Pirate Wizard - An Isekai LitRPG Epic Fantasy

Pirate Wizard - An Isekai LitRPG Epic Fantasy

by Sparks2020

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

**Story description follows this note**

Pirate Wizard has been picked up for publication and will be available on Amazon, Kindle Unlimited, and Audiobook by December 15 as Pirate Wizard - Seas of Avalon Book One.

I will be posting links to each format on this page very soon.

I’m particularly excited about the audiobook version, which is a duet between voice artists Julia Schildwachter and Theodore Zephyr. Theo even sings all of the sea shanties!

Please consider purchasing a copy in any format. Doing so during my first week of release on Amazon (December 15-22) would be especially helpful to me, as it pleases and sates the mighty Amazon algorithm dragon.

For those of you just starting, in order to comply with ‘Zon's exclusivity terms, at Chapter 7 the story jumps to Chapter 62, but then continues uninterrupted for the next forty+ chapters.

Thank you for all the support, feedback, and your invaluable time as readers following the journey of Caleb, Tavia, Shaw, and the rest of the magical pirate crew aboard the Spitfire.



Beaten, bruised, and shot, Caleb Ledger dives off a burning yacht, desperately trying to cling to life.

It doesn’t work.

Instead of a briny death, Caleb finds himself reborn in the world of Avalon. Even better, he's been blessed with the power of Weathermancy.

On the downside, servants of the evil cult of Myrkur throw him into a cell with an eye on draining his life-force. But with the help of a battle-scarred griffin and a death-before-dishonor paladin, he just might be able to steal a fast ship to make their escape.

After that? With no way to make an honest living upon the sea, there’s only one answer. The path of the privateer, the byway of the buccaneer. Throw in some good old fashioned derring-do involving mystery, rescues, dragons, and a revenge-obsessed warlock.

Armed with a cutlass, pistol, and weather magic, Caleb stands no chance unless he figures out how to level up in a hurry!


Note: There's plenty of action and swashbuckling to go around, but if Pirate Wizard was a movie, it would likely be rated PG-13. 

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Word Count (12)
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Table of Contents
57 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
One: Diving From a Burning Yacht ago
Two: Ain’t Kansas, Ain’t Earth Anymore ago
Three: What Happened at The Quiet Sailor ago
Four: Confrontation and Violence Usually Result in Death ago
Five: Arson, Mince Pie, and Leveling Up ago
Six: Welcome to the Dungeon ago
Seven: You Kind of Suck at That ago
Pirate Wizard available (soon!) on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Audible ago
Character Art: Grimshaw of the Reyka Pride, Reykajar Aerie ago
Sixty-Two: Turnabout is Sail Play ago
Sixty-Three: Counter and Grapple ago
Sixty-Four: Wind Dancing ago
Sixty-Five: Eldritch Fire ago
Sixty-Six: Grounded and Staved In ago
Sixty-Seven: Frying Pan or Fire ago
Sixty-Eight: Bluff and Call ago
Sixty-Nine: A Savage Fight ago
Seventy: Abilities Gone AWOL ago
Seventy-One: The Price of Magic ago
Seventy-Two: A Deadly Broadside of Cannon ago
Seventy-Three: Holding Boom and Body Together ago
Seventy-Four: A Piña Colada with the Goddess ago
Seventy-Five: Hello Level Fourteen ago
Seventy-Six: Repairs, Riches, and Unrest ago
Seventy-Seven: Charisma to Burn ago
Seventy-Eight: Unravelling a Mystery ago
Seventy-Nine: A Stowaway Revealed ago
Eighty: Lootin’s Done By Lutins ago
Eighty-One: Deception and Dishonor ago
Eighty-Two: A Ten-to-One Return on Investment ago
Eighty-Three: Compass, Cannon, and Confession ago
Eighty-Four: Opening the Wrong Door ago
Eighty-Five: A Black Market Riddle ago
Eighty-Six: The .223 Remington Solution ago
Eighty-Seven: The Trail of Sharks ago
Eighty-Eight: A Very Particular Kind of Ship ago
Eighty-Nine: The Disgraced Damsel ago
Ninety: Corsairs Versus Cultists ago
Ninety-One: Unhappy to Meet You Again ago
Ninety-Two: One Death, Two Levels Gained ago
Ninety-Three: A Plethora of Potent Powers to Peruse ago
Ninety-Four: From Reunion to Recruiting ago
Ninety-Five: A Woman’s Touch ago
Ninety-Six: The (Somewhat) Controlled Demolition ago
Ninety-Seven: Choosing Spells, or a New Level ago
Ninety-Eight: What Decklan Patrick Knows ago
Ninety-Nine: Sparring with the Unicorn ago
One Hundred: The Feral Griffin ago
Glossary: Avalonian Slang in Pirate Wizard ago
One Hundred and One: Smoke, Shadows, and Sorcery ago
One Hundred and Two: Splitting the Party ago
One Hundred and Three: Matagorda ago
One Hundred and Four: The Flayed Ones ago
One Hundred and Five: The Deal’s Getting Worse all the Time ago
One Hundred and Six: Melee Combat ago
One Hundred and Seven: A Good Defense is a Good Offense ago
One Hundred and Eight: Hello Level Seventeen ago

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The style is straightforward.  Good prose, sentences are clear.  The sailing sections are written with knowledge and maintain tension extremely well.  The ending to the first arc is a great example of this.

Nothing stands out as far as grammar errors.

This story is fun.  The opening and setting would give the sense of darkness, and there's no denying that it pervades the world, but there's a core of enjoyment that shines through in the writing and characters.  The author has a passion for sailing and it shows in the tension of the ship to ship combat.  So far, only one large "arc" has taken place, with the rest being more like small adventures.  Each adventure is well paced though, moving at a brisk pace without feeling too rushed, lending to easy and enjoyable reading sessions that keep you turning the page.

The cast is large, and only the future can say how the author will handle them.  But Caleb's, Tavia's, and Shaw's personalities are strong, and carry each adventure well.

I would recommend this story for anyone who wants a good adventure story.  There's a lot of nautical knowledge that gets used to add flavor and a level of realism to the story, and a rather shallow magic system, more to add an extra dimension to fights and the greater world, than to create a game system only with the intent to break it.

No Road Untravelled

It's still in the beginning stages, but the story has a good start.

The world is, for all intents and purposes, an isekai PvP world. Many people isekai and become bloodthirsty killers, especially enjoying killing other isekai's. There is a hint or two and as to why this is happening, but I'm assuming we will learn more as the story develops.

The MC is different, being isekai'd by different gods, how much this affects the MC's behavior compared to the PvPers remains to be seen.

There's a lot of potential here, I'm looking forward to seeing if the author can keep it up.

Dante Luca Morningstar

its super great, but somewhat repetitive

Reviewed at: Seventy: Abilities Gone AWOL

Before you read this, I must say that this story is really well written, highly recommend. 

The MC's past is slowly revealed to us, and we get to connect with him, but I most admit in the first chapters I could not understand how a horse could blush, the author mmight have fixed it by now.

World building looks solid.

the grammar fine.

but I must admit that I'm noticing a pattern, every time they get into trouble, the MC finds a brilliant idea to handle the situation, all ideas are well explained, and they are not plot armours.

It makes it feel like there is no real threat.

furthermore, they are on the run from an enemy territory meaning an almost constant tension in the story which isn't that good, it can get boring if its always intense.

all and all I really liked it so not bad.

Edit: changed it to 4 stars, it really was a nice story.


I give the Avarage Story on RR 2,5 Stars.

And this Story is pretty dam good.
All the little details about ships tell me that the author knows his stuff about ships.
Ship to ship combat is good only during the melee action do we see More Tells rather then Shows.
Its a bit jarring to go from super realistic sailing combat to direct man to man combat that just lacks in execution compared to the first.
Mind you its still good but more like a gold coin compared with a silver coin good.
Sure Silver is nice but gold is that much better.
So defenetly room for improvement there.

Another Negative part is that whenever there is danger, the MC takes good ideas out of his hat.
They are well explained so they dont feel like plot amor, but they always work.
Yes Always.
There is nearly no tension in the story anymore as i know with 100% certainty that the next time something dangerous pops up, the MC will save the day with a new idea that just apeared in the right moment and offcourse works 100%.

Thats my biggest negative point.

The MC has to fail to make him less perfect.
His last minute safe ideas have to fail or parcialy fail to get tension back.
And for the love of god there have to be consequences for failing.

I wanted to give this 3 Stars for now.
But i add 0,5 Stars for both the potential and the unique setting.
Far to few Storys have sailing and these that do lack in comparison.

Last some added info links for the author.
Hopefully they will help you imrpove, you got massive potential there.

Jerry Jenkins is an Author of over 200 books.
21 times New York Bestseller.
He got his own youtube channel where is runs helpfull advice for Writter.
He also tries to sell his payed writters academy at the end of it.
Personally i did not buy it. The Youtube videos alone are really really good with hands on examples.

"Difference between Show and Tell"

"How to Write compelling Dialogue"

Shadiversity is someone who is what i call a medivial nerd.
He also knows how to fight with swords and tells you what people for example eat in that time period or how buildings looked like.
How fortresses where desinged etc.

Stoneworks has an entire series on World building.

Terrible Writting Advice
The name says it all :)

Lastly i want to say thank you.
Writting is hard,
doing it public much much harder.
So just for that you have my respect.

Hope at least some of these Videos are helpfull to you.
With high regard


I think the title is pretty self-explanatory. Take a gruff and not-so-nice person, give'im the ol' selective amnesia cleanup, slap some magical power on him and send him into a fantasy pirate era adventure.

Reminds me of something my old DnD group would run, and some of the characters are just the right kind of cooky and crazy to fit right in with that theme.

Good writing, suspenseful events, though can get a little repetetive at times. Also prepare for SO many nautical terms.

I thuroughly enjoy it. I binged like 94-some chapters.


This is still early days, but this one looks like a promising fiction, well written, few grammatical mistakes or misspellings, interesting characters and a not-stupid, not-murderhobo MC. I look forward to continuing to read this story, with mange's to fill that niche for a transmigration LitRPG that does not suck. 


First, I thank the author for sharing.


Style and Grammar: Nothing much to say, it's well written all along. The different speech patterns are kept throughout rather perfectly.

After a bunch of chapters, you can truly feel the nautical knowledge/research done to write this. At the very least, it does feel like the author knows his stuff and that's a giant plus. Great job there.

Story: It's not a brand new type of story but it's a genre that people enjoy. I'm one of those. Isekai Fantasy is something I enjoy and this one is well-written so I enjoy it.

The events are flowing smoothly and while not being rushed. The pace is kept consistently.

The universe's laws and rules are defined and depicted with clarity and easy to comprehend.

Character : There has yet to be a deep introspection on the different characters and it is mostly solely focused on the MC. Then again, it's still only 40 chapters in and there were some small parts here and there pertaining to the how and why of what was happening. I have no complaints there though I do hope that there'd also be some more focus on the secondary character's minds. Then again, only 40 chapters in ^^

I will stick around as it's worth it. I encourage others to do the same.

young trash the immortal

This is good stuff. It's a unique twist on a genre that's been done far too many times. You can't miss out on trying it. At least read the first five chapters and you'll realize that it's not some boring Isekai trash with sleeper tier MCs. 

Fifty words long review requirement is a pain. I don't have much to say about this story, other than give it a shot!

Mr. Mis'chief

Great read with an interesting spin on the system mechanic. 

Grammar and so on seems to be, for me, a non native speaker, fine.

Characters seem interesting, but I have some gripes with motivations of the bad guys. 4.5 stars, I'll adjust that when there are some more chapters.



Read up on it thus far, sadly. Definitively something to keep an eye on and I recommend it for everyone who likes litRPG. Once the blue bars set in, I promise this'll blow up. 

I'm no sailor, but the story made me want to live closer to a warm, sandy beach and learn more about the sea- maybe in time... I'll know all there is from following this project. 

I'm excited to see where this goes!