Casual Heroing

Casual Heroing

by _Fowl_

A Slice-of-Life LitRPG that will make you laugh and, hopefully, warm your heart. 

"I have never read anything like this so far, and it's damn fu***** interesting" - Beta reader 1 (the excited one)

"It is very funny and it will climb the ranking fast" - Beta reader 2 (the one with few words)

"A good balance between satire and drama with a touch of action to keep the plot moving" - Beta reader 3 (the fair one)


Why does everyone think that if you get a supreme relic you have to become a hero? TO HELL WITH THAT. I'm getting none of that adventuring bull. What do you say? Ranks? Tiers? Bronze, Silver and Gold adventuring teams? Sure, keep it, it’s all yours.    

I'll be opening a nice pastry shop and using Fireballs to cook creme brulée, for your information. And, oh, that’s so interesting, teleporting, you say? Yeah sure, I'll teleport a cup of coffee on my nightstand in the morning, thank-you-very-much!

Stop bothering me with all your quests, your legendary adventures and all that nonsense! You either buy some pastry or I’m going to report you to the watch for loitering!

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue ago
Chapter 1 - Oh No! ago
Chapter 2 - No Classes ago
Chapter 3 - Clerks ago
Chapter 4 - Interview ago
Chapter 5 - Holding Hands ago
Chapter 6 - 27/9 ago
Chapter 7 - Chef ago
Chapter 8 - Flour, Yeast, Sugar ago
Chapter 9 - Kneading ago
Chapter 10 - Baking ago
Chapter 11 - Housing ago
Chapter 12 - Lesson 1 ago
Chapter 13 - Arrest Me ago
Chapter 14 - Smirk ago
Chapter 15 - Secret Weapon ago
Chapter 16 - Billion ago
Chapter 17 - Splitting Oceans ago
Chapter 18 - Light ago
Chapter 19 - Silver ago
Chapter 20 - Secrecy ago
Chapter 21 - Wolf and Fox ago
Chapter 22 - Bodyguards ago
Chapter 23 - Brownie ago
Chapter 24 - Lesson 2 ago
Chapter 25 - Anger ago
Chapter 26 - Augustus ago
Chapter 27 - Stan ago
Chapter 28 - Manners ago
Chapter 29 - Ruthless ago
Chapter 30 - Dance ago
Chapter 31 - Transactions ago
Chapter 32 - The Three Roses ago
Chapter 33 - Nice ago
Chapter 34 - 529 Cantrips ago
Chapter 35 - Cantrip #1 ago
Chapter 36 - Vectors ago
Chapter 37 - Fastball ago
Chapter 38 - More Food ago
Chapter 39 - Camilla ago
Chapter 40 - Moisture ago
Chapter 41 - Hot ago
Chapter 42 - Day of Ancestors ago
Chapter 43 - Joke ago
Chapter 44 - 23 Cantrips ago
Chapter 45 - Anchoring ago
Chapter 46 - Polarity ago

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Enjoyment hangs on your opinion of the protagonist

Reviewed at: Chapter 13 - Arrest Me

I have a feeling that this review's going to be chewed on a bit, given the majority of reviews, but I think it's worth adding some differing opinion to the mix. First off, the premise is pretty much as sold in the blurb. A random guy gets scooped to another world, finds an artifact of incredible power, and really just wants to be a baker. That said, he is a very horny random guy written in the school of "No means try harder" and while it's played for comedy, every single (attractive) female interaction is 9 parts him throwing shameless pickup lines, and 1 part them threatening him. Whether you enjoy the story or not will really hinge on whether or not that bothers you.

Style: Written almost as a stream of consciousness, it lends a sense of fast-paced action despite the general lack of urgency. The structure is solid and flows well.

Grammar: Mostly solid, with the occasional spelling error tucked in. No issues with word usage that I saw.

Story: Great break from the standard power fantasy. The complete lack of interest in utilizing profound power makes for an entertaining diversion, without even the slightest desire to leave the safety of the bakery. Whether or not it will manage to stay true to the premise of turning a grand path to power towards baking remains to be seen. The world as billed seems to be a straightforward low fantasy, with the twist that elves live just as long as humans.

Characters: The only one that really matters is the titular Joey Luciani, Italian-American New York City resident cast adrift with lines that would make a self-titled pickup artist confidently nod before swaggering off to peacock their way through a bar. It's the sort of over-the-top characterization that's not uncommon in fiction. The quiet warrior that mainly interacts in grunts. The snobbish wizard that only cares about magic. The criminally curious rogue. And the horny bard baker. If it were toned down to the point where he could talk to female characters in a way that didn't rely on them carrying the entire conversation because all of his dialogue is shameless flirtation, it'd be more broadly tolerable. As it is, it reminds me way too much of guys we had to cut out of our college friend group because they refused to stop jokingly flirting with every girl in the group. It was funny at first, but the longer it went on and the more times they tell them they aren't interested, the more it became clear they just didn't respect their boundaries, their relationships, or them as people. As a fictional counterpart, it just starts to weigh when his only character moments are in his thoughts because almost every word of dialogue is cheesy pickup lines. Even so, his thoughts largely revolve around his dislike of (insert culture)'s men, and love of (insert culture)'s women.

So, personally I had a hard time enjoying the protagonist, even as an interesting fantasy concept completely detached from reality. That said, I don't hold it against anyone that brushes off or is entertained by the non-stop flirtation. The rest of the story is a solid enough hook, with a wildly overpowered relic (courtesy of Mr. Mulligan), and hilariously underwhelming goal. It's a good start to a slice-of-life caper that bends away from the standard. I still rated it relatively highly since tastes vary, but I thought it would be worth telling people that this may not be their cup of tea.


Like McDonald's enjoy it for what it is.

Reviewed at: Chapter 30 - Dance


I enjoy the story for what it is and it is enjoyable. it's not something to give deep thought  if you do, it does start to fall apart in some areas now. World building character growth can solve most of those issues but as of now I do see it as a detriment. If you read the story, take it at face value chalk up anything else to?l It's being a fantasy in  a fantasy world. You can have a lot of fun reading the story and just enjoying it for what it is.

Even at its worse, I do believe the story is better than average and it is worth a try.


It's a slice of life comedy with a serial flirt

Reviewed at: Chapter 31 - Transactions

It may not be in my top ten deepest stories ever read, but it is funny. If you are looking for a light read where the Mc has no game with the fairer gender, but is a shameless flirt, this is your story. The story doesn't take itself too seriously despite the being being thrown into a fantasy litrpg survival setting.


Very strong on the flirtation/girl chasing, which isn't really hinted in the summary. I'd put something about that in there, prepare the readers a bit more. Nothing really wrong with it, the dude knows what he wants in life, it's just probably going to turn some people off.

Overall an amusing read, it's interesting enough to stay awake past my bedtime to binge it.


MC is an idiot, sort of, and its delightful

Reviewed at: Chapter 24 - Lesson 2


TL;DR: Give it a try, I enjoy it you might too.

In general, I recommend this. It is a fun little story following a mostly likeable but still very flawed MC. The MC brings with him the OP power of baking and baking recipes. And a mystic book or something but whatever. Caramel is the real magic.

It is just starting but it seems like this could be a real fun one.


The style is a little jarring at first. It is very much a stream of consciousness, which can be messy. I feel like there might be some better formatting or something that might improve readability but overall its fine.


Uses the reader suggestions. It is very conversational but that is the intent.


Does a surprisingly good job of pacing. Despite very little happening in the first 20 chapters (MC gets transported and starts to get established), there was never really any point that I felt myself zoning out on.

I have really enjoyed that the background et all is delivered via the story rather than an exposition dump by the MC. Honestly, curious to see how this develops


So far I’d say this is excellent. The MC is probably not someone I’d hang out with; he’s flawed, obsessed with the ladies and leans heavily on his baking and sass to save him. He’s got opinions I don’t agree with but could see coming out of an Italian American baker whose parents were religious (looking at you DnD hate).

MC takes his infatuation and his hatred of beauocracy to 11. It’s weird but frankly we’re reading an isekai, its okay to  have some weirdness. Especially in service to the narrative or entertainment.

MC seems capable of learning, is a social creature and seems capable of complex emotions. Other characters have been introduced and seem to be fairly complex. I’m looking forward to seeing the other characters through the upcoming arc.

Edit: Updated the style score as it felt unfair to rate low with no useful feedback other than "it could be better". 



At Chapter 30 - Dancing with Magic

Reviewed at: Chapter 30 - Dance

Are you looking for laughs and giggles? Search no further, the writer took it upon himself to deliver it to us non-magic users. I look forward to the chapters and he delivers what he promises. 

Give it a try, reading a couple of chapters for experienced LN readers is like taking a breathe. Beware of addicting properties ^^ 

I think as many that the character might be sometimes a bit much. He may or may not work up a nervous tick in his eyes, But, with magic it shouldn't leave any lasting damages. He will grow on you on certain aspects but can take time.



first off the story is great, without a doubt it earns the comedy tag and more.  The jokes all land well and my cheeks hurt after binging the first 40 chapters. The character of Joey os exactly what any 30 something thinks when hearing that name albeit with a tad more wit. It  does lack a substantial amount of description for the evironment that is replaced by description of the people themselves. I personally don't mind that and it allows reader to build the unimportant aspect as they imagine. The only glaring issue is the incessant internal thoughts of Joey taking up more than half of each chapter that are entirely irrelevant the story itself. There were paragraphs about Selena gomez. Not just one but multiple...the last chapter I read could have been boiled down into maybe three paragraphs at most a few hundred words and lost nothing of substance at all. You may see 40+ chapters but trust me there is only 20 chapters of actual story here and that being generous. This can simply be attributed to style of writing however it influences the pace immensely also the m.c lacks any reasoning for many of his decisions or why he doesn't do the obvious thing readers are pondering are just outright ignored. If you as the reader expect him to act like any other person you will be frustrated he is like a mentally ill child with a boner and enough wit to keep is attached to himself. While I love the story and uts hilarious I also hate it for the pacing , the internal monolgues, and how the obvious questions are never asked or the m.c reasoning hardly being shown when we have plenty of opportunity for it.


So we've got a would be Casanova that swings for the fences when it comes to women. He may get shot down time and time again, but our hero will not be deterred! There's some baking, with a bit of magic thats starting to be explored, but this is not your royalroad murder hobo story. This is a comedy with characters that feel real, and their motivations make sense.

Grammar seems good, but I ain't an English major, so take it with a grain of salt.

I've greatly enjoyed this and can't wait for the next chapters to come out. It should be noted that if you're looking for something more serious, or action based, you'll probably want to pass this up. This ain't no teen edgelords story, and the litrpg aspect has been almost non existent.

TLDR; read this story. It's lighthearted, deal with it. 


Solid slice of life comedy

Reviewed at: Chapter 18 - Light

Not sure why people have given it less stars. It does what it claims to pretty well.

Our MC is a dude who doesn't care about power or anything enjoying baking in this Isekai system world. What makes it better than a lot of similar stories is the commitment to the bit. He genuinely, and regularly skips on fast advancement in favor of enjoying life. This also doesn't turn around and reward him with a bunch of lucky breaks that make him powerful anyway.

The whole flirt thing is a little too much tell instead of show, with him explaining his basic flirting tactics in detail, repeatedly. But, as it's relatively well written, it doesn't drag


This story is about a man who got zapped (not literally) to another world. Classic Isekai story. Except this more easy-going, I'd say. 

The MC is basically like Brock from Pokemon Anime. He is the really pathetic, flirty, enjoy life in the moment kind of guy that gets his heartbroken one day and tries again with the same girl the next day. 

If you get offended very easily and take everything a little too seriously, this story is not for you because there are a lot of ongoing jokes that can hit a certain nerve for certain people. There are some topics that can be judged as prejudice or harrassment. (Thats really not what the author has in mind, I think. But it can be perceived as such.)

The plot isn't very defined as of yet. I do not think there is a specific conflict in the author's mind either. 

It's a really good book to binge to kick back and relax.