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Dreamweaver Chapter 196






Phallic Wyrm POV





The creature before me is ugly. Humans are so ugly, beyond anything we’ve ever seen. They are so ugly that it makes us, me, and all of us violent.

At some point our brains had become hard wired to hate humanity and all creatures that walk on two legs. But I can’t remember why it’s like that, or for how long. But it has been a long time.

So ugly…must kill the uglies.

I agree with master, says second. Hiccup*

I agree, says third. Hiccup*

I agree, says second again, forgetting she’d already told me that. Lately second had been a little loopy. She sometimes gets caught in feedback loops. Second’s head is twisting about like she’s drunk. She’s been taking too much of my syrup lately, and obviously it’s unhealthy.

Kill them, says second.

Yes, they must die, says third.

Such anguish to live that way. All that defy master must be genocided, says second.

…anguish…?! Third echoed right after.

That’s why I’m mad. When they …huh? I can’t remember why I’m mad but it has something to do with second, which is actually first because I’m first. But I jokingly call my first and second mating pets second and third with me being first.

I keep chasing after them as fast as I can. My crawl speed is faster than the fastest of snakes going through grass but somehow this strange creature carrying the other one, that I’m trying to kill, is faster than me by just barely enough to get by.

Somehow I feel faster than I used to be. Could it be I’m getting faster and stronger? Still, the minute breakthrough of speed seems ahead of what I last remembered it to be at. The others call it evolving and are hoping for me to produce some changes. I can feel the cave air whipping by me as I’m going so quickly that it feels heavy and thick. The wind feels cool and thick because of my sharp speed as I rush about trying to stomp the enemy.

They evaded me again?! Arghhhh…..

Cough…I put my mind back on the fight.

Lately my mating pets’ voices were getting dimmer but fights always stir up their consciousness. They sleep longer and longer even when I’m trying to stimulate them more. Second in particular seems to be more sleepy than usual.

My phallic sheaths are no longer an ugly form of women but are becoming more beautifully reptilian like I am. It means that I am powerful. I recently acquired the ability to turn their secreting amphibian skin into reptilian skin, which originally once had been human. Soon I’ll even be able to help them learn how to shoot quills like the land dwelling creatures called porcupines.

I am strong.

I am evolved.

I am supremely confident in my evolved skillz. None can defy me!

Evolved that I am, I can win. Winning is living. Meat is the reward. Oppression is power.

Winning is power, and strength is strength..

Evolved so that I can become strong…

Evolved to become pure and reckless strength beyond madness!

All that Uncle taught me! Someday to surpass Uncle and take his power for my own when his guard is down!

The voices of my phallic sheathes impaled on my spikes also echo this doctrine in the back of my mind.

This puny creature thinks it’s still a human and that’s a weakness. It’s inhibiting its evolution by confining itself inside such a putrid base ugly form.

“Hit them Junior! Use your full strength!” the one other wyrm that lets me call him Uncle says.

“Don’t hold back Junior! These pitiful creatures are strong! Show them that humans are ugly!” Ezebiel called out in his emphysema voice. He has a permanent slobber and slime trail going down his chin like always. His slime trail is beautiful, maybe that’s why the leader is jealous of him. Nobody else has such sparkly and wonderful slime trails as he does.

So strange…

They almost sound worried. Why would they be worried? Something isn’t right about their facial expressions. This enemy will fall just like the others.

I shot my acid so hard in huge gulps so hard that when it splashed on the ground a huge pit is opened up. That shot was beautiful. Somehow the acid flowed out so pure and strong just exactly the way I’d wanted it too, which is strange because I don’t remember warming up and usually it only does that after I’ve warmed up.

Strange…it feels like my acid bladder is like less than half full. But I don’t remember using it today, so it should be full. This is the first fight of the day isn’t it? Why am I low on acid? Oh well I can produce more, I just have to pull more energy from one of my six stomachs. But it’s a pain. And it seems my stomachs are less full than they should be. When I woke this morning all my bio storage was at full capacity but something is missing.

Something isn’t right about my mind and body right now, but I won’t be able to process it until after this is finished.

The one below is strange. He’s like us but unlike us.

Defective huh, just like Uncle said.

Why isn’t he mutating like us? Instead of becoming beautiful he’s turning ugly and more human like; which is true ugliness. Bipedal is ugly. Slime and tails are beautiful and supreme art. He isn’t even worthy of having a name, but the girl he has would be an excellent phallic sheathe. Somehow he’s captured a beautiful mating slave. It’s some strange smelling tribe of creature that has sharp fangs that we don’t see don’t here. It’s clearly not human even though it looks like one. And it’s too strong for another.

Wait, didn’t I think bipedal creatures are ugly?

But why is this one not seemingly ugly?

I want her for some reason. I want to smash their faces into new art.

My head hurts! I feel confused.

Wait, why does my head hurt? It shouldn’t be like this. Something is wrong with me but I can’t stop to think about it while there’s an enemy here.

UGH! My headache! It feels like someone hit me in the head with large rocks it hurts so bad. Wait…do I have injuries somehow from before? How is this possible?

I must have that mating slave that the other one has. He’s already grown a sticky penus that’s inserted into her fully, while he has her carry him around while she’s naked. And those boobs are gorgeous too with wonderful bounce on a body that’s a step above loli…into barely adult.

I must have her! We phallic wyrms always trade pets with each other and fight over our mating slaves. Only our leader never has to share but only because we can’t beat him even when we gang up. And because we fight over our mating pins…or mating slaves, I always get the sickliest ones since I’m the youngest. Even if I only have her for a little while, that’s better than nothing before the others crush me to take her from me.

It’s not fair!

No, not fair, echoed second in despair.

Life not fair, echoed first with anger.

That human and his …whatever that mating pin he has that carries him about barely dodged my tentacle attack in time.

What was his name? Shun I think…the target I’m trying to crush.

Focus me!

Yes, focus me! Echoes the thoughts and voices of both second and third right after I think it…

I shoot another acid attack and use my stretchy tentacle to try to crush them. My stretchy tentacle has incredible range and strength but Uncle says I need to work on speed first. Strength isn’t any good if the enemy is faster.

Somehow they evade.


I’ll prove him wrong this time!

DIE!!! My beautiful tentacle slams the ground hard attempting to squash him like a huge cockroach should be smashed. Curses be upon you and your descendants! How dare you evade my tentacles?!

No! somehow I missed again on the second strike.

So frustrating…

They evade again, dodging left as I tried again for a third time. If I can hit there probably won’t be much left since I’m so big and strong. Somehow they know my movement pattern style of attacks?

My mating pins…err phallic sheathes… help boost my mental power so I can shoot my ray at them again. If I focus my brain power with that of the mating pins to boost my internal processing speed then I’ll be able to speed myself up a bit. But it will make the mating pins more tired and weak for a few days. They won’t be able to take much more of it, and could be damaged by this but once I acquire Shun’s mating sheathe it will be worth it.

I have to do it. There’s no other choice!

There’s a disadvantage though that my death ray takes a couple seconds of hesitation to aim right. Perhaps I’m getting faster though? When did I get faster? I swear I didn’t have time to practice it recently.

“Junior’s aim is getting quicker,” one of the others acknowledged.

I swelled with pride.

Another pillar collapses under my death ray. Unfortunately I can only fire off the death ray so often.

Arggh! Why won’t they die?! I still keep missing.

“…so tired…” gasped the beautiful dark curly haired mating slave of Shun’s.

“I’m sorry Mallory! Please hang in there! Please!” Shun said.

Hah, he sounds desperate. I’ll kill him soon. They can’t dodge forever. I’ve fought dodge types before. They think it’s infallible but if you study their timing and just wait for them to get tired…BAM! Then they are dead.

Strange…this place looks wrecked though. The ground is tore up everywhere we go as I chase them around. But I only remember making two acid pits. I try to not waste my acid bladder’s capacity. But there are over twenty three acid pits here. And the rock pillars of this wasteland are almost all gone.

There are 47 of the pillars in all but with my helper brains in the mating slaves I was able to count almost instantly all of them with perfect synchronization. Of those 47, only 6 of them haven’t been destroyed.

What’s wrong here? Are the others messing with my head? Did they screw with me again?! This place looks destroyed already. Did they fight Shun before me, even though they promised to help me ‘level up’?

“Hurry Junior! You can do it this time! They are getting tired now!” Uncle said.

“I’m afraid we’ll have to reset Junior’s memory again. So many losses in a row,” another of my kind I caught whispering.

What? What does that mean?! Are they tricking me?!

“Shun…my legs hurt….so tired,” the girl Shun has claimed that I will steal from him said as I chase them more, focusing my anger and terrible wrath.

Strange, what tribe is she? Definitely not human…even though she resembles them in a way…my sensitive nose doesn’t recognize that smell, only that it should be delicious.

“Junior don’t fall for that again. Watch out…” one of the others warned.

Just like that I barely block boulder throws in a spurt of three in a row smashing them with my stretchy tentacle.


They tried to hurt my mating pins…no~!


I will rip their heads off and make their spines my straws to drink out of! Yes! That sounds beautiful! I’ll use their spines as a straw to drink their slimy guts!

The cavern is filled with my yells…well I wish it was filled. I can’t roar as loud as the others.

“Hurry Junior! You can do it! He’s weakened now!” one of the others said.

“Stupid kid. He fell for it again and again,” another phallic wyrm called out.

“Shut up! Be careful what you say or he’ll know we keep reviving him and making him fight again…” one of the others said.

Wait what? So that explains it. It makes me even angrier to hear that.

I keep chasing Shun and … Malllorrry!

I almost tripped when I heard her name as I’m chasing them.


My new phallic sheath’s name will be Malllorrry when I claim her!

YES! HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA! With owning her name I’ll have even more power. If you discover the name of a phallic sheathe you can twist its identity faster!

They keep dodging as I go forward trying to crush them.

Strange I feel faster now.

The Shun guy and Mallory are slower than before, and look tired and sweaty.

“Hell, how many times will they revive him! My gosh…this is the eleventh time defeating him!” Mallory exclaimed.


What did she say?? 11th?! I almost stopped dead in my tracks.

“Don’t listen to them Junior! Its lies! They are trying to fuck with your head!” Ezebiel cried out.

Trust Ezebiel…that’s the right thing, I think as I whipped my tentacles back and forth. Madly I am roaring and chasing them as I rush about throwing my strength around recklessly to try to overwhelm the two slowing prey before me that are getting closer and closer to my blows the more tired they get.

I’ll use the human’s outer skin as a water bag for my pets when I catch Shun and steal Mallory from him. They’ll think it’s cute. I saw the design of the water bag in the mind of one of Ezebiel’s throw away pets, that I’ve inherited. They sometimes forget that I can read things in the minds of passed over mating pins if they don’t erase their minds sometimes. Erasing their minds also helps keep them calm.  

You carefully suck out the bones and meat from the neck while not damaging or cutting open the outer skin. Then you sew the wrists, and legs shut tight and fill it with hot molten was. Then you have a portable pouch to hold water…and the beauty is you can use the skin of the arms and legs like backpack straps!







Shun POV




“Please Mallory don’t give up!” I cried out.

She’s been going non-stop for so long while we’ve been fighting. Sometimes her steps almost trip but not because she doesn’t have good balance but from exhaustion. She’s been pushed really hard so many times but I can only trust her.

I also wish I could dip the shackles in the acid pool, but while Mallory is running around that would be dangerous since I’m being carried on her back. The acid could drip onto a critical point like her head or neck, or spine which is why we haven’t tried to yet. We’d have to wait for the phallic wyrms to leave or accept defeat first.

Hopefully the acid won’t dilute then.

“I-I’m trying…” Mallory gasped.

I didn’t know vampires can sweat but they can if you push them long enough in exercise. And they can get tired, which I hadn’t thought possible.

They’ve now revived Junior and erased his memories after healing him over thirteen times now.

Mallory keeps going a few more steps.

We ducked behind the last rock pillar just in time when it exploded into shards from the energy ray Junior used on it. It exploded with so much power that my cheek was cut by one of the shards whipping past.

I hear Mallory panting.

“Shun….I can’t….do much more of this…. Please…” she said.

Dang it…

I don’t know what to do.

Even if I had my magic inhibiting shackles removed I don’t know if my runic shielding would even hold up under Junior’s death ray. That thing is like stupidly powerful it’s so strong.

“Shun….I think….I think this is it,” Mallory sounds like she’s about to collapse.

Junior is running at us with full speed.

Then suddenly there’s a burst of light blindingly filling the underground area. Somewhere near us in the air something a powerful force…magic or something else? I don’t know what but there’s a strong presence there. It’s so strong in energy and power that the phallic wyrms shrunk back in fear. Then they got mad and tried to retaliate but the aura effect coming out of the light orb is burning them.

The phallic wyrms cry out in fear and pain and cease their attacks, forced to fall back. They’ve been down here so long any light is painful to them. They are afraid of this light orb for some reason it’s clear. And the fear is strong enough that they are retreating as a group.

Mallory and I cry out too.

Junior keeps rushing at us while the other phallic wyrms scream at him to run away. But Junior is half mad and won’t listen. His phallic sheathes in pain has made him too crazy to listen to reason.

Then there’s something like a magic laser several feet wide and over a hundred feet long that shoot out from that thing, striking Junior dead instantly. The laser burned a huge swath of ground so hotly that there’s a long perfect line without any deviation from where the laser erupted from the giant light orb leaving a river of lava where everything is obliterated under it.

Junior is no more. Instead a burned out shell resembling a gigantic earthworm with its guts dissected and baked in the sun remains as a shell or husk that’s partly inside out.

“Oh my gosh…there’s not even …wow. I mean…there’s not a single shred of tissue left of him that isn’t burned out like a husk even,” Mallory said with very wide eyes.

“Wow,” I gasped.

Somehow we backed up and I managed to dip the chain of the shackles into a bit of acid in a pool near us. It’s slow working however. I separated the left shackle from the right hand hackle immediately, but actually severing the shackles from my wrists on each hand from its corresponding cuff will take more work because I’ll have to risk getting burned.

But we had to stop when that light orb thing comes closer to us and is right in front of me and Mallory.

“Um, I think we better put our hands up,” I said.

Mallory and I both put our hands up in the classic ‘under arrest’ position, not daring to move too quickly. We hold very still and put our hands up in the position cops do when they are arresting you. Whatever that thing in the light orb is…we’re definitely dead if they want to shoot us down.

“Shun…be very careful. Don’t make any sudden moves. This smell…I recognize it. I think these are….I mean…it’s…” Mallory started to sound very sleepy and say but suddenly I feel very, very sleepy too.

“Um…Mallory? So…tired…” I couldn’t finish my sentence.






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