Ronan left the office and sighed in relief. It was for just a moment, but Ronan felt something different about the three. They looked normal, but the atmosphere around them was different. It felt like a smokescreen was obstructing his senses.


The feeling was similar to what he felt around Knights but more intense. Ronan was sure that the three heads were different.


Ronan thought that he would eventually come into contact with supernatural beings. It made sense that the prestigious August family would have plenty of resources to train their descendants into knights. But the combination of a doctor, and a knight was weird. A knight always had a better status than a doctor.


“Maybe he is a true enthusiast for medical sciences,” Ronan thought. He didn’t think it was for something silly like helping the people. To the nobles, people were just property. It was unlikely and almost impossible for Dr.August to be any different.


Ronan thought that he knew everything there was to know about the medical profession in this world, but now he was thinking otherwise. If Dr.August was more than just a doctor, then the deputy director Dr.Faust, and the director of the camp operations, Dr.Layak were probably also the same.


Ronan thought it made sense. The world had a lot more mysteries to unveil, and he didn’t even scratch its surface. Although the Dakshin empire was huge, probably around the size of Asia on earth, it was still only one of the human territories. Many other regional powers existed who could rival it and not to mention, the nonhuman species who lived on the other side of the Laplace mountains.


Information about them was scarce, and Ronan couldn’t find anything substantial. Humans were the weaker race since ancient times because unlike them, the nonhuman species were all born with a body blessed with magical power. The only advantage humanity has over them is their numerical advantage.


Ronan first thought that maybe the nonhumans were savages who just fought for food and territory, but historical records and agreements signed between the two groups said otherwise. They were more than intelligent enough and were capable of high emotions like love and friendship. This made them no different than humans.


Ronan tried asking about them but was met with resistance as the hatred against them ran deep among all humans. The scars of war that lasted for hundreds of years may have disappeared from the world, but the stories passed down told people of their cruelty.


The world devoid of the standard education system and beliefs rooted in monarchy and religion made it impossible for people to question the origins of these claims.


Ronan knew from history that the human race wasn't without cruelty. The modern world preached for peace and proudly claimed that they transcended the anarchic medieval thinking, with education and technology.


Ronan thought otherwise. Education surely played a role, but it was out of the benefits of peace that war became rare. When the benefits outweighed the losses, the true nature of the rulers would be revealed, and thus, human history was nothing but a collection of wars.


So Ronan doubted the history. He didn't feel any less familiar or apprehensive towards the nonhumans than he did towards the people.


Ronan felt that he had changed somewhat since his death. Before, he used to try his best regardless of whatever problem he was facing. Ronan wasn’t a coward, but neither was he someone who would put his life on the line for excitement either. He lived a responsible and controlled life dictated by society.


Ronan always thought life was torture, but he had no alternatives. Death changed many things for him. For one, The fear of death was gone. His life now was both precious and worthless at the same time.


If he lived a similar life again, as a small screw in a giant system who fooled himself into thinking that he was independent, then it would worthless.


But, if he took a chance, in this new world, full of mysteries, it would be worth it.


Ronan was an alien as far as this world was concerned, and everyone else was aliens as far as he was concerned. He didn't grow up with any of them, and he had no parents and relatives in this world.


Some have shown him goodwill over the years and earned his trust like Kaleb, Derek, or Dr.Virat.


But in three years, Ronan only trusted three people and kept everyone else at arm's length. It was to protect himself.


Ronan came back from his thoughts and glanced at the time. It was time to head to the operation theater.


Slowly walking along the way, Ronan steadied his mind and got rid of the unnecessary thoughts. Whatever was wrong with Dr.August would sooner or later be revealed. He would slowly uncover his secrets layer by layer.


Ronan took a surgical gown and walked into the theater. As he walked in, several eyes locked onto him. The Surgical theater was located in a room with raised windows on all sides. People could sit on elevated platforms on the other side of these windows and observe the surgery.


In a world devoid of monitors, it was the best way to observe. Ronan could tell at a glance that this particular operating room was utilized by the surgeons during teaching sessions.


No wonder Dr.August said that his test was difficult. Many senior apprentices had no experience as surgeons, and their only surgical skill involved sutures. The sight of blood would scare some, but even those with sufficient skill wouldn't be able to perform under the eyes of multiple doctors.


It was their nightmare scenario.


Ronan wasn’t a genius doctor back on earth. His only advantages are advanced medical knowledge and skills. His natural bearing was due to the experience gained from several hundred surgeries performed as a fellow. But when you transplanted such skill and calmness onto a thirteen-year-old kid, he would suddenly become a genius.


It was deception as he might not be able to match up to expectations in a long run, but Ronan had no choice. To the current him, with no background or wealth, the title of a genius was extremely valuable.


Geniuses were always treated favorably, and it would open doors that he would never be able to open on his own.


Ronan didn’t fear that one day he would lose his value. This world might have magic, but maybe because of that, scientific research was almost nonexistent. People with power believed too much in magic. They thought that whoever had the best wizards and knights would have the strongest fist.


Ronan thought otherwise.


In a world very similar to earth, whatever worked on it should work here. What would happen if he introduced gunpowder and guns. Ronan wasn’t sure if that would overpower the knights or the wizards, but, ordinary people will be able to stand up to the warriors.


This alone is enough to disturb the social structure of the feudalistic society based on fear and strength. The people would then have the power to overpower their lords, and in return, chaos will ensue.


Starting from guns to electricity to motor vehicles and nuclear bombs. This world that lacked everything would never get enough of him.


Ronan lacked the technical expertise to make everything himself, but he didn’t have to. As long as he gathered a group of intelligent people and gave them the basic scientific knowledge and a direction, it would be a matter of time before results would appear.


Ronan also knew that he cannot reveal anything that would disrupt this world’s power structure until he had enough power to protect himself.


If he was the source of their trouble, the easiest method to solve that problem would be to take his head. It would be the logical conclusion every ruler of this world would reach. Thus, Ronan needed power and influence.


The Doctors waiting on the elevated platforms didn’t immediately question his presence, but some apprentices noticed their gazes and asked Ronan, “I’m sorry, but I don’t think you are allowed inside here. Professor August will be performing surgery shortly. You need to leave immediately, or you can be punished for this intrusion.”


Ronan observed the room and said, “My name is Ronan, I am a senior apprentice, and I would be assisting Professor August today. I have just received my orders from him and have reported to the theater according to his instructions.”


The apprentices looked shocked and glanced at the doctors for further instructions. The Doctors themselves were puzzled by Ronan’s answer.


One doctor with blue hair asked, "I'm sorry. How old are you?”


Ronan bowed slightly towards him and said, “Sir, I am thirteen.”


Some people inhaled sharply in shock as they started murmuring among themselves.


“No way, he is lying.”


“But how can he? Professor August will be here shortly.”


“Still a thirteen-year-old senior apprentice! Not even the imperial college would have such a messed up genius, and you want me to believe that one such guy just popped out of nowhere.”


“But if he is actually thirteen and has the skills of a senior apprentice, then Naik’s position as the youngest genius will go to him.”


“Where is professor August? How can he give such a precious opportunity to this kid? What is his background? I have been waiting for almost six months, and some apprentices are willing to take on the nurse station duty just to observe closely, and he just gave away this chance to a nobody.”


People just gossiped as Ronan stood there calmly. He was prepared for the worse, so this gossip didn't affect him.


Finally, a doctor who had a scar over his left cheek and appeared dignified adjusted his throat, silencing all the apprentices. He looked at Ronan, who was calm despite the clamor and nodded his head in approval.


"You are confident for your age, I like that. Also, you look like you belong in the operation theater. That means you have been in this setting frequently. As for your skills, Professor August will evaluate them during this surgery. I will be watching as well. I hope you won’t disappoint me." He said with a grin.


Ronan bowed deeply and said, “Yes, Sir.”


Ronan didn’t know his name, but he appreciated the help.


His words subtly reminded everyone that Ronan was here on Professor August's orders. So the other doctors could only wait, and the apprentices no longer dared to question or comment.


Who would dare to go against the director’s decision?


Regardless, all their questions will be answered shortly.


Ronan took his place near the table and waited, and soon, the door opened, and Dr.August and Dr.Layak entered the room. Ronan bowed slightly and knew that the time to prove his worth had arrived.



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