Dreamweaver Chapter 143





In the Dream State…






“Weird look at this. The crystals have changed their appearance and feel,” I said.

“Well that shouldn’t do that unless magic is involved,” Fox said carefully. She’s studying it like I am with a crystal between us.

“A chance has to mean something I think. It only does that when something really significant is happening,” Asakura coached.

“Hmm, could it be? I think I agree but what kind huh?” Fox said again while we looked over it.

“In the end it’s hard to say,” I replied.

Perhaps it requires research skills? A lot of magic isn’t easy or making everything happen instantly. You have to piece by piece figure out what different things mean.

“So it will take time to work out again. Shun if you don’t know what everything is the first time you see it that’s normal. Many mages may take years figuring out what something is or means,” Fox confirmed to me.

“Ahh, I don’t want it to take years though,” I said too quickly.

“Maybe you should be careful Shun. Don’t rush it. We aren’t entirely sure what the changes mean. You don’t want to change something that can’t be changed back when you don’t know what you are doing,” Asakura said.

“Let’s wait on that then; you really need to find a demonologist first. And stop drinking all the milk. You need to have a reserve supply,” Fox scolded when she sees me drinking too much of Asakura’s milk that we’ve put into the canteens.

“That’s true. Do you know how hard I had to work to make all that milk?” Asakura faked a playful glare at me. Then she shook her bosom a bit, both to mess with Fox and me at the same time while looking naughty.

“Don’t you two start…” Fox warned us.

“Right. Sorry, the truth is I’m also thirsty all the time. I’m having a hard time holding things together and worried what I’ll do,” I said.

“That’s bad. If it gets really bad you can summon me anytime you want for an emergency feeding or for milk. I kind of want to actually,” Asakura said seriously worried but still blushed. She looks really happy to please me though and isn’t saying it like she’s delighted. It’s like she sees a real problem in a sort of motherly way.

“But what if you get too tired and he’s in here? You need to get some more women in here Shun. Just two guards in each area is pretty reckless. I’ve been telling you that for awhile now,” Fox said.

“OK, let’s solve that. Let’s test my skills on Ayumi now,” I said.

“Um…that’s going to be tricky. We don’t know how she’ll react,” Asakura warned me.

“Right. I’ve worried about that too,” Fox said.

“You did say you thought with my current skills it could work right? And you have the sharpest eyes of all of us,” I said to Fox.

“Ahhh, I hate when you put me on the spot. It’s true I think it could work, but the safety margin won’t be as high as I like,” she countered.

“She has literally been kept asleep this whole time. So she will be really scared most likely and not comprehend things. I’ll have to depend on you two talking sense into her. I only had her for one class the semester previous to our being brought to this world,” I said.

“Right. Well she knows me well enough. We sometimes had lunch together with the other teachers. But I don’t know how much she trusts me,” Asakura said.

“She’ll probably trust you less with no clothes on since she doesn’t know you,” Fox said.

That made me laugh. The other two started laughing too right after. It’s obvious we weren’t going to meet her like that.

“Well actually more than that, I’m worried about the anguish of her having to play catch up. It’s been a few months since we came to this world already. Imagine coming into a class and you are like a few months behind the other kids,” Asakura said.

“We’ll help her catch up. But we need to get her to be firmly in our team and not leave is my true worry,” I said.

“You will try to not to be topless in front of her though?” Fox said to Asakura.

“Good point,” Asakura didn’t even blush. “I don’t care. I just want to give love to Shun. If he likes me this way then it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”

Wow, that’s bold to say. She will accept being topless won’t she? It’s really hot to think about it like that. Plus having that perfect shape and bounce with her perkiness is really too much to look at for very long without getting excited.

I don’t want others to see my women though.

“But you know the pheromones make you that way. It’s not your own willpower wanting that,” Fox argued to her.

“I don’t care. I just want to be Shun’s woman. Like this is totally OK,” Asakura boldly asserted. She even pushed her chest out more. She’s good at making her cans jiggle when she wants attention too.

It stirs me up easily.

Fox blushed again.


“But I do really care about you all, not just her. I also want you to know it’s not fake. Please don’t think that way,” I reminded Fox.

“R-right,” Fox stammered.

“See? Our love is real. The pheromones are just a tool but not the marriage. We can be really happy together, and so can you,” Asakura said with no worry.

I think my jaw fell open. I was impressed with Asakura’s love. Who doesn’t want to be loved? And is she trying to help me conquer Fox finally?

Fox regarded her comment carefully, thinking something that she didn’t share with us.

“Well if Rina hadn’t changed her appearance to be more like you it might have helped to have her help explain why we’re in a different world. But if she looks like you and both of you are wearing skimpy clothing that might trigger suspicion and doubt. Since you guys knew this Ayumi person in reality she will know already that there shouldn’t be two of you. She also won’t be able to answer key questions that you know that she doesn’t if trying to act in your place in front of this Ayumi girl too. Please be careful of that,” Fox added.

“I agree we don’t want to do anything that will cause distrust,” Asakura said.

“We will win her over the right way,” I confirmed.

“But if you have to you can toss a canteen of your body fluids on her face to charm her,” Fox reminded me.

“OK, so we just have you two talk to her. She’ll see you’re a beastkin with two fox tails and two fox ears and see that there’s something about this world. Then Asakura you’ll have to try to convince her that she’s safe with us, and also that being with us is the best thing while the pheromones take time to kick in over time,” I said.

“But won’t the pheromones kick in right away?” Asakura asked.

I shook my head. “They work over time of slowly tearing down someone’s want to separate from me but they aren’t instantaneous. We’ll need to buy time and maybe even change the rooms available to us and how they look in here. There’s even a possibility it might take weeks or months for her to be broken in under them for all we know.”

“But the opposite of that is also true though unlikely,” Asakura said.

“I don’t think it will be a quick easy victory,” I said slowly.

“That’s a good idea about slowly working her into this world in here. I never liked the orc training room . It’s kind of got a bad vibe from the previous owner. But it was just so dangerous messing with stuff in here that I didn’t dare mess with it when I didn’t know how the box would push back,” Fox said.

“Actually I think that way too. I didn’t want Shun to be hurt from what I said though,” Asakura said.

“So let’s test my new skills first and see what we can change on a small scale and experiment,” I said.

“Just make sure you start really small. This isn’t a skill you’ve used before. Although I have the alter reality thing too, because I’m a prisoner it will resist me in a bad way. I suggest you focus really small and don’t use too much energy too quickly since that could trigger more hunger too,” Fox said.

“That’s true. Actually Shun…I’ve been thinking part of your hunger acting up may be related to you also using a lot of mana more recently because you’ve just been more dependable as you get stronger and more powerful,” Asakura said.

To confirm it, we started on only an inch square of dirt in the training room to practice working out this skill of the acquired alter reality thing.

I started sweating a lot when I activated the alter reality power. But because I haven’t used it before it feels like super heavy like I’m lifting a ton of weight and a sort of green beam light is emitted from my outstretched hand which is hitting the inch square area.

It feels like I’m trying to move a mountain. Obviously I’m going to suck at this power for a while.

“That’s it! Keep it up but be careful!” Fox said.

“Picture changing it into something that’s fairly normal. If you think of something too drastic you could probably get more stress,” Asakura also offered.

She’s right.

Slowly the beam light is steadying as I’m just focusing on it. And to my surprise I ended up accidentally picturing a garden plant. I don’t know why that was the first thing that came to mind but it did. A few more seconds of the green beam ray in the three dimensional field passes and a small tiny seedling sprouts that’s about an inch tall with two small leaves. Then I shut off the ray because it’s exhausted me.

But which type of garden seedling was it again?

“This …skill is really hard to use!” I said to Fox.

Fox nods, “tell me about it. If it were that easy to alter reality everyone would do it. They’d want to be able to turn dirt into gold or something crazy. Believe me it’s a hard power to work and costs a lot of mana. You probably felt a huge dip in your total mana right?”

I tried to feel my core. Its true there was a lot of energy gone. I’m guessing I lost like ten percent just from that one tiny seedling alone, making me feel light headed from so much going so quickly. It’s not very good for the bang for our buck either. I wonder if that’s even useful? It’s hard to use, and poor gas mileage with almost no redeeming traits yet.

And what good is one small seedling? Does it have any special traits?

I wonder if this is a waste of time.

“Well is there anything special about that plant?” Asakura stoops over it to study it with her giant boobs hanging down. Well they are smaller than they used to be but still humongous.

I can feel energy flowing out of Fox as she sort of does some weird thing with whirling her finger, while looking at it. Is she scanning it? I think she is.

A good ten seconds she says, “You made a tomato seedling? Hehe, I hadn’t expected that. It’s kind of funny actually.”

“Wow,” I said.

“Oh! I thought it looked familiar! Yeah that is a tomato seedling maybe a week old,” Asakura exclaimed in delight.

“Amazing,” Fox said.

“How is it amazing? It’s not good for much,” I said.

“But over time it will add up. If you made one of those everyday you could have a forest of free food and something that looks like a paradise,” Asakura said.

“Ahh that’s true,” I admitted.

“I can’t sense any mana in it. It’s just a normal tomato,” Fox confirmed.

Both of them are laughing in delight but not scorn and excited. I’m grateful they aren’t giving me a hard time for wasting resources and time.

“So should we cover this whole room in tomato plants?” Asakura asked.

“You like gardening?” I asked her surprised.

“Well tomato plants are OK and all but I can think of other things that would be good to eat too,” I said.

“Don’t think too much on it Shun. Remember the true part of this exercise is both to train up the alter reality power, and also to make it so you can make this place more attractable to this Ayumi girl to rest in while she trains up,” Fox said.

“This is actually really wonderful! I love gardening! I used to garden with my relatives before some of them got sick. It’s one of the good memories we have together. Thank you so much Shun!” Asakura has moved so quickly it’s a blur and is now hugging me pushing me into her warm chest.

There’s the leakage of milk seeping out of her tits briefly that makes my chest wet.

Fox doesn’t say anything this time. Does she like gardening too I wonder? Is this going to be of value?

I had thought it was just an experiment. And the mana cost seemed too high for me to change the dirt into gold…or metal. That’s what I would have done if it would let me. I’ll probably never get that far.

“Let’s try something else,” I said.

“Um she needs a shirt. Badly I might add,” Fox jerked a thumb at Asakura and is looking very serious.

“But it’s just the three of us, and we’re all his wi- I mean family anyway. No matter how you look at it I at least have mistress status. Really I don’t mind being like this,” Asakura protested.

“Don’t you want to be the wife?” I asked.

“Somehow being called the mistress is hot and sexy too,” Asakura said.

“Ahh I get it,” I said.

“But don’t make me wear a shirt please,” she pleaded. She looks like she wants to eat me up too.

“That doesn’t worry me, but the fact that you like it too much does. I want you to shape one of the school uniform blouses into something she can wear as a shirt to not freak out Ayumi when we wake her up,” Fox insisted.

“Yeah you are right. You know actually I think I have like Stockholme Syndrome for Shun. I think all of us do. But I only like being naked around Shun not other people just to clarify,” Asakura said, surprising me.

“Good to know,” Fox growled at her.

She’s been thinking about this? I don’t know if it’s good for them to dwell too much on it. And her knowing she’s like that is scary too that she’s still happy.

I decide to change the subject.

“Can we talk about that later? I assure you guys I just want us to be happy and survive together as a family. So let’s try and use the alter reality thing on one of the shirts,” I said quickly.

“That would also be good training for later applying more enchants on the shirts,” Fox coached.

“I like that idea. More enchants on gear means we’re stronger and tougher,” I said.

I used the summon equipment box spell and sure enough there are clothes in there.

“Also can we change the skirt too?” Asakura asked quickly.

“Sure. Let’s do it,” I said.

“I’d prefer if you made it shorter,” Asakura boldly asserted.

Fox and I stare at her.

“That’s enough of that,” Fox said.

“Actually it’s pretty short already. I don’t want people following us around waiting for you to bend over as it is,” I said.

“What,” she said.

It is hard work after all. We used a ton of mana to do it. But we could do more area of change than the previous experiment because we weren’t creating cloth from nothing. We were only changing cloth into a different shape, color, and texture. And the benefit was so small.

After a good two hours and a lot of sweat, and stress we somehow managed to change the uniform blouse into a very stretched out bikini top. I’m sweating like crazy though. And it’s exhausted me. I have poor mana conversion on this skill after all.

“Try that on,” I said.

“But it’s so small for her still,” Fox said.

“Not her, you first,” I countered.

“Thanks,” Fox is happy with her victory over Asakura.

“It’s not that small, it’s just temporary,” Asakura defended me.

Fox tries it on and twirls around. Without realizing it she’s disrobed completely from head to toe in front of me just so she can try it on. She’s somehow accepted we’re family even though we haven’t done the deed. But that was being worked into her brain for some time now so it’s no surprise. “Hey this is very pretty!” she exclaimed happily. Her tails twitch in the air with her happy expressions.

Truthfully the bikini top cups weren’t small. They were fairly big actually for bikini cups. And that somehow pushed her boobs outward more which made the illusion of them being bigger when held in more. So it was kind of hot.

“Nice!” Asakura said, clapping her hands.

“Um Shun…what happens if you put it in the equipment box? Will it duplicate to the others or just add this as an outfit for all or just me?” Fox asked.

“We’ll find out soon,” I said.

So we try it and use a bunch of mana. Wow, that spell uses a lot of mana…I’ve got a headache now from using too much mana so quickly.

Then we had to rest a bit to make up for it.

Sure enough when we put the bikini top in and shut it and close the box, when I re-summoned the box it’s still there. But there was only one bikini top there. There wasn’t one for each girl like I had clothes and other equipment for. I guess I have to make and alter the others to ‘own it’ as an additional upgrade on the summon equipment box skill. I also discovered that the school uniforms were all back there again, one for each girl, as they were apparently the equivalent of the starting equipment. So that meant I could use them and ‘mana forge’ them into nicer looking clothes and then equip them on my team, and still store the newly mana forged items in the box at the same time.

“Um, Shun, I have a question?” Fox is raising her hand politely.

Asakura and I look at her questioningly.

“What is it?” I asked.

“I used mana sensing on this. All of the items in this box are confirmed to have a duration of approximately 72 hours give or take,” Fox said.

Hmm her senses are sharp. Even I didn’t know that.

Maybe it’s because I need more training?

“That makes sense. If they are summoned they would be quasi-reality, which we had thought of before. We just didn’t have a firm idea of when they’d evaporate,” I confirmed.

“What does that mean though?” Asakura asked her.

“I think they are made of some kind of shadow material would be my guess,” Fox said.

“It also means I don’t want you walking around town in only summoned clothes that are three days old,” I said.

The other two blushed.

“What about something for me? Shun?” Asakura gives me a pleading look.

She goes to reach out for the bikini top I made for Fox, but is stopped by her as well.


Fox blushes crimson. “Your…boobs … are too big. You’ll break it. And he needs to make another one for you first so you have your own.”

“I won’t break it,” Asakura contested.

But in her mind, I think she realizes she would despite her denial.

“Fine, go ahead,” Fox agreed to it for some reason. She’s still blushing a bit and takes the bikini top off and hands it to Asakura. She doesn’t bother to cover up her firmly shaped cups or exposed abs but stays topless with a sleepy cat look on her face.

But I had to change the bikini top for Asakura so it would still work, after she broke the string ties from just having her boobs too big and heavy. The first time she tried it on, it snapped under the weight it’s trying to pull up. So then I had to re-attach it together and strengthen the bond with a blend of mana stitching and reinforcement. That worked but then her boobs just slipped out the bottom. So then I had to sort of alter the design a bit so that the cups were sort of holding things up from mostly below and also in front but still cover the nipples in front too.

I suppose to be fair the strings might have broken on Sunghee too, but just not nearly as quickly.

So we lost another hour making another. This time it didn’t take as long because we’d figured it out the pattern of the material though it’s still just as hard to alter the material which we’ve mostly pulled from shortening the sleeves on the other blouses and using it as resources. Then we just reshape it and sort of re-mesh it internal while thickening it so it’s not as see-through as a white dress shirt.

Finally we have a swim suit bra design that Asakura can use. Right now it’s the only thing she can wear above the waist. It’s totally hot and sexy too.

Fox hasn’t put hers back on yet. I think its pheromone manipulation still but its fun to enjoy it.

While doing it Fox has been staring into my eyes this whole time. I pretend not to notice. And her nipples are engorged and poking out like crazy too. The way she sits with her legs folded under her have pushed the skirt up a lot too. I’m painfully aware that everything is on display, though Asakura hasn’t caught her rival’s actions yet.

And through it all I’m working up an alter reality skill. There may be other ways to train it up too.

“Now we just have to change the landscape in here to look like a beach and tropical island and then she’ll wake up and not want to leave,” Asakura said.

“That’s a good idea,” Fox admitted.

Oh, she’s hit pure gold I realized.

It’s the perfect ruse. Every girl wants to go to like a Hawaii beach or some deserted island. Guys like that too. It would help transition Ayumi and Haruka to this world without shocking them with the pure violence and hell that we encountered, experienced, and nearly died through too many times. Plus it would be an ultimate peaceful place for us to hang out and train in while enjoying a paradise.

This would setup things so that I can lure Haruka and Ayumi into the harem easily. If I can twist the dream state into a paradise location spot they will want to be with us while we train them up.

“That’s good. It’s a good plan. I second that motion,” I said.

“Wow, it’s brilliant,” Fox said with a surprised look on her face too.

“So now this dream state is like our war room and we can craft too and prepare cool stuff in here. I like it!” Asakura said.

We of course are now making her wear the bikini top even though she said the string ties on it chafe her skin. I think she’s still just trying to show off and come up with an excuse to not wear it though.  

I still haven’t gotten to where I need to be. Making two bikini tops isn’t really getting anywhere fast but it’s at least a start in the right direction. I think this will also help me get stronger in working up this alter reality thing.

And little by little I’ll keep working up the inside of the dream state to look like a paradise island! This is so exciting! And it’s all only possible thanks to Fox’s alter reality skill that she’s trying to teach me.


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