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Dreamweaver 168





Assassin Leader POV




Numbers 1,2, and 3 didn’t check in last night. It seems that they somehow got themselves killed. Now I’ll have to go through the pocketbook to fish out funds to train their replacements. I’d wanted them for the big day we had planned today but I had backups just in case. This is way planning must be done right.

What a waste.

This job seems unlucky somehow. I should have handled it myself. Then I wouldn’t have lost my investment on the other three. The young ‘uns play too much instead of practicing their craft. When I was their age I put twice as much practice in as a lot of them are doing now. I’d expected one, and two to get killed, but number three was a shock. He was one of my best pieces and had been mentored for years.

I’m a careful planner. I never lose. People don’t even know my name because I won’t let them know it. I’m currently undefeated. Well…sometimes I don’t get as good a gas mileage on some jobs as others in terms of my men but I’m still undefeated.

In this line of work getting defeated usually means you die.

One of my scouts approached from the alley way behind the roof I’m hunkering over in a gillie suit. We’re in sniper mode. But the only way to really use these is for espionage and for magic bombing. Some crossbow sniping too, but it’s a pain that there isn’t a way to make crossbows shoot and reload faster. We’re watching the inn across the street.

“Go ahead,” I said.

“Master,” The scout behind me whispers while on one knee to report and show respect.

“Report,” I said.

“We have our men in place. We also went after the extras to them in together. We also have a layered covering system as you have asked for, though it won’t be cheap,” the scout reports. He looks a bit timid when saying that last part. Nobody likes to tell the boss both, something is expensive, or something is bad news.

He’s one of my more trustworthy messengers. He’s not as good at combat but he’s been thoroughly tested under fire to deliver under fire and trained to resist temptation by others, and also against betrayal. True to protocol, before talking about serious stuff I can see him checking our surroundings to make sure no one is near us. I’ve already done that but I want him true to principle and not assume that I’ve done that. That’s how you get caught after all.

A valuable pawn, but a bit gullible too. I need to set him straight one of these days to be more ambitious. That’s all he’ll ever be just like these other pawns.

Being an assassin is an illusion because you can never win all your fights unless you throw away a few comrades to win.

“Sir?” the scout asked again.

“Check in with team four and five to prep them and make sure they are on task. The team leads for those two groups are a bit young and fresh still, so I want another pair of eyes to make sure they aren’t screwing around. I want you to watch for the signal. It’ll happen soon,” I said.

My scout moves quickly and lightly hopping down the roof and blending in with the crowd. His illusions change with the crowd with a glamour to not be noticed or stick out in anyway.

Why did I let him have that special mage cloak anyway? It was a mistake to gamble it on someone like him that’s a small fry. He’s not even a mage I think, unless its some minor crap like a farming magic skill. A lot of people had something like that lately. It wasn’t enough to do much with.

I sighed.

More waiting occurs…

Soon he’ll report back and then we can swarm the inn and the residents that are still resting. Well most of them should be resting, and the rest…that’s what our weapons are for. You have to expect some resistance on even the best plans.

This job is well planned to the teeth. It’s also part of the outside goblinoid forces internal pre-strike operations but meh, who cares about that. All I care about is all the gold we’ll get from this. In other words, not only is our target the unknown mage, but we also got a similar job to sabotage adventurer’s behind enemy lines from the Goblin King. So it’s a two for one deal and going to make me obscenely rich. I don’t know which room they are in but that’s OK. Every adventurer killed is more goblin gold from our ridiculously rich sponsor. And we just sweep the inn with several teams at once.

I wonder just who is this Goblin King. There are many goblin kings I’m sure but this one seems a bit different than the others. He’s more cunning and crafty. But it’s unlike goblin kings to have this much gold for payroll.

And if the goblins take the city I already have a way out prepared too, even if it looks surrounded and cut off.

Hufufufu…it’s so beautiful.

My plans always work. I’m always extensive on planning, scheduling, and training to make stuff like this happen the way they should.

Ten minutes later my scout comes back. He’s all sweaty from hustling. I like that. Nobody wants a lazy assistant. People that work hard are a shortage in the assassin industry lately. People get lazy and think it’s an easy trade to just off people for their wallet but there’s a science to it.

I’ve learned to watch for that. Another thing I watch for is you ironically have to motivate the men more right after getting paid because some percentage of them think, oh now that I’ve gotten enough for a few days I can relax.

“Sir? All the teams are in place,” he reported.

“Good. Smell that?” I asked him.

“Huh? Smell what?” he’s a dwarf that’s paid to murder his own kin but somehow he doesn’t like being underground. It’s an enigma but there are dark dwarves in this world.

“I smell two things. Fresh beautiful air, and money,” I said.

The scout wonders what I’m thinking. That’s OK; he doesn’t need to know everything. Then I activated the signal. He smiled when I mentioned money though.

“What about me sir?” the scout asked.

“Oh you can be my bodyguard haha. Not that I’d ever be discovered from here,” I snickered.

Eh…I forgot to bring my kettle corn to snack on while I watch the inn get sacked with my telescopic lens. It’s a new invention that recently came out. Some dude with otherworld syndrome came up with it about eighty years ago. They are ridiculously hard to get hold of.

“But shouldn’t we have attacked earlier? It’s almost morning,” the scout said.

“That’s the whole point. We timed the attack to start right when the guard shift change occurs and not just about having it early in the morning. They are lapse around that time. We’ve seen some of them leave posts early with sometimes up to ten minutes with no actual security,” I explained.

“Oh, nice!”







Sunghee POV






There it was again.

It was a pretty heavy thump coming from below us. It was like something hit the ceiling.

It woke me up.

I stretch out.

“Five more minutes,” I mumbled.

I close my eyes again.

It’s fun to snuggle up next to Shun. It’s also nice to not have to share him with Rina. But we all want her back. I’m sure we’ll get her back, but it’s just a matter of time. Plus Rina is loyal to us, so I’m not worried about her doing something stupid.

There’s another bump, this time heavier. Then we heard glass breaking and the sound of something heavy hitting a floor I think.


“What?” Shun opens an eye.                         

He’s under the sheets.

I’ve only got the sheets up to my waist since for me it was a bit too warm. I was hoping that it would cool down a bit. Also I’m hoping Shun will be tempted by seeing me topless and my perfect breasts that only Asakura can match. I do this when Rina is around when we sleep together to, in order to ensure that my turn is first. So it’s practical to get more reward and love by staying topless as much as possible while we stay inside our inn room as long as the door is locked tight.

I noticed the bump too coming from the floorboards below us again I think. It was heavier wasn’t it? Like something thick and bulky struck at it.

“Go back to sleep. Probably the couple below us is fighting again. They always fight when it’s that time of the month to pay their bills,” I said.

“Ahh right. Yeah that’s probably it,” Shun mumbled.

He doesn’t do well without a lot of sleep. It seems that sleep affects mages a lot in how they can channel magic and they are more vulnerable than non-mages without it.

“What time is it?” he then asked.

“…it’s still too early. We still need to sleep,” I yawned.

I closed my eyes again.

But then there’s a scream. A scream? Inside the inn?! Both of us shot wide awake. Then we realized that the bumps from before were coming from different locations.

“Something’s wrong,” I said to Shun.

“We better get up,” he said, but I was already on it.

We grab our weapons and get up just in case. Both of us scurry for our equipment just as we hear more screams from some of the other rooms around us.

“That sounds too close,” Shun said.

“What the heck is going on?” I wondered aloud.

“We better play hard ball with extreme caution for this. I don’t like it,” he said.

He’s getting dressed as fast as he can. I managed to get my weapon and my miniskirt on with my boots.

But we were too late.

Shun barely got his belt and pants on when our inn room door nearly broke off the hinges. It somehow held barely under the first blow but the damage is so severe it will surely go within the next five to ten blows.

“What the fuck?! What was that? I mean…that was our door Shun! Someone is hitting our door with like a weapon or axe!” I exclaimed.

“We’re under attack? Wait! How?!” Shun said.

We both stare at the door. Splinters chip off it, but somehow it’s holding. I think an axe blade was seen through a sliver wide cut in the middle where it’d impacted.

My blood chilled.


I have to protect Shun. No matter what. He’s all that matters. I can do this. I was trained for this. Adventurers are often used for bodyguard duty, this isn’t the first time, though it’s a bit sudden.

He starts casting buffs. Weirdly enough he somehow buffed the room door, but it’s already splintering like crazy as something from outside is bashing it up to get in. Shun puts out other buffs on both of us while I get my buckler and weapon ready.

Somehow I even got my shirt on most of the way, but I don’t have enough time to do up the buttons. I have to stay thinking about any second the door will fail.

Shun’s footsteps sound behind me. He ducks away from the window just as a bunch of crossbow bolts shoot inside the room hitting the floor.

“We’re surrounded!” he said quickly.


Attacked by both front and back?!

That’s not like goblins. That’s too smart for goblins. This must be someone else.

And the dwarves don’t know Shun’s a half demon so they wouldn’t do it would they? What or who could do this? The witch Lottie only wants money not to kill us so it wouldn’t be her.

“Stay ready Shun,” I said.

“I’m here,” he said.

The runic shielding is up, so is the protection from arrows, the movement speed buff, and the resistance buff. I can vaguely feel the buffs up. It’s hard to explain but it feels like pressure around my ears and the light in the room feels different. Plus I can see the runic shielding buff up, and the elemental resistance buff slightly changes the transparent tinting on the runic shield.

I’m not jealous of magic though. I’m secure with my own identity as a badass sword princess.

Then the door fails.

Oh no.

The enemy has breached the room.

Is this going to be the end? Will we win this time? We’ve never been attacked while sleeping before. This is like what happened when I was betrayed.

My anguish is threatening to overcome me.

“It’ll be OK Sung,” Shun said.





Shun POV





“Stay ready Shun,” Sunghee said.

“I’m here,” I said.

“It’ll be OK Sung,” I said.

The door bursts open before I can summon Sylvie or Asakura. I can’t blindly summon them while they are asleep without cover either, since they are sleeping that could be very bad. It could get them shot or killed without them even knowing what was up not to mention it would mentally be terrifying, since they’d go through a wake up process just like me. I have to create an opening first.

The crossbow bolts hit my shield. Those bolts make you flinch like crazy and are about as fast as bullets on a really good crossbow, at least from what it looks like. Whoever invented crossbows doesn’t sell the idea of how similar they are to guns to people. If people knew that more of them would use them.

I saw fractures tint up my shield like broken glass but the shield holds somehow with spider webs all over it.

They aren’t orcs or goblins?! It’s a bunch of guys in black. They look about human sized, though not all of them are human. I think maybe of the seven or eight of them here, five are human. I’d be more curious about who they are if they weren’t shooting at us.

I cast a barrier fence in the middle of the assassins pinning half of them in the doorway while three of them are trying to rush us, the others are trapped on the other side. It’s a bit too many at once but we have to fight or die. I hope Sunghee can hang on.

Sunghee is using the corner edge of where the big room ends to join the narrow hallway to duck back behind for cover. She blocked several chain blows, and then dodges back easily.

The first guy I hit with a stun so hard he fell and hit the floor breaking his nose. There’s nothing that says that the stun can’t hurt if I throw it hard enough. Then Sunghee slits his throat before he can react since he doesn’t even know what’s going while prone. Then she rolls out of the way of the enemy’s brethren that are cursing in some other language.

It’s interesting that our combination of my stun with Sunghee’s throat slash is almost as much an assassin move as these guys are trying to emulate in the first place.

Shouldn’t the language enchant pick that up on whatever they’d said though? That’s weird.

Then it’s a dodging game. Sunghee ducks and weaves agilely while I am too but from range attacks mostly. If worst comes to worst, we can buy time till my stun cool time goes up again.

Sunghee’s shield is already being pierced and hacked up like broken glass.

I renewed the shield but it’s going down remarkably fast.

Somehow I managed to debuff both of them, while Sunghee is holding them back. Her magic shield continues to melt.

Who are these guys?

The shielding is melting like butter. How do I fight something that attacks so fast?

“I think we’re in trouble,” Sunghee gasped.

Her weapon breaks and she hangs onto her buckler while trying to bust out her backup weapon. It’s a good thing that’s a dwarven buckler made tough and with good reinforcement. As they strike at it, there’s the sound of an echoing and it vibrates but holds.

When you are gambling your life on it, that’s scary, and did the previous weapon fail or did they intentionally break it?

“Crap,” she exclaimed.

There’s a series of blows as Sunghee tries to keep up. She avoids several deadly blows by dodging but several more just laced the shield into shredded glass again.

“Concentrate on blocking and dodging till I can get another stun ready. And don’t get hurt or injured,” I managed to coach.

“Understood,” she said almost robotically as she’s flowing through moves she’s practiced many times before and used to with real combat expertise. Even these shadow guys will have a hard time dealing with her if I can keep her buffed and uninjured. I didn’t want to take chances though.

The other assassins are shouting stuff on the other side of the barrier anxious to join their comrades.

But then they split after they see me recast my runic shielding. Sunghee’s shielding is fixed but I’m trying to keep up with the one attacking me.

Now my magic shield is getting mashed up. We buy time for another minute while I dodge and juggle shield healing.

Somehow I pulled off another stun once the timer cool time finishes. As the stun hits the other guy Sunghee managed to execute him with three quick strikes.

The one last guy that is trapped between us is finished off quickly with several blows back and forth. He can’t endure being caught between both of us at once guarding both sides from attack.

Being an assassin doesn’t mean you’re invincible.





Adventurer #37, name, Vennie POV in another room at the same inn.



“Shit I’m bleeding. They got me,” I wheezed out.

I’m lucky it’s not a rib or lung they hit. I’ve got a crossbow bolt in my leg though. And there’s a nasty slash that’s bleeding from my forearm. Because of it my blood is all over the ground and me while I’m trying to keep the feeling in my fingers.

The others are with me, those that are still alive at least.

Stan, and Kitty.

Stan is a mace fighter with a medium sized shield while Kitty is also using a buckler with a short sword. To be honest Kitty prefers longswords, but in a narrow hall like this smaller weapons are king. If you try to swing a two handed sword in a hall like this you just hit the wall and get gutted like a fish.

That’s what happened to Forsythe.

I told him to switch weapons. Now the ass is dead. And he owed me money. Having people that owe you money die is almost as bad as having a relative die, but only if they are the type to try to pay it back.

I spit on his body with my throat full of anguish. Fuck, I hate losing money. But lately it feels like that’s all I do.

Near us there are a couple of those guys in black trying to get in still. They are some kind of assassins or shinobi I think.

“Hey I think I heard fighting across from us,” Kitty said.

“What?” I said.

“You heard me,” she countered.

“What you mean there’s more than one group of them?” I said.

“It could be,” Stan is unsure.

“I’m sure of what I heard,” Kitty said.

“If it’s other survivors…maybe we can get to them and boost our defense,” I said.

“I don’t know if we can get there,” Kitty said.

She’s tied up my wounds temporarily but it’s not going to keep me alive long without medical help. I’ll either sicken and die or bleed out in this fighting.

Kitty is a cat beastkin, and has good hearing and senses. She’s a natural with alertness, survival, and night fighting skills because of her racial abilities.

“No, that’s just the enemy trying to draw us out,” Stan said.

“No I’m pretty sure the guys in the room one over and on the other side of the hall are still alive. I can hear them fighting back. And they don’t sound scared,” Kitty confirmed.

“Holy shit are you serious? We might live if we can make it to them,” I said.

But it’s hard work doing this. Two of those bloody fuckers in black have been trying to get in for the last five minutes while I’ve got my back to the wall.

“That door won’t hold forever,” Stan said.

“Time it right and you can gut them like piggies,” Kitty said.

“Wishful thinking, they are more prepared than we are,” I said.

“Nah, we need to play defense and survival more than revenge,” Stan said sounding like he’s ready to give up.

We continue to bide time for a little while, hiding and hoping they won’t notice us or our room. Somehow that seems like a bleak desperate hope though. If they hit every other room, then wouldn’t they hit ours too, I realized.

“Crap, we have to do something,” I said.

“Y-yo-your right,” Stan is shaking in his boots.

“We have to get out of here, this is a death trap,” Kitty reminded us.

“Whatever. If we get out of here we’ll just die by orcs instead,” Stan mumbled. He’s always negative until you fill him full of coffee. He has a coffee addiction like I’ve never seen in anyone. That gets him happy for about three hours until his energy crashes.

“ACCCKCKKKKKK!” I cried out. Something bit into the back of my shoulder as I’m trying to brace the door shit. It stings really bad at first, but already the area of the wound is going numb for some reason. There’s blood leaking down my chest too but I don’t think it’s a lethal wound.

“Fucker stabbed me again,” I said hoarsely.

“I can’t believe this is happening!” Stan gasped.

Just then Kitty rams a spear through the door. I didn’t think she was that strong.

A body hits the ground on the other side of the door.

“You got lucky,” Stan said.

We then threw the door open and go after the final shinobi that’s trying to get in. Bastard didn’t realize there were three of us still alive and not just one or two.

Still I hate leaving the bodies of our friends behind. They gave their lives so we could live. Forsythe was the last to die and most easily avoidable and meaningless. Yohan and Yoruk also went down pretty fast from getting too close to the windows. Then they were hit by poison.

The question stands though…

Why haven’t the city guards come yet? Someone should have sounded an alarm by now. But nothing. I can’t hear any bells or mage alarms.

We run down the hall wildly like a bunch of drunks trying to attack three of the assassins in black that are at the set of rooms just over from us where we’d heard the fighting. This is suicidal but its our only chance to try to escape since this group is between us and any chance of escaping. If we don’t get out I’ll be dead anyway.

Stan and Kitty are the best to follow me to death like this.

I know I’ll probably die from a good lung stab.

Only five more feet before I hit the assassins…

Stan roars in fury too. He wants to go out like a man.

Kitty is more careful but has to go with it too.

Just as we get to the group of assassins they turn to face us. Then one of them gets clipped through the neck with a shortsword and the other falls down on his face.

The three of us hit the last one stabbing him over and over and over again. We didn’t stop. Kitty put like nine holes in him, Stan did about twenty three…really what a crazy guy. I can’t believe I’m sharing the same room with a guy like him prone to madness. Then I got a few good stabs too.

“I think he’s dead,” a voice says to us.

We turn.

Who just saved us? I realized that it was this other team that clipped that guy in the neck with a shortsword before we had our little revenge tantrum. But I won’t admit that openly or verbally. We needed this to work out the stress in our system.

There are two of them. They finished the other two off too. So that’s where that blade going through the neck of the one came from as I size them up. And it looks like burns from magic roasted the second one that just fellow over. There are also huge puncture craters in his flesh from the magic darts that had hit him which I can’t stand the smell of.


There are only two of them but they fight better than we do. And you’d think it was a whole team of them the way it was over so fast.

The girl is totally a hottie with huge boobs. She’s currently managed to button up half of her shirt sometime before we ran into them, but isn’t too careful about the rest because she’s watching for more assassins. Unfortunately the good parts are hidden just barely with more cleavage showing than some show girls I know.  

“Stay away from the windows,” she said to us with authority.

“I think you saved us,” I said to her. I smile big. Does she have a boyfriend? I probably wouldn’t care even if she did. She’s got the type of body that even people with an aversion to adultery would still go after.

She ignored me completely and turned to the other guy that looks like he’s a bit younger than hitting 18 probably or somewhere around there. It seems he’s in charge which surprised me. “He looks kind of bad. He’s bleeding out.”

“I’ll take care of it,” the kid said looking seriously. He doesn’t look like he likes me.

“I’m not feeling so good. Can you save Kitty and Stan at least?” I croaked feeling like I’ll faint.

Then the mage kid casts a spell I think. I suddenly feel warm and tingly. I don’t feel quite as tired but I still feel sluggish. While the spell is settling into us there’s a glow like effect settling on us.

Strange he looks too young to be a mage.

“Eh? You can cast heal? Holy fuck,” Kitty’s eyes are wide. She blinks in shock.

“Wait, what?” Stan looks at us dubiously.

“Alchemy heal probably,” I said. Alchemy heals are possible with mana, and the right combination of ingredients. There isn’t any way it could be a real heal, since all those guys went extinct.

Then I look down too. My mind feels sluggish but when I look at my wounds they have shrunk a lot. Two or three more of those spams later and the wounds are like half the size as they were plus they aren’t bleeding anymore.

Jeez, I still feel a bit dizzy.

“You’ve still lost a lot of blood. Take it easy if you can is what I want to say. But it seems the inn is under siege,” the kid said.

“How is it that you can cast heal magic?” Kitty demanded.

“We don’t have time for this. You can ask us stuff later. For now be quiet, and we need to move, before they send in another wave. Do exactly as we say, when we say and stay moving. And don’t cross us,”  the hottie girl said.

“Are there other survivors here that are still alive?” the kid asked us.

“Not that we know of. We just heard you guys fighting and figured we’d make our way towards you when all hell was breaking loose,” Kitty said.

Dang it, I should think of something cool to say to impress them but the moment is already lost on impressing that sexy hottie.

Then the lights all went out all at once. It shouldn’t be like that. The inn lights are continual light globes that are each different.

“What? How’d they do that?” Stan gasped.

“The enemy, they have a mage too,” Kitty surmised.

“S-so does that mean round two of them coming in again?” I said without realizing I could make the others afraid to fight.

“Some of them are still here,” Kitty said.

Then there’s like a massive pounding, and like a small set of tremors down stairs. We hear screaming from the first floor. This is the second floor, which means there’s only the third floor above us. So do we go to the roof or the first floor, I wonder.

Then there’s another big boom and the whole floor shakes. We almost lost our balance and a bunch of like plaster and rubble sand like stuff starts dusting all over all of us from the ceiling.

“Wow, what was that?” Stan asked.

“Probably an ogre or something of similar strength, or it could just be they are destroying stuff or who knows really,” the hot boobie girl said. I better not call her that too her face though.

“Not good, we’re blind,” Stan said.

“I’m not. I can fight in the dark. I preferrr it,” Kitty purred.

Then the hot babe with the mage suddenly has a light spell centered on her weapon.

And then another one appears on each other our weapons as we’d heard magic being cast.

“My buffs are gone?!” said Hot Girl.

“Eh? So it’s like that. A magic cancellation field spell. They knew the inn was fed with magic lamps,” the young guy said.

“That’s bad if they knew everything ahead of time,” Hot Girl said.

He’s casting other spells to on him and the girl but I don’t know what they are.

“Nice. Can you get us out of here?” I asked the hot girl with the big boobs. I’m really trying to not stare at her but it’s not working. She must be the leader right? She looks confident and tough. The way she handles her weapon shows leadership.

When I asked that she glanced at the younger mage.

…If only her shirt would sag just a little bit more, I can almost see her areolas. And her nipples are very clearly poking through that thin blouse but not visible. Then she slaps me in the head. “Hey get your head in the game,” she ordered. Both she and the young mage are glaring at me.

“Busted…” Kitty smirked.

“S-sorry,” I said.

“That could have been me,” I thought I heard Stan mutter.

“S-so what now?” I said trying to change the subject.

“So do they have a mage? Is that what put out the lights?” Stan asked.

“Duh, you aren’t listening,” Hot Girl said.

“Yeah, I’d guess it’s a mage,” said Hot Girl.

“Where’s the rest of your team? I see assassin bodies all over but…only you two?” Kitty inquired while both the young mage and the hot girl pick up all the belongs from the other assassins.

“Tch…bunch of poor people. Nothing valuable and obviously some of these were recent fodder recruits,” Hot Girl said. When she’s bending over her cleavage almost spilled out.

Kitty slapped me for trying to see. “Manners…”

“Um how are we supposed to stop a mage that can snuff out all the magic in the building all at once?” I asked.

“Good question,” the young mage kid said. I noticed he doesn’t like me.

“I love you Shun,” the Hot Girl said to the kid and kissed him on the lips.





Both Stan and I are now lonely and sad. Stan’s thinking the same thing I am. Fuck…she’s taken. It’s not everyday you run into a Hottie of Hotties with big boobs and long thin athletic looking legs.

“What’s wrong?” Kittie asked.

“Nothing…sand in my eye,” I said trying to recover.

Then the young mage cast something on us. I almost missed it but then saw like a circular diameter thing at the edge around me. And Kitty saw it all first.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“Buffs. Arrow protection buff and shielding. I still don’t want you going by the windows,” the kid said.

“Nice,” Stan said.

“Jeez, I didn’t even know there were buffs like this,” Kitty said.

But something is weird about it.

How come more mages in the adventurer’s guild don’t do stuff like this? There are a lot of mages, but I mostly hear of them doing attack stuff rather than defensive spell work. Some of them do have buffs but these are so powerful that the glow coming off the buffs when he casts and applies them on us shows us who aren’t even mage experts, that this isn’t ordinary.

But our powwow ended just then. We hear more assassins rushing us from the stairs.

“Here comes the second wave,” Kitty alerted us.

“If I don’t live through this please take care of my pet hamster,” I said to Kitty.

“Hey why didn’t you say that to me? I’m more loyal,” Stan said.

I have no hope left…Hot Girl already has Shun.

Fuck him. Arghh….




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