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Dreamweaver Chapter 200






Finally I got away from the fae to rest for the night. Now that I’m alone I can risk using the dream state to check the status’ of the others and make sure everything is OK. But I worry about if they are still monitoring me so I don’t want to summon anyone yet outside of the dream state until I know its safe.

I’d entered the dream state via nap after going through orientation at the fae fortress with the others. The paperwork process was enormous despite them being supposed magic heavy fae. We did all kinds of signing papers and getting stamps and wax seals placed on special water mark paper and getting things official.


Rina’s form has changed was my first big discovery, because of the long state forcefully shape shifted into a cat. She’s also evolved into a catgirl. She still retains the body that resembles Asakura in her skin and face but slightly more slender around the waist, hips, and ribcage but not affecting the bustline. But along side of it, she has two long cat tails and neko ears with cat like eyes.

That’s interesting. It seems foreseeable that there would be an after effect. Lotti putting the curse on her was an emperor class witch. So perhaps there would have been extra radiation buildup that might not have been fore seen. Plus, because I literally mate several times daily with each of my harem, its possible that some of the exposure to my mana would also influence that in and maybe even interact with whatever residual radiation from magic is built up in Rina’s blood stream.

The others don’t have any noticeable changes at this time.

Now I was given a chance to rest.

I had a feeding frenzy basically on Asakura, Sylvie, Sunghee, Ayumi, and especially Rina because of her changes, one after another. It’s a massive backlash that’s been building up on both my ends and theirs since I was trapped without being able to enter the dream state for so long. But then an hour later something else pops up. I was in the middle of feeding from Asakura both from milk, and rose honey from her petals when I felt a presence behind me. It seems that breastfeeding from Asakura makes her high now so she doesn’t bother to cover up, and looks disappointed that we’re interrupted while I stand in front of her.


I’m sure I and Sunghee have a look of shock.

“Isn’t that…” Sunghee guessed but didn’t finish.

“It is, isn’t it,” Rina chorused right after.

Ayumi didn’t say anything but is giving the fae odd looks and acting bashful in the back trying to cover herself. She’s the only one worried about covering herself for some reason. For the others it’s too late.

There’s the scarred fae that I’d rescued originally. Somehow she’d used a spell to enlarge herself for the purposes of talking to me. But it would be impossible for someone out there in the world to have a lot of scars over their body in many places like that. Now it makes sense how I had avoided having trouble with the fae somehow. Someone is secretly helping me. She’d somehow gotten Rina figured out for me and delivered her here somehow.

She also was paying me back.

“Eh? It’s you again?” I said to the other scarred fairy standing before me.

Its awkward for her to show up when we’re having fun though and with no notice.

“Wow, you really are living a high life. Some people would be very jealous of what I just saw,” she said.

How do you answer that?

You don’t.

Asakura and I blushed the most.

Rina was almost like in a drunk haze to not be able to answer. Somehow the cat girl influence has made her more of a drunk when it comes to sex.

It seems the fae girl doesn’t like Ayumi’s race or appearance. She waved her hand and Ayumi was de-summoned. In Ayumi’s place instead of Ayumi and her dark tinted daemon body complete with horns and spinal spikes and long razor whip like tail there is only a puff of black smoke that dissipates quickly over the ground.

This is the second time helping you human, with the third time, my debt will be paid. Don’t borrow my power needlessly. Also don’t worry I haven’t harmed the one you call Ayumi, but just put her away instead. In other words you can’t summon her in the fae fortress or near it, or the others will be drawn to her and hunt her. They would easily detect her so for now keep her hidden. Because she is closer to the realm of darkness in her race, it’s difficult for me to be near her.


Well the truth is, Ayumi’s spine and tail spikes making it near impossible for her to stay clothed in anything more than G string made it already difficult to summon her around people.

“I didn’t ask to borrow anything. You guys brought me here, not the other way around,” I said unhappily.

…to save your life, and to have you save ours…this will help both of us, if you don’t fight it. Don’t fight with us. We have a commone foe.

“Wait, we have a foe? When did that happen?” Asakura slurred.

“She kind of has a point,” Sylvie said.

Asakura is too high on sex to answer, and so is Sunghee. Sunghee appears to be trying to liven up now but I’m not sure how long that will take. And Rina beside them has collapsed into a post sex nap, with tons of my fluid leaking out of her like a sieve.

Come to think of it, the others also are leaking out too…because it’d been so long since I had a proper feeding that I went overboard. I think it was almost like I was drunk in a way and I was a bit too obsessed.

Well, now I’m calming down at least. Focus, I reminded myself.

I still don’t like that this fae just showed up without being invited into my house.

“That makes it a two way agreement, not me borrowing your power,” I argued in our defense.

…fine, we’ll agree that it’s like that for now. I see you look healthy…we need you to be strong soon for what’s to come…I also exhort you to become stronger still. The relentless advances of the daemon hordes this year will be stronger and more frequent than in previous years. This appears to be a year of many stars and constellations converging for a bad omen in a dark star. They’ve made successful buildups and completed preparations that have been worked on for a long time.

The voice was telepathic more than real. The scarred fairy is only a very tiny being once again, and I remembered when I’d rescued her from the prison necklace that she’d been trapped inside.

“That’s bad,” Sylvie said.

Asakura is trying to wake up but it’s not working.

“Also Ayumi is good. Her personality before she came here to this world was very pure and innocent, and yet now she’s totally the opposite. I don’t understand why it turned her to a daemon raced sexually obsessed deviant,” I said quickly.

That will take looking into as well. She should have been turned into a pure and good race when mutating if not for the machinations of others. The drugs and alchemical concoctions she was exposed to that she’d been infected with probably had daemon blood and certain types of chemical accelerators in them to corrupt her…her captor’s evil designs are the culprit but it’s still unconfirmed how far she may yet change still.

How had she been captured when she was such a powerful being anyway?

“So you had something else you wanted to discuss?” Sunghee puts her hands on her hips while looking at the fairy while still topless. Actually everyone here is topless at the minimum and most of them missing more than that, all except the fairy, who is wearing a one sleeved form fitting backless evening dress.

And I probably have a milk moustache from Asakura, while still tugging on her gargantuan boobs. As I’m listening and trying to focus on talking to the fairy, Asakura is sitting in my lap facing me and its very distracting.

The fae can’t know that you were …shall we say infected with the daemon genes Shun. It would be an automatic death sentence. I might have fallen for that route myself in my younger days but I see a mutual opportunity here and that you have a good heart loyal to your friends after observing you for some time. And I see you can really help us. I need to make sure you know this and don’t say or act to suggest such an idea to them for our mutual defense pact to work out.

The girls agreed with her.

“Wait, you say after observing him for some time?” Sunghee wondered.

Yes, ever since I was released I’ve kept an eye on you.

“Pervert,” Sylvie blushed.

Eh? I didn’t mean those parts…I mean sort of…well uh…I meant I was trying to determine a fair response that wasn’t harsh, the fairy blushed and had her hands together trying to cover up what she’d slipped up and said.

“Right…” Sunghee said with obvious disbelief in her tone. She glanced at me but I just shrugged.

“But how didn’t they discover me already? I guess that was you?” I asked her.

You are correct Shun in some parts but your daemon genes have something in them that’s also keeping you hidden that’s done much of that. For now I have been able to look into the future and see good things that you will do to help our people. But had I not done so even I might have been caught into the trap of wanting to see your blood. When you ran into the phallic wyrms we had to intervene. There was no other way and I saw convergence in our fates. If you were to fall we would be hurt too. For now, fear not, we shall be allies but I will make it clear that at no future point, nor now will I ever enter your…family.

The fairy stated simply while hovering in the air.

“Wait, is she saying you are chosen to help them?” Asakura has awoken and is very surprised at what the fairy said. Actually we all are.

“I think she is,” Sylvie said with disdain. She clearly has a negative view of the fae for showing up uninvited.

“Dude, that’s serious to say something like that,” Sunghee said with wide eyes.

“So you are basically saying you looked in the future and saw if Shun dies the fae die too?” Sylvie’s eyes quivered a bit as she stared.

It is as you say but I don’t know why. Even when you can glimpse some of the future you can’t always tell why things have to be a certain way or all the hidden variables. Your magic skill is inferior to ours still in most ways, so this has me confused. But you have determination and a good heart. I can’t explain the convergence and foresight magic isn’t completely all revealing. I see things in parts over time and have to work out putting the parts together. She shrugged.

“This is kind of spooky,” Asakura mused quietly.

The others nodded.

Hmm, I’d almost missed it but her wings are still so damaged as to be non-existent. Instead she’s floating using levitation or some power involving levitation and probably several other enchantments. She’s versatile and has adapted to overcome her weaknesses. It’s a good example of enduring perseverance. It also gives me ideas for some spell research.

“So you intercepted my capture by the fae and removed the biohazard or whatever it was that had stuck Mallory and I together?” I asked.

Correct. Shun you must be careful to not use that power again binding her to you physically. Binding her to you spiritually as a summoner is a different story and fine to do in terms of summoning her through a soul crystal; though I wish you hadn’t included a vampire girl in your summoned minions. That is a cause for great worry for your sake. Also if you do you will become like the Fallen Ones, which you encountered deep in the Great Deep of this planet, Gaia far below the surface of this world. You came close to doing so by linking physically with her that time. You can and should continue to bind allies to you, as many as possible before entering into battle but you must be careful not to emulate any skills that the Fallen Ones have. But you must be careful that those bindings are holy and sacred spirit ties through summoning, rather than physically joining together in a mixed life form. Such beings are trapped in endless mutations that never end, always becoming more disgusting with every joining…

“Thank you for helping us with that. I didn’t know how to separate from Mallory at the time,” I said with a slight bow.

“No problem. Now I must go. I wish you success and growth for now. Don’t forget to get more allies Shun,” she said for the first time in a small audible voice.

“Wait, I have wanted to escape the demonic prince candidate fate. Please how do I do so? And can’t the fae hand you gave me last time help me to do so by changing my nature towards good more than before?” I pleaded to the fairy before she could turn and leave.

“That’s a good question Shun. In truth I didn’t know you had a possibility of gaining that trait. Perhaps that is the source of the convergence? I wouldn’t be able to answer that with speculation for fear I may send you down the wrong path. And such answers won’t be easy to receive. If I had a clue I’d have to be careful of making sure nothing I said or did affected your future fate by my intervening too early. That’s the curse of foresight magic. I have to look at the present and future to make sure I don’t overcompensate and mess things up in a different direction at the same time. At any rate, by receiving that hand of the fae your body was repaired and I think you can grow some fae skills at some point in the future but that is also unconfirmed. Now your spirit also must get stronger too in order for you to wield that strength. To become stronger you have to become kinder and wiser, rather than seek actual physical strength in spite of what the world teaches. Right now your current strength isn’t good enough to withstand a meeting with a higher power to beg a boon from them. That is your only way to escape the demonic prince candidacy design Shun,” she said.

“Huh? That’s surprising but quite interesting that she’d say you have to become kinder and wiser to become strong,” Asakura said to me directly.

Kind, wise, and strong. Well said, Shun’s apprentice; the fairy nodded at Asakura’s wisdom.

“But if that’s true, I can see why she might say it but not explain why,” Sunghee echoed right after.

“You can do it Shun,” Asakura said. She is clearly fully alert now.

“But isn’t the demon prince candidacy a good thing? Isn’t it powerful?” Sylvie mused as a question as she observed us.

“No! Actually the opposite, in the side of daemons enslavement and control of others is the foundation of their power structure for as long as we’ve been aware of them. Also why this world is chaotic ultimately come down to endless and eternal war. To be a demonic prince you would therefore become eternally in warfare with no end. And while it looks like their traits are strong they also revolve around the concept of cannibalizing identify for power. This means the loss over time of any concept of self identity. Even with a few wins your identity becomes twisted and warped by failing to see the true happiness of what is good and pure. This is another reason why it’s good that you are trying to avoid joining the daemons side Shun. I have no wish to destroy you and think you could also be a tool for good,” the fairy said while facing towards me with her head but her body turned towards Sylvie. Actually now that I notice it, the fairy’s voice is just a bit almost imperceptibly hoarse that’s barely noticeable; an after effect of slow healing from her previously tortured state.

“Ahh it figures that there had to be a catch somewhere huh?” Asakura noted while still trying to fill up milk containers as she’s listening. She squirts more milk out of her nipple while leaning it over a milk container.

“And also you distinctly used the term daemon instead of demon? Are they really different?” Sunghee asked.

“They are clearly different. I’ll …it’s hard to explain but they can be different. My mother knew more but was afraid to speak of it to me. But there are many types so even I have a hard time explaining and understand it,” Sylvie said while stretching and trying to show off her body to me.

“Your mother is wise to be fearful of sharing such knowledge,” the fairy said.

“So the demon prince candidate fate must be escaped from and fled from at all costs. I can’t be clearer with you on this. You aren’t ready to fight them yet, even with your current skills having grown a bit,” the fairy cautioned me while looking directly into my eyes. Despite being quite small, she’s very firm and intimidating.

“We never wanted that anyway, but the more I resist the more the box is trying to pull me in,” I stated.              

“Try to resist more. Go for boosting your resistances as well that may help. Do whatever you have to. And be careful about frequent short feedings to prevent disasters like when you were joined with Mallory. That was harmful to her as well. Because of that event she is addicted to you beyond anything she can even comprehend. If you ever set her loose she will go mad and cause destruction,” the fairy said.

“I’m trying…”

“Shun, do you know that box has a terrible origin. I know of the myths surrounding that box. You must fight it at all costs. It’s thoroughly trying to corrupt you on every level. Did you know that box had intentions of replacing your hand with not a fae hand but a daemon hand originally? We intercepted and stopped that fate for you. But I have other charges and responsibilities to take care of now and can’t stay any longer,” the fairy snorted with her hands on her hips. She looks livelier now than she did before.

“Good. We can make good choices then right? Shun, we need you to keep getting stronger,” Sunghee said.

“And stronger he shall be, but don’t trust the daemon side to give you those powers Shun. Even if it looks like a longer road you have to choose good. Even if they have weapons, they are always going to be weapons of enslavement,” the fairy said.

“Slavery? I don’t like that,” Asakura stated.

“But it makes sense,” Sunghee said with her hand on her chin being thoughtful.

“Slavery is captivity, and the loss of identity but I like us being family Shun. This isn’t slavery but just the connection of our bonds of love. I don’t feel our identity is lost with you. We want to be a family,” Asakura said to me while placing my hand in her own.

“We are family,” I echoed after.

“I love you Shun!” Asakura cried out.

“I love you too!” I said back.

“Ugh, more sappy love drivel. Shut up. I hate hearing about that stuff,” Sylvie droned.

“Aghh, Please not now. To think that I have to listen to that. It’s only OK when I’m saying it to him,” Sunghee doesn’t like having another woman display her love to me. She stretched out and yawned. When did she wake up?

“And families are positive. This idea that you have a concept of family and wanting to do what’s right is why I identified you as a ‘good fruit’ that we can use and didn’t destroy you,” the small fairy said looking seriously.

Her saying it like that doesn’t sound good.

Sunghee also looked nervous hearing that, probably thinking the same thing.

“The daemons must control each other somehow to prevent their own from mutiny and overthrowing each other. So slavery must exist on their side on a colossal level thinking of what she said,” Asakura said after thinking about it.

If Asakura said it, she must be right.

“And you are right to feel that as the right answer,” the fairy said.

“So don’t daemons have a strength advantage? How do we counter that if we can’t seek help from dark elements?” Sylvie wondered.

“Unfortunately that also is difficult. At some point you are going to have to make a bargain with the Elf God to help you. Only through him can you find a way forward,” The fairy said.

“Eh? Elf God? Why him? Why not the human God? And you didn’t say the fae God, wouldn’t that have been more natural? What’s up with that?” Asakura looked puzzled while listening intently.

“That is a good question,” Sylvie is suddenly suspicious.

“Oops, I said too much didn’t I? It was forbidden for me to say that but even I get affected by those pheromones…regardless I don’t know why that is the case but I saw it will happen someday,” the fairy groaned. “…slipped up…” I heard her mutter to herself.

“Does that mean…no it couldn’t be…” Asakura turned away and won’t talk to me now.

“So does that mean…” Sunghee was curious, but she was interrupted.

“Jeez, I can’t believe I slipped up. Wait, I guess I can’t stay long or I can be affected too? Wow,…” the fairy seemed to be talking to herself more than us.

“Wow that’s hot,” Sunghee said in response to the fairy.

“I wish to state firmly that I am not ever going to be one of your harem members Shun. Think of me like your overseer guide in dealing with the fae. I can sometimes tell you how to avoid being caught and noticed by them. I can also check on you once in awhile. For now you need to get ready to fight. Go over your skills and use your monster cores. Also I can give you a few monster cores since I’ve progressed to the point of not needing them much anymore,” the small fairy said boredly as if it were nothing.

The other girls are stunned with wide eyes. Mine did too.

“Wow, this is a cool find,” Sylvie noted.

“Yeah it could be,” Sunghee agreed but she looks doubtful and reserved. In fact, all of them look moody because a visit by the fae means a lot of adversity in the future too and not just good things.

“How can you be that far in your progression to not need them?!” Sylvie stated.

“But don’t monster cores give you a lot?” Asakura stopped milking to look up.

“It’s true…” Sunghee said.

“That’s a conversation for another time. I’m sorry but I must go. If I don’t leave now the other fae will notice I’m giving you more attention than necessary. However, I have one final gift to you Shun. Take this, and never take it off. I have woven an enchantment with this, it will prevent the other fae from reading your mind to protect your identity,” the fairy smiled innocently as she suddenly tied a lock of her long hair around my neck that had been woven into a necklace. Then she did something and it felt solid like it wouldn’t break as it wove itself into a hair lock like small string rope.

“Thanks…” I said with a stunned expression.

The small fairy laughed. “Heehee…also that will strangle you if you become over 75% demon Shun. So be careful. And it can’t come off now that it’s on.”

Those treacherous fae…she tricked us. It does help in a way and she assured us she is truthful about it hiding my identity from the fae….but the drawback con of 75% demon limitation I didn’t like.

“In the future because you dealt falsely with me this way I won’t accept your gifts,” I said sternly. I’m thoroughly annoyed with her.

But she just shrugged in response. With the wave of her hand and a huge spurt of mana energy in the area, suddenly the fairy was gone.

She has some kind of space time teleportation huh? But she’s going to always resist me. I can’t risk connecting her to us because of this necklace thing she did either, which in a way is a bit treacherous.

“Bitch. She’s looking out for herself and just gave you a leash and tricked us,” Sunghee said after the fairy had disappeared.

“You know going demon doesn’t always seem bad Shun. The sex is the best,” Sylvie said while wiping drool off her face.

“Don’t let her hear you say that,” Asakura said.

“True, but…she kind of tricked us,” Sunghee growled.

“I would say take the necklace off except you do need a way to mask yourself from the fae noticing your darker traits well. It seems you could use anything that helps block them from knowing what you are. We won’t lose anything as long as you stay less than 70% daemon. But I suspect it’s got some catch mechanism to prevent you from taking it off sometime before you reach that 75%,” Asakura added.

“Wow, that’s right I think. That’s what I’d do if I were her,” Sylvie said darkly.

“Crap,” Sunghee said.

“She did trick us. We have to be able to trust people on our team, so we can’t really risk getting more connected with her,” I said.

“That’s too bad since she has skills but don’t trust her from now on,” Sunghee said.

“So she wasn’t helping you at all but installing a control chip to stop you if you went bad,” Asakura said.

“I have no intention of going bad. I just have to make good choices always,” I said.

“That’s true, it’s all about choices…like to fuck me first, Sylvie, or which one of us next,” Sunghee winked at me. She stretched and yawned, trying to show off her chest to me.

“Or me,” Asakura said.

“Greedy pig, you already just finished. You need to let others have a turn too,” Sunghee said.

Asakura blushed. “Oops, sorry. I like it so much I forgot whose turn it was. I didn’t mean to be selfish.” She still has milk dribbling down her tits. Its captivating to see milk waterfalls like that.

“Kind of devious aren’t they?” Sylvie scowled.

“It’s to be expected though. We’re a wild card to them. They are hopeful we’ll be on their side I guess but who knows what could happen,” Asakura replied to her.

“Shun, now more than ever we need you to use the mage network and whatever gold you have and the monster cores to upgrade us and yourself. It can’t wait,” Sunghee said to me desperately with her chin on one knee and the other stretched out in front of her. She looks beautiful this way, while sitting and looking at me with a smile.

“OK let’s do it. I wanted to do this before but we had a lot of problems and interruptions. The shackles had prevented me from acting on that earlier,” I frowned.

“Don’t feel bad, it’s not your fault. There’s no way you could have done that while you were locked out of your magic. Plus those wicked fae manipulating us,” Sylvie said. “Even I would have trouble with that under those circumstances. Heck you are just lucky to be alive!” Sylvie came around and is now seductively hugging me from behind.

“I agree,” Asakura said.

“OK, open the window, I’ll help you out first,” Sunghee said competitively to get the jump on me before Sylvie could.

Sunghee impales herself on my rod but is just sitting there, enjoying the fullness while trying to explain my stats on the blue screen.

“Um this is time for business,” I objected.

“Don’t worry I won’t move, but just talk and help you figure this out,” Sunghee said while shivering from excitement. Her vaginal area looks so full it might burst.

“Hey I was going to do that,” Sylvie said.

“We can both do it. I want in too,” Asakura said.

“Um he can only do one at a time still,” Sylvie frowned.

“Uh duh, what was I thinking. Too bad he doesn’t have more than one,” Asakura is standing there in a standoff position with hands on hips.

“Don’t worry we’ll all get turns,” Sunghee said. “But let’s do business first.” She then shivered.

“Whatever! You still need to finish milking. Plus you can’t read Egyptian characters yet,” Sylvie complained with her hands on her hips.

“I…well..uh…that’s true…” Asakura blushed while looking down.

First I need to check what’s already updated naturally through personal growth. We discovered the following skill updates, of which some of them have been really pushed up! I’d listed and brought it up of the previous rate, followed by the new increase.

Telekinesis; can be used within 10 feet of self on targets weighing less than 96 pounds or 96 pounds of force in action that can be applied. This instead became can be used within 16 feet on targets weighting less than 126 lbs or 126 pounds of force applied.

Runic Mana Shielding +62%; can be applied by touch to team target, self, or any target within 21 feet of caster; Duration of up to 24 hours; cast range bonus increase +; The new changes became; duration of up to 24 hours +1, Runic Mana Shielding +83%! Cast range within 32 feet of caster!

Resistance to elements and magic, +67% bonus absorption rate above base; target must be touched to apply buff or within 9 feet. (Cast range increase +1, + increase to raw affectivity); The new changes; +92% bonus absorption rate above base, cast range within 13 feet;

ESP Resistance; Has no combat value. This is the basic lowest level version of this type of spell. Bestows 10% ESP defense in mental combat of buffed person against enemy opponent caster; note that this spell doesn’t guarantee blocking or defense but only grants an additional defense percentage to try to combat the enemy with. This also gives non-mages a chance to block enemy caster ESP intrusions where they might not have been able to block before because of no magic ability. Resistance to elements and magic, +55% bonus absorption rate above base; target must be touched to apply buff or within 6 feet. (Cast range increase +1, + increase to raw affectivity); New changes; +30% ESP defense in mental combat, out of combat has separate statistics;

Starry Missiles (up to 4 missiles, +39% damage each); (missiles+1, +increase to raw damage); New changes became; (up to 4 missiles, +52% damage each; missiles gain +fury attribute due to carry over from Sylvie’s adaptation of same spell.

Wow that’s like interest on interest isn’t it, I thought. Sylvie had adapted them to her element, and then I’d borrowed back again! Although I wasn’t sure entirely what fury attribute was or how it worked. It wasn’t the same as fire it seems.

Stun Ray, lasts up to 15 seconds, lasts less with more resistance; has a cool time of one usage per minute. Can be used in ray form or as target only with small range; New changes became; (additional bonus 10% chance to overcome stun resistance.)

Circle of protection; Creates circle of domain around caster. Summoned daemons, extra planar creatures, or evolved creatures not living in the current plane cannot enter the circle without permission from the caster when summoned through ritual summons by the caster. Manifests as field aura power circle around the caster with the caster at its center with five foot radius acting as a defensive field protecting team of caster within circle of defense bonus.  (+5 feet additional radius, + 9% to energy defense field, +1% damage absorption). New changes became (+11 feet additional radius, + 13% to energy defense field and stacks with other defense protections, +3% damage absorption)

Debuff; Lower Resistance to elements and magic, 16% decrease; with new changes became 21% decrease.

Movement buff, up to 14% movement speed buff, + 3% attack speed increase. Target must be touched to apply buff or within seven feet. (Will stack with equipment buff); new changes became +17% movement speed, and +7% attack speed increase.

Heal; range bonus +2 (became +3)

Regeneration (upgrade version); range +1 (became +2 range)

All around mana conservation of 13% for all spells. New change became 17%.

Dimension Door; 2 subjects +1 that can be pulled through if touching caster; minor teleport with range of 400 feet. +20 feet bonus range

22% additional efficiency mana conservation gain unlocked for stealth spell masking; (applies to stealth cost only, not actual spell cost.)

Soul Link effect unique to Fox and Shun; Additional 10% shared mana pool exclusive to only Fox and Shun with additional 11% shared mana pool regeneration rate exclusive of all other upgrades. +1 to Soul Link partner danger sense reaction time. Soul Link changes became +additional hidden unknown effects, +11% shared mana pool secret bonus, and 13% shared mana pool regeneration rate. +3 to Soul Link partner danger sense reaction time.

Summon and De-summon compatible harem members; (Sunghee, Sylvie, Ayumi, Rina, Asakura);

Summoning upgrades available; Mallory



It sounds too good to be true. I wonder if there’s a chance. But I can’t let go of Mallory.

Still Doppel-chan doesn’t have a summoning upgrade available for some reason, which puzzles me. It could be that it’s not discovered how to do so yet, but it could also be that maybe it has to do with loyalty or being able to fully 100% have her dominated all the time, I’m not sure which yet.

“Hey this is pretty good increases!” Sunghee said as she read it with us. She’s also very clearly pushing herself down onto my rod more than even before with a ton of pressure and squeezing to tease me.

“Well it doesn’t seem like much if you compare it to a game but this is a hell world where every 1% of growth is amazingly difficult. So yes I suppose you are right,” Asakura said as she’s looking over it, also doing the same thing as Sunghee from the other side.

Wow, this feels warm.

“But you have to use the monster cores you know. You must have like thousands of those by now,” Sylvie said.

The realization of what she said just made Sunghee and Asakura both stunned.

“Wow…that would be a lot of power increase huh?” Sunghee said.                           

“Yeah, like big time! But it depends on what you use them on,” Sylvie said.

“Yeah I hope so,” I tried to remain quiet and dignified but now I’m swimming in excitement about various possibilities. I could work up myself, new ability trees and unlock areas I hadn’t had access to, or even work up abilities on each of the girls to help them get stronger.

All of it has infinite potential if I’m really a demon prince candidate with infinite potential.

Of course, now I have to bend that towards the light to redeem myself.

“Hey you know that fae bitch never told us her name?” Sunghee said out of the blue.

“Ahh that’s true huh,” I said while puzzled.

Is there a reason for that?

I see also a screen popup waiting to be looked at.

I pulled it up and opened it to look at. I sucked in my breath. W-was there something like this the whole time?!!



<<System alert; daemon prince territory system activated!  Daemon prince protection system installed at 33.44.887.91>>

<<System alert; daemon prince protection active! >>

<Foreign system interference detected at time index 33.45.889.01! Warning; take action immediately to prevent system damage!>

<Daemon prince protection has been active continuously since 33.45.889.01>

<Theft protection update installed at 33.45.889.02>

<Power boosted to theft protection sub-program at 33.45.889.03>

<Critical error in system and damage received around time index…*@(* #*@(*##*(@*(#> (garbled code…due to damage.)

!!!System Critical error! Loss of slave minion due to foreign interference!!!

<Daemon prince protection system deemed insufficient. Security updates conducted and reviewed interally at 33.45.889.03. Power boosted to theft protection sub-program at 33.45.889.04>

Daemon prince protection theft protection update active and countering damage by foreign agents. System restore initiated. System restore will activate restoration of system damage, and loss of slave minions on the following;

<Mallory, vampire class minion, roles; sex slave, bodyguard status>

No other slave minions detected missing at this point.

<Daemon prince theft protection now activating retrieval operations!>

Do you wish to confirm? If yes, this will initiate a system restore on lost minion, [Yes] or [No]

Caution; system restore to re-acquire minion demands that in the near future a summon skill of said minion be purchased soon to prevent stat interference and unknown other system errors in the minion or daemon prince. Warning; Daemon Prince or Daemon Prince Candidate will experience a temporary 10% reduction in health and mana pool totals for several days following system restore due to system revamp and altering current configurations. 

Wow. The daemon prince protection system is like a super cool hidden skill! I like this!


A note from naosu

Just another note, it was really awesome and wonderful to get a lot of input last chapter from people for story research. I'm still reviewing the notes and hope to be able to look into how to incorporate those things. It will take a lot of planning but will be helpful. 

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