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Dreamweaver Chapter 163





When I entered into the Dream State suddenly it hit me.


EH? Wait where did this thought come from?

There it is again.


It’s in my head. Why is that thought seeping out?


Fox’s name is Sylvie? Yes…it’s true. Why hadn’t I realized this sooner? I think I had some inkling about it, but maybe I’d been under stress for so long that I hadn’t gotten a chance to pay attention to it. Then there was also the dwarven city fortress siege and trying to save Ayumi had gotten in the way.

And then I think somehow Sylvie was trying to keep me from recognizing her name at some point. Probably at the time she’d been trying to resist being under my control but she’s now under my control way more than any of the others. She’d tried to somehow influence me not being aware of her name but today somehow the soul link was so strong and strengthened to a point that I was picking up stuff from her that I think was almost…telepathic or mentally transmitted from her mind directly to mine.

That’s cool.

Sylvie deserves better. It was bad of me to not pay more attention to it. I want to help her have a good life, I think. And I want us to keep growing closer and closer together. And it’s no longer at a point where I’m wondering if I like her or Asakura more than each other. I can without a doubt think that they are both amazing and as wonderful as each other.

I’m so lucky to have both of them. And it’s me that’s lucky to have them not the other way around.

This is what being grateful for having an exquisite priceless treasure means. This is real love.

I realize it’s coming from the Soul Link skill with Fox, I mean Sylvie. Sometimes lately brief sharp but short images from her mind seep into my head. They’d mostly been so quickly cut short that I didn’t get much. But maybe Sylvie…or Fox wanted me to know her name at some point when the connection had gotten really strong and tight between us; to the point where it was a really unbreakable bond that couldn’t be broken through.

The soul link between us feels red hot like fire except I’m not being burned, in this spiritual or mental dream state. It’s like a huge golden hot chain made of mana between our mana cores and minds made of some kind of ethereal intangible spiritual matter, and I’m starting to pick up real, tangible signals from it. And there are mental images that carried over from the soul link skill.

But the memories are going so fast through me that I can’t pick at them. And it’s like a computer changing and counting so fast that I don’t get a chance to grasp and recognize what they are as they are flowing through the chain. I’m feeling overwhelmed as images fly through my mind faster than I can comprehend them, even after I tried to use my hands and grab at them directly. In the end so many images are flying past me that it’s like I’m ‘downloading’ them so fast that I can’t even look at them each individually.

And if I do grab one will I remember it when I’m no longer resting? Perhaps I’ll have to actively also focus and unlock each memory and view it personally before I’ll really know it even if I am storing them somehow through the connection.

“Slow down Shun! You have to slow down! The link is so strong and so overpowering with my mana on yours that it could push you into heart failure from shock. You have to slow down!” I can hear Sylvie trying to steady me.

I’m hyperventilating as a wave passes over me and my heart feels like it’ll burst. My heart keeps beating faster, and faster. And then faster and then I feel my mana core getting hot and I feel like I’m suffocating.

“Stop! You have to stop thinking about me or you’ll hurt yourself!” I feel Sylvie’s ethereal like wavy voice in an eerie mental form that seems to ripple around me.

“I can’t stop! I can’t stop!” I cried out.

I’m trying to slow down the images but I can’t. They continue to churn and burn through the soul link pipeline at what feels like 200 miles an hour zipping through me and my eyes feel like they are burning and glowing but not in pain as the images are seared into me.

“Help!” I cried out to her. I can’t help but panic because this strange state is too much for me. It’s like driving on ice and the car is getting away from me sliding everywhere but where I want it too.

“I’m here. Come to me…” I hear Sylvie’s ethereal echo.

“Make it stop! My chest hurts!” I cried out.

“Fight it Shun!” came her melodious voice in my mind.

“Fight which part?”

“You can do this…I’m with you…”

“How? Where? I don’t understand?” I cried out.

“Don’t fight the connection but fight resisting the pain and hold yourself together,” she encouraged right after that.

“What is this?!” I cried out while it’s still going on while the soul link connection is finally manifested visibly in a cloudy euphoric state that somehow doesn’t feel like the dream state but more like aether itself in a white fog of some kind.

This is the first time I realized I didn’t just go to the dream state but something beyond that.

“Foxkin have never made a soul link with a human before. You will have to hold it together or you could have some serious problems from the fall out,” Fox’s image appears at different places in the vapor of aether as if there are like several dozen of her ghostly images all floating around but not solid.

Then the red hot glowing soul link chain starts to branch of in dozens of separate chains in different directions going into the fog that surrounds us, even while the images are crashing over me and I’m trying to hold my body and mind together in huge pain that seems to grow. The soul link chain branches out and as it does its glowing with golden hot fire all along every part of the chain. It ends up like a huge spider web of soul chains going in all directions in the fog.  

“Ahh that’s how a real soul link initially starts to look…” one of the Sylvie images said.

“…but…is that what we really want?” another ghostly Sylvie image whispered in a penetrating voice that went everywhere.

“…is this good or bad…to be with a human?” another said, also a clone of her like before.

“….humans were the ones that hurt us…” a smaller teenage form of Sylvie in ghost form also said.

“The soul link has already started,” another more familiar ghost version of Sylvie said.

“So is that good or bad if I can’t control it?” I asked.

“Um….it’s both. I don’t know if a human can handle this. Plus, you should be further along than this,” her ethereal voice said to me.

I’m still not sure but we might even be in a dream state within a dream state now. I’m confused as to where we are physically because this feels almost spirit based rather than physical.

“He’s not strong enough….” Another Sylvie ghost says at the edge of a massive fog embankment that has formed a hollow sphere around us with that part around me being the only part we can see into. This one seems aware and there are dozens of other ghost versions of Sylvie walking around in the fog too.

“You should stop. Humans don’t belong with us,” another ghostly Sylvie in yet another place says at one of the other ends of the edge of where we can see into the fog.

“Humans always hurt us. How can you be with a human?” another one asked.

One with red glowing eyes that seemed angry was another ghost and I heard her crying out for revenge against humanity. Then others also were saying the same thing. But it seemed like the ghost images weren’t all aware of each other but some were.

“Why are some of you aware of each other and some aren’t?” I asked.

“Because of my identity and maybe partly some of them are from my past,” Sylvie said. This was I think the real Sylvie but even she seemed like a ghost image too.

“You still haven’t told me about all of your past,” I said.

She sighed, “some of it is difficult to explain,” she said. But I don’t know know if I’m even talking to the real Sylvie or one of the ghost images since they are almost the same.

“And you said something about identity? What do you mean? It’s not a magic trick?” I asked.

She shook her head. “The magic is there but sometimes a person learns about their identity over time. They slowly build chains of who they are in parts of their slow bit by bit building it all up. That’s why some of me is aware of the other ‘me’ ghost images but not all of them. Some of me is more aware of my identity than other parts.”

“Hmm that’s deep. But what does it have to do with our soul link?” I asked.

“The soul link is trying to cement itself but a human soul is a bit different than ours. That’s why it’s struggling. It’s like trying to pull a wagon with not enough horses. You have to adapt and work it out or we’re going to have some trouble…” she admitted.

“And identity has to do with this?” I asked.

She shrugged. “Partly yes, partly no. Identity is partly who you want to be in the future and growing to be there from where you are now. Because of it, that’s why we have to hit everything we can now to help you to stabilize, but to be truthful that’s only one part of solidifying this soul link chain between us.”

“And what’s the wagon and horses analogy for?” I questioned.

“Right now the soul link is trying to grow but even your mana tank isn’t the right type so it’s burning through it excessively fast. Thus, a heavy a wagon with not enough power is going to kill the horses if we don’t fix it,” a ghost image Sylvie explained.

“That’s not good,” I admitted.

She nods. Or one of her nodded, but some of them look happy.

“If he dies while the soul link is solidifying between you two…then you will also die,” a ghost Sylvie (Fox) says to another Fox ghost image.

“Maybe that’s better than being with a human,” one of the demented ghostly Sylvie images said with hateful fiery eyes.

We ignored her. Arguing with them might just cause more harm and will waste time.

“No! Help him!” Sylvie cried out.

Some of the ghost Sylvie’s are for helping us out and crying out to the others to do so. But surprisingly there are also those that aren’t, but I can’t imagine why. It seems to be that Sylvie fully wants to be together as a couple, so I didn’t understand it and asked her.

She looked ashamed. “I want to be with you and to be together always. I think the parts of me you are seeing that don’t want to be with you are past parts of me from when I was very strong in hate to humans in the past. It was before I met you and you softened my heart. So in short those are memories of me filled with hate to not you but just humans in general. And that hate was strong,” she explained.

Ahh, now it made sense.

“Help them…” more ghostly Sylvie’s were arriving out of the fog.

Some of them were here to stay but others weren’t. Some were trying to drag other ghostly image Sylvie’s away from us while others were pulling the others closer towards us and trying to make a chain out of linked arms to and from each Sylvie to connect all of us together.

“Shun! I just realized that you need to complete the chains! You have to link all of the little ghost me images all together from me to you!” Sylvie said in wonder.

“Eh? That’s a lot to do,” I said aloud.

There had to be at least sixty or more different Ghost Sylvie’s running to and fro. Some of them were even playing some foxkin version of jump rope, others were her in child form, and some were older than her now but I didn’t quite understand that part either.

“Help them!” some of them cried out.

“Don’t help…”


“…not with…humans….no!” others cried out.

It was hard to tell who was winning and who was losing. The tug of war was only getting bigger and scarier while more energy was being put out by all the dozens of ghostly Sylvie’s trying to push more and more of them into our chain and some pushing others out of it. And because its some kind of mental or spiritual tug of war at least our bodies aren’t being ripped in half by the pressure and strength of so many of them.

“…why should we? He is he. And we are we. And we are one, while he is none. A human is a none…” another ghostly image of Sylvie says while floating by while holding a fish in her hands. This particular ghost Sylvie looked terrifying and strong but I tried to avoid her, thankfully she didn’t physically confront me but it was like a battle of wills.

“Sylvie…sever the memory images…humans and foxkin can never be…” another ghostly Fox says in yet another part of the fog.

“No I can’t! We love each other!” Sylvie said while crying. This image feels more real but all the others were crying and mimicking its behavior. I think this was the real one. She’s trying to push and pull towards me while some are helping her and some are hindering her.

Then some of them even began to help and hinder me though they seemed afraid of at first.

“Which is the real you?” I asked while my heart is still pounding so hard it feels it will burst.

“…all of me…”

“…none of me…”

“Go away!”

“No don’t go away!”

“We need Shun! He rescued us!”

“…not me…”

“Throw us away human, don’t wait for us to get old and crippled first…” one bitter Sylvie said.

“Humans…can it really work?” one of them asked.

The huge massive tug of war was starting to turn into ropes of people made of Foxkin Sylvie’s that shuddered violently as the rope was starting to take form but also being almost as if it were going to tear apart and break.

I was deathly afraid it could break even now. There were great sounds of groaning even among the Sylvie’s as they all struggled and fought against each other prying and pulling and pushing with no end but only escalation of torment.

“He has to find out which is the real you. If he picks wrongly, he dies…” another Sylvie ghost says, but this one looks like she’s twelve. She stares at me with melancholy eyes.



“The end is near,” the evil Sylvie said.

“What are you talking about? My life just started,” said a very young looking almost thirteen year old looking ghost Sylvie, in contrast to all the other adult versions.

“You won’t win…we won’t let you,” one Sylvie said in particular. Strange that this one looks different than the others but very determined.

“Is that you?” I asked Sylvie.

The one that felt like her the most frowned, “that was me when I was barely a teenager when our father died,” Sylvie said.

“I’m sorry that happened to you,” I said.

“I know you are…but Shun you have to keep trying to beat this. You have to find me in the aether to solidify the soul link. I thought it was concrete and solid before but it’s still cooling and molding like liquid metal but it’s made out of our very souls…if it doesn’t complete itself it’s very serious,” the most prominent Sylvie ghost said.

“…it won’t be long now….soon you will both join the aether in death…” a ghost Sylvie said. This one slightly bigger than the youngest one that we’d just seen…

My heart tries to keep up while I’m feeling out towards Sylvie. But it hurts so badly I find myself on my knees.

Somehow Sylvie grasped onto hard. “Stop! Just feel my breathing slowly!” Fox suddenly has me cradled in her arms almost like a baby.

The images stop suddenly of her memories pouring through me. Somehow Sylvie froze them. And the ghost image Sylvie’s also froze.

The strangest looking Sylvie that didn’t seem like Sylvie continued to try to encourage us and shout to stay together. She was one of the most vocal, but something about her seemed off. “Keep fighting to be together! Don’t be like me Sylvie!” this Sylvie said.

“It hurts…” I cried out feeling my heart slow down. As the ghost Sylvie’s had us in huge dogpiles I felt almost like I was drowning in ghost Sylvies with my arms and legs even unable to move now as the verbal and emotional struggle had reached a huge peak.

“Stay still Shun. It’s going to be OK,” she said. “Just calm down and sleep. Sleep…you need to sleep Shun…” I heard her voice saying.

Then somehow things started to fade. I wasn’t feeling as much pain but only good things. Somehow I’m still in the ghostly aether with her but the connection with Sylvie is real beyond imagination. I can feel her as if she’s real flesh, even though it’s aether around us.

“What happened?” I said as I yawned.

Wait…this is the normal dream state now. And the ghost Sylvie’s and strange looking other ghost Sylvie are all gone. Now it’s just the real Sylvie and me, I realized.

“I had to put you to sleep to prevent your heart from damaging yourself from the shock,” She said while still cradling me. With her huge body dwarfing mine it feels different but kind of good too.

“But the other you said I had to find you among the other ghost images. They said if I didn’t our connection would fail,” I exclaimed.


“And I didn’t finish. You put me to sleep first,” I said.

“True but it’s a relationship Shun. Remember that it can’t take that away from us. It’s based on choices. Even if that was a clever and strange experience, what we decide determines our future. Fate doesn’t choose for us,” she said.

“Yeah but I didn’t choose. Will the soul link be incomplete or damaged?” I asked.

She nodded. “No it won’t. It’s complete! This is amazing! Do you realize that?! It’s wonderful!” she cried out in joy. Then she’s hugging me against her so strongly I was almost suffocating.

“Thank you!” I cried out.

“You too! Thank you more!” she said with real tears.

“So this is a real soul link? It’s not fake? Is it like what a soul link in other foxkin families is like?” I asked.

She shrugged. “That doesn’t matter. What matters is that it will work and keep us both alive. In short, you aren’t human anymore after today especially. But I don’t know how that will affect your other parts like your demon genes and the fae hand you also have on your body. I’m sure that this is a good thing though Shun.”

“I’m glad you are with me on this,” I couldn’t help but beam a big smile at her.

We’re hugging like a normal couple, and this is something powerful that doesn’t end. The glow and happiness is beyond anything I can describe because it’s kind of like we’re feeling what’s inside of each other with each other.

“So…how did that end though? Didn’t the chain not get closed fully?” I asked.

She shook her head negatively. “Shun I realized I didn’t have to wait for you to choose. I could choose to go to you first and complete our being a couple by myself. You were already willing and reaching out to me. In the end I was holding us back when I could be the one pulling us forward together…the consequences were real though. If we hadn’t solidified the soul link we’d both be in trouble and have either died or had our minds fried like bacon. But I could choose to reach out to you even though you didn’t know which one to go too. But they are also all me. But this current me needed to be the one to meet you. And I didn’t have to be a passive role waiting for you to figure this out.”


Sylvie …Fox…just won the day.

I can feel the soul link is stronger too. And it feels solid. I feel strong too. And my mana core feels like hugely big and full to the point of overflowing like a glass of water under a tap in the sink that has water continually overflowing into it and causing it to spill onto the whole floor of the kitchen and not just out of one glass.

This is rich. This is a real mana source.

So …if I’m interpreting this right, may mean our mana regeneration rates are tied together and boosting each other enormously and it’s an amazing feeling.

I think I picked up on a mental image.

“Wait, what’s that?

It’s her picking up a small kid from like a play area in a meadow. She’s dressed in a cotton robe of some kind. She’s smaller than when she told me her father died in regards to the foxkin version of a twelve year old ghost.

No wait, it’s something else. I have it backwards.

Ahh that’s her mom? At first I’m not sure because they look so similar. They could pass for one another so easily its spooky. And strangely I think this was the other ghostly image Sylvie that had been encouraging us this whole time in the battle with the other ghostly images. And that’s why she’d felt different. It was Sylvie’s mother?!


I will have to ask her more about this later but for now I’m amazed at just how much I’ve picked up and how good it feels holding and hugging Sylvie. I focus in on that thought for now. Sylvie’s mother can wait.

Yes, I’m sure of it now as the thought and memory settles in more.

Fox…no Sylvie looks like her mom... most definitely and almost like twins if you can call it that. I don’t have an image of her dad but she got only her beautiful mother’s features.

And there were some features that were different too. Sylvie, no Fox, no…man I’ve called her Fox so long that I’m not sure which is better to use. They are almost hard to tell apart in many ways but Fox’s hair seems more slender while her mom’s hair tends to bush out more as it flows from her head and shoulders. Her mom’s hair was also a more brown red mix while Fox, I mean Sylvie’s hair is more blond but that might be caused by the feral transformation she’d gone through when she’d gotten taller than her mother.

At least it’s blonde now. It of course was a red type of color not too long ago.

Another difference was that Sylvie’s mom wasn’t eight and a half feet tall. She was like six and a half, nearly seven something like that. I don’t have it exactly since I can’t measure her, but I’m going by what the memory image I’m seeing is saying.

I should go by her name.

“Sylvie, are you there?”

She laughed. I laughed too because I feel good being with her.

I jumped when a voice is behind me. “Yesh…I’m here!” Sylvie gives me a big hug. She has to be careful not to crush me now that she’s somewhere between 8 ½ feet to 9 feet tall plus some. Oof…and when she hugs me it’s like she’s so tall and has such long legs that the first thing I have contact with when we hug is the front of her hips is more prominent because it’s right at my level of eye vision.

Perhaps because of the mental fog and haze of before I can’t remember if all the ghost image Sylvie’s were tall like the real one or not. I just remember they were there. Maybe it was because of sensory overload that it’s not as clear to me.

Fox seems much happier lately. She’s touchy now, where she wasn’t touchy at all before. But she has to lean over to hug me but I like hugs like this. From today I think Fox…Sylvie is my favorite person to hug.

Almost…Asakura and her giant boobs are actually maybe first person.

“I’m so glad we have each other. It took me a long time to accept you. Will you forgive me for that?” she asked. Her eyes seem full of light and happiness now.

“There’s nothing to worry about. I just hope you will also forgive me for all we go through because of me,” I said.

“I figured that someday you would figure out my name. I was right! You briefly discovered it maybe a week ago but I pulled it out of your mind because you weren’t ready.” she laughed. She is scratching my back a bit affectionately now. She’s reluctant to break it off.


“Well I just made you not notice. It took all my power. I needed to wait until you were ready to secure the soul link further before that happened earlier. You were still building strength at that point. Where did you think all my mana was going when I didn’t just chain attack magic in half our battles?” she giggled.

Good point.

I laughed too. “That’s OK. Maybe I wasn’t ready then.”

We stare at each other in the eyes for awhile while she’s hugging me from above. “You are so fun to hug! Little man!” she said.

We laughed again.

“Why didn’t you just tell it to me?” I asked.

She blushed. “Sorry, it can’t be helped. Foxkin are hunted by humans for pets and sex slaves. Of course I’d have to fight that. If you were the right one then it would sink through someday. I had to trust that it would work out if I focused on marrying you at that right now and not before then. And it worked! HAha!”

She gave me a high five. Her high fives are pretty forceful because of her huge height and make my whole arm rebound but it was still fun to do. I guess in this world hand to hand contact for encouragement is still a social norm and condition.

“Wait, you said marrying me at the right time?” I asked.

“Yeah silly. Foxkin marry when their soul links secure to each other. That’s what our marriage ceremony is both physically and spiritually. So we’re now married!” she laughed while hugging me some more.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” I said.

“Its cool right?” her gleaming teeth are dripping from her smile almost she’s so happy.

“And all foxkin don’t have an actual marriage ceremony like in a church but just have like this shamanic dream thing?” I asked struggling to get the words right.

“Yeah it’s fun! We made it work! But you know this isn’t the end, but just a start. There will be tons of fighting to survive after this. We’ve just started our journey. Who knows what tomorrow or next week will bring?” she chuckled.

“That’s true,” I said.

“But now that we’re together I’ve accepted things…accepted being with you. We can really be together and I don’t have to hold back anymore,” she blushed while adding. She is thinking not just about ‘that’, but other things too I think.

How come other creatures have better skin and features than humans I wonder? Particularly Foxkin have really beautiful skin…and ghouls too. Asakura’ skin is almost like shiny looking like how skin looks when it’s like slightly wet and Foxkin skin looks a bit like it’s been processed through a machine with no blemishes, almost like pure porcelain instead that is more cream colored than white.

Well even humans look healthier on this planet. I guess it’s somehow more pure here. Or maybe that’s the effect of magic.

Sylvie is giggling when I hug her. Wow this is wonderful. “You want to play?” she chuckled.

“I might have, except I want to work out some issues and some of our goals,” I said.

Lately I’ve been trying to get the girls interested in other things besides just sex while in the dream state. I want them to have somewhat normal lives and some stability based on having their identity.

A new psychological perspective lately that Asakura had pointed out to me is that they need their own identity separate from being sex toys. They need to really like their life and feel useful not just about sex. She’s reinforced that it could be dangerous for themselves to not have their own identity separate from me, if something happens to me or if they ever feel rejected from me even if it’s a misunderstanding.

I didn’t like to admit that, but there’s nothing wrong with someone feeling like they are someone’s spouse and that being a husband or wife is part of their identity actually, I thought.

“Got it. I’ll get dressed and call everyone together. You want to bring that necromancer prisoner too? You know he might have some unique perspective and some good information that might be useful to us. Or what do you think?” she asked.

“We can’t trust him. He’s not really one of us. We’ll leave him out until the last second on anything he can contribute without revealing the rest of our plans. Plus I don’t want him ogling you and who wouldn’t,” I said.

She laughed. “I want you to ogle me all the time. Should I take off my shirt again?” she winked at me.

“Ooh sounds kinky,” she said.

She only teased me with a nipple tease briefly though because we have other things to do.

“Well what do you think about what to do with the necromancer?” I asked her.

“I get it. He’s a weirdo and anything that gets off on dead bodies is creepy anyway but he might still know stuff. But he might know stuff that we hadn’t considered. We should try to find out about some things that he knows. But if we do he will surely try to seed false hood with his lies too.” Activating her illusion she now has her clothes on though they aren’t real. That can’t be helped either. The girls want to be naked in here now almost 24/7. It’s fun in a way but I can only fuck with one of them at a time.

Or …is there a sex demon modification for tentacle penus(es) as an upgrade somewhere? That might cause problems with fitting in though. Plus, it might scare them actually so I better not pursue it. But if there were then I would be able to have sex with all of them at once without excluding someone.

AHh….that thought is it from the demon box? I shouldn’t want a tentacle penus and that scared me as I realized it.

It takes us a few minutes to go to the arena where I summon Asakura.

“Hi,” she greets us each with a hug. At the same time she’s trying to protectively keep me away from Fox, I mean Sylvie, as long as possible.

That’s the thing too. I’ve been trying to teach them to appreciate each other, which is probably the most difficult for these two alpha females.

We then use the summoned box to setup one of the tents so we can have our huddle in it. Then we set up a campfire in the middle of the arena, but mostly for psychological comfort, since the dream state isn’t really cold or hot. It’s like fake camping in a way and fun to hang out here while talking to them.

“Would you prefer roast beef and vegetables or chicken breast?” I asked each of them like a waiter as I sift through the MRE ration boxes that come within the huge big wooden summoning box. I also give Asakura some clothes to wear.

There doesn’t seem to be any other changes to the summon box at this time, except there are fire wood bits in here from last time storing the previous, previous summon box’s parts as kindling and putting them in the previous box.

Asakura groaned when I made her put them on while trying to pout. She tried to see if I’d make her which wore at my patience. I don’t give in. I need to make them believe it’s normal to wear clothes. She sort of makes a fake dance putting on the skirt first to try to tempt me into seducing them before we get down to business. Then she tests the water to see if I will also try to make her wear a shirt.

“Party pooper,” Asakura said while her massive giant torpedoes are sticking out so far it’s not humanly possible without the help of magic and other worldly exotic creature influence. Still, somehow they are all too real and I find them hypnotic, especially now when they are dripping small beads of white milk at the tips just enough to barely be noticeable.

“The shirt too,” Fox and I said both at once.

Huh? That’s weird. Now that the soul link is active it’s almost like Sylvie and I think and say things at the same time. This is the second time that she’s said and thought something aloud at the same time as me though it doesn’t happen all the time.

“Fine,” she pouted.

“So um the flavoring?” I reminded them as I asked which MRE to give them each, because we were interrupted. The summon box is weird since it doesn’t match stuff from this world, but useful.

“Roast beef!” Asakura said confidently and with enthusiasm.

“Eh? Is that one really superior to the other one?” Sylvie asked while playing with my hair. She just likes touching me constantly it seems.

“Hell yeah! The chicken MREs don’t taste that good. But normally I like chicken. The roast beef one and the potatoes and gravy ones are the best,” Asakura said while already digging into hers.

That’s the funny thing about the ghoul genes on Asakura; when she eats, she has this massively aggressive appetite for some reason without ever getting fat except in areas that add to sex appeal. I end up giving her two MREs rather than one, while even though Fox is bigger she only nibbles at one gingerly like she doesn’t’ trust human food. I’m thankful Asakura’s appetite doesn’t make her fatter though and her waist is still incredibly skinny; perhaps it’s because of the milk production, although I’m not sure if it’s also influencing her breast size.

Should I have her eat more then? If it will increase her milk and breast size?

“So I want to talk strategy and figure out our next goals. I can decide and have ultimate deciding power. However, I realize that both of you have really good brains and someone who is smart wouldn’t leave any stone unturned. So I’ll have you help me weigh out the pros and cons of each choice while we plan,” I said.

“For starters, we’re still in the dwarven fortress. How do I make sure I’m not recruited forcibly and put on the front line with suicide fodder stuff? I don’t know dwarves that well even though we’ve had a lot of dealings with them. What’s your take on this?” I asked them both.

“Hmm, good question. I want to avoid the front line too for obvious reasons,” Asakura said.

“Dwarves might try this. They are usually fair but even they can get desperate. You can’t rule it out and it’s good you are asking. However, they would use criminals from the foreign quarter first and promise them something like immigration papers and the like, probably a better place to live, and so on,” Sylvie…Fox…said.

“That sounds like what they did already,” Asakura grumbled with her arms folded under her expansive and very swollen chest. I think she also needs to have a good milking soon.

“Really?” Fox’s eyes narrowed.

“Well they did sell some kind of immigration deal. We were briefly in the foreign quarter,” I admitted.

“But you aren’t now?” Fox asked.

I keep forgetting that I don’t always tell people in the dream state what’s going on in real life right away and vice versa.

“Confirmed,” Asakura said. She confirmed then our current situation.

Fox breathed a sigh of relief while licking her fingers. “If you aren’t now then you might be OK. But watch for it. When they start rounding people up from adventuring guilds with no choice then I’d consider leaving town if you can find a way to slip behind enemy lines.”

“Will it really come to that?” I asked.

“You can’t underestimate the political problems stressing them out. The dwarves won’t intentionally go after others for fodder and are good people. But when push comes to shove and everyone is screaming at their leaders to save each other and a city under an invasion, then that’s when they’ll feel sacrifices are justified. And someone has to fight to keep them out, they will at some point need an endless supply of soldiers that they don’t have enough of right now,” Fox said.

“Have you seen it like that?” Asakura asked.

Sylvie shrugged. “Foxkin live a long time. We see things that way in a lot of species though not particularly dwarves per se. But that doesn’t mean they can’t change or decide something different. But desperation causes problems in ways that you wouldn’t expect.”

“OK, so we watch for trouble good. Next item of business, trying to find more day team members to free up people to guard the night,” I said.

“Do we have to?” Asakura pouted.

“I think we have to. Our enemies are hitting harder and keep finding us. I’m worried if we don’t have enough core people that things will result in a death,” I said.

“Crap. I was trying to put it off too. He’s right,” Sylvie said while looking down.

“So is the concern about money or what kinds of recruits?” Asakura asked to clarify.

“Well both…” I shrugged. As soon as I said, I realized Sylvie had echoed me at the same time. Another signal the soul link is a strong and active mysterious force acting on sometimes synchronizing our minds.

“Don’t get any goblinoids, and no males. I can tell you that, but that’s obvious. It wouldn’t work with our dream state harem beach party,” Sylvie chuckled and winked at me provocatively.

“Now we’re talking!” Asakura laughed.

Both of them gave each other high fives.

“Well we’re making decent money. What do you think?” I asked them both.

“You never know when something unforeseen will happen. That’s planning to late to wait for trouble to find you. You have to think ahead. So you need to always have something on the side. Going for broke and then thinking you can wing it is how people get sold as slaves in this world,” Sylvie advised us.

“I agree with her,” Asakura said. But then she frowned. “But…more harem members kind of feels sad somehow even though it’s the right thing to do.”

“That’s just our being jealous,” Sylvie said.

“Ahh I suppose that’s true,” Asakura admitted.

“Got it. Umm, are there any money making opportunities in the dwarven fortress that you are aware of?” I asked Fox.

“Well …depends on the risk. No wait…nah, not that I can think of. I’m not a dwarf expert though. And my current appearance would scare them. They might think I’m a demon,” Sylvie said. She said it a bit too quickly.

“Eh?? You know something don’t you?” Asakura smirked. Her eyes narrowed sizing up the big Fox.

“Well…it’s too dangerous. You wouldn’t like it,” Sylvie countered.

“Hmm?” I’m curious.

“But there is something isn’t there?” Asakura went on the verbal attack.

“Well it’s pretty good money, but I think Shun needs a better offensive skill first. Because he’s a protection specialist mage he has to be careful about not having any types of offense because that can cause a roundabout check mate by jus being overwhelmed even if he’s blocking most of the enemy attacks,” Fox said.

“Spit it out. What was that about a way to make money,” Asakura is giving her the evil eye.

We keep staring at her until she decides to cough it out.

“Well there’s an arena here in town. People wager money on the fights. But they are pretty much all death matches. I don’t think it would be good for you to be part of blood sport. And if you won, then the friends of that guy you killed would want revenge too. And arenas are places of blood and death so I’d encourage you to find another way,” Sylvie said.

“EH?!” we both exclaimed.

“I guess she has a point. I don’t really want you to hurt anyone if it can’t be helped,” Asakura said.

“To the death isn’t good,” I said in agreement.

So we have to find another option if this won’t work out.

“Well duh…think about it. Coughing up gold would be to the death though. One gold, the reward for a fight, is serious money by itself,” Sylvie said.

“How much is 1 gold again?” Asakura asked.

“Well a labor job per day might be like a few silver per day or per week…so yeah gold is serious money. 100 silver equals 1 gold,” I restated.

“Wow…so 1 gold is making you rich huh,” Asakura is surprised.

We’d gone over this before but she hadn’t had to think about it. Plus, they sometimes need reviews for how this world works. That would be normal if you came from another world.

“But wouldn’t it be OK if your opponent was evil?” Sylvie suggested.

“Yeah but everyone thinks someone other than themselves is evil. You could argue any other political view that isn’t your own is evil,” Asakura said.

“You think so?” I asked.

“Hmm,” Sylvie is considering it.

“Of course! Even when they themselves are evil, they think they are only looking out for themselves and take it too far. That’s what happened to the Nazis,” Asakura said.

“I suppose you could say that,” I said.

“But aren’t all humans evil?” Sylvie asked scratching her head.

Asakura and I slowly turned towards her, “wait, what?”

“I mean besides you two!” she added quickly while blushing. “Don’t worry Shun, I think you are wonderful and a good hubby. Just that…I have trouble reconciling with humans. I struggle with it and I’m sorry. I guess it didn’t come out much before because I’ve mostly been in this dream state.”

I stopped them before they started arguing which took a good five minutes to calm down. I guess when either Asakura or Sylvie here each other call me their happy it sets them off. Finally I got them calmed down. I forced them to hold hands as punishment too.

I had almost forgotten until that came up that Sylvie had experience some major trouble with humans. Was that what caused the death of her dad as a child? There has to be a reason she thinks most humans are evil. Although to be fair I think many of them are too.

Yeah Sylvie still has some human issues too which will take time to treat. I guess it’s from the past persecution stuff.

“It’s true some humans are selfish, but we aren’t all evil,” Asakura tried to give her a sympathetic smile.

Sylvie didn’t want to talk about it purposely and changed the subject.

“The money isn’t bad. But the problem is sooner or later you die. You can’t win everyone. And what do you do if they put you in a fight with others of your same classes? That would mean you are fighting mages,” Sylvie said.

“Eh…that wouldn’t be fun,” I remembered when fighting goblin shamans and stuff it was tons more scary. even when you win, something can still be hard and scary.

“Hmm that could be a problem,” Asakura said.

“What a pain. There’s nothing easy in this world,” I grumbled.

“The lure of easy money is always a trap though,” Asakura countered.

She’s right. That’s how people get into problems.

The other two agreed as we continued to talk about it for a good hour, nodding, and also grumbling, as we sat in the tent near the fire.

“You know, while we have that necromancer guy, this is your chance to get a demonologist contact from him. If anyone is likely to have a contact like that it would be something shady like a necromancer or thieves guild guy,” Asakura guessed.

“OH, you are right!” Fox exclaimed.

That long awaited goal of finding a demonologist might actually come true?! No way?! I never had thought it was possible. And the dwarves would have been the last person to ask too. But a necromancer might know demonologists.

“We can do this! Sweet!” Sylvie cheered.

Both of them are happy about helping me achieve my goals.

In short, I should be able to consult a demonologist on;

  • Ghoul race, ghoul status
  • Slave crystals
  • Modified Slave crystals; this one in particular we know nothing and I haven’t been able to get the one I have to work yet.
  • Any information on evolving or mutations, possibly to find a route for upgrading Rina. Not only her but the others too, but she seems the weakest at the moment
  • How to interact with the mage-net sellers to ask specific questions about each piece on sale

What do we need to safely have transit inside a demon city without getting attacked and to look like we fit in;

There’s a lot of other stuff to research too, but I have to start with basics and also be careful I don’t look or get so greedy or blind that I can be boxed into traps. I have to think that I really will face either the necromancer, or demonologist scholar trying to trick me and that it won’t go as smoothly as I’ll like. I would also have to keep the necromancer and the demonologist separate during such a meeting to prevent a surprise attack.




Cid, the necromancer POV




I find myself summoned while my stomach is turning itself inside out. I barely avoid throwing up. Shit, being summoned is nasty.

I recognize them. We’d talked before when I’d persuaded them not to kill me. But the conversation was so short that there are a lot of uncertainties and I don’t know them yet. The two bitches are standing on either side of me with that mage kid in front of me that looks too young. They are hot bitches but they aren’t mine so I’m mad. He doesn’t deserve this.

Well I’ll get out of this soon. They are going to be gullible little fuckers. They’ll soon meet their doom. I’ll unleash a trap on them soon. But for now I’ll appear sweet and nice.

Wait a sec, which one summoned me? I think it was the kid but that’s weird because the foxgirl seems powerful.

The kid is in front of me…Shun I think it was…but humans shouldn’t be able to summon humans. I look back and forth at all of them. This is weird. How did this happen? The girl with monster tits has reddish violet eyes but doesn’t seem to be undead.

There is something really wrong here. Until I figure out what it is I better be extremely careful. Caution is always a good policy with mages. I’m sure I’ll still betray him and get loose the first chance I get but I can buy some time.

If she had been an undead I could have stolen her from him. But even as I try to ‘will’ her away from it fails.

Confirmed not an undead…

I wonder if it could have been her?

Just what gives with this situation?

Or wait…the foxgirl…shit there’s a foxgirl? But how did that kid get a foxkin?! Those are worth a fortune! The kid doesn’t realize that foxgirl is worth a whole kingdom’s province just by herself; even one with a good fortress or castle town in it.

I stared at her a bit too long I think. Now she’s glaring at me.

“Don’t even think about causing trouble,” the foxgirl growled. Her eyes are intense and look almost sharp in penetrating into my soul.

I gulped.

I hurriedly change my look and facial expression to the best humble repentance seeker I can muster.

Shit, did they suspect me? Maybe I should really…man, what should I do?

Yeah, maybe it was the foxgirl? That could be the only thing that makes sense. Since they are further ahead in the evolutionary food chain it must have been her that summoned me, because that small fry boy in front of me couldn’t possibly have the juice, let alone the ability to cross species summon on his own species.

And…the other one looks pretty, almost prettier than the foxkin. Plus those monster boobs.

The foxkin girl backhanded me so hard I had to check to make sure my teeth are still there.

Nice backhand! That was so hot, even it was painful.


I spat one of my teeth out and some blood. I picked up the tooth for good luck though. Maybe I can use it in one of my rituals. Bone teeth are always useful to someone like me.

Hehe…she touched me haha…

“Watch where you put your eyes fool,” she said coldly.

Then I felt a shoe in my back. There was a sharp pain. The other girl has stepped in behind me with only the young looking kid in front of me.

Ahh well. Its worth it to check out women this hot.

“Cid, was it? That’s what you go by?” the boy asked to confirm. He’s regarding me coolly.

I managed to look back towards him while wiping at my drool. I can’t help it. Those boobs are awesome! Plus I’m sure I saw a faint flicker from a slave collar on her neck. Most people wouldn’t see it but I can spot that kind of thing since I use slave troops sometimes before turning them into zombie and skeleton fodder. It’s my routine to pick up the dying slaves on the cheap from a number of towns through agents.

Slave collars…interesting…

But does the kid have a boss? He has to have one because nobody would have a teenager running around like this without leashing them in either by their own parents or…someone would have had to teach him magic right?

“Yeah? What can I do for you boss?” I said while trying to not eat sand. To them I probably sound confused since I’m not sure which is the real boss yet. It can’t be that little young twerp. That just wouldn’t be fair.

And groveling is a good way to have my life spared, even though I’m going to look for an opening to exploit later.

Actually having two hot babes giving me pain is kind of hot. I kind of like this. Hell the tits on the one are almost as big as a cowgirl’s tits should be.

Ouch! Another slap.

How did she guess I was thinking about her?

“Stop staring at my tits fool!” the dark haired exotic oriental girl said.

Then they both kicked me again.

“Ouch! Ease up please,” I panted.

“Oh that’s so gross! This little fucker is getting off on this!” Fox said.

A full minute later I’ve got two black eyes while they beat me. I can’t concentrate enough to summon my undead.

“You should put him away. So disgusting…” Asakura said.

“Easy Cid. We’re not trying to execute you. Of course, that depends on if you can be useful and do what I ask. We just want information,” the young kid said.

Right…he’s making a good point. My mind is churning quickly now on how to plead to be useful to the new boss, until I can turn on him.

He looks naïve. That innocent looking face. This should be easy. Hehe.

I felt another kick in my back.

“Don’t forget we know what you are up too,” the foxgirl said.

Shit, can she read my mind?

They didn’t answer.

“For now just answer Shun’s questions twerp,” the foxgirl said again kicking me in the ass.

Fuck that hurts.

“Who told you, that you could smile bitch!” the raven haired giant tits girl said. She added a kick too. I’m surprised she can keep her balance with those huge melons enough to do so but she did.

“Kick him again. I just don’t like the look on his face. He doesn’t realize he’s the worm on the hook yet,” the foxgirl said blatantly.

“Ahh please don’t. If you do that there again my help will be dislocated,” I pleaded.

Ouch! Another pain in the back instead of the hip.

“We’ll be up front. We’d like your help to meet and hire a demonologist,” the kid said.

Ahh shit. It had to be some unreasonable request like that. And it’s something dangerous too. What the hell are they thinking! Those guys are more dangerous than necromancers!

This is like asking to go to the frontlines of a war almost as it were.

“Are you freaking crazy?! Those guys are dangerous!” I exclaimed.              

The three of them don’t get it. They are a bit surprised at my reaction.

A lot of people mistakenly think demonologists are just sages of the underworld. But the truth is they seek out how to apply and exploit that information and people both as the brokers of the underworld deals. So in effect, rather than be scientists and teachers, they are usually like mafia boss types. And not only that they often have big groups they are involved with so they are as dangerous as fuck. They know how to exploit demons, and people with cunning effect unmatched by others. They are also usually good at collecting stuff like money and weapons too.

After all, if you could study about weapons, and biological weapons and their species’…wouldn’t you then collect them?

“How dangerous are we talking about?” The raven haired girl with the oriental look said.

Actually both she and the boy look oriental but I’d missed it because I was staring at her tits so long.

I felt another foot tease my back. It’s starting to feel good when they kick me.

“So what do we have to do to make you talk?” the foxkin asked.

Oh that’s soo hot…I want to stay with these guys! Oh that oriental girl’s tits bounced while she’s kicking me in the back! Too bad I didn’t see any nipples even though they can’t quite all fit in her shirt.

“Oh yuck! He’s drooling,” the Foxgirl said.

“Yep, needs more punishment,” the other giant titted girl said.






Shun POV






“So how do you leave a message for this guy again?” I asked him.

“I told you already. They are being hunted so you can’t just walk into their shop. They use operatives to trade information back and forth. Many of them have been hiding for years successfully from military operatives and spies so you can’t expect to just walk in one’s shop! Jeez! And they are the information brokers of the underworld so lots of people want to talk to them and it’s never going to be for free. A lot of them are like spymasters and spymasters bosses and that kind of stuff. You’ll have to prove you are serious and not some city guard type wanting to lock ‘em up.”

“Find a building marked as a underground guild building first. Then leave a note with a rock under the front porch after midnight with three silver pieces in it. They’ll contact you,” he said.

“That seems too iffy, how will they know how or when to contact me?” I said.

“It’s a shitty way of doing business but it usually works. You first have to find an underground building. People who work the underground don’t like unplanned visits too,” he said apologetically.

“They must watch the door around then huh?” Asakura reasoned.

“Maybe?” Cid said.

The Foxgirl kicked him in the back again.

Maybe I should heal him?

He ogles Asakura too much.

Maybe not.

“I don’t know why it works but that’s their system. If you want business with them, you show proof of love first. And also whatever you do don’t double cross one. There will be no end of hell for you after that,” he warned.

“3 silver is a lot of money,” Fox said frowning.

If I were to convert that to real world currency…if an adventurer can make enough money to pay for an inn and food for one day at the cost of 1 silver or 2 silver then…if they are asking for three silver just to have a chance of setting up a meeting it’s like putting down something like a couple hundred bucks that’s non-refundable for nothing.

I hope it’s not a gamble. And I don’t trust this shady guy that gets off on weird stuff and has this sly look to him that shows more than he thinks about what’s really going on in his intentions.

“Do they even have an underground building in our town?” Asakura wondered.

“Oh they do. They always do. They probably have a whole city block by now. You’d be surprised at the ability of guys like that to control a lot of things very quickly. More than likely that person already knows who you are even when you know nothing about them. But you might not stick out much yet because they have other flies in their ointment to pick at too,” Cid said.

That was alarming.

The girls give me an odd look.

“This sounds dangerous,” Asakura said.

“Should we reconsider?” I asked Sylvie.

“Well…that’s a tough call. Only you can decide but your unique traits need help and someone wise to work with Shun,” Sylvie noted.

Crap she’s right.

But these guys sound like so much trouble.

You see we hadn’t let on what city we were in. but he seemed to already know that. There’s a coal black precision of calculating intelligence in the eyes of this Cid guy, even though he’s a total whack job.

Asakura caught me eye subtlely too and she’s noticed it. She’s good at spotting details I think.

Whatever group this guy belongs too has been hunting us more than we think. He already knew what dwarven city we’re in. But I’m not sure when or what they would have noticed us from.

“And they always answer the silver invite?” Fox asked.

“Well…yeah. That’s how they get people to summon them for jobs. Of course there are no refunds you know. And they are as likely to stab you in the back as anything. I wouldn’t trust them too much.”

“How do we know you even know a demonologist? What have you used one for?” I asked.

“That’s a good question Shun,” Asakura said.

“I’ll only answer that if you have the hot one kick me in the back again! But promise not to break a bone or dislocate anything OK?” the necro cried out with drool flowing down his chin. He’s totally loopy.

Is it hanging around undead that made him like this?

“EWWw! Yuck!” both girls said at once.

“I’m not kicking him,” Fox said.

“No way it’s your turn. I caught him trying to watch my boobs bouncing when I was kicking him,” Asakura said.

“…can you blame me…?” Cid gasped hoarsely.

“This is so creepy,” I said.

“Which one is the hot one?” Fox asked.

“Um…the one with big tits?” Cid guessed.

Fox kicked him in the back from woman’s pride I think.

We then find out something useful.

It’s confirmed that necromancers do often use demonologists and their underground groups. This explains why he would know one because it’s customary for them to have a sort of symbiotic relationship in a form that’s been passed down for centuries. The racketing scheme seems to be something like demonologists get to be like intelligence, spy, information hoarders with access to pawns, people, and assassins but hiding in the dark to work behind the scenes and usually having others do their work for them, while the necromancers have like this infinite ability to provide muscle, power, acting as a sort of front line, fencing and containment, and hit stuff head on that’s a threat to either of them.

Necromancer’s strengths rely on bodies and accumulating a large number of bodies of people pets that they use for all kinds of gophers (or go fers’); thus when a necromancer ever needs to replace their champion it isn’t unusual for them to hire a demonologist to find something really juice and live for them to turn and experiment on.

The problem though is that the relationship between necromancers and demonologists isn’t always a one step away deal. Sometimes there’s a middle manager or two in between the two unless the necromancer is a particular badass or really powerful and Cid is only like mid rank or something I am guessing.

Of course he also said no real necromancer would think of buying all their bodies from another. They have too much pride for that. But for their controllers, generals, and champion bodies anything is a go. The common thing to do is find another really big name or top person to use as an undead champ or team leader.

They love that sort of thing.

And demonologists are good at picking out combat traits and slaves in slave traits. They can sort out the wheat from the chafe from years of notes, study, and experience in figuring out trafficking and war strategems. Somehow they are good at sizing up people.

“Is there anything they aren’t good at?” Asakura frowned.

“But would a demonologist be able to tell about strengths of so called ‘good races’ and not just about ‘bad races’?” I asked.

“That’s not an issue. Demonologists have to know both because they are often consulted with for weighing out army conflict scenarios before sending in troops. Generals often use them when planning wars and not only for the bad sides. Of course any goody two-shoe that’s trying to use a demonolost and disclosing his troop numbers to them is taking an awfully big risk.

Sometimes their loyalty goes to the highest bidder and not necessarily their own faction, another reason why they are tricky. In addition to sage research they are pretty much at the heart of any spy networks which I’d mentioned earlier. But what I didn’t explain is that doesn’t always mean government operatives, it can sometimes mean connections through thieves too,” Cid said.

We have a sick feeling in our guts after hearing that.

That’s not good. Were we betrayed from within by the underground group at work in the dwarven fortress now?

If a demonologist group was in the dwarven fortress before the orcs decided to invade it.

Then surely they may have helped measure each side’s combat potential against the other. They may have spied out fortifications, weak spots, elite troop information, and who knows what else if they are part of the spy networks.

We just hit a major land mine.

I don’t like it but we need to go see that creepy guy, Svinn.

I sighed.

There’s also the possibility that the demonologist may have figured out we have one of their necros captive and ask for him as collateral.

Then I have to also see if the dwarves will give a higher price for the necro too. If he’s a real necromancer, and he is then then the dwarves may have bounties on necromancers. But the minute I ask about such a thing then they will know something is up too.

I should also ask the necromancer how they keep their own undead from attacking them? I personally find undead disgusting…but vampires were on sale on the mage net. And it’s possible they may have some tricks to controlling both vampires and possibly doppelgangers too.

We ask further questions.

Necromancers haven’t found a way yet to crack controlling doppelgangers. They also fear them, since they can get behind bodyguards easily. When telling me this he was nervously looking around, and then spotted the cage on the ceiling. Then his face turned white in fear.

I couldn’t get anything more out of him, as he was shrieking and running around for awhile. He’d panicked once he found out there’s a doppelganger hanging from a cage above us.

Finally we knocked him out.

But I gave him a pity heal so he wouldn’t get brain damage.

We’ll get every bit of information he owns bit by bit over time.

But Cid gave us a lot of useful information that we didn’t know before. It’s a good reason we hadn’t killed him right away. Too bad I hadn’t gotten a chance to ask him how to control vampires yet. That would be cool too.

I still haven’t ruled out that much of what he said may be misinformation that we’ll have to sift through.

“Sorry Shun, he’s out cold. We won’t be able to get another bit of information out of him after this,” Asakura said.

“I agree. He’s out for a good four hours at least. I think he was already at the edge of sanity before you captured him,” Fox said.

“Why was he like that though? He was obviously partly mad. Like he should be on a thorazine drip kind of insanity mad,” I said.

“Some say necromancers are more prone to madness from exposure to more bacteria than others,” Fox said slowly.

Both of us gagged hearing it.

Well I de-summoned Cid, after putting him in a slave crystal, my last one. We need to get every bit of information and resource out of him before he’s disposed of.

What to do with him though?

I’m not sure I want to release him. He’s dangerous. And one necromancer could take out whole villages with their undead troops despite the fact that we beat him easily. And if I kill him I won’t be able to milk him for gold or information to help us. But I can’t risk him getting lose and killing people. And since necromancers can’t manipulate or puppeteer live people he’d have no qualms about killing any small villages he ran into in the wilderness if I turn him out there.

We also try my next experiment.

We’d saved up a lot of my spit and bodily fluids over a week in one of the summoned canteens. It’s a mix of basically pheromone juice, but because it’s so concentrated I have no idea what will happen if I let anyone touch it.

Then I used my stun on Doppel-chan.

Using a combo of moves I stayed within the timer of the stun by using dimension door to get up to Doppel-chan’s cage. Now that she’s stunned while hanging out the bars of the cages I dumped the contents of the canteen in her mouth and splashing on her face while below me the girls are counting the time limit below me. I confess I was trying to get most of it in her mouth, but that didn’t work very well.

Finally when the timer is getting closer to zero I dimension doored again back to the arena floor below.

“Now we watch and see what happens,” Fox chuckled.

Both her and Asakura laugh while leaning against me as they anticipate the effects.

“I can’t help but curious what she’ll do,” I said.

“I know right?” Asakura is bright eyed and excited.

“This is so mean. We should have done this ages ago!” Fox replied.

We look up at the cage…




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