“Good. This is a great occasion, Ronan. I know that you always dreamed about magic and wanted to be a wizard. I didn’t tell you about some things as you were too young, and I didn’t want you to blame your birth too much.


Now you must know how rare it is to see a wizard talent among commoners. Do you blame me for lying to you?” Dr.Virat questioned worriedly.


He could see that Ronan had a dull expression on his face despite the good news. He feared that the boy was disappointed in him for lying to him. All said and done, Ronan, despite his maturity, was just a thirteen-year-old kid. It is common for children to not understand his intentions.


Ronan shook his head and said, “No, sir. I understand that you did that for my own good.”


"Then what is it that is worrying you?" Dr.Virat asked, "I may be not a wizard, but I have lived for a long time. Maybe I can help you.”


Ronan hesitated for a while and finally decided to tell Dr.Virat about what he learned from Dr.August.


The immensity of the world, the wizards, and the powerful rulers behind everyone. He explained the feeling of powerlessness that he was feeling at the moment.


Dr.Virat listened carefully and felt waves of astonishment at the secrets he heard. He might have been just a rural doctor, but the wisdom of his age made him a lot calmer than Ronan. As he heard more, he finally understood Ronan for the first time. This student of his had huge ambitions and the courage to face the difficulties to achieve them.


Most people would have cowered in fear, but he was planning to overcome them. It meant that from the beginning, Ronan never thought about compromising and wasn't satisfied with any position in society.


He wanted more and possibly wanted everything. He had just awakened today and was already planning to exceed his teacher and challenge the great figures who ruled the world.


He thought about the immensity of this world because he wanted to explore it all. To do all of that, he needed power, and that is why Ronan was disappointed in himself.


Dr.Virat never imagined such a broad breadth of mind in an orphan kid growing up in the middle of nowhere. He had the courage and the spirit of a monarch. It was a rarely seen quality and might be a boon or a disaster. Only time would tell.


Thinking about it for a while, Dr.Virat asked Ronan, “How many years did you study under me?”


Ronan looked confused but answered, “Three years, sir.”


Dr.Virat nodded and continued, “It took three years for you to learn everything from me. I don’t know why you are in a hurry but take a step back and think.


Your teacher, Professor August, is a great wizard, also a professor at the imperial medical college. That is not a small position. It would take years for you to learn everything from him.


Before you think about flying, you need to learn to walk first. The world is not going anywhere. Once you become a wizard, your lifespan will no longer be limited like normal people. So stop worrying about things that are not in your control and start thinking about what you need to do now.


Slow and steady win the race.


Remember. If you can’t catch up to others immediately, it's no big deal. As long as you don’t give up and keep working hard, you will eventually catch up. It matters not who won the race first but whether you won it at all. So Ronan, relax and remember, you can do it all. What you need is the patience to wait until your time comes, and it most definitely will.”


Dr.Virat’s words made Ronan realize that he had been too conceited to think about things way out of his limits.


What he needed to do next was to become a wizard as soon as possible. Just like Dr.Virat said, if he doesn’t give up, he will succeed at some point. As for the complex topics, he would just deal with them when he had to.


Ronan took a deep breath and bowed deeply as he said, “Thank you, sir. You made me realize the wrongs in my thinking. I will remember this advice forever.”


Dr.Virat nodded and said, “Alright, it is getting late. Go and relax for tonight. I know you have to leave the mercenaries permanently. I will explain it to the leaders.”


Ronan appreciated his help and left to sleep. The day was a long one, and he needed some much-needed rest.


Dr.Virat watched as Ronan left and lighted a cigar. Lying back on his chair, he thought about everything he just learned. Ronan took his advice much better than he expected. Clearly, the boy was intelligent and had enough control over his emotions. It was not a quality commonly seen in people.


As time passed, Virat's eyes shone with determination as he made his decision. Throwing his cigar away, he left for the main office.


The guards at the office let Dr.Virat in without informing the leaders. Not many would get such a treatment. Only a few knew of his other identity in the camp, and the guards were one of them.


As Dr.Virat walked into the office, around half a dozen people looked at him puzzled. Some bowed, and a man with blue hair sitting at the head of the table rose and said, “Uncle. It is rare for us to see you at this time of the day. Is everything all right?”


The man was Idris Albus, the eldest of the three Albus brothers and the leader of the Albus mercenaries. Dr.Virat was also an Albus, and the three brothers were sons of the previous head, his brother.


Dr.Virat looked at all of them and said, “It is good that you are all here.”


Six people sat at the table.


Idris Albus – the eldest brother and the leader of the mercenaries


Regan Albus – the second brother and the leader of the forward battalion.


Sebastian Albus – the youngest brother and the leader of the reserve battalion.


Layla – the only female member at the table and the head of the scout squadron.


Wesley – the captain of the guards and the head of training camp.


Finally, Matleb – the Reserve officer in charge of supplies and rear operations.


These six people comprised the top echelon of the mercenaries. All the major decisions required their approval, and it was because of this partial democracy that the Albus mercenaries had a better atmosphere and management compared to others.


Dr.Virat was not among the top echelons but was an elder of the Albus family. This granted him a unique position that cannot be ignored by any of them. So none of them dared to disrespect the old man and offered him a seat.


Dr.Virat sat and observed the six people. He knew that it was not easy to lead the mercenaries, and he was proud of his nephews for what they had achieved in these turbulent times. Even though he had no children of his own, he looked after and raised the three boys from an early age, and the other three also grew up under his supervision.


Knowing that his suggestion will come as a surprise to all, and might be vehemently opposed. He still decided to go ahead as he truly felt that it might be the best choice for their future.


“As you know, I have a young student under me called Ronan. Last year, we discussed whether he could be given the position of a senior apprentice at such an early age. He was just accepted as a disciple by Professor August and had successfully awakened to become a wizard acolyte.” Dr.Virat didn’t mince his words and went straight to the point.


All the people sitting at the table were dumbfounded by Dr.Virat’s words, particularly Matleb, who dealt with Ronan multiple times over the past few weeks and knew him very well. He was just a regular guy this morning and now, he was a wizard acolyte.


None of them were fools and instantly connected the dots.


The August family was famous in the empire. Professor August had a title of a Count with a large territory and power under his grasp. Ronan’s position went from a little apprentice to a giant that they cannot afford to offend in a single stroke.


Forget the family forces, the leaders knew that Professor August alone could wipe them all out by himself, and no one would be able to do anything. They remembered that Dr.Virat praised Ronan several times in the past, and regretted that they didn’t care enough to build a relationship with him.


As far as they were considered, the boy had potential, but it wasn’t enough for the leaders to show him a favor just yet. Now they were all regretting it. Matleb cursed under his breath as he remembered his actions.


At least it was their good fortune that Dr.Virat had a good relationship with Ronan. Knowing the relationship between the Albus family and Dr.Virat, Ronan might give them some benefits in the future. But, it was a pity that they wouldn’t benefit too much from this connection.


They wouldn't dare to fool Ronan because they wouldn't want to offend Professor August behind him.


Dr.Virat observed the change in their emotions and the various thoughts running through their minds. He was very familiar with them all to guess what they were thinking about.


He cleared his throat to bring their attention to himself and continued, “Ronan is a special kid. I saw his talents very early on and encouraged him whenever I could. It is a pity that the mercenary village didn’t do enough for him, and many tried to sabotage him, but that is the past, and there is nothing we can do about it.


I just had a talk with him and realized that the boy’s future is limitless if he has enough time to gain a foothold in the world of magic. Knowing that, I thought about it for a long time and decided that it would be better for the Albus mercenaries to swear their loyalty to him.”


“What!” Regan Albus exclaimed with dumbfounded eyes.


The others looked at Dr.Virat in astonishment. The Albus mercenaries had done so much over the years to remain independent. This has been the case since the mercenaries were founded three generations ago. Dr.Virat was no stranger to this policy, and yet, he was proposing to swear loyalty to Ronan.


Even though Ronan might be a wizard acolyte and a disciple of a great wizard. He currently had no power and influence. They might be weak in front of nobles, but the Albus mercenaries had six knights among them.


There was no need to stoop to that level. Many great nobles would love to have them under their banner.


Before anyone else could raise objections, Idris raised his hand to stop everyone.


“Uncle, I know that you must have a reason for proposing such an idea. What made you decide that the boy would be worth our loyalty?” He asked.


Dr.Virat smiled as he reminisced about the last conversation he had with Ronan and said, “Ronan is a genius. A freak of nature rarely seen in this world. He is mature for his age and has the skills of a leader seldom seen among his peers.


He might not be the most talented wizard, but he has something that most wizards do not possess. The spirit of a monarch. Courage, loyalty, and wisdom, along with ambition, is what everyone monarch needs.


Idris, I know it is difficult for you to believe me, and the boy might die before he achieves anything but if he is given enough time, he will be unstoppable. You know about our long-cherished dream. I am saying that he might be our hope.


I understand if you don’t want to follow my suggestion. It will be difficult for you to see what I see in that boy. He is very cautious of others. It might be due to him growing up as an orphan.”


Idris thought about what Virat said and thought aloud, “A genius with the spirit of a monarch.”


He looked at Dr.Virat and said, “You said that he needs time to blossom, and you want us to support him until then. We might not be his most powerful supporters in the future, but we would be the ones who have believed in him since the beginning.


If he gains power in the future, then we would obviously rise as his most loyal followers. It is a gamble with a high reward.”


Dr.Virat nodded and said, “Yes. Why don’t you talk to the boy before making your decision?”


Idris shook his head and said, “No need. Since we didn’t meet before, we won’t meet now. It would look fake and opportunistic.


Uncle, you will represent the Albus family and swear loyalty to Acolyte Ronan on our behalf. Since we are making a gamble. Let us go all in.”


Dr.Virat didn’t expect Idris to make such a sudden decision.


The others were similarly dumbfounded. Some tried to say something but decided to give up and sigh.


Dr.Virat looked at Idris and said,” There is no need to make the decision right now. We can watch him for now, and when he needs us, we can help him.”


Idris shook his head and said, “I believe in your judgment, uncle. Father always told me to respect your decision because you had the best insight among our family.


If we help him when he needs us, he will discard us when he doesn’t. Since we want to benefit from him, we need to show our utmost sincerity in return. The Albus mercenaries will swear loyalty expecting nothing in return, and hopefully, our loyalty will be repaid one day.”


The others fell silent at Idris's answer. They hoped that this decision will be the right one.

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