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KTAW Chapter 179 part B




Dialogues from the trial;



“Your honor my client is innocent,” the defense lawyer said. He had his hands stuffed in his pocket and was fumbling cookies hidden in his pocket.

The dwarven crowd laughed and jeered. They kept jeering for some time, until the judge and the guards threatened them with fines.


“How can a human be innocent of anything?!” others cried out.

“Death to the humans!”

“Humans are filthy like orcs!” a dwarf supremacist cried out, with strange pro dwarf tattoos on his face. He’s not the only dwarf supremacist here either but there are several of them. He’s just the most vocal and visible. But rather than nazi symbols, dwarves use symbols of dwarven beards temporarily put on their faces using some kinds of ink stamps.

The judge banged his gavel to shut them up.

“A likely story, it’s obvious he’s in cahoots with that vampire girl. Her very presence with him is proof of his wrong doing. He wasn’t the victim of any vampire bites either, which is very incriminating and suspicious,” the prosecution said.

“Objection, we don’t have any proof the vampire girl is with him. He could have been an innocent bystander when she arrived! Also she may have been about to bite him when the war twin showed up your honor,” the defense cried.

“A likely story. Your honor, the defendants identified as Shun and Mallory were found cohorting together a plan to take over the Dwarven Empire and off the City Lord and it’s prince to take their place,” the prosecution stated.

“Sir, we have no recorded mana devices to collaborate this testimony. It’s obviously a fake claim to stir up the people’s hearts towards a guilty verdict prematurely! This is discrimination! And when do we allow dwarf supremacists in our court rooms? Further its weird that the defense has been stripped of interpretation devices to even understand what's going on with their own trial!” the defense stated.

“Overruled for now, prosecution I’m not playing favorites with you. You still have to work to earn a living but please proceed,” the judge stated looking bored.

The defense attorney noticed the judge simply ignored his comment about translation devices. This didn’t make him happy but when he went to raise that issue again he was shushed.

“Understood sir,” the prosecution dwarf in a fancy suit stated while fumbling with his tie.

A fat looking dwarf who looks like he’s never stopped eating is listening intently and is the current judge. It’s obvious he’s the judge doesn’t exercise either, from where he sits atop a high desk on a pedestal platform. He’s also got a fixation on gold jewelry as some dwarves do, but his jewelry is displayed prominently almost like a pimp showing off bling might from the human world, in comparison.

“Your honor, I’d like to point out the gravity of these charges, not only was he found with a vampire, but conducting clandestine military operations outside the rule of law against the Dwarven Empire,” the prosecutor stated.

“What proof? Sir, before we go off on these tangents we need to look at the charges themselves. The issue isn’t anything to do with the Dwarven Empire but in fact about colluding with vampire scum,” the defendant said.

“Prosecution you are skirting thin ice here,” the judge said.

“Your honor we can provide the evidence required. Also we have on record evidence of Shun’s ability. The adventurer’s guild has on record nearly 20 ogre heads submitted for bounty records with receipts proving he had the strength to single handed kill and solo ogres! Even among adventurers who specialize in ogre slaying none of them actually solo the ogres, but instead do team tactics! This is also proof of vampire collusion!” the prosecution stated.

The crowd is strangely curious now and a bit confused. They are listening carefully now, since they want to know the explanations.

“Sir, that doesn’t prove anything. It only proves he can slay an ogre. There are reports that while rare do show a few rare individuals in history have soloed ogres in the past even if it does look strange to us,” the defense stated.

The prosecution wasted no time in trying to strike verbally, over the confusion of the others on this issue, speaking up quickly.

“But it does show why a vampire would want to recruit him, if he could do such things. Vampires are only a bit stronger than ogres themselves and not many predators have that claim over ogres. The estimated strength of a vampire is approximately that of the combat strength of between 2 and 5 ogres sir depending on age, strength, and bloodline purity,” the prosecution replied quickly before the defense could overrule them.

“That is quite interesting. Not many have the combat strength to slay an ogre. You have made some interesting comments,” the judge admitted.

“Further not only that, but having the strength to kill ogres so easily and quickly also shows that perhaps the defendant is a vampire himself! Normal humans are terrified of ogres! There’s no way they’d risk even attempting an ogre fight which is why the adventurer’s guild had highly paid ogre bounties in the first place! Every year they have to raise the bounty on ogres a little higher because of the dangers in hunting them. Even strong teams have been decimated by them,” the prosecutor said while admiring the sound of his own eloquence.

Many dwarves murmured agreement.

The defense attorney’s heart momentarily skipped a beat. Killing an ogre single handedly with little or no team?! That is hard to refute in terms of the question if Shun was or wasn’t a vampire himself! He momentarily fumbled as he went for his notes to come up with a good counter defense.

“Do you have any evidence?” the judge asked.

“Your honor I’d like to call Svinn to the witness stand,” The prosecution said.

The crowd murmurs for a lot of reasons. Svinn is a prominent public figure and the hallucination of many dwarven females and children’s dreams at the moment.

“This is highly irregular your honor. We haven’t had a chance to see any pre-trial notes on Svinn or his claims or why he’s been called to testify; which is part of pre-trial mandatory equality screening! And he’s a public figure which could sway the trial results unnaturally because of being a national hero,” the defense lawyer dwarf said.

He was ignored, though he was right.

At length Svinn takes the stand.

“I know the defendant. He tried to steal my girl from me,” Svinn said looking pitiful and sad as he sat on the stand moping and looking teary eyed. The crowd hasn’t ever seen a dwarven hero moved to such misery and woe.

“Objection! There isn’t any credibility to this part of the story,” the defense said.

Again he’s overruled.

“Please proceed with your testimony. And also I could use an autograph later after the trial,” the judge said to the prosecution.

“No problem your honor,” Svinn said.

“How did the defendant wrong you exactly?” the prosecutor asked.

“For starters he stole my girlfriend; my poor Rina. She was all I had. We’d made a life together painstakingly having just been married. We’d moved into our humble abode which I had to take on two jobs to afford because I came from working class parents, not nobility. I’d have to make my own way in life you know, as many dwarves can find empaty with. Oh my Rina! She had the most wonderful loli-ism look to her that all true dwarves covet,” Svinn started.

He’s so good at acting that he has the court crowd eating out of his hand practically. The crowd is moved by his sincerity and anguish for being a working class dwarf quite easily. They are also moved by loli-ism comments since dwarves are attracted to that as part of their genetic structure for some obscure reason.

“Your honor there’s no documentation of any marriage on record between Svinn the dwarven hero and anyone named Rina. Rina is by itself a name that is of human origins which is a bit suspicious too in looking at any connection between them. Further he should prove that this Rina character really truly is a true loli-ism character as per dwarven traditions! It’s an insult to dwarven culture to call a non-loli character a loli character just because of convenience! Having a smaller bust also has no correlation to being considered a loli! Also we heard rumors that she isn’t a loli at all but has traits, humans describe as voluptuous!” spat the defense lawyer.

Some dwarves were angry and offended at the defense lawyers loli-ism comments but they had to be said for the record. They are confused by the discrepancies in Rina’s descriptions too.

“Objection!” the prosecuting dwarf stated.

“On what grounds?!” the defensive lawyer countered.

“The defense team is obviously racist against human and dwarf marriages your honor. And discriminations against those that like Loli-isms! And to think our mighty hero has slaved for this town’s survival day in and day out,” the prosecution began while spouting dramatically.

It should be obvious to the crowd that the prosecutor is playing for drama but nobody listens to the defense attorney on this.

“Oh come on! Your Svinn has put on 10 pounds in the last year. He isn’t getting any skinnier and that’s from inactivity! And it’s known he’s skimmed the clock a bit taking time off while clocked in, not showing up to work on some days and even being late many times a week, even per words of his own employer getting away with it because he’s a hero class! And the race card, that’s the oldest trick in the book!” the defense cried out.

“Racism is a shame. We don’t allow that in my courtroom so I know that can’t be true,” the judge said banging his gavel.

“Prosecution, please proceed,” the judge and prosecution tried their best to look humble and penitent as they moved forward.

“As I was saying, my Rina and I had just been married when she was STOLEN by that gold thief!” Svinn cried out pointing at Shun and Mallory. Shun has no idea what’s being said and the trial translators are strangley not translating anything to the defense.

The crowd gasped. In dwarven culture to be labeled a gold thief, is the worst of all kinds of thieves and carries a heavy, heavy burden. Most people will think it synonymous with a child molester or rapist in terms of gravity, without even giving one a chance to defense.

“A gold thief…I can’t believe it.”

“Gold thief?! Wow…how low,”

“Such lowness even for a human…”

The crowd continues to murmur until the judge bangs his gavel.

“Um, sir, there’s also no record of the one, identified as Shun, having any record of stealing of any kind, let alone gold. This is most irregular to allow him to be labeled a wife napper AND a gold thief in the same time with no arrest warrants or criminal records of any kind. His friend Gyle even has been heard by several witnesses as being claimed at being a ‘money tree’,” the defense said.

“Sir, we can’t have that. Let ‘money tree’ be stripped from the record. Such a term could mislead the jury into favoring Shun prematurely because of the genetic code of dwarves in their abnormal fanatical worship of gold, sir,” the prosecution said.

“That is true isn’t it? I’m going to grant it this time,” the judge said while banging his gavel. Then he held up his hand to address the court secretaries and scribes recording the trial.

“Make sure you strip out all references in the records to ‘money tree’,” the judge concluded, after whispering to the court recorders. Then he shambled back to his podium seat.

The defense attorney sighed heavily. Without the money tree reference he doubted he could get the defendant off the hook. Now his defense plan was in tatters.

Strangely though the dwarves were more offended by gold thief than they were about any perceived wife kidnapper titles. And after hearing gold thief, some of them had even forgotten Rina’ name.

The defense and prosecution continued to argue back and forth, going over many points and arguments for hours. Several times the location of any such marriage was inquired about by the defense to prove any records after that claim was reopened. First, a wishy-washy answer of the dwarven southern province was stated. Then it was inquired about if there were any specific town named in a marriage document, and then finally Svinn said a travelling pastor had conducted the marriage. Yet no marriage document could be produced because such things were always verified and certified using the ancient code and magic contract writing!

“That’s most irregular sir, all dwarven clergy have to have a chosen record keeping address. Svinn has failed to produce any such document proving any marriage to himself and the one called Rina. How do we even know she exists?” the defense cried out.

“Your honor, I’m recommending we take a break from this issue. We’d like to confer for lunch. There’s a special deal on a high class rich restaurant opening up less than a block from here! They have catgirl waitresses that serve the meals!” the prosecutor stated.

Somehow the judge was hooked. He had a thing for catgirls. Its currently estimated that 20% of the dwarven male population also had a thing for catgirls so this isn’t unusual. Somehow for a good ten seconds he’d even forgotten what he was doing as his hands were putting away the secret vodka laced water bottle he kept on his judge’s stand.

“Eh? I want to see catgirls too. Please include me,” the defense attorney momentarily was distracted from his resolve as his eyes shone with fanaticism. He too was a follower of catgirls.

“That can be arranged,” the judge said smugly.

Soon after the break…

“Sir, I’d like to call the witness Akira to the stand,” the prosecution asked.

“Sir, this person is a non-dwarf. There’s no telling what they might say. We should have a court lie detector in place for human witnesses. Further it was abnormal that lie detectors aren’t already in place from the beginning,” the defense said.

“We’ve had budget cuts due to the military needing increased presence to keep the town defended. I apologize for the inconveniences but this is on the City Lord’s behalf of needing every penny for defense. Thus the lie detectors have been temporarily shut down,” the judge stated.

“But sir!”

“Overruled, this is a pro equality city! Non-dwarves have rights too! Also this issue is closed,” the judge stated glaring at the defense.

“But sir, its standard practice for non-dwarf trial statements! It has nothing to do with racism!” the defense said.

“Overrulled! You will have a seat sir or you will be disciplined! I can’t believe I shared my catgirl fantasy restaurant with you!” the judge restated angrily.

The dwarven defense attorney went back to his chair.  

Soon after Akira took the stand;

“So could you state your name and occupation please,” the prosecution stated after Akira was comfortably seated.

“My name is Akira, I’m also an adventurer working hard to support myself. Sometimes I do bodyguard work or act as a bouncer for some bars in town on the side when my team is resting up,” Akira said boredly.

“Also your honor we have exhibits 39A and 39B showing sworn affidavits by witnesses, also notarized, that the witness Akira is who he just claimed, and has in fact done moonlighting as a bar bouncer in town when not adventuring,” the prosecution stated.

“You may proceed,” the judge stated.

“How do you know the defendant Shun?” The prosecution said.

“We met while adventuring.”

“OK, so how long have you known him?” said the prosecution.

“We met on an adventure trying to earn money so Yuriko and I could buy a house after we’d just gotten together. That gold thief Shun…” Akira was interrupted.

“Objection! Gold thief hasn’t been proven and until it has that phrase should be stripped from the record!” the defense cried out.

“We’ll let the gold thief issue be decided later, but may both sides reference their notes so we can revisit it at a later time if needed,” the judge grudgingly accepted.

“As I was saying, while adventuring Shun caused the death of my Yuriko. That’s why I can never forgive him! To me he will always be a criminal!” Akira shouted pointing at Shun.

The crowd gasped.

“Your honor, prosecution wishes to add the crimes of manslaughter to the charges against the defendant,” the prosecution stated.

“Sir, we have no basis for proving the manslaughter clause in the dwarven law code yet. That’s a separate and unrelated case and should be treated as such without allowing discrimination to affect our ruling over this case,” the defense stated.

“Overruled!” the judge stated.

“The defendant is absolutely guilty your honor! We can and are proving it now!” the prosecution argued.

“Your honor we still have no proof this Yuriko person ever existed? And just like Rina we have no documents tying Akira to Yuriko, nor Rina to Svinn! We have no birth or death records, nor actual marriage or slave records even,” the defense cried out.

“Sir, they are real people. We have it on record other witnesses with testimony that can match these two witnesses statements and that said relationships existed,” the prosecution stated.

At this point Akira wanted to use Yuriko’s student ID, which he’d kept after she’d died, but if he were to do so he would be accused of Otherworld Syndrome and possibly locked up. For now he had to gnash his teeth quietly.

The defense trial attorney looked crushed after hearing that but tried to recover as he went back to his seat.

Soon after unknown dwarves made claims to collaborate the relationships of Yuriko and Akira; Rina and Svinn, both of which Shun and Akira had never really met before.

“Your honor, also it seems that Shun claims to have come from another world. He has Otherworld Syndrome, claiming to be from some town called Kobe in another world,” Akira stated.

The crowd gasped. There’s a flurry of intense anger and fear of infection. The dwarves greatly fear the contagiousness of Otherworld Syndrome.

“Break! We must break while we have poison mages sterilize the court room!” the judge said while banging his gavel.

After another recess the court is back in session but with other mages walking around the room with mana reading devices to make sure both poison and biological contaminants are eliminated from the room even while the court proceeds.

Svinn’s assistant took the stand next.

“Sir, this is irregular! He is obviously under Svinn’s employ! He is under duress to provide testimony under threat of losing his job and career!” the defense cried out.

“That’s not true!” the assistant said too quickly.

“Overruled!” the judge stated banging the gavel.

More testimony and witness statements continue to pour in over the next hour.

“Sir, none of the testimonies have any kind of credible paper trail except the statements by Gyle, whose family runs an arms shop here in town!” the defense cried out, angrily tearing at his beard.

“Overruled! This is most irregular for you to be criticizing the prosecution for their hard work,” The judge stated.

The defense instantly shut up but his face looked like it might boil over. This was obviously a most irregular case that he’d been tricked into defending! Further the compensation from the government was below the usual rates, so not many other defense attorneys had wanted to look at it.

Other statements followed with other outlandish claims.

Some believe Mallory is the true boss and that Shun is her vampire drudge; this is collaborated by witnesses saying they overheard someone being called a boss between conversations between Shun and Mallory. It was also well known that powerful elder vampires had servants that could be living or dead which were called ‘drudges’.

Mallory’s presence predated Shun’s arrival to the city by over 50 years. This added credibility that association with vampires even if accidental or seemingly innocent must be purged from the town at any cost!

Restatement of the 57 dwarven deaths in the last ten years to vampire attacks; show that vampire problem has to be snuffed out at any cost. And the numbers of dwarven vampire related deaths was proven to show a huge spike after Mallory’s supposed arrival in the southern province’s capital city, which cemented her guilt in the eyes of the dwarven people.

Other rumors circulated about a mysterious citing of Shun and party leaving a giant pumpkin house which may or may not have anything to do with the vampire dens infesting the city. Further inquiry had no clues as to what the giant pumpkin house was for and who lived there.

Statements conveniently left out and had expunged any records of Shun assisting military maneuvers in preserving the existence of the Southern Dwarven province and its towns.

The prosecution and defense held their breath when finally three bunny girls in hot leotard outfits arrived in front of the judge’s stand carrying large signs in giant envelopes.

“Will the tribunal grant approval for reading the 3 verdict cards and opening their envelopes?” the judge humbly asked the 3 acting tribunal jury members.

“We concur and state that we have unanimous united verdicts your honor. You may open the verdict envelopes,” the head tribunal jury member stated.

The court is deathly silent as the 3 hot looking bunnygirls began opening the 4 foot long, by 2 foot wide envelopes which contained verdict cards inside.

“You may proceed,” the judge stated to the bunnygirls.

“Guilty!” bunnygirl 1 stated.

“Also guilty verdict,” bunnygirl 2 stated.

Bunnygirl 3 looked shy and nervous. Then she fumbled the envelope label while everyone else is on the edge of their seat. “So-sorry, it’s my first time!”

Finally she got the big envelope open and pulled out its matching sized card. “Also g-g-guilty!” she said.

“The court hereby sentences the defendants Shun and Mallory to the Southern Province City’s prison internment arena combat systems until death!” the judge said.





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