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Dream State





Hmm that’s funny…this dream state thing is slowly been shaping and growing differently than before. Right now I’m trying to study it to figure it out. I swear it feels weird when I’m transported in here, or traveled here? What’s the right word for it?

As I look for changes I can see them, however subtle they seem. There’s now a tunnel connecting the arena area to the orc training room with plain wooden oak door at each doorway. And then there’s another tunnel leading off the opposite end of the orc training room into a hall that has the cells containing almost cubicle like cells where each other the girls have their own rooms. The orc training room stone doesn’t look as ugly as before and doesn’t look like as much in ruin as when I first came here but the changes have been so subtle I hadn’t had a chance to look at it to identify it till now.

Does that represent also the growth of my total mana and magic power?

I’ve often wondered what this dream state thing is too.

Is this inside my mind? Or part of my soul? Or a dimensional pocket?

Wait no….

I think it’s like inside my head partly, but also a real place. Or rather maybe my head is connected to it?

No maybe that’s not right either…

It is a real place. I’m sure of it. And I can’t be inside my mind because you can’t put a copy of same matter inside another piece of matter.

But where are we exactly?

A dimensional pocket seems to be the most logical conclusion with some type of spirit conveyance through my mind and mana core. Who knows maybe it’s inside my mana core?

So I’m trying to figure out what exactly I’m dealing with while intricately studying each room and hall.

It’s kind of interesting in way.

The doors between the different areas around me and within the dream state weren’t like normal physics either. It was at first a kind of door like into a sub-dimension with all of the other little dimensions linked together, yet seemingly more durable in a way. If I were to take my axe and start bashing on it, it probably wouldn’t even get scratched because of this place being made of some strange dream voodoo and mana stuff. Over time the transition magic of going through each doorway slowly became easier and less of a feel like spilling gravity and space time and more like the feel of moving from room to room in a house but there are small differences. Now still further there’s still a definite feel of some of the doorways actually having a closeable seal, even though it’s an almost intangible difference between the areas that don’t have the seals, which represent special places.

Like the girls’ bedrooms have a very noticeable seal on them both in front of the door and the door itself with different warning labels of carved runes and drawings around the doorways. There are warnings in Egyptian around any kind of sealed door that look very sinister and troublesome. The doors over the bedrooms have changed now too.

For example I can see through what looks like one of those doors in police stations or jails with a small glass window with wiring embedded within at the top middle part of the door. Now it lets me see in each bedroom to see the girls in stasis.

I don’t see anything new as far as new areas to explore that weren’t there before but I wonder if they could show up. Theoretically if I used monster cores to ‘buy’ another unlock of slave crystals there would then be a new bedroom show up in the dimensional pocket.

I check on each of them.

Sunghee’s room is empty because she’s in reality, but Asakura’s has her asleep in her bed lying flat and still in stasis while looking peaceful. Fox’s is the same way, also asleep and peaceful looking.

I haven’t woken them up yet, so that’s why they are sleeping currently. I will wake them soon enough but I’ve wanted to figure out more about this place without getting distracted yet.

I walked down the corridor a bit further.

Huh that’s interesting. I almost missed to that the floor is also like a shiny marble now outside the arena and the training room. It’s also very clean. Is that because my willpower and discipline have hardened? And do the arena and training ground area in the dimensional pocket represent my trying to become stronger?

If it’s based on what’s in my mind then wouldn’t a library show up too? Or do I have to build that?

I paused at Haruka’s…I can’t see in the window pain and it’s blackened out. There’s a feeling of darkness there and something like a presence guarding it as well as like what feels like a magnetic field that pushes me away from her door. I don’t dare touch it or try to force my way in. I’m sure it, the demon box, would see that as me challenging it and trouble would ensue. I think the box needs me to win that back before I can open it. Or I could just open it with monster cores but that’s not the point.

Plus I have Haruka’s slave crystal but do I actually have a relationship?

I don’t think so.

And that’s part of probably why it’s like that. I do have an awareness with Ayumi of who we each other from her being a student teacher but not much more than that. So how will that work anyway? I won’t have an instant ally will I? I could probably order her around because she’s in a slave crystal, but…I’m not sure. It was different with everyone else before this. So I’m having trouble wrapping my head around it.

Ayumi’s room is the next one. I can see in it where she’s sleeping, probably because I’d already unlocked it but just have to figure out how to wake her without sending her poisoned state out of control. This is also evidence of progress and work. It didn’t show me a room for her before today. I had an idea that I had her crystal and that it was unlocked but I wasn’t able to do anything about it or see it as if it were a room.

This is one of my concerns at the front of my mind. If I wait too long to get her out she’ll feel like her life is gone; like she was left behind.  

But I can see she’s got what looks almost like spider like mana veins all over her body. They look sick looking and it’s like an out of control infection rather than anything else. She’s naked on the bed in status much like how a body would rest in a coffin but on a clean bed with clean white bed sheets and a white pillow but no covers. Even now while sitting there I can feel the dark poison miasma field around her and centered on her, though I’m not sure where it came from.

I need to do something about that…

 If she weren’t filled with putrid vile infection I would have thought she was the most beautiful of all the girls I’ve rescued so far, partly from the Eurasian heritage she has of being a mixed European and Japanese together. Well…actually it’s kind of close between her and Asakura.

Thankfully the stasis is in place. I want to rescue her but I need to make sure that I’m ready for this. If I try to open the door the stasis field will unlock. I can’t let that happen yet. There are still things I need to work this out. I need to figure out a buff for cure poison/ cure disease and put it on clothing some way or …would it work with rings? If I can put a buff on clothes, then I could put a buff on rings too.

But my buffs on clothes I’ve found to last less than a day. So every time I’d try to purify her I’d need for Fox to help me and concentrate our power in pulling out the miasma and figuring out most of all what it’s doing to her.

My power is finally grown big enough I think I may be able to do this very soon.

I go to Fox first.

It takes some time because she’s so damn aggressive sexually now. After two hours of non-stop sex I finally got her to listen to me. Even then she’s acting wild and feral. She doesn’t like wearing clothes either, while trying to tempt me into further sexual furor.

“Fox, teach me more about this…dream state. What is it exactly?” I asked.

She won’t let me up but at least she’s being careful to not crush me. I managed to get her to come around by lightly tapping her on the cheek…not the face cheek. Then I grabbed her tail while she’s stretching after a few minutes of repeated cajoling to talk to me.

“So you want to ask what a dream state actually is?” she confirmed.

“Yes. I’ve had questions about it. Like, it’s hard for me to accept without researching it further. It does work but there’s so much I don’t have answers for. I don’t think we’re entirely in a dream and it’s been bothering me but I’m not even sure what I should be asking to figure it out.”

“Good. That’s a good start,” she nodded while her long fingernails rove over my body feeling me. She’s also giving me a blow job to try to get me excited again. But I won’t let her go any further than now. I need her awake and focused. This is needed information. But I can’t get her talkative without a little bit of carrot and stick type of luring either. So I’m forced to let her play with me, as she’s obsessed with blow jobs now.

“Focus,” I snapped my fingers.

Her tails are wagging like a puppy’s, despite her sucking on my tool endlessly between breaths and talking. “Shun. What you need to understand is this isn’t exactly the same as a dream. You are also in a pocket dimension. And it has limits.” There are more sucking sounds right after, and between each sentence with mild quick pauses.

“So limits mean it has limited power right or did you mean a limited amount of space?” I asked.

“Not exactly. Yes it’s more limited in terms of what it can keep out. Does that disappoint you?” she asked playfully.

Weird, it’s almost like her whole personality got changed into something sneaky and seductive. Every minute she’s like this now. She has an eerie wild look to her eyes too. She almost looks like she has bloodshot eyes in a way.

“Not exactly, but I want to be stronger,” I reaffirmed.

“OK, for starters you need to think about why it’s lower in screening to fence out things that you don’t want in here. It’s more confining why?” she asked.

“That’s what I want to know. How is this good if it’s confining?” I shot back.

“It’s not about creating a cage, but rather protection Shun. You need protection to shield your pocket reality from all the different doors to other dimensions out there. Each of them is tied to other life forces and worlds and they can connect sometimes in ways that aren’t always beneficial. It can be harmful if you were to found by someone else who has a pocket like yours. They could try to take over and eat your dream pocket to expand your own. This is an interesting field of magic really. Theoretically all the different doors of dimensions to all kinds of worlds exist and are all in this field called ‘aether’ from which the mana is flowing to and from and around each world constantly,” she explained.

“That’s deep,” I said.

“It is. And I only know this because my mother and grandmother investigated it often and a lot. They spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. The argument was…if we understand the flow into and out of this world with aether, and mana which is carried in the aether, then we could become stronger by having more access to the aether and mana from being able to manipulate its flow better because of knowing how it flows. And theoretically we might be able to figure out a way to interact mana and aether from our world with others,” she said in between slurps.

Eh? Really?

I’m not sure I want to go home. And I don’t want Asakura, Rina, or sunghee to want to go home and leave me here either. It wouldn’t be good for them to think there’s a way home. Besides it would be pretty dangerous if I understand the math of mana travel correctly. Just like a spaceship traveling the space ship would need huge stock piles of food and fuel to reach another world, and I suspect the draw on a mana core would be the same way; to the point of probably killing someone.

“And that’s it? You said mana and aether as if they are two different things,” I objected.

“People think they are one but they aren’t. Knowing the difference can make some difference in your mage power too. Aether is mana, but it’s not only mana. As aether flows throughout light and particles and space time it carries mana almost like how atoms carry electrons. The electrons aren’t the only part of the aether. Does that make sense?” she asked.

It’s kind of hard to picture but I’m trying to hang on.

While staring at me she’s propped up on her elbows, her gaze following my eyes and face constantly while her boobs and tall slender trunk hang over me. Since she’s like eight and a half feet tall she seems that much more wild and uncontrollable in personality, partly from her knowing her body is so seductively thin and athletically toned. She knew that before but now it’s even more exaggerated. I seem a bit afraid of her at times but try not to show it. If she weren’t naked it would be hard to even remain as calm as I have been.

“OK so the dream state is like a place in the aether and a dimensional pocket is where? Are we in the world or in a place between worlds? Or inside the planet or outside the influence of a planet?” I asked.

“Place between worlds in a sub reality. Otherwise I couldn’t do this. Even with my power things are easier to manipulate here,” she held up her hands and a red lollipop that looked cherry flavored…and even smelled as such was in her fingers suddenly. She then slurped it a few times before she suddenly jumped up and sat on my pelvis pushing my tool inside of her easily crushing me in warm silky heat and slick wetness.

That threatened to overcome my senses because it feels wonderful.

Normally she’d probably be too heavy to do that. But because she can alter reality somehow she can do it so it doesn’t hurt me. But then I spot she’s got her heels anchored on the floor still while wrapped around me so she’s touching the floor while still trying to force fuck me.

“Ahhh that’s….heaaaaaahhh feels so good,” she said as she repeatly pulls out and re-inserts me inside of her after guiding it into place. She’s also rocking back and forth now slow with strong strokes. Her arms push mine down on her bed and now I can’t even get up while she has her way with me not letting me escape. I can’t overpower her either when she’s this big.

“Hey focus. I need your help,” I said.

“Oh right…haaaahh……haaaaaah….just….a minute….” She’s rocking slow and steady.

“So basically your mana core is the door to your dimensional pocket. That’s also why that one time we ended up in the demon world and were able to be dumped there. Wherever Doppel-chan came from that beach she spat us out on was a place in her memories mixed with some of her mana and probably her own dream pocket, her real memories that is before she got put here,” she said.

“So you think she’s originally a demon? She is now but I wonder if she was something else first,” I asked.

“That’s….ahhm…..yeahh….good…an interesting concept…very…possible….hahhhhh. She probably started out as a victim like us. But that doesn’t mean she’s not dangerous. That could be the first place she visited the demon world at. That makes more sense because there was the part about falling into that world. She may have been a person of our world that was re-shaped by demon magic into a tool to serve them. That’s my hypothesis. I think she isn’t a demon but can’t rescue herself either. And I’m not sure if there’s still a way how to do that,” she said.

She keeps rocking back and forth in sex.

“OK. I like that. If she were originally not a demon that does as you say make a reason why we fell through the water pit or whatever it was into the ocean rather than just falling right into the ocean on the demon side directly,” I said.

This feels too good. I probably won’t get much done today since Fox is really good at sex because she can squeeze her vice like labia around me like steel and squeeze so hard. She gets a bit too sloppy and messy though. It’s always got too much fluid discharge on me when she gets done, and that’s annoying because my clothes are always wet and gross.

“There are other problems with the dream state of aether too Shun. There are predators here in this limbo between worlds. Some of them were evil spirits banished by heroes into the limbo area between worlds. Others are dream predators and dream magic is its own field but not widely understood by mages in general. I don’t understand why it’s like that, but things may try to enter here if you aren’t watchful. You have to always be on your guard and keep us with you, but the more you know about this the more control you can have over leaving and entering this state,” she said.

“So how do I make sure my pocket dimension thing is protected from things trying to get in it?” I asked.

“The rule of thumb with how inventory slots and inventory magic is shaped is that if the dimensional pocket that forms it allows living beings to pass in and out, then an intruder can try to get in there too. So far you were safe because your connection was so small that it was like too hard for an enemy to seep into your dream pocket but as your power grows that means you will be spotted quicker too, not to mention they will find a way to get in. That’s why inventory slots are spelled to usually not allow living things to be put in them, as a protection to the owner. But because yours is slave magic based in part it means you are vulnerable since living things can be place inside your dream pocket,” she said.


I will be noticed by the enemy. It explains how Doppel-chan had gotten in earlier too but we had so many distractions from combat that I wasn’t able to place attention on it yet.

“Yeah double crap with capitals and exclamation points. I also think that you don’t have enough guards here Shun. You need a whole system of things to boost your skills and abilities, like more gear, more equipment, and more magic items, more allies, protection runes that prevent ethereal beings or aether wraiths, from entering this place. You can’t wait any longer,” she said.

There are such things as aether wraiths?

I don’t want to know what those are.

“Why didn’t you tell me this before,” I said.

Fox is momentarily distracted by her intense concentration of cowgirl style grinding her vagina onto me.

“At first I didn’t think it would allow something like that to happen. But when Doppel-chan kept coming back I realized this place…this demon box which isn’t the inventory box you have, but is connected with it seems to lure them here. It wants to be fed and wants to feed of not just you but anything it can lure into here. It’s like a light at night that lures moths,” she said holding up a finger.


“And I didn’t realize that for what it was until Doppel-chan tried to bring in the cages. That’s when it hit me that the light of this dream pocket is so bright it keeps luring ‘moths’ back here and will in the future too. And it won’t ever stop. It’ll just keep trying to snag new owners that are stronger every time, and each time the owner changes they eat up the pieces and clues,” she said.

“So you are saying the demon box is messing with me,” I confirmed.

“Pretty much. Any way it can but it also wants to kind of prolong your agony too because it doesn’t know when or if it will immediately capture a successor after it finishes you off,” she said with her boobs shaking all over. She’s still going really slow but still fucking in cowgirl position against me. At least she let me have my arms back, but she’ll hold me down again if I try to get away.

“And you picked all that up?” I raised an eyebrow.                    

“I didn’t realize all of that instantly. I had to piece together things from what my family had taught me and it’s not like I can instantly tell what mother was describing. This isn’t a mainstream field of magic that many people know of Shun. It took time to figure out what this was like. It’s like this…say you….ahhh yeah that’s the spot….. Oh where was I…let’s say you have a lesson about ogres are killers but all the descriptions have no pictures and there are also things that look similar to them but aren’t them. How do you know what an ogre looks like without a picture description? And what if the person describing it doesn’t know how to describe what they saw? Your mind hasn’t comprehended what the ogre actually is in full, but trying to put symbols in place for the things its thinking might be an ogre or might be something else. And they aren’t always perfect matches. This is kind of similar to that. So my mom and grandmother told me what these pieces are…but I haven’t actually comprehended them until recently. And they weren’t speaking in plain terms either. Some of the things I heard were from spying on them talking after my sisters were already asleep at night when I wasn’t supposed to be old enough to know about it yet.”

“Ahh that makes sense,” I said.

“Yeah…now add to that some of the things aren’t things from our world and it takes awhile to even comprehend a vague idea rather than a concrete abstract form. So here’s something else shun…you remember how I mentioned how your light at night is luring the moths?” she asked me while trying to slam her vagina onto my rod really hard.


“Well before you didn’t have as much risk either because your mana core wasn’t as big. Your mana core was smaller then but is steadily growing. But since then it’s been growing, and growing both rapidly and quite big so that if you lost your connections to us it would still be bigger than it had been before you acquired us. So now it’s like you have this light that’s not only big…it’s bigger than the alternative choices to eat and that’s your real problem, not counting how far away ‘insects’ see light at night that draw them in. A normal mana core isn’t going to get dream predators in it. They’re going to go after both the nearest targets and the biggest steak they can find. That’s you. You weren’t a steak before, you were a shrimp. But now you are the grade A steak that’s bigger than all of the other steaks near it,” she said.

“Fuck…” I swore.

She giggled. “Yeah I’m trying too lover...”

“So Shun, haven’t you wondered why in a lot of stories and legends the demons go after the powerful, the wise, and usually mages? In many world mythologies the demons went after mages from this same concept. If the human has no magic and a maggoty piece of worm in terms of quality there isn’t any meal right?” she asked.


“And we have tons of work to do. So let’s go. No more sex…” she said after she came one more time. But even though she wants to get herself up. Her body won’t listen. She’s really addicted to sex with me. And even when she pulls off its hard to allow it because I don’t want to stop now either.

“You know I’m your wife now Shun. That’s so hot. At least to me it is. It’s like I can’t stop thinking about you all the time,” she’s smiling like a school girl. I like that she’s like that now, but it makes it impossible to use her help unless its life or death on the line.

I should have talked to Asakura first. I lost a lot of time doing things this way but at least it was fun.



Shun to do list;

Find out more about aether dream state defenses and wards; beef up my dream state defenses

Work on a purification ritual and spell work for treating Ayumi

Need more advances on Stealth spellwork relating to hiding mana cores and core traces

Not let Fox hog all the time with me. Better division of time between Fox and Asakura. Not let Fox overpower me anymore. Stand up to her. Not let her force me to have sex when I’m trying to be diligent. She needs more spanking…

Create and research other equipment buffs for clothing slots I haven’t worked out yet, including rings and with my cure poison/cure disease ability.



We did dedicate some time to creating a couple more tomato seedlings using alter reality power which is really hard. But is it a power, a skill, or an element? I’m not sure which it is yet, and is my being weak with it make it harder to clarify that part? Then we tried something else…we grew them a bit while shaping the leaves and stems into palm trees. This is the first step into creating an island paradise in the middle of the dream pocket.

It’s still a long road. We only have a handful of each of tomato seedlings. And we only have about three baby palm trees. Hopefully soon I’ll use that alter reality thing again to change the tomato plants into baby palm trees, but that’s hard and uses so much energy.

Is it even worth it with such a huge power loss?

I wondered why we did tomato seedlings first. Actually I think it was because I was most familiar with those from before this life. And I didn’t know much about palm trees.


I should have made them into coconut trees actually.

Is it too late to change?

Maybe the next batch will be like that.




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