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Dreamweaver Chapter 197






The bed feels comfortable and has the smell of beautifully clean sheets. There’s the smell of fresh laundry too.

Wait that can’t be right.

But yes, I do smell a clean room and fresh laundry smell of laundry detergent. I love that smell. But it shouldn’t be here.


I just realized this place feels and smells like my bed back home.

What the freak?

I shot up right in bed while trying to open my eyes but they are light sensitive still

How can that be?

I blinked and start rubbing my eyes while looking around. The shackles on my hands and wrists are gone too. That part is good but…wait a minute this looks like my home back in Kobe Japan!

I don’t believe this?! How?! The fuck?! I feel mentally crazy and in shock now.


I’m back home on Earth? And somehow I’m in my very own bed in my very own room which is basically very small. All houses and rooms in Japan are super small so I’m lucky to have this room even though it’s barely bigger than a closet.

Getting up, I find I’m wearing my pajamas as I rush to the window. I ripped open the drapes to look out the apartment window and look down over the street. As I peek outside, I can see the city and a sea of Earth buildings, skyscrapers, homes, businesses, and street signs for shops that light up.

Sure enough that looks like Earth, I confirmed. It looks solid and real, even with dust and a few dead flies trapped in the window sill. When I crack the window there’s the smell of the sea close by too. Well relatively close by anyway.


I’m somehow back in Kobe Japan?

This doesn’t make sense.

Below me are tons of cars and people buzzing about like they did in the morning when it’s time for everyone to go to work.

I glanced at the clock.

Um…its morning?

Wait…I know that wasn’t a dream. I’m sure of it! Even when I pinch myself I can feel real flesh and real skin and know this feels real and not like a dream.

But that upsets me more.

If I’m back in Japan, what will happen to Sylvie? And the others? Even if Asakura is brought back she won’t fit in with giant boobs. And Sunghee if she’s brought back would have immigration issues trying to get from Korea to Japan!

I want to tear my hair out. What the freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s a knock at the door.

Weird…it should be time for everyone to be at work or school. Also I hesitate. I’m not in the mood to receive anyone. I’m so confused.

How the FREAk am I back in Japan?! THE MENTAL SHOCK WON’T STOP.

Some things are good. But I would not risk losing my harem to come back here. I feel like crying.

Rina. Asakura. Sunghee. Sylvie. Mallory. Ayumi. Haruka soon. Even Doppel-chan.  

The knock continues but mentally I’m still a wreck.

Part of me wants to see mom and dad. But if I’m in Japan…where the fuck are Mallory, Sunghee, Sylvie, and Asakura?! Oh and Rina yeah…but would she be back here automatically? And I couldn’t explain why she looks like Asakura to our parents…

The knock sounds off again.

“Shun? Can we talk?” a muffled voice comes through the door. It sounds like mom.

Um…what to do.                                                        

I don’t have anything on me that resemble anything from the other world. There’s no sword or equipment for fighting near or at my desk or bed. I’m not even in clothes that resemble what I was wearing for school the day our school was sucked back into that other place.

“Shun I’m coming in OK?” mom said.

The door opens while I gulped air nervously. Is it really her?

“Shun! I’m glad to see you!” Mom came up and gave me a big hug.


It smells like mom and looks like mom. She just looks like…mom you know. She’s kind of nice and so is my dad. They are good parents. They are stable hard working types that don’t’ really have a lot of drama and try hard to hang in there in life. They also don’t fight and get along well.

“How was your sleep?” she asked.

“F-fine…?” I said with a daze.

What is this?!

I have to figure out if this is real before I say something stupid. I mean if this is really Earth I can’t start spouting of stuff about orcs and demons and phallic wyrms. They’d lock me up.

But how did I get here exactly? I’m sure what I’d experienced in the other world was real. It couldn’t have been a dream. I’m sure of it…

Yeah the last thing I saw was the weird bright light that saved us from the phallic wyrms. But this really does look and feel like Earth’s Japan.

“Shun? Honey you aren’t listening to me. Did you stay up too late? I feel like we havn’t talked lately. I’m sorry,” Mom looked at me worriedly.

“Oh sorry I think I spaced out mom. Yeah like that, I must have stayed up too late, heh,” I managed to laugh it off.

“Well it’s probably mostly my fault. We get so busy and aren’t home as much as we should,” she said apologetically.

“Uh, it’s fine. Really,” I added.

“Well it’s time for breakfast sweetie. Why don’t you come down and have some breakfast with you father. He wants to see you before he goes to work too,” Mom smiled sweetly.

OK…that’s normal. Dad doesn’t see us every day because as you know it’s the goal of every father in japan to work to death, and leave early in the morning. But he does try to see us at breakfast at least twice a week. But he has to stay later to do that. But it’s not bad to see him. He likes to mess up our hair though and I don’t like that. Rina doesn’t like it even more than me.

“OK, um…I need two minutes to change my clothes,” I said.

“OK. I’ll go down ahead of you. Meet us soon OK,” Mom said waiting expectantly.

“Um…alone,” I said.

“Oh sorry what was I thinking,” Mom blushed and left the room.

“Come to the breakfast table as soon as you are dressed sweetie,” Mom said through the closed door.

OK so either I’m on Earth or this is a really clever trick.

But this really does look like my room. It even has my secret money stash in it hidden behind the air vent cover. There’s even a couple dead flies in the waste basket that I’d killed the night before leaving Earth with Rina and the rest of the school.

What the fuck is going on?!

I can’t leave the others! I love them! Asakura especially, but Fox, Sunghee, and Rina too. I don’t know if it’s safe to be with Mallory but she’s almost like a vampire sex slave maid now and if I can just manage her violent vampiric tendencies things might work out too. And who wouldn’t want a hot big boobed vampire sex slave?


I sit on the bed while I think things over with my hands rubbing my temples.

What was the last thing I remembered…I try to remember but everything feels foggy.

What was it?

I can’t think…

…feels sticky in my brain…

Oh that’s right!

The last thing I’d remembered was…

Oh gosh… I can’t think about that. It was too awful. I was being chased around while not being able to see very far in the dark with Mallory, while she was trying to save us from those things.


I can’t say the word.

Phallic wyrms…mutants left over from a people that were the children of a dead evil god of some kind that survived by host and prey relationships and some form of gene and tissue harvesting.

So gross. I don’t want to be like them.

But where is Mallory too?

As I look around the room I can see I’m alone. For some reason my magic doesn’t feel like it’s there. It’s like my mana core is turned off or gone?

Mallory is gone?

Even if she didn’t like being in the light or open places I can’t see her in my closet or under the bed. And those are the only places to hide.

My hands are free! I don’t have that stupid mana inhibitor shackle thingy clamped down on my hands and wrists! It feels good to actually feel my hands.


But I can’t do magic?!


I almost panicked. Wait, did I think almost? I am panicking! Why can’t my magic work?!

Unless this trip to the other world wasn’t real? Is that evidence I was just under some drug induced hallucination?

No wait…I don’t do drugs, and don’t even like prescription drugs. Something isn’t right.

I began pacing back and forth in front of the bed. I threatened to want to bang my head on the desk because not having my people is so stressful.

Something in my head isn’t right. I have to resist it.

My mind still feels foggy but as I try to resist it, it’s coming off. It takes several minutes of pushing against what feels like a headache barrier of some kind. Somehow there was this veil of forgetfulness that I’ve been struggling with.

There was a dwarf city wasn’t there?

And something about orcs?

And lots of fighting I think.

But I can’t remember why we were fighting? There’s a fog on my mind that seems unnatural too. But where it came from I’m not sure. Wait, that will come with time and as I relax a bit more. There must be a reason for this. Before I realize it, another hour passed while I’m staring at the ceiling while laying on my bed trying to remember. Slowly the pieces are falling into place.

There was an after effect still lingering of the forgetfulness veil that made me feel lethargic, and sleepy but hard to move.

After another hour I’m sure the memories of the other world are real.

But how do I prove it to myself?

That’s the real question.

It takes a few minutes to think of things. But there are a few ways.

For starters, my penus size is still more than double of that of a normal person. That didn’t happen until I’d gone to the other world. And there are other clues too. And also when I go to my closet and get inside it with the door shut, I can see in the dark with my limited range dark vision. That’s part of the demon traits.

That should be gone but isn’t if my magic isn’t real. But why is my magic turned off and where the fuck am I?!

So the events over there are real.

Which means…the people below me downstairs are not my real parents;

But who are they?

And what do they want?

What the fuck is this?!

Am I a prisoner?!


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