Dreamweaver Chapter 139



In the dream state…




I took a breather and rested in the dream state a bit.

“Hey Shun! I missed you!” Asakura gave me a singy type of response full of cheerfulness.

Ahh she’s like a happy puppy the way she’s looking at me. It’s really cute.

And since I’d met with her last she’s still naked. Is the naked thing going to be permanent now with all the girls in here now? As long as they stay hot looking it’d be a plus, so I won’t complain. Yeah I definitely won’t complain. This could be fun actually. It’s like a heaven that only I can visit.

She crashes into me, giving me a bear crushing hug. But because she’s swollen with milk now the hug forces damp wet spots on my chest from milk expiring from her nipples. It reminds me it’s milking time.

We end up giggling all over again while she’s crashed into me. Again she’s making out with me non-stop with French kissing. Before long, she throws me down on the bed and is sitting on me. She pops both her nipples in my mouth at once with her giant boobs hanging over me, making me drool. It was weird that I had been feeling uncontrollably hungry and so I had to deactivate the other slave crystals so I could feed with Asakura alone without interference.

I think I ended up force feeding breast milk from her so much that I think her boobs looked maybe a small touch smaller. This was a forced exercise that took time as I kept pushing that advantage now that I saw I could reduce their size a little. She helped and I took part in trying to squeeze out more of everything we could try to make get everything out. I hadn’t anticipated though that milking her even more which makes her cry out. I can’t tell if she’s crying out in arousal or pain, but I think it’s mostly arousal. That’s good enough I thought after a good couple of hours. Looking at their massive size reduced even a little is now effective; yeah, that did help in keeping her breast size down.

I guess because she was my only milk source available somehow the demon genes triggered her to have obscene milk production to compensate for my not having other food sources. Thus, now we have an explanation on why her breasts are so swollen. My own internal demon genes were trying to tell her to store up like a camel in nutrients and supply.

Now that I know what the problem is I can manage it more effectively and keep her size to a manageable state, though to be fair I kind of liked plus boob sized women and didn’t reduce her size too much. After a good thorough second milking, I’m also sure her size has decreased a bit again.

“I kind of wish there was a way for you to still suck my boobs and also still take me from behind in doggie style position. It feels like you are hitting me deeper in that position honey,” Asakura said suddenly. Then she winked at me with tongue sticking out at me playfully.

“Oh really?” I said mischievously. I spanked her on the ass some more, but that just made her happier.

Then I threw her down roughly while she’s giggling and sink into into wet sloppy pussy from behind. Every since my tool grew, this position has really surprised me. I can see my tool ramming into her and forcing her vagina to epic size while clamped down and stretched around me because of how much the sex demon genes have made forced enlargement of my tool. While I ram into her, she’s also trying to push back against me with hard forceful reverse thrusts.

She’s really into this with severe enthusiasm and sheer bliss. I’m sawing back and forth like that while Asakura is groaning and unable to get away while her legs are shaking. “Oh jeez! No! Ohh…..ooooooohh Shun! I can feel your love! Oooooooh more! Yes! Don’t stop! Please! More! Give it to me! Deeper! Split me in half! Fuck me Shun! MORe!” she keeps spewing off tons of dirty talk while she’s got her hands somehow pulling at me from behind her to try to get me to ram her harder and faster.

We kept it up like this for a good hour I think. I lost track of how many times we both cum, but it was a lot thanks to demon pheromones. The daily life of a half sex demon is pretty fun actually. Every day like this brings more fun and I get to explore this more. It’s also thanks to the demon genes that I don’t deflate or lose my power after just one time cumming. And when I do cum inside her, somehow there’s like tremendous pheromone dosage in the cum, so it forces instant cum reactions from Asakura. That in turn, makes her want more and want for it to not stop.

“Spank me! Yes! And make me your fuck slave! More than all the other girls I want to be your slut!” she cried out desperately at the top of her lungs. Then she reached around to grab my hands and make me spank her even more.

Yeah…turns out she’s my number one follower.

I can’t resist cumming in her again. Then I flip her over and go back to both fucking her and biting her titties to suck out the milk at the same time, which makes her even wilder. She likes when I bite her titties but I think that’s only because of the ghoul genes, normal women probably wouldn’t go for that. There were occasional strands and spurts of milk shooting out like once a minute as we rocked back and forth, but they went too fast for me to chase them with my tongue.

Her eyes rolled back in her head at some point too, but she’s still semi-conscious.

She cums whenever I suck milk from her tits now, which is amazingly fun to watch her eyes roll back in her head briefly; plus I need to do it to control my hunger better. And she does that without me even having any vaginal penetration, yet with it she goes almost nonstop for ten minutes sometimes even blacking out. Is it because of the ghoul status? Whenever she does cum I can feel the surge of wetness leaking out from between her legs while she cries out.

“AHHHHhhh, aaahhhhhhhhhh, More! Yes! LiKe tHAt! OOHHHHH, how?! Ahhhhh, Yesssss, keep that up, push in further! Moooorree! Dang SHuuuuuuuuuuuuunn, HoWWWzz you do that?! Stirring me up insideeeee! Yaahhh ahhhhhhhh,” she kept moaning like a drunk person.

This feels like I’m on a different world sometimes. Well I guess that’s obviously the case, but sometimes it feels like a heavenly world, rather than the hell world we’re in.

I think I should be careful about upgrading the pheromones too much. Too much would make them permanently drunk I think. That worries me. Would upgrading the pheromone skill again ruin their minds?

It’s tempting though; should I upgrade the pheromones? It would be so much fun to be honest. And it would be like something you’d probably only find on some nirvana cloud. If I did I’d be like living a dream that nobody else could comprehend. I’m tempted to do it.

As things are Asakura like this is kind of like a sex zombie that’s not really an undead. She moves around sloppy too.

My tool almost looks like this giant pulsing worm going in and out, forcing her vagina to a new level in size circumference that’s trying to split her in half. My tool looks really fat now like a baseball bat. How did it get that big? And will that be harmful to non-monster women? I think it changes shape inside of them but I’m not sure actually.

As long as it can shrink down when I’m calmed down it’s OK…

Then we switched to something that isn’t as violent as both of us are feeling less urgency to pound hard against each other. Asakura likes slow pulses as well.

“I love you Shun! I’m so lucky to have you!” she cried out. Tears are coursing down her face.

“Thanks, you’re so wonderful,” I said while hugging her.

“You too,” she said squeezing me so hard it felt like my rubs would crack.

Oops…how’d this happen? She’s crying now like a sieve. I’m not good at crying women. But at least it’s a good way now. Too much pheromone put her in blissful mode and the overflow is making her cry for joy, and she won’t let go of me from a hug.

“I can’t believe I have you. You’re such a good boy, err man I mean. You never hurt me, and you always protect us. I don’t deserve you!” she collapsed into more crying.

“It’s OK. I love you too,” I said, giving her another kiss on the lips.

Then twenty minutes later we started up again as she’s re-energized.

Then after a lot of hot sex and Asakura screaming in sexual excitement we met up with Fox. Asakura won’t let go off my hands now and it’s like she’s constantly staring happily at me. She leans against me a lot too, whenever she gets a chance. That’s hypnotic when she’s not wearing a shirt and I can feel her skin against me.

Fox is a bit annoyed. It’s not often that she’s been with us, when someone is constantly nude. We were mostly dressed but the school uniform blouses were just too small for Asakura, so now she’s going topless full time 24/7. And the pheromones make Asakura like being shirtless. And I like it too much too. I do think part of me liking it too much this way is the sex demon genes creeping over my body. Who the hell likes being shirtless? Even though I did manage to reduce her breast size a little bit.

Maybe if the dream state is my own kingdom having a ton of topless women in here would be ideal? Should I try that? Oh right, I’d first have to finish conquering Fox huh? I’ve been meaning to get around to that but I don’t like forcing people.

For me, I don’t like taking my pants off, even in sex either. Even though my existence is forced to be like this I don’t like nudity in myself. I think it’s partly from my distrust of others before we came to this world and dislike of being exposed. Maybe part of it also comes from the sex demon genes awakening a fear of being discovered in me. I think it’s partly the demon genes influencing me to want to camouflage myself, while affecting my brain.

Thus Fox has to accept a new reality. We’re in the training room now as I have arrived with Asakura and go to greet her.

“What’s with this change?” Fox looked at Asakura.

Asakura smiled but shrugged.

“You aren’t going to try to wear something?” Fox said to her.

Asakura blushed. “Actually this way isn’t so bad if others aren’t in here. And we are family,” she reminded us.

“That’s true huh?” Fox frowned though.

“Hey Fox,” I greeted her with a hug. The hug with Fox lingers for a bit and I think she’s sniffed me a few times.  But she won’t ever let me kiss her because of knowing I have the kiss ability now. That part has me a bit sad but I guess it’s for the best. I’ve realized I should greet her properly more often and be friendlier with her and not just count on it being there from pheromone coercion.

“Hi welcome back. I missed you,” she said sheepishly. She looks a bit twitterpated while staring at me.

“Thanks!” I said.

“Ahh, isn’t she nice? Shun, you should keep her,” Asakura then stole a hug from Fox too, which made Fox give me weird looks. She’s not used to a topless beauty hugging her but she put up with it because Asakura is so nice.

“That was nice of you to say,” Fox is shy all over again.

“You know I’m happy to see you too?” I smiled big at her and Asakura both. Asakura is giving me a sort of dreamy look and not being bashful about large objects on display still.

“Thanks for saying that,” Fox seems fidgety, “we-well it’s go-good to see you too,” she stammered. She’s stuttering and all over herself not knowing what to say.

The little stuff like this is really what life is about. Making people know you are happy to see them. It may sound corny but Fox is melting more from positivity.

“I have something I’ve wanted to ask you. I noticed that Sunghee’s card says she’s a high human. What’s the difference between a high human and a normal human?” I looked at her pointedly.

We get settled on a clean spot of the dream state’s floor to discuss it.

Fox smiled. “Good. Your mind is churning, I like that. I was afraid you were going to not train and only have sex together the whole night, possibly jeopardizing my sanity. This is good! I’ll be happy to teach you. I’m glad you are still being serious about training for this world’s dangers too.” Her tails twist and churn playfully in the air behind her.

She looks a bit flirty too with both her and Asakura trying to give me a lot of attention and always looking up at my face.

“You will?” Asakura’s more mature voice is still trying to trust Fox. She seems to be vigilant of her and of good intentions but I don’t know why.

“Well it’s simple. I want you to be productive and happy and help you. I just don’t want to be forced into anything…d-d-d-dangerous,” Fox stammered with her cheeks turning a tinge of pink. She deliberately avoids looking at Asakura, and that’s making her stare at me more than before.

“Oh,” Asakura said. She raised an eyebrow at me.

“You’re a good mentor Fox,” I said.

“Don’t worry Fox, Shun won’t force it,” Asakura said while playing with my hand. Did Asakura guess her thoughts? Fox is clearly blushing.

“A-a-are you sure?” Fox asked.

“Yeah we want you to be part of our team. That comes from unity and not coercion,” I returned.

“I’m surprised you said that,” Fox stated.

“Me too, I think he should take you by force but he won’t listen to me,” Asakura whined.

I shrugged at both of them like I didn’t know anything.

We begin walking around in the arena for exercise. Of course with every step Asakura’s boobs shake and jiggle, which is fun to watch, but I don’t want Fox to notice the line of my sight too much.

“Well basically you remember we talked about demons coming to this world and the long war between them. This is good to talk about and something that should be mentioned often. This has been a concern many times, and will be a struggle in the future too. What I’m about to tell you not everyone knows and it’s a something that could change your view of this world entirely. You see, part of this endless warring happened between the humans, demi-humans and their allies against the demon and goblinoid tribes is because this is a world where you can evolve in an unlimited way upwards,” Fox said seriously.

“Hmm, evolve? Are you sure this isn’t some twisted…” Asakura was starting to ask but Fox’s serious head shaking and facial expressions stopped her.

“Unlimited evolving?” I struggled to voice and comprehend it.

“As far as I can tell it’s like that or nearly like that maybe?” Fox said.

“I don’t know. That sounds impossible,” I said.

“Look, this is real. I need you to accept this. Have you ever looked at people and wondered, why is that person so freaking ugly? Why does that man have a pig like face and bulky body? And then you see people that have like no blemishes at all, perfect skin, and seemingly youthful even into like late forties or fifties? And there are too many people like that with perfect beautiful looking bodies on this world. Especially this world has many beautiful people more than others I think. There aren’t very many ugly people at least on the human spectrum. And you wonder why both are in the same place and how they could exist on the same plane? By contrast too, there are people with boobs as big as hers and they aren’t fake and people wonder how could that be?” Fox asked.

“What?! How could there be someone like her?” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, you don’t seriously think Asakura is the only girl with big boobs do you?” Fox said cheekily.

“It’s OK, we can pretend I am still,” Asakura winked at me. Asakura’s reaction was to protect her position. I guess from her point of view she doesn’t mind being acknowledged as a size queen because it ups her prestige as the number one wife.

“I guess it’s possible,” somehow I’m disappointed. I hoped that Asakura is the only one like that since I have her. Somehow I’m hoping she’s special, though its selfish.

“Lies! She’s lying Shun! I’m unique…sp-special!” Asakura cried out in panic.

“Well…mostly they don’t all get that close to her in size but it can happen,” Fox rephrased herself.

“Is that a threat? There can’t be a girl like me out there can there?” Asakura suggested.

“Not in every city obviously…” Fox said quickly.

At some point in our walking exercise we took a break while still talking.

“Hmm, come to think of it we have seen a few people like that,” Asakura said totally ignoring the fact that Fox was referring to herself. She’s sitting Indian style with her legs crossed. But it’s a bit humorous because it’s become like she’s sitting in a way that makes her crossed legs a boob shelf while she’s hunched over trying to stare at me more closely.

Oh wow…I didn’t know someone could do that! A boob shelf?! I’ve been surprised again.

“There are cowgirls with boobs like almost the same size as yours. It’s super, super rare for even a high human girl out there to look that good,” Fox said again.

It’s also distracted Fox…and me though I don’t like to admit it.

“So is there a point to talking about that?” I asked.

“Of course there is! So like I was saying, this world represents a full spectrum of evolving not just from open doors but from the heavy mana saturation, and how it’s touching both hell and the heavens in its atmosphere. So you can evolve in different ways that are unexpected on a mana rich world,” Fox said.

“That’s deep,” Asakura noted.

“So you are saying that everyday people can and do evolve in this world? Like even someone who isn’t all that special?” I asked.

She nods affirmatively. “Beastkin tribes like my own are an example. We’re a form of existence that were ancient humans that evolved in a direction to survive man vs. nature more efficiently. At one point we were nothing special at all eons ago and almost as low as a ground squirrel. But we kept working forward and staying together. Then at some point we overcame those boundaries while others became extinct. We believe they chose those types of traits not just for themselves but to also be able to pass it down to their children in their genes probably when there was a need for hiding and for the ability to forage and hunt food; probably due to hostile environments.”

“Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that,” I said.

“And you are still evolving?” Asakura asked.

Fox nodded curtly to her affirmatively. I do notice that Fox responds to me more than Asakura and sometimes doesn’t bother. This is also further proof that the pheromones are indeed working on her.

“It would be interesting to find out what other beastkin became extinct,” I said to Fox.

She shrugged back. “Well I would dwell more on what we can do together now,” Fox smiled at me diplomatically.

“So what exactly does evolve mean? What does that entail?” I asked her.

Fox sighs. “That’s a loaded question and hard to answer. I haven’t done it even myself yet and nor am I even close. Even though I said evolving is possible it doesn’t mean that it’s fast or easy. I’m sure its painfully slow for most people. It would also explain your condition too Shun. I started out as a foxkin and most foxkin are already born with sentience from birth. Normally rather than crossing species we evolve from adding tails, though it’s been a long time, possibly thousands of years since anyone has evolved to four tails. Part of why it is hard to answer is that if someone were to evolve do you think they’re going to tell everyone? It’s probably not going to be obvious either and they’d have rules about how they could interact with others if they got too high in their evolution,” she chuckled.

“I like how you are now. You don’t have to be different from now for me to like you,” I said to Fox.

Emotionally she’s smiling and trying to hide it. What I said made her heart melt a bit more.

“I get that. People aren’t going to want to just tell their secrets to everyone. And when they do it’s because maybe that secret got too old and they acquired others first,” Asakura said.

“Yeah, you are right on that,” I nodded.

“But I will tell you secrets Shun. I am in this and committed,” Fox said seriously.

Asakura is surprised by it. The old Fox would never have said something like that when I’d first met her.

“So when you evolve how much do you actually change? Is it like a totally different being that you cross over into?” I asked.

Fox shook her head, “it’s pretty rare. People gifted in magic seem to be able to get into it if they become powerful enough. There are also people that cultivate their bodies into it through martial arts and re-forging their bodies to try to obtain immortality but that’s a long route, so much that they can break into it. But it doesn’t just happen with like you blinking and then you are a new creature entirely. It’s more like they acquire more...physical and spiritual presence gradually by degrees.”

“Hmm, by degrees huh? That sounds interesting,” I noted.

“Yeah, so you might suddenly see the strongest man in a city seems to grow his whole life but he’s the only one that does. That might be an evolution by degrees. There are a lot of unexplainable things like that. You might see a woman that ages so slowly it’s like she’s cheating the system…that’s one that a lot of women might choose as one of those ‘degrees of change’ that they acquire. And once again back to before it all happens because on the mana spectrum this world is saturated with it, plus somehow this world is at the border of realms touching both heaven and hell. So when someone is pushing against adversity long enough they wander into the door between those realms sometimes in their spirit,” Fox said.

“I think I’d like that one. I’d hate to look like an old lady. This evolution thing sounds interesting to explore Shun,” Asakura giggled.

And how did you find out about this again?” I asked.

“That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that what I’m saying is real, true, and there are sources to back it up. The short answer is to spirit walk often. That’s why this dream state and your dreamweaver skill are so important. My mom pursued shaman magic often and commented how dream walks can somehow wander into these evolutionary possibilities easier than a lot of others can with more possibilities. Those possibilities also may be influencing those connected to you through your unity and desires too. There are dangers to it though so you shouldn’t be alone in here but keep allies with you at all times,” Fox said defensively.

Asakura suddenly pawed forward making her massive boobs hang down. “You hear that Shun. You have to keep lots of sexy girls like me near you all the time!” she winked suggestively at me.

“Hey knock it off, this is serious,” I said frowning at her.

Fox glared at her too I noticed.

“What? I was just trying to be your woman you know,” Asakura defended.

“I guess that’s true huh? I…appreciate it…let’s finish this discussion though,” I said.

Despite trying to shut me down at first on that little clip, Fox ended up spilling her guts at the end? She is really close to being conquered after all. She can’t hold back from me now.

“So is high human an evolutionary trait step in the ladder or a full blown race?” I asked, now conflicted. Because Fox had mentioned by degrees it seemed like a race of high human didn’t fit that and so I told her so.

Asakura is also eating up every word because she’s a book worm.

“I don’t know the answer to that because there are endless possibilities. Some people are just given a gift when they reach our world from being pulled here. So some evolutions might just be small trait changes by degrees so that makes it hard to say exactly how far it will go. Others have to achieve high human through a life of hard work. Sunghee it seems was given the race of high human when she got here through a lottery like system of the blessing of the guardian spirits. Then she worked to get the adventurer job open and you can see how badass she is with weapons now. It’s also unusual for high humans to not have some special skill so if you see one I’d try to get them as an ally,” Fox said boredly.

So was Yumi a high human or just achieved a lottery pick skill by accident?

“Is she like a hero or something?” Asakura asked referring to Sunghee. I was about to ask that too, but she had started to think like me since we’d been together for so long, I think.

“Well this world does have heroes for each race, which are specially chosen witness of the guardian beings for each race and there are country heroes too sometimes. But that has nothing to do with it. They are separate ideas entirely,” Fox said. Right now Fox’s tails are flicking behind her in the air like they do when she usually gets playful and feels at peace.  

“So we weren’t summoned to this world to be heroes right?” I asked to confirm. I’d often wondered why people were funneled to this world. I kept hoping for some meaning to the loss of our home world. I liked magic, but still…losing your whole world and most of your family just sucks like hell.

“Hell no. In fact, the opposite,” Fox stated swiftly and with anger.

Both Asakura and I are very interested now.

“Like we were summoned to this world, I mean you guys, by powerful evil beings. I think when I mentioned this last time I was vague about this part. I’ve mentioned atrocities committed by humans and I’m sorry but that was no exaggeration. You were summoned here as part of mass human world trafficking of powerful mages stealing from other worlds and nothing more than that. Then you somehow avoided capture,” Fox reminded me.

“Yeah that adds a whole new twist to it,” I stated.

Asakura also agreed with me.

“I’m sorry but it’s the truth. There’s nothing heroic about it though some would want you to think otherwise,” her eyes looked sad.

Asakura looked a bit down by the blunt truth too.

“Please tell me more,” I said.

“The more I think about it, the surer I am that the Egyptians and others are using the summoning people from another world system to get slaves and sacrificial soldier pawns, and women to breed like cattle. That’s their true motive. I don’t think their only goal is war potential to fight orcs though, don’t trust the Egyptians and I would encourage you to not go there ever since it’s an evil place,” she finished.

“I think we had kind of a hint of that from a talk long ago, but we hadn’t spelled out if there were heroes or not and the full scope of how bad it is to be summoned to another world right?” Asakura said to Fox to ask for confirmation.

“That is correct,” she said.

“If that’s so…how does it get profitable to them when it costs them so much money to pull like a whole school or town full of people through?” I questioned.

“Very simple,” Fox said…”But you are going to hate the next part. You see they used probably the surrounding town or next town over from yours in your own world as chemical reagents to fuel the spell with a type of blood magic offering spell system. By using that as an offering the enormous mana price is paid for in blood magic. They would have had too, the mass and sheer amounts of physical objects and beings was enormously high and those were probably eaten up too if what I suspect is true. So for every one person that got summoned maybe ten to twenty others are dead.”

“Holy cow,” Asakura exclaimed.

“That’s terrible,” I said.

That’s even hard to comprehend.

“So once the summoned town or school or whatever arrives in this town; then they surround it and haul off all the people to sell as slaves and like cattle,” Fox said.

“That’s so awful,” Asakura was really upset and near on the verge of tears.

“So if you brought this up again. Are you afraid of it happening again?” I asked.

Fox’s eyes widen. “Wow you are a perceptive kid. Yes I do believe it will happen again soon. Probably it will be very soon too. In fact if I were you I’d be asking people when the next summoning date is. They’ve shortened the intervals between summons over the years and my people worry about how that will affect the balance of our world. We also worry about the backlash a spell with that horror could do if it goes badly or something goes wrong. That’s partly why this is coming up again. I think they will try to do another summoning ritual in probably one or two more months.”

“Wow,” Asakura and I looked at each other.

“That’s so soon,” I blurted out in worry.

“If you could go back and change things would you have come to this world still Shun?” Asakura asked me.

“Well…I like being with you. I don’t want to give that up. Nor do I want to give up on the fact that we found Sunghee and Fox too. I think we are able to be together in this world. That’s good enough for me,” I said squeezing her hand affectionately.

Asakura looked emotional and then hugged me. “Thank you. I’m glad you could say that. I hope we can find a peaceful place to live someday though.”

“There’s something else I need to clarify with you about the heroes and the champions of the various races,” Fox interrupted.

“OK. What is it?” I asked.

“I think you need the point hit home so you understand that the superior champions and heroes for each race don’t come from people summoned from other worlds. I’d mentioned it but not gone into detail. I’m sorry to say it, but if I don’t tell you then you could get yourself killed under this illusion and a lot of people die this way thinking they can become one. First they are ridiculously over powered and used in the gods of this world fighting each other for territory and to build up their countries. It’s also a common misconception that people from other worlds are heroes and that they manipulate the ones they capture to work for free. In truth the heroes fight against other worlders like yourself and hunt you. They lead the way in snatching up people to traffic. This is another danger we didn’t get a chance to talk about earlier. And also someone seeing Asakura or Sunghee would definitely love to crush you to steal them,” Fox said sadly.

“So we’re going to have to fight some heroes? Is that what she just said?” I asked Asakura.

“Shun, you won’t let them take us will you?” Asakura asked. She’s more worried about protection than what I just said. I can’t blame her.

“Yuck, who wants that? No I won’t let them take you. I don’t want to work for free or be crushed either,” I said in a disgusted tone.

“Nor do I,” Asakura stated.

“Plus to be hunted. That feels really terrible too,” I said. It was giving me the chills.

The other two didn’t respond to that right away.

I was mad as hell but trying to keep my cool. But it wasn’t about things Fox said, but about the concept of slavery for summons and just taking someone’s life from them.

This means more to worry about. We have to train more. But even though I want to train it seems that feeding gets in the way sometimes. I need to punish myself for that.

“So do you think my relatives are still alive? I keep thinking about what she said about people being eaten as reagents,” Asakura asked me.

“It’s best to focus on what we have now and keep the hope that they are without dwelling on it too much. We can’t change anything. You have to hope that they are alive and that things will work out,” I told her.

“That’s true. You’re right to say that. Thanks for encouraging her Shun,” Fox is looking at me like it’s the first time she’s seen me clearly. It’s a bit shocking.

“So can we also eventually become high humans? Or would they want to become more like us,” Asakura asked Fox directly.

Fox didn’t answer right away but finally did when I nodded at her.

“Well you are a sex demon’s ghoul familiar. So you have already evolved in a way. I can’t say you won’t be able to evolve further but probably not as a high human’s ladder system. I don’t know how your progression will go. And sex demons are so rare I doubt even the wisest of the wise could tell what will happen with Shun,” Fox said. Then she turned to me, “but Shun needs to be really careful and control his evolution so it doesn’t go into something that controls him instead of the other way around. It’s his biggest danger right now. With a demon evolution you might wake up and suddenly you see you committed a crime while sleep walking and hate yourself.”

I think I paled thinking about what she just said.

“That sounds terrible!” I said.

“Don’t worry Shun. As long as we have sex a lot everyday then we’ll contain the problem,” Asakura looked at me with such love that it’s hard to look her in the eye.

Fox looks like she’s just seen something really awkward…”right, you guys do that…” she coughed awkwardly. “Make sure he feeds often and figure out how to make sure his hunger doesn’t go below a certain level. Take care for spacing out feedings even when he doesn’t seem hungry too. As demons go, when you fall victim to your desires that’s when they start hating themselves and giving in to despair and you don’t want that.”

“So are demons just a name for a race or actually something really evil and really bad?” I asked Fox.

She gave me a funny look. “You won’t like the answer.”

“Just tell us,” I said.

“I don’t know fully, but I think there are both. I think daemons are a race just like elf, dwarf, orcs and so on. But I think there are also the purely evil type with no redeeming traits that fight the divine spirits guarding this Earth and that’s something on an entirely other level,” Fox said, while scratching her head.

That answer worried me.

“So what happens when people do evolve or become more powerful? It doesn’t make sense that they’d be able to just raise havoc over the people that are still seedlings around them when they are a tree right?” I asked.

Fox pursed her lips, and she’s looking at the ceiling. “Yeah, actually comparing seedlings to a tree isn’t a bad answer. That’s a good way to put it. But at a certain point someone that has evolved may break into other worlds I think. Also it’s not like you can do this overnight, you know.”

“I want to know how to protect my family,” I said.

“Family?” Fox looked to Asakura.

“I mean you, Fox. Rina, Asakura, and Sunghee, and whoever is with us. We’re family. This is permanent and we only have each other,” I said.

Fox still looks a bit distrustful of that idea but slowly nods. I think it’s taken a lot of time for Fox to get to be this open with me and there are still further points to from here.

“I guess it’s not wrong to think that way huh?” Fox replied smoothly.

At the same time Asakura is giving me a blissful look of love. I want to keep staring into both of their eyes, since I like how this is headed. I want to capture the look on Asakura’s face forever.

“I know you probably feel wary still because of some things, but I want us to be together for as long as possible, hopefully forever. I hope this works out for all of us to be happy together, even you Fox,” I said.

Fox looks down suddenly. I wonder why. There’s something she’s not telling me.

But at that point I think I blacked out.

I wake up to still being in the dream state but I’m on the ground and both Fox and Asakura are above me.

My head hurts. And so does especially my stomach. Is this hunger?

“Shun! Are you OK?!” Asakura is prodding me and crying.

“Hey Shun. Are you OK?” Fox isn’t crying but is no less concerned.

“Shun! Please! Stay with us!” Asakura said. She’s hugging me and her huge pillows are warm as they collide with me in her half panic.

“What just happened?” I asked.

Fox is …I think using a mana probe on me. I’m not sure but I can sort of feel it almost like a laser.

“You have malnutrition,” Fox said suddenly in disbelief after checking me over. She’d checked me twice to be sure. Although not a medical expert her mana sensing schools are good from practice in long years of magic.

How old is she again?

“What?!” both Asakura and I said at once.

“How can that be? I feed him every chance I get,” Asakura looks heartbroken.

I do feel dizzy and faint.

“But you aren’t giving him a wide variety of nutrients. He’s only getting what you can give him. So maybe there’s more to it. He needs other feeding sources,” Fox said.

“If that’s the case I’m glad I just didn’t attack girls to feed. That’s my biggest worry,” I admitted.

“Well it’s not enough. We need to do more,” Fox said.

“Well you have to accept that you might someday attack some girl by accident. As long as she isn’t physical damaged its OK,” Asakura said. Obviously her mind has been a little warped by the pheromones to say that. The original her coming from our world at that time wouldn’t say that.

Fox frowned, “the likelihood that he does slip up and force conquers a girl sometime is extremely high if things stay like this. You had better take preventive measures now.”

“Attacking someone is the last thing I want to do,” I said with anguish.

Still if I’d only compared it to vampires more, which are the closest other type of demon that feeds also I might have thought about this more.

“I’ve been a bad wife, Shun. I’m so sorry,” Asakura is very shaken. She cradles my head in her hands and ends up pushing it deep into her cleavage.

“You aren’t a bad wife, I’m just tired maybe,” I said back to try to make her feel better.

She pulls me over and now I’m lying on her lap. This is the famous lap pillow…and with her figure its even better than the legends. Plus I feel the tips of her boobs brushing the side of my face too, from how much they hang down. Even though she’s already mine this is still something I can’t get enough of. It never gets old.

“But what caused it?” I asked.

“You need to make him drink more. Maybe it’s not lack of sex since he’s been getting plenty of that, but lack of the milk. He hasn’t been drinking as much milk lately. I think it’s partly dehydration too,” Fox said. Is it just me or is Fox looking really excited. She is trying to hold it in I think, but …yeah Fox is slowly getting horny again too.

Eh? That makes sense. I wasn’t able to feed much while fighting Jimmy and Moose. That whole day was like on the run and I haven’t been a half demon for very long so maybe my endurance isn’t as much as what I thought.

“It’s my fault. I wasn’t in the real world with him, and was in here, so he didn’t have enough milk with him,” Asakura said sadly.

“Then if that’s the case you should feed him extra now to be safe,” Fox chided. She’s now sitting extremely close to both of us, across from Asakura, and she wasn’t like that before.

Asakura then places her nipple in my mouth and is making me take every last drop that I can. While I’m sucking on her nipples she groans sometimes, which is totally hot and unexpected. She still shivers and tremors a lot while sort of rocking back and forth, but I’m trying to focus on the milk flow melting into my mouth for now.

“Um you guys have too much fun doing that,” Fox said with a smirk. She looks like she knows she should turn away but can’t keep her eyes off it.

We kept like this for a long time. It’s nice to just hang out and talk with them to be honest ad we like this carefree mix of relaxing together too while Fox is learning to accept Asakura and vice versa. Fox didn’t dare leave since my health can jeopardize hers and because this is a status ailment and not a wound the heal spells don’t work effectively for it. It’s also a system of not enough fluids in me, so even if I were to cast a heal, that heal would need liquid to power it.

It’s the first time I’ve felt this helpless for a long time since the gnome caves.

I did accidentally bite Asakura a few times, but instead of it hurting her she like…had a sexually excited reaction.

“I can’t believe I’m watching this,” Fox said while blushing while peeking between the fingers covering her face.

“I need you to stay please. I don’t know as much about this world as you do. We can progress better and with less trouble if you stay with us,” Asakura said to her.

“You’re right. But I hope it won’t corrupt me too much,” Fox countered.

“I’m glad shun has a friend like you….haaaaa,, eeeep, errgh,” Asakura is still having excited groans that she’s trying to contain while I suck the milk out. Her nipple came unlatched and some of the milk runs down her nipple before I grab it greedily again.

“Thank you. I like you too,” Fox replied. Her tails are flickering again like they do when she’s happy.

But then she suddenly stopped to try to restrain herself.

“You know Shun. We need to have you wake up one of the other girls. You need more milk sources. I think with Asakura in here you have to also not just from not enough milk but because the time period on the math of how often Asakura will be awake in here is less than in the real time that will skew demon milk production. And with no milk source in reality that could be bad,” Fox said.

I stopped sucking briefly just long enough to reply, “But I thought it was too dangerous? You said it would be like a battle with fighting the box to do unlock more crystal slots right?”

“True, but Asakura being inside the box is a problem for you even though for now it’s necessary. You can’t switch the girls out every day and not have normal people notice too. Plus switching them around much will mess up their sleep patterns, which will affect being able to respond to emergencies. What will your adventuring team up friends say if you are with a different girl everyday that claims you as a spouse? They will think you are into something shady or some kind of criminal. You also have a problem too of Asakura having clothing challenges, so I can see why you have her in here,” Fox continued.

“Just…I don’t like when you they were calling me Miss Cow Tits, that’s so mean,” Asakura said while I was still slurping.

We giggled. It’s obvious to us.

“I get that,” Fox nodded in embarrassment. The way Fox said it is kind of funny though, and not really as empathetic as it sounds.

“But the fact is, that time is differently here in the dream state too. If we’re not with Shun directly, the box shuts us down and puts us to sleep. If you are asleep then also time is passing differently and on a reduced milk production rate like I said,” she droned on.

“And is that really that bad?” I asked.

She looked at Asakura, “Well it’s not bad. But one problem is that if you are on a reduced time table compared to reality, then your body is having less time to make and produce demon milk. That might have been why Asakura’s breast size increased dramatically, because something in your body was trying to tell her to compensate. You must get another milk source asap. That could cause slow effects of malnutrition in Shun. It may also help Asakura’s size from getting too big to manage,” Fox finalized.

“Oh no! That can’t be allowed to happen!” Asakura cried out, bumping my head in the process.

“No it can’t. If that happens we’ll be asleep forever if something happens to him,” Fox stated simply.

“But we don’t know how to make the other girls produce demon milk. And it’s not the same way as humans making milk through childbirth,” I argued.

“I think you’re right. Pregnancy would make it worse too because the milk would be diverted elsewhere and who knows if pregnancy milk and demon milk even have the same nutrients. They might be totally different since one species milk might be different too. But there must be some way of making the other harem girls to produce sex demon milk. We’re not doing something right. We have to figure out what triggered it in Asakura,” Fox reasoned.

“I think excessive sex was part of it early on before I’d bonded to Shun right? I think there was like a whole day of non-stop sex and that was like one of the first times,” Asakura has a funny perverted look on her face.

I think actually she just wishes that with her current delusions.

“So do you think it’s based off the first time period Shun feeds from a girl?” Fox asked with a really perverted look on her face. She then tries to mask it, but I knew I’d seen it just for a second before she’d tried to look composed.

I shrugged. I’m not sure either. I don’t want to run around just plugging girls I don’t know to experiment either.

“It might be?” Asakura said.

At nearly the same time I said, “I’m not sure.”

“But is there more to it than that?” I asked.

“I don’t know. But Shun, I do think you can get answers if you try to search for a demonologist in your town,” Fox said.

“Well…there are…problems with that…” I said.

“I know. You’ll have to be careful what they ask. And you may have to pay someone to read for you. And that means they might be curious too. Or they might look for a way to exploit you. So having it be by someone that’s one of your regular members may cause suspicion. This has to be like a side job that you post in the adventurer’s job board area. Someone will respond but you may also run into a few fakes that try to give bad information just to take the money. And the biggest danger of all is someone who does know and figures out what you are by asking questions that reveal your nature. Then that person may turn you into the authorities or try to kill you themselves. After all, some of the demonologists will be demon hunters, and some might be people from the demon faction,” Fox explained.

“She’s …so smart,” Asakura said before she …started vibrating and shaking slightly again. It’s happening more frequently. Did she just organism again? From breastfeeding me alone? Wow…

I think Fox caught it too, but is pretending like she didn’t see.

“So figuring out the right questions may be hard. It would be easier if we could just trick them into reading straight articles non-stop about demons to not let them know exactly what you want,” Asakura said.

“Well we have to plan for that. If they suspect Shun to be one, his life is over and he’d be hunted non-stop. So the alternative is visiting a demon city but that has a whole mess of new problems on its own,” Fox said back.

“And there’s no other way to do this?” I asked.

“You may need to rest up for a day or two if you still feel weak in the morning,” Fox reminded me. She sometimes almost seems motherly, though not as much as Asakura.

I don’t know if the others will like that. They want to train harder I think and get stronger.

“So do we do this consulting a demonologist plan first or wake up the other girls first?” I asked.

“I’m thinking both at the same time but it won’t be easy or fast. Be patient and do it right rather than focusing on pushing it through with consequences. You might not have a window of opportunity for this yet, but when you see one take it,” Fox said.

“I disagree. It sounds like that’s too much risk,” Asakura glared back at her.

Then an argument over me started. I was surprised that I do think Fox has some feelings for me or she wouldn’t have started arguing. It took a good two minutes to get them to settle down.

But then I had another idea.

“I wonder if Doppel-chan has any ideas,” I said aloud.

Both girls are instantly afraid.

Even though they are worried I’ve benefited greatly by this strategy talk session.

“Are you crazy?! You almost got killed by her,” Fox asked.

“She is a demon race construct of some type though. I’m not sure if she’s artificially made like a golem or more like a variant type demon race. Or maybe she’s just a demon that’s living? I’m not sure which it is, but it’s worth a try,” Asakura said weakly with no willpower in it.

“This is…I can’t believe you are thinking about this,” Fox has an exasperated expression.

They’re right to be afraid. After all I’d nearly lost an arm to her. And she was terribly strong and dangerous.

“Well she must know something about what she is. There has to be some clues,” I wondered.

“I don’t know. This is wrong on so many levels. She’s too strong and her willpower makes it easy for her to resist you,” Fox warned me.

But I’m thinking I may not have another option. I can’t just wait for the plan during the day to work out either.


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