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Dreamweaver Chapter 182




I gasped when I felt Mallory’s teeth in my shoulder. At first there was a snip of like what felt like a wet cut but no pain, and then a bit more than that as her jaws edged forward. But then her venom instantly acted to dull not only my pain but my senses is what I much later realized, yet she can’t release my flesh or blood in her bloodlust causing her teeth to be locked onto me. If I’d been stupid or a less aware creature I would have succumbed to the hazy sleepy like feel the venom was injecting into me.

Damn it her teeth are freaking nasty sharp too. The bite has gone done at least an inch into my flesh because she’d been so anxious to get a good hungry filling taste while losing her own head in the process. Some of the tissue has been cut into but at least she hasn’t ripped out chunks of it yet. That would be very bad for me and would look extremely messy.

How can a loli like innocent looking face like hers have teeth that long?! She is the ultimate deception in many ways with her appearance.

Bitch! How dare she bite me?! That’s what really upset me afterwards. I’m supposed to be the boss, not her! After she’s pledged to call me boss too I kept coming back to that thought and it kept making me madder and madder with each second.


She lost control. Just because she’s a vampire doesn’t mean it’s OK for her to lose control.

It made me sluggish and I could hardly defend myself.

Wait, why does it make me feel sleepy? That’s not good. It means she’s slurping out my blood like it’s a strawberry sundae while she’s numbing my mind into sleepy euphoria. I don’t feel anything sexual from her drinking my blood, so that urban legend is bullshit. But there is an effect like I have to concentrate really hard to keep my senses alert while my body wants to be prone in some hidden effect from her maliciously subtle venom.

I have to stay awake! It’s hard to struggle this way! I’m biting my lip and also clenching my hands into fists to keep myself alert now. Even if I have to hurt myself to stay awake I’ll do so. And now I know why so few people can fight back in vampire attacks! The venom causes them to be incapacitated!

Think! Think!! Think!!!

I have to act to save myself!

I can get out of this, I kept telling myself. But I have to use my head and be cool about it calmly and logically first. I’ve beaten beings tougher than a vampire, like imprisoning Doppel-chan. This thought keeps me going because in many ways Doppel-chan is just about the most dangerous thing alive that I’ve seen yet in this world; actually it’s a pity I can’t summon her yet. I just have to plan ahead, trick this vampire bitch into falling into my trap instead, while staying ahead of the game. I will undo her somehow.

Its scary having someone eat you while you’re alive. It doesn’t hurt so much because of the venom, like I’d already noticed; but the fear trying to overcome you is another thing all together! It feels like getting eaten by a fucking bear though and there’s nothing romantic about that, because I can’t get away no matter how hard I try. Her jaws are powerfully strong, stronger than any forest predator. It’s a strange feeling having your flesh bit into while gnawed upon and it messes with your mind trying to set loose your panic and fear to run wild.

I hear her slurping as she’s trying to suck in blood fast and mercilessly with her eyes wide open in a euphoric haze. But the amount of blood she’s pulling in is going out to fast. If she keeps pulling in that much, there won’t be anything left of me when she’s done with me later. She did somehow at least hold off from ripping out chunks of my flesh, for which I’m thankful.

She breathes heavily while trying to not let any blood be wasted.

But when she’d realized the rich earthy flavor of what sex demon blood looks like suddenly it’s more like she’d become a drug addict and I’m her drug, on a level that not even a vampire should be able to comprehend.

“…can’t sssstop…why?! Why can’t …I sshhhtop?!” she cried out. Soo….good…” she slurped between gulping.

I have to stop her. But how? It won’t be easy to make a super predator let go off prey.

There’s no way she’ll be able to stop.                            

I try to push her off. She’s too strong and too solid with wiry muscles despite her soft appearance. Her arms then clanked onto my biceps to try to restrain me while she fights. My arm strength is melting away too while my arms feel like lead weights.


I’m trapped! I can’t get loose.

I can’t let her check mate me!


She’s overpowering in strength.

I can only out think her. Even she can be beaten by brains, is my hope. But what would make her stop?

I feel more blood seeping out.

She tried to stop herself, but she can’t and I can see it in her eyes. Her eyes look pretty intense right now. Is this how a fly feels when it’s being eaten by a spider?

She can’t. How? This isn’t…damn it.

“Oh…..ssssooo good! Ahhh what the fuck issss wrong with your blood it’s sssso unsssstoppably wonderfulsssss!” she keeps trying chew up my shoulder with her teeth.

Crap, now she’s going to maim me if she hits nerves or gets to the bone.

“I….only….want….a little …taste…but…can’t stop. Help! I didn’t mean…for this…sorry….sorry…,” she said between slurps. She’s even grieved though she still can’t stop.

“What…issss thisssss flavor? Sssso rich, and beautiful! How can blood tasssste thissss good? What are you?!” she cried out.

I can’t talk.

I’m barely trying to resist her paralyzing strength. The venom seems to intensify. I can feel it going throughout my body almost like a passing coldness in my body that isn’t quite cold like freezing cold but some other form of cold that makes my body hard and still like dead weight.

I try to reach towards her. I’m been doing this wrong. If I pull away that activates more of her predator instinct to latch on more. If I pull forward she thinks I’m falling into her venom’s clutches so she doesn’t stop me from getting closer. And getting closer to her actually made her relax a bit unexpectedly because she mistakenly thought I was giving in or at the end of my strength, even though I’m still not even halfway to the grave.

Her teeth look so dangerous sharp and long though. How could her teeth be that long?! When you hear stories about vampires, they don’t do credit for how intimidating those awful long canine teeth are. They look sharp as razors on the whole edge and not just the tip.

That was why my shoulder’s muscle flesh was shredded in only two big bites. She’s still gorging on her blood, like a jackal with a combined sound of gurgling blood leaking out, and her trying to not let any spill.

I have to stop the bleeding or I’m dead.

Shitty bitch. I am going to punish her for this. I just have to work out the details somehow.

“Stop!” I barely managed to cry out.

“I can’t….you tasssste…sssso wonderful! What ….are you….not human? I guess it makes ssssense…a demon prince candidate couldn’t be human…weak humansssss…” she even sounds horrified by her inability to stop feeding. I can see it in her eyes that she’s as surprised as I am.

My only chance is my Incubus Kiss ability. It’s also close range and she wouldn’t suspect it, until it’s too late. It’s also not dependent on latent mana in my system because it’s more of a creature like ability. It’s one of the few things that might work here.

Yeah it might work. If I can activate it on her, then I might have a chance to live.

This might work because her grip is based off restraining me from pulling away but not me pulling closer towards her. And the angle of her teeth and bite also is such that this theory seems to work. But the timing has to be done well to not make her more edgy and aggressive. Then I have to connect the incubus kiss before she reacts.

Quickly I push forwards towards her and her eyes widen in shock. She’s about to react but then, I sink forward against her and I kiss the side of her face but avoid touching her in any other way. Touching her in other ways or grabbing her big boobs at the wrong time might make her more surprised than seduced so I don’t do that yet. Timing is everything, when she could literally rip my heart out.

I continue applying the kiss on the side of her beautiful face while avoiding any blood.

She hesitates.

I do it again.

Somehow she stopped from the effect of the kiss. She even stopped slurping too. She shudders. Partly her shuddering was a combination of my ability and a combination of all the pheromone in my blood and from the smell of my blood.

I can’t relax though. I have to keep it up because I don’t know if her higher stats as a vampire will make my effects wear off faster. In fact, the longer I think about it the more I’m convinced the stun on a vampire from the incubus kiss should be much shorter than a human.

She shudders again when I kiss her face. I do avoid kissing the parts of her face like her chin that have some of my blood running down it though.

She somehow stops for just a few seconds again, instead of biting me again. I think I made it just in time. I can’t stop or let go. If I do I’m dead. So to win I have to out feed her instead!

Mallory can’t let go off me. I can see how confused she is about her own actions on her face. It’s obvious she didn’t plan on attacking me but being a vampire she can’t control her nature very well. And when she gets hungry there’s no stopping her from even herself.

Her eyes have a sad intense look of years of anguish over her fate I can see in the way they sit in the pits of her eye sockets. But now she’s in like a sleep stupor, except, it’s a high stupor of sexual euphoria coming on.

I might live? Hopefully…I have to try but it’s going to be hard.

“Don’t….stop…ahh that’s soo good. Oh man…I …haven’t been with…another person…and need….ahhhh,” she managed to croak. She’s hanging there limply like a rag doll now. Then she shuddered and trembled.

If I can keep it up, I might still live. I’ll still have to deal with my blood loss though.

Weird girl...

She’s even trying to help me get control of her? I think it’s partly being a vampire has made her live with a lot of guilt. Perhaps also her sharp vampire senses are working against her because it’s in a way like they are concentrating my pheromone in her system.

I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never ever had seduction be this successful so quickly and so early. Even my most loyal and most committed people took a long time.

Her teeth are still biting the flesh of my shoulder in their grip but no longer shredding through my flesh. Her jaw is now biting air at even intervals while her eyes are wide and unseeing as she’s somehow not killing me now. In other words she hasn’t continued to try slice through the flesh anymore but she still can’t let go of the desire to do so.

Her teeth try to crawl forward to take another bite, as deep as she can but I managed to stop her with another kiss, with as much sloppy pheromone saliva as possible on her pretty and flawless skin as possible.

She shuddered again.

That was close.

I almost lost again. I have to account for timing better than I did before. She’s also very cunning with her own mind trapped in her desires. That means I have to increase the interval of kisses.

It seems the timing duration of my ability is about half its normal duration on Mallory compared to other creatures, because of whatever resistance vampires naturally have to magic, other demons, or a combination of both. This is confirmation from my original theory, as I’ve set the count at about half duration while going over it in my mind a second and third time carefully to make sure I’m aware of the limits of variance in the math. If I have wrong estimates of the variance of the duration I will surely die.

I give her another kiss. She shuddered deeply and trembling throughout her body. I’m afraid if I stop she’ll go berserk on eating my flesh. And I can’t go too fast either. Despite being topless, she is not ready for sex. It could cause an anger reaction.

“Wh-what are you? This feeling issss…” she whispered. She’s staring off like almost in a half catatonic awake state. Then she ended up biting the air, rather than going to bite me.

I don’t let her distract me. I’m counting in my mind very careful as if my life depends upon it because it does.

Another kiss is implanted on her face. And then another.

Fuck you vampire bitch! I’ll out do you! I won’t let you eat me!

“D-d-don’t ssstop. I can’t sstop…I can’t sssstop. Why can’t I sssstop?! Help! I want out of thissss cage!” she whimpered.

Even if that’s what she’s saying I can’t feel sorry for her. Goth girls are weird huh? She does look pretty in full black raven hair and pale skin, that isn’t makeup. I guess the vampire genes make vamp girls look that way and it’s very seductively drawing me in and adding to lust for her.

Another kiss at just the right timing, though it’s a very long extended game.

It’s a game of counting.

But how many will it take to get her to let go off my shoulder with her teeth? Her arms are still holding my biceps with only my torso, neck, and head able to move freely. And I have to make her work for me somehow instead of the other way around.

If I have her put pressure on my wound with her hands she will start feeding again. I have to close the wound. And that’s not that easy since I still have the mana resistance shackles on.

Are shoulder wounds fatal? I hope they aren’t because this is bad. And it’s not good that the prison is so unclean either.

In this case there is a possibility of it. It shouldn’t be from the exposed flesh, which can be fixed. It won’t compromise my arm movement permanently. But the blood loss worries me. I’m not sure how much blood Mallory managed to steal either, but I think it wasn’t enough to be fatal. Plus my constitution being a bit better than a human’s may help to mitigate some of that.

Somehow I’m also relieved that this isn’t the shoulder right above my heart. I don’t know if she did that on purpose or not but it may possibly mean less blood loss.

What am I thinking that for? I’m already in deep shit? I have to shut the wound or I will die. It’s as simple as that.

I keep up the Incubus Kiss on Mallory at even four to five second intervals. Normally my incubus kiss is like what 10 seconds or more? With that interval I should be OK.

But I start to worry as time passes.

How long can I really keep this up non-stop? Can she resist it eventually? Is her immunity and resistance growing or decreasing? I won’t know yet what that is in comparison to my own. It could go either way. What if only one of them is resisted? What if she realizes what I’m doing and tries to block? How long can I keep this up? When I stop she will surely go after me again won’t she? What if she just focuses her willpower?

I suppose even if her resistance grows there could come a point where it gets to where she might WANT to give in. That’s my goal. That’s what I’m aiming for now. It’s my only chance. She must want for someone to survive her feeding inside, if she used to be a good person too. I think that’s key at play here.

Mallory is also much faster than me due to the vampire genes. So anything I can try if it’s not a surprise attack could be deflected easily.

I have to out think her. And she wasn’t really that dumb to begin with.

Finally I got her teeth to let go and be safe distance from me while with one hand I’m keeping my wound from bleeding out; though her eyes are wide with fear. She still wants to bite though with her jaw clenching and unclenching as her teeth grasp air while she’s in a thoughtless stupor. Then she shivers again while her jaw clicks open and shut repeatedly.

I think that’s the first sign I’m turning things away from me dying. She just orgasmed, even though she was trying to hide it from me. Her clothes have a wet spot appearing between her legs. And undead cum more than normal people it seems, or else she’s a freak in bed.

“Oohhhhh…..” she moaned.

“Give me your shirt now!” I hissed as quietly as I could.

“it’s…its already tore up…” she confessed. This is true. She’s been topless since we were just thrown in here from the guards, but she does have some shirt fragments hanging from both shoulders.

“I just need the bits to plug the wound,” I said. Then I hurriedly kissed her again to make sure she doesn’t wake up.

Without even blinking she rips what’s left of it off. Technically it was shredded to be more like an open front vest with everything showing. And she’s too obedient to try to preserve the fabric in the shirt in tearing it off, so that makes it like smaller bits than before which will be harder to work with. Vampire bodies are wonderful. But I can’t stop to appreciate it now. I have to keep my concentration.

I stuff her shirt in the wound. With some adjustments I’ve got the blood flow stopped but I’m sure she can still smell it.

This is revenge partly. Normally I wouldn’t do this. But she did try to eat me.

“Pants too,” I said.

“Wha…” she sucked in her breath and I kissed her again.

“OKkkkayyy, hehe, this could be…fun…,” she lost them quickly and I’m using them to do a makeshift sling / cast thing to hold my wound and the stuffing together.

Mallory does have what looks like a small skimpy piece of underwear briefs that look remarkably stylish since she’s a vampire and probably took them from some rich girl. Plus they are too tight from from being way too stretched and small which shows off a lot and gives her a big camel toe.

Also, I can’t use my shirt because the more of my flesh is exposed to her, the more on edge she will be and that’s why I had to use her clothes instead. It’s like the difference of smelling a hamburger versus it still being in the wrapper and resistible till you get home. If I take off the wrapper, psychologically it could tip her over the edge again and this is a very delicate operation.

I keep trying to fight her with willpower, while fighting my fatigue too.  

The kissing and intervals continue since it’s like I’m stunning her that only lasts about five seconds each time and must be renewed. This feels impossible. How am I supposed to get through this? I can’t be counting to five nonstop for the rest of my life can I? I will get tired eventually.

And by nature vampires are very machine like in their relentless drive for blood. How do I get out of here?

If only I could access enough magic to summon Sylvie or even…no that won’t work.

Other options…?

No I can’t summon the necromancer guy. Giving him Mallory to control would be like asking a suicide bomber to guard your back and he would obviously betray me plus I don’t want to give my new toy Mallory away if I can help it. Plus why would I give the prize to him? Like hell I’ll give him Mallory, even if it would win him over. I want her for myself too. And he wasn’t ready for something like that and would surely betray me. I also don’t know if I could beat him into submission like this. It might even intensify Mallory’s mood to kill. Who is to say that necromancer was even powerful enough to control her anyway.

In the end my only defense might be Sylvie. The others probably aren’t strong enough to face a vampire, hell Sylvie might not even be that strong yet despite her height and power. Asakura might be close but I think she’s still not as strong as Sylvie in battle potential.

I was right to de-summon Sylvie at the time we were going through prison processing. They may have sold her off to be a sex slave or separated us knowing that she would have tried to help me escape. They’d know we were bonded and turn that against us.

But I need her here now.

Shoot. But I know thinking this way is wrong. Summoning takes a lot of mana; so it will kill me outright with the shackles on. Catching myself on this is part of the overcoming Mallory’s venom messing with my thinking. I should have known that.

I can’t leach mana from Mallory either because of the mana shackles, at least not yet and with the sapping effect there wouldn’t be any gain anyway. Rather I could but all the mana would be eaten up by the resistance barrier that chews through mana from the shackles restraining me.

Somehow I’m keeping up with counting to five for many long minutes while planting kisses on Mallory at even intervals.

I have mana for one spell and one only, but it can only be a low power spell like one heal, or one antidote, or one minor low power regeneration. I don’t even think a shield spell would work? Then I will have to wait the rest of the day. It’s going to be a long day. I hate this.

Somehow I have to break Mallory’s mind or else…that’s the only thing that can get me away from endless counting. I can’t drink Mallory’s blood to try to heal use some dark heal either. The risk of becoming a slave to bloodlust would be too high. I don’t want to be more demon than I already am for fear of it changing my mind to something else either.

I try to think of other options.

Do I cast regeneration or mana stitches? I can’t do both but have to pick one or the other. I have to think about it properly. My survival rests on a fragile almost impossible to maintain balance right now. And I might not be able to maintain it all night.



Which do I do?

Mallory just climaxed again. She moans into my shoulder, in the middle of my incubus kissing storm over her head and face.

“Oh gosh…that’s so wonderful….” She gasped. Though leaning against my shoulder, she surprisingly didn’t bite it again. But I have to keep up count to five kissing. I just focus on this and my breathing for now.

Mana stitches would seal the wound and blood loss to let me be able to sleep. Mana stitches wouldn’t heal the wound since they are about buying time so it can be treated later by others or when mana is back up again later.

But a regeneration spell also might if I stay awake long enough, but wouldn’t stop the blood loss or the smell of blood. So regeneration to work meant having to go to sleep in front of Mallory again.

Agh…trying not to panic as this is the closest I’ve been to death so far is really hard not to do!

“So-sorry…I couldn’t….stop…” Mallory is still staring off into space topless again her boobs jiggling as she shakes. I’ve never seen eyes as wide open as hers are right now.

Does she even know where she’s at or what’s going on?

Vampires are scary not just for what goes on with them but the idea of seeing they aren’t in control of themselves is not cool either. I somehow pity her, rather than admire her being a blood slave.

We’re lucky the other prisoners near us are human and don’t have dark vision. The guards don’t always fully make their rounds at night either. And I think they also planned to do it that way hoping Mallory would take out a few prisoners in the dark hours of night.

But time is limited in that way too.

Mallory keeps trying to pull out of her hypnosis as I keep up repeated bursts of incubus kisses. I had to change strategies too. As she starts to try to resist I have to change it to two kisses instead of one.

Yeah, she’s definitely getting more resistant as the night goes on.

She’s still staring off into space under my induced hypnosis.

It’s been an hour, I think but I have to not think about the passing of time or I’ll panic and mess up in my timing. During that time I’ve managed to make her orgasm at least three times just from the incubus kisses alone. And that’s on her face. But if I make her orgasm too much will she somehow get tired and come out of it? Or will it be better? I have to be super careful. That’s why I’ve been confined to her face. If it would help I could do incubus kisses in other areas.

She’s still trying to be resistant. Rather than giving into sex directly she’s trying to pull back. If she were definitely hooked she’d be trying to make out with me instead of just standing there in a stupor like a zombie. Her mouth is still covered in blood that’s run down her chin. It drips on the floor. Hot naked vampire girls with big boobs are still pretty, even with blood on them though; that’s for sure.

Occasionally she’ll try to shake it off when she sees the exposed flesh of my shoulder and smells the sweet smell of blood.

Mana stitches are the way to go, I realized after careful deliberation and thinking. I’ll have to fight to live and stay awake for the next eight to twelve hours either way. And this will be the hardest fight I’ve ever done. But bleeding out is more dangerous than the alternative too. At that point hopefully I’ll have enough mana for a regeneration spell. This will be agony though. If I were to compare it to something else it would be like having a small board to fight to keep afloat on in the middle of a raging ocean over a long period of time.

I don’t like it but I’ll have to have sex with Mallory to contain her too but I can’t do that right away. And I’ll also have to keep my tool inside of her for probably as long as we’re in here to keep her subjugated because she’s just too dangerous to let go of.

Somehow I managed to cast the mana stitches but I’m down to about 4 or 5% mana now yet still alive somehow, though the blood has stopped and my flesh isn’t exposed under the mana wound seal. This will help Mallory to be contained with her smelling less exposed blood too, though it won’t contain the temptation completely.

OK, there’s the first part of surviving this situation.


I huffed.

I have to hang on! Remain consistent in counting to five is my other primary goal.

It also wasn’t easy to keep up the incubus kisses on Mallory while sealing the wound using this magic skill. It’s like juggling two things at once and I almost screwed up.

I then managed to change things again.

I knocked her on her back. It’s fine to do it this way. She wasn’t hurt by hitting the ground and she is a damn vampire bitch that just almost killed me. She’ll still kill me, and I force myself to remember that as I’m trying to get my willpower up.

I have to dominate her or she’ll eat me, I remind myself. So I have to eat her instead. I can’t hold back even a bit. This isn’t my fault! It’s her fault! She’s the aggressor. But even though that’s real and true, I kind of hate doing this. It’s like she’s being married off to me in a way. Once I go this route she probably will be stuck with me a long time.

I’m guessing that she’s older than Sylvie though. Despite her appearance she’s been alive long enough to learn how to survive as a vampire.

It feels like this is taking forever. My back and legs also start to ache as time passes. I try to not think too much about that part.

I gave her one more set of kisses before hurriedly turning her over. Then I repeat the incubus kiss moves on her while she’s face down laid out on the ground with her arms in front of her. Right now she’s putty in my arms! Its almost like moving a mannequin…well a mannequin that’s biting the air anyway.

Screw you bitch!

This part will be tricky. The timing is hard and I’m weak. And I have to get rid of her clothes.

I have to count to five after each set of kisses while working her panties off. Because they are tight and her body is wiry and stiff its not that easy.

One, two, three, four…

I repeat the kisses on her face.

Then I work the panties down further.

At the count of four I get back to her face again to repeat the sex demon kiss.

It’s slow work because she was wearing tight pants and she’s strong despite slender legs.

Finally I get her panties down to around her knees. I have to intensify more sex demon saliva in the kisses now too because she’s trying to resist. I think she realizes that she’s being conquered instead of me. She knows what’s about to happen but somehow she looks as excited as she does look concerned. Somehow I managed to hook her right leg and knee up and bent after five tries of counting to five.

“I…..what….how?! Why am I losing to you in feeding?! You…outfeeding a …vampire? How?! What?!” she managed to gasp. She still can’t recover even though she knows the table has turned on her. She tries to twist her neck when I kiss her to bite at me again, but she can’t make it in time. I’m also getting better at kissing her with the ability to dodge her jaws which are an ever present danger.

I had to stop to catch my breath while her shiny beautiful ass is sticking out with her knees under her now.

I resumed the kissing again.

She’s whimpering now. “Oh….yess……soooo good…” she cried.

And she still climaxes about every ten kisses or so in orgasm even while trying to resist but being unable to.

“Ah…OH! OHHHH!!! OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!...Now….I know….what you are…I’ve figured it out! No wayyy!!!” she gasped after climaxing again. Her eyes are much larger than they were before too in surprise.

“….figured….you ….out,” she gasped again after another climax. She’s still in her sleepy state though.


That’s bad. If she knows what I am she might try to stop me a different way.

If she’s figured it out then I can’t show any mercy. She’ll be able to try to defend against me then.

I forced myself further.

I hooked her left leg up, but it took another ten minutes of struggling. I still have to keep the kisses on her face because it’s the closest place to her brain and that may help with keeping her stunned. Her nerves around her face bring comfort type appeal. If I am guessing right, comfort appeal is better than strong passion with a vampire because of how their feeding triggers.

Finally I have her panties completely off.

Fuck you bitch. I’ll burn your panties now as a punishment. And you will be my slave for trying to kill me.

There’s no going back now. There’s no other choice. I have to beat her at feeding or I will die, I kept telling myself because I really don’t like this. I kind of don’t like doing it this way. If it could be helped I’d work it out differently but there’s no other time or options.

Because of the sex demon genes I’m always horny. And because of the illusion modified pants it’s kept hidden but now I release it. I don’t have to worry about being sexually excited. Even if Mallory’s body wasn’t totally hotter than hot, I still would be erect.

“I’m….glad you are …stopping …me…haaaaaaahhh….errrkkp… I didn’t…like …hurting…people….hahahhhaaaaa. I was….tricked into…being a vampire. They do that….to lots of young ….pretty girls with …the promise of being…eternally…pretty…and lure of the world…. Maybe….you can stop me….from killing…anymore….,” Mallory said in a half hypnotized state.

Huh? That was unexpected for her to say.

She wants to be conquered?!

When she gets talkative I have to stop and renew the kissing more, fully concentrating on that area and the rest of her face.

“I…can’t….stop….my blood lust…never could….maybe you can stop me….” Mallory whimpered.

Then I managed to thrust my tool inside her clove of flowery rose petals in one blow. It’s a heavy, slimy, wet feeling. But because my size is so much bigger than it used to be I feel almost like the connection between us is way huger than it should be. I’ve penetrated her to the core so badly that she’s totally hypnotized now.

She moaned for a long time when it happened, gasping out saying something incoherently. The feeling of intense orgasms are flowing over her as her legs twitch to her sides almost like seizures because vampires have a higher level of alertness. They continue to twitch as her honey is spilling out.

Um…wow vampires react weird in sex I think. Or at least she does. It’s not as bad as a dying insect at least.

“Ahhh, sooo good. Frickin’ demon nerves make….me feel it more,” she gasped.

So that’s it. I’m like a drug to her and because her vampire senses are so sharp it’s like she’s feeling everything sex related like double or triple what a normal person would. She couldn’t stop if she wanted to.

For awhile I kept up with the kisses while I’ve got her penetrated. But I think the incubus kisses are unnecessary now. I should let things off slowly and carefully though without taking chances.

She’s still sort of flopping around like jelly with all her tremors and shivering. She can’t even talk.

But then I hear her grunting. She’s still half hypnotized now and deeply feeling intense pleasure wash over her. Now she’s not trying to fight it anymore. She’s giving in. within seconds she was instead of trying to resist me, trying to push her cunt even tighter around my giant sized sex demon tool.

“Oh that’s good…” she said.

Then she started helping me even a good minute later.

I’ve now maneuvered myself to be behind her in a sort of position people call doggy style. I want to avoid her teeth though doing it this way means I don’t get to ogle her perky round big boobs. I guess this will be the permanent position for any vampire girls I take in because I want to minimize risk. Otherwise the risk of having my throat tore out is pretty high if they react or twitch funny.

She tries to contain her groans while I’m sawing in and out of her. “D-d-d-d-on’t stop!!” she cried out.

“Whatever…you do. Don’t pull out. Please don’t! Don’t ever pull out!” she whispered as we kept going fucking non-stop. She starts to cooperate with me more and is less catatonic. She bucks as hard as she can against me now.

“We have to stay like this non-stop to keep you from attacking me,” I said.

“Oh! Saying that is so fucking hot! I can’t believe I lost to you! I’m your cunt slave! Yes! Fuck me! Yes! Oh gosh….where have you been my whole life?! I want to be chained this thing forever! Make me your hot fuck slut! Make me your bitch! Split me in two and then you can have a clone of me! But this is wonderful!” she gushed again and a flood of vampire cunt honey flowed down around my tool embedded deep within her.

She orgasms again, biting her own wrist with full force till she’s bleeding to keep from groaning aloud. “Ahhh, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! This is better than drinking blood! Shit! I’m such a fuck slut now and don’t know what you did to me but its wonderful! And I hadn’t even had sex before now! I could do this every day! Damn it! What did you do to my head?!” she whispered.

“Shut up! You are too noisy!” I said.

“I give up! Make me yours! I’m a cunt slave now please,” she pleaded.

Somehow she managed to twist us around. She’s now gentle as long as my prick is still inside of her.

“Stay quiet! That’s too loud. They think we’re killing each other!” I whispered harshly.

“I forbid you from fully pulling your tool out of my hot wet fuckable cunt,” she ordered.

“What? That’s not possible. We have things to do in life too,” I said.

“Oh, I know! I don’t care though. Just keep it inside here all the time 24-7. I’ll be your sheathe!” she gasped while shivering again.

“Whatever, just don’t try to eat me. And be loyal now instead. No more trying to eat me you bitch cunt,” I said.

“Got it boss! Now I see why you are the boss! I was right to call you boss. You own me now!” she gasped as she flooded fluid onto both of us again.

She keeps twisting us around and now suddenly she’s on top in a cowgirl position facing me. But she doesn’t bite me now. She’s desperate to like stab herself on me with renewed ferver while her boobs shake. 

She keeps going trying to repeatedly fuck herself onto me non-stop even after I passed out.

But the true danger has just begun. Mallory won’t stop.

What will she do when I’m too tired to keep having sex? Will she try to kill me then too? I could lose control again, and the danger isn’t over. Despite having a loli like body with big boobs, her fingernails are sharp as steel construction nails.

This is still a problem.

Plus at some point the guards may check on us. I don’t want them to see this. I doubt she’ll even stop if the guards bust into here. And because she’s a vampire they are obsessed with pleasure and would do anything to get off on something else besides blood but there aren’t very many things left in the world that their brains will let them feel pleasure from.

That’s why non-demons can’t have sex with vampires without dying I later learned. And that just fuels the blood craze more since others can’t survive sex with them, which makes them crave the only other thing they can have which fills their lust; blood.





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