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Dreamweaver Chapter 176





Ayumi POV





It feels…I don’t know, not warm or cold but somehow exposed. I feel like I’m resting on a cold hard surface as the fatigue is starting to disperse over my foggy mind. At some point the fever had started to pass but I don’t know when. It was sudden. I feel clammy, dirty, and like a need a bath but first I need to do something about this headache.

Yeah, the headache…

My head is killing me. Dang it, my head hurts.

Ugh! What happened to me?!

How long has my head been hurting like this? It feels like forever, even with all the sleep. I began stirring at some point. It feels like I’ve been asleep for a long time. The mind fog over me is intense because of the length of the sleep but gradually my eyes are getting less blurry.

Huh? Somehow my vision seems sharper and more defined. The edges around things are tighter with like extra shadow tightened around things. This is really weird.

There are voices near me.

Mom? Dad? Sister?

Wait, no they aren’t here.

Depression solidifies in my heart. I wish they were here. Where is here?

I can piece this together. Think…

The last thing I remember clearly was being at the school and we were under attack by…orcs?! Actually I don’t even believe in orcs but with so many students under me bringing stuff like magazines and video game pictures on their comic books and in their phones they would describe them as orcs. I’m not entirely sure that’s what they are though.

How did that happen?

I don’t do drugs but something like that seemed like what drugs would make you hallucinate right? Or maybe I’m being hasty in judging others? I avoid too much alcohol and don’t smoke. I’ve also avoided bad men trying to spike my drinks in restaurants with stuff. I’ve had to be careful of men trying to spike my drink in the past and wondered if something happened like that.

But those were what kids would say orcs look like when all hell broke loose. Suddenly it’s all coming back to me of that vivid nightmare. They were filthy, grimy, smelly, and covered in war paint and such like that. Plus…all the blood… I’d tried to forget that part.

They’d grabbed us. Then when we were knocked down they ripped our clothes off whenever it was a girl. When it was a boy they ripped the clothes off for different reasons; so they could skewer them with long poles to roast them over a fire. That…was horrific to see. I saw several people killed like that. One of them I even started to see them start to roast him when he was still dying. Then the screams of pain and their hideous laughter as the torture was prolonged.

Oh jeez…I feel queasy.

I only wasn’t raped because their leader took me and stuffed me full of drugs or some weird concoctions which made my mind see nightmares. Then he’d thrown me into something like…I think it was a bag, no a box or some kind of prison? And it was dark and then I was asleep. He’d have done more if he weren’t still trying to capture other girls that were getting away at the time.

And…before that…

A lot of the kids died trying to fight back. But then they weren’t killing all of us. Still we were losing badly. We weren’t used to war like this and its brutal senselessness. They were capturing the girls as many as they could snatch up like candy and none of us could do anything about it; and that was more horrific than anything else and I saw a few things that I shouldn’t have ever have had to see. They’d caught me and Haruka at almost the same time when she was in my class. Oh that’s right, they captured Haruka too.

Where is she?            

“Ha…Haruka?” I called out. My mouth is hard to move.

Will we be next, I worried tearfully. But no, they have something worse in mind for us.

Several students tried to save us and gave their lives for helping people.

Then …oh that’s right.

I saw Shun after that. But I can’t tell how much time passed between the two events. It felt like no time at all but then something seemed different about the two events as if there were a time discrepancy.

And Shun? He’s in two of the classes I teach. He was the responsible type but had a lot of family responsibilities I think.

Wait, I’m having trouble figuring this out. I think that was afterwards? Wasn’t it? I didn’t see Shun at that same time. I’d seen him after. And it felt like I’d been asleep awhile between when I saw him and when the orc attack on the school took place.

I’d almost forgotten it because of being when I was going through that faze with the fever that felt like it’d lasted forever. I was sick for a long lime time in sleepy fog.

Wait a minute.

Shun wasn’t alone when he’d rescued me. Although it’s true that he was there first and more prominently in front as the leader huh? Well he didn’t say he was the leader but he acted like it. And…my memory and eyes were playing tricks on me I think too. There were others with him when he was with me.

Right there were others, but for some reason I remembered him more. I felt drawn to him.

Who was it with him again?

Oh…Asakura Sensei was there!

But why does it feel like that happened a long time ago, even though it was like right before I was asleep again?

But she was dressed kind of provocatively wasn’t she? That was definitely not a way for a teacher to dress! How scandalous! She was wearing one of the girl’s school uniforms except it wasn’t built for someone with a figure like hers and so it…made some things a little bit sticking out too much like the ass and chest area. And she looks more slim and toned in other areas though her ass was slim, but something was wrong because I don’t remember her huge boobs being like gargantuan sized and sticking out so far that the shirt wouldn’t close up right.

Wait, why does that like make me feel turned on for some reason? I still feel a bit tired. I shouldn’t but maybe that was because my body was under a fever so long. I don’t feel into girls specifically but something about it seemed erotic.

I felt a light shine over me as my eyes are still trying to get focused.

“Hey are you awake?”

I opened my eyes. “Hello? Who else is…there? Where am…i?” My voice croaked from a dry throat. My eyes take a moment to adjust and this light is so bright too. Why does my voice sound strange? I thought it was someone else except the voice is saying the things I thought.

“Here drink some water. It will feel better,” Shun said.

I felt something press to my lips and I drank it. The cool water felt fresh too.

“Why is it so bright in here?” I croaked in a disfigured voice; somehow after waking up my voice is still changing.

Looking over a figure is waving at me.

“It’s not that bright. Why does she think its bright in here?” I heard a voice say coming from nearby but I can’t see who it is. It sounds like a woman’s voice.

“Shh, let her adjust slowly,” Shun said to whoever that other person was that was farther away.

“Eh? Shun is that you?!” I cried out. My voice is starting to sound…strange. I feel different somehow, and something isn’t right. When I turn I see Shun sitting on his knees in front of me.

“Oh you are feeling good enough to get up…Sensei?” he asked. He looked like he struggled to call me Sensei for some reason.

Why wouldn’t he refer to me as my usual title?

“Where are we? Are we safe? Wha-wh-what about th-th-the orcs?!” I cried out. I look around desperately but then I think we’re safe.

Right…what is this place? It seems like some kind of strange structure like we’re underground, except it doesn’t have that musty underground like smell. That makes me more confused since its hard to place where we are.

Sitting up I’m on my feet. As a look around I see we’re in some kind of room and I was on like a hard wooden bed. It’s weird, like a European style stone block medieval room in a mostly barren room that almost looks like a jail cell in a way. But the door is different like some kind of …heavy thick glass?

“Ayumi Sensei, please you’ve been asleep a long time. First off you’re safe for now,” Shun said.

“We are? Oh good. I’m glad you are here rather than those things. I-I’m scared!” I said sounding a bit desperate but hell anyone would be if the thing they remembered right before then was like the end of the world.

“Take my hand. It’ll be OK,” he said. He came forward and took my hand.

I threw my arms around him. “Oh it was so awful. They took everyone! They took them all!” I kept crying and crying and couldn’t stop.

What the frick?!

My voice sounds metallic feminine. I hadn’t placed it before but it’s more obvious now. At least I’m glad it sounds feminine but there’s like this metallic echo in my voice that’s eerie. Its definitely strange but somehow something inside me is keeping me from panicking, I think.

“What? Where are we?” I asked. Yep, the metallic voice is still there.

“Don’t worry about that. We’re safe. You are safe with me,” he said.


“Um, Sensei?” Shun said after awhile.

Oh right…why do I feel so strange. It feels soothing that there’s someone else here to comfort me. Normally I would go to my mom for that.

“Yes?” again the metallic voice.

“Um, do you feel OK? Do you hurt anywhere?” Shun asked. He looks a bit bashful and shy. But somehow he looks different and I can’t put my finger on it. It’s weird.

“Um, I think I’m OK. I feel a bit strange though. And my voice…,” I said.

“Let me see your hands sensei,” Shun said.

“What for?” I asked. I know he’s trying to help but…I am naturally suspicious. A lot of boys have tried to trick me in the past. So I stay guarded.

Although it was pointless of me to say that after I was already holding hands with him.

Wait, I shouldn’t have done that huh? Holding hands with a student is bad. But I’d been like emotionally shaken up so it wasn’t my fault!

“It’s ok. You’ll see,” he said.

I stretched out my hand…

Holding out my hands I was distracted momentarily by some kind of weird energy Shun drew in the air and then he’s pouring something like a vapor that’s defying gravity, flowing through the air like energy onto me. It feels refreshing throughout my body, though strangely it wasn’t wet, but felt almost tingly in a way too.

“Wh-w-w-whats that?” I asked.

“You aren’t going to believe this. But you see the energy right?” he asked.

“Yeah but that’s strange. It’s like real but not a game?! But that’s what it would look like in those games you students waste your time on,” my metallic voice almost cracked in stress.

“W-what a-are you doing to me?!” I said almost panicking as I added the second follow up.

“Don’t worry it’s not dangerous,” he said.

“A-are you sure?” I asked.

“Definitely. Don’t worry! It’s magic. I know that probably sounds weird to you right now huh. But this is real so don’t panic and don’t worry it will be OK,” he said.

“I-I still feel so shaken up,” I said in that metallic voice that sounds strong.

“It’ll be fine. There aren’t any orcs or demons here,” Shun added.

“EH? What?” I’m shocked.

What did he mean about demons?

“Don’t worry, we’ll get you fixed up in no time. Now that…” he started to say but I interrupted.

He then casted that strange soothing energy.

“That k-kind of feels good,” I noted.

“Good, its helping you recover. Your body was under a lot of stress,” he said.

He kept shaping that strange light colored energy as it hit me again.

“You said it was magic? Magic doesn’t exist,” I said.

“I used to think that way too Ayumi Sensei, but don’t worry it’ll be OK. See you’re already feeling better right?” he said while continuing to flow energy vapor or whatever the heck that is into me.

“Just relax,” he said.

“Technically there’s no way magic exists but…I can’t deny this feeling either and I can see that light when you do that, whatever it is…I feel lighter somehow and less foggy,” I said.

Why is my voice like that?

Come to think of it, some of those orcs had magic. And why do orcs exist? Fantasy isn’t supposed to be real! I keep thinking that in my head but I did see Shun use magic on me.

“Um, Ayumi-san. Things are a bit different from now. The old world we were in is gone. We were forced to adapt and this world we were brought to is very harsh. I’m telling you know because you will see some weird stuff from this point on. But you should know you are safe if you stay with me,” Shun said looking at me in the eyes.

“Eh?!” I was a bit alarmed but he spent a few minutes trying to calm me down.

“A-are you sure we’re safe?” I asked.

“Yes, but only when you stay with me. This world has a lot of bad things in it. Don’t wander away from me,” he said.


I tried to argue with him that this isn’t a funny joke but somehow he looks very serious. He also looks like he’s less naïve for some reason. We kept going back and forth for several minutes while he continued to reassure me that the air vapor energy that he was pouring into me was a heal spell, that magic was real, and also that we weren’t on Earth anymore.

The air vapor energy whatever it was that he was pouring into me more than anything was convincing more than the other things. Wait, that’s not just colorful air vapor but like shiny sparkly energy…and it feels refreshing and almost liquid like life would feel like.

Amazing! It’s starting to feel better, but there are still a lot of aches and pains. It’ll be a while before I’m finished feeling better.

“Thanks Shun,” I managed to say barely without crying.

I can’t help it but I’ve been hugging him more than once. It’s not good I know but for some reason he seems strong and…I don’t know why but he smells good?

Wow that feels so good. It’s almost intoxicatingly good. It’s like the smell of something deliciously enrapturing that has addictive traits, I think. But I can’t clearly tell what kind of food it is, only that I want it. Somehow I accidentally licked my lips.

I sniffed that air again. Again it’s like a sweet smelling vapor in the air. As I smell it, it’s like something delicious but almost like a mist of honey and not flowers. As I follow the smell I bump into Shun.

“EH? You smell strange,” I said.

“N-no I don’t,” now he sounded nervous.

Did I make a mistake? I’m not used to my senses being this sharp! As I sniff again though I’m sure it’s him. What is this? It’s like a smell that’s magnetic in nature. I feel polarized towards him somehow. I’m so magnetized to him that I had forgotten there’s someone else not too far away but giving us space.

I don’t care about that.

“Hmmm you noticed that already?” he’s giving me a careful look. He looks uneasy too but also curious.

“Yeah I ….sniff* sniff*…yeah it’s definitely you,” I said.

“Is it a good smell or a bad smell?” he said.

“Good I think…but …it’s like subtle but very penetrating for some reason,” I said.

“That’s OK, try to not worry. Maybe it will help calm you?” he suggested.

“I suppose. Anyway…where are we?” I asked.

“We’re on another world. I’m sorry. It may be a bit of a shock,” he said.

“Eh?! Another world?! How?!” I exclaimed.

I’m still hanging onto him. For some reason I like this kid. It’s reassuring to touch him. I don’t know why. Is it that sweet smelling aroma honey like sweet aroma coming from him? And that warmth feels so good to rub up against his chest with mine.

Somehow I’m sitting on his lap, while I hug him. I don’t want to let go. It’s not that I want a hug so much as the orcs and the fear and horror I’d gone through has me terrified and I’m afraid he’ll leave. I feel like I want a protector.

“Shun please! Don’t leave me OK? I mean…if this is another world its dangerous right? That must be why the….they were orcs weren’t they?” I asked.

“Yeah it is actually dangerous. Don’t go anywhere from here without me being with you. I need you to try to be alert at all times. There are dangers and it’s basically like being put back in the middle ages except there’s magic and some forms of technology but not all,” he said.

“Eh? Do we have a refuge or safe place?” I asked.

“Yes, kind of but stay close to me,” he said carefully.

“OK. So you adapted to it thought right? You know how to find like…water and food? You are able to support yourself and work? We aren’t going to be homeless right? I don’t like new surprises; I prefer stability much more. More than anything I’d hate to be hungry and homeless,” I asked while looking around.

There’s still no clue where we are.

He nodded. “Yeah that parts OK but…you know this might feel a bit strange for awhile. I think you should stay as close to me as possible.”

For some reason that made me blush. “As close…as …possible?”

“Yeah like that. Don’t ever leave my side. There are a lot of bad people in this world Ayumi like kidnappers and not just orcs that are kidnappers. And a lot of orcs too all over the place. They seem to be conquering this world piece by piece. They kidnap women and there are slavery and creatures of all kinds good and bad but bad seems to have the upper hand right now. Also there are a lot of wars here, and we have to fight to survive,” he said.


“Sorry I guess that’s a lot to take in huh? Maybe I should have told you that later,” he said.

“Well it is but…honesty is best. You were right to not hold back. If I need to adapt its better to win than be blind and make bad decisisons,” I said.

“Not to worry. If you are next to me it’s safe but …if you aren’t close to me then it can be dangerous quickly,” he said.

Somehow it’s relaxing to feel Shun and sit on his lap.

Why am I sitting on his lap anyway? But it feels so warm and inviting here. It’s like I want to be here but logically I want to somehow explain it so I don’t get in trouble. I shouldn’t be sitting on a boy’s lap should I, but I somehow just found myself here.

But there’s something else odd. My eyes feel strange. It’s like I’m seeing color more vividly and my eyes aren’t as bad as they used to be while noticing detail easier. Then I look at my hands.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!” I cried out. I almost panicked. I hadn’t noticed because I think something in my body was telling me not to notice but after I became more alert I had to notice.

“Ayumi its OK! Don’t worry everything is OK,” Shun tried to calm me down.

It took a long time and I was panicked for a long time. Then I cried again. Then Shun tried to hug and comfort me after a lot of crying.

And…oh gosh I feel horny for some reason. I’m not usually feeling like a lewd woman. I can feel that I’ve been sexually excited for a while and it keeps growing and won’t go away. And this type of sexual excitement is on a level that I’ve never had so high before; such that my hands are almost trembling from the lust going through me.

“It’ll be OK. Just baby steps OK,” Shun said. He has his hand on my lower back, while his other hand has grasped one of my hands. My other hand has his wrist. He’s trying to help me get adjusted, that’s all this is, my inner self reasoned.

“This will take getting used to. For now just focus on my voice while I walk you through the changes,” he said.

“OK. I can do that,” I said timidly.

First we look at my hands and forearms. I’d almost freaked out then too but he barked a firm command for me to stay calm and sit back down.

My skin color has changed. It’s like a very light but not blaring, nor bright violet or light, or lightly faded but beautifully exotic almost very soft flesh toned blue purple skin tinge mix. The skin is amazing though;  made so fine and so perfect and soft in color that it almost looks like a machined texture if that were possible, I’ve never seen it this clear and it’s not like blaring color but soft and seemingly normal tones that could blend in the darkness. It does look good but the change shocked me a lot. And I have like an athletic skin tone all over my body to the point of almost being like an Olympic athlete. I have tight abdominal six pack muscles even though I’m a woman and ripped muscle tissue everywhere but I’m not a muscle freak but just sharply defined. Also my long legs, firm tight ass with no ass sag, and everything from head to toe while slim is also full of very defined muscles with the same skin tone as the rest of me. It’s not too muscly like a man but somehow sexy and powerfully feminine in an almost mechanical way. Since I have ten fingers and ten toes with all my hands and feet with nothing extra it’s not too bad; I do have sharply cut fingernails and toes with long black nails that look like they could cut like needles.

What was surprising though is my head feels different. It’s like there are a lot of power in my movements all over. I feel bad that my sort of reddish dark hair color is gone. Instead it’s like silky black sheets of water hanging down my back. At least this hair is good and nice. It’s healthy feeling when I inspect it. I touch my ears. Yeah they are still there, but they aren’t pointed and long like an elf’s ears would be. I’m sure I’m not an elf though because elves don’t have this kind of athletic tone somehow though why I know that I’m not sure. And my boobs are enormously defined.

And I almost seem to have a reptilian feel with like spines or spikes going down my neck and back that lay down and feel like hair, yet still strong and long; similar to how some lizards have on their neck and spines though I’m not a lizard thank goodness. They keep going down my spine exotically, and there are other places that I have them too, though I’m thankful I don’t have reptilian skin or scales. Still the resemblance to a reptilian human is uncanny. Perhaps the elf ears weren’t elf ears at all but actually spines on my ears as well. Because of the neck and spinal long sharp needle like hair and long tail; wearing clothes now seems impossible.

Oh that’s right I’m about as naked as you can be. No wonder it felt good hugging Shun’s chest…

I should have freaked out but whatever is making my voice metallic and strong is inwardly forcing me to be calm too.

Wait, there is something extra.

Like my spinal…spikes or hair thorns that aren’t hair or whatever they are; like a material that is melded together and hard almost like organic metal needles or whatever that substance is, there’s a tail coming out the end of my rear end that has huge spike thingies on it of the same organic metal, also made of something similar to hair spikes but not really hair. And it has a big spade like end with massive spikes going around it too with are longer than the rest of my body. Now that I see the tail spike I’m sure it’s organic metal.

Yeah that tail spike thing there’s no way I can put that away. It’s going to be sticking out and its too sharp to hide under my clothes.

And I have humongous boobs. That part is the most obvious because I’d realized I was rubbing them up and down Shun’s body.

Um shit, that would get me fired huh? But yet somehow rubbing them up against him is all I can think about right now. But it’s weird because my waist is way too slim to have boobs that big and that draws more attention to the prominence of how my firm tits and ass stick out. In fact having a waist that slim sort of over emphasizes the boobs and ever poking out thick long erect nipples.

So because my body is like this is maybe why my voice sounded like an metallic echo melody sound. But what kind of creature am I?

Well actually this form isn’t so bad huh? A lot of guys would totally want to take me out looking like this.

Why are my nipples always so perky all the time now? That’s weird huh? I wanted to touch and feel them but with Shun here that’s not a good idea probably. My sex drive feels like triple or more what it was before too.

Maybe…I ended up like trying to hold my knees together because the tendency to rub my clit is huge right now.

What is this?!

I’m a freak right now?

I blushed.

Eh? I can feel that I’ve got some kind of faint almost invisible silver collar around my neck. What is that? I touch it but when I try to it somehow fades until I pull my hand away. I tried to touch it again but like before it’s not something I can touch but with the mirror Shun is letting me use its clearly there.

But for some reason I feel a little naughty and …it’s a turn on having Shun watch me. I’m not usually like that though. Somehow I ended up pinching my nipples with both hands and twisting them.

What the hell am I doing?! But I can’t stop.

“This feels so weird,” I said staring at my hands.

Everything about this body is perfect but very different. I’m no longer human that’s for sure.

“Um, what am I?” I said. I was about to say I was scared but somehow twisting my nipples feels more fun now to describe.

“You aren’t an orc or goblin. You aren’t a midget either and you don’t look deformed. You should be happy Sensei. Some of the mutations of the others were way worse than yours,” Shun said with a tight forced smile.

“This is too different though,” I exclaimed.

“If you think that’s bad…some of the others changed into a form with goat legs,” he said seriously with a sullen expression.

“OH my gosh! That sounds scary!” I went through several minutes of frustration.

“Yeah it was bad,” Asakura said nearby. She’s afraid to come close for some reason isn’t she. I can see it on her face. Then she went away to leave Shun and I alone.

Oh that’s right, she was there the whole time huh? I can vaguely see her outline and her gargantuan boobs that are still bigger than mine…somehow that makes me jealous.

After he explained it to me I was a little sad. There’s almost nobody left alive from the people that came to this world from our school. And what few there were left, most of them turned to evil and doing selfish things and not helping each other.

Somehow I feel that I want to believe Shun.

I was lucky also that the form and shape that I was …somehow changed to is very beautiful.

But I had to duck through the door because I’m somehow a bit taller than I used to be. That’s when I found out I have horns on my head almost like a ram’s horns. They curl backward elegantly over my head and then outward. I still thankfully have hair though, and the horns don’t look weird but added a strange exoticness to how I look.

“So what am I?” I asked him desperately.

“Um, Ayumi…I’m not sure how to tell you this,” Shun looked hesitant.

“So does everyone change?” I asked him.

“Pretty much. The only one that hasn’t changed into anything is Rina, and Haruka. I changed a bit too but not really in appearance. Asakura is alive too but she changed to a form that’s also different though she looks about the same only younger,” he said.

“EH?! They’re alive! That’s wonderful!” I said while somehow hugging Shun again. It feels good to embrace him for some reason. It feels naughty though. And because my mind set was affected by the change somehow I hadn’t realized until looking at myself how naked I am. Somehow I can’t keep my hands off him. And I feel so wet down there…

Somehow I ended up rubbing my tits against him again.

He’s blushing but doesn’t shy away.

I increased the strength of the pressure. 

It won’t really do much good to care about that now will it? And…Shun is…the ideal man isn’t he? He does look a bit young but still. He has magic right? And he’s kept me alive?

So he probably has some means to take care of me? I shouldn’t think that way but if I like him and he likes me isn’t that OK if we’re in a different world? I’ve always wanted to be married and have a family.

Wait, why am I thinking that?

Hmm, what should I do?

“So did you have any other questions Ayumi?” he asked.

“So there are a few survivors huh? Like besides Rina and Haruka, oh and also Asakura Sensei?” I asked.

He blushed when I said Asakura. Did that mean something?

“Well….about that…” he sort of scratched his head. I think he wants to tell me something but he can’t express it well.

“Don’t worry about them so much. Like I said this world is pretty dangerous. I’ve been only recently strong enough to wake you up Sensei because you were so thoroughly poisoned with toxic substances. So I couldn’t think ahead before now about waking you up. We had you in a stasis sleep chamber so your body wouldn’t die while changing and to buy time to make it safer for you and ourselves first. It was that serious. It was almost like a medical coma in a way,” Shun explained.

Ahh that explains why Shun a bit different. Some time has passed huh?

I cried again when I found out it’s been a few months since we’ve been here. Then Shun calmed me down.

“I’m sorry Ayumi Sensei but…you know we did that to keep you alive. There were so many losses early in the game that there wasn’t any other way,” he explained.

“So we have to wake the others up! Is Rina asleep too?! She was so sickly as a student I’d been worried about her for a while. Then that happened,” I got a little bit too excited.

“Woah, slow down. We’re helping them don’t worry. It’s going to be OK,” Shun said.

“But you said this world is dangerous? So don’t we need urgency now?” I asked.

He nodded, “We have to go slow, take baby steps. You have to consider every move carefully. It won’t be easy at first but I can keep you alive if you do as I ask while we fight our way forward,” Shun said.

“Wait you mean like real combat? Fight our way forward? Real fighting?” my mouth is hanging open in horror.

“I wish there were another way. But there isn’t. The plus side though is that I can manage it so we can survive and make good choices together,” he said.

Good choices, and discipline are how you win in life. My parents taught me that.

Somehow I’m alone with him now. Whoever that other girl’s voice was in the dim background, and Asakura who I’d seen had gone to another room, I think.

“Well this world is different than the other one Sensei. We’ll have to adjust. Think of it like someone dropped us in the middle of a period of the Mongol hordes except they aren’t humans,” Shun said.

“That doesn’t sound good. Which reminds me…if I’ve changed this much…I’m scared…what does my face look like? I mean please let me see that hand mirror again?” I asked. My hand is trembling a bit.

He chuckled. “Don’t worry. It’s actually pretty amazing looking, though some might be scared of it. I think you look beautiful. And many would be jealous to have a face like that, who are already beautiful.”

“Really? That’s so sweet. Thank you,” I said.

I want to kiss him and do bad naughty things still. I still haven’t released him from the massively tight hug yet. In fact, my nails just ripped the back of his shirt I think, though I didn’t cut him.

“I’m just being truthful,” he said.

“I still want to look,” I insisted.

After several more minutes of discussion I actually think I like this body better. It’s hot, sexy, and seductive with way more power than the other one. I think I’m almost a foot taller too, though I feel a bit full figured but slim around the waist, and ribcage. It’s full figured in a good way and not bulky or fat; so I can’t complain with the only excess fat in the right places. Other than that there are no changes. But it resembles something out of a comic book nightmare blending hellishly naughty with sexy.

I did hear Shun wondering about why there were no wings but I had a tail. What? Wait? Huh? What was that about? I asked him.

“Huh wings? Tail?” I asked.

“Oh it’s nothing don’t worry about it. I’m just trying to figure out what kind of being you are,” he said too quickly.

“Don’t worry about what?” I growled.

He shook his head. “Well it seems you are a daemon race of some kind,” Shun explained, admitting it openly.

“EH!? Aren’t daemons evil?”

“Don’t worry it’s not bad I think. Though I can’t have you mixing with bad influences in your confused mental state; you are also trying to figure out how you fit in with this world too. Not all daemons are bad, I mean you have some…powerful urges that are difficult to control…yes many of them are evil and bad but it’s just a different kind of creature. You don’t have to be like them. You are still you. Sometimes it’s just like saying white or someone from Asia, you know but you in your heart aren’t like what your skin color is. It’s up to us to decide what to do with our lives,” Shun said.

“Hmm is that so? I should be more freaked out than I am. I feel nervous though. This change is so radical even though it feels good. I do feel stronger but its like my heart is racing and can get away from me too?” I asked nervously. I am still puzzled looking at the back of my hand and the strangely exotic skin color that’s different from before.

“Well I didn’t want to tell you this right away Ayumi but your race is going to take a while to figure out. Of everyone that came here maybe you and I are the most alike in a lot of ways,” Shun blushed.

“Ahh is that why you smell good?” I asked blatantly. When I realized I’d said too much we both chuckled and laughed.

“Probably,” he laughed.

Somehow I can’t keep my eyes or thoughts off him. I’m obsessed with him but I shouldn’t be. That confuses me too why its like that. I never had a crush on him and I shouldn’t now but the smell is so good.

Somehow I’ve pulled my hands away from hugging him again. Why did I do that? It’s like my hands moved on their own…I am toying with my nipples again.

What is this?!

“Eh? I don’t know. Maybe that’s part of it? Well so far you are the only one with a race similar to mine, but I’m only half demon, but you are like full demon. But I don’t know why your skin color is so different from mine but it’s not a bad thing. But you did notice that smell so early on compared to others huh? That’s definitely different. No one before now even noticed the smell till …well till way later after that,” Shun said. He appeared to be thinking something deeply.

“I wonder if that means something for us to be the same race when no one else is? That smell feels good to be around for some reason,” I said accidentally. I couldn’t help it. That sweet aroma in the air coming from Shun was making me a bit drunk I think. I’ll have to ask him about it later. It’s weird that there’s something like that, but even though I’ve noticed it I can’t fight it well.

Come to think of it, my fingernails are a little bit fierce looking too I noticed.

“Well I don’t think you are exactly like me but just similar?” he voiced his thought aloud.

“So are we m-m-meant to b-be?” I accidentally said.

His eyes met mine. We’re locked onto each other. I feel like I have to have him but I shouldn’t be this obsessive.

I’m still holding Shun’s hand again, even after I’d tried to stop. I also notice while I have very slender fingers and hands there is something like dainty long razor sharp claws. I can’t help it. If this really is a trip to another world and its dangerous and deadly then I need to stick with him if he’s strong. I know I can’t make it on my own either. And I don’t want to be enslaved or captured either.

“So do you feel OK now?” Shun asked.

“Hmm, I guess but this is a big shock huh?” I said.

We both laughed.

But I shouldn’t be laughing. Mentally I know that, but it’s like this body feels so powerful and strong that it’s intoxicating even though I know I should be freaking out. I should totally be freaking out that I’m naked too but somehow the drunk reveling in power is clouding my judgment.

Shun looks so delicious for some reason. I feel itchy down there in both my nipples and crotch. The horny feeling is like…getting so much stronger now while I’m holding hands with Shun. It’s been growing non-stop. In fact it’s been growing so much this whole time that I almost can’t stand up.

“You know it would be good for us to go for a walk. I want to show you around,” Shun said.

“Umm, is that OK?” I asked shyly.

“It’s funny that you have a body like that and you are shy,” Shun said.

We laughed again.

I probably should wear clothes huh? But being with Shun like this is so much fun and I feel free! And I guess it won’t hurt to wait a bit. Somehow clothes feel restrictive and confinging. I didn’t see anything to wear in that room huh? And my spinal thorn spikes or whatever they are won’t let me really wear something like that very well.

I feel like I’m forgetting something. What am I missing? Something feels a bit off doesn’t it…






Shun POV




She’s not a succubus, but I’m guessing succubi would look very similar to that. Right? Or am I wrong? At least that’s the opinion from Fox, who is the only one that knows what succubi look like. I worry about that. Why does she know something like that?

But maybe it’s a variant type? So either a variant type daemon or variant type succubus? Or could it have some traits of both?

At any rate, succubi have wings supposedly. So that’s maybe out I guess. But Ayumi has no wings. It could be a daemon type race that is definitely very hot and exotic with spiky metal plates that seem to move and lay flat like hair and are probably weaponized for defense…and offense. Demons are like that, according to Fox. I’ll have to ask her about them later for more detail so I can figure this out.

And with the amazing, but also strange and deft organic metal spike things…I will definitely have to keep Ayumi in the dream state. There’s no way around it. She can’t wear any kind of traditional clothes because of the organic spike plates running down her spine and tail that would shred and cut through anything I try to put on her. And there’s no way to disguise something with that much presence as a human.

So I have to figure out a place for her to be happy here.

“And this is the arena. We do a lot of training here. It’s also a battle area. As you can see we’re trying to turn it into an island paradise and safe haven,” I said.

“Woah this is soo cool!” Ayumi is wowed.

She’s taking this rather well but she’s leaning onto me a lot and touching me like an obsessed woman. It feels nice but the pheromones have deeply penetrated her more than anyone I’ve encountered. And its been so quick too.

One quarter of the arena we’ve been filling with water to make a pool area but it’s not done yet. Then there are a bunch of trees too but they are all less then three feet tall right now.

“This has potential, it’s just not quite to where you want it,” Ayumi noted.

Ayumi doesn’t realize she’s practically hypnotized already. She doesn’t like it when I let go of her hands. She keeps walking around like she isn’t aware of her own nakedness either. And those boobs are still smaller than Asakura’s giant melons but hard to not stare at. Since she has no body hair anywhere her ass and pussy show off more too.

I wonder if she’s compatible for demon milk? Does it have to be a race that’s close to darkness elements to have demon milk? I didn’t think about that until now but Asakura’s race being a ghoul and she can have milk, and Ayumi’s race is also a darkness theme type race too. Maybe there’s compatibility?

“Shun?” she called out.

“Oh sorry I think I spaced out,” I said.

She giggled. “It’s OK. You did that in class sometimes too.”

“I did?” I feel my face blushing again.

“Hmm but you know it’s OK,” she flashed her teeth. Yeah there is an extra set of cusped canine teeth too. Where humans have the two on top and bottom, she has four on top and bottom but still has the other teeth like normal.

“Hey you know this is pretty fun!” she laughed and we chased each other over the sandy arena for awhile. I ended up skipping along with him somehow and we’re laughing together.

Its almost like she’s totally drunk on my pheromones and doesn’t realize it.

I have Asakura and Sylvie de-summoned right now. The plan is I should build a rapoire with Ayumi to ensure she stays with us and also get her as close to us as possible. But even though that’s the plan she’s a slave crystal so she couldn’t leave even if she wanted too but I don’t want the mental shock to be too much. I’d like to take care of that without having her realize she’s compelled though. If its done right it won’t matter because we’ll still have a relationship of trust. And being in a slave crystal means I can make her order me but that’s not as much fun. I want her to want to be with me.

When we get to the first training room she squeals in surprise.

We have the bedsheet from the inn laid out with lunch, which I’d borrowed from the inn that was attacked. There are the MREs, the demon milk which Ayumi shouldn’t have a problem with drinking anyway, and some other snacks we brought along. If I’m right Ayumi would probably need demon milk too, probably; or at least get more nutrition from it than normal milk.

“What’s this?” she asked happily while beaming.

“A picnic,” I smiled.

“Oh this is so sweet Shun!” she said while pulling me into a hug. She accidentally pushed her boob against my face. Then she is holding me there for a long time. Naked demon girls are the best.

That’s all it took.

“Let me give you a kiss to thank you,” Ayumi said.

“Really?” I’m happy.

Despite this moving faster than I thought it would Ayumi has a wonderful, sweet spirit about her. I want to get closer to her. I find myself wanting to hug her tighter and tighter. I’m attracted to her as well quite powerfully. As she’s leaning over its hypnotic the way her tits hang out and down like a cow’s udder but more beautiful.

With no warning suddenly our lips and teeth are locked into a feeding frenzy as we’re passionately almost tearing each other’s tongues in French kissing and we’re suddenly making out before I can realize it. Then Ayumi’s eyes started to glow a little bit red.

She throws me down. Then she’s on top of me. She wastes no time almost tearing my pants off. Within less than a minute she’s fucking me senseless and raping me almost violently. She’s in some mentally crazed state and doesn’t realize what she’s doing. In fact I think she lost coherent thought some time right before impaling me inside her.

Ayumi…can’t resist sex it seems. She’s turned into a demon but I don’t know yet if that’s related. I know that the Ayumi from our world was generally pretty conservative so it’s a surprise it’s gotten this far so quickly.

This means I have to be careful with her. I won’t be able to take her out of the dream state will I?

While bouncing up and down hard she’s trying to slam her pussy against my giant penus with extreme force that should hurt. But it’s just giving her an ahegao look instead while her hands are twisting her own nipples and mauling her own boobs. She cries out in an echoing metal hypnotic melody in her throat as she tries to feel more and more.

Oops….this is too much. It feels like euphoria.

I’m glad she can control the spikes to not injure either of us however. Somehow she doesn’t cut me with them but that seems amazing. Perhaps there’s something inside her preventing that from happening.

If it’s like this she’ll be like totally senseless won’t she? I don’t know if I can use her for battle unless I can get her to listen to reason.

I should have realized there was something wrong when she didn’t seem bothered by no clothes. Is that what demon races are like?  

“….mine….never……never let you go….” I heard her gasp sometime after her ninth time cumming an hour later. 




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