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Dreamweaver Chapter 191






Shun POV





“Weeee seeekkk peacefulll coexistenceeee,” the half snake, half sex demon said before me. Its icky echoey snake voice was kind of strange and gave the opposite impression of wanting peace. And add to that that all of the strange creatures seemed to be staring so aggressively at him that something was definitely wrong with this picture. Every once in awhile they shoot off or secret ichor or something else slimy from various places in their body. 

Gosh these things are totally freaking disgusting and loathsome.

It didn’t approach us yet, but maintained a distance of some thirty feet away so we could see its strange features and the mutated sickly putrid women  stuck to it, melted into some reptilian putrid forms.

What the frick is this?! I almost said it aloud but didn’t want to freak Mallory out.

“What? Did he say?...” Mallory doesn’t know what to say. She also can’t help but stare at the things that used to be women attached to it, with a horrific look on her face. She looks terrified and my being with her might be helping her keep her sanity in check but also might be part of it if she fears we’ll become like them. But maybe our connection is also calming her in a way to.

We’d run all we could so far, but we were still stuck in the endless caverns deep under the deepest parts of the Earth where we were so far below the surface that no other humans had ever walked, and only a few dwarves. Eventually we reached a point where it was too hard to keep going. We’re now surrounded by these …things. And now here we were with those things trying to talk to us.

At first there were only two of them and we’d thought they would attack us at first, but when they cornered us instead of fighting it seems that they want to talk. Or maybe trick us? I’m not sure what they want. Maybe they were testing us?

“Um,…what’s going on here?” I asked.

“OH! How cute! It can already talk even for being so youngggg and juicyyyyyy,” one of the things said with its many voices. And like all of them, it too talked through the women appendages. It’s caterpillar like tail wriggles as it speaks.

“I want to talk to it boss, please!” the smaller one with only two women appendages said. He’s making his two women appendages raise their hands like school children.

“Now, junior, you know as well as I do that I call the shots,” the one with five women appendages answered back. Each time both of them talk they drip some kind of the grossest looking and sickly smelling putrid yellow like puss in large amounts.

“Yes boss. Sorry I was arrogant,” the smaller one said. He seems to have to put up with a lot because the demon with five women appendages is more than twice his length, and weight in many areas.

“We should talk in their language while we’re here. It would be rude of us to keep them out of the conversation,” the one with five feminine lizard women appendages said.

“OK, this is like creepier than fuck,” Mallory swore. She’s ready to strike while like six of the buggers have us surrounded. In the time of them trying to talk to us, others had sort of slither shambled up to us. But they can slither shamble pretty fast. Most of the others are quietly watching us. And I can tell also that more than a few of them have their eye on Mallory, which worries me even more.

And it seems that the lead organism is the one with the five mutant lizard women stuck to it in its phallic spines. It’d taken me some time to identify what the things were connecting into the hips of their women appendages, but finally scientifically it would probably be called a phallic spine angler connection.

Still very gross, even if I have a scientific basis for it.

“You….always…steal…the leader…spot…” gasped one of the other phallic wyrms. He seems to be the runner up for the biggest phallic wyrm, and trying to challenge him.

“Too bad, so sad,” mocked the leader with a strange echoey harsh laughter at the other one.

“It’s….my …turn….to interrogate….them…now,” the runner up guy challenged.

“So you wish to duel me for it? We can duel for the spot, but you remember what happened last time we dueled don’t you?” the one with five said back to it.

“Ugh….but….that’s ….not….fair….I’m still….damaged…from…that…time…can’t you….have mer…cy….for m….me?”

“Wasn’t sparing your life mercy?” came the reply.

“We sicken…while…others thrive…unfair…” the other heaved out in raspy trills.

“I will decide what’s going on. Your job is to back me up. Remember there aren’t many of us left,” the one with five appendages said back to him.

“Don’t say… that… in front… of him.”


“But….” The runner up protested again.

“Enough! Anymore and you will anger me!” he said. The narrow slits of eyes on the big boss guy make the others cower in terror.

Wow he really has them under his thumb too. Or thumbs in this case…

From now I think that’s what I’ll call them. They are some kind of mutant variety of sex demons, I think. But for now I think I’ll classify them as phallic wyrms, since that’s what seems to best describe them as. And their fleshy sack…resembles certain parts of anatomy that I’d prefer not to describe right now. I can scarcely believe what’s happening around us.

These are the grossest things I’ve ever seen in my life. And I never thought I’d see something grosser than some of the goblinoid tribal groups. This made goblins look like nothing.

“Why aren’t they attacking?” Mallory said while bent over ready to strike or run. Still being stuck in her I can only go with what she wants.

“I don’t know. They are obviously deranged and evil. I don’t understand it but they seem to be trying to decide what to do with us,” I whispered over her shoulder.

“So you can understand them?” she asked.

“Can’t you?”

“Nope, I don’t think so. What language is that?” she asked.

Weird…so somehow I’m picking up their dialogue. That’s scary in another way. I don’t want to evolve like them…damn it.

“Something isn’t right about this,” she whispered back. She paced back and forth impatiently and also very jumpy and scared. I think she’s afraid of being attached to one of them like the gross putrid women appendages they already have, after they kill me.

And Mallory would be quite a prize to them. I can see their covetous eyes roam over her body. She’s beautiful and strong, lithe and slim, with curves in the right places.

I kind of wish I could cover up her nakedness right now but the way we’re connected doesn’t let me do that. I can however keep my hands over her boobs, and my feet dangling in front of her…lower hip, which is what I’ve been doing this whole time.

“Oh how cute…it’s pet is so lively. My, my, what it must be like to be so young and in lust,” said the phallic wyrm with the five females stuck to it. For now I’ll call him Number Five, even though he’s like the king and the others seem to be like half worshipping him.

Strangely enough some of the other phallic wyrms look more caterpillar like than serpent like. And they have real caterpillar legs while their…female hosts are stuck in a position resembling riding its back but clearly not really ‘riding’ it like a horse at least.

“So what do we do with them boss?” one with three female hosts said. This guy looks a bit fresher than the others. His female hosts only look partly mutated. Infact his hosts are completely bald unlike the others, but at least they resemble human women in most other ways.

Mentally I label him as Number Three.

“So do we help it or eat it?” Number Five asked the group.

“Ahh such a tough decision to make…and its female is so good looking. She’d make a wonderful hostttt. Add herrrr…to my collectionsssss,” one of them said.

“I say we eat them. They look delicious. We have had only poor meat down here for so long,” one of them said with a strong ache in his voice.

“I second eating them. It’s a good plan!” one said.

His tentacles were slapped away by another. “Shame on you. It’s not nice to take from another’s plate. That’s bad manners,” the other said. Within seconds they are all bickering with each other about not just deciding our fate but who gets to eat us.

Huh…tentacles…they hide the tentacles behind their flesh or in the sack somehow so they aren’t always obvious. But most of them have one or two tentacles but not more than that. I’d almost missed it before.

“Ahh some of them have a tentacle…or two?” Mallory raised an eyebrow.

“This is…very weird huh?” I said.

“The weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. And I’ve lived for awhile,” she admitted.

They clearly won’t let us leave but it’s obvious they are studying us. Especially the one I nicknamed Number Five is studying us. He’s obviously the most dangerous.

“This is….wonderful….so long….since….a youngling…” the slow voiced sickly phallic wyrm said.

“Wait, what? Are you sure…he’s a youngling?” Another said in astonishment.

“Yeah… I’m… pretty.. sure…” the slow sickly voiced guy said again.

“Well if that’s true we can’t eat them right away. We have to discover their sec-crets,” the number five guy said again.

Many of the others agreed with him and I can see heads nodding.

“So strange ….to see…young. How many millennia has it been?” another said.

“Too long…” another admitted.

“Maybe it’s a sign?” the previous one said.

“Perhaps, or a resurgence astrological mergence?”

“…that isn’t up to us to concretely determine…”

“Yes, the others must voice their confirmation.”

Several of them nodded.

“What are you?” Mallory demanded.

“So impatient…you aren’t allowed to speak. Only your master may speak here. Do you understand?” the assistant guy that ran here first with Number Five said demandingly. He shook a tentacle at us violently but kept control of himself just barely.

Uh oh…

Mallory’s eye twitched but she nodded. “Looks like you are the master,” she whispered to me quickly as soft as she could.

“Can you tell me what you are? Please?” I asked.

“You…like us…..yes…that could….be arr…arranged…” the slow slug like sickly phallic wyrm said while gasping for breath.

“It could be one of us…but he smells different too,” another growled in its echoey voice.

“Long ago there was a battle for this planet. Many elder gods died and younger gods took their place. The war lasted for a thousand years. Those elder gods who died were incorporated into the demon realm and it’s expansion. We are what’s left of one of those elder gods thought to be dead tribal children, much like you would consider humans, dwarves, and orcs children of different guardians of this world,” Number Five said.

“So are you good or evil?” I asked.

The phallic wyrms laughed sarcastically with their many echoey voices. But others were also angered by it. “So childish to ask such a question. I’ll forgive you this once,” Number Five chided me. He then went into an eerie echoed rant about having manners and respecting elders.

“Good and evil…hahahaha,” another is laughing at us.

“Such a childish existence…” another chided.

“There… is no ….good…or…evil…only existence!” rasped the sickly one.

Others agreed with him.

I thought the response strange.

“You better be careful what you say to them. If they didn’t like you asking about good or evil then they can’t be making good choices either. People that are hiding something are the ones who don’t like it known that there is good and evil. He would only say that to hide something,” Mallory whispered to me as low as she could while they are studying us.

“How….do …we…know….it’s worthy….to be….one of….us?” the slow sickly fellow asked.

“That’s a good question boss,” the phallic wyrm with two females who was assistant to Number Five said while looking up to the leader.

“We must test the younglings worthinessssss!” another cried out fanatically.

“Hmm…let’s not be hasty. We need to understand each other yes? Let’s talk with it for a bit,” Number Five asked.

It’s weird to be surrounded by these strange things.

And I dare not tell them our names, or who we are. There isn’t enough trust yet. Plus even if they don’t kill or eat us, it’s actually worse because they would want to make me into one of them.

Death would be preferable.

“Aren’t….we…going…to b…p-p…punish it….for actions…against….Derzykkral?” the sickly phallic wyrm asked. Come to think of it, this guy’s attached humanoid females resemble slug women now with putrid nasty bodies that I really wished weren’t female. And they are bloated badly with pussy sores on them. Something is also really wrong about that guy even more than the rest, when they already long wrong and mutated to begin with.

“Do you know what you are?” Number Five asked me.

“No. Am I the same as you?” I asked.

Number Five sniffed the air a few times. “Hmm… smell is so similar but yet a bit different too. It’s hard to decide if you are the same or not. And even if you aren’t the same or are the same it’s been so long since we can remember the eons before time when there were several like usss to compare with. I have the best memory and yet its hard for me to remember what our younglings smelled like. What are you? You smell like us. That’s why we didn’t kill and eat you. You seem like us. So we should make you one of us. And I see you have your first host attachment. That’s good. I think we can accept him,” Number Five said to the group.

“We…should….vote….on it…,” the runner up sickly guy said.

The others agreed but Number Five scowled.

The phallic wyrms are arguing among themselves again about whether to vote or not.

“What? That sounds….what the fuck? You mean this is permanent?” Mallory’s jaw fell open and she’s in half panic.


“Easy. Be calm. We can’t let them see division right now among us. I’m with you in wanting to separate. Believe me,” I whispered while the phallic wyrms are talking around us.

“F-fine. But…I don’t want to look like those hideous deformed things on their phallic spines,” she said.

“Neither do I,” I said back.

Strange though that they can seem to understand us and vice versa; perhaps they have a language enchant and some magic ability?

If I didn’t have these manacle things on my wrists I’d know more because I wouldn’t be closed off from magic and would be able to tell.

“So do we kill them or eat them or adopt them?” Number Five asked the group.

“Adopt is…appropriate but…so hungry…I can’t hold…back…”

They kept arguing back and forth about it.

“Can I ask something?” I asked politely.

“Sure go ahead,” one of them said. They seem curious how we think too, as much as we’re curious about how to escape from them.

“So were you not originally demons then? What are you? Or we?” I asked them.

“Nope, not demons. Not originally. But when our creator was killed by other gods then we could no longer procreate because the spirits he would send into our wombs went to other gods. We had to take in strands of genetic material from other creatures, especially demons in order to survive and avoid dying, but we were cursed also by our creator being killed. That’s why had to alter our bodies and forms to become more adaptable and to survive through evolution. Somehow in the process we became more demon than anything else, but the other demons won’t acknowledge us as brethren. We fought against our natures at first, but in the end we were forced to embrace this fate. By having adapted and changing our structure and becoming able to join other life forms we have lived through several millennia down here in the deepest part of the earth hiding from the other gods and their watchdogs. We are able to survive and able to live through the harsh dark caverns that grow no food or water because of our ability to use a technique of mana copulation that lets us secrete our own water and food…yet to us this is a good life. In isolation we hide and build our strength, looking for the day of our revenge. And when we do find others we easily can kill and beat all of them, even small dragons can’t stand up to me. We can eat dwarves, goblins, or dark elves at our leisure. No one can stop us. Now those that hunted us no longer even remember we exist,” Number Five said.

The others had some kind of shady laugh, agreeing with him.

Mallory and I both cringed when he said that. To be able to stand up to a small dragon…that’s…some amazing strength. If what he said was true, and I suspect it was this was going to be a real problem.

“What does he mean by eat? Does he mean…eat or….like mating?” Mallory blushed while whispering to me.

Some of the phallic wyrms heard us and also laughed hysterically. I didn’t think it was that funny, but I guess they like sex jokes or something and their insanity. But her point was valid. According to what we’d learn from them, they have several ways of collecting energy besides digesting flesh.

“So are there more of you?” I asked.

Suddenly they stopped. Some of them looked twitchy.

“We….should test….it….before …any other….secrets…given…verify sameness of species,” the sickly guy advised Number Five.

“Agreed. A test of combat and mettle is in order. If it passes it shall be one of us and given… fair treatment. If not then…oh well…” Number Five’s ruling came.

They ended up clapping their tentacles together, strangely resembling social creatures.

“I don’t like the sound of that,” Mallory whispered.

Are phallic wyrms social then? I guess other creatures like incubi and sex demons would be somewhat social because the nature of how they collect energy makes them that way. But it’s still bizarre to see it, when they are obviously very evil and selfish.

The fudge?

“They are making us fight to the death? But against who?” I said to Mallory.

“More like against what?” she whispered carefully with serious looking red eyes.





Kess’ahr POV





Somehow we pulled the men over the last leg of the journey. It’s tough going up this terrain. Because I think this area used to be a prehistoric lava field there are all kinds of glass that cut into your shoes and feet, thus the need for military grade boots.

I pulled one of the men behind me up over the last cliff face we’d gone up and scaled. Then I spotted the next guy while keeping my ropes and mountain climbing gear always in check and secure. These guys aren’t good at mountain climbing either and that worries me.

One by one we got up the cliff face easily enough.

But then the last guy was the one in partial shock who just lost an arm. We had to secure his wound before pulling him up and that meant keeping two guys at the bottom behind him to help him up. Then we had to rig a rope basket to pull him up, since there’s no way to get up a cliff face like this with only one arm. Even with two arms this place is difficult.

At some point I find myself breathing harshly and raggedly as we pull ourselves up over the last bit and get our last man on the ground. We take a breather.

“Damn that’s hard,” someone said.

“You aren’t kidding…” another said.

“Why’d we pick that spot to go up anyway?” another asked.

“Are you serious? You don’t know what this cliff is?” The vice team lead asked.

“Um, no?”

“Should we?”

“It looks familiar somehow,” someone finally said.

“That’s because that’s called Devil’s Face. The cliff that’s killed more mountain climbers than any other in this region,” the team leader said.

They instantly went quiet.

“We just went up the Devil’s Face?” one asked in shock.

“It was my idea. Don’t be mad at your leader, you can be mad at me instead. But it seemed like the best chance to lose that thing if it were following us. And we have to assume that it would as soon as it recovers from the shock of the blows we gave it,” I said.

“You are sure it will come back though? Why? What would be the point?” the troublemaker asked again. He seems to like sifting the group into doubt and doesn’t miss a beat.

“There was a reason for…” I started to say but then I heard a harsh cry of something predator-ish. The long harsh cry sounds unhuman and long with the same blended echo of voices as that thing we fought earlier.

The men cry out in fear and shock.

“It’s back!”


“How can that be?! We stopped it!” someone said.

Within two seconds all of us are peering over the edge of Devil’s Face.

“There it is,” I said, seeing it below us at the bottom of the rock face over a hundred feet below us. Strangely enough all three of the women appendage things are awake now and crying out. And somehow the one that had a crossbow in its heart has fully regenerated from what should be a mortal blow.

It’s slamming its fists against the rock in anger and even looking up at us in fury.

“Why is it we can’t see it?” one of them asked.

“Because you don’t have a darkvision enhancing stone,” the team leader said looking at me and then glancing at his men. I noticed he flinched, probably he’s afraid that I’ll point out more things they are doing wrong but this is actually a government budgeting issue this time. I can see he has one on two. But most the squad probably couldn’t afford them. Plus when they can afford something like that, they usually go for a weapon first.

Idiots all of them, still; they should be looking for ways to overcome their weak spots.

Oh…perhaps I’m being hard on them. I should ease up.

We keep staring down at that thing.

“Shit, that thing never stops does it? How’d it get back up so quickly?” the team leader asked me.

“Regeneration ability of some kind; that’s the only way to explain it,” I said.

The team groaned.

Regenerative creatures are usually the most dangerous in all of the deep and dark places of the world because they have less fear of getting hurt. It makes them also hungrier, and bolder.

“Oh shit!” I heard the team leader say while looking down.

I’d been considering our next move after getting up the cliff, so I had to look back down.

My eyes nearly fell out of my skull I’m in such shock and awe.

“What is it?” the vice team leader said.

Everyone else is also terribly afraid and waiting for the news.

“It’s climbing up the cliff like it’s nothing,” the team leader said.

“We have to move fast!” I said.

Turning we began to move fast and almost at a half a job down what was a trail that I was sure would reach the Gauntlet.

“Do you think we’ll make it in time?” the vice team leader asked me.

“I don’t know…” I said.

It’s still a half a mile to the Gauntlet.

And Devil’s Face is only like a hundred to …or is it two hundred? I forget which…but that thing was moving up it like it was nothing difficult.

The men are sober, knowing there’s a good chance some of us won’t make it. And the guy with one arm is sure to faint from blood loss. When that happens I can’t carry him or I’ll die with him, even though I want to; he’s just too heavy and we’ve been fleeing at full speed for too long. There’s no way he can jog either. It will accelerate his shock. But still he keeps trying to go forward.

That’s true dwarven spirit right there; not giving up.

We keep moving towards the Gauntlet down the trail.

This part of the cavern is unique and there’s a strange phosphorescent lichen that grows here on everything, glowing in the dark and illuminating the cavern. It’s one of the unique places of the world that has light among a world that has absolutely no light.

But there’s a new problem too.

Ahead of us…the entire road all the way to the Gauntlet is full of hundreds of torn up goblin carcasses that are half eaten and broken up and crushed.

“What the hell is going on here?” the team leader exclaimed.

We’d had no security updates of goblins on the move either. Nor have we heard anything before leaving the city, of anything approaching the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is supposed to send a security beacon in form of a mana message from a mage living inside the Gauntlet’s core to Deep City if anything goes wrong or if anything approaches it.

I was sure to check for updates before we’d left the city.

And there was nothing…






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