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Dreamweaver 166





Unknown Surveillance Agent POV before the team entered the giant pumpkin




The targets I’ve been following are staring at it.

-1 Unknown mage to track, aka Shun; check;

-2 hottie assistants that would fetch great prices on the market with nice figures, check;

-1 expendable dwarf…well the dwarf ran off somewhere in a hurry actually.

We wouldn’t get much for the dwarf probably in comparison with the other three. So far everything is going according to plan. I’d also positioned myself right to be the observation team and not the take down team so this is pretty awesome.

We should make a nice commission on these three targets.

But there are some oddities. Why are they staring at and in front of a giant pumpkin?! What the hell? Where did that come from? It’s a really, really big giant pumpkin beyond anything I’d ever seen before. It’s so big in fact that it’s bigger than many homes.

It’s just like in that folk story, Rendercilla? Although the origin of that fairy tale happen to be skeptical; someone claims it came from someone with Other World Syndrome.        

“Weird,” both of my assistants cringed ahead of me.

“What the hell is that boss?” one asked me.              

“Quiet down you two. This job is too important to screw up,” I hissed. I avoided answering him because I’m not sure myself.

Both of them cringed but obeyed instantly from their hiding spots.

They should cringe, little small fry bitches. After all I’ve got good clout with the boss, plus I can eat nails for breakfast I’m so fucking tough. Nobody dares mess with me.

I’m far away enough not to be seen by the targets I’m following. This is the job, those three but especially the one. But I’m worried one of the others will take the prey before I do. It’s no secret that there were several job chits for this underground job.

I keep watching and studying it while we’re all hiding as best as we can.             

Our observation targets are in front of it with an unknown unidentified girl with them that looks maybe around 16 to 18 years of age and a bit too skinny and lanky but also pretty. Actually she’d probably get a good price too when we snatch them all up in this snatch and grab. In fact she’s so pretty she’d almost get as much price as the second female with the smaller C cup boobs. But if she’s a mage, which seems a good possibility then she’d get a better price than all of them except the primary target mage Shun.

Wait…is that one female with the biggest boobs a high human? Holy shit this is a gold mine!

I almost leaned out of my hiding place because I’m a bit too excited. I can’t be sure. Not many can tell the difference between the two. I’ve been trained on special identification techniques but even for me I can’t be sure. If she is then her price just went up big time too. Not even the other two with me suspect she’s a high human yet, but I wonder if my boss will notice.

High humans are interesting because they age better than normal humans. And when you see someone on the street that looks just a bit too perfect and appealing in appearance; then yes that’s probably a high human. And that’s why they are like hitting pay dirt when you catch one to sell to the slavers.

We keep listening.

“Boss what’s up with that…giant pumpkin,” one of my men whispered.

“Shut up, they’re saying something and its hard to hear at this distance,” I whispered back.

“That giant pumpkin is as big as a house,” the observation target said. Or rather one of them; the one with big boobs said in shock.

“Eh?!” the other hottie with smaller boobs said.

The red robed girl with them cast a light spell.

Bingo! Mage girl! Her value is up now big time! Shit, I better be careful or I’ll get fucking drool all over myself. I can hardly contain my excitement. And none of these bitches suspects were watching them yet!

Then it hits me hard in the head. Wait, I should do the full job not just the observation if the prize is this good. I like to avoid risks but this prize set is just too much.

“Isn’t it wonderful? It’s almost as dreamy as Shun!” said the red robed mage girl that was leading them here. She seems to be highly interested in the male with them.

Huh? They sure talk and act weird though. Something is wrong with these people.

A few minutes ago there was an argument and that other dwarf left. We don’t need some fucking ugly shit dwarf anyway. Good riddance. With less people I’ll have my chance soon; and one less distraction to worry about. Plus dwarven slaves have to be beaten literally all the time or they’ll get ideas about escape faster than you can blink.

“Eh?!” the human girls said.

“You can’t take our man!” one said. She keeps getting all lovey dovey with the mage Shun.

Makes me sick…how does that little fuck deserve her?

I keep silent hiding in the bushes while grinding my teeth. I can see similar jealousy on the other two’s faces.

“Hey boss, are you sure about this one?” one of my guys asked.

“Why do you have cold feet?” I stare hard at him.

We eliminate the ones with cold feet. Nobody needs a freaking coward.

“No, no I’m good,” he quickly backpedaled.

“Actually send a message to the boss. I think we should do the ‘repo’ job too. No sense letting those others have all the benefits. This job looks too easy,” I said.

“Eh? Are you…” he’d been about to ask if I was sure until I gave him my ‘I’m going to beat you to death’ stare.

He gulped but sent our runner off immediately.

To do a job right you have to watch for when their guard is down.

But do I follow the job exactly? Or should I try to keep one of the females for myself? The benefits are obvious. I have a high kill success rate as part of the assassin’s guild. I rarely if ever fail a mission, so no one would ever notice. I can’t keep the one with the biggest boobs, my boss would notice that. And not the mage either, but the other second one maybe I can keep her chained up in my basement.

But there’s a bonus too.  

I can have some fun with the big boobed girl first and the boss won’t mind because he does it too as long as the goods aren’t damaged. These guys are too lovey dovey to be virgins anyway. Actually I should have fun with both of them. The job details never said anything about what to do with the women. So it’s fair game.

This mission is weird though.

When I tried to stab him from behind the other day something deflected me. I think he had some kind of metal plate under his clothes or something, maybe hidden armor? He seems to not really care too much. Really good defensive magic costs a fortune and is practically non-existent according to my sources so I doubt it’s that. And at the time I hadn’t gotten a chance to confirm some of the other targets. The prize for the mage Shun doesn’t have to have him brought in alive so either way it’s good. The others they clearly want damaged as least as possible for obvious reasons.

What a fool. I will be his undoing. And why do they walk around without a care in the world? They are practically asking for this life lesson!

I can easily compensate the armor or whatever he’s using by going for joints, weak spots, eyes, or a neck for my surprise attack. Or the groin, yeah, that would be justice for taking such beautiful women from the rest of us.

I licked my lips. This is going to be fun. And the rewards practically make me want to go out there and get them now. And mages aren’t that hard to kill since they have to sleep sometime.

I almost want to call in to be part of the ‘repo’ team instead of just the observing team. It doesn’t really matter as long as the job gets done.

“Huh? Did you hear something?” the red robed girl said.

“I didn’t hear anything,” the one with big boobs said.

Ahh shit. Did they detect me?!

I carefully duck down and remain hidden.

After awhile the one that thought she heard something went away.

Weird. Why does this place have so many cats? It’s odd right? Jeez there must be like freaking two dozen of them out here. What, do they have a pumpkin fetish or something? And it’s odd that I don’t see them chasing insects or rats like other cats normally would.

“Go away! Shoo!” I flicked a pebble at one that’s staring at me.

The cat takes off after growling.

That’s good. If the red robed girl did think she saw something then flushing the cat out of the brush will mean she’ll think it was just one of these stray cats. I can do that if I really need to.

I can wait until this group comes back out to strike.






Unknown #2 POV




Shit! Shit! Shit!

That guy is too close! How did another team of thugs end up here at the same time as me?! How dare he steal my prey! I knew this job would have competition but there’s too much money on the line to let these fuckers take it from me!

And it’s a team of them, probably spy or assassin human groups I think.

I’m lucky I have a mage’s life sensor which gives me an edge in this job.

Two other assassins are also here at the group in front of the giant pumpkin.

But we work alone usually. This guy is really daring to have two assistants. And once he captures the females then obviously his own underlings will knife him in the back to keep them for themselves.

The bounty on this guy is too high to share.

200 gold to capture this kid mage, dead or alive;

200 gold…the drool is coming off my chin almost. For that much I can buy like half a small town.

With that much on the line like hell am I going to share it.

But I studied the other assassin group for a while. Which do I kill first? I have to get rid of them before starting the job obviously.

The one is sloppy it looks like. He isn’t too bad at moving and hiding in the shadows like me. The two others also appear to be humans like me too. But he sucks at holding still. He does it quietly but he’s a mess or jumpy or maybe just a damn rookie.

The leader doesn’t look like he isn’t as bad but looks probably haughtier than I am and that’s saying a lot.

I weighed out the risks watching them.

Below me both of them are camped practically in the giant pumpkin’s own yard. Both are too close. Don’t they realize how easily they could be discovered in that spot? Fucking rookie trash.

There’s no other choice but to reduce the competition.

I think I will take out the stupid one, the rookie, first. He’s liable to give away our position anyway, plus he’s got some kind of cold. If those kids and those girls come out of the house when he’s sneezing like that the whole job could get spoiled.

I pull out my dart gun. Poison rocks. Nobody ever has antidotes to cure it either when you fuck them up with it. And all it takes is a small scratch with this stuff.

Hell I barely have to even try with this shit once I have my setup in place.

Although, I do have to worry like crazy to make sure I don’t ever get any of this shit on my hands. That would be bad. I sweat bullets handling my own gear sometimes…

My dart hits the rookie assassin in the neck.

There was only a slight groan as he slumps behind the tree he’d been hiding behind. That shot was so fucking perfect that he didn’t even get a chance to signal his buddies.


That’s what you get for being a rookie punk!

I flip him off because he’s already unconscious and can’t see it. Of course he can’t see it, but this is my laugh now.

Then I hit his brethren while they are noticing him falling asleep on the job.


That’s weird as fuck.

Already the cats have swarmed the body and are eating that guy. That’s freaking nasty shit! They moved on him so fast too! Something is definitely wrong with those cats! Come to think of it, I’ve never heard of cats eating humans so quickly. I mean it could happen if someone died in a house with them and they were starving…but other than that it shouldn’t happen…

Something strange about this job.

It makes my blood run cold.

That’s…who knew cats would scavenge like wolves…?

Is that something I should report?

Ahh well…I’m not exactly city guard material, hehe.







Unknown POV #3





I don’t understand this job. I’m peering from behind a far wall as I study the scenery below me from elevation.

It’s not cool at all.

I mean why is this guy so special? He doesn’t’ deserve sister’s attention. She seems to think he’s going to be some demon leader to recruit but I don’t get it. He doesn’t look mean enough and is obviously too weak to recruit.

We have plenty of demon operatives in the dwarven fortress but just this one interests them for some reason?

Hilda wants me to contact him and talk to him. But it’s a poor job.

Right now I’m waiting outside the giant pumpkin that the target just walked into with his pets.

And why are there human assassins following him around? And two groups of them by the look of it but something is going to happen because the one guy doing the loner thing just noticed the other team. They are pretty darn bold to be doing this.


If he’s really demon material why is he letting himself get followed around? Plus the undisciplined state of his human pets is atrocious! No self respecting demon would allow humans to be that high spirited around them. He’s not even making them grovel?! What the fuck?!

Don’t they know that’s how they end up having hopes of escape?! You can’t let slaves have hope, even if they are sex slaves which I suspect at least two of those three girls are. This guy clearly hasn’t had any human handling or advanced pet control classes.

Or…is he a pet mage?

It’s bad enough that this demon city stinks like crazy. Dwarves sweat a lot and the city down here doesn’t get enough air so it makes my sense of smell go nuts. I want to leave and go back to the surface.

Sister’s orders were absolute though; initiate contact with this unknown demon.

Hilda thinks he’s clan less. I don’t think clanless are worth it. Demons that are clan less are usually weak and pathetic. They aren’t able to survive long this way.

I snorted in disgust. This is a waste of time. It’s not just about the clan. It’s a waste of my talent and abilities!

Will Hilda try to take in this stray? That’s all he is, a stray. A weak pathetic stray not good enough for our clan.

And if she does Erick will kill him out of jealousy probably. Yeah, Erick has had his eye on Hilda for some time.

But the other vampire clan might try to take him is what Hilda’s argument had been. So whether or not he dies or lives I at least don’t want the other vampire clan to get him. If it looks like that might happen then I have orders to terminate him before that can happen. Under no conditions whatsoever is the clan less demon to be allowed to talk with or join that other clan.

My attempts at getting Hilda to take our clan or just me and her and leave the dwarf city and go to a human town have been unsuccessful. They like that we can move around at night here in a dwarf city, despite not liking how it smells. To me that’s not worth it.

Erick has been getting on my nerves too. He’s only the vice leader and when Hilda isn’t around he keeps trying to make people think she’s his woman too.

Two vampire clans in a dwarf fortress city seems like too many, especially since dwarves replenish their numbers slowly. Inevitably the territory clash is going to happen very soon. If too many of us are here then the dwarves will notice us. Hilda thinks they’ve noticed already but I haven’t seen any vampire subjugation jobs on the board yet.

What does it mean? If they’ve noticed us then a vampire subjugation request will show up at the adventurer’s guild. Could they be waiting for something? It’s not like Hilda to be wrong either, so I’m nervous.

Speaking of which, I think the giant pumpkin’s mouth is opening as the targets gather around it.

Good hell, who the hell has that many fucking cats?! I realized that they are centered on the pumpkin as their domain. Predators like me can pick up on that even if we don’t possess the ability to communicate with them.

But is the pumpkin the third girl’s or someone else’s?

As I’m watching I see the pumpkin mouth open and a flood of like twenty cats pours out and get dumped onto the ground pouring out almost like jelly.

OK that was freaking weird. What just happened?


Where’d the other pretty girl with small boobs go? I seriously doubt that guy would give his pet to the red robed girl that didn’t come out of the pumpkin.

I may have to conduct surveillance on this pumpkin too. It’s weird that a demon would trade his pets willingly to another, so I don’t think that’s it, but it could be another power in the area. And I’m not smelling any wounds coming from them; though if I were closer maybe I could find out more.




The two that came out of the pumpkin look really upset. It’s obvious that something just happened in there judging by the emotional state of these two.

Something interesting is happening. I better get closer to find out.

I should do something about those assassins in black clothes.

Or…wait this could be a test?

If he can survive them then it may help to know if he’s worthy of being in Hilda’s clan. If not then I can tell Hilda that things didn’t work out and he’s dead.

Either way if there’s a chance he tries to steal Hilda from me or Erick his future will be decided to be terminated anyway.





Shun Pov





“Master look out!” Sunghee cried out.

She managed to block the small darts that were flying at us with her weapon.

She cuts down two of them, but then a few of them embed into her shielding.

There’s the scurry of feet running away into the thickest of the shadows down the alley.

“No!” Sunghee cried out.

“Ugh, did it break the skin?” I asked her.

“No…but it was close, thanks to your magic shielding,” she said.


Before I can cry out or do anything Sunghee has already taken off.

“I’ll get them!” she cried out.

“No wait! Come back!” I cried out.

“O-OK,” Sunghee seemed disappointed. She wanted to protect me but I want to protect her more. With Rina compromised I’m even more worried about Sunghee than ever before. I need to make sure I don’t lose anymore team mates.

“Don’t worry I’m glad you wanted to help. But I don’t want to risk it. It could be a trap too,” I said.

“Yeah I worried about that too,” she said.

For now we follow that guy, whoever it was.

Since this is the second time someone has attacked us in the dark, it’s not surprising.

While running I had to somehow slow a bit to reinforce Sunghee’s runic shielding. Then I added protection from normal missiles on it.

I didn’t think we’d need both right here in the dwarven fortress.

I keep Sunghee in sight while we give chase. At times she got too far ahead of me but I used my buffs to catch up. Then I added them to her.

We won’t abandon Rina either. For now we do a tactical retreat until we can figure out how to fix this. But with Rina not with us at the moment, Sunghee and I can be more efficient since she has some serious skills and strength.

We had to jump two walls, which the target climbed over quickly. We managed to somehow keep tailing him. At one point he tried to lose us by jumping down to a lower level of the city but we still followed him.

While he was jumping down I hit him with the movement debuff spell.


The debuff is working. He can’t understand why he’s moving so slow. Then we cornered him in front of a shop.

But then the city guards intervened before we could kill him. I guess they recognized him and he was wanted for some other petty crimes or heinous crimes both too. They had their fun poking his intestines around with their spears.

It’s out of our hands now.

The city guard leader frowned when we asked about reward money. We see them herding off the assassin in block down the street while kicking the shit out of him every ten feet or so. They used an alchemical elixir on him to keep him alive so they could interrogate him again to find out where his friends are hiding I guess. They know if he’s fresh stamina and healthy he may have a chance to escape so they rough him up as they go along.

Then we lost 10 silver each to renew the enchant in the language necklace that the dwarves gave us. It’s been about a week since they gave it to us and the enchant has to be reset after a week passes. We don’t want to risk not being able to communicate.

Especially since Gyle got mad and took off.

I don’t even know if he’s going to be mad forever, or just for today.

In short, our meeting with Lotti went badly on many levels. Hell, we’re lucky to be alive. And she still has Rina as her captive for now, which I’m trying to not think about.

She let us go but it’s an extortion racket.

Lotti captures humans only after finding out who they are close to. Her scheme is that she sells the idea to their families that for a protection fee every day or every week they will be able to keep their precious relative’s humanity in expensive rents while she gets much of their income. At every moment she can pull the plug on their humanity forever and keep them in cat form as an ultimate curse. And then the ones who can’t pay become her slaves forever, unable to break free of her clutches.

She can do this because according to her the curse spell she puts on people, they still keep their human minds for a certain period of time as a cat. But if they go over that time period without being turned back then the curse becomes permanent and they eventually forget they were once humans.

And so right now we’re crying and frantic with worry about losing Rina to her.

We have to get Rina back!

Damn you Lotti!

The catch also is that according to Lotti witch curses are different from human curses; so not just any mage can cancel her curse on ‘Patches’ (Rina). But is that true? We don’t know if it’s true. We have to find out from someone.

So once a week she will meet with us to collect fees and without any problems we’ll get Rina back periodically and she’ll keep human form. She even promised she won’t let anyone touch her sexually, even as a cat. Although she does want to meet with us in the morning after tomorrow to ensure we’re keeping to our deal of not being tempted to go to the authorities. And even if we did go to the authorities they don’t do magic. And if we go to the authorities, we’ll find a headless patches on the city gates.

And any authorities might not do anything or they might just try to kill her before we get the curse cancelled.

And according to Lotti, if we talk or spill the beans on her ‘protection’ scheme to the dwarves or any other mages then she’ll also make the curse permanent. Plus, it turns out Lotti somehow has the ability to move her giant pumpkin house daily.

Don’t ask me how, but witches are clever. She said she can do it. But that she won’t hurt Rina permanently if we do what she says. And all it takes is 40 silver per day.

40 freaking silver per day is a ton of money.

Damn it.

Sunghee wanted to slay her when Lotti was explaining it before we’d left Lotti’s pumpkin house. And the pumpkin house changes location daily too, so we can’t just go back to renegotiate either.  I had to hold her back at the time.

But we couldn’t do anything anyway.

At the time we’d tried.

The telekinetic field Lotti was using to push us back was enormously powerful to the point of making our bodies feel heavy even and nothing could get through. In fact she probably had to study hard just to figure out how to keep her own telekinetic field from suffocating herself. It was so enormous that I could feel that my mana wouldn’t penetrate it even if I were to shoot magic bolts at her.

So for now we’re stuck until we find a way to get out from under the witch’s thumb.

And Lotti wants 40 silver a day minimum…which means we’ll have to bust our chops to work hard to get out of this whole while we try to figure out what weaknesses witches have and how to beat her.

It’s not easy to make that much money easily. We’d gotten lucky with a few recent jobs that paid pretty good but the job board didn’t have buckets of money dripping from it. Some of the jobs took time to get to. Some days there weren’t jobs that had big payouts either, since if there were then anyone would take them and everyone would be an adventurer.

“Don’t worry Shun. I won’t let anything happen to you. We’ll figure out a way to save Rina,” Sunghee assured me stoically with a hot angry look in her eyes.

And the dwarven kingdom can’t pay out massive waves of money without going bankrupt on goblin, orc, and ogre kill bounties. They do expect some people to kill without getting paid for every ear, since the city fortress’s very existence is at stake.

We checked the rumor mill.

There’s still no word of what’s happening outside the fortress.

We spent hours doing runners on trying to find out everything we could about specific terms of; cat witch, giant pumpkin, pumpkin witch, Lotti, and different variations thereof. There are no rumors of a cat witch, so we know Lotti is good at covering her tracks. We are unsure how to proceed without getting caught so we don’t spill the beans on her.

There is however an urban legend about a giant pumpkin, mostly talked about by small children but it’s unspecific in connecting to any other details. That’s freaky too though because we don’t know if Lotti will harm children or not. But she does like silver a lot…

And then there are rumors about the war. It’s clear that the three armies are camped outside but they aren’t attacking yet. They are waiting for something. Speculation is that they are tunneling in which could be bad. Another rumor is that there have been minor skirmishes to test the gates’ strength but nothing decisive. We don’t have details on the body count, but this rumor seems legitimate.

That might be why the dwarves are stocking up on food.

Right now it feels like I only have Sunghee to rely on. But that means I can’t risk her either. I still have the danger of a ‘night raid’ in the dream state. And with one less team member that worries me even more. And perhaps keeping all of the girls in the dream state is the safest thing to do anyway.

Later that night Sunghee and I come back from our brief paid mission. We’d been paid to go around travelling through the deeper parts of the tunnels under the fortress to make sure there were no breaches.

It wasn’t a very fun job. The whole time we were worried about Rina and trying to not cry in front of strangers. We’re both tired, dirty, and worn out as we collapse onto the bed at the inn room.

 I need more allies.

We need more girls to help with the work or protection and night protection.

We still don’t know how and where to find the underground shop in this city. And until we do we can’t help recruit more team members because we need more information so we don’t get the wrong people in our team.

The only thing we were able to confirm today is that yes, many adventuring teams do use slaves because the slave enchant prevents turning on the master. Also we did confirm you want to hire an expert in questioning slaves before purchasing one, since it can be disastrous if you spend all your money on someone that is suicidal or just stubborn enough to die rather than get with the program, or one that is a drain on resources through other means.

Summary of the day’s work;

Cleaned out monsters living in abandoned tunnels beneath the dwarven citadel;

27 giant rats killed; no money from these and their hides promote disease thus no income generated.

3 tunnel sections sealed; believed to not have any breaches in them. However 39 goblins killed in roaming packs of small groups of six or less.

No income from the city guard or city for the 39 goblins killed. However most of them seemed to be doing some kind of mine poaching scheme? Bits of copper ore obtained from each of them, which we were putting in my bag. This citadel has many types of minerals, iron, copper, lead, silver, and a few others, though I’m not an expert.

Believed to have found many chunks of ore, from each goblin poacher killed but we’ll have to consult with an expert tomorrow. We’ll then have to figure out a way of not letting the advisor trick us into thinking nothing is of value through something along the lines of, “yeah to bad that’s worthless fool’s gold. Here let me dispose of that for you.”

Direct job payout for 5 tunnel sections explored, 10 silver each. 10 silver x 5 tunnel sections = 50 silver.

Considering we’ll have to give nearly all 50 silver of that to Lotti and our Inn room costs a bit less than 2 silver plus the daily cost of the language enchant refill we are going into the red 3.5 plus or minus silver coins per day (50 silver – 53.5 silver).

We have no idea how much consulting a mining expert or even a halfway decent explorer with some experience will cost us, or if that person is trustworthy. Not to mention is the ore good or bad?

And I’m afraid if I run into Gyle I’ll want to shoot him for abandoning us in our hour of need.

Asakura doesn’t know about mining or minerals to my knowledge.

Does Fox?

And what about Ayumi?

Ayumi’s change should be pretty solid soon. Last night she was clearly changing into some kind of other creature but it wasn’t solidly identifiable yet, other than her skin looked unhealthy and swollen in a lot of places. As long as it’s not some furry or some goatkin like Akira it will be OK…probably…

That’s probably the one thing to look forward to right now.

I noticed my fingers are shaking and I’m nervous.

Damn it.

Nothing is working lately! I feel so frustrated!

I hear the door shut behind me.

Sunghee just came back in the room from the bath area. She has a large towel wrapped around her chest and hips area and nothing else on except another second towel wrapped around her head. She looks sad when we see each other.

“I’m sorry Shun! I tried so hard! I’m sorry it wasn’t enough,” she said worriedly. Then she starts crying.

She looks and smells wonderful.

“Me too. If only I was stronger,” I said.

“There are things in this world that are so strong no one could have predicted the outcome for. It’s not your fault about that witch. You need to not blame yourself,” she said trying to comfort me.

I can’t help but cry while Sunghee pulls me against her chest and wraps her arms around me.

Right now I feel just bad...

Nothing can fix this.


Sunghee is like my north star right now. She’s wrapped her arms around me. Then I feel her legs wrap around my waist.

“Let me make it all better Shun,” she whispered in my ear.

I continue to sob against her shoulder. Then her towel falls to the ground.

We attack each other like love starved teenagers. Right now all I can think about is how awesome her boobs swinging around are with tight abs and stomach over those wonderful hips.

“Oh it’s been too long Shun!” Sunghee is kissing me forcefully so hard its almost like biting.

“I know right! We need to make up for lost time…since…eh? It was yesterday,” I managed to say.

“Pretend it’s been a month while going without!” Sunghee bites my lower lip both playfully and also aggressive while saying. Wow, she’s wet. Instead of me sliding into her, she took the initiative and is now sliding onto me.

She groaned. “Ohh man. That’s so awesome when I feel so full of you. It’s like my pussy is shivering now because of whatever the hell you are doing that messes with my brain to not get enough of this!” she managed to gasp.

“Thanks for being my champion,” I said.

“Anytime, lover!” she is attacking my tongue like a shark.

“You belong to me forever!” for some reason I said that because I was feeling possessive. I think Rina being turned into a cat made it like that. I can’t help but feel possessive if it’s like that.

“Fuck me! Hard! Yes! Shun, it’s the other way around. You belong to me! You are my property! I’ll help you rescue Rina! I’ll be the one you can count on more than any other!” she said harshly.

“Gah…you need to go take a bath. You are still dirty!” she yelped as our flesh is slapping together harshly.

“Should we stop and take a shower first?”

“No way! Let’s go for a couple hours, then shower, and then go again,” she said with a demented look on her face. It’s too late. I couldn’t stop now even if someone came in the room. We’re already fucking. I need to feed. I need her.

Eh…I’ve never been this rough before, possibly because I was pretty discouraged right now.

After a few minutes the neighbors are banging on the walls from beneath us. I hear a muffled male voice, “hey asshole, I’m trying to sleep,” while the bed is creaking loudly.

Sunghee cried out in grief but also in passion and gets even louder. “Oh….yes!”



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