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Dreamweaver Chapter 201




Dream State continued…




“I’m so glad you’re OK!” Somehow after the system restore I’m hugging Mallory all over again.

“Me too! Me too! I’m glad you haven’t been destroyed yet before I have my chance at a try!” she said hanging onto me. She’s already said this earlier but looking for excuses to mash her huge tits into me and try to make out again while making it look subtle.

The others are jealous but also watching. They are curious what Mallory is like.

“So…um…this is Mallory huh? She seems OK, I guess,” Sunghee is giving her a critical eye, obviously conscious of Mallory’s slightly bigger bust. “…not fair…” I heard her mutter.

“Did you say something?” I asked.

“Oh nope.”

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you!” Asakura shook hands with Mallory.

“Wow, you have a ghoul? Those are so rare! Even vampires covet having exotic sex slaves like that. And she produces daemon milk?? That’s awesome! You are such a lucky boss!” Mallory pinched my cheek.

“Th-thanks. I’m an advisor though, not the s-sex slave,” Asakura said. She blushed.

“Thanks,” I said.  

“Don’t worry giving comfort to a prince is still a role with high honors,” Mallory said with pride. She is staring at Asakura’s tits though…

“Hi, I’m Sylvie. Welcome to the team but don’t bite anyone OK?” Sylvie shook hands with her. Sylvie looks really happy and upbeat, glad to have someone with real strength.

Ayumi refused to say anything, probably a bit confused still on coming to this world and accepting it. But she did shake hands. “…whatever…” came a mellatic murmur as Mallory moved on to the next person to meet.

Curiously Mallory didn’t say much to Ayumi. She might be trying to figure her out or who knows what actually.

“Didn’t you guys meet already?” I asked Mallory.

“Hmm, well not exactly. They met me briefly at that battle where that dwarven asshole showed up to threaten your kingdom master. But that didn’t let us have a proper greeting. Or for me to be more polite and show respect. Master, you have a curious array of elite guards for your throne,” Mallory said to me.


“So the system restore thing. That was so cool!” Sunghee cheered.

“It was but we need to nip it in the bud that we have to protect Shun extra carefully for the next few days. We all saw the debuff error message that came with it, as part of stretching his resources and mana,” Asakura said in advisor mode.

“I don’t see what’s so great about it. It’s just more competition,” the cat girl Rina is glaring at Mallory. She is even pacing around staring at Mallory to look her over. Then she compared her own tit size to Mallory’s and was even more enraged. But Mallory is just proudly basking in the attention. Mallory is too powerful to be threatened by her.

“Hi Rina. I understand you are important to Shun. So I will overlook you as a threat for now. But you will kneel to…” Mallory briefly flashed her fangs.

“Hey that’s enough,” I barked at Mallory.

“Oh right…I guess it’s not time for that yet,” Mallory murmured. She then did an apology to both of us.

Rina blinked but didn’t say anything.

I guess that might be true to character. A vampire would try to establish itself near the top of the pecking order…I wonder how she will react to Asakura who is the current top of the pecking order. That is a remaining question.

“Does that mean the system restore will work on any of the members?” I wondered worriedly. “It wasn’t very clear on if any future penalties will be added too.”

“That’s a very good question to ask,” Sylvie snapped her fingers excitedly jumping in. Then she’s somehow behind me with her arms on my shoulder, wrapped around me. It’s like her default position now, which is funny because she’s so tall that her hips are directly behind my head.

“I wouldn’t test it Shun. In this case you had to be careful about anything negative consequences triggering unwanted evolutionary tree branches. And the more you have the easier they will detect you. Plus, I think it would be dangerous to think that risk like this could be used in a way that has no consequences. What if it fails on someone? But I do have reason to suspect that the penalty for system restore probably increases each time it’s used,” Asakura pointed out.

“Hmm, I hadn’t expected that. It’s very probably,” Ayumi agreed with Asakura.

“Asakura is right,” Sunghee admitted.

“OK, I think we should think on this further, but for now that’s the stance we’ll take; to not depend on the system restore feature of soul pet theft protection,” I concluded.  

“It’s so cool to have another sister though!” Sylvie said happily. She seems like she’s in some kind of heaven mentally.

“You aren’t jealous?” Ayumi and Rina said at nearly the same time. Both of them are still fuming.

“Well you remember when I was growing up I lost family members to attacks, both from humans and others. So I’m really happy about anything that can bring someone back. We should also investigate if there are other skills in this world that can bring back stolen or lost people!” Sylvie said happily.

“I guess that’s a good way to look at it,” Asakura said.

“That’s a good goal. Can you write that down?” I asked Asakura.

“OK, on it…well as soon as I find some paper,” Asakura replied in advisor mode.

“If the daemon prince system has its verion of system restore, then does the light side also have a version similar to it?” Asakura wondered right after that.


Could that be true?

“Oh that’s good. We should look into that too,” Rina agreed.

“Of course the light side has their version of skills. I-I just don’t know what they are, though the light side would obviously be way inferior by comparison. But if Shun wants to look into it, I guess it might turn something up. Master, please spank me later for offending your other lower minions,” Mallory said to me with a sexy leer.

“S-scandalous wench,” Ayumi growled. I can see she’s a bit agitated to see Mallory with more attention than she.

“Um, for now. I guess this is been the first time in awhile that we’ve had everyone together. Let me update you all on what’s going on,” I said.

Then I began a thorough explanation of circumstances, present position, and being in the fae stronghold.

Still there was one more recent update to show the others that I’d set up.

“So what is this place?” Doppel-chan exclaimed looking around.

“Just like it says. I think it’s called a soul anchor?” I said.

“It looks like a golden bird cage to me but for people,” the metallic voice of Ayumi said nearby. I think the others are still a bit put off by her voice.

“Hmm so Doppel-chan has a bigger cage…interesting. Since you are a high class prince candidate I thought you would come up with a way of upgrading your ability to interact with your champion, master. I approve,” Mallory purred.

“Oh! Stop being so cool! You will take away our chance for sex with Shun!” Rina shook her fist at Mallory.

Mallory just giggled.

“Um, so when did you get this again?” Sunghee wondered.

“Just recently. I helped him figure it out,” Sylvie smiled, still standing behind and above me.

“Wait, I see she has a mask and a big huge silver liquid looking chain on her. Which is the soul anchor, the chain & mask system or the cage?” Asakura wondered.

“Both help but the chain and mask are essentially the control system for helping us use Doppel-chan in more productive ways. This coupled with her being somewhat rehabilitated but still a bit too wild to use outside now give us the effect of a non-dragon guardian in the dream pocket. Isn’t it nice?” I said.

They all are looking at it.

“Oh…so that’s why I woke up wearing this thing,” Doppel-chan is studying it intently. She has been watching us on the sly for some time. And yet she still feels very predator like. She had been hiding literally out of sight under the sand not too long ago but had emerged from it, almost as if it were quicksand. Anyone who might have thought it was safe to go in there could easily have perished without the safety system we installed.

“I’m not really sure what a soul anchor even is. How does it work?” Asakura said right after while standing next to me.

“Basically it’s just a safety system that used a shiz load of mana and mana cores installed to prevent Doppel-chan from hurting others,” I said.

“It seems to be working…I think?” Sylvie observed.

This is the first upgrade achieved through monster cores. We purchased it right away seeing the value but it did use a lot of monster cores. With that much monster cost it had better be worth it!

Doppel-chan in front of us has her cage enlarged so that her cage is now a mini-arena itself within the middle of the arena. This is the soul anchor I guess, to keep her here. And it’s probably not a good idea to take her out for very long. And not only that it’s on the ground now instead of hanging from the ceiling but still made of some unidentifiable shiny almost liquid looking silver material that we can only guess what it is.  

And with it, there’s like a sparkly silver chain around Doppel-chan’s waist and with a new silver mask over her face.

“Huh? I do feel a bit different. This is strange?” Doppel-chan said. She held up her hands and is looking over her naked body. She still looks about the same, but is curious and distrustful at the same time.

“By the way if you have any extra syrup…” she began but was cut off.

“We’re kind of on a time crunch. You understand right?” I said flatly rejecting her.

She still looks hopeful at me that I may change my mind.

“I don’t think you are listening to me but it’s obviously an upgrade to let Shun let you be in our special club. Now you can actually help out,” Rina said, but Doppel-chan wasn’t listening. She only listens to me and tunes out everything else out most the time. The others almost don’t even exist.

“Please! Syrup…those other parts seem boring,” Doppel-chan is now desperate.

“H-how dare she talk that way to you master. I can punish her for you. Minions should be seen and not heard,” Mallory offered, acting prideful.

“That won’t be necessary. We don’t want any extra drama,” Ayumi’s metal voice sounded nearby.

“Sorry but…that’s how it is. We can do more syrup later,” I said apologetically.

“Promise me, you’ll give me more later!” Doppel-chan’s face is intense in some kind of madness.

Wow, she’s still so scary.

“Oh that actually is a cool mask. I think it has some strength modifying mana in it. But I can’t tell if it’s positive strength or negative limiting strength, probably the latter?” Sylvie said.

“The mask does help distinguish her from Sylvie I guess. She resembles her so much before Sylvie grew tall,” Asakura noted.

“Really? So will all of us grow tall too or only Sylvie?” Ayumi’s metallic voice said. Actually it’s really frustrating having Ayumi next to us, since she has a hard time wearing clothes because of her spinal tines that end in the demon tail. I try to avoid staring at her athletically superior toned godess-like sexy form.

“Um, probably not going to grow anymore. And we wouldn’t be able to compete against it if you did,” Sunghee told her.

“So does the mask do anything else?” Sunghee asked me directly.

“Like a mask with bonus stats I think, but I think most of them are for calming and debuffing aggression in addition to what was already said,” Asakura explained.

“Debuffing aggression…that’s interesting. I wouldn’t have thought of that. It’s a good idea. You have some useful slaves master,” Mallory accidentally is showing her fangs.


“Thanks, I guess,” I replied.

“Does it really have bonus stats though or just fake like it through an illusion or mind control?” Rina asked.

“Oh it’s real. I assure you,” Asakura told her.

I agreed.

“So this is cool. If Doppel-chan can get upgrades to become usable then all of us can receive more upgrades,” Sunghee said.

“That’s true…” Rina gave me a worried look.

“It’s hard to discuss this with all of you talking at once,” I said but they are too excited right now. Everyone wants an upgrade now while they discuss Doppel-chan’s new setup. And they’ve all been inspired by the fact that if she’s the most difficult then even if they hit a brick wall to it could be smashed through.

“But how much is that new setup actually restraining her?” Sunghee raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t know either….” Asakura admitted.

“Guess we’ll find out soon,” I said.

“Please don’t. I like it peaceful,” Sylvie interjected.

“She…does seem difficult to reign in, by the smell of her. I don’t detect any fear coming from her. I’d avoid any trouble,” Ayumi said.

“She would represent a capable rival in trying to overthrow you master,” Mallory admitted while trying to sit on my lap. I sort of pushed her off though, to tease her. And then she fell on the floor but didn’t say anything.

“I think we don’t want to find out either, actually,” Rina objected, raising her hand.

“Please do not let her loose on us. Please!” Sunghee whispered in my ear.         

“Wow, that’s amazing isn’t it?” Asakura said while touching the bars of the strange silvery crystal of unbreakable material.

“Um careful, I don’t know what it’ll do if you get within reach of her,” I said.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m such a bad girl. But I’m your bad girl now,” Doppel-chan leaned over and winked at me.

“So…what does this mean? Is she like…on our side now?” Sunghee glared skeptically at her.

“We did talk about that once but we later concluded that she’d say anything for syrup,” Asakura summarized to her.

“I’m not sure. But I trust Asakura’s judgement on this,” I said while scratching my head.

“I’m still a bad girl; don’t mistake me for being good. I’m just willing to help out. But don’t interrupt me from naps OK? And make sure you keep the syrup flowing,” Doppel-chan gave us a seductive smile while purposefully tweaking her nipples in my direction.

“I don’t like this. She’s a wild card. We don’t know what will happen anytime we ask her help. And stop playing with your nipples in front of us. It’s not time for that right now! That’s not right. We held back and so should you. It’s not fair for you to steal a march on us when we’re being good,” Sunghee said.

“Oh come on. You are just jealous. I inherited thick long nipples that I cloned off you. You just don’t want the others to see me stretch them out longer than your own,” Doppel-chan slurred.

Sunghee blushed…

“That’s true huh?” Asakura is lost in thought.

“Wh-what? I never stretched them! I swear! All natural!” Sunghee blushed and insisted while the others give her weird looks.

It’d started a good two hours ago after coming here and wanting to get the dream state in order. I’d reviewed the monster cores seeing that I had tons of them to spend. And immediately began fixated on how I could help Doppel-chan not be locked up so badly.

We’d unlocked the bird cage function, which is huge covering much of the middle of the arena, and the special unique version special magic slave collar on Doppel-chan so that she could help us, which is designed to curb her homicidal tendencies and wild streak.

It wasn’t’ a discovery we’d made right away though to get to that point.

At first it began with unlocking a new grimoire spell called sleep, which actually uses a lot of energy to cast. Then by Sylvie’s direction we tried to see if we could blend and modify making new customizations appear by seeing if we can mix abilities. In short, what we’d come up with was an evil restraining elite slave collar specialized for Doppel-chan use only, and an evil restraining cage for her to live in. But by doing so, it cannibalized all other uses of the sleep spell. So I’ve lost it but gained a safety switch for Doppel-chan.

The down side is that she can’t ever leave the dream state, nor can she leave her cage for very long but it helps her live a more normal life while making it a bit safer for her to interact with us. But the up side is that the specially customized slave collar and chain make her automatically fall to instant sleep whenever she’s about to act on an evil impulse that can harm others or herself, provided that the impulse isn’t self defense related or when she’s giving into temptation that causes harm to others. Another pro is that now I have a massive guardian protection system for the dream state, which I expect could become attacked again at any time. And the cage also has renewable sleep glyphs that use a pre-set charge when they fire off to put her to sleep, which I have to reset when they are used.

“That thing is really amazing!” Asakura said after studying it and explaining to me.

Now I can use both Doppel-chan and Asakura to feed with me now supposedly with no problems if I dare risk it. But do I want to really test the limits of such a device? I’d recently noticed that Doppel-chan does have the demon breast milk recently activated, because of when we were trying to super dose her with pheromones to make her more usable. But I’m not entirely sure when it activated.

So does that mean only dark races can receive the demon breast milk trait, I wonder…

And then just like that the inhibiting sleep trigger activated on Doppel-chan and she falls to sleep in her cage where she lay, laying down right in front of us.

“She looks really peaceful like that,” Sunghee noted.

“Just don’t wake her up if you value your life. Let the enchant take effect for awhile and run its course,” Ayumi said.

“Looks like the sleep trigger works at least,” Sunghee said.

“So how many monster cores do you have now?” Asakura asked.

“Umm, let me do it please!” Sunghee said.

“Sure go ahead check it for me. That was the first few sets of upgrade we chose, and hopefully we won’t have to do anything else that drastic again,” I said.

“Um…wow…you still have 22,491 monster cores?! How is it that many?” Sylvie asked.

“I didn’t get a chance to use any for a bit. Plus that fairy gave us a lot,” I said.

“To be fair, we did farm a lot of those. I personally was there for some of them,” Sunghee said.

“And that’s after you lost 11,000 for unlocking an inhibitor system customized for Doppel-chan. I hope she’s worth it,” Asakura said.

“Jeez that’s expensive,” Sunghee said shaking her head.

“That’s not fair,” Rina protested.

“We had to give her some way of having a life and being rehabilitated. And we do need a gate guardian for this pocket realm,” I explained.

“OK…” Rina surrendered.

“Yeah that’s about right, and about before we did begin with over 33,400 cores and some change,” I said in regards to the other comment.

“But how did you get that many? I don’t remember you doing that much. Or maybe I lost track?” Sunghee said.

“I don’t get it either. But that’s a LOT of cores,” Asakura noted.

“Well he did kill a lot of monsters and there was this huge period of time without using them. Plus that Junior phallic wyrm you kept farming over and over again with Mallory,” Sylvie said.

“Oh right. That would create a lot of bonus cores wouldn’t it? And you said that the other wyrms kept regenerating him too. That’s interesting. So you got multiple monster core sets from re-farming him? That’s hilarious! Those idiots probably never even realized it,” Asakura smiled.

“Well it was a bit tiring actually. I feel lazy and tired still because of it. Master I need to rest. Please don’t invade any kingdoms without me,” Mallory yawned with a bored expression. She curled up lazily to get ready to rest.

“That was weird huh? I didn’t expect that Mallory would be so intricately won over to our side so quickly,” I said.

“Yeah I can read it too. She’s right,” Sylvie said.

“Thanks…I think,” Mallory said.

“Well it’s true we didn’t use them for awhile. Perhaps it’s possible to have that many when my gosh, I can’t even remember when went over this. And being inhibited by mana restricting shackles on my hands didn’t help,” I grumbled.

“You were overdue even before that occurred,” Asakura’s warm and loving hand is on my body rubbing up against me sensually. That and her boobs pushing into me…oh wow that’s good.

“Yeah you must have suffered a lot huh, being a magic type,” Sunghee gave me a thick enveloping hug from the other side. They are both trying to win the seduction contest.

“There should be a law against getting hugged by that many hot girls at once huh?” Sylvie grumbled while her arms are folded.  

“I second that,” Rina said jealously. Her eyes are like daggers on some members.

I couldn’t help but laugh. “You can have a turn too,” I said.

“Yay!” Sylvie exclaimed. She jumped in.

“Um are you serious?” Sylvie asked mischievously. But she when hugs me it puts her lower hip right in front of my face, though it feels warm.

“I’m not a lesbian though, and it’s awkward when your clit is even with my face,” Asakura blushed.

“That’s true huh, but she does have nice long legs,” Sunghee slapped Sylvie’s thighs.

“I’m going to take a nap. See ya,” Rina yawned and began walking away. 

“Rina sure sleeps a lot though. And she was upset,” I noted.

“Well she did just get her body fixed from being turned into a cat, so she’s probably in an energy recovery phase. That would use up a lot of the body’s energy and some stored fat. I think she’ll be fine, but just she’s tired and irritable. She’ll probably be knocked out like that for a few days and it might be bad to wake her up,” Sylvie said after checking her pulse.

“I’m just glad we got her form back,” I said.

“Looks like things are picking up for the better for a change,” Asakura said with her arm still around me, crushing my chest with her monster sized tits.

“Yeah that’s true huh? No wonder she’s totally wiped out,” Sunghee noted.

“Yeah she’s so defenseless sleeping like that too,” snickered Sylvie as she winked at me.

Is she trying to get me to go at her while she’s sleeping?

I shake it off.

“Let’s stay focused on business. Help me figure out the best use of skills for the monster cores,” I said.

“You know the enemies you are fighting are getting so strong that unless your buffs keep getting bigger and stronger we won’t be able to help you in the future unless those get gargantuan big. In effect you’re getting and using buffs also is about the same effectiveness as buying us skills directly for ourselves,” Asakura said.

“Actually she’s right on that,” Sunghee said.

“But Shun also has huge potential as a summoner. If he throws that away to just become a buffer it’s a waste too. Then there’s the grimoire magic potential,” Sylvie countered.

“Well as long as he can summon us, the summoning part isn’t wasted,” Asakura countered.

A big discussion followed while all three are arguing their points. It was a heated discussion and they all wanted to say their mind.

If Sunghee has her way I’ll involve them and let them help protect me by having me work up their abilities individually.

Asakura wants to help protect me but thinks my skills are so overpowered I would be better off just continue building and becoming overpowered concentrating solely on my abilities to ‘blanket’ the others. But even with a blanket over them they need to have solid foundations.

And Sylvie thinks I should concentrate on another direction entirely and work solely on acquiring summon creatures.

Neither argument is wrong, and they all could be done effectively actually. So neither of them is in agreement with each other and the argument ended up getting pretty heated too just because each of them are so loyal that they don’t mind stepping on each other’s toes to try to gain favor with me.

“OK stop let’s just go step by step,” I said.

“Fine,” the others agreed.

We pull up a list of what’s doable with the monster cores. These are things we haven’t yet purchased but that we could use the cores for if we wanted too.

I was surprised that what thoughts and inspirations you have, when you already have a lot of intelligence and mana can and do influence options that popped up. There are even options that are available that weren’t there when we’d looked at it only an hour before.

Finally we look at the meat. But the problem is that I can only choose a few of them and not all.

Upgrade Purchase Options;


Basic Skills available;

Basic stats, which can be upgraded on any person…

-Str increase

-Agility increase

-Constitution increase

-Intelligence increase

-Wisdom increase

-Constitution increase

Battle stats;

Sword skills

Blunt skills

Archery; I have concerns about this. With all the different types of magic shielding it seems like archery can be blocked pretty easily. I mean the protection from normal missiles buff alone cuts it down a lot. Archery has a big down side though because to get to a point where its usable in battle and quick you have to invest huge amounts of time that becomes cost prohibitive. Movies and TV fail to show adequately how long it takes to master this skill set on both bows and crossbows. But its pro side is that if someone is good at it, there’s less risk of them being cut down on the front lines reducing overall danger and risk.

Guns skills; not active in this world, not available at this time error message next to it;

“OK stop, let’s just skip right to magic skills. That’s your strong point Shun. It’s a waste of time using your time to work up skills that could have that same time making you invincible in skills that you have talent in,” Asakura sighed.

“I agree,” Sylvie said.

“But I want to spend time with Shun teaching him melee skills too,” Sunghee said while frowning.

“I guess I’m new here so it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to say but please just try to not forget us,” Ayumi said.

“I won’t,” I said.

“I’m sorry but Shun isn’t that strong, and his constitution isn’t built for being some muscle guy. He should focus on magic entirely. He’ll handicap himself trying to build in areas that aren’t his natural forte. He will gain more effectiveness and boost to his effort than just trying to work at sword stuff,” Asakura said.

“That’s true,” I noted. “But don’t worry we’ll always have time together,” I said.

Sunghee brightened up even though we scrolled down the page right to the magic traits.

“Hey this is cool. It has options for both new skills, and tweaking skills that you already have!” Sylvie smiled big while clapping her hands. Naturally she’s very excited about this part.

Magic Skills available;

Runic Shielding upgrade option; knockback injury protection, as it says the runic shielding wearer is protected from knock back injuries when knocked over provided that shield doesn’t fail when knocked over. Skill doesn’t prevent falling damage, and has reasonable limits.

Runic Shielding upgrade option; additional falling injury protection damage mitigation; compatible with and has bonus when used with knockback injury protection. Has reasonable limits based on physics but can be worked up to increase protection.

Runic Shielding upgrade option; strength over-bearance protection; when being pushed back by higher mass and/or strength opposing targets enchant limits ability of superior mass/strength target in pushing back caster or allies wearing runic shielding magic shields.

Circle of protection upgrade option; aether resistance; additional energy and physical protection by caster ‘owning’ the field and aether in the zone around them. Upgrade option grants additional 5 foot radius to protection field bonus with max protection of 5 bodyguards to caster gaining buff benefits. Also increases defense field by 10% to both physical and magical damage. Caution; upgrade uses more mana than normal circle of protection!

Steady feet, and anti-gore clumsiness buff for fighting over mud and gore covered areas. This sounds kind of drab and unappealing but thinking about it, it might be one of the most important things to get.

Summon Mallory skill; custom summon spell tweak for summoning Mallory and/or her slave crystal. This tweak also unlocks a custom summons designed for use with vampires, and other darkness element creatures either directly or by unlocking additional upgrades to unlock. Unlike the other summon skill, this one can’t be blocked. (Not sure how this became an option. Was it because I had been feverish in my mind thinking of how to get Mallory back?)

***#$#@$(#@*@(#*#$ #(@**#(@*@ garbled code skill? What exactly is this?!

*@#($*##&(# *#@(*@#$#@(* *@(*###3 there’s a second garbled code skill. I also have no idea what this one is.

Perhaps these are compatibility issues? It might take time to be sure.

Mutate Familiars and summons upgrade option; unlocks the ability to degrade and tweak stats by turning summons and familiars into mutant slime beasts. Grants extreme, strength, constitution, and fortitude at the permanent cost of lowered appearance, intelligence, and personality. Caution; has drastic negative results to appearance.

Familiar Sponsorship upgrade; unlocks the ability of summoner to sponsor specific creature types as ‘favored summons’. This means lowered mana required for summons, and bonus stats for creatures of said type, but at the cost of not being as good with other racial types, plus additional mana required for summoning creatures out of sub-type. Sponsorship types available; witch, vampire, ghoul, beastkin, fae, elf, dwarf, goblinoid, undead.

Additional familiar summon upgrade option; as it sounds grants additional summons, based on lowering emphasis on attack magic and instead focusing on multiple familiars. Familiars can be stored without slave crystals and with lowered mana to summon. Second familiar option requires one upgrade option, but third familiar option requires two additional upgrades unlocked separate from the second, and so on with each additional familiar requiring + 1 more than the previous upgade separate upgrades each, such as costing 1 upgrade first, 2 upgrades second, 3 upgrades third, and so on.

Additional summons racial control upgrade available; summoner can gain the ability to control certain races to that point of being able to live with them without becoming attacked or killed. For example, vampire summoner could unlock this ability to not be killed by his pet, but would normally be killed in his sleep without some form of mind control or racial control skill.

Buff; increase Strength

Buff; increase Agility

Buff; increase Health

Buff; increase Intelligence

Buff; increase Mental Accuity, speeds up mind to accommodate for other abilities speeding up skills, limbs, or body so that the brain can retain control of increased abilities without falling, crashing, or tripping. Purpose is to control speed allowances already in effect by other areas. (Highly recommended if already using + movement and + attack buffs from other skills.) Also provides secondary benefit of helping the mind focus during stress but does not make one smarter, intelligence buff is a separate upgrade.

Buff; Endure breakage, weapon version; as it state creates item buff to help protect item type from breaking during battles.

Buff; Endure breakage, clothing version; as it state creates item buff to help protect item type from breaking during battles.

Buff; Protection from Undead, and darkness element, bestows additional 110% resistance against attacks from said elements.

Buff; Protection from demonic element creatures, and demon elements; as above bestows additional 110% resistance against attacks from said elements.

Random *@#(@#@#*(@#$ *(@#*@*#@ another unsure skill or ability, that we have no clue what it is or how it works. 

Sacrifice ability unlockable option; to create another ability or strengthen another ability instead but at the cost of losing a chosen target ability (warning; effects permanent!);

Swap ability unlock upgrade available; trade one skill for another with limitations.

Buff; elemental affinity up+; note; caster must possess some ability in that particular element for this upgrade to be purchased. A water caster couldn’t acquire fire this way etc, and vice versa. A darkness element caster could apply darkness attribute damage to weapons however.

Buff; bestow blocking ability; has limitations, grants additional +20% base blocking, if no existing block ability exists starts at 0 +20 % and doesn’t work against magic attacks.

Seed implant; by massive demon syrup flooding, sex demon attempts to implant an ability in a summoned harem member. Ability is determined by base stats of demon prince candidate attempting seed implant. Usage of ability doesn’t change prince candidate’s race, strength, or body make up. Member is required to be a permanent harem member in order for seed implant to be successful. Takes long period of time for ability to grow, may take up to 1 or 2 years. Caster may use this to create new ability or to increase base stats. Increase on base stats method does not consume skill slot. Also works retroactively for additional monster cores.

Buff; bestow evasion ability; has limitations, grants additional +20% base evade, if no existing block ability exists starts at 0 +20 % and does not work against magic attacks.

Additional shared mana pool upgrade option; as is stated

Additional max number of summons increase; increases maximum number of slave crystal summons available.

Demon race broad based stat increase expansion across the board upgrade available; increases all stats all around but has …consequences.

Demon prince candidate upgrade available; increases all stats all around but has permanent consequences. May cause harm to ability to harness light oriented friendships and abilities. Causes permanent diverting away from allies of goodness…

Yeah like hell I’ll choose either of those last two, I thought as I read it. This is a trick to try to get me to do something stupid by choosing those two options.

Summon demon prince throne; available for unlock, with *@#@( *@@*#(# *#$(#$* #* @(*#(@** #(@*#( @*(#* @*@#*(@(*#@( *@&^E*##[email protected][email protected] #;

Too bad that one has garbled code, but now I’m starting to wonder if the garbled code is a mix of incomplete systems merging from light and darka mana? That could also explain the dangers of mixing them. And garbled code is bad.

Summoner safe zone ability; creates extra dimensional space for use during battle in order to protect caster, similar to a barrier spell ability but this version uses time space instead of protection. Caster may pull allies into the extra dimensional space but note that the space has a limited timer, after which all occupants are ejected. Starts with 30 + 0 seconds of spell duration.

That one looked interesting as a type of escape and rest mechanism though it wasn’t perfect. Perhaps in the future it would need to be linked with other things I wonder.

Key of *@*(*$$ @(*#; another garbled code ability item of some sorts. I wonder what this does? It’s definitely strange.

Hmm, will the garbled code skills become ungarbled if I get stronger?

I suddenly had this as an inspiration. And it fits! It’s very likely that they are even showing up now because of some strength, and that had caused these skills to appear!

Fae hand upgrade #29; created by *(@#*@(*#*#, error identifying user. Created specifically for Shun to stop Incubus demon progression by fueling growth of fae genes and promoting fae gene takeover while also promoting stability;

Fae hand upgrade #293 also created by <unknown user> for Shun. Creates stability and promotes genetic stability to help Shun be able to use Holy aura essence without burning own living tissue. Note, untested…there is no proof this skill actually works. Use at own risk.

Fae hand upgrade #297 also created by <unknown user> for Shun. Allows user to ‘install’ holy aura type skills into weaponry to create anti-demon weapons; note that permanency of enchant is a separate skill. Amplification of enchants is also a separate skill.

Summoner base creature attributes increase 10% to all summoned creatures or harem creatures, passive skill that is always active and permanent.

“Um Shun….” Asakura began but hesitated.


“It’s going to take hours to figure this thing out. We have to do this for the best efficiency possible. We can’t just try stuff without thinking about it. We need to plan it carefully. It could be a long time before you get this kind of stuff again,” Asakura said.

“She’s right. We have to work it out on paper and the costs,” Sunghee said.

“I don’t see the costs even listed? How am I supposed to do that?!” I cried out.

So frustrating…I think this was why I’d been putting this off. I knew that if I got into it, it would take forever to figure out what everything was and what it would cost. This is like a bombardment of choices. Which do I do and which do I don’t do?




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