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Dreamweaver Chapter 187





I feel so sleepy. I don’t know if I can go any longer. My chin is in the crook of Mallory’s neck and shoulder still. She’s currently carrying me since we’re still stuck together but I’m trying to think about the dangers around us rather than certain things... At the same time, Mallory stopped our advance from going any closer. Well it’s not like I can do anything stuck in her anyway.

“I think I’ve figured this out,” she said.

“Are you sure? We know nothing about this area,” I contested.

“Yes, but my instincts as a predator do tell me a few things already,” she flashed a smile only vamps can do, half turning her head towards me. She looks a bit thoughtful but it’s hard to read people from behind. Actually all this time I’ve had a hard time not admiring what a tight athletic baby face over what seems like almost like a big breasted lolicon body that she has. There’s no sagging in the behind and ass, which can be a bit disgusting if it’s too much.

“Figured what out?” I said.

“Why, what’s going on with you, of course. The problem of you being stuck in me isn’t hard to figure out the cause for. For vampires it’s a similar circumstance that we deal with in a way,” she noted with a smirk. Then she sort of shook her ass to tease me while I’m stuck inside.

“You sound pretty confident,” I noted with scrutiny.

“That’s because I am.”

“But why? How are you sure? I’m not sure what you mean,” I said.

“This is such a strange position you know. I’ve never had a dick stuck inside me. But actually…it’s not as bad as I thought,” she said while blushing.

“But I’m only saying that because I kind of….l-l-l-like you…I mean. I mean if that’s OK of course master?” she blushed while trying to overcome her bashfulness.

“Um you got side tracked. We were talking about what’s going on?” I reminded her.

“Ahh that’s true huh? Well actually I was trying to tease you a bit before telling you what I know. But I do really have noted a few things about this area and this set of remains,” her eyes twinkled with mischief.

“So you know something? Has it ever happened before?” I asked.

“Maybe…maybe you have to play along before I’ll tell you,” she had a playful smirk.

“Like how play?”

“Oh you know…certain things, maybe,” she winked and shook her ass grinding me inside her. But then she shivered and one of her eyes screwed shut tightly. Even if I can’t pull out for some reason I can function normally in sex and she takes advantage of this. We can only manage doggy style and reverse cowgirl positions though.

I couldn’t resist it either.

We kept at it for a good two hours. Plus somehow it’s adapting to keep Mallory’s vampire hunger in check by replacing with sex demon hunger feeding somehow…I think. I haven’t figured out why and how that works though.

“OK out with it. We need to focus,” I said.

“But that break was so short,” she complained.

As expected, vampires are a pain in the ass sometimes because they are so used to being beautiful. You need curb them with heavy discipline.

“Uh….now isn’t good. We need to stay alert, in case of trouble,” I said.

“That’s….ahh….can’t think…what did you say?” she asked while grinding.

I couldn’t help but laugh with her too. “I forgot what you were…saying too,” I grunted.

She wiped a bit of drool off the side of her mouth. “Ahh…too bad. I like this…” she ground up against me some more.

“We…really should be…trying to….do our mission,” I said.

“Ahhh….yes….wait…our mission? I want our mission to be like this…non-stop fun all the time,” she said while pistoning up and down. She’s relishing the feeling of me sawing in and out of her. She even had to try to remember what she was saying.

“Oh yes!” she added.

“No! We have…work…” I tried to get back to reality.

“Screw work…this is our….work…yes! Haha, that’s a pun. Our work is screwing! Wheeeeeeeee! I can’t believe you came to me…out of all the demons and vampires you could have….arghghh chosen! You chose me!” she said while suddenly crying in mid-sex. She tightened even further around me.

“Wait, your…squeezing too …hard,” I gasped.

She then came but was clutching me so tightly she even picked me up off the ground with her vaginal crevasse, which is totally impossible unless you were a demon or undead.

“I….won’t ever….let you out,” she gasped.

I tried to resist but she’s too strong. At some point it became non-stop sex. It took me a long time to satisfy her and I had to make her cum at least three times before she was exhausted. I avoided several times her trying to bite me savagely but just barely. Whenever she did try to do so, I caused a vaginal reaction to distract her enough to make the bite fail.

“Ahh, that’s so good. I’m not going to let you go when this is all finished,” she said again with her smirk. She doesn’t want to admit she’s happy but somehow she is.

I won?

I guess I did, since I’m still alive.

She shook her head. “Actually I haven’t heard of it happening. But you are part demon correct,” she asked.

“Yeah, that’s the problem. I never wanted to be one,” I growled.

She looked sympathetic. “Neither did I actually. I was turned against my will. I was targeted for my looks, just like other vamp girls often are targeted the same way before they are turned. That’s why I have trouble controlling my hunger. I was turned before I’d fully realized what I want out of life and now I’m fighting against it unsuccessfully. I’ve had trouble with it for years because of bitterness that I have trouble letting go and from it not being peaceful or my choice in becoming a vampire.”

“That’s interesting,” I said.

“I ….I’m not ready to t-t-talk about that right now,” she said turning her head away.

“Well anyway you were going to suggest a hypothesis?” I asked to change the subject back to something that was OK.

“Right. OK, so you are part, half or hybrid demon. But you are wearing mana leaching shackles to make it too hard for you to cast spells. That about sums it up right?” she asked.

“Yeah that’s right,” I noted.

“Well think about how that might mix together. It would create some strange effects, particularly if you had parts of a sex demon that were from a very powerful one,” she said.

“You think it’s a powerful one …where the parts came from I mean?” I asked.

“Only an adaptable one could sort of mix up and adapt its biological functions. That’s why I think the parts came from something powerful,” she said.

“I don’t get it,” I said.

“Yes you do think about what I just mentioned about adapting,” she gave me a funny look.

“Wait…ahhh you are right,” I said.

Adapting was the key!

“It’s not your fault for not seeing it earlier. How could you? It’s trying to perceive and think about something you’ve never comprehended before,” she said with concern.

“So what exactly would happen to a magic based existence put in something that blocks mana?” I asked.

“Probably you’ll continue to get sick and die,” she said.


“Think about it. I’ve noticed i. And so have you. How often have you felt tired today? You are sleepy and trying to feed more than usual, oh wait that part was from me I think,” she asked me.

“Shit…all day. And it started right after I’d gotten up,” I growled grumpily.

“So it’s already started,” she noted.

“So what do I do?” I asked.

“Well we have to get the mana leaching shackles off you somehow but that’s not going to be easy. The spider mother would easily have the strength to do it, but she’d eat you instead. Plus it would hard to not have her mash your arms into jelly while doing so. She might think you taste good and that’s a problem too. I’m the only one allowed to think you taste good heh,” Mallory chuckled.

“Like hell I’ll let her do it. That’s like using an an explosion to kill a fly,” I said.

“Exactly. But the question remains how long do you have before you’ll get …well…for lack of better words to sick to live, maimed, or dead. You are a magic creature that needs magic to live. All demons have magic part of their inherent biological functions,” she said.

“Shit,” I exclaimed.

“That’s right. It’s that bad. So I figure your fatigue should probably be increasing by the day. And you wouldn’t have been sick the first day or two in the shackles but your body isn’t able to circulate mana properly,” she said.

“That’s true. I’ve felt strange lately though I couldn’t tell why,” I said.

“And you got stuck in me because with your demon DNA your body is programmed to react and feed of others, and especially much of your biology is based on using mana to feed some of its processes. And it just so happens that vampires have a lot of magic interacting with our biology too. So when you were having sex with me and being partly a sex demon your ‘tool’ latched onto me in order to survive by feeding off me similar to an external umbilical cord but also it was looking for an alternate mana source. We also think this is how vampires originally evolved too. At least I do anyway,” Mallory said.

“Um…how is that possible?” I asked.

It seems crazy to even think that. I wonder how she even thought of it.

She frowned. “It shouldn’t be. But if you were desperate and your body wanted to feed badly enough, particularly if you’d recently acquired something that lets you alter reality…”

Wow, I can’t believe this.

So am I going to be like stuck in Mallory for good?

I mean I kind of like it in a way. But I couldn’t go outside like this. Or meet anyone. Or have a normal life. How would I live like this anyway?

And the most obvious thing I haven’t told her is I’d barely acquired a very, very small amount of ‘stock’ in alter reality as crossover from Fox.

So that’s how this happened.

“Well at least we figured it out,” I said.

“Ahh so I was right huh?” she gave me a smug look, which appears something like ‘uh huh look who is the boss’.

“Well I don’t know what else could explain it. There’s also lack of proof but it seems logical,” I was thinking aloud.

“I think it’s a solid theory. But I just don’t know how to ‘prove the math’,” she shrugged.

“OK so we did figure out this problem. So the next thing is just we have to get these shackles off me and then I should be fine,” I said.

“I think so…but I might worry a bit actually about what would happen if your connected to me too long. Well that is I would have if it didn’t feel good,” she said.


“Right but I can’t emphasize enough…that if you pull out of me before we get the shackles off then you might die or sicken a lot faster and get more tired. Your body did that as an emergency reaction to get emergency power since it runs on mana and the like. So be careful!” Mallory urged.

“In other words I shouldn’t cut the connection then,” I pointed out the obvious.


“Right I get it. We still don’t know how to get something this durable off me though,” I sighed.

“Oh shit, hide,” Mallory said. Her sharp senses had picked up sounds from still far off. She’d heard footsteps coming down the trail ahead of us, the hidden trail we’d just discovered.

So we’re about to find out more about this place huh?

Mallory can move fast when she wants too and this area isn’t quite as vertical as the cavern before. While I’m piggy backed onto her she begins climging up the rock facing at an angle that will pull us out of sight of these …whatever lives in this area. She also doesn’t want to be seen with no clothes and with me stuck in her cunt.

I still feel nervous about what she saw though.

We then heard a bunch of yapping in some weird language as the figures went down the trail. It’s still muffled but I can tell from the sound that it is approaching close to us.

To be careful Mallory manipulates us at the edge of hearing range of these guys, and it just so happens that’s a bit further than most darkvision for dwarves she says. Plus she is hiding and not in the open. Since she preyed on people for blood in the dwarven city she is aware of the range of typical dwarven vision unfortunately. It’s a fact that I’m not happy that she knows but right now it’s going in our favor.

But the other problem is that they might not be dwarves. Dwarves’ language didn’t sound exactly the same, unless this is some weird dialect? And we only used the dwarves’ infravision range limit as a base because it’s logical even though we are aware it could be anything bipedal and humanoid.

It didn’t sound like orcs or goblins?

She backs against the rock face smothering me while she’s face forward towards the pit in front of me. We’re both out of sight I think…but I can only trust her word on this since my dark vision is very low range.

Why did she do it this way? It’s an awkward position.

“I have to hear them,” she said.


“Your dwarven language enchant was turned off by the prison guards and the dwarven legal people remember?” she asked.

Tch…she’s right.

We watch…or she watched.

My darkvision is still incompetent and like we’re blind.

“Tell me what you see,” I whispered.

She nodded, tucking her dark curls of hair behind her ears and smiling gently.

Mallory really is beautiful. It’s probably messing me up just to see her gloriously beautiful figure naked all the time. Will it wreck my mind and make me want to see other girls like that all the time, is my worry. It’s interesting to be carried around by her in many ways. I find myself more curious about what kind of life she’s had and why she’s turned out the way she did.

“Looks like a border patrol team maybe? They look like border scouts or soldiers, with light arms…huh that’s weird…” she whispered carefully.

I waited before she thought it was safe to continue.

Below us I can see the gleam of some kind of glowy crystals in torch like structures with a long staff handle being held by the little men below us. Mallory can see them but I can’t because her head and long hair are in the way.

Is Mallory trying to make me dependent on her I wonder?

It’s possible…she’d wanted so much sex lately that she might be drawn in and thinking she’s trying to be the one dominating me instead.

“I count 11 guys in some kind of squad. But the weird thing is only half of them are dwarves but the others are NOT,” she said confused.

“Wait, let me look again,” she leaned forward a bit while keeping a good hand hold with her arms and vampire claws into the rock. She only poked the top of her head out this time.

“OK, this is weird. They are like albinos of some kind. Albino dwarves and what look like a bunch of rabbit people,” she said.

Rabbit people?

Of course!

That corpse didn’t look like dwarves and did seem to be a beastkin type people! This whole time I’d been trying to figure it out!

“So are the rabbit people albinos too or only the dwarves?” I asked.

“Yeah pretty much bit of both but more of the rabbits have that gene than the dwarves. And the rabbit albino types aren’t much different in height from the dwarves. But surface rabbitkin are the height of humans with these being much shorter. It’s clear their gene pools have interacted or both groups wouldn’t have albinoism apparent in their genes, so I find that quite strange because dwarves near the surface try to isolate their gene pools from other species’. This makes this group most curious and unique! So it seems that both groups have probably been stuck down here together inbreeding with each other for centuries. That would also explain why both groups are both albinos,” she said scientifically.

And the lack of sun down here or any light at all that wasn’t created magically probably fueled things a lot in helping the albinoism trait spread probably huh, I thought to myself.

“So would we be able to follow them out to find a way to the surface or do you think this community is really that isolated?” I whispered.

She shook her head. “If they had contact with other groups then I doubt that as many of them as there are would have this many albinos like they are. They even have the red eye trait you sometimes see in some animal albino species. I hope their blood doesn’t taste like garbage from being inbred though,” she muttered.

She then licked her lips thoroughly.

I will have to remind her of our goal I think.

Ahh that’s another really super, super bad problem.

I don’t want to be a co-conspirator with Mallory’s committing violence against people. But she has to drink blood. And I’m stuck in her…

This is so complicated. I worry that if she hurts someone I’ll partly be a well…a part of it. And I don’t want that. I’ve always tried to be a decent person since coming to this world.


The day just got way hellishly worse, thinking about how complicated a vampire girl is.

“We’re going to have to follow them to their town without their knowing we’re here,” Mallory noted.

“Yeah, I get it,” I said.

“So you think they have a town nearby?” I asked as I thought about it.

“Yeah but it’s a question of how far it is. It’d bothered me that the skeleton we found earlier didn’t look outfitted for long range travel far from cities. With this group its as good as proof that something like a city is close. Dwarves will go pretty far if they can sustain monsters or if it’s for wealth though as another issue so we have to account for that affecting it too. But they don’t like to be out in the open without a fortification or siege or defense armor devices too and they don’t have those. On the other hand their weapons look completely different from that other group of dwarves from before that betrayed us master. They are programmed biologically to be fortifying stuff always and live in fortifications much like how some sea creatures have shells on their backs,” she said.


“And I don’t have to remind you, not to expose us. There is no way they would have any mercy on some kind of demon. Whether vampire or sex demon, good races execute all of us. And we would be totally vulnerable like this if they spotted us,” she said.

She didn’t really have to say that but I can feel the anger and tension in her voice. She’s afraid I’ll turn her in or ditch her I guess. Maybe Mallory has never been able to trust anyone before. And with me stuck inside her, she can’t really wear clothes very well.

So any kind of contact is no good. Only espionage would work well right now.

“I won’t hurt you,” I said.

She gives me a funny look. “We’ll see. I hope that’s true.”

“But I don’t want you to murder anyone in exchange for being trustworthy,” I said.

“Being trustworthy isn’t easy. Do you realize how far you’d have to go to protect it?” she asked.

“That’s true. But hey they are moving lets’ follow them,” I said.

We can see the little line moving.

Mallory has to work hard to keep up and she can’t climb sideways over the nearly vertical wall easy. We still maintain a distance of not even being on the same trail but like above and to the side of them up the rock face. And that means we have to make sure to not disturb pieces of loose rock while we move further complicating things.

While we keep going the line of little albino rabbitkin half-dwarves and normal albino dwarves moves ahead. We still try to keep up though they are also going slow enough to try to watch out for other predators reminding us that our two groups mind not be the only thing down here. Right now they only don’t look our way because there’s nothing making them look this way. There’s not any reason their magic lights can’t see in the dark or have some amplification effect on their dark vision I realized.

Crap, that’s bad.

We keep moving forward.

It was touch and go. We nearly got lost. Sometimes there would be clever places where the trail seemed to disappear or hide them from following us which was some kind of architectural design. And we still had to hang back because they would know if we got too close.

Then the little group of men was attacked by those giant chimeira bat things that we’d seen earlier.

Two of them dive bombed the little men but they shot the first one down with magic, someone how detected it before it attacked. Then the second one was repelled by their long sharp spears, designed to stab it before it could snatch them away like a hawk going after chickens.

After several minutes of fighting the men kept moving.

We somehow also avoided the close call of the chimeira bats giving away our position. Had the two bats gone after me and Mallory then the little group of dwarves and rabbit kin would have been able to notice we were there. It’s another close call I don’t want to repeat.

“Crap I lost them,” Mallory said after we came around a bend.

“Dang it. Hold up back up a bit. We’re approaching too fast. We could get spotted,” I warned.

Sure enough we barely missed being spotted by a scout a few minutes later. Then he went around the same bend as the others.

But when we went around the bend there was nothing there.

It then took us a good half hour to figure out what was the problem.

“Oh I get it. This is a tricked up rock face to look natural but isn’t one,” Mallory said.

“EH? What?”

When we got to the where the trail branched out into a string of handholds everywhere with holes and rocks everywhere that are basically like huge caves that resemble bomb shelters. And the trail goes into nine different ones arranged like a grid pattern of a number 1 through 9 phone button setup.

“See, this isn’t even a wall or cliff. It’s a secret gate!” she whispered.

“EH? If it is there might be lookouts?” I suggested.

We backed up for a good twenty minutes to make sure there wasn’t anything at watch but we ended up only wasting time. Their fake gate wall is so good that they don’t even guard it on this side. On the other side of it there probably is some sentry system I’m sure.

We’d lost the little men earlier going into one of these because Mallory couldn’t keep up with them. And they’d used the secret hiding features of the gate to make it so that we couldn’t see where they went at all.

She’s mad that we got lost and because of it her teeth are exposed as she’s on edge.

Shit, I better be careful around her right now. She’s dangerous when she’s moody.

“What do you think it is?” I asked.

“Probably they live somewhere inside it,” she said.

“Is that your experience saying that? I don’t see a city,” I said.

She snorted. “Of course you don’t. Dwarves are too smart for that. That’s the epitome of the best of their engineering. They want you to not know there is a city there and for good reason. They’d always be fighting stuff if things knew they were here.”

“But how are you sure it’s a city and not something else? I do hope it’s a city but where the signs of civilization? I don’t see smoke. I don’t see trash. And most obviously I don’t see buildings or people,” I said.

“Yeah, these guys are good. Apart from this cave system with the nine tunnels that form the secret moving system of traps, you would never guess they were here. But I’m sure this is the entrance. I can’t get us in though because you have to interact with it in the right order or it won’t open. And they might spot us pretty quickly if we lounge about,” she said.

“So you think they went into one of these nine holes in a certain order, but which sequence?” I asked to confirm.

“Yeah but eight of them are deadly booby traps and then you probably have to go through it twice more after they shift. Stuff you don’t walk away from like dropping you into a vat of acid or a volcano tube with a real magma bath, that kind of stuff. Even vampires can’t live through that. So we can’t just go in blindly. I also smell spells and spell work around all of this so they might even be watching the entrance. We can’t go in just yet. Any traps here would be deadly too, so we have to figure out a way of knowing which ones are safe,” she said.

“This was made probably by a whole team of really clever geomancers and fortification mages and engineers,” she said.


We’re stuck again.

Dwarven traps are legendary from killing you in one shot too, I’d already learned from living in the city miles above us. And once even one of these gets set off then the other dwarves will know something dangerous is outside. Then they’d naturally send in their army to clean up whatever they can find.

So we’ve found another dwarven city?

But I’m tired and sick of dwarves…




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