Dreamweaver Chapter 147





In the end before leaving the dream state I had to make some changes. It seems that Asakura and Fox aren’t going to get along as well as I hoped. I have to think of ways to keep them focused on me and not on their rivalry. Also they both are used to being the captain’s first mate and I have to help them see that they don’t cancel each other’s future or hopes for a future.

There were a lot of questions we didn’t get a chance to ask too. Like did Fox know she would grow up like that after mating? Why not before? Did it happen because she was already like at 99% of whatever needs she’d been working at to complete the evolution or from the soul link exclusively? Do all foxkin get that tall? Do they have a uniform adult size or is it totally different based on their current magic power total? How much variation is there between her and other foxkins?

Those are just a few of the questions I’d wanted to ask.

But I can’t ask or get any answers to them until I can compare her with other foxkins.

And right now with my current issues, I was afraid they’d start trading blows at each other after being together for an hour. This is totally weird because Asakura could get along with anyone as long as they aren’t violent towards me. But I do see that it’s the attachment towards me that is the cause of it.

It’s just they are both alpha females, I realized. I’ve always relied on both of them to keep the other girls in check and it created a situation of them both being like an alpha female in regards to the others. And neither of them wanted to take turns in sex but were getting greedy about it.

Fox doesn’t hate Asakura.

Asakura doesn’t hate Fox.

But they are both worried about their future being stolen away by the other. And both want to be the closest to me of the other girls.

Naturally we had to study the other complications too. I have to be careful how I handle this because the pheromones could actually work against me if I let myself be caught in situation where they can backfire.

“Stop we can work this out,” I reassured them.

They are hesitant about obeying now for fear the other won’t listen while they eye each other.

“Fine,” Asakura said.

“If she backs down too,” Fox said.

I don’t have a ruler or measuring tape handy but it seems that the size change to Fox is permanent and wasn’t a temporary thing she’d done with her magic. She’s now over eight and a half feet tall with a thin slender look from head to tone. She’d already looked thin and athletic but now it feels a bit more pronounced, since she’s so much taller to see up close and her ears look longer too, but she also has a nice look to her skin that doesn’t look too skinny in spite of growing tall and not fleshing out fully in other areas. But because she’d changed when she didn’t have very much fat on her to begin with she’s still thin boned for her size and her ribs are sticking out a bit because of maybe being a bit too skinny, but not to the point of it affecting her looks. My previous judgment of eight feet was slightly off because she wasn’t upright and allowing us to see her fully. She also sort of sometimes doesn’t do full posture so she can be down near my face to talk, like a half bent over situation. But she’s too aggressive right now probably due to the pheromone influence, not letting me up for even a minute.

I needed Asakura’s help to calm her down, but she doesn’t like Asakura. So it’s like a mouse in front of a cat trying to get it be still. And in a way both Asakura and me are both like mice to her.

“Shun, this is bad. I can feel the like …she’s so wired it’s almost like on the point of being ready to be violent,” Asakura said.

Yeah she said that after they almost got into a fight.

Is that fair?

Regardless I have to admit Asakura is a bit more level headed than Fox.

This is an unexpected development. The changes are almost as negative as they are positive in several ways. I don’t know how we’ll manage her now.

“Eh?!” I exclaimed.

Fox is too horny to say anything. Instead she’s grabbed my arms and is using them as straps to pull on while rolling her hips back and forth and up and down on top of me and my tool while I’m being shaken in sex like a rag doll. It would be cool except for the shaking part makes me dizzy sometimes and she’s so freaking strong. Fox’s eyes which before used to look a bit like mine have changed too and now look a type of gold cat like half moon iris that seems to look almost demonic in a way and somehow very penetrating but not quite glowing. But even around the gold half moon slits was an additional circle of black before being surrounded again by the rest of the normal eye.

There’s the sound of her heavy breathing as she’s deeply involved in our mating. She’s looking at me with an intensely hungry expression that chills me.

This…took a long time to get this far. She’s conquered but…this …is this safe? I can think of several ways in which this isn’t safe.

If she’s not careful she’ll end up injuring me. Plus, she’s being so forceful.

Unlike the others she doesn’t like to make much vocal noise anymore, though there is her heavy breathing. She keeps up this intense activity with small gasps sometimes for a long time. A lot of time has passed as I’m shaken up like this. But it feels too good for me to stop anyway even though it’s almost violent.

And for some reason the changes seemed to have linked me and Fox, so I have side effects too. I can’t confirm that until I read the status screens with Sunghee though because Fox is way too horny. And being shaken like this doesn’t let me look at any status screens, even if I were able to read them myself which I can’t.

Is this more changes to the demon genes or something else? If the changes came from Fox, what will that do to me? This isn’t something that came from me. I think it came from her species somehow. Is it like some kind of imprinting?

It seems that I’m also permanently horny because of the changes and my ‘tool’ has grown because as far as I can tell with mana sensing and my medical mana sensing technique that something happened when Fox and I mated which bound us together.

Being bound together, when she changed she released a lot of her ‘reality altering’ mana into whatever this soul bond thing is, somehow I’m more conscious of her mood too. During that process my tool being inside her and us being connected as mates also made my tool 50% bigger and permanently horny as well as the changes that had overtaken her too.

Eh…bigger isn’t better. I’m worried now. Bigger is better for being with Fox but it was already a tight fit with the other girls. They may have a tough time in sex with me now because after the other growth this is like twice the size it should be.

After that Fox forced me under her again, while at the same time pushing Asakura back who is forced to babysit to make sure Fox doesn’t hurt me. She’s trying to growl at us, but at the same time is having other types of sounds from being horny. Asakura is also afraid to piss of Fox.

“I…can’t stop. What’s wrong with me? This is…soo…..aaaaaaahh….wondERFUL!” Fox gasped.

“You could de-summon her?” Asakura suggested. “Then I can have a turn,” she slipped in slyly.

“So that would be just changing partners? That’s kind of unfair on a honeymoon fucking,” Fox gasped. I’m surprised she’d caught it.

“I’m worried about this though. It’s too big!” I exclaimed. I think they all know what I’m referring to…

If Fox caused my tool to be bigger then de-summoning her won’t solve that until I break her into accepting my will again.

“I like it bigger,” Asakura smiled back, licking her lips. She’s watching where it’s going into Fox and Fox is holding me down.

“Oh great, this is awful. How am I supposed to walk around town?!” I exclaimed.

“It’s….aghhhh….inevitable. You had demon genes put in you. I had ….gughh……expected….this awhile…a.gooo,” Fox gasped.

If that’s true why didn’t she say anything?

Asakura is staring at it. “That looks fun.” She licked her lips.

Fox is too strong to control and won’t let me up. Nor will she let me pull out, since she likes this.

So because of that I don’t know if it’s like that because of Fox purposefully or subconsciously doing this because she was caught up in loving the sex, or because of it just being because of my tool being inside her after we considered the other angles.

Even after the first few bouts of sex she kept me plowed into her without letting me pull out while she rests. This continues for awhile.

Asakura also has shiny wetness streaks down the insides of her thighs and had been sucking on her own boobs while watching.

We did finally reason with Fox enough to get her to help us cover it up so that I can walk around in human cities without the wrong type of attention. And I need her help so I can’t de-summon her right away.

At some point we calmed her down.

“Finally!” I said, after we got her to see reason.

Of course Fox is still masturbating profusely while listening to us and shows no signs of stopping. I think she can’t quit because of pheromone overdose, but her brain has told her it won’t be good if other women try to get to me first and that’s made her act. Her sharp senses have also amplified the effects of the pheromones into her brain. She has to be careful that her newly enlarged and sharper dagger like nails don’t scratch herself too hard at the same time.

“So basically I need you to stack your alter reality power to form an illusion in my pants good enough that I can walk around and not be noticed by my extra size,” I explained.

“Where’s the fun in that?!” Fox exclaimed horrified.

But I learned some other complications too. Fox uses pre-set designations for her illusions. So she can’t just magic up something without shaping it. And the pre-set designations are already saved so it takes days and days of mana weaving for Fox to shape something she hasn’t made before.

Even she has rules for her powers.

And that’s why she sticks to the same types of illusions for her battle techniques. They are prepared pre-set props that she’s set up for all kinds of scenarios both for scaring people away, evasion, fighting, combat, and traps; because they require a lot of chess moves ahead type thinking in order to work. In reality her power takes intense pre-logistic thing to use and because of that it is extraordinarily difficult to use beyond other magic skills.

I’m surprised she’s gotten so far with it.

I sensed that through our new bond. That by itself, I’ll have to ask her more about later.

We barely finished in time. There isn’t much time left before it’s time to wake up and go back to reality.

Fox’s clothes also won’t fit anymore either. The mana shaping illusions are too small for her because they were created to a specific size and shape. She’d created them to mimic real fabric so well that they don’t stretch. So when she tried to put on her illusionary clothes, they broke. And because they broke, and were made of illusions and mana, they then dissolved into shiny little particles of light and darkness that evaporated into thin air. Illusions are designed to stay in the same shape and form so this would be like if an illusion of a person were to be stabbed or slashed it would burst too in the same way with minor electrical like discharge.

“EH?! That’s soo not fair!” Fox said shaking her fist.

I didn’t say anything. I kind of like looking at an 8 ½ foot tall unnaturally beautiful beastkin girl.

“Um, I hadn’t expected that,” Asakura whistled.

I’m just glad I have a pair of pants done before Fox put on her clothes or we’d have had to probably have delayed this which won’t work because I’m in public more than those two are. It took all my mana and Fox’s to shape this though. It’s basically the same pants as before but it has a sort of quieting and reality altering effect of shrinking my permanent boner when I’m wearing them to make it look to others, and feel to myself that I’m not any bigger than anyone else and not excited. I don’t feel as excited either but still feel horny a lot.

The change with Fox has affected me poorly. Things are too good with the girls, but in regards to my self control and discipline to not want to go after any pretty girl I see things are suddenly very difficult. I have to be more careful and try to restrain myself better than before.

I wonder if it’s because Foxkin are somewhat related to demons by blood compared to other beastkin tribes? But it seems foxkin are related to normal beastkin people too that have nothing to do with any demon blood. So they are kind of on the outskirts of both species gene trees in a way it seems from what I can tell from study and conclusions based on things seen, and heard with Fox. That seems to be the only way something like being too wild to control could occur.

When I woke up Sunghee confirmed it as well and read to me the changes…previously my status window had listed;

Size and girth increase of primary “tool”; + additional permanent 47% increase in length, and +54% increase in girth;

But now it lists this;

Size and girth increase of primary “tool”; + additional permanent 97% increase in length, and +104% increase in girth;

“No! I need it to still fit!” Rina looked horrified as she looked over our shoulders and listened. Rina isn’t taking this well. She started crying.

“Don’t worry, we’ll make it fit, even if it won’t normally. We won’t be pushed out by that damn Fox whore,” Sunghee said while shaking a fist. She then ended up licking her lips somehow.

“Yeah screw her! That bitch!” Rina is getting worked up too.

But that just scared Rina more.

There’s also a change in my pheromone skill;

Advaned Pheromones +1 tier;

Pheromones secret in the air through scent and mana dispersion 24/7; only works on the opposite sex while also acting as a form of birth control to sex demon’s harem. Create calming and horny atmosphere in those near the target after touch has been made. Without touch to skin or body target will only be attracted to the ‘wielder’ but still have self control. The more touch is applied to target, regardless of how small surface area is exposed, the quicker and hornier the target will be but to a certain point will not interfere with free agency to choose for oneself. Targets may go to great lengths to become ‘owned’ by the ‘wielder’ if repeatedly used, even to the point of self sacrifice and a near permanent form of mind control is achieved after less than a week. Exercise caution with usage as separation between the target and the ‘wielder’ may cause crushing depression and despair after repeated day to day exposure has occurred. When touching the sex organs of ‘wielder’ creates extra fluid flow in targets own sex organs.

Dangers; Stealth field being active is necessary to prevent pheromones from being seen through mana sensing. Pheromones do not coerce romance targets to play nice with one other harem members; ‘wielder’ must specify and train this concept separately.

Crap that was bad too.

It explained a lot about what happened with Asakura and Fox earlier.

Not to mention, no wonder Rina was bat shit crazy and acting out. She didn’t have a choice. At some point it had gone beyond her ability to stay sane in. I must have accidentally touched her for months like this without trying to. She probably has a ton of willpower and I’d accidentally worked against it. A normal person would probably have caved in on the first day and yet she’d lasted a long time.

But did that also mean that I had been preventing Rina’s skill evolution in this world?

And wait a second…was Sunghee hiding this from me? She hadn’t read me the full description or the description has changed somewhat but probably a bit of both. Now that I think of it, she’d not read the pheromone skill in the updates to me from the list for a LONG time, including alerting to me that it’d upgraded on its own. I may need to get someone to ‘confirm’ things to me when she reads them. She’d purposefully left this out, probably hoping to get it as powerful as possible because of liking its effects.

So it’s partly my fault too. Sunghee may have been ‘programmed’ to make me think it was OK even.

But I was worried too because of not having tried to upgrade this means I need more research in how to prevent the sex demon genes from overcoming the 50% of me left that is still human. I need to be in control and it’s harder and harder to do that the stronger I get.

What’s more it almost feels like I’ve got a permanent woody half the time. That means I have to use special illusions on myself all the time now to just be able to walk around normally. Or is there a fix for that too?

Sunghee then read to me a new skill showing up…

Soul Link; Foxkin mate for life and are made of magic. Foxkin and mate’s souls are welded together upon mating, and become unable to with anyone except their mate. Thus the more magic each companion has the more the couple will be linked and have a certain ability to sense when each other is in danger and may feed off each other’s mental state but will not grant telepathy. This includes eventually building up to a point of increasing mana pool sharing over time. Link is permanent and attempting to break link may result in death of companion.

Soul Link effect unique to Fox and Shun; Additional 10% shared mana pool exclusive to only Fox and Shun with additional 10% shared mana pool regeneration rate exclusive of all other upgrades. Minor ability to sense injuries in partner, applying to both foxkin and foxkin’s mate.

That’s good…but it has cons too. It means Fox is feeding off my horniness non-stop too. That was why she’d been so frantic for sex after we’d started and wasn’t able to stop last night. In the end I had to de-summon her after my pants were fixed.

I need to slow down too. It’s harder to not think only about sex and that terrifies me. I need to make sure I can stay in control and be able to do normal things like work and dungeon farming; basically things that require willpower and concentration for more than a few hours at a time which will be a challenge. Things are changing too quickly, even when I’m trying to avoid buying demon skills with monster cores. There is such a thing as the need to make sure that the changes are what I want and not making me lose my free agency.

I need to slow this down. Everything is happening too fast! I need control over the changes! I need stability not more power that’s like driving a car that has no brakes!

I need to also desperately search for a way to reduce the percentage of demon genes or I will probably end up attacking some young girls.

As Sunghee read it to us, Rina is beat red with a horny look on her face and so is Sunghee. The pheromones have amplified their effects on both of them and I can see it all over the way they are glancing at me and each other.

So I ended up leaving our room an hour later than expected to satisfy their horny and sex hungry natures. Somehow it still fits though I can’t really comprehend how. But both of them are a bit more sore than usual and I swear that Rina is walking with a limp now.

This power has become such a timer waster…and is dangerous.

Finally we get down to the main floor. Like usual we go in order that shows status and prestige, with me in the middle and Sunghee first, with Rina who permanently looks like Asakura now behind us. Then when crossing the floor, many adventurers are giving us looks of jealousy so bad they must have at least three stomach ulcers a piece.

“I need you two to act normal now. We have to be able to fit in,” I said.

“Ahh come on!” Rina protested angrily in whisper.

“Ev-even if you s-say that. It’s not that easy!” Sunghee whispered.

“Just make it work,” I ordered.

“I-I’ll try,” Sunghee said as we finally got to the dining area of the inn.

They have to be good now because we’re in public. We also can’t talk about it in public either.

“Huh? What’s going on?” Sunghee said. She’s the first to notice.

“There sure a lot of people here,” Rina said.

Is there something unusual happening today?

There’s a lot of adventurers here. The room is more packed than normal and we only got a breakfast table because Gyle had been down here reserving it for us.

We exchange greetings carefully while I scout the room trying to figure out what’s going on.

“Gyle? Any idea what’s up?” I asked.

Sunghee is tugging my sleeve. She also is trying to give me a subliminal signal that things are off.

The waitress doesn’t get to us for some time but eventually the girls get bacon and eggs with hash browns. They ordered one for me too for show, but we all know that Sunghee will be the one that’s sneaking stuff off my plate when Gyle isn’t looking. Rina will also help with the bacon.

But I did discover something interesting.

Dwarves have a mustard fetish. They love the stuff. How did I miss that before? Even the other dwarves at other tables have it. At virtually every table here, the dwarves have a shit ton of mustard on their plates to go along with their beer. And instead of a normal restaurant having salt, and soy sauce or other condiments, mustard is definitely at each table in big bottled jars with special glass cone tops.

Gyle likes his morning beer too and chugs two big tankards that are extra large.

Gyle notices I notice it. “Dwarves have two livers. So we don’t get drunk very easy. We also like certain types of spicy tastes but not all of them. That’s also why we like mustard,” he defended.

“Is that true or…?” Rina asked carefully. She’s wondering if he’s pulling our leg.

“It’s true,” the waitress gives us our breakfasts. She’s also a dwarf.

“What’s going on? Why are there so many people here?” I asked.

Gyle leans forward. “All the jobs got cancelled today. Everyone is on red alert to not leave the fortress surrounding the town. So people are standing around on standby.”

“That means there’s the chance of an emergency call up too, isn’t there?” Sunghee asked. She didn’t hesitate and has been spot on. Sunghee has an awareness of civic defense procedures in how they call up adventurers I noted.

“Yep,” he said.

I don’t like that.

Well it’s not that I don’t like it really, but I don’t like being boxed in and unable to choose for myself. But not having the town you live in exist I don’t like even more.

“Can they do that?” Rina exclaimed. She has a really puzzled look.

I have the same puzzled look.

“The better question is what would make them do that when dwarves love money and security. Jobs bring both. Of course not having a job or a house or town to live in with no food does not bring any money or security at all,” Gyle said.

“They wouldn’t do that unless they have a reason. It must be something big,” Sunghee added.

“They’re justified. Just think about what happens if we have no food, housing, or town,” he said. He wasn’t really defending either side but seemed to be looking at it practically.

“So we’re actually just complaining about not being able to get some cash huh?” Rina smirked.

I ignored her comment. She could be odd like that.

“So what do you think it is?” I asked him.

“The last time they did this I was in a different town but they only put the whole city on alert like this when there’s been an enemy army sighted near town,” Gyle said.

“I was afraid you’d say that,” Sunghee confirmed.

Hearing it the hair on my neck stood up.

“So you had a feeling didn’t you when you saw the extra people?” I asked Sunghee.

She shrugged, ”I did but that won’t help us any.”

Her alertness skill just proved itself again.

“So we’re going to be invaded? Or how?” I asked.

“If they aren’t letting anyone leave the city and there isn’t any jobs being allowed that means they are preparing to not only save lives but to keep the adventurers and anyone with any mercenary skills close by ready to be pressed into service. They also have to begin field work on defensive preparations, shoring up the wall, and a whole list of things to get ready even though this town is already a ready for anything fortress,” he said.

“Crap,” I said.

“What do we do Shun?” Sunghee said.

“Um…if they press us into service, how does that work?” I said.

“I think the real question you are asking is, will they pay you for your trouble right?” Gyle’s eyes twinkle like they always do whenever gold or money is being talked about. He looks partly excited and nervous at the same time.

“We don’t have armor Shun,” Rina reminded me.

“I am painfully aware of that,” I said.

“If it helps any, the enemy doesn’t have good armor either. Goblins and orcs suck at metalcraft because of their tendency to have addictions on blood lust rather than being able to focus on a trade. So that’s in our favor in one way but they make up for it in others,” Gyle shrugged.

“So if you were to assign a numerical figure to it, what’s the probability of the city having a full on assault and not just being on standby within say two days?” Sunghee asked.

“I’d give it probably 80%. Some of the rumors I heard this morning on the way here aren’t good,” Gyle said.

“80% is pretty significant,” I said.

“Yeah no kidding,” Rina growled.

“This would be a good time to go get some extra bucklers for me and Rina, Shun,” Sunghee hinted.

So we did it. Or we tried to.

None of us could have predicted having the threat of an invasion would start a weapon and armor buying spree all over town. In spite of having extensive preparatory measures already in place the dwarves are hoarders when it comes to weapons. No matter who it is they don’t think they have enough, and then they want backups for their backups…

And so everyone else trying to do the same thing we found out after a good fifteen minutes of walking to Gyle’s uncle’s shop. Weapon shops we found were being swarmed with buyers. There was a line down the street just to enter the shop. There were also people getting into arguments about who was in line where and when first.

“Wow, I can’t believe this,” I said.

“Yeah, it’s bad huh?” Rina agreed.

“This isn’t right. This is profiteering Shun. I don’t like it,” Sunghee said quickly biting her lip.

“Well technically we are pretty close to being ready right now. We already have a lot of good protection spellwork we can apply at any time. There’s no reason to panic or feel stressed out,” I said.

“That’s easy for you to say. I haven’t figured out a talent yet,” Rina sighed.

“It’ll be OK. Stay close to Shun and I,” Sunghee said patting her back.

Rina managed to calm down.

Gyle is sort of in between both calm and stressed like most the dwarves are. They are kind of holding it together, and trusting their experience, but still edgy and grouchy.

Sunghee is still sticking to being an honest person sticking up for what’s right. It piqued my interest because I was interested in if exposure to the pheromones would alter a person’s character or ability to choose right over wrong. If the pheromones caused others to take shortcuts or skip steps in a process that are necessary has been something I’d worried about recently.

Her saying that just soothed my mind.

“We don’t need the bucklers they cost money anyway,” Rina said.

“I don’t mind using cash for things that will help us survive, but if everything is bought up there’s nothing we can do,” I said.

Was Rina feeling guilty? It seemed like she was trying to overcompensate for her history.

“Thanks Shun. But you’ve already had to give up a lot for me already. I feel badly about it,” Rina confirmed.

“Just make sure you live. You can’t put a price on people’s lives,” Sunghee told her.

“I agree,” Gyle said.

Just then what sounds like a medieval air raid siren sounds throughout the cavern…because we’re inside a rock filled cavern of hard surfaces the echo is also magnified.

“What? That sounds like an air raid siren,” Rina exclaimed.

“What’s an air raid?” Gyle asked.

“Nevermind,” I waved it off.

Sunghee shrugged at Gyle. Sunghee glanced at me though. We’re both wondering about it.

“Is that device one of those devices by that people with Otherworld Syndrome also had?” I questioned to Gyle.

“Yeah it is! Good guess! How’d you know?” he looked astonished.

“An air raid siren is pretty hard to miss,” Sunghee said.

Though we all know this isn’t an air raid, it’s the same thing. It means we’re facing an invasion.

So Otherworld Syndrome has affected a lot of stuff in this world. I’d already noticed how it’d vastly affected the adventurer’s guild and adventurer’s insurance. But to have a full on invasion siren too?!

“Figures,” Rina said.

The alarm sounds three times in a row for ten seconds each.

Around us all the sudden there’s a mad trampling of feet everywhere. Both normal people and dwarves are running like crazy to get ready. Even disciplined and crafty dwarves get scared too. The shops start closing and locking their doors and windows right away even though people still want to buy. Nobody wants to be caught out on the street.

The fighting has already started somewhere in the city!

Or does it mean at the gate? I don’t know if the siren means its getting in or already gotten in actually. I need to know yesterday if the enemy is already in the dwarven underground fortress. And Gyle might not even know, even though he’s a dwarf.

“Well is there anything else we can get besides weapons that won’t have all the shops being stormed?” I asked Gyle.

“What do you have in mind?” Sunghee interjected.

“I wasn’t expecting an invasion but maybe this was why Svinn hadn’t checked in with us. He might have been working overtime to prevent this and sort of forgot to include us,” I said.

“I think that sounds about right. He did seem a bit absentminded sometimes,” Rina noted.

“I’m kind of glad we didn’t get ‘drafted’ earlier though. That could be bad you know,” Sunghee protested with a raised eyebrow at me.

“Gyle can you get us some supplies if we make a quick list?” I asked.

“Go ahead,” he said.

“Just in case there’s more trouble than we like, get a week’s worth of dry rations, and water purification herbs or whatever there is for the equivalent, medicine or whatever you have for minor wounds, poisoning and stuff like that, also some bandages, candles, compass, blankets, and torches. We have to be ready in case there’s the chance of having to go underground or in hiding or the city becomes impossible to stay in,” I said.

Gyle looks a little green and tries to speak up, “it’s not that bad. We’ll beat them off. This city won’t fall.” He looks cherry red angry. But he also looks less than confident too. He’s used to dwarves winning, but he knows the dwarves don’t always win and that’s written all over his face.

It’s the true reason why he’s angry.

“Exactly. But if some of the buildings are damaged in the fighting then we’ll help people avoid being homeless,” Sunghee said quickly to cover for me.

“Remember to meet me at the inn asap. When we meet up there in an hour or so we’ll go help the others watch the front gate,” I said.

As we’re leaving Gyle shouts back at us, “5 silver per day, that’s the rate for emergency city mercenary duty!”

I frowned.

“Sorry Shun, it’s not a lot of money but its better than nothing,” Sunghee said apologetically.

“That better not be the group rate, right?” Rina questioned.

“Hey be easy on them. They are trying to keep the city alive,” Gyle growled in defense of the dwarves. Of course he would defend them.

“Even if it’s the individual rate, that’s a sucky rate compared to how much we were making on our own,” Sunghee said.

“Yep, and the risk for death is higher too because we can’t choose when and where we’re able to advance and retreat,” I said quickly.


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