“You are here, Ronan.” Dr.August smiled.


Dr.Layak didn't say anything and just stood in a corner. It was clear he wasn't too enthusiastic about Ronan, but he did not object to the test either.


“Professor,” Ronan greeted with a polite bow.


The observing doctors' doubts about Ronan's claim were answered. The apprentices did not dare raise an objection when the bigshots appeared unbothered.


Dr.Faust showed up and took a seat. Seeing this, the doctors kept wondering why Dr.August was personally conducting a test for an apprentice.


Ronan did not look any different than a regular apprentice, and he did not have the bearing of a noble descendent either. They were trying to guess his background that forced all three heads to show up. But, they would never be able to find out that the reason was due to Dr.August’s spontaneous decision.


“Today, we are going to do open surgery to fix a broken thigh bone. The patient is a fifty-year-old civil servant working and is favored by his highness, the Duke. He broke his bone trying to escape from a savage's attack. So we need to be careful,” Dr.August reminded Ronan as he took his place.


Ronan almost rolled his eyes as he thought, “This guy is trying to still mount pressure on me. If I was a normal kid, it would have worked. He has a nasty personality hidden under that kind look. How did he end up becoming a director? Must be the influence of his family."


Ronan thought that Dr.August probably does not realize that he knows about the August family and the other noble families of the empire. He was not wrong to assume that. What other kid growing in a remote village would try to learn history and politics at his age?”


"Yes, Sir," Ronan responded and took the spot of an assistant naturally.


Dr.August raised his eyebrows as he failed to extract a reaction from Ronan. He wanted to make Ronan fluster and panic a little as he thought that would be good entertainment.


His eyes showed a mischievous glint as he smirked and said, “Alright. Since this is both a test and a surgery. I will let you lead. Do not worry, I will be here. If you can't do it, no need to be ashamed, you can tell me.”


Ronan’s brow tightened as he tried his best to suppress his anger. “What kind of nasty person is this guy? He is so shameless. Just because he did not get an expected reaction to his prior comments, he is now trying to do something so reckless.


What about the important patient? What about the Duke’s concerns? He doesn’t give a shit about the patient at all? He is here to play and wants to be entertained. He wants me to be flustered and will probably play with me throughout the entire surgery in a similar way.”


Ronan wanted to show his talent and get recognition. He thought he would do it slowly, bit by bit, but now an opportunity was presented before him.


To lead a surgery at thirteen would be enough to make everyone remember him. If he could successfully complete the surgery, then everyone would have no choice but to accept him as a genius.


Ronan thought about it for a second and carefully said, “Yes, Sir.”


Ronan’s answer wiped away the smirk on Dr.August’s face. He was waiting for Ronan to be flustered and reject his offer in embarrassment, but the situation took an unexpected turn.


He couldn’t figure out where Ronan’s confidence was coming from and asked, “Are you sure? You cannot experiment on patients. If you mistake due to your lack of training, it can lead to disastrous consequences.”


Ronan acknowledged the risks and said, “Sir, you have graciously given me such a valuable chance. How could I reject it? Besides, both you and Professor Layak are here to monitor me, not to mention the various surgeons observing the table. I believe that you would stop me before I bring harm to the patient.”


August felt weird at Ronan's answer, but it made sense as he would prevent any mishap during the surgery. Also, how could he reject the idea when he proposed it in the first place?


Dr.August looked at Layak from confirmation as all senior apprentices were under his management.


Layak glanced at August and knew about his decision. Even though he wanted to object, he did not see much danger in it either. With both of them present, if a kid could harm a patient, they might as well retire.


Also, unlike what August has said before, the patient was just a small civil servant, if not, who would use an important patient as teaching material.


August saw that Layak did not explicitly object to his decision and said, "Alright. Ronan, now you will lead this surgery.”


Ronan thanked Dr.August and came to the lead surgeons’ position. The surrounding doctors were dumbfounded by the chain of events.


How did a thirteen-year-old end up leading a surgery? They all wanted to object but could not raise their voices as the three heads did not say anything.


The apprentices' eyes were falling out as they could not believe what was happening. Usually, senior apprentices worked as assistants for two to three years before they were given a chance to lead a small surgery.


Open surgery for fixing a broken bone was not the most challenging surgery, but, it was not a minor surgery either. Only the most senior apprentices could lead such a surgery.


They could not even dream of getting such a lucky chance. Not even the most promising of them received such treatment.


Furthermore, they were shocked by Ronan’s confidence. Not everyone would dare to take the task if it was offered to them. Just what was the basis of his confidence?”


Ronan did not think of what was going in everyone's mind. He had done and assisted in such a surgery many times.


The instruments were slightly different, and the drugs used in modern medicine did not exist here. Due to the nature of the magical power, many plants were mutated and had potent effects replacing the drugs.


Ronan took the scalpel and said, “Alright, I am beginning.”


Dr.August wrinkled his forehead at Ronan's casual behavior. Ronan did not wait and gave an incision precisely. The action was smooth like butter, precise with no excess movements like an experienced surgeon. No hesitation was seen on his face as he proceeded to the next task without asking for any instructions.


Layak's eyes widened at Ronan’s movements. He hoped for a good result, but the following process shocked him. Ronan looked nothing like a new apprentice but more like a seasoned surgeon.


August also felt waves of shock as he involuntarily assisted, forgetting to guide as he initially wanted to because there was nothing to instruct.


Only Ronan’s voice was heard in the theater as he asked for various instruments and the nurses handed them over reflexively.


“Straight scissors”


“Bone Reduction forceps”








Ronan did not stop and followed the steps that he knew by heart. The long nights he spent on the books did not do him injustice as he remembered everything clearly, and his hands did not shake in doubt or hesitation. Following the flow of the surgery, he gradually forgot that the situation he was in and went back to being a fellow.


His confidence and control were transmitted by his body language. No one could deny that Ronan was in control of that operating room.


The nurses who were apprehensive at the start did not dare to underestimate him anymore. They had watched countless surgeries, and even though they did not have any skills, they became proficient in judging a surgeon.


No matter how they evaluated, Ronan was without any doubt at least at the level of a junior doctor. He might even be able to compete with some doctors seeing how he was calmly conducting the surgery without any hesitation.


Professor August came to the same conclusion and, this shocked him.


He expected something from Ronan because of Dr.Virat’s letter, but what he saw was something straight out of a dream.


How many years did it take him to reach Ronan’s level?


With his experienced eye, he could see some flaws in Ronan’s movements, and some brief hesitation occasionally, but this was natural to any surgeon.


As a very experienced doctor who had seen it all, a boy no older than thirteen was making him question himself. Maybe Ronan only knew this surgery very well, but it made no difference. The ease and the skills demonstrated meant that Ronan could learn anything as long as he is properly trained.


Layak was similarly in shock, as he could not remember anyone more brilliant than Ronan, even in the imperial academy. This was a once-in-a-century talent, that cannot be assessed based on common sense.


Now he was glad to have accepted August's decision to let the boy take the test. It would have been a great loss if he was left undiscovered.


The Doctors and the apprentices quietly talking to each other had stopped speaking at some point as they watched in spellbound fashion. Not one among them could have expected such an outcome.


Some of the apprentices were dissatisfied by the preferential treatment Ronan was getting. A few wanted to teach him a lesson even if he was accepted into the dept. To teach him his place.


Now they were terrified by their own thoughts. They were not like Ronan who had little idea about the outside world. Coming from the capital, they knew that some of the professors were Wizards, and such a genius would surely be accepted as their disciple.


A disciple was very different from an apprentice.


An apprentice can be recruited by a doctor, but a disciple can only be raised by Wizards.


These wizards were all famed doctors who were extraordinary men and women who had contributed a lot to the medical sciences. Many of them were professors, but the secret known to only a few was their other identity as official Wizards.


Messing with the disciple of a wizard was tantamount to writing their own death certificate. Now they were relieved that they did not do anything stupid to get on Ronan's bad side.


Ronan was in the final steps of his surgery and finally raised his head to look at Professor August. He was looking for approval.


Dr.August was first shocked by Ronan’s progress, but as time went by, doubts began to appear as he saw the systematic method by which Ronan performed the surgery.


This was not possible without mastery, but Dr.August could not remember any literature describing the surgical method used by Ronan.


But, he was sure that the surgery itself was a success. It could mean only two things.


One- Ronan was even more of a genius than he thought he was.


Developing a surgical method is a whole another story compared to doing surgery. The latter would be impressive, but the former could change medical science forever.


Two - The doctor who taught Ronan was a hidden expert.


Whatever was the case, he had to get to the bottom of it.


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