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Dreamweaver Chapter 198




Fairy POV



“He’s waking up again,” the other fairy posing as the mother of Shun said as she looked up at the ceiling of the modern human house that was modeled after the one that Shun grew up in from the other world. Using magic sensing she could tell what was going on even though she wasn’t in the same room as he was.

The whole town and the street also  were very cleverly done to resemble the outskirts of Kobe perfectly in a residential area down to the minute details. She’d done such a good job on this dimensional pocket creation that she thought of capturing pictures of this and putting them in a sight gem for her employment portfolio. It wasn’t hard to create images from Earth after peering into the memories of people brought to this world and she’d found it often interesting to see how people in other world’s lived. For example how humans on Earth compensated for lack of magic with technology she found intriguing and interesting.

She often wished she could peer into Earth human minds all day but then again that might melt their brains or cause brain damage if done too long. This was a prime test subject, with a good mana pool. And subjects with more mana pool also had less tendency to have brain damage if she wanted to study them long term.

 Other humans if they were in the room might think she was looking at a fly on the ceiling but she knew better. She’s still wearing the human skin, but that’s not hard to do. Even with increased resistance to magic fae can use magic just fine in human bodies. And shape shifting for fae wasn’t that hard since they’d had millennia of immortality to fine tune and study magic in their enormously long possibly endless lives.

“I know,” I said. I’ve been posing as the neighbor visiting across the street coming over to have a chat. But in reality I’m their boss. Although I kind of hated how old humans looked so using this body sucked big time. But I can’t interfere too much and need to stick to the cover. We’d seen in the test subjects mind that his disposition was favorable to this old lady’s appearance with some familiarity. And why do humans wear such ugly clothes? It reminds me of a particular kind of shellfish that decorates its shell.

The one posing as the dad has already ‘gone to work’ as the humans call it. In reality, he’s observing the dimensional pocket from our crystal control room. Although technically he’s only a fake dad and has no connection to the one playing the fake mom; we don’t actually have any good relations, and aren’t family. I kind of resent him anyway, and he’s trying to beat me to get the most information quickly. He wants to be promoted before I am, the little shit. But it’s just as well, because we have a hard time with staying in human forms without endurance training because everything feels so slow and cumbersome to us.

The one of us that had been playing as the dad can’t sit still in human form very long, despite having big ambitions. Plus he didn’t like human facial hair much and kept insisting that it felt so itchy he was going to rip his face off. So we excused him.

“How do we proceed?” the fairy wearing the mother’s skin illusion said to me.

“Go according to the plan. Just take your time, and don’t take short cuts, go long term, and follow protocols to the teeth. The others may want to check our work for irregularities later if anything goes wrong and you don’t want them blaming either of us. Things will be OK if you follow the basics,” I said to coach her.

“How do you know that?” she scowled.

“From experience, most of our worries about humans brought to the observation bubbles never turn out to much. Chances are 90% of them will pass observation, so we can move them on to the next phase two. You’ll be fine,” I encouraged much like my old boss used to encourage me.

“Phase two huh? I hope it goes well. Our side has taken so many losses,” she said while biting her nails.

“Don’t worry about that. If you do you’ll be tempted to do shortcuts. This is also why they don’t like people in the observation phase to have relatives on the front lines. They get tempted to skip steps too easy,” I said.

“Right. I won’t mess up,” she assured me.  

These two didn’t study human psychology subterfuge techniques well enough so I have to be on site to help them. But that’s understandable since fae think humans are ugly. Why would we want to be something ugly?

I will have to write up a report to have them recommended for remedial lessons in human subterfuge. They will be angry at me for awhile though.

“But this is already deviating from the plan,” she insisted.

“That’s to be expected. We still followed the established decision tree protocols established by the others. He’s got a high intelligence and wisdom rating so of course he’d resist a bit,” I said.

“This is kind of a lot of resistance though even for that. What the hell is wrong? I’ve read reports and studies before I came here and there’s never been a case of a human resisting this fast before! Even the ones that did resist took typically between 1 to 2 months. He’s breaking the mind link within a day!” the other one objected but we ignored him because sometimes he’s impatient anyway.

“What? Within a day? Are you sure?” I couldn’t help but state.

What in the world? Something is off about that. I should look into it.

“You’re sure it was within a day?” I asked carefully, trying to mask my emotions.

“It’s the third time today that he’s broken through the mind control. I had to do a forget spell using two other technicians linked to boost the power and then reset everything,” the fairy with the mother appearance said.

I didn’t answer back right away. Hell it’s freaking super duper rare. Even other fae put in an observation phase like this wouldn’t resist that fast.

“Yeah, and yesterday he broke through it twice, and the day before three times also. I have to reset the mind control and forget spells on him constantly following the same pattern and with other technicians’ assistance. I’m worried if we keep going the way we are that he could build up some immunity,” she groaned.

“Well you have to stick according to how humans live. You guys know the other human world doesn’t have two moons. And the food too you made one of the vegetables the wrong color, tomatoes on Earth are a less vivid red than our world’s bright solar flare red. How could you make such an amateur mistake? That was a dead giveaway. Please tell me, how did you screw that one up?” I asked.

“Sorry,” she ducked her head and bit her lip.

“Oh dang, that’s right,” the one playing the dad said.

“That was your doing but I should have caught it,” the one playing the mom said.

Then the fake dad posing fae came in the front door after that. “I was in a hurry before, sorry. But if there’s anything we need to coordinate let me know,” he shook his head.

“Um, but is it true the first time they break through the mind control that they have an easier time after that in getting through?” she asked worriedly.

“Don’t worry everything will be OK. That’s not entirely true…” I tried to say. Well actually it is, but I know she’s going to blame herself if I don’t soften things.

“Ahh but it is true isn’t it. You just want to make me feel better,” she quipped.

“Well there’s no scientific proof. Just keep trying to do your job. We’ve also already learned a few things about their world so hopefully many benefits will keep pouring in. I can maybe ask to have another landscape specialist come in later to make some adjustments and see if they can add a few details and still have you get credit,” I objected.

Honestly these two have constant mistakes like that. Two moons on earth seriously? What a screw up. Our Earth cousins will have a good time laughing that one up. I’ll be hearing about that for months.

“Well, we still haven’t answered the original problem. Why is he breaking through it so quickly? That shouldn’t be the case,” the mother posing fairy asked me.

“I want to know that too,” the fake dad said.

“That’s true it’s a higher rate than normal,” I admitted with a sigh. I have to give a little because she’s not stupid. I also better send a warning flag to my boss on this one, though I shouldn’t alarm this one too much. She can’t handle the stress.

“Well, tell me the reason,” she asked.

“There must be something we’ve overlooked. You read his skill and status panel?” I asked to confirm.

“Several times already and there’s nothing about mind control blocking,” she said.

“You’re sure?”

“Dead sure. We’ve been over this already. His mana pool is way higher than normal. Hell it’s kind of close to an elf’s actually, or what theirs used to be before they got wiped out. But its not quite up to fae level. Why won’t you believe me?” she said.

“But yet, no identifiable passive magic resistance skills?” I said to her partly as a question and partly a statement.

“Well that’s true and no to your last question that I could see…” she scratched her head.

“Well there must be something. We’re overlooking something I know it,” I said. I should take this more serious now that I think about it. I’d only thought about escalating things later instead of doing what I can now.

“Maybe I can pull up some case studies of similar occurrences and find something,” the fake Shun dad said.

“Please do. That’s good thinking,” I said.

She shook her head. “Well there was an irregularity but I don’t know if it’s anything significant.”

“Show me,” I said.

She chants some magic and a blue screen pops up. I also checked to make sure the target’s magic is inhibited by our fae magic sealing spells. Those take a lot of energy though and three fae have to be working constantly to hold all the cell mates in check in the whole observation and containment phase deck area of the life tree. It takes concentration all the time though or for the concentration to be set remotely on a spell feeder.

When I’d finished school I almost didn’t accept this job working at the fae prison. But I found out quickly and early on working here is good for growing your magic skills.

We hold all of the captured inmates here for observation and or containment in illusion and mind control cages where we monitor them and monitor how safe it is to release them. If its for containment then they don’t get released but can be put in here to keep them from WANTING to escape by making their mind think they are somewhere else and this has advantages for really dangerous predators.

But most of them are here only for observation before we pass them to the next phase. Hopefully we can try to make a difference. There is a purpose here after all. And we don’t enjoy imprisoning them. So we hope to let them go soon.

All of this is determined by co operability factoring equations, based on how they treat themselves, their biometrics, personalities, their family, their friends, and strangers. If one of them is too dangerous then we just use the illusion to keep rehabilitating them to the point that hopefully some day we can do so with few problems. Well to be more precise it’s like a bit of both blended together.

The fae prison is practically bursting at the seams right now. There are many that we can’t release yet but hope to, at least to the area of the next stage of our grand plan.

“But can’t you transfer him to someone else? This one takes more work than all other twenty inmates combined because of what keeps happening,” she whined.

“I’m sorry but someone has to take care of him,” I said.

I see her point though. Who wants to be running around all day like that. Well, I guess because I got old I’m now lazy.

Who is she kidding? She’s the rookie anyway. She’s only been here ten years. Most of my other prison and observation wardens have been here at least eighty years.

“But it’s so much time lost!” she said.

“Well you did have that speed up spell I gave you right? You can use that when you get in a pinch, but be careful my mother said if you use it all the time you can get wrinkles. And if you just balance your time better between your soul cage inmates then you’ll be fine. Remember on Earth, that the people don’t spend the entire day together; they just spend a few minutes at meal times and so on, and then go their separate ways. Particular that area of Earth they seem driven to worship money and idols so they spend their whole lives obsessing over working for money and never are home. That gives you a huge advantage in subverting their will power. So that will help you to manage shifting between all of your soul inmates effectively,” I said to counter.

“But it means keeping track of several stories at the same time too. That part is harder,” the fake dad sighed.

I wished I had a good come back for that part but he’s right. It’s hard to not mess up and keep track of what’s going on with 20 or so soul cages.

Thank goodness I’d prepared ahead of time, or else I’d be having the time waster inmate on my hands.

“True, but…”

“No more buts…buck up and be a good fae. You know it’s not the most dangerous prisoner. He actually seems …good? If what I’m reading is right this guy might even help you if he was hurt, rather than hurt you to escape. I don’t see that often in a human. Many of them are corrupted by green or pressing an advantage, so I’m curious about this one. I could give you one of the dark ones you know. You know how those are?” I said with a lilting voice.

The dark ones aren’t even alive I think. But just shades and wraith animated material that are in cages but too dangerous to let loose. We think they are made from corrupted soul particles left behind when the dead cross over to the spirit world after this life. But we can also pull energy out of them in emergencies too so I guess it has positive traits too though they are extremely dangerous. We almost had one get loose this year, and it takes a whole troop of fairies just to contain one of them. I still have nightmares about that incident.

“Ahh, sorry! Sorry boss! Please don’t give me those please!” she cried out.

“Good. That’s better,” I said.

“Well there’s another problem…” she began.

“What is it this time?” I groaned.

“Well you know he can’t eat normal food. The human food makes him sick. I had to put him under for three days of sleep just to get that worked out. I thought it might be a case of vampirism infection because of notes in the log by an unknown user. But then dark elf food won’t work, and neither will vampire food. Something isn’t right here. I don’t get it. I don’t even want to know where we get vampire food for the prison either. So I didn’t like borrowing a sample to try out and then having it fail,” she sighed.

Actually she’s right about that last part. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her for now.

“Well that is strange huh. I had thought vampires were nearly extinct on Earth but maybe this is a variant type. His memories didn’t have any recollection of vampire bites that I could read but something seemed to be blocking part of the memory logs I was looking at. Maybe I’ll look at his mind again. Give me a couple days to ask a researcher colleague of mine OK?” I admitted.

“What? Something blocking your going over his memory logs? That doesn’t make sense. Someone might hear you say that and just think you overlooked and missed something,” she said.

I resist the urge to chew her out. After all I’m higher up the chain. Hmm, I suppose that’s a natural reaction. No matter, I’ll go back and see what’s blocking seeing the full memory logs.

“Well you do have your report ready to turn in right?” I countered, changing the subject.

“Fine, but there’s nothing else I can use to feed that inmate. And if I don’t think of something soon I’m worried about what will happen,” she said.

Dang it, she’s still stuck on what I just said. And …hmm that’s an odd problem.

“So we should contact the Scarred One,” she added.

“NO! No way! Absolutely not. This is my turf! Just solve it and do it any possible way you can. But this stops with me and you! No one else!” I said.


“You heard me! Do you want your wings stripped off!” I shouted a bit too forcefully.

OK, maybe that was a bit too harsh to say and partly a bluff but…

“Please! Not that! It takes so long to regrow them!”

“Solve it yourself! That’s an order!” I barked.

“You know after resetting his mind like this in the mind control chamber, and he’s waking up this many times I wonder if this can be sustained,” I heard the mother posing fairy complain as I’m leaving. I don’t think she realized I could still hear her.

Oh well…I’ll just get my revenge on her yearly bonus reports.

Bitch. Fuck her…





Shun POV



At some point I went down the stairs from my room. The kitchen seems just like it normally does. It’s clean and there’s nothing that sticks out. Still…I’ve seen the signs. Something isn’t right here. Something is still blocking my ability to cast spells but I’m going to bust through that soon too. I just have to figure out how to cheat through it.

“So can we talk?” I said to mom.

Mom and dad are both at the table.

Dad’s drinking coffee and reading the newspaper like he always does.

There it is. I saw it. They are acting strange. It’s like they don’t look as tired as they used to. And they seem sort of, I don’t know… a bit passive and carefree too. Mom and dad glanced at each other. There was something about it.

“Sure son, we can talk,” dad said. But I noticed he didn’t smile. Dad always smiled. He’s a great person. My dad is awesome and wonderful, not like some other people’s Dad’s that only drink and argue when they get home. This isn’t bad but he’s like stiff and emotionally withdrawn all the time.

So this isn’t right either.

Mom came over and sat at the kitchen table with us so she’s on the side and me and dad are across from each other.

“What’s on your mind sweetie,” Mom said.

“So you want to tell me what’s going on?” I said.

“Nothing’s going on sweetie,” Mom said.

“Like hell there isn’t. I’m not stupid,” I said.

“We never said you were stupid son. We just want to help you. Talk to us, if there’s a problem maybe we can help. We want you to be happy. We love you too,” dad encouraged as he folded up the paper so he could talk better. Despite saying the right thing, he still looks sullen and emotionally withdrawn. And the way he said I love you sounded like he detested saying it, but he didn’t realize how shallow he sounded.

There it is again; another mistake. This isn’t real. The …whoever it is that’s impersonating mom and dad have messed up the newspaper. I think this isn’t the first time they’ve done that either, because they put the funnies and comics on the front page of the newspaper instead of in the middle or back. Nobody does that ever, no matter what world you are from.

“I think we can stop playing pretend, I know you guys aren’t my real parents,” I said.

Both of them instantly frown.

“That’s so mean,” mom started to look like she was going to cry.

“Son, please that’s no way to talk us. That’s so hurtful. We care about…” dad started to say.

“You got the newspaper wrong,” I said.

“Ahh shit. What’s wrong with it this time?” he swore in frustration. There, he broke character again didn’t he?

Now he’s ripping apart the newspaper and trying to see what I saw that was wrong as he goes over it obsessively. “I don’t see where…” he sighed as he’s looking over the newspaper.

“Um honey…your father and I are just under a lot of stress,” Mom tried to take over and recover. Her facial expression is full of panic though. And her eyes are wide like I’m a threat.

“Mom doesn’t call me honey. She only calls Rina honey for some reason. She kind of only bonded with Rina and doesn’t do anything with me,” I said.

Both of them froze.

So they’ve tampered with and must have read my memories I think too, whoever these guys are.

“Oh, dang it. Why do you act like this?” Fake Mom asked. Her forehead almost cracked in frustration.

“Why don’t you just drop this and stop playing pretend. Maybe I can help you guys out. We can cooperate,” I said.

“Umm son…” dad is really flustered.

“You aren’t my dad. But we don’t have to be opponents. We can talk about this. Maybe we have common goals?” I stated.

“It’s too late. He broke the mind control early this time. I’ll reset it,” Mom said to dad.

They aren’t even bothering to cover it up now, though they still look like my parents. But the mom, or Fake Mom, is walking towards me and her finger is glowing with mana on it, as she’s concentrating it and getting ready to cast a spell. Immediately she snaps her fingers but somehow I braced myself and I’m on the floor having fallen down. But I did resist it. But it hurts when I fell. So now my back hurts too from hitting the kitchen floor.

“What did you guys do to me? Why am I here?!” I said loudly.

“What? How did he fully resist the enchant?! That should be imposible!” Dad’s eyes are wide open.

“What?! How?! Oh shit! He…he won’t hurt us will he? Oh Lord…” Fake Mom gasped in horror.

“What do we do? This has never happened before! A Full on resist! Oh my….*@(*@@#” Fake Dad looked at Mom.

“Stick to the manual. There’s a page about this,” Fake Mom said to him quickly.

“No there isn’t. I checked,” he said.

“That’s because you are still thinking of the human section. It’s in the containing magic races section,” she said.

“But he’s not…” he was interrupted.

They tried again to mind zap me or whatever it is but it broke off me as I resisted it. Hundreds of little light particles exploded onto the floor. And damn that hurt. It felt like they hit me in the head with something, but it was actually all in my mind I think.

“Oh shit! He resisted! Shit, hit the alarm! Get a containment crew in,” the one that’s playing as mom said. Her face is like she’s going to scream like I’m some freaking serial killer or something while she’s still doing that magic instant cast sequence of whatever it is she’s trying to do.

I can feel the energy hitting me and bouncing off me violently. It’s making me hit the floor and bounce off it again and again while I’m bruising and tearing. Oh damn this is painful. If they don’t stop I really will die. But they are too scared to stop.

“Stop! You’ll hurt him! Too many of those cause damage; you can’t just zap inmates with dozens of those spells in a row! Stop! We can’t kill the inmates without permission!” the one playing as dad said to mom.

Strangely though she is supposedly smarter in brains, he has more common sense than she does.

Mom won’t stop though.

Oh shit, I’m going to die from that mind zap thing.

I keep bracing myself so hard to resist that my muscles hurt and feel like they are locking up. As I continue to flop around from magic knock back effects the mind control thing bounces off me harmlessly but is bloodying me up and tossing me around like a rag doll. It hurts and I get bloodied and bruised as I’m bouncing off the table, then the fridge, and then floor.

“Stop! Don’t hurt him or we won’t get our bonus! I want my fucking Yuletide bonus, you fucking wench!” shrieks the one that I’d been calling dad.

Everything goes dark when I slammed into the fridge for the second time from the force of the mind zap on my body.

Then fake dad got in front of mom to shield me. The power of greed for a bonus is making him protect me. “Idiot! Stop! Don’t mess with my bonus! We need him!” he cried out.

“Is…is he dead? Oh shit…there goes my raise,” I heard Dad’s voice say while it’s getting dark. My eyes closed but I’m still lingering on the edge of consciousness. If I move that bitch will panic again though.

“I-I c-couldn’t help it. Humans are dangerous! You know they capture us and sell us in bottles right? You can’t take a chance of them grabbing you!” the one called mom said.

“I want my fucking bonus…if you wreck it I’ll kill you myself,” fake dad said again before she could try to zap me.

What is this? They don’t get along that well do they? That’s very obviously not my parents. I hold perfectly still. I don’t even let them see me breathe I’m so terrified. What the hell is wrong with those two?

Are they doppelgangers?

Or maybe mages?

Or a demonic faction?

If there were  a rival demonic prince then I’d be dead already or very soon to be dead.

They still sounded a bit too pacifistic to be fully evil. Maybe they are just egotistical and, or selfish?

I am vaguely starting to try to wake up but that last hit, has still got me seeing stars from getting my head knocked into stuff. If I were to get up now I’d probably fall from dizziness.

I’m sure they’ve tried to mind zap me at least a dozen times not counting today. This same thing probably happened a few times and the more I think of that the more clear it is that it’s true. They seemed somewhat anxious about my resisting them. There are all kinds of memory blocks in my mind that I’m having trouble remembering. And a passages of time recently seems to be gone but thankfully its not too long. If it’d been a few years then I’d be screwed but I think it’s only been a week or so?

Also you notice when suddenly it’s early evening, when it was early morning suddenly, and your whole afternoon is gone and you have no idea why. And that’s happened several times that I can think of because I have a disciplined mind. It’s like I’ve spent every day in my room for like weeks now.

But I wouldn’t ever do that. So I know they’ve done something to my brain.

I can’t let them think I’m awake again. That bitch is going to kill me with that mind zap skill. It’s suppose to probably be low damage to induce a state where you can control someone but…damn that hurts!

Hmm, I didn’t fully comprehend it before but maybe I’m in some dimensional pocket thing just like when I go to the dream state? And maybe that’s why I was able to resist it since I’ve had exposure to the same type of energy.


I’ve figured this out on where…

Now I just have to figure out who and why…



A note from naosu

Please stop asking me to change Shun's personality. He's partly conservative and partly also from confidence. And that's also by design to put yourself in the story. Remember last chapter I put in his physical description to 'insert yourself'. I still may be evolving him physically and the other harem members. I am open to suggestions on those. 

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