Dreamweaver Chapter 153




As soon as I shut the door I find it’s totally dark in the room.

Thankfully we finally got some rest after the whole mess with the dwarven city invasion, arriving at our roam to groan from lactic acid build up, sore muscles and feet, and collapse onto the beds almost before we could wipe the grit of our clothes and body. That’s where the adventurer job’s cleanup spell came in handy from Sunghee.

Guards are trying to calm people down finally outside our room and outside the inn with a lot of panicked people still in the street so unlike other nights we keep our window shut, but everyone is staying armed now and alert so we can live with letting them tough it out while we catch a few Zs.

With the fighting spirit raised the city is starting to gain order again. The city is trying to pull itself out of the ashes, even literally in some places. If this were a non-magic world and if I were a non-magic class I would probably do like police and firefighters and go without sleep for three days to help them but the recent meeting with Cassius also showed me that’s not possible for mages. If we don’t’ rest our mana core gets fucked up badly.

And it’s not easy, requiring a lot of volunteer work, just to get rid of the ruined furniture, buildings, smoky ruins, and destroyed messes of walls, shops, and businesses. Those are things others can do. And the sooner we rest the sooner we can help fight goblins again. Fighting goblins on 2 days with no sleep just doesn’t work anyway.

We’d been worried they might try to kick us out of the adventurer’s inn because so many people are looking for replacement housing now that the whole east side of town has virtually caved in. It wouldn’t be hard for someone to get bribed to leave, or even just bribe the inn official to tell someone to leave to give up their room. People don’t think about the fact that their rights and freedoms exist based on if an official or person in charge refuses to cater to inequality, and shifts in power away from normal people, or schemes that come at the expense of the poor or middle class.

They resorted to setting up cots even, in the inn courtyard area that’s outside, but still within the confines of the inn’s tall property line fences. They also put guards up but the whole courtyard is filled almost like a church yard would like on worship days. The inn staff are a bit gruff and having to run around all over the place; while they didn’t kick us out we had to listen to the innkeeper wine to everyone about how soon they could give some space to others.

So here we are the day after we cleaned out the west side of town.

The guards have contained the goblins on the east side and it seems that they can’t get reinforcements in or out still but there are a lot of them on that side. The containment exercise by the dwarven army is massively huge and a feat of dramatic social and military engineering with a mix of both golems, portable partitions and barriers, and heavy artillery mage coordination using practical might and intel that is impressive and shows why dwarves have survived this world when other creatures are currently on the down spin.

Thus far, we’ve kept our room but I’ve been zealous making sure the inn employees know we’re still on a long term stay that had already been arranged. I was right to remind them that. I can see the stress of their trying to cater to too many people and not enough infrastructures.  

We decided we’d sleep in and rest a bit, though I had met up with Cassius below for a treatment on his mana core similar to how I treat Rina’s health. It was rough enough yesterday that the rest is badly needed. I spent a lot of time treating Cassius’ mana core but he will likely need a few future treatments still, though he can feel some improvement.

I was trying to take a nap. I was tired. But my ‘minions’ won’t let me. Before I can do anything a passionate kiss is assaulting me from in front. I feel fingers over my pants and then slender fingers opening them followed by my shirt being ripped off.

It’s fun when they take initiative, but it when you are tired sex isn’t as much fun. Its pitch black and so I can’t tell…which one it is. I’m sure it’s either Rina or Sunghee, but which?

“Lay down. It’ll be my treat master. Jeez what’s with your shirt buttons? I can’t get them undone fast enough and I need to hurry and have my turn before Sunghee wakes up,” she said.

Yep, its Rina.

I laid down on the mattress. I can hear heavy breathing next to us Rina is going to fight the ‘other’ battle for her. Yeah…Sunghee is still asleep. I can vaguely see an outline near us on the bed and hear her. . I guess Sunghee had used more energy fighting goblins so that explains it.

“My gosh this thing is so big!” Rina exclaimed. She briefly sucked on it a few times and it’s a miracle it fits in her mouth. She loves the flavor it has but she’s in hardcore mode. She was naked even before she even woke me up. Lately she’s been kind of a sex addict.

“Shun, give it to me quick please!” she said with a husky voice.

I groaned while she’s already trying to rub up against me.

As my eyes adjust to the light, I can vaguely make out her shape while she’s feverishly bobbing up and down on it in an intense blowjob. But then she stops to take a look.

“Wow, Shun. This is like…I can have both my hands completely above each other around it and they still won’t cover the tip because you’ve gotten so big! It shouldn’t even fit in my mouth but it does? How is that possible?” Rina exclaimed. She keeps slurping.

That must be demon magic too.

“You think so?” I said.

“Yeah…this is …wow like about ten, no wait at least 11 inches?! Incredible! I can only get the tip in my mouth, but nothing else. Gosh this thing could kill someone from choking,” she gasped.

Both of us laughed.

“That’s not possible. Ten inches isn’t possible without surgical treatments. You must have made a mistake,” I said.

“Well…I wondered… because… I know how… big my hands are…you are definitely about ten inches, Shun. I’m going to like trying to use this to have you use this to split me in half,” Rina said while slurping at it. She keeps rocking forward and bag with her head.

“That’s not rational,” I retorted but she laughed.

“That’s…what you think…I….shlurp*…can’t get enough….shlurp*,” she gasped out.

“Is saying split you in half even real? I don’t think girls really say that do they?” I teased.

“They do when they…shlurp* love this thing and can’t get enough of it. Plus not having to worry about pregnancy helps a bit,” she winked.

“So we’re at the fun part?”

“Not quite. I think you are supposed to punish me. Aren’t I a bad girl?” she seductively teased while slinking down on me for more sucking power.

“Th-that’s true huh? I like your bad girl mode the best,” I said letting her work.

“Yes…and I should always be your very, very bad, naughty girl. I’m twice as naughty as the other girls. Shlurpppp*,” came her reply.

“You need to take your punishment Rina for all the bad things you did. What’s your punishment?” I asked her.

“I need you inside me now! Stop teasing me and just get to work on your sex slave!” she said with a crazed look on her face. She looked impatient and had suddenly lost it.

“But we haven’t decided what you are being punished for,” I teased back at her.

“Oh…you’ll think…of something…Gosh…Shun…I’m …ahhh….mmm…such a naughty girl,” she moaned while slurping at it.

I rolled my tired neck back and forth. I kind of want to rest…

“I’ve always been a bad girl…now I’m your… bad girl. Don’t torment…. me anymore,” she said while still holding it and with slurping pauses.

“So you think you belong to me now?” I asked.

I’m surprised it’s like this.

“Hell yes…more than all the others together, I’m your fuck slave forever. Anytime day or night, even if it’s when I’m….ahh…..sleeepin’ …errp…Oh wow this is nice. I’m starting to feel all tingly again,” she is now rubbing me against her slit and I can feel the sticky wetness there.

“Oohh not so fast. Slow down. We have a lot of time, don’t rush it!” I said.

“I…ah….I….can’t….I have to….ahhh that’s good. Shun…get it….in me. Ahhh…That’s right fuck your naughty princess.” She moaned.

I hope it will still fit in her. Last time I’d used some of Asakura’s milk to help with the size difference and reduce friction to get it in and she was a bit too tight. Actually she’s still too tight and too impatient but she’s like going so wild I can’t get her to slow down. Rina, who now looks like Asakura somehow forced it in, straddling me but she has to groan a bit as she goes inch by inch while gasping in pain yet still with fixated determination. The heat and warmth I feel inside her are heavenly.

“Ohhh lover…please….ahhhh that’s sooo good,” she said.

“I don’t get it. Why is it so good? I’m not so special,” I argued back.

“I don’t know…why…aahhh help me get….it in….It’s….too …shallowwWW! ERRPP! Ahhh….not sure why…but you …make us crazy…eeeepp*. In the baths Asakura told me that too. Even though she’s so quiet and disciplined she’s hiding that she feels it the most,” she gasped. She then grunted as she’s trying to wedge that bloated thing inside of her while her eyes do weird things.

It takes her a minute to work it up and down. Soon she finally gives me a nod to go ahead and that it’s safe to continue.

Eh? No way!

In no time at all she’s pistoning up and down crazily as she’s flooding fluid from her slit. I couldn’t stop her if I tried. And I had no idea about this until now. I hadn’t exactly kept track but for some reason Rina is the one that gushes the most liquid in sex. She’s also more of a squirter than Asakura, who squirts the second most, not counting lactation discharge. Asakura still has the lead in lactation discharge since she’s the only one lactating.

And if somehow on queue Sunghee wakes up at exactly the right time to figure out what’s going on. While she is rubbing sleep from her eyes Rina is getting a bit too loud with her moaning. Especially with incubus’ or others; moaning girls are real by the way, it really does happen. It’s like Rina is also trying to make up for all the past times when I’d been pushing her away too.

Rina has been behaving better lately. I guess she just needed to get laid and release all the pressure. She also would probably have been a yandere if I’d gotten involved with her any sooner than I did. Her being forced to beg to be accepted and resort to the method she did made her humbler and give up on yandere traits through having to earn it. The perception of her is changing now that she’s being more obedient. Plus it’s weird that she’s now giving me the image of an older sister instead of a younger immature sister. And now with her in Asakura’s body, she’s no longer blood related to me. I don’t know why but the older sister persona she’s really been taking seriously and wants to emulate now that she still has to deal with keeping the shape and looks of Asakura.

But she’s still a bit bat shit crazy but that instead gets focused into reckless wild sex. While bouncing up and down, I had to have Sunghee behind her holding her mouth shut so she won’t attract attention from the neighbor rooms near us. And Rina is in like a freaking trance at the same time.

“Yes! Like that!” Rina said with a screwed up face.

“Ouch! She bit me!” Sunghee exclaimed.

“Rina…if you bite I’ll make you skip your turn,” I said.

“S-s-s-orrry! SoRRY! Errp…..sorrry! ACCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!” Rina said while grinding.

But now Sunghee is just rubbing her boobs up and down Rina’s back the whole time and getting fired up on her own. At first that’s not what she had in mind, but then when she had trouble restraining Rina it sort of developed from there.

“We need a vacation today Shun. And this is totally hot with both of us here. She has a nice figure too. Today’s as good as any,” Sunghee shrugged. Sunghee can be a bit weird too I guess. Sunghee’s eyes are staring at me with a look that says she could get angry if I say no.

Well technically Sunghee did have a recent trauma that needs attention huh?

Now she’s twisting her nipples while making me look at her tits while trying to stretch them out.

“Careful, don’t damage those. They are already long enough,” I said.

Sunghee laughed. “Maybe if you were screwing me instead of her, I won’t. If I don’t get my turn, then there’s no promises.”

“Fuck yeah; this is the only vacation I need. I just needed to be accepted as Shun’s cock whore like three years ago,” Rina moaned.

“Three years ago? Wow, you’ve got it bad,” Sunghee giggled while teasing her nipples and Rina’s.

“I thought you were covering her mouth,” I said to Sunghee.

“It’s harder than it looks. She won’t sit still, such a greedy little piglet isn’t she?” Sunghee growled.

RIna is moaning non-stop and crying. She didn’t even notice Sunghee was taunting her.

“I was…but…I’ve got this itch and my clitoris is like burning. I need to itch it badly,” Sunghee said. Sunghee is fingering herself and rubbing her clit pretty hard. I’m worried she’ll damage it actually, and I can’t have that.

“OK, you’ll get a turn too. Switch places,” I said.

“What? No! It’s my turn! I…need this…now!” Rina whined without stopping.

“You heard me. We switch every five minutes. And you’ve already got like ten minutes so you’ve had more than your share,” I commanded.

“You heard him. Get off,” Sunghee pushed Rina out of the way a little bit too roughly from being anxious for her turn. Because Rina had been in like half trance madness she fell over onto the bed after I was pushed out of her.

“OH Wow! It feels so tight and big!” Sunghee said while trying to ease herself onto it slowly.


“Yeah it’s definitely grown. You could injure us if you aren’t careful so let us take charge OK? Otherwise I’m worried you’ll puncture through me,” Sunghee gasped while trying to inch more of me inside her carefully. Even with a lot of sex jelly still on my tool she’s having a hard time easing herself onto it slowly but surely. She works it a bit at a time continuing as she goes.

When she gets like three quarters of the way suddenly she spasms like crazy. Then she fell forward against me without recovering in time from her orgasmic spasm. Her boobs slap against my chest heavily.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“Oh wow, that was good. I wish I could orgasm like that non-stop,” Sunghee said.

Then she began doing heavy but slow grinding against me too. She isn’t as reckless as Rina though and is afraid of her vagina tearing a hole into itself.

Then suddenly Sunghee starts crying. “Shun….I love….you! I love your cock! I love this!” she bawled.

Today’s going to be fun.

I did my part later on in the day after our break.

We can let the dwarves take over while we rest. Hell when was our last vacation anyway? It’s fun to see both Sunghee and Rina with no clothes on and they both have nicely tanned skin that’s just right. It’s also helped me to accept Rina a lot more than I’d like to admit with her now having Asakura’s appearance. I would have had a hard time doing so otherwise and there wouldn’t have been any other method for her to have a husband since only I could treat her medical condition. But I’m worried about long term how that might affect my relationship with the real Asakura who now looks so much like Rina. I did feel closer to her than any of the others, and she does like being able to look the same age as me so she won’t let me change it.

That’s like one of the few things she’s done perfectly that I couldn’t have done better this whole trip.

We had sex non-stop for five hours thanks to the demon pheromones altering my staying power but the inn staff are going to hate us for wrecking the bed, tearing the sheets, and making it so dirty and drenched with cum everywhere. More than once we heard someone knocking from the front door and shouting to keep it down in there. It’s a good thing dwarven inns have lockable doors. But then we finally had to stop because the girls were fighting over my cum again.

Both of them are laughing madly while on all fours facing me while fighting for turns to sick more cum out.

Oh shit. They’ll probably charge us a noise pollution fee won’t they?

Damn it.

Well we do have some errands to do too that I remembered. But it will take a long time to clean up. I think I should get a few other supplies and look around town.

At some point we managed to leave the Inn though the Inn employees stare at us a lot.

We then find out the dwarves have price lock downs when a town wide emergency hits so that black marketers and exploiters can’t steal and take advantage of the desperate. But because it’s like that most stores that have supplies have lines going down the block if its anything related to survival, food, or weaponry. And some places have run out of some things.

Anything like bread or grain has all been taken for stockpiling with everything locked down, despite attempts of city guard to prevent hoarding and black market exchange. Other things are going fast too.

“I don’t like it Shun. Will be able to get food later this week?” Sunghee asked.

“We have the summoned box, we’ll be OK,” I replied.

But then I frowned. It’s more fun seeing her without clothes. Oops, that’s the demon genes influence huh? I have to fight it.

“Good,” she said after that.

We managed to get into Gyle’s family’s practice range.

I force the girls to work on range practice, including dagger throwing, slings and throwing sling bullets, and we work on blocking and defending martial attacks for hours.

Is this going to be enough?

I worry that Rina doesn’t have enough survival and endurance ability. I’m even considering using some of my monster cores to try to ‘upgrade her’. I wouldn’t do that if she wasn’t part of the harem, but she’s forced her way into it so there’s no way of ditching her without her going permanently insane. Still, she’s beautiful, even before the switch so I guess I can’t complain.

We don’t see Gyle or Svinn today. Both of them have their hands full and are worried about kinfolk. That’s dwarves for you, they worry about their clan first and business relationships come secondary.

I felt bad about needing the rest but I found out Cassius needs today off too. There’s some weird thing with statuses when you release too much mana, if your mana pool is really large, that even if it wasn’t all of your mana the next day you can feel pretty crappy like you are getting sick and that’s what it feels like for me too.

“Shun. Please we’re suffering. We need to go back to the inn,” Rina pleaded desperately after we had lunch.

Sunghee laughed almost scoffing her but stopped in time. I think she’s partly tempted to go back too.

“What? You aren’t suffering,” I cried out.

“Please take us back to the room. We want to fuck some more,” Sunghee said while blushing. RIna is in on it too and also getting enthusiastic when she hears it. I had to swat Rina’s hands away from my hip so Gyle’s family members don’t’ see it while they chaperone the practice range area of their property. This is a family business and I’m not an exhibitionist.

They are both clearly sex addicts now. Well I guess that’s not a bad thing as long as it’s only with me and their lives don’t get flushed down the toilet. So far they are both just a bit playful and nothing more serious than that so it should be OK.

But is putting these two in the same team is a mistake? But Fox is just as bad. They’re all crazy now and that doesn’t help because I need someone with discipline helping me restrain myself too.

I always catch Rina staring at me. Sometimes Sunghee does too.

We went back to the room pretty early. One day off doesn’t hurt right? Plus it’ll give the dwarves a chance to cleanup the town. And the military will hand taking out the rest of the goblins we are told.

While Sunghee and Rina are fucking me I’m trying to research spells while looking at the ceiling and thinking about it. I can let Sunghee and Rina do ‘that’ work, while I’m reviewing spell symbols and trying to boost my brain power like a real demonic prince would. I have more control and I’m trying to memorize the Egyptian symbols so it’s less dangerous now than before to experiment.  

Soon I believe I’ll have the key to unlocking ways of doing jewelry buffs like for earrings, or necklaces, and possibly bracelets. It might take some time though.

Rina is so crazy with sex that I kept losing my place while I go over the research. And they are both enthusiastic enough they don’t really care that I’m multitasking at the same time since they are like kids locked in a candy store.

Well…it has been awhile since we cut loose like this. And they did need a reward for saving the dwarven fortress with me…




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