Pirate Wizard - A Pirate Isekai LitRPG

Pirate Wizard - A Pirate Isekai LitRPG

by Sparks2020

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

Beaten, bruised, and shot, Caleb Ledger dives off a burning yacht, desperately trying to cling to life.

It doesn’t work.

Instead of a briny death, Caleb finds himself reborn in the world of Jaladri. Even better, he's been blessed with the power of Weathermancy.

On the downside, servants of the evil cult of Myrkur throw him into a cell with an eye on draining his life-force. But with the help of a battle-scarred griffin and a death-before-dishonor paladin, he just might be able to steal a fast ship to make their escape.

After that? With no way to make an honest living upon the sea, there’s only one answer. The path of the privateer, the byway of the buccaneer. Throw in some good old fashioned derring-do involving mystery, rescues, dragons, and a revenge-obsessed warlock.

Armed with a cutlass, pistol, and weather magic, Caleb stands no chance unless he figures out how to level up in a hurry!


Note: If this was a movie, it would likely be rated PG-13. The 'Traumatizing Content' rating is just to be on the safe side should any scene stray close to the borderline.

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No Road Untravelled

It's still in the beginning stages, but the story has a good start.

The world is, for all intents and purposes, an isekai PvP world. Many people isekai and become bloodthirsty killers, especially enjoying killing other isekai's. There is a hint or two and as to why this is happening, but I'm assuming we will learn more as the story develops.

The MC is different, being isekai'd by different gods, how much this affects the MC's behavior compared to the PvPers remains to be seen.

There's a lot of potential here, I'm looking forward to seeing if the author can keep it up.


This is still early days, but this one looks like a promising fiction, well written, few grammatical mistakes or misspellings, interesting characters and a not-stupid, not-murderhobo MC. I look forward to continuing to read this story, with mange's to fill that niche for a transmigration LitRPG that does not suck. 


Read up on it thus far, sadly. Definitively something to keep an eye on and I recommend it for everyone who likes litRPG. Once the blue bars set in, I promise this'll blow up. 

I'm no sailor, but the story made me want to live closer to a warm, sandy beach and learn more about the sea- maybe in time... I'll know all there is from following this project. 

I'm excited to see where this goes!


So far it sounds great. All the plotlines seem to work together well and nothing seems to show many inconsistencies other than the fact that our mc can kill people a lot of levels higher than him. So far though, levels have shown to mean nothing which is fun. Magic so far seems intuitive and not game breaking which is also nice. Great MC if not a little too good for his own good. Not afraid of killing someone though while also trying not to kill someone if he can reasonably help it which is a nice touch.

young trash the immortal

This is good stuff. It's a unique twist on a genre that's been done far too many times. You can't miss out on trying it. At least read the first five chapters and you'll realize that it's not some boring Isekai trash with sleeper tier MCs. 

Fifty words long review requirement is a pain. I don't have much to say about this story, other than give it a shot!

Mr. Mis'chief

Great read with an interesting spin on the system mechanic. 

Grammar and so on seems to be, for me, a non native speaker, fine.

Characters seem interesting, but I have some gripes with motivations of the bad guys. 4.5 stars, I'll adjust that when there are some more chapters.