Dreamweaver Chapter 185





Although we had to keep going soon, somehow we  decided to rest.

I have to feed Mallory first and often or we might not wake up. And the only safe position for sex with a vampire is from behind. At least that’s my hypothesis. She could lose control and try to bite me, or not. I don’t know for sure how good or bad her self control is, though her inner desire seems to want to be in control of herself . But I should feed her before any kind of rest because of the chance that she could lose control in the night.

Mallory also confirmed it with her own thoughts spoken aloud, “Shun, you should feed me before we rest.”

So it’s confirmed. I find myself instantly aroused. It sounds interesting actually but the trick is surviving it.


“Yeah definitely,” she answered back.

“You are taking this whole no clothes thing pretty well actually,” I said.

“Well vampires spend all their time trying to blend in. And there’s nobody out here, jeez we must be like miles below the surface. And also if you had something to spare you would already be giving it to me I think,” she added.

“That’s true.”

“In a natural state like this who knows if this is how it would be if we weren’t required to camouflage with humans. And we get tired of it too. I’ve lost all my humanity and your pheromones have clouded my judgment a lot right now too,” she said. Her gaze is burning with desire as she’s fixated on me while I lean to look at her face and she’s looking at mine.

“So do you feel bad I dominated you?” I asked.

“No, definitely not…..a.rrghkk…..” she suddenly is breathing hard as things heated up.

The question I’d asked her was partly to know but also to distract her while I started working on her.

Because I just thrusted my huge sex demon penus into her vaginal area hard from behind. And she’s even wetter than normal. Our other hypothesis is that if I feed her this way she won’t need blood, or won’t need it as much if I can adapt her to other fluid besides blood.

Wow, she’s tight and hot.

Wait, the tightness is her squeezing me and trying to milk every drop.

“Ohh, that’s….mmmm good,” she moaned. Her vampire fangs are fully extended now with her jaw open. She’s also trying to resist biting me with jerking her head back up almost like a tick.

Within seconds I’m pumping in and out of her hard.

“Yes! More!” she cried out.

I try to also stay quiet.

“Ohhh, jeez….ahhhh….don’t…stop!” she gasped,

Then she pulled my legs tighter around her while I’m basically impaled into her from behind while hanging from her big swollen tits. Oh wow, that feels so snug and tight while I’m wrapped around her bubbly tight demon girl hips.

“Oh….yes….hang like that. Yank on my boobs and jerk them hard. Put all your weight into hanging from my tits!” she cried out with a hiss.

“No way! They’ll tear or become deformed!” I objected.

“Ah….ckk…..that’s….so good….Yeah I don’t wa…nt….deformmmMED! Yessss! Rip my boobs! Tear at my flesh! Be violent on my nippleeessssssssssssss,” she gasped again.

Um…seriously. She’s got some weird ass fantasies. I guess she can say stuff like that because she’s a vamp but a normal girl wouldn’t do well acting out such things. There’s no way I’m going to do half the shit she’s trying to get me to do, but on a hardcore enduring vampire body its tempting to try some of the stuff she wants. Instead I’m just keeping hold of her boobs while pumping in and out of her.

She’s then trying to saw my legs back and forth against her ass to make me penetrate in and out of her sloppy cunt faster and harder. I keep pinching her nipples while she’s doing it. Then I had to block her trying to swing me around in front of her because that position is too dangerous, which is why she’d warned me against it earlier when her head was clear. The harder and rougher the sex gets the more her judgment can get clouded.

“That’s…..gooooooooood! Ahh, yess feed me bitch. I love that when you spill it inside me,” she hissed.

While my monster sized cock is sawing in and out of her she’s crying out in wild abandon. I can feel it stirring up the juice and wetness inside her cunt. It’s also easier to work in and out of her than it is for the other girls, except somehow she can still feel tight around the labia. Then at some point she fell onto her knees and sank to the ground, giving more leverage and grip over her body.

“Ohh jeeez…..keep it upPPPPPPPPPP!” she gasped again while still working my legs against her to saw me in and out of her while I hang onto her.

But then I can see her jaw snapping. This is a warning to stay away from the front and jaw areas of her face.

Dangerous stuff again.

I have to move to counter it while using pressure points on her arms to keep her still. And I can see the claws on her fingers have lengthened a bit too from her bloodlust. That’s another danger but she’s at least trying to hang onto control. She does need my help though.

I really need to get the mana shackles off my wrists soon if I want to live to my next birthday.

“You’ll have to be careful your nails don’t cut me,” I warned her.

While her jaw opens and shuts with the sharp vampire teeth exposed I then change the shackle chain to be in her mouth for bite control. But will it work, or is it just a placebo? Surprisingly it doesn’t hurt her neck, head or teeth while she uses the chain to bite on while I’m fucking her from behind. She groans heavily and louder even than Rina in sex.

Then she ends up kneeling against the ground on all fours while I pound her from behind hard.


“Oh yes! Keep going!” she shouted.

“Be quiet! The spiders will hear!” I said in an annoyed tone.

“Fuck the spiders! This is…heaven! Better than….bloooddddd!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she cried out with a girlish moan when she came. When she came it was in several long spurts that carried over for a few minutes. I wish humans could do that. It’s unfair that vamp girls have all the advantages for sex. But it also makes her pre-conditioned to being under my control. With a longer streak of orgasms together, coupled with my pheromones there’s no way she can pull her head out of my aphrodisiac cloud now.

I keep pounding her from behind when she froze in one spot with her eyes wide. I yanked on her nipples while she kept cumming over and over.

Undead can repeatedly cum? That’s not fair. Vampires are totally cheaty in so many ways. At some point I’d gotten mad at her from jealousy and began spanking her ass hard to punish her. But when I came in her for the second time an hour later she tried to bite me. I pulled away just in time, keeping the chain in her mouth.

Grabbing her clitoris I mashed against it so hard she came again.

I meant to make her collapse in pain but instead she got off on it again.

“Oh do that again!” she pleaded.

“Mallory? Are you a masochist?” I asked.

“Lots of vampires are…when you can heal from woundsssss as quickly asssss we can. There’s nothing wrong with the beauty of wanting thissss kind of pure joy that only you can give. I love how you dominated me prince. Just I hope you won’t have your harem too big because I have more needsss than the othersss. Plus we can’t have a normal life and lossse some feelingssss in our soulssss from the lossss of humanity. It cries out to ussssss in other wayssss you know?” she defended.

“Fuck me harder Sssshun!” she said.

But then her tempo changed. “Um Shun…we have to get up.”


I keep fucking her hard. She’s gasping and tremoring with it. “Oh shit. I want to stay like this forever,” she said.

I get worried when she said that. She might really mean it. It’s just not possible to do that endlessly and I’m worried it might even hurt me to try it.

“We have to go now, the spider queen is definitely asleep. This might be our only chance to go,” she whispered hoarsely while moaning. She tried to reach back to kiss me I think but she can’t because of the shackle chain around her.

“OK, can you see a route we can take?” I asked.

“Yeah I can. Let’s go,” she said.

But then there’s a new problem.


“Yessss lover?” she asked.

“Eh? I’m your lover now?” I asked her.

“Ssssure, kkkeeeeeh Prince. If you can make me cum that many times in what two hours I won’t let you get away,” she said sweetly.

“Um…that’s nice…thanks? I guess?” I responded.

“Wait, has it really been two hours?” I exclaimed.

“Yeah something like that,” she said.

“Dang, I lost track of time,” I said feeling bad about losing control. Oh well, at least I remembered it all and felt.

Mallory might just be the best sex toy yet that I’ve acquired. Well except for Asakura of course.

“How come you sound disappointed?” she shot back moodily.

“Well I’m honored. I think it’s cool, but how do we be lovers without you eating me?” I asked.

“Ahh. That’s a problem. I admit it. We’ll have to work that part out. But for starters I can drink your cum and the cream pie you left in me. Its biology based though it’s not actually blood,” she said sadly.

“But if it’s not blood do you even get anything from it?” I asked.

“Well I get some from it. Blood by itself isn’t all blood cells anyway but has like half of it plasma similar to water. That’s not that different than you’re cum,” she said sexily while already trying cup and drink our mixed together cup and locking it from her fingers.

I’m not into that sort of thing but for a vampire they are built to be resistant to biohazards of any kind so it doesn’t seem as gross. Plus it’s hot that she’s looking at me like I’m an Ice cream popsicle…in a way. In another way it’s scary.

“OK, I’d like that. But I just don’t want to die or get eaten OK? You have to do whatever it takes to stay in control,” I said.

“Yeah that won’t be easy. I’ll need constant feeding. Constant…you get it? But I think I can adapt to your fluid over blood. I can feel its nourissshment.” she said intensely.


“Yesssssss. I need more cummm,” she said huskily.

“Now wouldn’t be bad,” she added.

“Well that’s what we’re doing now right?” I said while still moving my cock back and forth in her.

“Oh I love this…if we do this every day…somehow I think I’m getting energy from you. It’s better than hurting people too. Perhaps I might get more control? I wonder about this,” she said.

“Is that even possible?” I asked.

“I don’t know. It shouldn’t be. But I don’t feel blood thirsty after you fuck me for a few hours at least. And my energy is good. I’ve never liked that I had such poor control over my urges for blood and violence. I wanted to destroy myself several times but my master wouldn’t let me,” she said.

“OK, well let’s climb out of here before that thing wakes up,” I said.

“Good,” she said.

But then I stopped.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I can’t pull out? I’m stuck?!” I exclaimed.

Somehow after she said that is getting energy from me, at that point my cock was in so deep that I didn’t think anything bad about it. And it felt good enough that I didn’t want to pull out. And I think I slept with it in actually the night before because it’s grown a lot and it helped keep her under control. But now it’s clear that I’m stuck balls deep in Mallory’s cunt from behind.

“I can think of worse problemssss, to have,” she giggled with a slight hiss.

“I guess I’ll have to just ride you like this while you climb down for both of us,” I said.

“EH? You’re OK with that?” she asked.

“I’m Ok with it. I just don’t want you to feel bad,” I said.

“Are you kidding? This is fucking awesome! I still feel like the horny wetness feeling of you fucking me but it’s just milder like a pulsing sensation. I’m like high all the time now. So if you can’t pull out that’s good for both us! YES!” she said giggling.

“OK you are weird,” I joked.

I think this is extremely weird. I don’t like that I can’t pull out. That means something is wrong. It’s a new problem to overcome.

“Of course I’m weird. I’ve got Gothic fetishes and I was fed blood and violence for over a century kid. That’s going to mess with my head a bit,” she admitted freely.

For being a bit of a whack job, Mallory is still kind of hot.

“Yeah but I’m happy for once. I never liked being a vampire. And now I get to be your monster fuck toy! I can’t even explain why this shouldn’t work on so many levels but somehow I feel good,” she said.

“OK, so what do we do?” I asked.

“For now keep your arms around my neck, and just sort of hang there I guess? If you can still fuck me back and forth while I climb down that sounds impossible but I wouldn’t mind it,” she said while smiling and trying to look bad at me.

“This is so weird,” I said.

“Yeah tell me about it,” she said while standing up.

I thought when she stood up with me still as deep as possible in her cunt that it would force me out but that’s not working either. Somehow I’m still ending up hanging off her hip in piggy back position while she’s walking around. But because I’m stuck so deep into her cunt it’s like I don’t have to hang on as much thought it feels pretty tight from all my weight centered in one spot.

This would normally hurt a normal human. But vampires seem to take it.

“This doesn’t make you tired does it while I’m riding you piggy back style stuck inside you?” I asked.

“Nope. Since I’m a vampire it doesn’t, but only because of the vampire parts of me being durable and strong with good endurance. It’s also good training for me. But a normal girl this would probably cripple her and fuck up her spinal cord for life. But this is how I want it,” she said.





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