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Dreamweaver Chapter 140





It’s been a few hours of precious heavenly R and R (rest and relaxation) in the dream state with both Fox and Asakura.

While taking a little time Fox and Asakura haven’t accepted each other as easily as Fox did with Sunghee, or Sunghee with Rina. Its taking some time for Fox especially, who is by nature still distrustful of humans even if it’s me. I think it’s also because Asakura and Fox are by nature opposing alpha females in my harem that would both normally take the number one spot.

Sunghee though having abilities and confidence of an alpha female was forced by very nature to be submissive in how I’d rescued her in this world. Thus, the problems of her conflicting with other harem members were less.

Thinking about it, I need to get Fox in quicker since they are both by nature alpha females. That means one of them being unsecured and if a bad dispute happens there’s a chance to lose one of them if I don’t lock them both up tightly. But looking for ways to do that isn’t easy with Fox because of her distrust.

At one point Fox even accidentally hugged me, when she was actually trying to back away from Asakura in worry. I felt the warm bump as Fox has just collided with me. It’s too late to pull away and happened by accident.

“Ack!” Fox said while freezing.

“Eh?” I said at the same time we are still collided.

I feel the weird sensations telling me Fox’s clothes are entirely an illusion as it’s almost like a naked girl is hugging me. I’d almost forgotten her clothes are just an illusion, because she never touches others and because her skill with illusions is so well detailed. Oh gosh…the feeling of her chest against mine is almost more than I can bear…

“Eeep!” Fox yelped, worried she’d lose control. She has a look of conflicted wanting to give in on her face too. She froze up instantly.

“It’s OK. It’s going to be fine,” Asakura said for me.

Fox kind of listens but didn’t know what to do.

This could be a good chance actually. I seized it. Before she can back off I hugged her back tightly.

I need to break down Fox’s will, mostly because she’s so distrustful of humans. By that I’m not going to force her but I do want to help her get used to me and used to hugs. All this time she’s resisting letting me get close to her, and I only have barely made a sliver of progress because of the pheromones really. And whenever anything good has happened she always pulls back a mile retreating emotionally afterwards. She’s simply one of the most resistant and stubborn people ever.

I didn’t think anyone could even resist the pheromones. Does that mean they need to be upgraded? But if I do upgrade them the normal human harem members will probably go crazy and become uncontrollable right? And to foxkin how do humans smell anyway? Does she think we smell good or…?

“It’s OK. Please don’t be afraid of me,” I said to Fox still hugging her gently to let her down.

Fox stiffens significantly in fear while Asakura is puzzled. Her ears also were laid back in stress for a few seconds but then they relaxed. From that I can hypothesize that she’s probably the only foxkin in the world right now to pursue any kind of relation with humans. There’s really that much to overcome.

This whole time Asakura has been trying to get as much milk as possible into the canteens to outfit me for another day. She’s still trying to get all the milk out even right now.

“She doesn’t like humans does she?” Asakura observed after shooting another thin stream of milk into the canteen. She has to do it carefully and evenly pulling and rolling her nipples downward not too tight but evenly to get every drop wrung out, so that not even a little liquid spills. But when it does, she’ll wipe it off the side of the canteen and make me lick it off her finger.

“Well…it’s not that…I mean…agh…how do I even know where to begin,” Fox is flustered.

Fox is still trying to get away but I keep her for a bit. I don’t make her panic and I don’t force her down. She’s nervous and like a flighty deer as she sort of almost trips over herself, but I catch her still holding her tight. At least this way she’s opening up. There was a time when we didn’t even know this much about her.

“It’s OK, you don’t have to be afraid,” I said.

She is still tight in her muscles but not trying to get away. Then I feel and hear her sniffing me, as she’s almost in really tiny ways starting to unwind. Her ears are still laid back flat on her head though so I must be cautious.

But this is my only way to test if I can somehow make an attempt at swaying Doppel-chan enough to not get violent and to try to accept us being closer. To even get there I’d have to get past Fox, who hasn’t been really reconciled as a harem member yet. I’ve been with Fox much longer then Doppel-chan too, so when is this going to be worked out I wondered. Because Fox is the most strong in willpower besides her, it means that I have to test my saliva pheromones and kiss ability on Fox. The saliva dose pheromones would also be more concentrated than the ones released by mana aura in the air as well. So there’s the possibility this can work in our favor, but it’ll be dangerous with both Fox and Doppel-chan, but for different reasons with both.

I plant a big wet sloppy kiss on Fox before she can react and then follow it up with two others. The first was directly on her lips, and then the next was on each cheek. I knew also that my incubus kiss ability had activated when I’d brushed her lips.

Fox almost like fell and I caught her pulling her close again. It’s almost like a very short brief anemic reaction, except I know she’s not anemic.

“Wha…? What happened? Where am I?” Fox asked. She pushed me out of her arms forcefully.

“Yuck, why am I hugging you? This makes no sense,” she said as a follow up.

Still the change in forgetting what was going on is proof the incubus kiss works. But it’s odd that it works this way. With each usage I’m learning something about it. And thankfully the incubus kiss ability has also done something to my saliva and mouth to make it cleaner somehow with some kind of anti-bad smell chemical compounds it seemed.

I didn’t technically have bad breath before though.

She’s currently wavering while standing there as if she’d topple over at any second. I reached behind Fox around the waist and pull her close. “Careful, I think you just got dizzy. It’s going to be OK,” I said, which is true in a way.

“Um Shun, what’s going on? I mean…why was her reaction like that?” Asakura asked. She paused only a few seconds in milking her teats into the canteens to look up.

So I explain it while we both look at Fox girl who looks like she just had her memory reset. Fox is starting to look around confused. She still stumbles a bit and looks from right to left questioningly.

“Did I just fall asleep?” Fox asked. She rubbed her eyes.

“Um, you don’t remember what happened?” I asked.

“No?” she guessed. She’s looking around confused again.

“Maybe it acted like sensory overload?” I suggested to Asakura, who shrugged back.

“You did kiss her more than once huh?” Asakura said back to me while still milking herself.

“Um, Fox come here a minute. I need to check your health,” I said.

Deep inside, I’m thinking…will Fox finally become mine today? She looks almost innocent now.

She leers at me with raised eyebrow. “What’s going on? I can tell something is off,” she started to say but Asakura also followed my queue. She sort of stumbled forward.

“We think you are getting sick,” she said.

“Really? But…I feel fine,” she said.

“Just let me check you please,” I said.

I started by feinting that I was checking her pulse feeling the veins in her wrist and holding that arm. Fox still looks squeamish. The more skin to skin contact I have with her the better. I am also prolonging it as long as I can.

“You do look really pale,” Asakura throws in while still shooting breast milk into canteens. When Fox isn’t looking she winks at me though on this.

Fox doesn’t look pale at all.

“Uh oh, that’s not possible…” she muttered.

I have to gain her trust though. So I keep casually taking her pulse and counting in my head up to a minute like someone might do if taking a pulse without having a watch.

“OK, you better check her ears and nose. That’s what a nurse or doctor would do,” Asakura said.

“What? Really? Is that necessary?” Fox seemed annoyed.

“It’s what nurses and doctors do where we are from. They look for signs of inflammation and like swollen red tissue. It helps to figure out where it’s originating from,” Asakura said like a true pro.

Wow, I didn’t even have to ask her to get her to cover for me. Sweet!

Fox is thinking about it logically but relents. “OK fine, but no tricks got it?” She looks like she’s almost trying to get her guard back up but it’s not working as well.

She comes in closer while I check her ears, peering into them as if looking deep inside. Then I check the other one while Fox has her hand on my shoulder. It’s a good ruse, but I think if it weren’t for the pheromones making her suggestive she would have suspected something, after all she’s smart as hell.

“It’s not bad is it? I feel really hot all over and it won’t go away,” Fox asked in a strange meek condition.

“Hmm….” I don’t give a hint either way.

“OK, now the mouth first, then the nose,” Asakura said.

“Face me, and let me look at your mouth,” I ordered.

Strangely Fox obeys and her ears are sort of flat sideways in a cowed look now changed from the almost hostile look from before.

When I look and act as I’m about to say open wide I then plant three more heavy saliva kisses on Fox again, each one longer than the next one and more sloppy. The first again directly on the mouth, the second on her forehead and then a heavy sloppy kiss on either cheek. Because of the pheromones I have to without fail make them super sloppy and wet, though I’m not actually into that sort of thing.

She was about to get mad, but then suddenly stopped and looks sort of like a blank look on her face, again standing there. She’s totally zoned out again.

I keep rolling my tongue in hers but guardedly stay ready to pull my tongue back in case there’s a bite reaction or aggression response.

“Did it work?” Asakura asked me.

“I don’t know,” I said without stopping.

“She still seems overly resistant,” Asakura said.

“If I use a debuff then she’ll be able to tell later from reading the mana. So we have to take it slow too,” I said.

Asakura blushed with a terribly ecchi facial expression, “do you want me to like…umm…hug her from behind?” she totally looks crimson in the face.

That would be soooo freaking hot. I am really tempted. I can’t overdo it though yet. Yeah that might make Fox panic.

I rejected that idea. But in response Asakura feels bad. I guess when you are really close with someone it can hurt to have them tell you no sometimes; another lesson in reality.

“Wait a sec. Is it just me or are her eyes a bit heavier lidded than before?” I asked.

“Um let me check,” Asakura comes out from watching from behind Fox to near me but with a side view to me. She’s also leaning over to examine Fox, who is a bit shorter anyway, in a way that makes her massively huge boobs hang down straight in the air.

It almost distracted me from the mission.

Fox then started to come out of it again.

“This isn’t good. It’s only working a few seconds. You better keep at it or you’ll lose her,” Asakura said.

“Yeah, that worries me,” I said. I began kissing Fox again all over the mouth and face.

“hmmm? Haaaaahh?” Fox is starting to stretch out and yawn.

“But stacking the kisses, doing it that way does that stack the time onto each other or doesn’t it? Do you want to stack kisses on her lips over and over or is it better to spread out the area of coverage for more length of the incubus stun?” Asakura smiled briefly.

“Oh that’s right!”

“Hey whats going on? Did I fall to sleep?” Fox said. Yeah, she’s in a sleepy haze still while I keep kissing her.

“Actually you fell and hit your head,” I said. It’s a smile white lie really. I’ll make up for it later. And I already remember that she’s accepted she will be in the harem at some point. So I’m not hurting anything.

“Really?” Fox exclaimed. She’s totally defenseless now, I think.

If I were forcing her, which I’m not then I’d make a move now.

“Come here, let me check for a bruise,” I gestured for her to walk to me again when she’d turned away. Then I kissed her forehead again.

“I do have a kind of a headache actually. You may be right,” Fox said. She stretches out again, and somehow her chest is being pushed into my face while she’s groaning mid stretch. She eyes me hungrily.

“Shun? You look different somehow,” Fox said. Her eyes are filled with lust as she’s trapped looking at my face.

Yes! A positive response!

“Ahh, the headache is maybe related,” Asakura whispered to me.

Fox comes close again, not remembering anything that happened before.

So I plant five kisses this time on her. I follow a similar pattern as before. One big juicy one on the lips, and then two on each cheek, and one on the forehead, with the last being a French kiss where I try to expose her to as much saliva as possible.

Normally saliva would gross me out but this is sex demon saliva, which is built to be clean and sanitary. That much I’d already figured out from my abilities. I still am not a fan of sloppy wet kissing but this an ability as much as anything else that needs to be trained. And I can’t train it on Asakura because I wouldn’t get honest feedback; with her she’d claim every hit was a homerun just to spend more time making out with me.

Fox is really reeling to and fro now like a drunk person. She almost fell, and then swerved to the right in the opposite direction. It’s the teeter totter like feel of like when you tranquilize someone and they are like trying to stay awake and recover while in the middle of falling all over the place.

“Careful! Oh she’s going to fall. Watch it!” Asakura said.

She almost recovered and looked like she might stay on her feet. Then she reeled to and fro again. Then she like fell into Asakura’s arms, who rushed to catch her from behind.

Wow, that’s hot too. Fox’s head is buried in Asakura’s cleavage. And because Fox is only semi-conscious her illusion clothes just dropped. She’s not stark naked in front of us.

“Uh oh, she’s not going to like that when she snaps out of it,” Asakura noted.

“Should be like close to a full minute this time right?” I asked.

“Probably,” she responded.

We time it carefully for the rest of the time period, estimating the average amount of time it might take for the rest of the tempting kiss ability to wear off. I still keep up heavy French kissing with Fox for now for a good fifteen minutes.

“This is so hot,” Asakura winked at me.

Fox tried to stretch again but has her eyes closed. So we have to change her position to keep her comfortable.

But this time while she’s collapsed onto Asakura into a heap we turn her over carefully, to like before with her back against Asakura’s front and the rest of their bodies matching up while Asakura is in a sitting position as if Asakura is her chair.

For a few minutes I’d even done a lap pillow with Fox’s head in my lap until she started to wink out of it again. Before she can fully come out of it, I kiss her again five times trying to use as much saliva as possible. Fox’s eyes widen suddenly but she’s not fighting us, but like prone somehow.

“This is strictly for figuring out the limits of the kiss ability and working it up,” I said.

“So you aren’t going to fuck her yet?” Asakura seems really disappointed.

“No, I sort of forced this. So I won’t feel good if I fuck her without her being willing and wanting it back.”

“But she wants it! She just hasn’t said ‘go for it’ yet. And having a little fun when she’s already half in the harem anyway should be OK right?” Asakura tried to counter. Asakura is really brainwashed by the pheromones sometimes. She’s still fun and smart though.

“What’s with you? You want me to push her down?” I looked at her questioningly.

Asakura seemed conflicted. “I don’t know. Maybe that’s my conditioning or the sex demon influence on me trying to get you to capture more girls. It seems like I always have this suggestion to want to help you get more women but logically there’s no reason I should be like that. I’m not into girls either, but if you were to like order me to do something to one, I’d be helpless too and have to obey you.”

We then dosed Fox again. Now her tongue is hanging out of her mouth and her eyes look blood shot. She looks totally unconscious except for the eyes are open.

“That’s so funny isn’t it?” I asked Asakura. She waves a hand in front of her blank face.

She giggled. “I think that’s the ahegao look right?”

My heart tremored. “Eh? You’ve heard of that term?”

It’s totally messed up that she’d know something like that.

“Of course I have,” she said defensively. She winked at me. “I get my own turn later OK?” she added.

“O-of course.”

The next time we dosed Fox suddenly we were afraid she was waking up. She cried out but then we were both shocked when it was like cum and urine instead coming out her pussy while her legs are splayed wide open. She’s lucky she barely missed peeing on Asakura, who had been holding her upright from behind with her legs spread apart by the way Asakura’s arms kept her open. Fox is shivering like crazy now and there’s a gel like slime dripping from below that has to be foxkin cum.

It’s almost like Asakura is begging me to fuck her now too.

“Eeek!” Asakura exclaimed. She was only able to escape in time because she was hanging partly over Fox instead of directly under her while sitting straight up.

My mouth is gaping open.

“That’s so hot,” Asakura said seeing it.

“So does this mean we have a working plan?” I asked.

“So we just have you save up like a whole canteen of sex demon saliva and dose Doppel-chan with it all at once. I think that’s the best thing to do,” Asakura suggested.

“That’s a good idea. Hell it’s brilliant. I just dump like ten canteens of incubus fluids on her. She’ll be conquered easily with no chance of resisting,” I said.

“You probably don’t need ten canteens though,” she said.

“Are you kidding? She almost ripped my arm off. I’m pondering even dumping a hundred cans on her just to be safe. We can’t screw up with her and once she’s out of that cage we might not get her back in,” I said.

“So the question remains how many canteens to drown her in huh?” Asakura’s face is really turned on right now.

“Will it be too much saliva if it’s like just one canteen full of it? What if too much gives them a heart attack?” I asked.

“I’m more worried about it wearing off too like Fox seems to come out of it. That’s the second part of the problem too. From what I’ve heard of her you can’t be too careful. And if they do have a heart attack, won’t they die happy?” Asakura reminded me deviously. She winked at me again.

“Yeah that’s true. This experiment was helpful I guess,” I said.

“But, but…but…but…stop!” Asakura cried out.

She’s put Fox down and was tugging on me. Fox is of course comatose with eyes open. I think maybe that’s enough for now for Fox. I don’t want to force it. Ideally if I can, I want Fox to force herself to take it from me and then she’ll be trapped for good.

“Please can we go one more time? I know we’re running out of time, but I really want you to do me again please! Then you can finish Fox,” Asakura is begging me.

Wow, she’s really hooked. I somehow accidentally triggered a greed sex reflex. I guess there’s worse things for her to want in life. She’s like actually crying and on her knees begging me to fuck her again.


It takes a few minutes to calm her down.

“Also you know in the real world you could make another saliva canteen separate from the milk again to capture more girls besides just Doppel-chan who might be a failure anyway,” Asakura said seductively while twisting her nipples.

Seriously…I’m so grateful for all I have. It’s wonderful to have the girls. Even just having Asakura, Sunghee, soon to be Fox bride, and Rina is enough to make any man happy right?

But maybe…there could be more?

I suddenly had a daydream of me on a bed surrounded by dozens of naked beautiful girls. It wouldn’t get dull or boring if I really were involved with each of them on a one on one level. It would only be dull if they were treated like property and without engaging their personalities.

Come to think of it, there’s no end to how many girls I could have as long as I capture them all right? Why should I only go for two or three when I could have like ten or twenty? Or…how big is the limit anyway?

Wait, too many wouldn’t be good if I can’t get to know them huh?

Before leaving the dream state after tons of fucking with Asakura, and while Fox is asleep, Asakura and I check to see how much milk she’s produced. We also noticed that more contact with me boosts her milk production. There is an almost immediate effect too because we’d just milked her and after sex her production is already going again, after food and drink for her which consists of water, and the MREs in the summoned box.

“Wow, you made like a gallon in a good eight hours of me being here in the dream state,” I said to her.

“What’s that mean? What’s the standard? I don’t know if that’s good or bad,” she asked me. We have several summon equipment box canteens full of the stuff now.

“Well I think you are producing a gallon in roughly a ten hour day. So that means like we do a milking in dream time morning and another at dream team end,” I guessed.

“Wow, that much?” She’s surprised.

“But how much is normal?” she asked as a follow up while I was thinking about it.

“I don’t know. How much milk does a milk cow produce per day?” I asked rebounding the question back to her.

“I-I didn’t g-grow up on a f-f-farm and now I’m so embarrassed. How am I supposed to know? And I can’t ask anyone without burning my ears up,” Asakura shot back while blushing. I saw her hiding a smile though. She’s proud of herself and accepted this fully.

“You’re so wonderful. I love you. You will always be my precious cow tits girl,” I said cheekily while hugging her and absorbing her warmth.

I guess having one Asakura is better than having a minotaur cow girl.

She wanted to be upset at the cow tits comment…they are close to that size aren’t they? But then she was softened up by not being able to rebel or be mad at me in the first place and the mutual love we shared. Then she was proud of it and wanted it after she saw it turned me on. It’s kind of funny in a way.

“Oh you’re so sweet Shun,” she said.

Uh oh…I think I’m waking up. The dream state is starting to get ripped away…

I need to ask a farmer how much milk a cow in this world produces. That might help me figure out how much a baseline is and adapt that to Asakura’s weight and do the math. I’m guessing it would be pretty similar.

Maybe with the dream of tons of girls I can start a cowgirl dairy farm. To do that I’d have to calculate milk production per girl, selling price of milk, and price of food, land, and slave girls or slave cow girls. It’s like there’s a green light on in my head.

That would be totally awesome.

Wait,…is that my thought or is it implanted through the demon box trying to influence me? There’s the possibility it’s not really my thought thinking that, even though it’s in my brain.

We did decrease Asakura’s breast size a little bit.

Then I forced her to do combat training with me to work on my shielding and healing skills and her attack skills. 


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