Dreamweaver Chapter 134






The inn rooms are comfortable.

I fall to sleep quickly, but not before jamming the small circular two person table against the door for a type of noise warning if anyone tries to come in. The chairs I put against the windows of the inn but I am on the second floor. It would be hard for someone to approach from that direction.

I feel nervous acting like this too. It’s the first and only time since coming to this world that I’ve not been around Asakura or Rina constantly. It takes me about an hour to get to sleep because I’m so not used to being alone. I think I feel exposed like this too.

I not only locked the inn room door but also placed a chair under the door knob to brace it in case anyone tried to sneak up on me at night.

Yes, I have reason to be paranoid in this world of the weak being eaten by the strong on a daily basis.




Dream State…




This hunger.

I could barely contain it. All day being with a different team has basically made me exhaust my breast milk supply from Asakura while we were trying to get out of the dungeon. My teeth are on edge and I’m feeling really tight in the nerves while still worn out.

First things first, I go to Sunghee. I summoned her in the dream state, but have the others de-summoned and in their slave crystals purposefully asleep even though I’m in deep sleep here. It’s been almost a full day without feeding and the sex demon side of me is about ready to go crazy. I’ll activate the others after I have some fun with Sunghee first, hehe. I don’t want to do that very long though, because I need them awake when I’m in the dream state most the time so that I can defend myself if something tries to sneak in her or if the Doppel-ganger Girl gets loose, which she’s tried to do in the past.

“Shun!” she greeted me excitedly. As soon as she sees me she jumps at me forcefully in a hug.

“Sunghee!” I cried out back to her.

Sunghee is of course my second most favorite person in the whole world, next to Asakura. Well…actually is she tied with Fox in hierarchy? I try not to play favorites but they are all so wonderful. All three are beyond…oh this is what love is huh? They are all three on such high pedestals that I can’t really rank them over each other. They each have a special place.

At least I think it’s love.

When I come to see her in her room in the dream state she squeals with delight as if she’d wanted to see me and not been able to do so for months. It’s the type of energetic happiness you might see if you told a teenage girl you were giving her a new car, the way she looks at me.

“I missed you so much,” she said while being teary eyed, hanging onto me. The look on her face is off innocent adoration that is complete and still in the honeymoon phase before someone starts to take their partner for granted. She’s staring at me hypnotically. I like her dedication and how fully loyal she always seems, even though the staring is like she’s so hypnotized to almost be unhealthy in how she’s fixated on me. She quickly noticed we’re alone together and wants to be ravished.

“Master…” she cooed while playing with my face.

Weird…it’s only been like a day or two right? Could it partly be pheromone withdrawal? It shouldn’t act up so quickly, but it is. I can see a feverish look on her face too. She’s acting like I had gone to war for a year before coming back. It’s good if your woman wants you though. I feel grateful for having her.

“Ouch. Bear hug…too…tight,” I gasped while she’s jumping up and down in delight. She’s plastered against me.

“I’m so happy to see you Shun!” she said, while tucking some loose hair behind her ears while she blushes. I never get tired of seeing any of them. They are actually surprisingly different. Asakura’s hair has a lot of volume and slight almost imperceptible curled edges, but Sunghee has this seemingly waterfall spill straight silky hair that is slightly longer than hers. Sunghee smiles more too, but maybe that’s just because of her being less serious than Asakura who wants to be really good with responsibility and doing things properly.

I wonder how she does it. She’s like a bundle of positivity. And to think she’d endured so much and still has her personality so undamaged is really cool too.

“So how are you doing?” she asked giving me a lean in hug for a second time with her arms around my neck. She keeps rubbing up her face and chest against me. Then she starts giving me a bunch of short, quick kisses all over the face. Is this hyper puppy girlfriend mode?

Wow…Oh gosh, this feels so good.

“Sorry can we take care of business first? I have like a ton of questions?” I pleaded. It’s tough to get her to calm down. When you are really in love even though you’ve seen someone a hundred times every time becomes special. So it’s almost like seeing her for the first time in a way and like I’ve rediscovered her. Everything feels fresh and brand new like this is the best day ever, because of how badly she looks like she wants to be with me and make me happy.

She was about to undo the top buttons on the school uniform blouse and stopped. “OK, fine. But you owe me. I need your love Shun, after this. For real! And man I itch so bad for a good fucking. It’s like this itch won’t go away and it’s been like three days,” she said seriously, flashing her bright white teeth.

Actually it was two. She must want it bad.

Then she gave me a wet kiss as she inserted herself into my mouth for a good French kiss. I have to end it before she gets fired up however.

“OK.” I couldn’t help but give in after her wonderful kiss and bouncy happiness.

“So…there were all kinds of funny pop ups yesterday after turning in the fish with the dwarven military expeditions officials acting jointly with the local adventurer’s guilds. I can’t read dwarven either and a lot of the stuff in town is using dwarven written letters for trade and negotiation,” I said.

“Oh you’re doing real work now? Not just survival stuff? That’s good. I was hoping you would get to this point. You want to be careful but the money in adventuring can be solid if you keep yourself doing missions you can do and no one dies. But the dying part and biting off more than you can chew is where people mess up,” she winked at me before giving me another sloppy wet French kiss between heavy breathing.

I pushed her off me. I have to or we won’t end up talking at all.

It’s time for business and planning. Really…

Even though she’s complied with my request for answering her questions but she is totally still in the mood and planning for tempting me every second of the way, plus I think she’s having a hard time holding back even if she wants to obey. She’s trying to force me to look down her deep cleavage.

Wow, I totally needed her right now.

Wait, focus…

She’s also rubbing her handsomely big boobs on my chest from left to right while doing this tempting thing, all with no bra.

“Hey that feels good,” I said.

“Are you kidding me? For however good it feels to you it’s at least that much more and probably half again for me,” she said in a sultry voice. She then increased the rubbing. Then gives me another forceful wet kiss.

“Wow, if I keep that up I might not be able to stop,” she said after that.

Actually it’s all on her end. Is her mind making her think its me rubbing her instead? How funny.

“So let me show you the pop ups,” I started to say.

“Party pooper,” she said dourly in response.

“Let me sit down,” I said.

“Right me too. I need to be comfortable,” came the reply.

We climb on the bed, and she puts herself on my lap straddling me, giving me a really, really mischievous bad girl look. Sunghee can manage the best bad girl look out of all the girls so far, except for maybe Fox. But Fox’s version of bad girl is a bit too scary, which is why I’ve been taking my time pursuing her. Oh wow, I won’t last very long this way if it’s like this…its way too much temptation.

“OK, I’ll read them for you,” she said refusing to move.

She starts to rub up and down me while straddled. This is going nowhere.

“Sunghee, please?” I asked again.

She suddenly snaps out of hypnotized fuck toy mode. “Oh right, sorry. I don’t know what came over me,” she blushed.

When I opened up the blue screens she pulled them to my side so that we could read them with her still straddling me. She’s also tempting me with trying to shove her boobs as close to my face as possible with a couple buttons undone.

“Oh you have a new skill. Wait. Holy crap!” she squealed in delight. She excitedly bounced up and down, and clapped her hands.

“You have like four new skills! Wow!” she added quickly.

“Eh? I do? I was aware of one or two…but…” I have my eyes wide open.

She reads it. “Wall of Force; spell used to block all damage going in and out of barrier area but in exchange uses more mana than typical spells. This type is used as a flat panel wall or circular tunnel block made of hardened mana.  May block both physical and magic attacks but will block from both incoming and outgoing attacks, use carefully. Can be used for tunnel barriers or protecting an area in the open, or in urban environments. Good for siege warfare situations and magic warfare.”

“There’s another version too,” I said, remembering the bubble sphere mode.

“Got it. I’m getting to that part soon. Just a minute,” her finger is tracing over the screen.

She nods, “Oh, I see it. It’s just a different way of applying the same thing. Barrier Bubble; spell creates safe zone that’s impenetrable to most magic and damage types for a period of time. This version unlike the other type is all encompassing forming a three dimensional protected area, rather than just an open wall. Hardened mana of light blue nature that is designed to absorb both physical and magical damage similar to how slime monsters deflect and absorb force directed at their bodies. As skill develops, area of protection and bubble size may increase accordingly according to caster desires.”

“So it’s pretty nice right?” I asked.

She frowned, “it said blocks many forms of magic, so that could be a loop hole but I’m not sure. I’d be careful about that. It might have its own invulnerabilities that aren’t strictly damage based.”

What could that mean?

“So I have to work it up or what?” I wondered.

She shrugged. “It doesn’t say much else. I’m guessing you can work it up, but I don’t know the best way to do so. Sorry Shun. But even as it is, this is a killer skill. I can see why you would have it if you have been focusing on protection type spell work.”

“That kind of makes sense,” I guessed in confusion.

I had been thinking like why I got this instead of a sex demon skill, but maybe because that’s because I need to feed.

Again she shrugged, “this is a new world Shun. You are going to find stuff sometimes with no explanation. It’s also a hell world too, and a lot of people are suffering here. You probably think you’ve taken like non-stop hell since getting here but the truth is your life is pretty good compared to a lot of people. You’re a survivor and you get through things. Most people don’t or they become slaves. I wouldn’t dwell on it. You are successful in your own way. Just take it like that.”

“So there’s another new ability besides that?” I asked.

She nods but gives me a funny look while staring at my eyes, “then you have an incubus kiss ability.” Actually this whole time she hasn’t stopped staring at me.

She gives me a sultry look. “Heh.”


“It figures that you’d get something like this. Actually I’m surprised you didn’t get this earlier. Shouldn’t this have been one of the first skills you got?” she said teasing me.

“It’s not my fault. But that’s a good question,” I protested.

She laughed in response, but she doesn’t care or doesn’t think anything bad. She’s trying to wiggle into me and rub against me again. I try to get her to stop but it’s getting harder for both of us.

“Eh? There’s something like that? How come I didn’t know about it?” I asked.

“Maybe you have to actively be trying to use it? But actually I wonder why this ability wasn’t one of the first ones you received? If your genes became warped with sex demon incubus genes then I’m surprised this didn’t manifest sooner,” she wondered.

“Maybe because of the light magic interference or supposed light magic interference?” she surmised aloud right after that.

“You might be right. So what’s it do? I mean I could guess but I’m guessing it says something there.”

She reads it, “Incubus ability; direct Kiss. Target must be of the opposite sex to take effect for both types of uses. Combat use; causes stun that can stack onto the duration of existing stun or act as standalone stun. Stun lasts for 10 second base +3 seconds based on casters current power. Non-combat use causes heightened sexual arousal and will stack with other body fluids and pheromone exposure. Multiple kisses may cause instant sexual arousal. Caster’s desires and mutual trust may influence the result.”

Uh oh…I’ve just used that on Sunghee like a minute ago. And without realizing it, no wonder she’s so much hornier than usual. She had kissed me earlier.

Wow,…even before I realize it she’s now topless.

Well it’s not like I object to those big round globes wobbling around.

“Oh Shun! I’m so happy to have you! I feel so freaking horny,” Sunghee gasped. She’s already reaching for my face to kiss me more. She has already slipped her tongue around mine again. Then she bit me in French kiss mode.

I’ve been underestimating her boobs too. They are perfect and very swollen pushing out both wide and in front with healthy perkiness. Just because they aren’t gigantic like Asakura doesn’t mean they aren’t hypnotic or extremely beautiful or fun to watch jiggle.

“Let’s work first babe, then we’ll play,” I said. I slapped her on the ass, partly fun, partly for discipline. I have to be about discipline first always or I’d never get out of the house in the mornings.

“Ahh, come on! That’s so mean! I itch really badly down there,” she whined. She’s trying to not grab herself in the lower hip lips right now, but it’s not working. I can tell she really wants sex right now. In fact she can’t even keep still; she’s like rubbing all over me and feeling me. I somehow manage to keep reading the rest of the skills. There are a lot of changes across the board, probably because I’ve been toughening up so much lately.

She does obey however, and continues to read and go over the skill list with me. There have been a lot of changes.

Resistance to elements and magic, +44% bonus absorption rate above base; target must be touched to apply buff or within 6 feet. (Cast range increase +1, + increase to raw affectivity);

Starry Missiles (up to 4 missiles, +29% damage each); (missiles+1, +increase to raw damage);

Sex Demon Longevity; Consistent daily feeding promotes anti-aging and longevity in demon. Daily exposure to sex demon’s fluids and primary pet’s breast milk in harem also creates significant anti-aging. Further upgrades available through higher tiers of working up skill and may take time to develop;

Size and girth increase of primary “tool”; + additional permanent 47% increase in length, and +54% increase in girth;

Debuff; Lower resistance to elements and magic, 40% decrease;

Weapon Damage Buff; +13% damage when cast on weapons;

Weapon Damage Debuff; -13% damage when cast on weapons;

Telekinesis; can be used within 10 feet of self on targets weighing less than 60 pounds, including weapons; or can be used for push or pull forces in air.

Movement buff, up to 14% movement speed buff, + 1% attack speed increase. Target must be touched to apply buff or within five feet. (Will stack with equipment buff);

Run Speed Buff +14% movement speed;

Run Speed Debuff -14% movement speed;

Runic Mana Shielding +36 protection and endurance bonus%; can be applied by touch to team target, self, or any target within 21 feet of caster; Duration of up to 24 hours;

Mana Sensory feeling for healers and biological magic; *newly acquired*; used for finding damaged organs and internal damage in medical scanning during touch.

Mana Stitches; for use in triage or first aid emergency situations.

Stun Ray, lasts up to 14 seconds, lasts less with more resistance; has a cool time of one usage per minute. Can be used in ray form or as target only with small range;

Advanced Runic Mana Shielding; can be applied by touch to team target, self, or any target within 21 feet of caster; Similar duration as basic Runic Mana Shielding but double the effects. Advanced version of basic runic shielding, but has much, much longer cast time and **not recommended for being cast if battle situation has already started. **Warning; not recommended to be cast when under pressure to cast quickly. Spell requires full five minutes of mana circulation and caster concentration per cast attempt.”

Cure Disease/Poison, must be used with mana sensor skill for full effect;

Alter Biological functions/structure/adapt of demon harem member;

Light; just like it sounds; acts in a radius of effect. Perimeter of circle radius depends on mana used and can be adjusted. Target or space area usable with default setting radius of around five feet. Max default setting at 9 feet radius immediate light pool effect with visible range beyond that; Caster’s desires may influence the result.

Heal; just like it sounds; range bonus +1

Regenerative heal over time; As above but spread out over time;

Paladin Holy Light (weaponized version); Danger! Doesn’t mix well with Demon Summoner biology, use at own risk; unpredictable penalties may occur. **10% chance of malfunctioning with current biological status**

Control Energy Sword (Joint Ownership bonus / permission through Fox) (Dangerous, Unstable, may cause harm to owner(s) due to massive power cost, not recommended at present mana levels); **Currently unable to use, in possession of Fox;**

Bonus Mana Pool (several upgrades (one for each harem member plus other unlocks));

All around mana conservation of 10% for all spells.

Summon equipment; (1.75x multiplier cost due to ‘package summons in box’); Weapon (+11% attack buff), shoes (+11% movement buff), skirt (+11% resistance buff), 2 rings (enchant open) slots unlocked; all equipment buffs stackable with caster’s own enchants but stacking with other mage enchants to be determined. Caster’s desires may influence the result.

Protection from Normal Missiles; just as it says…works on all kinds of bullets, javelins, darts, crossbow bolts, arrows, and all mechanical projectiles but doesn’t affect magic or energy range weapons.

Dimension Door; travel door that can be walked through for small range teleportation of caster +2 subjects that can be pulled through if touching caster. Teleport to visual area within 400 feet.

Summons based spells gain additional mana conservation of 5%;

10% additional efficiency mana conservation gain unlocked for stealth spell masking;

Summon and De-summon harem members; (Sunghee, Rina, Asakura);



“Wow, that’s a lot of skills,” I said after Sunghee had read them over.

But it’s too late. She’s already changed the mood.  She’d slipped her skirt up around the top of her waist and pulled my tool out almost before I knew it. She’s mounted me before I can even say anything negative about it, and we end up going non-stop. She’s groaning like she’s being jarred and shook to death like a rag doll while jack hammering violently on top of me. She seems energetically like it’s almost like she’s throwing herself on top of my tool with sacrificial abandon, while her eyes are giving me this pleading look.

“Ahh….hmmm……mmm…….good. mmm…..Shun……hmmm m…chuuu….” Sunghee has a hard time kissing me because she so absorbed in cowgirl position fucking from the top down.

I like her tanned body with its perfect evenness over all throughout her frame. And with her in cowgirl position I can see how she looks with my tool deeply embedded in her pussy with it split wide open to try to accommodate my growing size.

“Ahhh,,….oohhh….yes! Shun! I love fucking you! I mean…I love…fu-err I mean ….I …love…you,” Sunghee managed to gasp.

I don’t need to talk but Sunghee likes to be loud.

Then there’s the intense stare that she can’t pull her eyes away from me while she’s contorting herself. The constant sound of squelching is heard while she’s trying to put ever more pressure with each thrust while fucking me. When she slams her hips down onto mine there’s also a pacha, patch, spap, spap constant noise of of wet echo from her hip slamming non-stop.

As her best attributes are her athletically thin and toned legs I am able to see her do strange new forms of hip based jumping jacks and frog leg sex positions as we keep going. Her intense eyes only rolled back in her head for a good ten seconds when both of us cummed one right after another barely five minutes into hard sex. But neither of us stops, even while her pussy is dripping tons of fluid almost like a broken honey jar. Somehow she’s hypnotized so badly into wanting physically demanding sex that even if a gun went off in the room she wouldn’t hear a thing. She probably won’t stop until she passes out from exhaustion.

This sex demon thing is getting more difficult to control. I feel stronger when I’m inside one of the harem members and more powerful with a lot of energy. There are times when I don’t want to let go or stop.

Oh what the hell…

We continue for some time with Sunghee acting almost like she’ll hurt herself on purpose just to feel that much more heaven. But she’s in control as we French kiss. She’s like hypnotized by sucking on my face at the same time, and at times I’m afraid she’ll tear my face off with biting.

I don’t really like biting though.

So I had to summon Asakura to stop Sunghee from biting.

Before she can react to my fucking Sunghee she’s also hypnotized by my cock sawing in an out of the other girl. She’s frozen watching it.

That’s an interesting discovery. The pheromones are so powerful that they can cause a mental block of not acknowledging other girls nearby that they don’t know very well or know at all. When did it evolve like that? Sunghee and Asakura have heard about each other but have had very limited contact.

Yet because the pheromones are active Asakura is staring openly at me and probably wouldn’t have even noticed if she was in the middle of town naked. She licks her lips hungrily.

“Hold Sunghee’s arms up from behind. I don’t want her biting me, but help her improve her cowgirl technique so she doesn’t become a biter,” I ordered. I’d also summoned her because I think repeated sex demon injections affect Asakura’s ability to produce milk and I can’t ever jeopardize that. I need to make sure Asakura is fucked everyday so the milk never stops.

“……” Asakura is totally giving me a blank stare but follows me orders exactly.

At first Sunghee started swearing and is shocked when her wrists are grabbed and held up from behind. But when she sees we aren’t interrupting sex but just not letting her bite me then she starts slamming her hip down harder than before without stopping.

It gets even more hypnotizing in effect with Sunghee’s breasts shaking up and down violently while Asakura’ boobs are hanging over Sunghee’s shoulders from sheer size and weight. Four jiggling boobs all at once with a head in the middle is kind of cool and hot.

Sunghee then screamed when she cummed again for like the fourth time straight. Then she fell off.

Before she can regain her foothold Asakura took her spot and doesn’t hesitate to impale herself. When Asakura pushes herself up and down a few times she finally has everything greased inside to start moving.

“Ohhh yes! Yes! Yes!~ YES! YES!!” Askura is crying while calling out to me. I can’t stop watching Asakura’s boobs flow up and down with violent cowgirl hip slamming motions as she’s trying to get fucked silly.

Sunghee is staring at the ceiling but blinking still and has her eyes open. She’s contorted on the ground like a dead cricket though.

I should do something about that. Once Sunghee realizes she lost her spot to another girl she might react badly. I have to keep them from getting mad at each other.

I cast the runic sequence to summon Rina.

“Hey you started without me!” Rina protested.

She’s already moving to seize Asakura and fight her for the spot but I commanded her to stop.

She’s frozen into place.

“I want you to hold down Sunghee for awhile. Lay on top of her but make sure she can breathe comfortably, I said.

“That’s not as much fun as what you guys are doing,” Rina complained. She seems more alive than the other two for some reason.

“French kiss Sunghee to keep her calm,” I ordered Rina.

“F-fine,” she pouted.

“Oh…gosh…this is….so hot,” Asakura is giving me a facial look that is something like unbelief.

“Shun! I love….fucking! Please!....more…….don’t….ever….stop!” Asakura cried out making Rina jealous.

Sunghee is still in mind shock mode unable to do anything but blink or even close her mouth that Rina is French kissing.

Spap, spap, spluck, shluck sounds keep coming from violent deep hip penetration.

Asakura is groaning and moaning for several long minutes while we continue,

Five minutes later we both cum again at nearly the same time; is it because she’s my familiar and there’s some link that its like that?

“Can….I….just …do this ….everyday? I don’t …want ….to adventure anymore….” Asakura gasped out between slamming against me repeatedly with my cock being buried to the hilt inside her.

I frowned. That’s the last thing I want. I need to get stronger to defend myself.

“We have…to …be…responsible,” I blurted out while not sounding very much so.

“I….get it….but…this is….more fun,” Asakura has tears all the way to her chin from emotional highs of our current activity.

Sunghee is still prone.

Rina is giving us a look of jealousy while all of us are naked.

“I want a turn,” she said.

“Your punishment is to watch. You also have to beg for it,” I countered.

I can’t help it. This is revenge from all the stupid stuff she did. Yep, she will do a lot of begging before the night is up.

Asakura then cums again, only stopping for a few seconds. I think she almost passed out. And when she recovers we both notice that she’s dripping tons of milk from her nipples that is starting to pool in various places on both of us because she’s moving around too much for it all to be hitting the same place. Her boobs also hang too heavily for the milk to not be shaken out.

“So…out…of breath…” Asakura gasped before starting to fuck again.

This is why I like the cowgirl position so much. I get to watch their boobs fly up and down. But I also get to rest and collect energy while they do the work. That lets me trade off girls easier with less stamina loss and make everything go longer.

“Is it my turn yet?” Rina complains.

Asakura didn’t even notice she’d talked.

Rina whines too much.

While Asakura continues to fuck me I have Rina come over and spanked her a couple of times hard. Then I had her start licking and cleaning out the cum off Sunghee after ordering her not to say another word.

“………………..” Asakura is in total veg mode somehow again while we continue to slap together.

It’s weird when they get like this. It makes me nervous too. And both her and Sunghee getting like this within just a couple of hours of fucking makes me worried that maybe sex demon venom is too powerful. Maybe I can use something to be more human and less demon.

To punish Rina I made her lick off the most cum off my rod and spanked her silly but not until Asakura was too fried to continue without a break. I was not gentle at all, and at times I was worried I’d spanked her too hard but she still orgasmed from it, despite her ass being so red it looks blistered. Who the hell orgasms from spanking like that? It’s more proof she’s off in the head. But she deserved the spanking, and I plan to discipline her more later for the debt she’s incurred with me. She also got less air time than the other two; also on purpose but still I did make her cum a few times, while I made the other two watch. Then each time I trade off who is being my active wife to be awarded I start making the others watch too from now on.

About three hours more of non-stop fucking later I’ve made her, Rina, and Asakura all pass out, trading off with them evenly and equally. It sort of looked like they were having tremors for awhile.

That’s weird.

At some point part of the potion that Rina and Asakura had used, started to wear off on Asakura but until non-stop fucking like this all night I hadn’t noticed it. Rina in what looks like Asakura’s body looks the same, but Asakura in Rina’s body has somehow got her own Asakura face back again. And it appears to be permanent.

Asa result, because Rina looks so much like Asakura I couldn’t hold back from abstinence with her even if I wanted too, and I can hardly tell which one is which anymore unless I’m staring at their boobs all the time. The boobs make it completely obvious by a mile.

That’s so hot. I now have twins to fuck non-stop anytime I want.

The thought makes me cream into Asakura again.

How many times is this again? It should give her a lot of milk production over the next few days. She’s now flooding milk out the nipples.

It seems like they have a sensory overload sometimes when I have too much …fluid inside them and they end up fainting. I guess that’s probably what would happen on people feeding with a succubus too. So far I’m not detecting any life signs failing or becoming dangerous so I keep plowing ahead.

After a nap, we wake up. And then we go again.

Why don’t I do this more often? I feel stupid for now taking advantage of this more. Doing all three girls at once was the best too. And who wouldn’t want to do this all the time? That adventuring stuff is nonsense. Why would anyone want to go do that when they can stay at home doing this?

Maybe I should retire.

Wait, that’s a bad idea. In the first place I need money and to get stronger. It seems the sex demon genes are trying to get me to give up responsibility. I need to make sure which my true feelings are.

Then I noticed something else.

Fox is yawning there suddenly while all the girls except her are naked. But Fox looks sort of stunned in a way. I’m guessing she saw more than is good for her to see. “Awwww,” she yawned. “If I didn’t know how addicting that was I’d think it was fun.” Right now Fox is also dressed in a school uniform blouse and skirt with high heels.

Weird…I didn’t summon Fox. She summoned herself? She’s not supposed to be doing that.

“Hey Fox, how are you?” I smiled.

Asakura’s cowgirl style doesn’t slow down even for a second with Fox showing up. In fact I think it sped up. She did I think barely recognize that someone else is in the room with us. But it’s like Asakura doesn’t even recognize me.

“You know if you inject too much venom in her all the time, her boobs will never stop growing,” Fox warned me.

“EH? You think that influences it?” I asked while letting Asakura keep going.

Fox nodded. “Why else would her boobs keep getting bigger? Your sex demon sperm isn’t sperm at all, but is actually a type of venom from what I can tell. It pulls out nutrients at the same time but through magic somehow also amplifies nutrients of other kinds too. It makes their sex organs swell up too,” she noted.

I frowned. “But the others haven’t changed breast sizes.”

“Sunghee’s pussy has thicker and puffier lips than it used to be at. She just changed differently. She’s probably too embarrassed to point it out,” Fox said.

And Fox is totally not a perv for noticing that. Why did she notice that?

I glanced At Sunghee, that Rina is eating out from below. She might be right.

“Um let’s take a break guys,” I said.

To wake them up I had all of them including Fox practice spanking Rina hard and mercilessly after healing her. She deserves it and she’s not getting really hurt so it’s OK.

After a good thirty minute nap I woke up and Rina’s but is blistered red all over again. I had to heal her to not feel guilty. But the other girls are more awake now.

She smiles back, and then winks at me, “so you want to introduce us to the new girls?”

Rina, and Asakura, are studying Fox and Sunghee, who are in turn studying them in return. They are all totally embarrassed and so aware of their own lack of dignity that they are afraid to talk to each other or say anything at all now. Plus the whole mind warp thing from waking up from fainting takes some recovery I guess.

“Is she Rina? How come she looks like Asakura?” Sunghee said aloud.

“That’s a good question,” Fox has raised an eyebrow and looking at me funny.

“Not my fault,” I said defensively.

“I cheated the system and changed my body and genes so I also can become Shun’s fuck toy. He came in me twice tonight at least and I came at least five times so it looks like it worked,” Rina glanced in my direction. She was licking and sucking the cum off my cock but then she gets pushed out of the way for Asakura to take over.

She’s now a bolder and wilder Rina than ever before. Now she actively tries to compete with Asakura for being the first to have sex with me and to do the most and be out of control with mind smashing furniture breaking sex wildness.

“We need to have a talk. Your harem is too big,” Asakura says to me seriously and with a defensive look and arms folded under boobs standoff position. Wow, they almost reach her belly button but still look perky.

“No it isn’t. This is way too much fun to close up the harem now. What’s with you? He needs more girls for sure now. He’ll need night and day soldiers,” Rina shot back.

“I object too. Asakura doesn’t get the right to decide Shun’s harem,” Sunghee said, which surprised me.

I think Asakura looks very green with envy right now. She’s still protectively trying to suck my cock while blocking the other two. Neither Sunghee or Rina can approach and Asakura is stronger than they are.

“No it isn’t big enough yet. He needs a few more mages so I can advance my mana pool,” Fox said defensively.

“But I don’t want to share,” Asakura said, shaking a fist. It makes her boobs jiggle like jell-o.

“You have the nerve to say that? Your boobs are too big. Your spot is secure but ours isn’t. That’s not fair. If anything he needs to research boob enhancement too so we can catch up with you,” Sunghee slaps Asakura’s boobs playfully.

Asakura looked very threatened when she said that.

“Hey don’t start fighting. Shun won’t like it,” Rina jumps in.

“Who asked you?” Fox is annoyed with Rina already.


“Seriously? How did you grow them so big?” Sunghee is demanding from Asakura with her hands on her hips staring at her. I think Sunghee feels threatened and has a dour look on her face. Then Sunghee goes in front to heft and hold Asakura’s boobs. At first Asakura growled a bit, but because Sunghee isn’t fighting her for the chance to give me a blow job, she relents and is letting Sunghee play with them now.

“Those monster boobs are way are too big. You see what I have to compete with?” The fake Asakura who is really Rina says rolling her eyes.

“Wait a second. Those are too big. I think they grew again,” I said to Asakura.

“Oh shit. It took forever trying to wear clothes before and always adjusting my shirts,” Asakura complained.

“Like Fox said, I think its Shun’s venom making them bigger. See, my pussy lips have swollen and are now more prominent,” Sunghee shows her rose petals openly. She actually looks better this way for some reason. It looks handsome and like more inviting down there. The others don’t say anything but turned beat red. Funny though, Sunghee was pointed at me, not at the other girls.

For some reason I want to stare at her rose petals some more.

“What do you have to complain for? We’re the ones in pain that are smaller?” Fox and Rina both said together. They both look threatened and wounded now.

“Actually yours aren’t too bad. If the tit monster wasn’t here, then we would be jealous of yours actually,” Rina painfully admitted to Sunghee. Rina is feeling up Sunghee’s boobs now instead of sucking me off.

“Tit monster?” Fox is surprised to hear it. It’s obvious which one they are referring to.

Briefly Fox glanced at my tool, looking like she wanted to suck it too but then she hid her expression or had regained her willpower.

“So you have nothing to fear,” Rina said to Sunghee.

Sunghee cracks a smile, “really? Oh you are so sweet to say that. Thank you, honey.” Rina who had been feeling up Sunghee’s big boobs is now being bear hugged to death by an overly emotional Sunghee.

“You know there’s nothing good about having them too big. They weigh me down and I have to constantly milk them for Shun’s food,” Asakura said facing them off.

All of the girls look at her jealously with murder in their eyes.

“I wish I could give Shun milk,” Rina pouted.

“I know right? So unfair. That’s why he needs a boob enhancement spell or research,” Sunghee chips in right after.

“It’s true that’s not fair, we should all be able to give Shun milk,” Fox said.

Err, wait a second. It was Fox that said that? She’s not even embarrassed either. Fox who is so unusually conservative doesn’t realize what she just said. And I’m not going to point it out to her.

I think Sunghee also noticed that too, but the other two haven’t. She glances at me questioningly, even while Rina is still tugging on Sunghee’s nipples.

I think Asakura also just noticed that even though she’s beaten them all in sheer size, Sunghee has won with the best nipples.

Sunghee’s nipples are like over an inch and a quarter long, at least ¾ of the same size in girth, and there’s almost like a mini boob effect with the nipple swelling out with its own cone. They werne’t that big when she got to this world I expect. But I don’t know how much of that is from my demon venom and how much is from the high human racial trait. Actually I’d been staring at it for its perfection and beauty this whole time, whenever I could do so without getting caught.

“That’s right! I demand the right to give breast milk! Give me the lactation ability Shun, or else,” Rina demanded.

“It doesn’t work like that,” I said shaking my head.

“Ouch! Oh shit that hurts!” Sunghee cried out in pain, acting like she just got electrocuted.

Without realizing it, Rina had accidentally started crushing and twisting Sunghee’s nipples when she was mad. Sunghee falls to the ground, while Rina is apologizing. “Oh, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to get carried away,” she tries to start helping her up but Sunghee swats her hands away and is covering herself.

Asakura then swatted Rina hard on the ass. Then Asakura is now suddenly sucking me off again with loud slurping noises.


Damn Rina. She wrecked my view.

“I want lactation too,” Sunghee said, eyeing Asakura.

“Good hell, if they keep growing they will be hanging like almost to her hips!” Fox said jealously. Of course Fox would be the most jealous and staring too because her and Rina had the least in size.

“Well not that much. That’s clearly an exaggeration. That sounds scary too, I don’t want them that big,” Asakura argued back with her hands on her hips. She’s of course showing off a bit on purpose now I think. She’s still sucking on me with horrific force on her blow job and cum sucking.

Actually I think Fox was getting drunk on the pheromones. That’s probably why she said about boobs that big, which clearly was impossible right?

“That’s an unfair advantage. I say we even the playing field!” Rina argued then.

“Well, even if you want that, how do you propose we do that? I don’t think we have control over it do we? And is there like a minimum amount of vaginal penetration required on the first time or something to cause the lactation?” Fox asked me directly. Her eyes look like their almost alive with fervent heat.

“Maybe if you drink some milk?” Asakura asked while at the same time she started milking herself. A slim, small stream of white milk shoots out and hits Rina in the face.

None of them seems to mind that they are all naked and showing off. At some point even Fox had gotten naked from the waist up. And since we’ve had so much sex they all have what looks like rug burn in a certain lower hip location.

“Haha, that looks fun actually,” Sunghee said playfully. The others laughed too suddenly.

Rather than being upset or feeling threatened like Rina and Fox, Sunghee suddenly scandalizes them all by latching on and starting to drink after pushing Asakura against the wall to get a grip on her nipples. I know that’s my food…but damn that’s hot to watch.

Sunghee is sucking Asakura like she just got rescued from the desert with exaggerated sexy movements.

“Hey stop that. You aren’t supposed to do that! Shun didn’t give permission,” Fox objects.

I’m not sure what to do either. “Hey, that’s Shun’s milk!” Rina objects.

Sunghee is … drunk on sex demon pheromones and sex? I’m not sure but I think she’s probably the most drunk here on pheromone except for Asakura. Weirdly Fox is more drunk than Rina though on them. A good minute of wrestling later Fox and Rina manage to pull Sunghee off Asakura, who has been yelping and like trying to push her off but is …ticklish. They also had to do it without Asakura being bitten too badly on the nipples. Sunghee managed to make her incapacitated by tickling her.

“Hey that’s really good!” Sunghee said with a small amount dribbling down her chin. I didn’t think she was able to drink that much.

“You guys should try some,” she encouraged.

“Eh? Really?” Fox and Rina asked.

“No,” I said.

“Heck yeah, also Shun has an anti aging skill if you are in the harem,” Sunghee cheered.

“Holy crap! No fucking way!” Rina exclaimed while squealing.

“Are you sure? That sounds impossible. Where did you see that? Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake,” Fox suddenly looked very interested. There was no way she’d ignore a skill like that. No sane woman would that liked looking young and beautiful.

“It’s in the blue screen. We saw it today,” Sunghee said carefully.

“It’s true!” Sunghee said while the others are trying sips of Asakura’s milk by tickling her so she can’t pick them off.

Fox is staring at me. “There must be a mistake. You’re reading it wrong.” She looks skeptical, but for a girl the promise of eternal youth and beauty is too big to ignore. She’s highly interested even though she’s starting to shift to denial.

“That sounds too illogical. There must be a mistake. Any magic skill has a logic and reasoning behind it. They aren’t just stuff pulled out of thin air,” I growled.

She tries to push the other girls out of the way to get to me to double check it.

She moves closer, and then suddenly I found myself being forced to prove the new anti-aging skill to all the ladies crowding around me. Because they are also all crowding into me topless I’m feeling like I just rediscovered heaven all over again.

Fox is unaware she’s topless and naked head to toe. This is a rare treat. She is also very, very close now.

“Will that like let me have a new growth spurt?” Fake Asakura (Rina) is staring down at her own boobs. Because she had been kind of small there before, the body change magic she’d used hadn’t been able to actually give her much of an increase. Admittedly there was some increase but she was still number four in order of Asakura, Sunghee, Fox, and then her in order of biggest to smallest. I also saw there were different advantages for each one. Fox had a natural thin willowy frame that was the slimmest, Asakura had long legs, while strangely Rina had the best shaped hip.

It was also too late to go back from taking the harem route train with Rina, I think but I didn’t want to crush her dream or her efforts. She was happier though and healthy in spirit, no longer being annoying.

“I don’t know if you’ll still gain anything new there, but it’s cool,” Sunghee accidentally bumped into Asakura, putting Asakura’s face right in the middle of Sunghee’s shirtless cleavage.

Wow, this is hot.

“Oh my gosh, it’s really there!” Fox exclaimed jumping up and down. Her hands are tracing the symbols in the blue window, as she’s confirming it to the other girls’s except Sunghee. Even Asakura has finally gotten up and is looking at it, but her boobs bouncing as she moved over almost knocked Rina over.

“Eh?! So we can like never get wrinkles? We’ll never get fat right? What does that affect and not affect exactly?” Rina confirmed.

“I’m more worried about what kind of trade off that might have,” I said but the others are too excited and high to notice what I said.

Fox looks at me hungrily. She’s very tempted. I can see it on her face and in her eyes. “A skill like that, granting like eternal youth and beauty is just the right thing for giving me time to build up to becoming an archmage…”

“Why do you want to do that anyway? Isn’t it enough just to be happy and have your own family?” Asakura said.

“If I’m an archmage I can explore unlimited possibilities, help my clan, and my people. I guess it’s just a better life. It’s hard to have the things you want like a family in this world without being able to protect it,” Fox said blushing. She’s staring at Asakura’s boobs again.

“What? It’s not my fault they are big. I’m not the bad guy here,” Asakura said defensively. The facial expressions of the others clearly disagree with what she just said though.

“Uh Shun, I think they did grow again. Did you do something you shouldn’t have?” Fox asked me while still staring.

“I don’t know Fox. I was hoping you would all get along. I didn’t think we’d get much further from this meeting than trying to not have you guys fight with each other to be honest,” I said.

“That’s true,” Rina and Fox both said.

“But why is it this skill needs both Shun’s …fluids…and Asakura’s milk together to work?” Sunghee wondered while reading the screen over and over obsessively.

“Probably because you have to become a sex demon’s fuck slave for it to work, and you have to be addicted to sex with Shun?” Rina guessed.

“That …isn’t the case is it?” Fox looked troubled suddenly. “Sex demon…I don’t know…” she sighed.

“Oh come on its fun. She probably just WANTS it to be those conditions,” Sunghee patted Fox on the back empathetically.

“Oh her milk is involved too? I didn’t catch that earlier. The milk could be stored venom actually that’s mixing with nutrients in whoever its stored in as breast milk,” I said.

“Bingo, that has to be it or something along those lines,” Fox said.

“Who cares? Isn’t it more fun that way?” Asakura countered. Asakura likes it when I suck her boobs and that sexually excites her so I guess she might think its fun.

“I don’t know, but I don’t want to miss out,” Rina said. With no warning she’s now Slurping Asakura’s milk straight from the tap. Right now Asakura strangely doesn’t mind, although she is giving me a questioning look, like saying ‘is this OK?’

I nod the OK to her, while Rina is trying her milk. “Just not too much. Only a little.”

“Hey that’s mine! That’s the only way Shun can get nourishment! Anything leftover should go to me,” Sunghee protested.

“Hey don’t pull me off!” Rina said, as I pulled her by the hair to get her off.

“Ouch! You bit me!” Asakura gasped out.

“Just don’t take too much. That’s the only thing I can eat,” I warned them.

To punish Rina, she’s suddenly like hypnotized as I mount her from behind.

That’s another weird thing I’ve noticed. Lately when I’m having sex with one of the girls sometimes they go into like a vegetative state and I don’t know if that’s healthy…maybe it’s just that they are caught up in feeling what they are feeling and can’t stop enjoying it?

Is it possible they might not come out of the veg state?

I’ve had a repressed anger at Rina though. She’s acted out so much. So after I cum in her again twenty minutes of non-stop doggie style later and then I threw her by the hair into the bed while she has a pleased look on her face and has Asakura’s milk running down her chin. Then I grab Asakura again, and I’ve mounted her.

“That’s…so hot…”Fox said, who is now watching. Fox keeps rubbing her legs together like she’s trying to not finger herself right in front of me. And there’s a clear sap seeping out of her too.

“I know right? It’s like almost as much fun to watch as it is to feel the real thing?” Sunghee said while standing next to her. Sunghee is shivering while playing with her own clit.

Does she know she’s over the edge? Fox has never been this close to giving in or openly acted out like she’s already in the harem but she is now. She might end up falling soon.

Fox has pulled her skirt up to her hips and is frigging herself openly in front of me after seeing everyone else is already joined in. It won’t be long now…I think I’ll conquer her soon. But I have to avoid triggering a defensive reaction in her still, which sucks.

I can’t force it because she’s got psychological fallout from having to fight the previous demon box’s owner for so long.

As I pound into Asakura as hard as I can, I can’t stop thinking that I will capture Fox soon. She can’t resist it and the pheromones are stronger when having sex. While pounding into her from behind, Asakura’s boobs are dragging against the bed while she’s on her hands and knees on top of it, which makes this even hotter for everyone

Asakura is too loud in sex now. I’m worried about if it’s even safe to have her in the real world anymore. I should keep her in here for awhile to protect her. And this may give a chance for Sunghee and the others to adapt to the normal world.

I should make evey day like today.

But I didn’t get much training in.


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