ayumi pleaded in the odd metal voice.

“She kind of has a point,” Sylvie admitted.

“Um…well let’s get along,” I coughed out turning beet red in the face as I looked over at them.

“I don’t see what the big deal is, we’re like topless all the time when feeding. And we do that for hours a day together. A few more minutes after that’s done shouldn’t be a big deal,” Ayumi said.

“We’re setting a bad example!” Asakura argued.

“Well…she did say the truth actually but I feel she’s being exploitive,” Rina growled at Ayumi.

The three of them continue to argue while Sunghee and I finish planning my skill tree. It turns into a heated escalation of them ripping each other’s clothes off and screaming but I can’t lose my concentration now. In theory this place could get attacked by dream shaman or dream demons or even just good detection mages at any minute…

I can’t put off these upgrades or their finalizations.

“Dude you are going to be one tough overpowered types from all these awesome skills!” Sunghee clapped her hands together excitedly. She isn’t participating in the argument but remains my ‘teacher’s pet’ type person, smiling as she sits with me.

“I just want us to survive. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone,” I said.

“Hehe, that’s why you will be the top dog. People that worry what others think are already showing weakness. But you are thinking ahead always,” Sunghee laughed again. Then suddenly while the others are distracted she’s somehow shifted over to sit on my lap while grinding against it, pretending we’re still working.

Wow….this feels …ugh…I can’t concentrate on work anymore.

“So we can do this and this…” Sunghee pretends to act like nothing is out of the ordinary.

Shun upgrades; (Summoner base creature attributes increase 10% (filters to all summoned creatures, slave crystal creatures, familiars, mistresses, and controlled minions), Additional shared mana pool upgrade option, Additional max number of summons increase, Summon Mallory skill (fae version counter to the demon prince summon protection skill. This incorporates both a summon skill for named pet but also a summon protection for same named mob; specific named creature can no longer be blocked or stolen. ***…some garbled code here, but it still let me purchase it….***) (I wonder if the garbled code means some secret later about it that can be researched or unlocked?)  Circle of protection upgrade option; aether resistance. Upgrade option grants additional 5 foot radius to protection field bonus with max protection of 5 bodyguards of caster, and caster gaining buff benefits. Also increases defense field by 5% to both physical and magical damage where previous ability had less magic resistance, +5% to damage mitigation; Steady feet, and anti-gore clumsiness buff, Buff one of the useful  and necessary skills for battlefields covered in gore!; Protection from demonic element creatures, and demon elements buff; Runic Shielding upgrade option; knockback injury protection buff (additional 5% runic shielding defense bonus), Buff; increase Agility, Buff; increase Health, Runic Shielding upgrade option; double shield stacking technique (+10% to runic shielding raw defense, ) (upgrades previous shield double casting technique to combat effectiveness with reasonable cast time. In effect caster can now cast double stacked shielding without taking five or ten minutes, instead using current cast speed! In contrast I had a small introductory version of these I’d researched on my own but this is more official where I can actually use it without a huge cast time and provides for big defense enhancement!)

“Wow, nice…how many monster cores did that take?” Sunghee asked.

“Um…we have 491 left. That was actually 12 skills not 11, but the steady feet, and anti-gore footing buff only costed 500 cores with everything else costing close to or around 1000,” I said.

“It was good of you to get those. Its surprising how something small like that can affect so much,” Asakura said acting like an advisor.

“Sweet dude, with this much you will be unstoppable!” Sunghee echoed after her.

“We should never think we’re invincible. We’re always vulnerable somehow,” Asakura countered.

“I hope so. Our survival depends on it,” I frowned.

“Ahh you are such a spoil sport. Now hurry and kiss me before the others stop arguing and realize we’re making love!” Sunghee turned and began French kissing me.

“Hey, don’t leave me out!” Asakura protested. She’s noticed but is being swarmed by the argument still that the others are having.


I couldn’t help but check and look at my runic shielding skill now. With two upgrades stacked into it, it’s becoming a monster OP skill. I opened the blue screen window. The Circle of Protection team defense field also that meshes with it is also going up steadily. With these two buffs alone I might be invincible soon.

Status! Skills!

Runic Mana Shielding +93% (up from 83%, bonuses achieved through expansion slot upgrades); can be applied by touch to team target, self, or any target within 29 feet of caster; Duration of up to 24 hours; cast range bonus increase +3 (up from +2)

Circle of protection; (default +12 feet additional radius, + 14% to energy defense field, +7% damage absorptionWink

Now I should test how those two summon protection skills of Mallory are different? I feel very curious about what I just achieved!

“Hey you are shivering?” Sunghee frowned at me.

“OH oops…I think I’m just excited for all the cool upgrades we just achieved,” I smiled mischeviously.

“That makes sense. Some of that stuff even I’m curious about. But I sort of feel guilty thinking that because I don’t want us to have to come to harm’s way to prove our badassness. Is that wrong of me?” she said scratching her head.

“Uh…that makes sense. I’m glad you are level headed,” I said.



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