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Dreamweaver Chapter 136





I wake up to the sound of heavy knocking on my inn door. There’s a muffled voice.

It takes a minute for the sleep to leave me, and my vision is blurry because I was so tired. It’s too early…I wish I was still in the dream state too. For many reasons…

“Water,” I managed to say.

“That’s not good. You need water? This is why you’re weak like this Shun. You having only one girl that can breast feed you. And since that’s your only way of feeding certain nutrients that is a severe handicap and liability,” Sunghee said but unexpectedly she’s so serious while saying it like she’s talking about banking or cooking or whatever. She’s next to me in bed. She stretches out while yawning, pushing the covers down a bit and exposing her uncovered chest and massive nipples. She doesn’t bother to cover up after that. She likes and wants me to notice her.

She then goes to hug me. “Let’s stay here all day,” she groaned.

Wow, it’s hard to believe anyone can have nipples like that. And her tits are so big already with nice wide bowl shapes. Yep, if it weren’t for Asakura she’d be the size queen.

I could I stay in bed all day. Her idea has merit. Two big thick ones.

I hope the inn staff won’t charge me extra. They’ll probably think I snuck someone in through the back door. I forgot to ask if having another person is extra.

Oh right there’s that. I keep trying to ignore it.

The knocking sound persists. It’s a reminder to participate in reality; so many obligations coming at me at once. And it also seems like the more powerful you are the more people try to sway you into their problems.

“Just a minute,” I called out.  

“Fine, meet me in the dining area of the inn,” the male voice says back patiently through the door. Its Gyle that dwarf I saved…I think. I haven’t known him too long but it does sound like him.

“Don’t you want some breakfast Shun?” Sunghee is naked under the covers and grabs my rod.

“Actually I think I’m good. I had enough before we left the dream state,” I said smiling big.

“Oh come on! You know what to go again. Please just one more round,” she said winking at me and not letting go still. She’s got a strained look on her face and is now begging repeatedly while her boobs shake up and down.

The shaking bouncing boobs sway me more than her words.

Somehow Sunghee has already mounted me and pushed it inside less than a minute later. To hell with Gyle, he’ll have to wait. But I made her promise to only make it a quickie. When we’re finally winding down its so tight that it’s hard to pull out of her but that’s because she’s squeezing it so hard.

On the other side of me I hear groaning too. Rina is trying to wake up and is naked too. She’s not groaning from pleasure though, but because she got woke up.

How did she get in here? Oh right, I forgot I stopped fighting her advances, it was like trying to win a tank war with Russia. Or maybe I summoned them both by accident in the morning between when my dream ended and when I started to wake up. Oh wait, now I remember I’d pulled them with me, so I could use Sunghee as my guard and also train Rina up at the same time.

Sunghee is very persistent and still wants to have a second morning fuck but I’m too tired from doing that in the dream realm and push her away. “We need to get up. There’s a lot to do today. I also need to introduce you to one of my new business partners, Gyle. Well if he does his duties he may be a business partner, but it could just be an outside contact too. There are some loose ends that need immediate attention too,” I said.

“Oh let me sleep some more,” Rina begged.

“We need to find a way for you to figure out a way to make us both lactate like Miss Cow Tits,” Sunghee reminds me. “So don’t forget.”

I wonder if I can even do anything like that. Can I? How?

She tried to reach and kiss me but I shy away. I don’t want to get them to think this is only about sex. Suddenly I’m afraid of if there’s actually any romance too. I want there to be affection and not only affectionate sex. I want to really feel Sunghee and Rina can be with me in work too and not just in bed.

“I love you!” Sunghee said giving me a big kiss and hug again as we get up. She’s still impaled on my rod.

“Hey! I get one too!” Rina said. She does the same, but is harder to remove from her kiss and hug.

“Come on everyone up. Gyle is waiting,” I said.

They grumble a lot but get finally start to get dressed quickly. I noticed it takes awhile to get them to wear their skirts and somehow both have lost their underwear a long time ago. Or they are refusing to have underwear maybe? I think there’s a possibility they may have burned their underwear too.

There’s a mirror in the room they use to comb up and we use my disposable alcohol packets to clean up our faces and hands, since this room and probably most of this town doesn’t have indoor plumbing.

Finally we trudge down the stairs in style and formation after everyone is up, ready, and dressed. Rina is going down first and strangely obedient, then me, and finally Sunghee behind me because she needs to clean up more. We attract a lot of attention because of the school uniform skirts looking shorter on adult bodies than they do on teenage bodies. And since both of them are adults and really hot, half the adventurer’s eating breakfast are looking pitiful and shit faced as they jealousy stare at us. It doesn’t help that the stairs are loud, because they are plain and made of wood with the inn resembling a wild west saloon.

There thankfully is a NO SMOKING sign up with a bouncer to enforce it and other good behavior. The bouncer is next to a barkeeper while a waitress is roaming around the room taking food orders.

Then I see Gyle in the back corner giving me a wide eyed look as he stares at us. He waves us over to his table.

We sit down with the girls on either side of me.

“What do you want for breakfast?” A waitress asks before we can talk business. She glances at the girls and then says, “We don’t allow prostitutes in this inn.”

“Wow, I can’t believe she said that,” Sunghee said in shock. She’s very mad and offended.

“What the hell? Just because we look nice doesn’t mean we’re…we’re…I mean….we’re not p-p-p-prostitutes,” Rina stuttered the last part out. Rina looked like she was getting excited thinking about that so I slapped her in the back of the head.

“Knock it off.”

“We’re licensed adventurers,” Sunghee said while seething with anger.

“Oh I’m sorry. My mistake. We have to tell a lot of the adventurers that when they sneak women in here. And it happens a lot,” she blushed.

Rina was about to slap her silly but Sunghee cut her off, “actually we’re his wives.”

The waitress and Gyle are too shocked to say anything.

“Damn. You’re rich aren’t you? I’d heard some humans do that sort of thing if they are wealthy enough,” Gyle asked.

Uh oh…that kind of impression could cause trouble too.

Saying that attracted a lot of attention from nearby tables; I can feel even though they are trying to be subtle they are trying to listen into our conversation.

“Be quiet,” I muttered to all of them.

The waitress, who has ability to compete at all with Rina or Sunghee is fidgeting with her pen. “Is he really wealthy?” she whispered to Sunghee.

Sunghee is giving her the evil eye and not answering. She can sense the threat.

“What’s good and not going to bankrupt you?” I asked Gyle directly remembering this morning’s lunch was on him. By our agreement this should be on him this time.

“They have a nice plate of eggs, bacon, and hash browns,” he said quickly. He looks satisfied and his stomach does too.

I snap my fingers. “We’ll have those for the ladies. I’m good though and already eaten.”

“I did say I’d pay for it last night didn’t I? I can’t believe I did that. My mom would box my ears for giving away money,” Gyle shook his head.

“Not to worry. I have something for you as well to make up for it,” I said.

“Some people have a saying that you have to prime the pump to get the well to pump water,” Sunghee told him.

“Ahh that’s true!” Gyle confirmed excitedly.

I hand him two MER ration packets that I’d used with the summon equipment spell. To me I can’t eat them, but the girls use them. And giving them as a gift will produce more good will, which is fine as long as he doesn’t obsess over where we got them too much. But they get tired of them, so trading them for a real breakfast to the dwarf will smooth things over with him and be a win win situation with the girls too.

Around that time our breakfasts get delivered too.

“Oh,” he’s looking over them puzzled but takes two of them.

“What are they?” he asked quickly, since they are sealed. He’s about to pop the seal when I stop him.

“They’re a type of military provision. You don’t want to break the seal. They are pretty tasty unless you have them non-stop every day and for every meal,” Rina added quickly with a smile.

“Be careful what you say Rina,” Sunghee said while munching on a piece of well done bacon.

“What? I was just being honest,” Rina protested.

“Yeah, that sort of thing…don’t say anything unnecessary,” Sunghee tilted her head while saying.

“The provisions are useful and will be more valuable actually since I can save them for when I need htem but I can’t do that with perishable food. That will smooth things over since you had two extra people to pay for,” he said smugly putting them in one of his pouches.

Then the waitress comes back to check if we need anything else.

The girls are tearing into their breakfast quickly, but the dwarf had his already half eaten before we’d even gotten there.

“So did we get any notice on those two criminals?” I asked.

Gyle shook his head. “I’ve got good news and bad news.”

“First the good?” Sunghee asked innocently.

Gyle isn’t like Svinn I noticed. Svinn couldn’t ever keep his eyes off my women earlier but Gyle is more respectful. He’s obviously a male and notices them but doesn’t stare like the other dwarf.

Gyle takes a deep breath and then pulls out a letter, and gives me 1 gold piece.

“1 gold? It was supposed to be 2 gold pieces,” I said looking to him for an explanation.

We also get the money out of sight from other people as soon as we can. We don’t want to attract other eyes.

He showed me the letter, even though I can’t read it. But Sunghee is looking at it. I don’t know if she can read dwarven however. She might just be putting up a show so that the dwarf doesn’t think he can trick us.

“They did capture those guys and it was just like you said it would be. They had a platoon of men at the cache site hours before they even got there. And sure enough early this morning they’d gotten back to it. They were captured easily and caught flat footed. The letter is also signed personally by the Captain of the Guard and came early this morning to our inn,” he said.

“So what’s the problem then?” Rina asked watching him with distrust.

The dwarf sighed. “The problem was that on their way back the platoon was hit by a kobold raid half way through. The guy you call Moose used the distraction of the kobold raid to escape in the process. That’s why we only got part of the reward.”

I swore in frustration.

“That’s not good,” I said.

Sunghee can tell I’m really nervous. “Is that guy dangerous?” she asked.

“Very,” both the dwarf and I said at the same time.

“So the knife thrower didn’t escape did he?” I asked.

“Nope. Thus they are still paying us for the help in capturing the knife thrower. So it’s still a good deal, we only get a partial credit on the minotaur though since he got away,” he said.

“Minotaur?!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, why else do you think he was over eight feet tall?” the dwarf said stiffly.

“Oh jeez…what have you guys gotten into. Those are tough,” Sunghee muttered.

“Are all minotaurs that big?” I wondered.

“I doubt it. The girls are smaller too like around 6 to 6 ½ feet ish usually, but for some reason the males are taller,” Gyle answered.

“I guess it didn’t sink in at the time. I knew there was something there but because he was disguised so well we couldn’t do anything,” I said.

“How is it that you guys got involved with a dispute with a damn minotaur? That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. There’s a reason people avoid those things,” Sunghee exclaimed.

“Well we didn’t get involved with him. He got involved with us,” I countered.

Sunghee softens her expression when she hears it, but she still looks stressed out.

“I know right? He’s also a criminal and serial killer,” Gyle is shaking his head. He’s really shook up about it.

Sunghee’s hands went to her head and face in stress. “Wow.”

“So do we get any like…’loose change’ for them having captured Moose but for pity in that it’s not our fault they dropped the ball?” I asked.

“It’s true they should have expected the kobolds to be in those tunnels,” Rina affirmed.

“We got a 10% of our expected rate. So you and I both got an additional 10 silver for that, since they grudgingly admit they made an arrest. But they’re hoping we can help them figure out where he is and catch him again,” Gyle said.

“Screw that! I don’t want you anywhere near a minotaur,” Sunghee energetically shut down that negotiation while Gyle was handing me my 10 silver.

“It’s good you’re making some money. That’s a sign of stability that a wife like me would like,” Rina smiled and winked really big at me with way too much enthusiasm.

“Whatever. I’m the wife not you,” Sunghee said.

“I am too. If anything I’m at least a mistress if not a wife, but maybe that’s backwards. Maybe you’re the mistress,” Rina challenged to Sunghee.

“Want to fight?” Sunghee said too quickly.

Uh oh.

I had to intervene to calm them down.

“Um, are they for real?” Gyle is trying not to stare at the girls.

“Sorry. Try to not make so much noise you two.” I scowled at her. I still didn’t like that she’d taken my money that one time. But, I can understand her now. It’s funny in a way that she’s competitive with Sunghee more than she is with Asakura who is a bigger threat.

So my new current funds are 23 silver 47 copper plus 1 gold and 10 silver for a total of 1 gold 33 silver and 47 copper. It’s not much but a start. Considering a day’s watch is only a silver for two, in terms of being home that would be like some serious money. It’s hard to approximate it because the normal daily wage in this world is like that of a serf and calculating it in earth terms would end up as something like the wage of somewhere in Mexico or Central America.

I don’t want to live like a serf in this world. That’s a big problem. We need to upgrade our lives first. But to do that I have to upgrade being able to survive first of all.

“This is our first time being in a big town like this, what are our options for gear and equipment?” Rina asked quickly.

Gyle glanced at her, but then looked back at me. “If you want to wait a bit we can do a job today and then have more funds for tomorrow,” he suggested.

“So you mean checking out the help wanted board first?” Sunghee suggested.

I try not to look stupid. I’d not done any real searching for jobs in towns yet. This is the first time this has come up. It was right to bring Sunghee, and she knew what was going on. To confirm it, I catch her winking at me out of the corner of my eye.

“So you have a license too?” Gyle asked her.

“I do, but we have some business first,” she said.

“Meaning what exactly?” he asked her carefully.

“I’m licensed and a veteran of over five years as an adventurer but we may have to get my card replaced. It was lost awhile ago,” she admitted.

Oh yeah, how did I forget that. “But how can we exploit that?” I said.

“Damn. They’ll charge you for that. Some kind of replacement fee,” he said.

“Dang it,” I said without thinking. That’s not cool.

Sunghee and Rina both swore at the same time right after.

“I was afraid of that,” Sunghee said.

“Luckily we got the reward for catching some criminals,” I winked at both of them.

“Any idea how big the fee is?” Sunghee asked Gyle?

“Probably not too much. I’ve never lost mine before. But you’ll want it. Do you have any useful skills?” Gyle asked her pointedly.

“Close combat fighter style, and blocking bodyguard style fighting style focus. I have the auto loot skill from a degree in the adventurer class profession basic enchant system for non-mages. I can dual wield or use a shield with either swords or blunt one handed weapons. I have skills in unarmed fighting, aikido and advanced aikido. Also I have a team leadership skill that brings up the team stats by +10%, trader negotiation and merchanting for a +10% bonus on wealth for loot sales and all trading with merchant enchants for non-mages. I have a secondary minor degree in diplomacy for a 10% bonus in negotiating with groups, factions, or races foreign to me for a 10% bonus. Also I can read and write Egyptian,” Sunghee said.

I noticed she avoided telling him that she couldn’t read or write dwarven, probably to help keep him honest.

Rina whistled accidentally. “Wow, that’s a lot of stuff.”

I smiled at Sunghee. I knew she was good, but I didn’t know she was that good. I think partly she was really shell shocked for a long time and she’d been reluctant to show off her skills for being traumatized. This was good for her to break out. And she was able to get to this point because I didn’t get pushy with forcing it earlier. Now she wanted to be helping.

Having her shine and be needed was just the right thing right now.

I remembered a time not too far past when she had almost given up on life and wanted to stay in the box forever. She was still skittish though and often reached to feel and make sure I was close by. She didn’t like being separate from me, but I liked that she was a little bit clingy as long as she didn’t expect us to have sex in the street or in front of other people.

“Do you have the dungeon group leadership skill acquired and active?” Gyle asked.

“I do. But the problem with that is that I have to be able to show them my license in hand when we go in for me to be registered as the team lead. But if I have that we won’t have to deal with those moron groups anymore. They will be tight about the paperwork for actually getting inside,” Sunghee said confidently.

Gyle sighed in relief. “Thank goodness. I was afraid we’d be stuck with some dirt bags like Jimmy and Moose again. Tell you what, if I loan you the funds for replacing your card will you guys let me in?”

“I don’t know about that. We don’t like owing anyone anything,” Sunghee said defensively.

Yep, she was still skiddish and nervous. When Gyle said that, instantly she’d sort of jumped and I could feel her left leg intertwining and wrapping around mine already.

“You can pay me back any time! As long as you just let me go with you guys for a while. I’ve had such bad luck with teams that I actually just want a chance for a team that won’t cheat or kill me! Honest!” he exclaimed so seriously that I sort of pitied him.

“It’s Shun’s call as the leader and hubby,” Rina reminded them both.

“Yep, Shun’s call,” Sunghee admitted looking to me.

“So are you charging interest?” I asked him.

Gyle flinched, “uh…nothing unreasonable? Maybe 0% the first month and then 0.33% per month after that. No balloon payments of any kind just deal honestly with me and help me stay alive please!”

“That’s a good deal,” Sunghee said, putting her hand on my forearm.

“So that would be 4% per year with the first month interest free?” I asked to confirm.

The dwarf nodded. “We can do an official statement on paper legitimizing it at the bank. Then have it notarized, so it’s legit. This is also well below the market for interest since I’m doing this for a person I greatly respect,” he added.

“The current market is still what 10 to 15% for personal loans in the dwarven territories?” Sunghee confirmed in question form.

Huh, so she knows something about the dwarves already it sounds like. I wonder what else she knows.

Gyle nodded, “yep. And at half that rate you can see I just want to be included on the fun and have a better mutually survivable position.”

“Let’s do it, if it’s ok with you Shun hubby?” Sunghee asked leaning into me.

Strangely it’s so awesome when a hottie of hotties calls you hubby too.

“OK. Sounds good,” I said.

But even though I agreed I don’t know how far we can trust Gyle. Right now he’s hanging onto me like a puppy. But when he has enough money will he just move on? We don’t know his goals either. And its no secret that he keeps looking around at the dwarven only and mostly dwarven groups in the room. But I can’t tell if that’s because he would prefer to work with dwarves or because of wanting a dwarven girlfriend to hit on or something.

So many unknowns.

“So we go to work now?” Rina asked.

“Not so fast. We have to sort through the team offers next before we go do jobs,” Gyle said.

“Yeah, I was sort of dreading that part. But that part hangs on being able to get Sunghee’s license renewed,” I reminded them.

“We’re good on that part. I have more than enough,” Gyle said.

“Well let’s read the offers,” Rina said.

“Gyle can you do that since you read Dwarven better than we do?” Sunghee joked.

He laughed. “Sure.”

Next he pulls out several vellum parchment papers covered in writing in notes that he’s pulled from his leather satchel with a long shoulder handle.

Ahh, there’s paperwork as an adventurer I realized.

While he’s getting them out Rina scowls at me and Sunghee jealously when Sunghee leans her head on my shoulder affectionately and against my shoulder from the side…

Figures. They still have subtle rivalry even though they like each other.

“First written offer is for a duo of brothers wanting in. Both specializing in sword and shield combat. Both have good shields and…wow. They managed to save up for leather armor! I can’t believe it! They must be rich!” Gyle exclaimed.

“Is that a big deal?” Rina asked.

“Hell yeah! It’s like super expensive! Only the really good adventuring teams can hope to get even one vest and skirt of the stuff after maybe a year of saving eating practically so frugal it’s like breadcrumbs and crackers for their meals scraping every penny! And that’s if they survive everything else. It’s once again thanks to the government locking out armor because of fears of insurrections and such, thus only really wealthy or can get them,” Gyle exclaimed.

Rina gives me a funny look. “I guess this really is a hell world isn’t it?”

We don’t answer.

“We should probably include them as a possibility in our reserve list. But don’t answer yet,” Sunghee suggested.

I frowned.

I somehow worry about a lot of males coming into the team. They will for sure notice Rina and Sunghee. Plus the fact, that I’ve got two women that are obscenely beautiful will rouse a lot of tension alone. So how do I transition this? And if they have armor it would make stopping them that much harder if there is any betrayal. But its also a plus at the same time, since they’d be good on the front line. It’s also funny that a plus can be a minus point to, with just the flip of someone’s loyalty.

“I don’t know about that,” Rina crossed her arms.

“Armor is a plus, but it does have cons,” Sunghee is probably aware of my concern because she looked at me carefully.

“Oh wait…there’s a problem,” Gyle said.

He reads it straight from the letter, “We had to submit an offer to be by the mysterious dark haired girl and confess our love…”

They must have seen Asakura yesterday. Shit. It’s a bullshit attempt to move in and steal my women. Of course I’ll shut it down. It’s also fortunate that Gyle doesn’t know I’ve switched Asakura and Sunghee for a while. Actually he doesn’t even know the name of Asakura yet, so she’s safer.

“Burn that one,” Sunghee says before anyone else can say anything.

Gyle sighs. “You’re right. I didn’t feel good about that one either. Nobody likes it when someone makes a move on someone else’s woman.”

“Next,” I said regarding all the details carefully.

“Team of 3 seeks replacements. Apprentice knight lower noble, saving to buy his own armor and looking for economic farm team. By law we have to disclose that we recently lost 7 in the last week through skirmishes, but have a good track record of 6 successful missions out of the last 10.”

Yuck, sounds pathetically bad lucked or ill fated.

What’s up with those losses?

“Bleh, that doesn’t sound good,” Gyle said after reading it.

“What’s that 6 out of 10 nonsense?” I asked.

“I was wondering that too,” Rina said.

“Well by Dwarven standards and …it’s been spreading to the other kingdoms too in recent years; the protocol is to state the success rate of your most recent ten missions. It’s fairer to those that are trying to do proper screening to avoid the dirt bags or those that shouldn’t be doing this sort of thing as a life style or the greedy that kill their team mates by accident or through weakness. By disclosing both losses and deaths you have a better chance of knowing what you are getting with someone or a potential team,” Gyle explained.

“Is 6 out of 10 typical though?” Rina asked.

“It’s fairly typical, but not super great when you consider that a lot of teams look for stuff they think they already can handle. If I was trying to find a team solo I’d try to look for 8 out of 10, but I had more connections in that city at the time,” Sunghee said, still leaning into me. Her hair feels nice and cool too.

That’s typical?! Wow.

“It does sound a bit low on their survival rate. That’s my biggest concern,” I said while adjusting my wooden chair.

“Their survival rate is pretty shabby,” Gyle admitted.

But then I could see the light blink on in his brain. “Say what’s your fatality rate?” he asked me directly.

“Fatality rate?” I blinked. I didn’t know people kept track of it even until now.

“We don’t have one,” Rina said.

“Are you sure? What about Yumi?” I asked.

“Yumi was over 10 battles ago. Plus it wasn’t something we controlled and weren’t on the job for when she died right? I don’t think a communal village defense would count. Think about it? I mean just the doppelganger alone was a good 5 skirmishes just by itself,” Sunghee said.

Even though at the time Sunghee was in the dream state still, we’d talked about this before. So she knows something about it.

I heard someone in background then whispering something about our team having fought a doppelganger. It’s getting quieter and too much attention. At least one table alone is listening to us already. Then another, and then another after that while we attract more attention.

Before long the whole room is staring at us.

Crap. Not good to stick out too much. This is awkward.

“That’s nonsense! Everyone has a fatality rate,” Gyle objected. He looks annoyed. Does he think we’re lying to him?

“Well…let’s see. For my personal team?” I asked.

“Akimoto and those douche bags don’t count. They were never our team,” Rina said quickly.

“We actually don’t know if Akimoto is dead anyway. There was never any body and there was some kind of mess at the jail where he was being held before the end,” I noted.

“That’s true…,” Rina admitted.

“So you are saying those people weren’t part of your team and were in another team when they died right? Well if you consider it like that our fatality rate would be zero,” Sunghee said. She looked perplexed.

“Wait does the deal with Moose and Jimmy count into our rate?” I asked.

“No, because we weren’t leading and murdering your teammates doesn’t count for a loss from monster attacks category of team success tracking,” Sunghee said, arguing it fiercely.

“Sabotage is considered except from statistical counting anyway. But on paper there is note about a sabotage on record,” Gyle said.

“Then Shun’s…or my fatality rate would be zero then. We did have a few close calls though,” Sunghee said, scrunching up her forehead.

“Really? The gnome cavern doesn’t count against us?” Rina asked.

“It’s counted from your most recent 10 battles,” Gyle said.

“Do the dwarven soldiers count when we helped them?” I asked.

“They weren’t in our team though. They were in the dwarven team, not our personal team. Most of those lived except at that one village defense when all the shamans were there,” Rina said.

“Oh,” I said.

“That was a community and a siege of monsters that we survived. The gnomes weren’t in our party,” I said slowly realizing everyone in the room was staring at us.

We heard some other adventurer’s around accidentally drop their plates and cups. Sure enough, the whole room is staring at us.

“Th-that’s not possible,” we heard a guy on the next table gasp.

There are other people gasping in astonishment too. It’s quiet as a pin drop.

“What’s going on?” I hissed to Gyle and Sunghee.

“They’ve….never heard of a near zero fatality rate, let alone a zero fatality rate. Most adventuring teams have some really awful fatalities at some point or another,” Gyle said dryly and very shaken up.

“Are you sure your fatality rate is zero?” a big intimidating guy from the other table asked hatefully and full of jealousy. He’s really big; both tall and beefy. Even Moose would notice him as competition though he isn’t as tall.

“That’s unheard off,” we heard a woman adventurer say from another near table.

“How can that be?!” the person next to her said.

I’d forgotten that this whole inn was solely used by adventurer’s and nobody else. And the room seems a lot smaller than it actually is right now. Everyone is still staring at us.

“I think we better go,” Gyle said. He’s getting nervous of the crowd around us.

“Did you already take care of the bill?” I asked him.

Gyle nods slowly, looking at me like I’m a monster.

“What’s such a big deal about a zero fatality rate anyway? It’s not that big a deal is it?” I asked Sunghee.

“Shun…you better be really quiet and come with me right now,” she said in a shaken voice. She’s making an effort to hurry me along and keep her close to me. By doing so and because she’s tall, she’s accidentally mashing her boobs up in my face.

She takes me buy the hand and we slip out the back door of the inn, with everyone still staring at us as we leave.


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