Dreamweaver Chapter 146





After feeding and cleanup with Asakura I’m anxious to practice and use the alter reality manipulation some more. In fact I’d wanted to all day but for some reason it’s very timed to the Dreamweaver skill, which I think is something similar to a Dream Shaman? It’s also very slippery and difficult. I really don’t have full control over both getting it to activate, the sense of mana activation, and it feels like trying to pick up a tool that’s too heavy for me to use.

Regardless I find that Fox uses her alter reality differently than I do. And she seems to be able to manage it just fine, like it’s light as a feather in terms of usage. It seems that she uses hers for battle to dodge, deceive, disorient, and confuse enemies while with me it seems like I can craft stuff with it. She’s opened up my eyes that a skill properly used like this can do all sorts of things.

At one point she even showed me an altered reality where we were standing on the ceiling and everything was upside but that was some kind of illusion to. It was kind of freaky though, because she didn’t just flip the sky and the floor, she did it in a way that made us feel like we were going to fall off the ceiling.

Then she let us rest and calm down.

I try again with experimenting with trying to alter reality, but I just can’t do it on a level like she can.

Again we confirm there’s nothing wrong with the tomato plant I made the night before this one, except for it being too freaking small. But there’s nothing special about it either. It functions with complete resemblance to a living plant. It even has the smell and feel of how garden vegetable leaves feel; and tomato plants have a particular smell.

“So that means there’s nothing wrong with it? It’s not going to evaporate?” I asked Fox.

“Seems like it’s doing pretty well,” Fox admitted.

Does this mean eventually I could turn sand into gold if I work up the skill hard enough? Or would it only look and act like gold? And the bigger the gain wouldn’t there have to be more elbow grease?

“Don’t be risky yet with trying anything stupid. You need to control how much your mana plunges every time. It could make you sick. And this skill is eating gobs of it every use,” Fox warned me.

With her coaching and Asakura watching I then changed an inch square of dirt into a hardened shiny clay piece the same size. The mana plummets a good 8%. That means if I use it nonstop I’d burn out of energy quickly.

“Not bad,” Asakura looked at it, picking it up.

“But it’s just clay,” I protested.

“Clay can be used for a lot of stuff,” Asakura told me.

“I suppose that’s true,” I scratched my head.

“And who says we’re stopping with just clay anyway?” she said back.

“Now try the energy transfer ability,” Fox said.

“?” Asakura is confused.

“I’m confused. Isn’t that spell dangerous?” I asked.

“Are you kidding? Mages will love you! A way to transfer mana to one another is like a drug to them. You will be unstoppable just from that alone in a team or mage duo. You need to practice that ability a lot to try to get its efficiency up,” Fox said.

“They will?” Asakura looks threatened. She frowned.

“You can use it to pull energy out of people. Like Asakura here has mana because of partly all life has mana, and then she’s got bonus mana from spilling over because of your demon harem thing and her ghoul race even has mana too,” Fox couldn’t help but chuckle saying the last part.

“But I can’t use it to applied battle skills,” Asakura added.

“That’s at least that we know of yet by the way. Most creatures if they have mana sometime or later grow skills to use them from. But maybe it takes awhile for them to grow and they might be more close combat related probably,” Fox shrugged.

“So you are saying I could tap into that for refills and stuff?” I guessed. I had maybe a thought it might have possilities for that but I wanted to be careful how we pursued it.

“There’s a lot of possibilities for you now Shun. You have so many abilities that we’ve barely discovered. Plus we just are figuring there’s another level of them being able to interact with each other. I want you to try to tap Asakura’s energy,” Fox said.

“Are you OK with this?” I asked Asakura.

She looks happy, “sure. Anything for you lover. Just try to make it so it doesn’t hurt or something. I don’t know if that’s an issue though,” she said. She moves in closer and places my hand on her chest in the area of her heart. Because of the pheromones she’s ending up putting it right on her bikini top covered boob though.

“Wait…it could mess with the milk production and that’s my only food,” I said quickly pulling back.

Asakura looked disappointed. “But I want to help.”

“OK, do it on me then,” Fox said.

“And you are OK with that?” I asked.

“You’re mana should be like 90% after using that skill right? So go ahead,” Fox said.

Like before I placed a hand onto Fox’s chest. It seems like the best efficiency would be with direct touch. But I’d forgotten that she only wears illusion clothes. So it’s like I have my hand right on her boob directly too. But I was again surprised when she put both my hands on her perky boobs. She’s really gotten a lusty side lately that keeps creeping out. She obviously didn’t need both my hands on her boobs.

Asakura is pretending to not notice while covering up a smirk on her face.

It feels good. I thought I heard Fox gasp slightly, but she masked it. Asakura still doesn’t know Fox only wears illusionary clothing, and I think she wants to keep it that way.

Fox suddenly is playing with her hair in a way that looks a bit flirty and bashful. She then ties it into a ponytail while I’m getting ready. “Take your time and do it carefully and slow first OK? We need to practice this,” she added while blushing. She keeps my hands on her boobs still, not letting me pull away.

Wow, she’s pretty…I’ve been noticing her more lately. She’s absolutely gorgeous.

Eh…I’m getting side tracked aren’t I?

But isn’t that what she wants?

How far is she OK with me to go anyway?

“But what if it hurts?” Asakura said right before we were about to start. Her question was enough for me to pull my hand away from Fox’s chest. And like before Fox looked disappointed again.

“So if it looks like it’s going to hurt then use the demon kiss on me,” Fox said.

“Oh! Those two abilities go perfect together!” Asakura exclaimed.

“And the kiss’s euphoria injection would take the sting off any pain I feel if I’m analyzing this right,” Fox explained.

“I think they are both good abilities but do you think they go together?” I asked.

“What if the energy transfer is like a backup feeding mechanism for you when you don’t have my milk honey?” Asakura gave me a quick hug.

“I hadn’t considered that before,” I said.

Fox is also, humming and thinking about what was just said. “That’s…I wonder…could it be…latent feeding upgrade not yet perfected?”

“This is so wonderful! I was worried I wouldn’t produce enough milk,” Asakura said all teary eyed while both of us have both of our mouths hanging open.

“I guess that could be true right? What do you think?” I asked Fox.

“She might be right. So let’s give it a shot. But it’s not perfected with the incubus kiss it might be like a little penguin that doesn’t have all its water feathers yet,” Fox said.

She has me resume the position with my hands on her breasts. “Do it,” she commanded.

So I do…

Fox collapsed in pain and I feel the pull of violet colored energy travel through my arm from her body flowing into me. Fox grits her teeth.

I can feel I have a good additional…what 4 to 6% more or less of mana? I’ve closed the gap on half of what I needed.

But the problem is Fox just collapsed in exhaustion and sweating. So I had to kiss her a few times to work out the bugs. After a minute she’s OK. I give her like four sloppy kisses on the lips. After which she calms down.

“Um, I’m not damaged am I? That wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be,” she said.

“Maybe we just need to work out the bugs?” I suggested hopefully.

“You better check to be sure. What if she got burned on her skin?” Asakura said worriedly.

Ahh crap. I’d hate it if that happened.

OK, it’s totally the pheromones making them act like this isn’t it?

Fox throws her shirt off and is now topless, “Shun, please check for burns or like breaks in the skin, cuts or whatever from those pain tremors please.”

“You’re good,” I said.

“No Shun! You have to touch her to be sure,” Asakura exclaimed.

Those two are both acting out now. Why can’t just a visual do it? I don’t see any problems, really…

Fox grabbed me before I could even blink and is making me touch her on certain…conical shaped protrusions on the chest. She’s panting heavily too.

“I think you’re OK,” I said.

“ I’m not,” Fox said. “It hurts.”

“It does?” Asakura is shocked.

“I mean yes it does!” Asakura reiterated.

“I need you to check me everywhere!” Fox exclaimed. Fox is having a weird reaction, almost like she’s high.

“What? Really??”

OK, what’s going on? She was so reserved before? Does this thing like make people sexually high? I thought she was in pain before. Maybe that was wrong.

I’m then knocked down by Fox trying to rip my clothes off in order to initiate sex. She’s stronger than she looks and ends up jumping on me as she impales herself on my tool desperately.

Um wow, so much for her wanting to wait.

“Oh yes!” Fox cried out.

I pull back. Ouch, she’s strong, it hurts. I shouldn’t have given her four straight and sloppy sex demon kisses so close together.

“Oh yes! More!” Fox threw me down.

And she’s trying to bite me in the shoulder while doing cow girl position. Before I’d even had a chance to realize what had happened my pants were gone along with her skirt, and she’s already slipped me inside of her. The euphoric feeling of the river of fiery desire connection between us has already started and I can’t stop it.

“No biting,” I said.

“Can’t….help …it,” she gasped.

She bit me again right after. Foxkin have sharper cuspids than others, but at least she’s not sucking my blood or anything icky like that. But getting nipped doesn’t feel as good as you would think it would.

She looks like she’s having a heart attack while she’s trying to bounce on top of me with a wildness that’s stronger than even Rina’s delusions. And Rina is pretty delusional even on a slow day.

She keeps building up and pouring out her desire in wild and ragged violent fucking.

But something inside me clicks. I want to own her. Not the other way around.

I threw her down violently but it just makes her that more energetic for fucking. Then I threw her legs up folding her in half while I plunged into her. She’s moaning like crazy loudly while I push into her.

She starts crying non-stop while screaming at me to keep fucking her senseless. It’s official now that Rina isn’t the one that’s the most delusional. I think Fox might be. She’s crying out for me to be violent and rough and slap her around. She even had some weird fantasy about cutting her in half but maybe that was a translation error, and something popping a blood vessel in her brain.

But it hurts where her strong grip is too tight around my biceps as she’s trying to get me to do more, harder, and faster.

I didn’t even know a girl could be folded in half this badly without damage but Fox is desperate for me to crush her vagina with all the pressure I can mange.

“Oh…yes! Why didn’t I….do this…earlier?!” she gasped with wild bloodshot eyes.

Asakura is laying on her side while watching us, curious what will turn up.


“You belong to me now!” I cried out.

“Yes! Yes I do belong to you! Fuck! Why didn’t I give in earlier?! So much regret! I could have had this anytime I wanted!” Fox gasped and then I felt her cum but she won’t let me stop still.

“Yesh! I am now your property! Fuck me all the time! And screw rules and clothes! Just keep me in here full time as your fuck slave! Fuck us all the time! We don’t want to be normal people! Just let us be cum sluts!” she cried out while crying and cumming at the same time.

That’s weird. I didn’t know you could cry and cum at the same time but Fox is like this constantly. She’s pretty forceful though.

“I love you! I love you! I love you!” she keeps crying out.

“Right we get it already,” Asakura said boredly while watching. “Still that looks kind of fun,” she added. Asakura decides to masturbate while watching us.

I keep trying to saw her in half with my drill.

“Man I can’t believe that huge popsicle can even fit in her! She has the smallest hips! Logistically that should be impossible!” Asakura exclaimed.

Asakura then bumped heads with her as she was getting too close when Fox was yelling a string of profanity about not good enough fucking yet.

“OH lets retire! Oh yes! I need you to meet my mom and my sisters! Its foxkin tradition that you meet the family after you pop our cherries. And maybe you can pop their cherries too,” Fox said with an permanent ahegao look.

The ahegao look is now a permanent fixture in Fox’s damaged mind.

I wave my hand in front of her face in mid sex but she’s sort of still got unfocused eyes.

“Who the hell told you to stop!” she screamed at me. Then she slapped me hard across the face.

Ouch. That hurt. I don’t like it.

She was going to slap me again but I started again to calm her down.

“Are…all foxkin violent in sex?” Asakura wondered.

“Only if you stop when we’re in heat,” Fox cried out.

“Eh? You’re in heat?” Asakura asked while I’m still pounding away.

“I don’t know…maybe? I don’t know? We usually don’t until we get a mate? But this might be induced? I don’t know I was never interested in that stuff before. But now it’s all I can think about,” she guessed.

Her mouth has a permanent O shape while she’s staring ahead. “More! Faster! Deeper!” she cried out. She’s still bawling and her face looks like a mess from the tears.

A good three hours later Fox, Asakura, and I are all in a heap. In spite of what anyone says you can never get enough of this. It also feels like Fox has totally broken down.

“Oh man! I should have done that ages ago! I was totally missing out! Can we go again? Please?” Fox exclaimed. She’s rolling around and laughing.

“Need…to rest…first,” I gasped.

Then we all go again, first Fox’s turn and then Asakura’s.

But something weird happened too.

For some reason I can feel mana more. I also seem to like feel Fox’s mood easier. And it’s like she’s totally open and unreserved. I feel total acceptance from her and the wall is completely gone. I thought I knew here before but I’ve never seen her this happy.

But on her neck I can see an almost translucent silver collar made of light.

Huh? Asakura has one too?

I hadn’t been trying to sense it before but sure enough it’s there. I think the collars were always there before but I hadn’t developed mana sensitivity enough yet.

“I love you Shun! I love you!” Fox croons with an ahegao stare. When she looks like that I don’t know if its actually love but something else…

“I love him more!” Asakura said defensively.

“No you don’t, I do,” Fox argued.

It sounds cheesy but it’s true. Both girls are doing it non-stop. And they won’t put clothes on in order to rival each other more.

This is really twisted.

“We need to train more,” I remind them.

“Oh sure, let’s do it,” Fox said smiling broadly.

Like before we made more clay squares, five of them which cost me roughly forty percent of my mana. Then I recharged mana from Fox two times with kisses each time afterwards to ease the pain of the energy transfer. But it doesn’t do half her mana; instead I gain 10% back from each time I used the spell.

So I’m back up to 70% power.

“Try to make the hardened clay squares into rock now,” Asakura suggested.

“So, to what end?” I asked.

“Well theoretically you can just keep making them line by line into harder and harder material. Then soon you’d have metal,” Asakura suggested.

“And then can shape them into weapons of some kind. But the main point is you are developing a shadow material conversion skill,” Fox said. I hadn’t realized it until she lost control but foxkin have really long tongues. When it’s hanging out the side of her mouth it becomes more obvious.

Two more casts are done.

For the first cast I change the inch square of hardened clay into stone. Then I try to see how far I can harden it after that and get something that looks like black marble.

“Let’s save your energy. You don’t have to do it all night,” Fox pleads like she’s drunk on happiness. She throws her arms around me.

“You know Foxkin mate for life. We can only ever mate with one person,” she said.

“Eh? You aren’t stealing my Shun are you?” Asakura said in worry.

“Ladies don’t fight. We’ll stay together it’ll be fun,” I tried to appease both of them. I put my hands around both of their waists pulling them against me.

This is the most wonderful warmth…ever.

But while we’re laying together I’m getting curious.

“Hey Fox I have a question for you and Asakura here,” I said. Both of them are leaning against me from side position with my shoulders acting as pillows and their breasts hanging onto the top of my chest. Of course for Asakura that works better.

“Name it,” Fox said.

“Well we can’t see like numbers on our health and mana in this world. We also don’t see anything like a bar and we’re guessing. So how much do you have? How do you know how much I have too? How do you figure that out?” I asked.

“I’ve wanted to figure that out too,” Asakura said.

Fox sort of turns a bit so she’s propped up on her elbows with one of them on my chest so she is hanging over me but still in a horizontal position like lovers in bed when one of them wants to look at the other while pillow talking.

“That’s simple Shun. But it did take a lot of homework for me to figure out.”

“When I was a new mage, I would try to feel and sense mana cores of other mages around me when I was casting. When a spell goes off you can sense and feel mana leaving someone’s core and feel how much the mana core has dropped. You can’t get a totally accurate figure like a number but you have a guess. You feel like mostly full, less than half, full, almost empty…and almost empty is dangerous by the way. A mage can die if they get almost empty,” she said.

“Yeah I’ve felt like that before with having a vague idea. I’ve been watching it enough I can kind of split and figure it out into tenths but not less than that,” I said.

“That’s great!” she clapped her hands. Her boobs shake. Even though Fox’s are smaller than Asakura’s they are still wonderful to see. And who doesn’t like watching jiggly puffiness move around?

“So after a lot of watching and trying stuff I got a feel for my mana core being higher than other mages. Foxkin by nature it’s not unusual to have more mana than other creatures since our bodies are partly made of mana. That’s also why I think the energy transfer spell made me sexually excited but it shouldn’t do that for others,” she said.

“Good,” Asakura teased back.

“At any rate after measuring and watching the dip in mana per mage many times like on a hundred mages I figured out that I had about three times a normal mage, probably because of my mother being powerful and inheriting it from her plus foxkin have more mana than humans in the first place,” she said.

“Three times a normal mage? That’s high,” Asakura said.

“Yeah. Or 300%. But when I met Shun I felt through trial and error his was at like 180. But then he got stronger and it was something like 210% before those upgrade things,” Fox continued to narrate.

“Go on,” Asakura pleaded.

“And then he got the 10% shared mana pool upgrade twice. He got a 5% shared bonus, and then a 5% mana regeneration bonus for pooled group. Another 10% shared mana pool regeneration bonus, and a flat 10% mage bonus. And since I’ve mated with him now, he should have another 10% shared mana pool bonus open up to be able to get with monster cores,” Fox said.

It wasn’t until later that I realized Fox had implied then that when foxkin mate there’s some mana carry over effect that gives them a boost from each other. But in this instance Fox had been a bit too subtle in the details so we didn’t get it right away.

“OK. So with that all on there, it should be like way above 210% now,” Asakura guessed where she was going.

“Exactly!” Fox gave her a high five.

“So let me figure it out…

The 10% applies to my pool, Sunghee, Rina, you, and his own with each of you giving some incremental growth effect with it all linked together,” Asakura said aloud doing the math.

“Rina’s is fairly low, she doesn’t have a lot of mana because she’s still growing and a late bloomer,” Fox reminded her.

“So if she is a late bloomer she could still bloom maybe?” I asked.

“Possibly,” Asakura said.

“I don’t have an answer for that since its hard to tell with her. But Ayumi has mana too. Quite a bit actually,” Fox said.

“Eh?!” Both Asakura and I are shocked.

“Once you fix her, you might be able to try to encourage her into something of a mana job,” Fox said.

“That would be cool. More mages means more firepower,” Asakura said.

“I would have said more survivability first. There’s a reason for the distinction,” Fox said.

Neither of us objected.

“Interesting…” I said.

“So Sunghee is probably 80% of a normal mage’s mana but that’s after years of adventuring, Rina is probably a 40%, with you being around 70% Asakura,” Fox said.

“So all together if we convert that to a number, we could get a rough amount of Shun’s mana compared to a normal new mage,” Asakura interjected.

“Exactly,” Fox said.

“80 + 40 + 70 + 210 + 310 + …” Asakura looked to Fox.

“120 for Ayumi,” she said.

“That much?!” I whistled.

I’m curious now. Does Ayumi have some sort of spell casting potential? In a way its good but it’s bad if she’s too independent. It will mean she might not want to stay with my group if she thinks she’s free.

“If her mana is that high you should definitely seduce her,” Fox said.

“Is that ethical? I mean if I slime her with my body fluids full of pheromones she wouldn’t even have free will,” I argued.

“She’ll be happier if you do it that way though,” Asakura gives Fox a knowing smile. Both of them giggled.

“Well that’s a good idea. Shun, if you don’t do it it’s like a huge percent less mana for both of us,” Fox protested.

I guess she means well but is that even fair?

“I know you think it’s weird but actually I was hoping you would recruit her. She used to have lunch with me every day when we were both teachers at the school. It would mean a lot to me if you can convince her to stay with us. Please, I mean do it before she figures out she can go solo like the other idiots that came to this world and they are probably already dead because of it,” Asakura said squeezing my hand.

When you put it like that she kind of has a point.

“I guess I’d sort of forgotten we need to win over Ayumi and Haruka both instead of assuming they will automatically be with us,” I said.

“I’ll help with that Shun. You can rely on me,” Asakura said.

“Th-thanks,” I nodded.

Both of them would increase your mana a lot. If you don’t seduce them I will,” Fox said defiantly.

…awkward silence…

That’s not right. Fox is supposed to my underling, not my competition.

“What?” Fox blushed.

“I didn’t know you swung that way,” Asakura smirked.

“No I actually don’t…but more mana means a ton of survivability. I’m willing to pitch in to go after being an archmage if it will help my clan you know. You guys haven’t lived in the wild lands so you don’t get it,” Fox rolled her eyes.

“I’m sorry if we misunderstood you. I believe you,” I said to Fox.

“Thanks for believing me,” Fox replied diplomatically.

“But I don’t want you becoming my love rival to steal my women,” I told her.

Asakura laughed.

Fox didn’t. Neither did I.

“Sorry,” Asakura said.

“So how much mana again?” I asked.

“80+40+70+210+310+120 = 830 x .35 or 35 percentages. And that’s the bonus calculation not the flat addition of his own mana,” Fox is scratching it in the dirt to figure it out. “It’s not the mana count but as best as I can guesstimate from percent comparisons,” she added.


“And when you get that, add it directly to Shun’s 210 percent compared to another average caster’s and that’s why he’s going to end up being a lot stronger than me,” Fox said happily clapping her hands. Surprisingly she doesn’t seem threatened or jealous though but is bouncing off her heals in glee.

“210 + 290 = 500% or almost five times what a normal mage has in terms of mana. Of course I did round up a few points from 287 to 290 but there’s probably other little untracked growth we can’t account for yet for lack of being able to measure properly anyway in all areas together so it should balance out,” Asakura exclaimed.

“Wow. And you’re sure that’s right?” I asked.

“Shun its bad too. It makes you more of a target,” Asakura warned me.

“She’s right about that. We’ll have to always have you guarded now. No being alone,” Fox said.

“We could manage that. Two teams, one for the day and one for the dream state,” Asakura said. Though it’s not a new idea to me, this is the first time that they have been so excited about it. And Fox wasn’t entirely on board like she is now.

“And that’s not counting the bonus mana regeneration,” Fox admitted before she kissed me on the lips. That started a really distracted another hour of non-stop sex with both of them taking turns.

“Where were we again? I thought we were figuring out Shun’s mana?” Fox said while still on top and with me inside of her. Sometimes she rolls her hips back and forth and looks like she’s having small tremors. She keeps having little miniature climaxes and I think she’s orgasming like crazy with her tongue sticking out.

“I…forgot too. I don’t think it was mana though. I think it was something else,” Asakura said.

I laughed at both of them. Even though we’re done for now Fox stays with me hooked into her. She seems to like being this way full time now. It could be she’s taking this way more addictive than the other girls…which is unexpected. She likes to bounce a bit now and then with a splucking noise coming from down there.

“Weird…” Asakura’s face scrunched up.

“What?” I asked.

Asakura is pointing at Fox. Suddenly there’s a cry out and Fox groans from cumming. It’s a soft almost high pitched yelp and a bunch of honey is flowing out from down there. She doesn’t stop cumming for like two minutes straight.

“What?” Fox seemed confused.

“Now that is weird,” I said.

“What?” Fox asked again.

When Fox started coming suddenly there was something that shifted and her tails started like thrashing around. When she finally stops we realize there’s a third tail there, where before she only had two. And she went from being red haired to now suddenly it’s a lighter almost golden color and not red at all anymore though there is some small signals of a very slight almost imperceptible red.

Wait a second. Fox is changing. When did that start happening?

There’s another blue screen popup too but instead of for me it’s for Fox this time. But Fox just sort of squeaked and is a bit dazed. The only thing we can make out is a bunch of exclamation points in it in several places.

But I also just noticed that Fox is somehow instantly a lot taller? Wait, she’s really tall now, even while not stopping her addiction to fucking. How did that happen? Where she was almost the shortest out of the girls except for Rina, now Fox is the tallest of all of them, at nearly eight feet tall with what seems like extra long slim legs. Her ears were longer too, pointing straight up.

“Eh? I think I just evolved?” Fox said suddenly. She continues to bounce on top of my tool.

“You can do that without triggering it actively?” Asakura asked.

Fox shrugged, “I don’t know. Maybe it’s passively initiated?”

How the hell did that happen? Unless its related to her being made of mana…and if her and my mana connected together then did her mana pool and mine connect? I have the feeling too like I’m really hot and warm in my chest, not like its hot outside but heat and burning in my chest.

My mana core is going crazy with power surges and so is Fox’s…I also just felt Fox’s mana core also surging with power just like mine is but they are echoing with each other and there’s like vibrations coming out of her as she’s stuck on me with my tool still inside her.

I can also see that I can perceive the almost silver translucent slave collar on her neck has identically matching collars on her wrists like bracelets.

Asakura stared in surprise. But then she defensively said with her hands on her hips, “My boobs are still bigger than yours, so don’t get all proud of yourself.”

I think Asakura feels threatened now.

Suddenly I think they are more rivals than anything now. The jealous reaction from Asakura is way off the scale compared to not even being bothered by Rina and Sunghee. Maybe it’s because Fox looks very overpowered right now…

Slowly we’re increasing the number of plants created with alter reality. Or wait, am I just pulling them here from somewhere else? Maybe I’m not creating them at all? I like the idea that we’ll be able to terra form this place.




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