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Dreamweaver Chapter 194




Somewhere on the planet in a secret place cut off from the existence of mortals…in a dimensional pocket realm the size of a small city state. A certain unnamed fairy POV far from the eyes of mortals…




“Hey what are you doing?” I said. (Fairy #1)

“Oh nothing much, it’s such a peaceful day out,” the other, fairy #2, Virine said next to me while she giggled.

“That beautiful sea air feels so pure,” one of the others noted.

They are surrounded by others of their kind.

“I love it here too,” I said.

Each of us is stuffing our faces with nectar infused with magic that only we can make from fruit trees that only fae have.  All of this is happening in our fae paradise, that we all adore and are addicted to. There are pristine white sand beaches that haven’t ever seen the defilement of humans, untouched greenery and trees not far from the shoreline with water so pure and blue you can see the bottom even thirty feet out.

In addition to the other fae there are from all over the area others from a myriad of other exotic fae  races in our bubble dimension, including merfolk, traditional faeries, fae, and nixies.

“Such a peaceful day! We should totally work on our tans again,” Virine said.

We giggled.

“Your tan looks fine. It always looks fine,” I argued.

We had this argument often. It’s partly her trying to show off her curves too.

“I know but I worry you know. When you live forever you have to take care of yourself! Plus we get to check out each others boobs. I wish growth potions worked on fae as well as they do on mortals,” Virine exclaimed.

“It can’t be helped. The immortality factor prevents a lot of the changes to reduce corruption,” I said.

She’s kind of playful.

“Um, can you rub some gel on my back? I don’t want to get a sun burn,” she asked.

“Ahh fine. But you can just do a protection from sunlight enchant you know,” I reminded her.

“But it feels good to get a massage. And you have good hands J,” she whined while laying down on the bench on her stomach so I can rub gel on her exposed back, legs, and hip area. Virine liked to go to the beach nude like just about every other fairy here.

“Oh yeah, and you have to do me next too,” I countered back.


I started on the massage.

Wow, she has a nice body…oh wait, that bitch is trying to glamour me! Fuck her!  No wonder I was like almost drooling all over her. It’s considered rude to glamour other fae, but most of it do it to seduce people anyway as long as we don’t get caught. But if you turn it down low enough they don’t often detect it.

“Ouch that hurts!” she cried out.

“Oops, my bad,” I said without really being sorry.

You deserve that you hoe.

“Oh that’s better,” she said. And then, “ohhh gosh that’s good. I love your hands!” Virine’s musical voice called to me.

“Oh thank you so much,” I said.

Both Virine and I are lesbian lovers and I’m straddling her waist from behind when I suddenly start tickling her. Well actually she’s my side fling, not my real lover; because she’s a true bitch but she’s good at making love. I won’t tell her I like Zeddyny more. Zeddyny also has better tits.

She laughs incessantly.

The fairies in front of me are frolicking on the mermaid’s beach. Only beautiful and pure things can enter. This beach has pure tan sand, so beautiful you can’t even describe it, while the water is so pure and clear you can literally look down and see straight to the bottom. There’s no place in the world as pure as this calm beach and sea front where we are currently frolicking and playing on the beach.

This is our secret haven that only they and us can inhabit and enter. It’s like a miniature world within a world, but cut off from the demon plagues and the sickness and devastation of this world. We made it after the big war.

At first this planet entirely belonged to us.

Thousands of years ago we saw the demon’s ascension and their plans to invade this world. Our leaders told us they’d never be able to attack us outright, that they didn’t have the strength. They also told us we had plenty of time and because of our vanity and pride we were lulled into false security thinking no one could beat us. We made plans to fight them, but failed to act and apply our defenses properly. The world never knew this. Our plans were so good and so strategically amazing that we should have totally obliterated them before they infected this planet.

But we were slothful in implementing them, thinking none could dare to touch us or hurt or prosperity.

Then the unthinkable happened. 

Then the first Fey civil war started.

Being immortal our king had reigned for a hundred thousand years of absolute power and unchallenged rule. This all happened with incredible developments of culture, art, technology, and magic all before the other races were even on this planet. Some of them were birthed here, and others came from the stars. He was the only existence known to have never fallen in combat and to reign supreme in magical power never before seen since.

He suddenly died for no reason. His chosen heir had a technicality where his divorced wife, and exiled wife both claimed their sons had the head prince status, while the real heir and her mother, the king’s good and righteous concubine wife were missing suddenly.

A fey immortal dying…or he was assassinated. That’s what others said, but there was no proof. The pieces didn’t add up though.

The resulting mayhem was a scramble of power of several factions. Fey took up arms against fey as each wanted to reign to be just like the First Fey, or the fey king. Many wanted his crown and the chance to succeed him. And because we had no system of succession in play at the time confusion grew like poison.

We’ve learned from that since. Now we have clear lines of succession in our vast immortal houses.

The resulting civil war ended. But the end was not pretty.

Where once there had been a world covered in dozens of fairy and fey subspecies, now there are only a handful left. Whole houses disappeared over night with no survivors with magic blasts that sunk entire continents and damaged a few beyond the ability to become habitable again.

That was the other result of the fey civil war.

The two sides split into the Seelie Court, the Unseelie Court, and the Seekers. Well actually that’s kind of three sides but the Seekers aren’t always considering themselves an independent group of the others, though that’s probably just a ruse.

And because of the civil war the demons came to our world and our plans were gone up in smoke because of no longer having several key personnel able to do their parts in the plan either through being killed in the war, or from being unwilling to cooperate with others.

Then we began to experience the ‘Time of Tribulations’, such as had never before occurred on this planet and even some other planets. Where before we filled this world with our cities and people now we all can barely fill five cities, and one of those disappeared recently.

When the dark fae were losing they instead of accepting defeat joined the daemons, who weren’t even originally from our world in the first place. As a result an unstoppable darkness covered the land, where before we had been winning.

But finally one of our heroes and the circle of 12 sages imprisoned all the evil in one land, effectively cutting it away from the true reality. The cost was sacrificing their own lives in the process because of the vast cost of such a huge spell that could affect our entire world. And in that process, the keys and spells to seal away evil were also lost.

Thus the Dark Continent was created, a dark and deadly place said only to now be lived in by Dark Fey.

To sum it up, we now delude ourselves that we’re still winning and protecting the minor races of this world, including humans to stroke what’s left of our identity as a once great nation that filled this world.

Supposedly they can’t leave the Dark Continent directly but there’s been strange rumors and unexplainable dungeon growth. Some say they are trying to bust through into our reality through said dungeons.

But that’s a lie. It can’t be true! It just can’t. I don’t accept it!

But then something surprising just happened just now while we’re partying on the beach.

There’s a dull boom like an earthquake. Yet the quaking doesn’t stop right away. Instead it lingers and tapers off. As it tapers off the seashore has pulled back a long ways revealing vast kelp beds. In some places some of the mermaids are thrown onto the beach because of the retreat of the water.

We froze.

Oh no…is that…

“It can’t be…” I shivered while saying in full fear.

“Um, what was that?” Virine asked.

I have an idea but I’m afraid to say it. I can’t bear admitting it. I’ve heard explosions like that before. And they all involve dark mana.

Her eyes narrowed in something in the distance. She can see better than I can. I’ve actually got no sight in one eye because of a past battle with dark fae and daemons together.

“Oh shit, run!” she said. She shot up knocking me off. I hit the sand hard and she’s abandoning me to run.

“Wait! Wait for me!” I screamed.

But since we can both fly naturally I recovered and we’re both buzzing off the ground while we try to look around.

There’s another boom just like it. It feels dull but unnatural but with heavy, heavy tremors like the sound of something really big impacting.

“Where is it?” I said. I grabbed her and forced her to stop to talk to me. Running around with our heads cut off won’t help anyway.

“Over there, can’t you see it?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“It doesn’t feel right. Something is wrong,” Virine said.

Around us all the other naked fairies and mermaids have all frozen in place as we look around. Some of them are trying to locate the source of the booms and the quaking.

Earth magic quake spell, I think. But very high powered and spread over a huge area somewhere nearby.

Then we heard the screams.

The mermaids saw it first and one of them, a dark haired beautiful girl named Jaspyryl pointed at the sky. She screamed long and loud.

The others look up staring too.

“What the freak?!” Virine gasped in astonishment.

What is that?

The sky is cracking open. The crack is already a quarter mile long and not yet open but has an evil red glow to it with energy spilling in and out from both directions to and from the mortal world.


This place is secret! And safe too! How?!

The crack continues to grow as all of us began running about like mad to figure out what to do. The mermaids are in the deepest water as fast as they possibly can going to the bottom of the pools while already the fey with wings, fairies, are buzzing around like a cracked open bee hive.

“Are we…no….” Virine said the same thing I’d been thinking.

“We’re being invaded?! They came back?! That’s impossible!” I gasped in astonishment.

“What?! No you’re wrong,” V said.

“But they shouldn’t even know about this place! Nobody knows about this place! How could they even know where we are?!” I exclaimed.

The crack widens and has stretched across the ‘sky’ like a small distant glowing river of lava, but which is actually the barrier of our hidden realm.  There it is. That’s where they are breaking through the dimensional pocket’s wall. And little ants are in the distance pouring through the crack in the wall.

“They are here. I can’t believe it,” someone said in fear.

A lot of people are crying openly. The grief and wails of terror continue. Some cry out that the Gods have abandoned us. Others say its from our sins. Some go mad.

“I thought this place was safe. A haven…they aren’t supposed to know!”

“There is no safe now. Not even the humans in their ignorance are safe.”

“Wake the Scarred One,” a fey girl next to me said.

“The Scarred One?” I asked.

It barely registers.

“The one rescued from the mortal world recently. She’ll know what to do,” she said.

“But her entire existence is only pain. Why her? Why wake her?” I asked.

“She knows how to deal with evil. And she wins. She’s the only one who has held on through several sieges without losing a city,” the other one, the fey girl named Gina said.

“She’s also related to the Fallen Emperor and a direct descendant of his bloodline,” someone said.

I didn’t know that. I’d only pitied her, but didn’t really check her identity.

“You better hurry, those attacks are getting closer. The enemy is coming,” someone said.

“She’s right.”


Together we channeled our magic and teleported instantly to that cabin in the near forest where she slept while her guards watched over the outside, not venturing inside. They identified us quickly and let us through.

This place; it was called Sleeping Forest for this reason. Though she slept eternally as the only way of appeasing her pain, in truth the Scarred One had been sleeping for hundreds of years anyway before she’d been tortured and mutilated by mortals.

Carefully we stood in front of the cabin door activating the keys to the wards that would allow us entry but still stay in place. Even here though, we could see the crack in the sky had widened miles from here splitting the sky on the other side of the huge valley in the dimensional pocket. That hole is getting so big you can see it everywhere in here now.

“No!” Virine cried out as she looked up.

As she did I followed her line of sight.

“They are definitely entering our realm.”

“Screw that. We should run.”

“If we don’t stand up to them, they’ll just keep winning.”

We can see them, so far away it looks like dozens of mosquitos from this distance but they are real and terrible. The enemy is spilling into the crack by the thousands, both with ground and air flying troops that look like insects.

“Hurry! We don’t have time!” Virine cried out.

Despite being the youngest Gina is also the most calm and serene under pressure. But that’s a joke, when she’s only 300 years old. She’s barely old enough to do magic.

“Quickly before the ward closes, you need to activate the signal sigil hidden in the key. It has special coding that will enable the defense wards to activate,” Gina said to coach us.

I feel embarrassed. I should have said that first. So young and she’s better at magic than all of us, and more level headed.

At length we’re finally in the house.

The bed lay still and it smells peaceful in here with fresh air. There are even some other fey that are sleeping here too it turns out. Many of them do that when they are regrowing limbs or have terrible injuries or chronic pain.

Yeah chronic pain as an immortal race sucks big time.

Sleeping Forrest is a place of healing, I just remembered. Immortal bodies take a long time to heal from some kinds of injuries though.

The Scarred One’s eyes opened as soon as I touched her forehead as she lay in the bed.

“She looks so peaceful. It feels like a crime to wake her,” Gina said with a teary eye.

“We don’t have a choice.”

“Do it.”

We sighed. I hate having to make her face her pain. She looks pained even while sleeping. But we do our duty.

The Scarred One sits up. Strangely she has an eerie awareness and stares unblinking. I think she senses that something is wrong, beyond just our waking her.

“They’re here. We need you,” one of her guards said.

But she’s somehow strange and different from the rest of us. While most of us like to be social, she barely talks and when she does it’s the bare minimum. In her silver threaded nightgown she looks up at the sky as if she can see through the roof.

Fairies shouldn’t be able to see through matter.

Can she…?

Her voice breaks the silence.

“They’re here aren’t they? They’ve finally come…” the Scarred One said with a sad voice.

I kind of pity her though, because she’s always sad even when it’s a happy time.

“They are…” I stammered out when her crystal blue eyes looked into mine waiting for an answer.

“What do you want us to do?” Gina asked.

“The only thing we can do. We need to activate another summoning. It’s the only way to keep this world from extinction,” The Scarred One said.

Both Gina and Virine gasped in pain and obvious shock.

“But that’s a spell created by dark races!” I protested.

She glared at me but didn’t say anything.

“That is really bad.”

“I know but…what else can we try? It can buy us some time,” she shrugged.

“But that spell is forbidden! It’s what the enemy uses,” Gina exclaimed with her hand over her mouth.

“We can twist it to our needs. I can reduce some of the ruin it will cause by tying in the energy to solar flares from the sun. Less people will die that way,” the Scarred One said.

“Wait, you said less but not none,” I said.

“That’s correct unfortunately. Life energy produces more mana than other types of sacrificial ritual magics,” she responded.

“Is there no other way?” I asked.

“No, there is not,” she replied firmly.

Virine couldn’t even speak.

I just scratched my head as I weighed things out.

Of all of us, The Scarred One is the most wise and kind being of all the fairies. She has further farsight than most of us by far, and the wisest. If she says we have to do a summoning, then that’s bad. I recalled what I knew of the spell. We’d obtained the ritual sequence, and spell from daemons trying to get the Egyptian mages to use it. In the process the demons were also trying to weaken this other planet Earth for other invasions after this world was conquered, as their next target.

This has an extremely high cost. Thousands of humans are used and instantly expired as reagents in the summoning from pulling people through such great distances from other worlds. And at best maybe only a few hundred will live through the transportation process between worlds.

I can’t believe she’d resort to using such a technique.

Was I wrong to trust her?

But, actually what if she pulls something besides humans? There wasn’t a guarantee she’d bring them. And also humans are unpredictable.

Gina is shaking my arm. “Hurry we have to get ready. This is a complex spell and we have like no time at all.”


Why do we have to use that spell?

It will mean more trouble. You know there’s no promise that good people come through it anyway. What if you accidentally pulled daemons from a daemon world?





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