A note from EelKat

You are reading the 50th Anniversary Edition Re-Publication of a very old series that was originally published in the 1970s and has been out-of-print for more than 30 years.

On September 23, 2028, my primary series, The Quaraun Series, will celebrate its 50th anniversary since volume 1 was published. In prep for its 50th anniversary, I am uploading all 2,000+ short stories in the series as a massive collection here on Royal Road.

I'm adding this list of "possible warnings" because, this series has met with complaints in the past, about these particular "topics" and past readers pointed out that having "trigger warnings" for these things, would have caused less controversy from the readers who got upset. That said this warning is for the ENTIRE series as a whole (all 200+ novels and 2,000+ short stories.), and may or may not apply to each individual chapter.

So, here you go:

Niche/Fetish (warning?): Main character, Quaraun, is bisexual and polygamous, and has multiple lovers throughout the series. He has 12 foot long Rapunzel hair that is actually JellyFish tentacles, and 158 genital piercings, and most of his lovers are "furries" of some sort. As such hair fetishes, furry fetishes, tentacle fetishes, old age fetishes, haram fetishes, and piercing fetishes abound throughout the series, but sex scenes are VERY RARE (of the 2,000+ already written stories there are only 16 which contain sex scenes) so, if you came here looking for sex scenes, know it could be many months of daily uploads before you see one.

PoV Note/Warning: The main character Quaraun is a villian/serial killer, his primary lover BoomFuzzy the Unicorn/King Gwallmaiic is a mass murdering war criminal, and his secondary lover GhoulSpawn the sheep-Demon, is a kleptomaniac and self serving time traveller who changes history on a whim to serve his own desires. The 3 main leads are outright villains. Not anti-heros, not morally grey, but outright Human hating super villains all 3 of whom are non-Humans. The series ends in 2525 because Quaraun blows up the Earth and kills all Humans, after previously in 1458, blowing up 3 solar systems and killing all life on those planets too.

Let me repeat: the main character is a mega OP completely unstoppable mawahahahahahaha supervillain with out-right god-powers, whom no superhero ever can or ever will defeat and the end of the series is literally he blows up the planet - this is the story of his life. He never progresses to become "good" and he never changes his ways, other than to become even more evil as time goes by.

Some readers like this. Other readers don't. I add this note as a potential warning for those who would rather avoid these sorts of evil character PoVs.

Additional Note (warning?): BL? Maybe? Depending on what you call BL. The primary Romance of the series involves Quaraun and his 2 male lovers BoomFuzzy and GhoulSpawn, which classifies as BL, I suppose, but, they ARE NOT boys. Quaraun is elderly, as is BoomFuzzy, and while GhoulSpawn is drastically younger than them, he too is still a mature adult, whom would classify as middle-aged. There are no young, teen, or even remotely youthful characters in the series, and the term BL, implies boys/teens/young adults. The youngest character in the series is GhoulSpawn and at best he'd pass for a man in his 40s; while main character, Quaraun is the equivalent of a 70 year old man; and BoomFuzzy is the equivalent of a man in his 90s. I point this fact out, because in the past, I've had readers say they only read characters their own age and would liked to have had a warning up front that the 3 leading men were all older/mature/elderly men.

Possible Trigger Warnings: The series contains mentions/scenes of drinking, drug use, absythine, LSD, opium, strong violence, domestic abuse, gaslighting, psychological manipulation, cutting, suicide attempts, actual suicide happening, body horror, gore, and violent murder.

NOTE: This is a long running short story collection, that was originally published in literary magazines in the 1970s and 1980s. Each “chapter” is its own short story that stands on its own. The collected chapters, as a whole, tell many facets of the events surrounding Quaraun’s life and the lives of his friends and family. As such, the “chapters” do not progress in a linear beginning to end fashion, rather, they move forward and backward in time, including time travel portal travel, and flashbacks. The full series spans a time period from 800A.D. to the year 2525, with stories zipping back and forth to any era between those years.

This means you can read each “chapter” on its own, in any order, without reading the ones before or after it, or can read them in any order you please, if you choose to do so.

Very Large Haram Warning: Spouses, who desire separate bedrooms are given them, but for the most part, Quaraun has ALL of his lovers sleeping with him at night, all together in a pile of furs on the floor, as there are just too many of them to all fit in a bed together. While sex scenes are rare, they do include 3, 5, or more people at once. And while sex scenes themselves rarely happen, bedroom scenes are VERY common appearing in many chapters, and Quaraun's spouses all sleep with him, as in there are 3, 5, 10, or more people hugging, kissing, cuddling, and sleeping together all at the same time. In total Quaraun has more than 300 spouses, lovers, and concubines, both male and female.

The Main Characters are NOT Humans: There are as follows:

 Quaraun Swanzen aka Quaraun The Insane aka The Pink Necromancer aka SunTa aka The Grand High Emperor of The Triple Planets: An albino Moon Elf aka an Alien Elf from another galaxy, whom has been possessed by a Thullid, a parasitic JellyFish that eat his brain and controls his body. Quaraun always wears pink, over the top pink show-girl dresses with lots of sequins and feathers, he is a transvestite, bordering on being a drag queen. Quaraun's hair is 12 feet long, and he frequently walks with his hair instead of his legs, leaving him floating several feet in the air, gliding along not touching the ground, his long hair moving beneath him like snakes to move him along. Quaraun does not speak any Human languages. He speaks only Elvish and Thullid. Later in the series he becomes near mute and the series than takes on more narration vis his thoughts and less dialogue between characters. Quaraun is the primary PoV character, the narration is often his internal monologue. Quaraun is 750 years or older throughout most of the series. By the time period  of "The Wild Years", "The Twighlight Manor Years", and "The White Rock Years" time periods Quaraun is over 2,000 years old, nearing the end of his life and struggling to get around. Gremlin takes over as the main character in these eras of the series. In addition to being a Necromancer, Quaraun is also a Psion and a Wish Granting Di'Jinn trickster who is compelled to grant any wish he hears wither he wants to or not. Quaraun is 5'6"

Quaraun's Haram of Principal Lovers:

King Gwallmaiic, The Elf Eater of Pepper Valley, Lich King of Fire Mountain, aka BoomFuzzy the Unicorn Master Candy Chef: He is a Phooka, a type of evil trickster Faerie. In his true form he is a black water horse with a silver horn, but he can shapeshift to look like any living thing. He spend most of his life either as a Black Unicorn, a Purple Unicorn, or a little dark skinned "Leprechaun-like" man with massive dreadlocks that reach to his knees. BoomFuzzy speaks English to most characters, and speaks Elvish when talking to Quaraun, thus his dialogue is written two different ways, depending on his he's talking to Quaraun or someone else. Being a Lich, he also has a Skeleton-Ghost form that can be either Horse or Humanoid, in either case it is a glowing blue skeleton, the bones made out of blue quartz crystal. In his Lich form he sucks the warmth out of the air, and everything around him freezes. In Quaraun's universe Lich's are the deadliest and most dangerous of all monsters, and The Elf Eater is the oldest, most powerful of all the Liches. He is over 10,000 years old. With full control over the weather, water, ice, and snow, BoomFuzzy can and has frozen entire planets, started the Ice Age that killed the dinosaurs on Earth, and summons massive storm fronts to wipe out cities when he gets angry at someone in the city. While Quaraun is classified as the most powerful wizard, to ever live, BoomFuzzy is classified as the most evil. His horse form resembles a Shetland pony the size of a goat. In his Humanoid form BoomFuzzy is 5'1"

GhoulSpawn aka Gremlin: He is an Ursiug a sheep-man-demon, similar to a Satyr, from Welsh folklore. From the waste down he is a Cotswold Sheep with 15 inch long golden wool. His hair, also is sheep wool and is long enough he can sit on it. He also has a long tail, and cloven hooves. He paints his hooves gold. As GhoulSpawn he keeps his horns sawed off and filed down, hidden under his hair. After GhoulSpawn dies in a Thullid attack, Gremlin, the Jellyfish-type Thullid that took his body, finds he has GhoulSpawn's memories and can not shake GhoulSpawn's love for Quaraun, resulting in Gremlin falling in love with Quaraun as well and continuing on as Quaraun's love in spite of now being a different person possessing the same body. Gremlin let's his horns grow and thus has large ram's horns on his head. GhoulSpawn is from the future. In 1974 he buys a 1974 AMC Gremlin not realizing it is portal/time machine, and it sends him back to the 1400s where he meets Quaraun. He is 6'2" not counting his horns. He is often a PoV character, when Quaraun is otherwise not around or not able to talk. The youngest character, GhoulSpawn was born in 1959. He was also born in Hell and is a flame throwing, fire breathing Chaos Demon who cast fireballs, turns rivers into magma, and rains brimstone and fire on villages. He also commands an army of gold glittering, fire breathing Cotswold demon-sheep, and is often seen as a "simple shepherd" herding his sheep.

When the series first started Gremlin was the very first character I created, and he was the original main character. Many of the early stories do not contain Quaraun because of this. Stories set in "The Wild Years", "The Twighlight Manor Years", and "The White Rock Years" time periods, tend to feature Gremlin as the MC and are from his PoV. Quaraun is often mute, near mute, or not in the story at all, in these three eras.

ZooLock: He is a squid-type Thullid. He has a squid-like head, puce-pink skin and 8 long octopus-tentacles on his face which he uses like extra hands. He is 6'2" but hunches over when he walks, so appears to be much shorter. He tends to deliberately walk in a way to keep his head lower than Quaraun's, and Quaraun is 5'6"

Pipiyata: Another Moon Elf, she is Quaraun's primary "lead" wife and the one he classifies as his Queen. Her children are the only one's he acknowledges as royalty or heirs to his throne. She is the mother of Quaraun's favorite twin sons King Vielder and Melaca. Melaca being the father of Quaraun's favorite grandson Roderic. Roderic being the father of Quaraun's two favorite great-grandsons Etiole and The Dazzling Razzbury.

Empress Glacius: A Chrystonite, which is essentially blue skinned Frost Elves from another galaxy. She takes over as Epresses of The Triple Planets after Quaraun's Primary wife Pipiyata dies. She is the mother of Quaraun's youngest son Dr. Vangonese. Dr. Vangonese being the father of one of Quaraun's favorite grandsons, AlKeeme.

FarDarrig: A Vampire Leprechaun who wears a long trench coat made out of patchwork Human skins. He has brown skin, and long white hair and beard, both of which drag on the ground. He is 5'3"

BeLuna: A Pink Orchid Gnome. She has green skin and pink hair and is about 3 feet tall. Except when I forget, and sometimes she is written as having pink skin and green hair. After noticing the error, rather than correct it, I concluded that she changes colour based on his mood.

Bullgaar: A half mountain Troll, half Dwarf. He is 6'4" and is often seen as a Troll by other character, though he identifies as a Dwarf.

Quaraun has several other lovers, but most appear only as "one shot" characters seen only in one story, often without being named. ALL of Quaraun's male lovers are listed above. All of the rest, the un-named and rarely mentioned lovers are females. The females listed above are the only ones' Quaraun spends large amounts of time with. Quaraun has 37 other "legitimate" children by these other wives, but they are rarely brought up. Quaraun also has more than 200 Human prostitutes in as many cities, whom he frequently visits and most of them have "illegitimate" half-Elf children by him, that he supports. The reader who pays attention to the tavern visits will often notice seen of Quaraun paying huge amounts of money to certain prostitutes, instructing them to spend it on their children. These are the prostitutes whom are mothers of his half-Human children. While most of Quaraun's half-Human children are never mentioned nor given names, one comes forward throughout the series as a rival wizard, calling himself HellBorne The Summoner of The Darkness.

The Adventures of Quaraun the Insane follows the everyday life of The Pink Necromancer, a Moon Elf wizard, whom was deemed “insane” after murdering his wife and children, in an attempt to resurrect his dead lover as a Lich. The series is set on an alternative Earth, that is mostly real Earth, with magical race and magic elements added, spanning from the year of Quaraun’s birth 800A.D. to the year of his death 2525, and as he is a homeless travelling wizard for hire, the stories can take place anywhere.

Also known as The Sacred Pink JellyFish aka SunTa, Quaraun lives a double life as the last female Thullid (Lovecraftian-type female alien JellyFish), whom has eaten the brain of male Moon Elf Quaraun, and is living in his reanimated corpse passing herself off as him, while she hides her 7million eggs in his skull, waiting for the right time to implant them in Human hosts and turn the world into Thullids.

I started this series in 1978 and in the 43 years of writing it, it now spans 200+ volumes containing 2,000+ short stories. Which means it could take me a few years to get them uploaded. Plus I’m still writing new content for the series weekly as well. uploads will be a mix of old and new writing. I don’t know how many of them I will be uploading here to Royal Road or how frequent uploads will be. I will plan for 1-x-week and hope for 1-x-day.

I should probably put a side note in here, as it has been known to bother people:

1: The MCs are Gypsies, because I am in real life, a Gypsy. I am THE EelKat, yes. The ACTUAL REAL "Gypsy Witch" from Stephen King's Thinner - not the actress, but the real person the actress was acting out. The Thinner movie was filmed on my farm. My MC's are the same race and culture as me, as I have no experience in American culture or how to write American characters. There are A LOT of people out there who hate Gypsies, hate Gypsy authors, and boycotted Gypsy characters. This is a thing my family has had to live with for decades. 

If you are someone who hates Gypsies, doesn't want to read books written by Gypsies, and doesn't want to read about accurately represented Gypsy characters in fiction... move on, there's nothing for you here.

2: Gypsy women wear hijab and modesty, our culture sees dancing and music as grave sins, we don't belly dance, we don't play violin around campfires. 99.99% of what gets passed off in media as "Gypsies" has absolutely nothing to do with our real world culture. My characters wear modesty and hijab.

My MC, is a male who dresses as a female. HE wears long veils, sari, hijab, and caftan. In the past there has been a trend of haters coming down on my work because I write a hijab wearing male MC. If this bothers you, please, just move on.

3: When people hear that I write "Harem Genre" they tend to think, sex/erotica/porn written by horny teen virgins who wouldn't know sex if it hit them in the face. No. My culture is a polygamous culture. I write what I know. My mother has 2 husbands, my grandfather had 2 wives, my aunt with the most husbands has 9 husbands, my uncle with the most wives has 15 wives. In total there are 4,000 people in my family, 400+ of them are just 1st cousins my same age. We all live together as a single family unit, on a farm, in lots of RVs, wagons, and tents. There is no female in my family with fewer than 4 children, the average is 8 births per wife, the wife with the most children gave birth to 23 babies, and most of the men in my family have 30 to 100 children.

When I say I write "Harem genre" it's based off of our real world Gypsy culture. And it has nothing to do with sex, erotica, or porn. Think of it as "Little House on the Prairie"-style family slice of life drama with lots of Ma's per every Pa. If you came here looking for sex, erotica, or porn because you saw the "haram" tag, you are in the wrong place.

REAL harem/polygamous lifestyle, focuses on family units, and is not focused on sex. And we hate the way Harem Erotica and Harem Porn represents our culture as though it was something to be fetishised and mocked. I'm afraid you will find my works do not fall into the typical "harem porn" that most people seem to expect when they hear the word "harem".

Let me repeat: if you came here looking for sex, erotica, or porn because you saw the "haram" tag, you are in the wrong place. Harems here are ACCURATELY presented as actual large families, specifically large Gypsy families, written by real Gypsies who actually live this lifestyle in the real world. I do not write sex. erotica, or porn, and you'll be extremely disapointed if you read my work looking for such things.

Thank you for understanding.


I'm going to put this note at the start of the first chapter from each volume, here on Royal Road, that way, you can see it, regardless of which volume you read first, and if you ever want to refer back to it, it'll always be at the start of every Chapter 1.

If any of those things bother you, you probably shouldn't read The Quaraun Series. Otherwise, enjoy!


Bloodstained Asylum of Terror

Tales of White Rock Asylum for The Criminally Insane

The Adventures of Quaraun the Insane

Volume 190


EelKat Wendy Christine Allen



Quaraun woke up in an old rundown hospital in Maine, with no memory of how he got there. He had a hospital bracelet on his wrist and a pack of bandages on the table beside his bed. He looked around the room and saw that he was the only patient. Quaraun got out of bed, stood up, and struggled to scream in agony, but no voice uttered from his mouth as he stumbled and sat back down on the bed. Searing pain shot through his ankles and up his knees. There was no way he could stand with a pain like that, so he did not try again.

From the bed where he sat, Quaraun tried to get a better look around the room. The place is in shambles. Quaraun spotted a legal folder sitting on a table beside the bed and picked it up. Inside, he discovered his patient records, but he was unaware of this as they were written in a language he had never seen before.

Quaraun listened to determine if he could hear anyone outside in the hall.


Staring. Silent.

He didn’t move.

He didn’t speak.

Strange metal lined the walls. Silver-white, gleaming. He’d never seen metal like it before. He felt as though the metal was making him sick. Like Faerie Iron, but different. Bands of the same metal lined his wrists and ankles and throat.

Quaraun was The World's Most Powerful Mage. Undefeated by any hero, adventurer, or rival. Capable of doing things no other mage had ever dreamed possible. But he was allergic to Faerie Iron. It sapped his energy, drained his powers. Like a car with a dead battery, Quaraun could cast no magic when he stood too close to Faerie Iron. There was definitely Faerie Iron in these metal walls and in the bands on his throat, ankles, and wrists. He could tell by how sick it was making him feel and how it drained his ability to tap into any power source. Unable to cat magic, Quaraun knew he could not escape this place, if escaping it should prove necessary.

Worse, Quaraun could not even use his hands to fight or grasp a weapon. His hands had been crippled his whole life. Crushed by a horse when he was still a child, his hands were lifeless and dead. An evil Necromancer had taken pity on the child and made him a special pair of gold plated armor gloves that fitted to Quaraun hands. The enchanted gold armor had made it so Quaraun could use his hands just like anyone else.

But Quaraun’s hands were bare. His gold finger armour was gone. His crushed hands were lifeless and dead without his magic gold plated gloves. Quaraun had worn his magic glove for the past seven hundred and fifty years. He didn’t know what to do. He could not use his hands without them.

Everything was gone.

His pink silk dresses, his pink brocade shoes, his earrings, his nose chains, his genital piercings. All of his jewellery was gone. His bag of holding and everything inside, gone. His Rainbow Wand. His crystal skulls. His genie bottle that contained his pet draco-lich. Gibedon’s head and The Elf Eater’s pair of ruby hilted obsidian blade daggers. Gone.

Gone. Gone. Gone.

Quaraun ran his hand through his hair.

His hair!

Good god! My hair!’

Quaraun’s beautiful twelve foot long JellyFish tentacle hair was chopped clean off. Hanging shoulder length now, the severed ends of his tentacles were stained red with blood, and raw with pain.

They have cut my tentacles off!’

This upset Quaraun most of all. His beautiful, hair-like silken white tentacles, mistaken by most people for being hair. Quaraun’s twelve foot long hair had been his pride and joy these last seven hundred and fifty years. And now it was gone. Why was it gone? Who had cut his beautiful hair?

Stripped of everything and naked save a thin white cotton hospital gown, Quaraun sat on the hospital bed, scared and confused, and sick.

The metal bands were making him sick. He struggled to pull them off, but yelped in pain upon twisting the metal bands on his wrist.

Oh god! What did they do to me?’

He hadn’t noticed before. He was in such shock over everything else. From one side of his wrist to the other, a metal rod went through the band, through his wrist, through the bone. They bore a gaping hole through his wrist. And had been there long enough to have mostly healed.

How long have I been here? And where is here?’

He reached down to touch his ankles. The metal bands there also pieced his flesh through the bone. He doubted he’d be capable of walking, with his ankles drilled through like that.

At least the band around his neck didn’t drill a hole through his esophagus. But his throat was dry. His tongue singed. Yes. Singed. Burned. He remembered that. Some men had held him down and poured boiling oil into his mouth. His tongue and larynx were badly burned, as was most of his face. Third-degree burns inside of his mouth, down his esophagus, and into his abdomen. His insides had been boiled and cooked, and the oil had bubbled and burned its way out of his belly.

Quaraun looked down at his belly. Vast stitches were sewed across in many places, closing up the holes the boiling oil had made when it burst out through his stomach. Someone had bandaged and stitched his injuries. And apparently some weeks ago, given the extent of the healing and scars that were already forming.

It had burned the entire left side of his face off, clean down to the bone. His left eye burned as well, now solid white, like a cooked boiled egg, and completely blind.

His right eye wasn’t fairing much better. Partly blinded, he could still see some from his right eye.

Quaraun was mutilated and crippled. Blind in one eye and almost blind in the other. His hands and feet both dead and useless.

The Justice Mages. He vaguely remembered them being the last thing he had seen before he had passed out.

They found him.

A pair of eyes found him.

They entered through the walls.

They were as big as soup bowls.

They came through the walls like ghosts.

Their eyes were yellow. Full of gold flecks. Like the eyes of a frog.

Their mouths were lip-less.

And they weren’t as scary as he thought.

At the sight of them, he screamed.

At the sound of his scream, the eyes ran around the room.

They smiled as they walked into Quaraun’s hospital room.

They wore white scrubs.

One was a woman.

One was a man.

They both had sharp ivory teeth. Fangs. Like vampires.

They looked like Elves, but not Elves. Vampire Elves. That’s what they looked like. Whatever they were, they were not Human, of this Quaraun was certain.

They both looked at him and said,

Nooo!” Quaraun screamed and closed his eyes. When he opened them again, the duo looked quite different.

The man had a pointy red beard.

The woman had long silvery, platinum blonde hair.

Both looked at him and said, “We are your friends. You can trust us.”

Quaraun tried to speak, but no sound came out. His vision was blurry. Something was wrong. He didn’t know what. He felt... off... wrong... drugged.

What is your name, Elf boy?” the woman asked.

He tried to speak, but he couldn’t.

She had long white hair, just like Quaraun’s, which fell halfway down her back, not nearly as long as Quaraun’s silken Rapunzel locks that swept the floor. Her smile was wide and bright. She wore a long white dress, and she was wearing a crown on her head.

You’re a Woban,” Quaraun whispered.

W-What?” the man said, looking confused.

A Woban.”

Oh, really?” the woman said.

The man had short red hair, but he too wore robes. He grinned at Quaraun, then sat down on the chair by the bed. “So, you’re awake!”

He squinted, trying to make out the blurry image of Quaraun in the bedding.

Are you an albino?” he asked, sounding extremely worried.

Quaraun nodded. He clutched his hand to his throat. He could not speak, but he did not know why.

Albinos are very rare. Albino Elves are among the most difficult to find.”

Quaraun wanted to say that he was the last Elf, so finding and Elves besides him was impossible, but he couldn’t make and sound come out of his throat. He swallowed hard, and a tear slipped down his cheek.

You’re crying,” the man said. “Are you alright?”

He reached out to Quaraun.

Quaraun cringed and backed away.

It’s all right. We aren’t gonna hurt you. You’ve had a rough time of it. I know.”

The man stood and stepped closer.

You can trust us. We’re doctors. We can help you.”

No! Argh! All the way from Rivi... No!”

The man backed off, seeing Quaraun’s intense fear.

We won’t harm you. I promise.”

I... trust you,” Quaraun said with great effort, while pointing to the female. “But I... can’t trust you,” he said, pointing to the man.

The doctor frowned. “Why not?”

I...” Quaraun’s voiced went hollow. His throat burned. “You... you’ll turn into one... like me.”

A Thullid?” The man’s face darkened. “I don’t want to be like you. I want to remain Human.”

You... can’t.”

Why can’t I?”


Yes. Zebulon. He’s dead. You killed him. And all of his men. Do you remember doing that?”

The man’s face was dark again as he asked: “Did you kill Zebulon?”

I did,” Quaraun managed to say, his voice cracking and barely able to be heard.

You killed... so many Elves... because of Zebulon?”


Why would you do that?”

I didn’t,” Quaraun said, his voice quivering and quavering nervously.

You killed so many Elves.”

I didn’t,” Quaraun persisted.

Why would any Elf do that?”

I didn’t,” Quaraun whimpered. “That’s not what happened.”

Tell me what transpired, then?”

Their voices were strange.


Quaraun could barely make out what they said.

They spoke in Elvish, his native language, but it was wrong. Clearly not their first language, nor a language they knew well. But the Elvish was wrong. There were many Elven tongues. Many Elvish languages. Many Elven dialects. Each tribe spoke a unique language. Quaraun knew 84 different Elven languages, but this one none of them. It sounded instead like a language Humans made up by mixing together pieces on many Elven languages.

Who... Who are you?” Quaraun managed to stammer out.

His throat felt dry.



Like he hadn’t had a drink in days.

They both laughed. “I’m Vex! You can call me Vex.”

Vex,” Quaraun whispered.

Yes. And this is Theudas’ finest wizard, and my partner, Dorian.”

Quaraun’s vision slowly came into focus. He saw a skinny man with a long, bony face and a long black cape flowing behind him.


It was so wonderful watching you sleep. It almost made us miss when your magic kicked back in.”

My magic?”

I guess we’re lucky to be here.”

Where is here?”

This is White Rock.”

White Rock?” Fear filled Quaraun’s chest as his heart quickened.

You’ve heard of us?”

The prison.”

We like to think of ourselves as a hospital.”

A prison for mages,” Quaraun lamented woefully.

Well, not exactly. White Rock Asylum for The Criminally Insane is exactly what its name implies it is. We are an Institute of Mental Health, and we specialize exclusively in mages turned serial killers like yourself.”

I’m not...”

You are. Oh you are. You’ve killed so many.”

I’m not insane.

Oh, but you are. We have seen it all when it comes to the mind.”

How did I get here?”

The two ignored Quaraun’s question.

We’ve been waiting for hours for our little miracle to come back.”

Come back?”

Oh man, did you see those eyes of yours!? They were like something out of a dream!” Vex babbled.

Vex,” said Dorian. “Let the poor Elf eat his breakfast before talking about his eyes all over again. He’ll need his strength.”


You can talk about his eyes after he’s had something to eat. Right now we’ve got important work to do. You’re going to be my guest for breakfast.”


Staring. Silent.

He didn’t move.

He didn’t speak.

I see you have some powerful magic. What is it you wish of me?”

I am a Wizard of the Di’Jinn Order,” Quaraun said, expressing his displeasure as he spoke. “You must not use that word around me.”

What word?”

Wish. Never saw ‘I wish’ where I can hear it. I am obligated to grant every wish I hear uttered, and I can not control it. Wishes are never what you think they will be. Wishes appear out the base root meaning of the words used. The original meanings are often vastly different from today’s meanings. Never saw ‘I wish’. They are dangerous words, especially in the presence of a Di’Jinn.”

Breakfast. I’m starving.”

Oh, you can have breakfast. I’m going to be busy, anyway. You can eat in my chambers.”

Why not here?”

Well, a bit of a dingy room, isn’t it?”

I assumed it was my prison.”

Come now! You mustn’t think of White Rock as your prison. After all, you are going to be here for a very long time.”

How long?”

The rest of your life.”

But I am immortal,” Quaraun pointed out.

Yes. We gathered that was the case.”

Why am I here?”

You do not remember what you have done?”


You killed twenty-one billion people.”

... how could I have done that?”

You have a nasty temper and you granted your own wish.”

What wish was that?”

To see all the people on three planets die.”

The triple planets?”

The Battle of Ongadada.”

Has that happened?” Quaraun blurted out, shocked by the suggestion. His head snapped up in confusion and indignation.

It has.”

Where are my friends?” Quaraun asked.

The Lich, in contained. He’ll harm no one. And we have mages that can kill a Lich. Permanently. So if you don’t want to see him gone forever, I think you’ll do what we say.”

And GhoulSpawn?”

We’ve not yet decided what to do with him. We’ve no evidence that he was actually involved. He was just a bystander. A witness. He only watched while you unleashed your Lich on the galaxy. He’s being complacent for now. I think he’s too frightened to try to do anything.”

Let him alone, then. It’s not like he’s going to get anywhere near us. He’s never hurt anyone.”

Oh, we are not worried about him. We are worried about you.”

Me? Why?”

How is it the story goes? Quaraun the Insane... For two hundred years, Quaraun walked from one side of the planet to another. He wandered until he came to an ocean. Then he boarded a ship and, a few months later, found himself walking across a strange new country. He proceeded to roam until he again reached another ocean. There he got on another ship, continued to another province, and walked some more. The further he travelled, the more outlandish his outfits became. The more famous the bereft Elf Necromancer became, and the more he slew.”

Let GhoulSpawn go.”


He’s innocent. Do not punish GhoulSpawn for what I have done.”

We will not release him.”

Please. You must. He is not a threat to anyone. Please! Let him go.”

No. You are right on one account. He’s not a threat to anyone any more. We’ve made certain of that.”

What do you mean?”

He is docile, yes, but loyal. Very loyal. And he loves you. We can’t trust him to not go to great lengths to break you out. And he has... well, let’s just say he is far more powerful a mage than you are. He just hides it well. His mind is very powerful. We couldn’t let that become a problem. He’s quite peaceful now. I don’t think he even remembers being GhoulSpawn.”

You tampered with his brain. Gremlin said that.”

Gremlin? Yes. A lobotomy does wonders for curing the non-complacent. GhoulSpawn no longer exists. You’ll find the Gremlin has replaced him now.”

You... replaced him?” The dark realization of what they had done clouded Quaraun’s mind.

GhoulSpawn was dead.

Thullids are replaceable creatures, are they not?”

Oh no. No,” Quaraun blubbered incoherently between the tears. “No. Not that.”

Oh yes. Exactly that.”

I don’t want him gone. I want him back.”

I’m afraid it’s too late. And there is nothing you can do about it. GhoulSpawn is dead. His body still lives, but another Thullid controls it now. The Gremlin is not GhoulSpawn. I believe he’s told you this, and even GhoulSpawn recognized that the mind living in his future body was not his. Your GhoulSpawn is dead.”

Quaraun remained silent.

Tears streamed down his face.


Staring. Silent.

He didn’t move.

He didn’t speak.

He didn’t cry out.

His life passed before his eyes.

People feared Quaraun more than they feared Thullids.

For millennia, nothing was more dreaded than Thullids.

Because of the chaos they caused.

Because of the carnage they wrought.

Because of the suffering they inflicted.

They were feared and hated creatures.

The world was a place of nightmares.

The Thullids were monstrous creatures who’d fallen out of the sky centuries ago. Trapped after their ship crashed into the planet. Thullids, in their true form, had tiny white, worm-like bodies covered with slender arms. They burrowed into a host body, ate its brain. Then attached their thousands of microscopic hairlike arms into the spinal nerves, taking complete control of the body they had occupied. They left their hosts in a vegetative state, unable to move or even speak, but alive.

True Demon possession. When they mature, they become JellyFish. Their bodies filled the host’s skull while the tentacles merged with the nerves. They grew to a vast size, filling the entire skull with hundreds or even thousands of slimy, worm-like arms. At this point, they could make the host do anything.

Thullids lack a defensible body and need to take over the host to exist. But they have unprecedented brainpower. All they had to do was think about it and it happened, no matter what it was.

Shaking, trembling, laughing, crying. It didn’t matter. The host merely had to think that it wanted to perform such a task and it was accomplished.

If a Thullid wanted you dead, all it had to do was look at you, wish you dead and POOF, you will die immediately. There wasn’t even time for POOF! You died so instantly that POOF didn’t have time to happen. That’s just how astoundingly fast it was.

Your soul was devoured.

It was a horrific, horrific death.

And it happened every ten seconds, on average. The Thullid invasion was underway.

So many people died.

All because of what Quaraun wished for.

That he should destroy half the universe for his wish.

For the simple fact that he wished he would.

Because of what he’d desired.

A world destroyed without reason.

Twenty-on billion people had been killed in that one day.

The deaths continued to be mourned by many.

Some felt sorry for them, others, anger, and hate filled everyone’s hearts.

Why did this happen?”

How did this happen?”

How did I survive?”

Is that possible?”

Can it be?”

Is it really true?”

How? How could I live? Is it possible? Where is that thing? Can I kill it now?”

Kill it! Kill it!”

And so on. So many questions asked by so many people.

One man, hated by millions for hundreds of years, couldn’t take the suffering from their hate anymore and killed them all.

In the blink of an eye, three worlds were gone.

For years, Quaraun was the target of anger, hate, and scorn. Though he was not the one who started it all, he was the one everyone turned on.


For seven hundred years, suffered the pain and torment of endless bullying, endless teasing, endless belittling, endless hate. And finally, he found a family of his own. The thing he wanted most of all. A family. His wife Pippiyata and her twin boys, Vielder, and Melaca, and BoomFuzzy and GhoulSpawn. They all lived together in the pink lighthouse.



Settled at long last.

A home at long last.

A family after so many centuries alone.

But all those centuries of torment had built up inside of him like a volcano waiting to explode. And after just 15 short years of bliss... his world came crashing down around him.

Everything happened so fast.

In mere seconds, they were gone. His family slaughtered in a horrible bloodbath, while GhoulSpawn and BoomFuzzy watch on in horror as Quaraun unleashed a wish unlike anything he’s ever wished for before.

Kill them all. Slaughter them all.”

It was a simple wish, one that could never be undone.

The Chrystonite ships arrived, but too late. Even the fastest star-ships could not move as fast as a wish.

It took four days to get here, but I guess the other planes of existence don’t take that long to travel through.”

Time travellers from a distant future, here in the past, desperate to save the lives of three worlds lost, and they didn’t arrive in time.

Everyone is dead.”

We knew the time. We knew the date. We still couldn’t stop it. Why couldn’t we stop it?”

You can’t stop Ongadada,” The Gremlin said. ”I told you. It’s a fixed point in time. You made it a fixed point in time, when you created time travel to stop it. You made it a fixed point in time when you created portal to reach it. You made it a fixed point in time when you killed GhoulSpawn to create me! You can’t stop it! Without it, time travel doesn’t exist! Without it, portals never get built! If Ongadada doesn’t happen, you never invent time travel. By invented time travel specifically because of Ongadada, you made Ongadada a sealed fate that can never be changed, never be stopped. I keep telling you that. We’ve been here a thousand times before. You can’t stop it! Why won’t you listen to me?"

But no one listened to the White Rock patent, kept chain for centuries in the inner sanctum of the asylum. Gremlin was nothing but a tool to them. A source of infinite power from a distant dimension they could not reach. A source of power they needed to power their time machines and go back in time again and again and again.

Ever trying to stop Ongadada, ever trying to save the lives of three planets, ever failing to reach their destination in time. Always a few seconds too late.

How much is that in real time?”

A few hours. An hour or so.”


No!” Gremlin screamed. “It won’t work. It never does. This is reality. You can’t change it.”

Every day, trying again.

Every day failing again.

Every day draining the life from the poor Chaos Demon they kept chained to their time machine. The shackles drilled through his wrists, losing him the use of his arms, his hands, dead and lifeless, the bones in his wrists shattered by the metal rods, the muscles cut off the bone, the nerves severed through, from the spikes bored through his wrists.

I’m tired,” Gremlin cried.

You’ll sleep soon enough.”

Unable to stand on his own, from the shackles drilled through his ankles, piercing the bone, slicing the muscles, severing the nerves, his beautiful cloven hooves useless now.

Please let me go,” the tortured Demon pleaded day after day.

We’ll try again tomorrow.”

It won’t work tomorrow,” Gremlin wailed through his agony.

Do I have to go home? Can’t we just sleep here tonight. We’ll have more time to fiddle with the controls.”

I think it’s the Demon that needs more fiddling with.”

Tears streamed down Gremlin’s cheeks. His life chained to the time machine in White Rock was a worse hell than his life had been in actual Hell.

Not just yet. I have something else that needs doing first.”

What would that be?”

I have something special for you.”

Really?” Gremlin said, as he looked away. “What is it?”

You’ll see. In due course. It isn’t ready yet. But I will show you. Now come along.”

Wait,” Gremlin pleaded. His eyes wide with fear. “I’m thirsty.”

Don’t worry. Just be patient.”

You’re cruel.”


And on the other side of White Rock, Quaraun was only just learning the nightmare that for him was only just beginning.

I want to see my wife,” Quaraun said to the doctor, his voice still weak and barely audible. “She’s waiting for me. You can’t keep me here. Not forever.”

You don’t remember?”

Remember what?”

Why you killed everyone on three planets.”

No,” muttered the Elf, while looking down at his shoes to avoid making eye contact. “I don’t remember doing it, how would I remember why I did it?”

They killed your wife.”


Your pregnant wife and her unborn baby. And you two boys, your fifteen-year-old sons, they tried to kill her attackers, but they too were killed. In your pain and rage you wished everyone on the home planets of their killers would die, and they did. All twenty-one billion people on three planets. You killed them in blind rage over the death of your wife, twin boys, and unborn infant.”

I don’t believe it,” Quaraun sobbed loudly and painfully. “I can’t remember any of it!”

This is your punishment,” the doctor said softly.


You must pay with your life.”

Where are BoomFuzzy and GhoulSpawn?” Quaraun asked.

You’ll never see either of them again.”

Please don’t do this,” Quaraun pleaded.

You deserve it. Everyone of you deserves it, including yourself. I hope you’re grateful and happy. Your punishment is now complete. You are now officially cursed and forever doomed. Every single person on those homes, suffered for your wives and children, they are also doomed, forever condemned by the gods themselves to a miserable eternity of eternal misery.”


We’ve studied you for centuries. We know what you fear the most. What you can no bear to face. You’ll spend eternity alone.”


Just accept it. It’s done. You can’t change it now.”

Please, please, please,” Quaraun begged. “Don’t do this. Stop. My life has been eternal suffering already! Don’t make me suffer more,” Quaraun begged.

The doctor ignored his plea.

If there’s anything you wish to say, say it now. Do it now and I promise you’ll never have these the chains off of you later,” the doctor whispered.

No. No. No,” Quaraun begged, weeping uncontrollably. “Please, stop. Stop this.”

Stop it?” the doctor laughed. “Who do you think you are? A god? Your powers are no infinite. Without your gold gloves you can’t even use your hands. You can barely talk from your injuries already. It won’t take much more the strip your voice from you forever. Then we won’t have to hear you plead for the mercy that’ll never come.”


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