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Book 1 is complete, chapters will be released 3 times a day until finished uploading.

Noah wakes up after another failed date in a new city only to find the world in chaos. A fleet of alien spacecraft hover over every major settlement on Earth, their intentions unknown.

It doesn't remain that way for long. The planet is rapidly terraformed to become unrecognisable, also granting Users the ability to awaken supernatural powers. Noah is one such User.

What to expect:

• Slow burn

• LitRPG without the status screens

• Weak to strong

• Struggle and betrayal

• Realism

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Author │ Artist │ Mischief-Maker

Platinum Artist
Word Count (11)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: A Window In Time ago
Chapter 1 The Arrival ago
Chapter 2 Undergoing Trial ago
Chapter 3 Awakening ago
Chapter 4 Many Hands Make Light Work ago
Chapter 5 Shadow Walker ago
Chapter 6 X Marks The Spot ago
Chapter 7 Abducted ago
Chapter 8 The Store ago
Chapter 9 System Interface ago
Chapter 10 Stay Inside ago
Chapter 11 Self-Isolation ago
Chapter 12 End of the Beginning ago
Chapter 13 Inferno ago
Chapter 14 A Hero Will Rise ago
Chapter 15 Love At First Blood ago
Chapter 16 Luck Doesn’t Exist ago
Chapter 17 Water World ago
Chapter 18 Troubled Waters ago
Chapter 19 A New World ago
Chapter 20 Eyes Forced Open ago
Chapter 21 The Kraken ago
Chapter 22 Attack On Titan ago
Chapter 23 No Man Left Behind ago
Chapter 24 Cutting It Close ago
Chapter 25 It’s A Delicacy ago
Chapter 26 Mercy ago
Chapter 27 Titanic Growth ago
Chapter 28 Sinking Feeling ago
Chapter 29 Megalodon ago
Chapter 30 Abandon Ship ago
Chapter 31 Consequences ago
Chapter 32 The Jaws of Life ago
Chapter 33 The Poseidon ago
Chapter 34 Part Of The Ship, Part Of The Crew ago
Chapter 35 The Tides Have Turned ago
Chapter 36 Starlight On The Ocean ago
Chapter 37 Cruising Through The Apocalypse ago
Chapter 38 Renewed Vigor ago
Chapter 39 A Sliver of Hope ago
Chapter 40 Overwhelming Power ago
Chapter 41 The Tyrant ago
Chapter 42 Infected ago
Chapter 43 Man Overboard ago
Chapter 44 Fish Bait ago
Chapter 45 Oarsman ago
Chapter 46 Broken ago
Chapter 47 Meat’s Back On The Menu Boys! ago
Chapter 48 Selfish ago
Chapter 49 Island Paradise ago
Chapter 50 Land Of The Giants ago
Chapter 51 Devil-Fish ago
Chapter 52 Can’t Escape ago
Chapter 53 We Stand Together ago
Chapter 54 Kingfish ago
Chapter 55 Whale Watching ago
Chapter 56 The Beast Within ago
Chapter 57 Hammer And Claw ago
Chapter 58 Whale Call ago
Chapter 59 Unfamiliar Faces ago
Chapter 60 Fine Like Red Wine ago
Chapter 61 A Series Of Unfortunate Events ago
Chapter 62 An Eye For An Eye ago
Chapter 63 No Time To Lose ago
Chapter 64 Land Ahoy! ago
Chapter 65 World Of Lights ago
Chapter 66 Down With The Ship ago
Chapter 67 Stay Hydrated ago
Chapter 68 Ghost Hand ago
Chapter 69 Glass Cannon ago
Chapter 70 Patient Endurance ago
Chapter 71 Salvation ago
Chapter 72 Rocky Landing ago
Chapter 73 Visions Of Chaos ago
Chapter 74 The Oracle Of Misfortune ago
Chapter 75 Child Of Ruin ago
Chapter 76 Burning Fury ago
Chapter 77 Garden Of Horrors ago
Chapter 78 Heart Of Dust ago
Chapter 79 Fungal Zombie ago
Chapter 80 Into The Woods ago
Chapter 81 Hunted By Dogs ago
Chapter 82 Grass Roots ago
Chapter 83 Sea Of Flames ago
Chapter 84 Dog's Death ago
Chapter 85 An Incense Worth Of Time ago
Chapter 86 Cure-All ago
Chapter 87 Winds Of Change ago
Chapter 88 A Ray Of Hope ago
Chapter 89 Delivered To Your Door ago
Chapter 90 Dance With Death ago
Chapter 91 Old Friends ago
Chapter 92 Betrayal ago
Chapter 93 Reunited ago
Chapter 94 Promises ago
Chapter 95 Airshark ago
Chapter 96 The Sisters Of The Sea ago
Chapter 97 Sanctuary ago
Chapter 98 Priestess Of Poseidon ago
Chapter 99 The Return ago
Chapter 100 The Fallen Citadel ago
Chapter 101 Oppression ago
Chapter 102 Captive ago
Chapter 103 A Mad King ago
Chapter 104 Fire And Ice ago
Chapter 105 Love Overcomes Death ago
Chapter 106 No Time For Regret ago
Chapter 107 Catalyst ago
Chapter 108 An End To A Tyrant ago
Chapter 109 Prize Catch ago
Epilogue: Black Rock ago

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There's a room for (character) improvement

Reviewed at: Chapter 40 Overwhelming Power

I still have some chapters left but I just can't continue this story. While there are things I really enjoyed - good grammar, pretty original system, dynamic action scenes, not under- or overpowered MC - what, for me, took all the joy from reading were unrealistic, duche characters.

If you don't mind reading about occasionally dense MC who's constantly shifting between too much or too little empathy for his fellow humans, and if you're okay with some ridiculous (not in a good way) supporting characters you should probably give this story a chance since the rest of it is pretty good. What do I mean by ridiculous? Well, you've red these post apocalyptic stories where half of the human population suddenly becomes sociopathic assholes just because? It's one of those. You can basically divide the characters in 3 groups: the good guys, supporting MC and desperately trying to kling to their morals at the expanse of their survival rate;

Why, oh, why doesn't Noah (the MC) kill the duche (whatever his name was - Richard or something?) when he got the chance? I hate this trope with passion.

I laughed at loud when the elderly moral guide turned out to also be asian and martial arts master! I haven't seen that trope in quite some time (aside from cultivation stories, of course).


the bad guys, trying to kill MC and doing their best to impersonate a sitcom villains (would it really hurt so much to give them some motivation beyond "I can so I will"?)

with the obnoxious ringleader, a MINION (because if 2 psychos meet one would just peacefully decide to follow the other one?) crafty right-hand supporter (why does she hit on MC all the time? Does she have such a low self esteem that she needs validation from the guy who repeatedly turned her down?) and the ringleader trophy girl (why did the author add the abuse plot point, I just can't comprehend. If you don't intend to get into the social commentary, which obviously won't be done since it would change the whole tone of the novel, don't add a casual abuse to spice things up! There are better ways to make your audience dislike the villain than cooking up a pathetic, abused girlfriend.)

Even the 1st antagonist in the form of teleporting girl seems to go back on their deal with no apparent reason (apart from greed, maybe) but I'm willing to give the author the benefit of the doubt here since she did reappear once already so maybe we will get some backstory at some point.


And the crowd which I would consider a group and a character of it's own. The Crowd gets more characterization than anyone except the MC (okay, not totally fair here, there are 2-3 characters that get as much personality as The Crowd). The Crowd is mostly known from it's inability to dodge, fearfully standing around and influencing MC's decision making process (by just being there, not by someone voicing their perspective).

As I stated earlier, aside from my massive disappointment and irritation at character development, I enjoyed the story well enough so if you're here for some action and power leveling give it a try but I do not recommend it for anyone who, like me, lives and breathes for character building.

Oh, and while the style wasn't bad (the flow of the story was smooth enough) the time jumps were jarring (and didn't do MC any favors either - from reader perspective it seems like he was doing nothing for long periods of time in a crucial moment of his life

- just after the system initiation. While keeping a low profile can be beneficial I feel like it would be better to have some small snippets of MC doing stuff (like scavenging or observing) instead of radio silence.


Also there's a reason why most authors have around 5 characters they focus on and don't abandon somewhat established characters like hot potato the moment they want to move the plot forward.


How to not be a MC in the Apocalipse settings...

Reviewed at: Epilogue: Black Rock

Well, I saw the epilogue chapter in new chapters so I decided to try this...

1) Nice world-building at least at the start...

2) The MC is ... kinda weak-willed?

I mean ok I get it, the MC (who doesn't act like MC), is scared. But imagine settings: You get zombie+ apocalypse with RPG settings kinda, aliens even provide kinda status and shops. What MC does after first visiting a shop? Get hooled for a week doing nothing....Also later in the story, there is a paragraph "after many weeks..." where MC practically did nothing but lazy about, and ofc his enemies and everything powered up. There is even dialogue where someone in a later chapter wondering why he is so low levelled...

3) Plot armour saving MC from his incompetence...

Well overall this was kinda frustrating to read, expecialy the later half. At least explain MC character motivation more, when is just lazing around...



what a great work and a roller coaster, well balanced with world build up, character build up and system set up no over powered main character and nice to see the main characters fight the moral dilemmas that one would face and answer those questions. A well rounded tale well written. And worth the read we all know someone like ronan and all think of ourselves like noah would we behave like him throughout or come to the same conclusions sooner or not at all. Well done wordsmith. 


The main character is a good guy and to be honest, what he's doing in the story is probably what you and I would do in the same situation.  But that's not supposed to be what a main character is supposed to be.  He is supposed to be someone that we'd be able to admire, to be able to look upon him and think, I want to be like that.  A MC can have a weak personality in the beginning, but every good story has their characters grow, not only in strength for action/adventure stories, but to have their characters develop outstanding and intriguing personalities.

Unfortunately after 40 chapters, I have reached my limit on this story, but I will say that it has an excellent world build and potential.


This is a quick read with some fun RPG elements to it. The main story follows the protagonist, Noah, as the earth is turned into an alien/zombie apocalypse zone. After the short prologue, we're immediately thrust into some action sequences and start to get a feel for what the world is going to end up being like. It's a pretty fast paced adventure with a lot of action, but little time devoted to descriptions or character development. If you're looking for action, you're going to like this one.

Style: 5 stars, it has a definite style and feel to it. If you like fast-paced adventure you're going to enjoy it.

Story: 4 stars. It appears so far to have a solid idea of where this story is going and I found myself 10 chapters in one sitting. It's entertaining and you start hoping our hero gets into some bigger fights.

Grammar: 3 stars. I had to re-read some sentences to really understand what was happening. Also the prologue needs more help than the chapters themselves. It could do with some more line-editing to help clarify and get rid of some strange wordings. Overall though, I was able to get past it and enjoy the story.

Character score: 3.5 stars. So far this story strikes me as less character based and more action based. I don't go see an action flick to see a great character story arc, I just like to see some bad guys get thrashed. There will probably be more development on that later in the story and I'm assuming at a minimum our main protag gets a bit more fleshed out. 

Overall, if you're looking for something fun and action based RPG, you're going to enjoy this one. Keep up the good work!