I thought i might put a few short list of some books I like both commercially, self done, and others of some fun stories I liked. This isn't motivated by anyone requesting me to do this but we all appreciate a good story. If anyone wants to add some stuff of stuff they also like to read in comments below I don't mind though I hope to encourage people to avoid negative attention or bashing.

If something is good that isn't up here it doesn't mean I don't like it but just maybe I'm a bit busy. I may come back to revisit this thread to update this list from time to time. 

Savage Divinity (Royal Road)

Change; New World (Royal Road)

The New Journey of an Old Soul (Also Royal Road)

The Last Apprentice Series (commercial series by Joseph Delaney, though I haven't kept up with it for awhile as it had many fast releases)

The Foundling Series ( by D M Cornish; 3 books)

Eragon ( kind of cheasy in a way but it was fun anyway )

Reaper War; The Valkyrie Seed by Noah Riding

The Troll's Barrow, also by Noah Riding

Scott Westerfield; several good series by this author including the midnighters series, and also Peeps...I keep hoping he'll do a sequel to Peeps, which is a favorite. 



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