I know that many people have been complaining that I needed a map for a long time; so here it is.  Unfortunately, I couldn't post a 16mb image in a thread... so in order to view the version in which you can see much more detail, you need to click the link.

Almost all of those human kingdoms and cities haven't been mentioned in the story yet; it would have seemed strange if they were just blank though.  That southern continent which looks a lot like Antarctica, probably won't be getting any action in the near future.

The entirety of Lorthon Forest looks like a target; that isn't a mistake... I definitely mentioned what it was shaped like in the story.  Those three brown circles near the center are tree-trunks; the place where Michael and Amber are at the moment, isn't on this map.  If it were, it would be where that giant black circle is.

Not everything in this map is to scale; that isn't a mistake, it would just be impossible to see places like Black Mithril, White Mithril, Angren, and Ael Tol otherwise.  Each of the three outer rings of Lorthon are approximately 200 miles wide; the entire forest is 2000 miles in diameter, 6280 miles in circumference.  The size of the desert, plains, the area beyond the mountains to the north, even the icy continent to the south; everything is scaled besides the cities and villages.

Houses and huts represent villages; cities and kingdoms are named.  Alfirin the country's borders aren't shown in this map; since they're constantly expanding throughout the story and I can't ask B.H.Wong to keep updating this map every time I write something about the story.

I know that I said this already, but click the link if you want to see the HD version; it's A LOT more detailed lol :)

(This map was created by B.H.Wong)

The total surface area of Alfirin is over 7 million square miles. :)


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