Bloodstained Asylum of Terror (Quaraun Vol. 190)

Bloodstained Asylum of Terror (Quaraun Vol. 190)

by EelKat

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Bloodstained Asylum of Terror: Tales of White Rock  Asylum for The Criminally Insane (The Adventures of Quaraun the Insane)

The Adventures of Quaraun the Insane follows the everyday life of The Pink Necromancer, a Moon Elf wizard, whom was deemed “insane” after murdering his wife and children, in an attempt to resurrect his dead lover as a Lich. The series is set on an alternative Earth, that is mostly real Earth, with magical races and magic elements added, spanning from the year of Quaraun’s birth 800A.D. to the year of his death 2525, and as he is a homeless travelling wizard for hire, the stories can take place anywhere.

Also known as The Sacred Pink JellyFish aka SunTa, Quaraun lives a double life as the last female Thullid (Lovecraftian-type female alien JellyFish), whom has eaten the brain of male Moon Elf Quaraun, and is living in his reanimated corpse passing herself off as him, while she hides her 7million eggs in his skull, waiting for the right time to implant them in Human hosts and turn the world into Thullids.

I started this series in 1978 and in the 43 years of writing it, it now spans 200+ volumes containing 2,000+ short stories. Which means it could take me a few years to get them uploaded. Plus I’m still writing new content for the series weekly as well. uploads will be a mix of old and new writing. I don’t know how many of them I will be uploading here to Royal Road or how frequent uploads will be. I will plan for 1-x-week and hope for 1-x-day.

I plan to upload these as multiple collections on a “theme”. This one, “Bloodstained Asylum of Terror” features Tales of White Rock Asylum for The Criminally Insane, a prison/mental institute of ill repute, that serves to imprison “evil mages”.

Niche/Fetish (warning?): Main character, Quaraun, is bisexual and polygamous, and has multiple lovers throughout the series. He has 12 foot long Rapunzel hair that is actually JellyFish tentacles, and 158 genital piercings, and most of his lovers are "furries" of some sort. As such hair fetishes, furry fetishes, tentacle fetishes, old age fetishes, haram fetishes, and piercing fetishes abound throughout the series, but sex scenes are VERY RARE (of the 2,000+ already written stories there are only 16 which contain sex scenes) so, if you came here looking for sex scenes, know it could be many months of daily uploads before you see one.

PoV Note/Warning: The main character Quaraun is a villian/serial killer, his primary lover BoomFuzzy the Unicorn/King Gwallmaiic is a mass murdering war criminal, and his secondary lover GhoulSpawn the sheep-Demon, is a kleptomaniac and self serving time traveller who changes history on a whim to serve his own desires. The 3 main leads are outright villains. Not anti-heros, not morally grey, but outright Human hating super villains all 3 of whom are non-Humans. Some readers like this. Other readers don't. I add this note as a potential warning for those who would rather avoid such PoVs.

Additional Note (warning?): BL? Maybe? Depending on what you call BL. The primary Romance of the series involves Quaraun and his 2 male lovers BoomFuzzy and GhoulSpawn, which classifies as BL, I suppose, but, they ARE NOT boys. Quaraun is elderly, as is BoomFuzzy, and while GhoulSpawn is drastically younger than them, he too is still a mature adult, whom would classify as middle-aged. There are no young, teen, or even remotely youthful characters in the series, and the term BL, implies boys/teens/young adults. The youngest character in the series is GhoulSpawn and at best he'd pass for a man in his 40s; while main character, Quaraun is the equivalent of a 70 year old man; and BoomFuzzy is the equivalent of a man in his 90s. I point this fact out, because in the past, I've had readers say they only read characters their own age and would liked to have had a warning up front that the 3 leading men were all older/mature/elderly men.

Possible Trigger Warnings: The series contains mentions/scenes of drinking, drug use, strong violence, suicide, and violent murder.



In celebration of it's 50th anniversary, The entire Quaraun Series - all 200+ previously published novels and 2,000+ previously published short stories are being released here, for the first time available free to read online.

Yes, this is a "reprint" of a book published in the 1970s. This is not new or being written, it was finished 50  and published years ago. All chapters are being uploaded on a release schedule, but the story is already finished and complete.

NOTE: Each “chapter” is its own short story that stands on its own. The collected chapters, as a whole, tell many facets of the events surrounding Quaraun’s life and the lives of his friends and family. As such, the “chapters” do not progress in a linear beginning to end fashion, rather, they move forward and backward in time, including time travel portal travel, and flashbacks. The full series spans a time period from 800A.D. to the year 2525, with stories zipping back and forth to any era between those years.

This means you can read each “chapter” on its own, in any order, without reading the ones before or after it, or can read them in any order you please, if you choose to do so.

It’s lots and lots and lots of short stories about one character and his friends and family. Every main character with in each story is somehow a friend or relation to Quaraun, even in the stories Quaraun himself does not appear in.

I’ve tried to make sure editing was complete before uploaded, but some typos or grammar errors may have slipped through. If so, I’ll edit those as I notice them.

Note: I am Scottish, and this book is written in my native language. NO, BoomFuzzy's dialogue is NOT a made up language it is a very real world language called Gypsy Cant also known as Scottish English also known as Gaelic- if you have trouble understanding him, there are plenty of Scottish English/Gaelic to American English Dictionaries out there. American English is not my native language, and this series uses Scottish English spellings and grammar. (No, this is NOT UK English or British English)

As this is my first time uploading to Royal Road, I may not have formatted these early ones correctly. If so, I’ll edit and try again.

I hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

Many hugs, from EelKat

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