First Line of Defense, Book 1: Welcome to the Universe

First Line of Defense, Book 1: Welcome to the Universe

by BenjaminKerei

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

When your planet gettings invaded by friendly but ruthless aliens and an AI offers you the opportunity to play the greatest tower defense game the universe has ever created, what do you do? 

You accept, of course.

Finding a way to survive can come later.

Morgan certainly thinks so.

But when aliens are attacking your station and giant six-eyed rats are eating your robotic face, you start to doubt these choices. Accidentally starting a war doesn't help, either.

Welcome to the Universe is a Litrpg space opera story with tower defense, adventure, and dungeon building elements. 

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This is a great piece of work. with every chapter added i like it more and more. The Mc is likeable.

He sometimes seem a bit too smart in making decisions, but he as often takes advices from other characters.

Occasionally it seems it gets too easy for him, but i would argue that he earned it.

you like scifi? you like games? you like stories with grammar at an apropiate level? this is for you.



Well thought out GameLit with a great deal of TowerDefense/Station building.

I especially liked the dialogue between the main character and his BFF AI compaion. I had to hold in a laugh because my 10 months old child was sleeping right next to me and it was really really hard.

So in conclusion: I liked it a lot. So much so, that I wrote a review which I really don't do often. Well done and keep it coming.

Lance Wheeler

Great job with this story and rich universe the author built. There are some weak bugs stomped, alien friends made, trash talk talked, and the walk walked. An overall great read. But no romance. Romance is dead?

I hope there is a continuation of this story! The author says with enough interest that would happen. Show some interest people!



I enjoyed this story a lot! A quick, fun, read for those of us who spend too much time reading. The main character is funny and feels fairly easy to relate to, his sidekick compliments him well (for very obvious reasons) and the story moves at a fast pace. 


The story was a great read, it's quick progression might be off-putting to some, but if that's what you like, like me, you would be very interested in this novel. I would recommend anyone give it a short read to take a grasp of the story to see if it's to your liking.


Give this story a chance. This story didn't sound like something I would be interested in, but I ended up enjoying it. It's a tower defense type story where things kind of get out of hand but in a good way. I hope the author decides to write a book 2.



Mister Bill

I've been bingeing this story and it's fantastic. A lot of action, a lot of humor, great characters, great worldbuilding, very well written, everything. Absolutely read it because it's fun and worth it. 

I'm having a blast and it's putting me through the ringer. You should read it, too, and also 50 words is way too long for a review.


A decent enough, fast-paced read; it's 95% progression, statistics and battle scenes with humanity's place in the galaxy and Game at stake. The main character's level of success is kind of bonkers, but I didn't feel a need to complain about it.

Not a lot to say about the characters besides the protagonist (Morgan) and his AI (Tee). They're both a little comedic and Morgan's a lot smug without being too much of a douche, not sure how else to describe them.

 The grammar's very good, no mistakes that I noticed.


I enjoyed it, book one is easy to read in a day the mc is likable the characters are likable and I loved the spin on the AI not being all knowing but learning everything as it grows. Ill look forward to any book that follows but if it ends at book one it was still a satisfying read. 


I just want more. Sure there are things to nitpick on, but it made hours pass in seconds. 

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