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Dear Author!



As I was reading this story I had to voice my comments. I think you have so many things wrong! You need to fix this now! Only I have such editing skill as to help you with this. And there’s so many mistakes everywhere!

For starters…

Dwarven lives matter!

We wish to file a complaint against you. This is so unfair! Unfair I say! What you are doing is wrong. It’s not OK that you are portraying dwarves in a bad light. This is human supremacy tactics to rule over us dwarves! We absolutely protest this racism against the dwarven people! We also have proof this human supremacy group called the KKK absolutely does operate on this other planet that Shun and Gyle are from.

Those stories of dwarves doing those bad things absolutely didn’t happen! That one dwarf villain absolutely wasn’t a villain! He’s just misunderstood because he has a bad face only his mother could love. His wife left him for another dwarf, and he has to pay child support on seven children! Then his ex-wife talked bad about him in a coffee shop date after meeting another guy online and you must have heard it while writing that one chapter…He was just trying to run home quickly to give his grandmother her medicine that she badly needed to survive that used his whole paycheck! And his grandmother is so sickly and weak that she can barely reach the TV remote control these days on her own. He absolutely didn’t mean to run into that Shun fellow in the story on chapter so and so.


Where was I?

Oh yes and that dwarf guy accused of running into and hurting the so called ‘hero’ of that story just accidentally tripped while running when they collided while both carrying a bunch of equipment in shopping carts, with said equipment going to such and such orphanage to help needy dwarven orphans in the Southern Province’s capital. There absolutely wasn’t any form of sword fight or battle but just a traffic accident collision! As a fellow dwarf I have to protest how dwarves are painted in a bad light in this story! It’s so unfair!

And your people say except we repent and change that all dwarves should or would perish. How do you know the thoughts and intents of our hearts? How do you know that we are evil and have cause to repent? How do you know that we are not a righteous people too? Behold, I would say to you that we have churches too, and that we assemble together to worship God to just like the other races but not with blood sacrifice like the orcs. We do also believe in a faith that a creator god will save us.

Don’t you know that we are a righteous people too!

And regarding the dwarven prisons they are absolutely up to code and everyone is treated well with three meals a day and cable TV! All the prisoners in there are treated way better than any other comparable prisons by other people. So we accidentally convicted one guy, so what? We’re not proud of it but mistake convictions do happen on all worlds, even rpg worlds where good always wins. The fact is human prisons on Earth have a higher mistaken conviction rate than dwarven prisons. And this Shun fellow technically should be purged if he really has demon blood. But that’s not racism! That’s just me speaking out to save the other dwarves from oppression!

Dwarven lives matter!

Please cease this mistaken portrayal as dwarves as greedy avaricious evil types! It’s so unfair and causes a higher unemployment rate among dwarves being interviewed by humans for the same jobs as they interviewing for other humans! If people keep thinking dwarves are villains the dwarven employment rate outside our own countries and worlds will absolutely suffer!

Think of the children!

Dwarves aren’t evil. We’re just misguided and misunderstood often. People think we love gold more than people but that’s only because we believe we can feed a lot of people if we have a lot of gold. So if we hoard mountains of it we’ll be able to someday save the world once we reach phase two.

Also author, you got it wrong I absolutely only have two mistresses, not three or four. And there absolutely was full disclosure between the mistresses when I got a new one without hiding anything! I was cutting down on them and absolutely don’t have any kind of Rina fetish whatsoever!!!

Also the audience seems to think the story is about Shun, but it’s actually a story about that that Svinn guy, who is unbelievably handsome and strong as he strives to get his favorite girl <censored> back from the villain. And you need to correct the audience into remembering which is the true protagonist!

<Censored>; A certain dwarven hero in the Southern Province capital…



PS; it’s illegal for dwarves to mate with rabbitkin. That absolutely doesn’t happen! You should take those chapters out! We’re so tired of seeing the dwarves picked on by the humans and everyone else too. it's only tolerated between human lovers if they are of noble class and with sufficient bribes too. 

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