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Dreamweaver Chapter 156




Morning in the Dwarven Nation in the Southern Province’s Capital;




I woke with a start.

I’m totally stressed out. Plus I woke up late too because I’d pushed myself too hard in the dream state. I needed extra rest I guess.

We managed to get through most of the night with no other problems. But we spent the whole night expecting to get attacked or for a secondary strike or enemy reinforcements possibility. I have no idea what to expect anymore, but this world is very clearly dangerous.

And because of the bigger threat being the night in the dream realm I have to leave both Sunghee and Asakura in the dimensional pocket with Fox. So it seems that all of my heavy hitters are tied up in areas that I can’t tap into right now. It seems like the only thing I can do to boost and make an opportunity for optimum protection.  

But first I have to take care of feeding.

Rina awakes at almost the same time I do.

She attacks me with ferocity to try to rip my clothes off. But she’s already naked.

“Oh damn Shun! I love this!” She giggled.

“So you’re going to be good for now?” I verified.

“Oh yesssss! Anything you want. I’m your girl,” she said with fire in her eyes.

Her looking like Asakura now has a ton of benefits.

She’s already sucking my tool with her mouth, like it’s a popsicle.

“Ahhmmmm,” I hear her saying.

After getting it going she then pulls herself up.

“Shun…can’t you make me lactate like Asakura? I’ve always been jealous of her boobs,” she said.

“I’m not sure how to make that happen yet,” I confessed.

“Oh come on! You can do better than that! At least try to please!” she protested.

“Shun!” Rina got more demanding.

Is she developing a lactation fetish too?

It’s weird only being in the room with one girl though. And she’s overly excited to compensate for the loss of Sunghee. Plus it’s like she knows the henhouse is unguarded so she wants to pounce and take advantage of the opportunity.

Within seconds she’s already straddled me. I have no idea why but they all love that position the most. They want to be in control and feel what’s going on because of the amplification of pleasure feeling from the pheromones.

“Ohh….yes….more….that’s it. Keep it up,” she said while our hips slap together. She’s talking to me like it’s all me but she seems to be doing much of the work, not realizing that she is.

“Keep it down. The neighbors aren’t supposed to know,” I whispered.

“You should…brag…you’ll….wow….get more action that way…everyone…would be jealous. If they knew about this. Have to…keep it…to myself,” she said.

It’s almost impossible to have Rina keep her clothes on lately once we’re in private rooms. She sleeps nude always now that she’s accepted and sometimes she tries to jump me while I’m asleep. But I had to make sure she knows not to wake me up before I’m ready since I’m not sure what will happen if she tried to wake me up while I’m in battle in the dream state.

Would that cause like some kind of mana feedback explosion or like a forced exit or a hole in the dimensional pocket?

I still don’t get it myself…a hole in the dimensional pocket tearing into reality seems likely as a hypothesis but I don’t want to test it.

“Ahh man, it itches so bad when I wake up in the morning. I need you to fill this itch badly!” Rina cries out. She’s still going hard. Rina groaned again while treating me violently.

Her boobs don’t shake around as much since they aren’t as big as Asakura’s in cowgirl wild style. I’ll have to accept it. It’s still exciting because its partly scandalous…well not technically legit scandalous but still the idea is there. It makes it more interesting.

“Give it to me…more…” she said.

I’m pushing up to meet her as she’s slamming down.

We keep going for three more hours I’m trying to keep the neighbors from hearing.

Its hard for us to leave our rented room because Rina keeps trying to get me to go back to fucking.

“How come I don’t feel as sore as I should? I swear this thing could rip me in half if it was any bigger,” She asked.

“Um…I don’t know. That is a good question,” I responded. I suspected the ‘gel’ from that secreted as part of incubus anatomy had something to do with it, acting as a super lubricant. It was from that why the sheets were often in such a mess in the morning.

“Did Asakura ever ask about it?” she asked intently.

Uh…I should dodge this huh. It’s uncomfortable to talk about.

“Well…she either didn’t care or wanted to be sore?” I guessed.

“I want to be sore all the time! This is the life!” she tried to push me onto the bed on my back again.

Seriously? She’s clearly an addict.

“Hey I need you to be real now. Focus. We need to work hard. Believe it or not we have some huge problems right now,” I said.

I’m trying to force her to get dressed but she doesn’t like it.

“W-we do?” she is surprised.

“Yep, and you promised me you would help out more and be real with me,” I reminded.

She’s already stepped into her skirt and got her running sneakers on with her socks but is still topless.

“I-I’m sorry. You have my full cooperation. It’s just…its hard to share you, you know? It’s like…I can’t even figure out why but …those pheromone things make it so…everything is like watching black and white tv but you are the only one in color that’s bright and big,” she said.

Oh this is interesting.

I hadn’t heard of it like this.

It seems that Rina has a perspective on the pheromone effects that the others maybe were afraid to tell me. I’d often wondered about their psychology.

“Is that so?” I asked.

“Yeah…I can’t even be attracted to other girls. Even the other girls are still like black and white tv,” she explained. While sitting on my knee straddled around me again.

How did it end up in this position again??

“Um let’s go. I need you to be tougher now,” I said.

“Where we headed?” she asked.

“We need to round up Gyle. I could be attacked again tonight so I need to gather allies, power, weapons, and strengthen our team fast before the enemy comes back to attack again,” I explained as we locked the door behind us.

We’re lucky no one else is still in the hall because Rina is still buttoning up her shirt.

“Ugh…there’s still cum running down my legs and we’re already leaving the house!” she cried out.

“Fine hit the bathroom first. Then we’re going to Gyle’s family shop.




Gyle meets us out front…eventually. He’s kind of mad that we’re slow in the morning but it’s Rina’s fault.

The streets are still pretty wild but a lot of volunteers are still around, pouring into the city from all around. It’s hard to even navigate around because of how crowded it is with so many settlers and farmers coming in.

Some of them aren’t here for soldiering but some came to buy up weapons to take back to smaller homes; and others for food supplies.

“Bad news. I got news from Svinn. They need us to go back in the dungeon tomorrow. They’d like for us to go today if we can,” he said.

“But the east side of town takes higher priority doesn’t it? It doesn’t make sense to go in the dungeon when they still have enemy pockets in town,” I objected with Rina hanging on my arm.

“Yeah it’s weird huh,” Rina said.

Gyle shrugged. “The pockets are cutoff and we have control of the gates. I think they are hoping to weaken them by starving them out anyway.”

“Ahh, that could happen huh,” I said.

“So we’re going to go fighting again today?” she asked kind of in a blonde way. But she is trying to be sincere and I make her carry her weapon on a side clip style holster for the warhammer, and with the sling bullet pouches hanging from the same style belt, which costed me a good 20 silver through Gyle. Seeing them in real equipment and how the leather and metal look together reminds me this is real, and not just some fantasy. We do look like something probably out of the 15th or 16th century except for no guns.

I wasn’t able to get her a buckler yet, since those were all bought out from the mad rush to buy up any survival supplies that’s going around all over town even now. Despite priding themselves on public order, even dwarves are vulnerable to that sort of thing.

“The problem is bigger for food. There are tons of people coming into town for shelter and they want more people salvaging food from the dungeon. What supplies we do have coming in for food are also expected to be shot from raids on the road too, and people being afraid to travel. So that’s why they need us on food raids,” Gyle said.

“That kind of makes sense actually. A…situation like this, food storage is already fragile enough even if they have food huh?” Rina said with her pretty face looking innocent. It wasn’t so innocent looking earlier before we’d left the inn’s room that we’d rented…

“More than sacking the resistance pockets on the east side?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

“Yeah, um…where’s the other girl that’s usually with you?” he asked.

“She is taking care of something urgent today. I can’t explain it right now but it’s a good reason for why she can’t be here. It can’t wait or be moved around. I’m sorry,” I said.

“Well…I trust you. You’ve kept me alive so far,” he said.

“It’s probably getting over the trauma of that troll nearly shaking her to death while trying to mash her into bits huh? I won’t say anything because I understand and saw what happened but I hope she can join us soon,” Gyle said worriedly.

“Huh…yeah I guess it’s like that,” Rina said going with the flow to help cover things.

I hadn’t expected that the recent troll near death experience would provide cover for Sunghee not being here too.

“It’s true. Come on, we’ll check out job chits together,” he said. Gyle looks thoughtful. As usual, he’s got this permanent cracked forehead in several places from tons of worry and stress that never goes away with just the tips of his eyebrows having gray streaks in them revealing him to be a bit older than we’d guess. Whatever dwarven middle age was…I suspect he was sort of between that and being considered a young adult but aging prematurely. He also has a habit of tucking his hand over his belt like a lot of dwarves do, much like cowboy types from our world did before we came here.

“I don’t want anything stressful today. Without Sunghee here our combat power is way under what we’re usually at,” I warned him.

“Wait, this would be a good time to meet up with that other group. The introduction letters from that team of fairly new people?” he suggested. (Refer to Chapter 138).

“Well…that’s not a bad idea is it Shun? What do you say?” Rina asked.

Strangely she is resembling something disciplined lately, now that she’s stolen the beautiful Asakura’s old appearance and still has it. I don’t find myself annoyed by her suggestion.

“We don’t know them,” I said to remind him. I’m undecided but I wanted to make him remember not everyone is trustworthy. Sometimes people want gold and money so badly that they fall in with the wrong people and this could theoretically end up like that but I’m not sure.

“Don’t worry we’ll be careful. They might be all right though. If your girl Sunghee isn’t here, then it would be like we’re exposing ourselves to not be extra careful. To do that we should work with another group, we might even learn something about other places or towns to look at later,” Gyle said.

“That’s a good argument,” I admitted.

“Being with a bunch of strangers sounds creepy and dangerous,” Rina said.

“Exactly,” Gyle said crossing his arms over his chest.

We ended up travelling over to the inn. We’ll have a break and eat while we wait. I still think getting Rina a shield would be useful but the second hand good shops, and the local smithies near us are out of pretty much everything that takes any decent time to craft. The only things they aren’t out of are some cheap looking spears, knives of all kinds, range weapon ammunition, and clubs.

You shouldn’t have to pay for a club. That’s just wrong. I mean any decent tree branch can become a club. I’m starting to see that I want to step it up, in terms of preparation.

I’d almost missed it before but there are a lot of teenagers and poor kids that do errand runner jobs here. They stand in the alley behind the inn and wait for adventurer’s to use them to do stuff for them like buying groceries, or picking up supplies, or delivering messages, which is the most common.

Gyle went ahead of us while we stand about twenty feet away. He picked two of them to go find the team of new people that had wanted to join us. Since he wanted to pick up the other team of new adventurers that had contacted us earlier he’s doubling the number of runners. And we’re still pretty sure they are at the first inn we were at but he gives them names and descriptions and has them check several Inns near where the first one was at.

“Can we meet back down here in like a half hour before we eat? I’d like to take a quick nap and clean up,” Gyle said.

“Sure,” Rina said before I could say anything. She’s squeezing my hand and before Gyle is even up the stairs to go to his room she’s already holding my hand and squeezing it with a ferocious lusty grip with her eyes boring into mine.

“Let’s go upstairs and fuck,” she whispered in my ear, just low enough so no one will hear us.

I winked at her. Plus I don’t like both of us being out among the crowd of people alone too long. Too many people stare at Rina and all my other women and it always happens. I can see some of the guys look like they want to challenge me if they can get away with it.

After giving Rina the treatment I threw her legs over my shoulders while drilling her hard with deep and violent fucking that’s fast and curious. She has to use a pillow plus my hand over her mouth while we go at it like rabbits as quick and as long as we can.

“Oh jeez….I love you. I love you! OH……yes!!!! More! Please don’t stop! Please more…! More!” She groans I try to see if there’s a way to penetrate her all the way to her lungs with my tool. So far she likes it deeper than the other girls.

Asakura likes it when she’s on top because its hard for her to take all my size even though she tries to. Sunghee just likes quick and hard, but Rina seems to prefer deep hard penetration over speed. Not that she can complain.

We both heard the clock tower bell chime outside.

“We have to go get ready to leave again,” I said suddenly stopping.

“Oh come on! Just a little bit more please! We could stay in today! We can do this all day! We don’t have to risk our lives! Please!!” Rina begged.

“Gyle is waiting for us,” I said.



“Are you going to make me beg for it? Please! Can’t we just cancel and stay in bed the whole day? Gosh I itch so bad in here. I can’t take it anymore. Won’t you just try to fuck me harder? I mean…wow…that was so freaking awesome!” Rina is making a point of trying to make me stare at her pussy with her legs splayed out in odd wide directions and arching her back cat like.

“The others are depending on us. We need to get some money fast too,” I said.

“Please! OK, then we’ll go.” She gave in. “But you have to give me another fucking at dinner too. And none of these cheap twenty minute sex sessions. I want at least like three hours,” she demanded.

Yeah, she’s totally addicted to sex now.

It wasn’t until lunch was over between the three of us that we got anywhere.

We were having egg salad sandwiches of some kind with Gyle, with cold apple cider when the runner hit our table. This is also covered by our government inn room and board chit, which we’d earned.

He’s out of breath, “Gyle sir, the other team wants to meat you now ASAP,” the boy said.

This time Gyle tips him and asks him to show us the way.

We end up running through streets and alleys for a good half hour before we reach the meeting spot.

The meeting is scheduled for behind a bakery next to an inn. It’s kind of a weird place to meet I think, so I have all of us go armed.

We both stand looking somber and serious with our line facing theirs. To my surprise there is only dwarf here on their side, despite them working in a dwarven town. Three of them are beastkin, one a human, and the dwarf.

It’s not hard to tell the dwarf is their tinkerer guy, and also he’s the alchemist because he has tools, a tool apron on, and he’s carrying all kinds of little chemical vials and stuff. He has a thoughtful look to him and is constantly making notes in a small pocket notepad.

The others are more interesting. Like we were told initially…

The knight trainee is a hard face human boy probably a year or two older than me. He carries a large shield on his back with an axe and a sword with heavy knee boots and sturdy clothing that looks like a wool shirt and some sort of peasant jeans with a Mexican style woven poncho almost as it were, but an otherworldly version at least. He nods in our direction while I look over them.

It surprises me though that this group seems so young. That was the first hint at what they were like. I should have seen the trouble from the start before it happened. Nobody would be crazy to group up with what looks like a bunch of teenagers.

“I’m Leif. The dwarf is my assistant leader, Norin,” the knight wannabe said. He’s smiling a bit too much, and should be more scared for going out to risk his life. Later on, I realized that was flaw number two manifesting itself early on.

The two rabbit beastkin are the two city guard wannabe people. Both of them wear very similar peasant jean clothes, but instead of large shields like the knight trainee these have two small shields that look patched up and while still solid are probably past their expiration date and had been sold in a second hand goods store along with everything else the group has, long sturdy looking but dull pointed spears over their backs, long swords of some kind that look scratched up but serviceable, and shiny dwarven warhammers hanging from their belts.

Turns out dwarven warhammers don’t cost too much and lots of people can get them.

One of the rabbit beastkins looks kind of buck toothed. Actually they both do but the one looks like bucktoothed of the bucktoothed. The other I can’t tell but they are very obviously brother and sister and standing like they expect to be attacked at any minute with nervous looking twitchy faces. Overall they aren’t either ugly or pretty but just sort of nice looking and clean; though their white fur hair and strange whitish looking skin does look very stunningly bright and free of all dirt, which surprised me.

You wouldn’t expect rabbitkin to be smooth skinned like humans in a lot of places. And it helps in not thinking they look totally gross and more human like than animal like but still not human at all. Still…I’d have preferred dwarves over this scrawny bunch. Their noses take getting used to, and their posture and gait is also clearly very different than humans probably due to differences in bone joints and tendons in a variety of ways too. I’m guessing they couldn’t do human like postures even if they wanted to. Instead they seem to naturally creep around with an odd ‘too alert’ like gait.

And wouldn’t you know it; they have huge feet, both of them with natural pads that make it so they don’t seem to require boots or shoes with very thick natural soles.

Is this a roadkill to be festival? They all are kind of shabby.        

“Hi, we’re the twins, Rox and Sox,” they both said together.

Stupid names if you ask me. They probably had strange parents that were inbred cousins if you ask me.

The last of them looking ready to bolt or run away, is another cat beastkin with fairly long ears for a cat type, that are sort of laid back in a modified red witch hat with a yellow feather on top that also lets her ears stick out and tan skin that looks dark but not black. Like the other beastkin she doesn’t have fur instead of skin but the animal features are prevalent in places like the ears, around the eyes, and stark differences in posture and ligament structures different from humans. And she has shiny long raven black hair on her head, and on the outer flanks of her thighs nearest her hip with sharp nails which are different from human nails. Like the one cat beastkin we’d seen so far she has very intense eyes similar to what a cat’s eyes might look like, being very big, and bright in a strong gold color. Last but not least, she has the same shiny raven black fur on her tail that is long with a white tip and somehow sticking out the side of her loincloth at any given time.

She’s dressed in not only the red witch hat with ear slits going into it, but also a type of modified sleeveless red vest, red loincloth, and military boots.

She looks a bit young, too young maybe…like maybe a fourteen year old? She’s kind of pretty in a way but not anything near the appearance of any of the girls I have. When she grows a bit more, maybe then she’ll be a threat to Rina but not for a good four years. I don’t go for things that are underage so I’m not going anywhere near her and will have Rina make sure I’m never alone with her.

All I have to do is use Rina as a shield against her…I hope.

And of course the boys in their party are all staring at Rina, even over the black haired catgirl. Well to be fair, Rina is way better looking than the catgirl still, even though the catgirl seems a bit exotic.

I end up frowning at the catgirl without realizing and she noticed it. Oops. Who would let a little kid like this out in a dungeon anyway? It’s not right.

Soon we’re given an introduction by the main knight trainee dude, Leif. The cat red mage is called, “Nayan. She’s our newest member and a freshly licensed mage. We’re glad to have her with us!”

Wait, she’s a mage?

That’s unfortunate. I could use a mage girl to add to my party but not if she’s underage.


Then we introduce ourselves. Then shook hands with each of them; right away I notice Leif is the most outgoing, with the dwarf sometimes talking. The beastkin types each are all very tight lipped especially Nayan, who is the most tight lipped of all.

Can they even talk? Their eyes suggest they are alert enough to know what’s going on in our conversation, I finally concluded.

“Thanks for responding to our team request,” Leif smiled diplomatically.

“No problem. We’re also looking for new opportunities. We also feel new to this city,” Gyle said speaking for us. For now I’ll let him, but I’ll have the final say.

Nayan is already giving me weird looks. Is it because she can smell I’m a mage? Or something else?

“We were granted a temporary exception to go on a patrol for goblins outside. But wanted more people. So we were deciding what to do when the runner came in with your offer,” Leif said.

Hmm that could work. I’m not interested in doing the dungeon for awhile if possible to give time for that minotaur dude to hopefully leave town. By the look of Rina’s expression I think she likes this concept too.

“So if we understand you correctly they will let us scout for them this once without an official adventurer titled team leader just this once?” Gyle frowned.

“Yes, that’s correct, “Norin answered.

“I don’t like it,” Nayan looked doubtful and had her arms over her chest.

“It does sound a bit fishy. They would only make an exception if they were desperate,” I said.

“But if we get some kills this is a good thing. And we can prove ourselves. Besides I slipped someone a bribe so it’s cool. How else do you think I pulled it off?” Leif said anxiously. It’s very clear he wants to get out.

Some of us sighed. Nobody likes a situation like this. If we’re caught it could be bad. Gyle is very clearly glaring at the knight wannabe but the others have somehow eventually accepted it after a few seconds.

“So is knight trainee an official class or is that just a titled fighter?” I asked.

I’m a bit curious how this works because we’ve been so isolated from others.

He scowled. “Knight is an official class. When we finish our training and become official knights, we gain protection magic skills. Before then we have limited skills but still can do a few things like protect people with ‘protect’ skill, which I already have. So I’m only half there but better than a normal soldier. It’s limited and much more of a small scale than a real mage, but usually enough to save a couple people every battle or every day hopefully. We are expected to go by our own steam until we gain experience out in the world enough to then become a full knight without help from others and fighting real enemies on our own.”

The others look strangely conflicted though, when you think they would be proud of their member to have such a prestigious skill. I wonder why that is but they are pretty tight lipped. Something isn’t right here.

“I see. Thank you for explaining. I haven’t run into many of you. It was an honest question,” I said to smooth things over.

“And if we don’t mind what kind of mage are you?” Nayan asked me pointedly.

“Shun is a protection and buffing mage,” Rina said.

The knight somehow looks jealous. It’s like he’s trying to figure out if I’m a threat or a boon to his class and he’s not sure which yet. Then there are also the people in his group. I don’t know how that will affect things either, but I think he’s got his eye on some of the females in his group too.

Their groups’ eyes widen. “Really?” Nayan asked. She looks fixated on me now.

“Can you tell us more nha?” she asked.

In response Rina is giving her the evil eye and clearly postured herself in line of sight between the catgirl and I to keep her farther away.

“So what’s the plan?” Rina said to change the subject.

I guess it worked. Because Rina is very good looking with her Asakura appearance they immediately are talking job details for a few minutes.

They look hopeful.

I look probably less than hopeful. This group feels pretty green to me. I can tell that Gyle is thinking the same thing but he knows that I call the shots because I’m his ‘gold rainmaker’.

“Well let’s begin,” Leif offered his hand to mine to strike a deal.

Before we do Gyle slips in a non-disclosure agreement, which the other team likes. It’s an economic magic contract that after today we can’t disclose details on each other’s half team to others, and no cheating on the gold or murder on each other, etc for at least a 24 hour period. It’s a safety protocol. We also find out none of the others has a adventurer’s license. Some of them are saving for one, and they also bought spells for Nayan recently.

I am already trying to avoid Nayan who seems a bit too curious about me. She’s also sniffing around in the air and that worries me. We probably won’t be able to keep doing jobs with the group if that’s the case. I don’t want to risk some jailbait problem.

And now we’re off after a lot of paperwork and discussion with the guild people. They don’t like what our knight trainee has done but aren’t objecting to it for some reason. It turns out he’d slipped something in the paperwork of using an old retired adventurer’s name on the paperwork for the team lead position while omitting him from the reward. He’d found the old man begging in the street and he was a double amputee from an ogre attack several years ago. The knight trainee Leif, had traded him three days of bread and water for permission to use his name but cutting him out of all enchant and economic magic system rewards.

“Figures…kind of shady for a knight to do that if you ask me,” Gyle later said to me under a hurried whisper when the others had given him the chance to do so, by not standing close enough to overhear us.

The dwarven city guards give us plenty of warnings before we leave the fortress cavern city gate.

From there we’re on our toes.

And the new team members are excited when I give them all protection from normal missiles and runic shielding buffs. They’ve never heard of such a thing in their short lives. Most people that hire mages are pretty excited if they can get a protection from evil buff for each team member, which really doesn’t do that much to be honest.

Demons can overcome protection from evil buffs with throwing range weapons too like boulders if they are strong enough. And a protection from evil buff I’m guessing would only shave off a fraction of damage, and not even have a quarter of the total damage taken off, though I’m not an expert in it. I had heard a few things while eating at the bar room area of the inn though.

We keep moving for some time to explore and go on patrol.

I still have plenty of mana. Good things are holding.

Nayan is giving me weird looks. “H-how do you do that?” she asked.

“What?” I acted like it was nothing. I have to. Acting like everyone can do this is my only way to blend in, but even Cassius can’t do stuff like this, though my nukes aren’t as juiced as his are. Nor are they area effect hits.

“You just chain casted 16 attack magic missile spells all together without stopping for breaks in between,” she looks stupefied. Nayan looks at me like I’m a freaking steroid monster of mages and like her eyes might pop out.

The others are kind of annoyed that they feel like I’m hogging all the kills. But those idiots are freaking lucky it’s like that. The real world isn’t kind or nice and doesn’t give free resurrections of any kind. And when we do run into a good group of goblins I’m worried the enemy numbers will overwhelm even me.

In the end I think they are crazy. I bite my lip and stay silent for awhile.

Leif especially looks impatient while we keep covering more ground.

“Let’s go,” he said wanting us to increase our pace. That’s a mistake too. It’s better to keep a pace that reserves your strength. Gyle isn’t complaining and his dwarven constitution can keep up with it, but sometimes I have to risk a regeneration spell on Rina.

“Come on, how are you doing that?” Nayan whispered to me in awe again fifteen minutes later.

I ignored her.

But the others are starting to notice it too. Most mages would be depleted by now and I’ve barely lost any power.

“Come on you can tell me?” she whispered.

Shit. The others also might take it as a sign to take on more danger, which I definitely don’t want.


“Quiet,” Rina growled at Nayan. She even twisted her ear to try to get her to be quiet, while she was sort of behind the others.

“What? It’s a genuine question,” Nayan said. “Even a blind person can see you aren’t an ordinary mage.”


Leif heard that. And because of it, suddenly it looks like he’s got dollar signs of greed in his eyes.

Gyle also has a bad feeling about it.

I put Rina in charge of keeping Nayan quiet.

“Well…I have been doing this for a while. But maybe you miscounted,” I blushed. I don’t mind trying to make her underestimate me. I want to be under the radar a bit but still not let the party suffer and that’s not easy to do together.

After awhile when we stop for a water break, I discovered Nayan behind me sizing me up again. It’s as if her eyes are looking into my soul. “That’s a lot of power. You should be empty already. But when I feel your power it still feels full,” she said.

The whole group of us keeps going as we are scouting the road.

While technically the job is for the road, we all know the goblins will probably be in the woods first.

We hit them within the first ten minutes of leaving the fortress. They have the whole area surrounded.

A multitude of goblin arrows are shooting at us as we dive for cover. Their aim wasn’t bad but my missile protection enchant has mitigated the damage to the shields to a minimum.

“Duck! Cover!” Leif calls out. He’s using his shield to cover Nayan. Somehow he kept her from getting shot. Apparently being a catgirl doesn’t make you invincible or even that special. She could have died just like anyone else, if it weren’t for my range missile protection buff. The two guard trainees are flanking him while the dwarf is getting a crossbow out.

Gyle shoots down the first goblin. The others struggle a bit more.

Then the cat girl red mage shoots the next one down with some kind of enchanted staff that shoots magic bolts. She wounds one but it’s not hurt badly.

My magic missile bolts kill two goblins at once. I don’t always kill two at a time, so that has me ecstatic, but they were mongrels even for goblins to be honest.

The others are flabbergasted and in awe. Didn’t they see I aimed for the scrawniest ones and not the biggest? It’s like cheating in a way.

“How did he do that?”

“In one shot? No way!”

Rina’s sling bullet finishes off the one the cat mage wounded. But I think that was like critical luck more than her actually developing her skill enough.

The two remaining goblins bolt for cover.

“Stop them! They’ll get reinforcements!” Leif cried out. He goes running off into the woods…without backup.

“No! Don’t go after them! It could be a trap!” Gyle called out.

“He’s right!” Rina said something with common sense and kept the others from jumping into Leif’s suicide cult like actions. That was definitely the wrong thing to do. He’s going to end up spreading people apart so they can’t cover each other while he rushes off wildly.

“What the fuck. He didn’t wait for you to give orders and just ran off,” Gyle said to me.

“Shun, that guy just did something stupid,” Rina warned me. Right…and she’s the one saying that? I can’t help but laugh.

“He can be a bit reckless. He’s so headstrong. This has happened before,” Norin their alchemist trainee said. Despite being an alchemist he can’t throw shit at goblins every time he blinks.

“Sigh…this always happens. Guess you know we’ve lost a few people,” Nayan blushed crimson in embarrassment.

The others glared at her. I guess they didn’t want her to say that, but she held to her convictions.

Now we have to go find that idiot knight trainee and the woods here are scary as hell.

“It’s not my fault. I warned him about this. This is what got our people killed last time. It’s better if they know. You twerps should have disclosed his recklessness from the start,” Nayan said.

I see that full team of newbs looking guilty as hell. They don’t say anything though.

We fan out in a search pattern. Somehow we lost sign of Leif.

Within two minutes we find him, when I feel the mana pulse from the runic shielding buff I put on him start to degrade. He’s taking damage to the enchant and if we don’t hurry that will be his health instead.

We burst into the next clearing.

“Pull back you idiot!” Gyle roared.

The others are swearing at him now too.

Our knight trainee friend is about to be swarmed by another squad of goblins. There are six more this time, plus the other two that had fled earlier. They are a bit surprised that my enchant on Leif has kept him alive when if it’d been anyone else casting this spell he’d probably be in a dirtnap already.  I can hear the others complaining already as our groups near each other to collide with fury.

Immediately I have to cast a runic shielding buff as the knight trainee kids shield pops from three or four goblins at once. The stupid ass is still carrying on like he didn’t notice he should be dead right now. I barely got it back up to save his life, while the others try to save him. Two more crossbow bolts zip through the air and wound two goblins.

Then the cat mage girl does some weird enchant and she’s got summoned throwing knives which she throws, three in a row and the two wounded goblins go down. Hmm, a spell like that might be pretty useful. I bet it’s good for mana conservation after you figure out the trick to it.

The two city guard trainees are running forward to help relieve the knight kid but it looks bad.

Gyle is still reloading, and so is the other dwarf.

“I got this!” Leif cried out.

But he clearly doesn’t have it. He’s just the same old ball hog he always is. And I realized that’s his personality. This is like when in junior high PE class and there’s a kid who manages to always get the ball but never shares, and never scores you any points. This guy’s a moron and he’s totally blind. He said that while he’s on his back with his shield barely keeping himself from being overwhelmed by like four at once, while the goblins stab at my shield buff again.

“Do you guys have adventurer’s life insurance enchants?” Rina asked curiously.

“What?” One of them is shocked we imply they might die.

Ahh…so they cut corners in more ways than one didn’t they?

The first rabbit beastkin chops off a goblin arm. It’s screaming like a girl. I hadn’t expected the nerdy little rabbitkin to be such red eyed go for blood type, but that’s how it is. The goblin went into shock and the rabbitkin is already stabbing it repeatedly without moving onto the next goblin.

Another time waster there…

Then right after that we three goblins in a row land savage blows on the shielding spell I’ve put up on Leif. It’s not collapsed but barely hanging by a thread.

“Asshole, pull back,” Rina ordered. It’s clear which one she’s calling an asshole but Leif hasn’t really caught onto that yet.

The other people in our new team look desperate and still don’t listen. These guys don’t know how to cooperate or take orders. They are a pain in the ass. They have no concept of team except follow Leif into shit holes.

We spent the next five minutes rebuffing shield magic on Leif to keep him from dying. I begin to wonder if it’s worth it. Maybe we’ll save more people by letting him die? And because of it the newcomers on our team take credit for all the kills, because I was forced onto pure defense and keeping them from an early grave.

Gyle and Rina look flabberghasted at this group’s vanity.

This is really a newb team.

We are never going to hunt with them again.

It’s kind of a slap in the face for them to think we didn’t do anything, because we had to save their buts and therefore not have a chance at offense.

“I can take them. We’re so good,” Leif has a smug look on his face while he says it. He has the classic look of an overconfident type that’s about to run into a death blow, but somehow he’s barely avoiding it.  I’ve never met anyone as annoying as this guy actually.

“I can’t believe people are like that. If I was ever a jerk like him, I’m sorry,” Rina whispered to me.

What this interesting. Somehow meeting this total dweeb and moron company has reshaped Rina to be a bit more elegant and well behaved. It’s an unexpected gain.

We spent the rest of the day trying to keep that smug little prick Leif from suicide by goblin. I would have let it happen by accident I assure you but Nayan kept begging me to save him and it was hard to look into those overly young puppy dog effect eyes.

I’ll hate myself later for this.

But I don’t let them go too far from the main road or the main gate to the dwarf fortress either. In theory there’s so many goblins out here we could literally sweep over the same half mile area over and over near the gate and still never run out of goblins.

Turns out I’m right.

But there were some complications.

Near the end we ran into one of the biggest groups of them that we’d ever found. There must be like close to twenty of them. We see them at almost the same time they saw us.

“Form a defensive line. Shieldbearers form a cover position,” I ordered. I’d been lucky that I barked it loud and before Leif could react so it worked.

The knight tried to counter my orders next. And he only knows one team strategy, even when it’s not right for that strategy; charge! At almost the same time the knight trainee orders them to attack. Now the group is confused but the knight trainees orders were stupid and would have killed someone, so I can’t just give in to let him kill the party.

Somehow at the last second Mad Dog Leif pulled back to stay with the group.

“Um, who do we follow?” I heard Rox and Sox asking each other.

“Defensive line! Now!” I ordered again this time more firmly.

That stupid knight trainee is going to get everyone killed, keeps going through my mind. I have to save them somehow. And I want this nightmare to end too because this is like a roller coaster from hell spending the day with this group. They must be desperate to hang with this guy.

I use a speed cast to unleash two volleys of magic missiles into the enemy. Four of my missiles kill two goblins, and then another goblin goes down after that.

Nayan is looking at me in shock, “you can pull out four missiles at once?!”

It hasn’t been long that I’d managed to learn doing a speed cast with this much effect to it.

She uses a similar spell as mine but it can only unleash one missile at a time, but huffing and looking dizzy with extreme exertion to get just that one missile out. She somehow killed one scrawny fellow that would probably be classified as a ‘drunk anklebiter rank 0+1’, and then Gyle killed one, and then I unleashed my barrier fence which the knight trainee crashed into from our side, and the goblins crashed into from the other.

Is one missile the norm then? They act like I’ve done something really big, but really this is just barely being able to keep the enemy back. I doubt I’m even up to par, unless this whole world is all weak guys.

“What the fuck?! What is that?!” Nayan is shocked again. She almost tripped. I guess she hasn’t really seen a good power spell like this one, though I’m feeling the regret of it in the physical recoil on my body.

“How do you know a spell like that?!” she said again.

“EH? What is that?” some of the new team members ask.

The goblins are shocked too. A lot of them had slammed into it like kids pushing their face against glass windows but with bloody noses.

“Just keep shooting stuff before it goes around the edges of the wall. It won’t be stop them but just buy time to pick them off,” Rina said. She also managed to rally the others into knowing what to do. And somehow she wounded three goblins with sling bullet attacks, though they aren’t dead and just seemed scratched up. Her aim is still pretty bad and the term ‘throws like a girl’ matches her perfectly. She’s still trying to do the best she can and is probably a little bit better than these newbies somehow if that’s possible.

Gyle uses throwing knives and finishes off one of the wounded goblins, missed with his second knife, and then wounds a third.

“Charge!” Leif the trainee shouts.

“No, don’t charge! You fucking moron!” I screamed.

I think one of the rabbitkin siblings wanted to stab him. “Not again,” one of those guys I don’t know very well groaned out.

“This is our end huh?” another said.

The others decide to follow me, but he did slow down their rate of fire because of them not knowing what to do.

Nayan hits another goblin with her summon knives spell. I think its one of her best moves. It uses very little mana, to summon temporary throwing knives but requires more skill and finesse with weapons than other spells might. It has me curious the differences between different mages too. But it’s a clever way of saving up mana.

She threw all three knives quickly. She missed with two of the throws but finished off a wounded goblin with the third throw. Rina and Gyle hit another two goblins each that die from range attacks.

I unleash two speed cast volleys of magic missiles and four more goblins die.

“Fuck. How did you do that?” Nayan asked again.

Again I ignored her.

“You really need to teach me that,” she said with wide eyes.

Crap. Too much attention; I’ll have to ditch her huh?

Our shield bearers have now crashed into the remaining goblins to intercept their blows. There aren’t many of them left but they can still be dangerous.

But then suddenly I heard a scream to my left.

No way!

A stealthier ogre has somehow made it behind us and has grabbed Rina. He’s dragging her off by her hair while she’s kicking and screaming.

A stream of cursing goes through our defense line.

“No!!!” I screamed.

I unleashed a stun ray that hits the ogre right between the eyes. Thank goodness I didn’t waste the stuns. It’s my life saver utility, so it can’t be wasted ever. The others are too scared to engage the ogre but I refuse to back off while it’s got Rina with its fist around her waist.

“No!” Rina is kicking and screaming but can’t get away.

I concentrate my power and to my astonishment, somehow I’ve pulled out Fox’s energy weapon through the aether into reality. I’m sure it’s because of our soul link ability. But theoretically I shouldn’t be able to access it.

The soul link must have a lot of cool secrets about it, yet to be discovered I think.

The thing is monstrously big and flaming like a giant five foot long energy torch of intense heat to the point of even myself almost dropping it from when the heat wave hit my face with heavy feeling; and to the appearance of others it almost looks like the handle is made out of fiery glass and the stuff a nightmare is made out of too, with a see through blade that’s a mix of dripping magma and fire, mixed with spark showers that coat the ground.

“What the fuck is that?!” Gyle almost dropped his weapon staring at it.

The others are staring at it too like I’d just popped out Excaliber, which it is not. But this makes Excalibur look like a toy. The problem is I can only keep it out for a few seconds.

Without waiting I snapped the sword down on the ogre’s arm holding Rina. Even though he fell to the ground because of the stun, he still didn’t release her hold on her long beautiful hair. He wanted her badly and even while I gouged a chunk out of his arm his greed reflex is still kicking strong.

Wow, he endured that?!

I swing again.

The ogre is already screaming when my first blow chews through his arm a second time. Its burning up his flesh like a mix of both acid and burning him alive. But he can’t get away. My third blow almost goes through the tissue and bone on the other side but he somehow still has hold on Rina to try to pull her away.

Finally my fourth blow not only finishes cutting through his arm but now through his body I’ve just burned through like six ribs on the other side and he’s now getting ready to fall but in shock so badly he can’t even do that properly. The energy sword is impaled into his ribs while I pull Rina away and somehow I avoided burning her but it was tricky. Without a stun that move would have been impossible.

“Careful Shun. If you burn up his head we can’t get the bounty,” Gyle warned me.

I kept slashing over and over and over into the ogre’s chest, avoiding the head entirely. I think the stun was wearing off but this guy was too half dead to do much after that.

When I look up the other team members are staring at me like I’m a serial killer.


“Did you see that?”

“Hell’s fury…” the rabbitkins are especially frightened and have even dropped their weapons.

“What the fuck is that?!” Nayan said in shock. She’s staring at my energy weapon.

I better put it away. I swear just using this thing for about ten seconds depleted my mana by like forty percent of my normal total amount. I’m also breathing pretty hard now and need to sit down and rest a bit before we can get moving again.

Fox won’t be happy about this. I technically didn’t have permission to use that. And I’m sure Fox is feeling the recoil too. But I’m partly excited that the soullink let me pull that out without her being able to block it.

I whispered a command and the weapon evaporates with starry light particles evaporating all over into the air. Instantly the heavy feeling in my hands and the heat are gone so fast there’s like a rush of cold air in their place from thermal transfer.

“That’s…pretty,” the alchemist girl said. She’s staring at me now too.

“Sweet, I totally am going to cache in that head for the bounty,” Leif the trainee makes a move forward to steal my ogre head.

“Not so fast, that belongs to Shun. Bounties are allowed to go to solo adventurer’s not teams,” Gyle warned him.

He didn’t listen, so Rina kicked him in the nuts and then pushed him over onto to fall on his ass while I put the Ogre head in my inventory box. Huh? I didn’t know she could pull a move off like that and her coordination has improved quite a bit. I thought she was lacking in some areas, but maybe this is her time to shine?

It’s a risk and I don’t like the other team members seeing and knowing that I have magic inventory slots set up…but if I don’t that prick knight trainee will steal my gold from this. I have no choice, but it probably looks like I’m totally showing off.

“So are you like mentoring magic to anyone?” Nayan asked. She gives me a pleading half smile.

I try to buy time by ignoring her a few seconds.

“Sorry I’m still in training. I have a master too actually,” I said, without having to lie. I still had things to learn from Fox.

She frowned and looks disgusted at me. I guess someone would take it pretty hard if they ran into some badass mage and it was the only chance at having a successful mentor and then suddenly you get shot down huh?

From what I can see in other mages so far, about the only one that could ever even come close to me in power is Cassius. And he can’t just toss out magic like it’s sparkler heaven. And if most mages are like Nayan I could probably take a whole team of them now and still win. The magic of this world, I think has been depleted and suffered a lot from ignorance and lack of pooling knowledge and proper training techniques.

I feel pity for Nayan but she is jailbait…

I dodged her second attempt to plead her case and avoided it. I don’t need a ton of followers that I don’t know if I can trust yet and this party is seriously jinxed bad. I need to get away while I still can. This Leif dude is enough to make you tear your hair out. If taking on Nayan means he’ll be around, hell I might as well kill myself it’s that annoying.

We continue to try to scourge the woods of more goblins. By the end of the night we’ve killed about eight four of them. The worst part was cutting off all the ears so we had proof of kills for the quest chit and turning in the reward.

When we get back Leif brags that we don’t have any casualties and he takes credit for it. He also keeps whining that I won’t share the ogre head with them, but Gyle points out that was a legit self solo claim, I do agree to share the money from selling the steel dagger the ogre had. It seems silly that the ogre would use a dagger though, when it could use like a big ass tree instead, but maybe it was because he had ‘tried’ to be a stealthier that nabs women from behind on the back row of whoever they attack. Leif’s team is afraid to even say anything. The whole fight, not one of them was wounded and they are surprised beyond words that no one is scratched up even.

“I can’t believe we don’t even have a scratch,” Sox exclaimed as we trudge back to sell off the loot. Some of them are glancing at me. Even Gyle has a hard time not falling into their hero worship attitude.

“I know right? That’s never happened before,” Rox answered.

Nayan is giving me odd looks. It looks like she wants to talk. She looks very bitter in the face and pouty though. I thought I also heard her muttering something like, “…stupid jerk…” under her breath while she kicked at rocks while we’re walking back down the road.

Their party sounds a bit pitiful if they expected to be all tore up at the end. I kind of have to toughen my inner will to avoid pitying them too much.

I’m curious if I can get Nayan to show me where mages get stuff to buy? How and where did she go to buy mage spells and stuff?

We’re a bit downhearted that there isn’t much in the way of loot from the goblins. Hell these guys probably sleep in back alleys most the time because they are new at this and don’t ever make that much, I find out. When they do finally get a haul that’s worth anything they can sometimes stay in hovels in the foreign quarter.

I sort of pity them, but not that much that I’d want Leif following me around.

And I can’t stay around them too long or my pheromones will fuck up the two women in their group. People will notice that sort of thing if they have external contacts that aren’t under my control. And they aren’t actually very nice looking women and I want permanent relationships, not one night stands either. I also have a responsibility of trying to keep what women I do have somewhat normal too and not acting like addicts. So if I do anything with this group again it may become too complicated. Not to mention it looked like Nayan was way under age and I won’t allow for that.

The rabbit beastkin girl I think has fleas too because she was always scratching herself, plus she has a face like a half starved mule. Is that from living in those filthy hovels in the foreign quarter? I don’t really go for the whole buck teeth look either.

Gyle and the dwarven alchemist Norin go together to turn in the loot. The good part of this was we got 40 silver of the steel dagger alone because it was a beautiful piece and nicely made; obviously taken from murdering some poor farmer out in the wild lands. But split between eight people that won’t go very far.

But because martial law is in place the war bounty rate applies to the goblin skulls. They aren’t close to the 2 silver we’d gotten from the orc skulls previously. People know in a national emergency they also have to give something for them but not be greedy about it. And orcs are considered a tougher kill than goblins as well.

We only get a standard 1 silver per head. That comes to 84 goblin skulls times by 1 silver each equals 84 silver plus 40 silver from the steel dagger. (The other weapons were useless bone and wood trash that has no resale value in a dwarven city.) The new total is 124 silver divided by 8, oh wait I’m the only one with an adventuring license which means I also get the premium rate which is in effect counting as if I’m two people and so I have to divide by nine, which equals 13 silver 77 copper each, except I get double that with 27 silver 54 copper, plus Rina’s share of 13 silver 77 copper as well while the others get hardly nothing.

Well even if you pity them 13 silver is like 2 weeks free room and board at the inn. It’s a good share. They got way overpaid if you ask me for not doing that much work.

They better not complain or…

The other team members give me forlorn and pitiful looks when I got 3 gold 50 silver for the ogre’s head. Normally ogres give you 3 gold each, but the martial law / war rate gives a bonus 50 silver to somehow give incentive to further crush their spirits. This guy was also a named bounty too and they are excited to have his head sent to a taxidermist for the dwarven government.


I guess dwarves like to use ogre heads for taxidermy…though I’m not going to ask why. I mean taxidermy itself is pretty normal, but I hadn’t expected this world to go for taxidermy of goblins and named villain bosses but it really happens. The town city hall is apparently full of such things when you come in an inside roofed courtyard.

I might make a business out of this.

Ogres kills are making me rich! And I’d learned to handle it better this time, so I feel I’m making progress in reaction and speed too.

Still pretty dangerous though, I shouldn’t have money as a higher priority over saving people. The fact that two of them have tried to grab my women in a short time still scares the fuck out of me.

That comes to 41 silver 31 copper + 3 gold 50 silver for a subtotal of 3 gold 91 silver 31 copper.

My new total gold comes to 150 gold 35 silver 17 copper + 3 gold 91 silver 31 copper = 154 gold 26 silver 48 copper

Come to think of it…I didn’t get a chance to check for what money those hobgoblin casters had last night. I better ask Sunghee, she’d probably know already. But I don’t need to worry about that now.

The others give me weird looks, but Gyle doesn’t care. He’s the only one not looking at me suspiciously for some reason. I guess he’s just accepted that I’m a badass and he isn’t.

“Hey why are you giving him your share?” Leif asked Rina pointedly. He has been staring at Rina this whole time anyway because she’s hot and better looking than probably most the girls in this town. He’d probably wanted to ask her out when it was time for the group to split up, but never got a chance because Rina didn’t leave my side. Because of his leering, he had his jealousy switch flip when he saw her giving me her share of the money.

Nosy bastards aren’t they? I’m especially annoyed with Leif.

The others see Rina giving me all her money too, but they might not have noticed if he hadn’t said anything. With the pheromone compulsion she doesn’t want money, she just wants me period.

“That’s none of your business,” I said.

“Yeah, we’re a couple. I can have hubby hold my funds for me. Its fine,” Rina added.

“You…aren’t stealing from her are you?” Rox asked with suspicion. Rabbitkins are suspicious of everyone though, so this is no big deal; I found out later from Gyle.

Are they for real? Everyone else does this too. This is a medieval world for cripes sakes. I’ve seen others do this a dozen times.

What a bunch of ingrates.

“None of your business,” Gyle reminded them. He sighed.

Leif looks like he’s going to challenge me to a duel. I can see it in his eyes. “What gives you the right to do that?”

Before I can say anything Rina is already acting very calm and educated explaining the simple truth, “gentlemen and ladies, you don’t need to worry about me. You see I’m Shun’s fuck toy. I want to give it to him. And I’ll always give him my shares and so will the other girls with us. And I’ll always be Shun’s fuck toy and that’s what I want out of life and my purpose of existence. And after we go back to our room, we’ll go fuck some more and do so until we collapse. And we’ll do it all night while you losers fight among yourselves. Infighting and disunity never wins,” she said winking at them to piss them off while Gyle and I had our mouths hanging open in shock.

“I can’t believe she said that,” Gyle said.

Damn it.

Why does she always do something weird and embarrassing.

I seriously am going to have to spank her like crazy.

The other team is too shocked to even react.

“I-I know right? I can’t believe she said that either,” I said.

A whole bunch of people are staring at me now.

“Um, let’s leave quickly,” I said while Nayan is giving me a forlorn and defeated look while sizing up Rina.

“Uh…oops. Sorry about that,” Rina tried to apologize while being embarrassed.

Now Leif is even more jealous.

“Please Shun…I’ll give you my life savings if you can teach me how to score women like that,” Gyle is on his hands and knees while crying.

Just now Gyle made it worse.

What an idiot. Can’t he read the mood?

“G-get up jeez. You’re making a scene,” I hissed at both of them.

“What its true,” Rina gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek. “Can we go home now?” she asked pointedly.

“You have to have some common sense girl. You can’t be telling people about our private life! And don’t be loud about it either,” I exclaimed.

Gyle is still shaking his head.

Leif’s team members are openly aghast and still recovering from shock.

Yeah, now is a good time to ditch them.

The last thing we saw of them is money changing hands between the two rabbitkins. We found out later it was from them doing bets with each other on if Leif is going to die that day or not.



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