The poll function on this site is really limited and screwy. It will glitch out unless you do only one question with only a limited number of responses. But I have many research type questions to probe readers. So this is a series of questionaires and I'll let people put their responses in comments. Also you can see that not all of these questions have to do with the Android story and not all have to do with the KTAW story. 

I also want to be very clear that even if a question has to do with demons, androids, or dragons it may not be for this story or the android story because I'm trying to work on several projects at once. So readers shouldn't feel that a question means that it will be used here. (I don't like plot revealers.)

Below are the research questions. You are free to modify your answers later if you wish to do so, if you get an idea later and think 'Oh I wish I had put such and such concept down.' 

Could androids design and create a starship? Would this be believable in a story? (In this question if you think about its also interesting to think well even if they could would it be worse or better than one made by humans?) 

Are necromancers appealing to people as interesting for a main character? (Also plz consider both if the pets are non-rotting types or rotting types.) I have wanted to do a necromancer story for a long time. I have something of a concept in the works but you know how it is there's so many things I want to do and not enough time. 

Sci Fi VS Fantasy; combat and movement as 3 issues; in dragon vs planes and helicopters which would be faster and who would win? How fast in mph would a dragon fly? I would think the dragon would be better combat wise but I'm open to other ideas but comparing the movement per hour to each other seems hard to me to figure on this especially :O 

Would readers still dump a harem story with no sex (or summarized scenes) if the plot was good? Or would there be MORE readers than ever before? 

How realistic and likely is the max age of an android likely to be? (I was thinking of several concepts but wanted feedback on believability. Here are some possibilities; less than 10 years (Hyundai version? JK), Less than 30 years, less than 50 years (company was very into top quality unbreakable parts), under 100 years with part switching, under 200 years??) It's hard to say on this and so I wanted to get different probes for age options...(This is partly towards the Android story but also I think I want to do more android stories in the future. It seems like a really fun theme.)

Do readers dump tragedy tags, if its only a one time minor tragedy such as a friend death in the beginning as long as its not an ending tragedy or ongoing tragedy theme? (Just to be clear this is NOT a probe for Mallory but for a different story I was thinking about.)

If readers find an author does a second story with different main characters and side characters but on the same world and possibly even similar time line as one of his other stories is that considered bad or good? I'm curious what the reaction of a reader would be in this regard?



A note from naosu

Once again thanks for your input and RR's poll function was too limited for the number of questions I wanted to do. It would have taken away from story time to stop and put up a new poll everyday for a week so I just thought I'd go with open comment polling. 

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