Falling with Folded Wings

Falling with Folded Wings

by PlumParrot

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Morgan was a technician upon the Arkship, Pilgrim-9, bound for the Tau Ceti solar system. He wasn't ready for what would happen when the ship arrived. He wasn't prepared for a seemingly omniscient "System" to take control of his life and thrust him into some sort of proving ground. He just wanted to survive, figure things out, and get back to the rest of the colonists, wherever they may be.

What happens when a few thousand humans are thrust into a world with magical Energy and hostile entities with unimaginable abilities? How will Morgan and his friends cope with the trials and tribulations? Will they grow in power, solving the mysteries of their new world and beyond, or will they succumb to the many forces aiming to impose their will upon the newcomers?

This LitRPG serial will follow the lives of Morgan, Bronwyn, and others as they work to survive, explore and grow in a fantastical world.

5 chapters per week release schedule: Mon - Fri

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The sci-fi doesn't matter

Reviewed at: B5

I had high hope starting this story, the premise looked interesting enough and seemed like a fresh take on the genre.

Except it's not, at the end this is a very generic mass transmigration story.

The introduction and the description make you feels it has elements of sci-fi. But no, they are not allowed to keep any technology and they are discouraged to develope any technologies. What remain is a generic transmigration of 4999 people with the usual mc put in a situation where he strives.

It's not bad but it's certainly not anything fresh.


Worth a try. There's a few mistakes here or there. Mixing up sentient with sapient. That sorta thing. The departure from the protagonist into entire chapters where he's not there is not very appealing to read, but the overall story of Morgan is interesting enough. I could see it getting better as time goes by.


Good, but somewhat standard, Litrpg

Reviewed at: M22

Overall it's well-executed, but somewhat by-the-numbers LITRPG.

Style & Grammar:

definitely better than the vast majority of stories on this site. There were sentences here or there that made me stumble for a bit, but not nearly bad for me to remember which ones they were or go digging to find them.


I think the main character is a fairly standard litrpg protagonist, a bit of blank slate, but someone I enjoy reading about. The second main character has a bit more depth, but her story segments are quite as interesting.


I was disappointed that the scifi stuff from the beginning ended up as just background, but it doesn't bother me nearly as much as it seemed to bother others.

My one complaint here is that the author seems to be overextending themself with the multiple POVs. It seems a bit rich for me to complain about too main POVs when I just said I thought the second main character has more depth than the main character, but that's because her story segments seem to drag a bit. Like I see where they're going, but it's taking too long to get there. We don't need to see what she does in as much detail as what we see the main character do. Maybe just drop in after she clears a dungeon, or falls asleep after a committee meeting.

But that's a minor complaint. The issue is the other POVs. I don't think we need to see in detail the machinations behind the threats our MCs will face. Maybe just a few hints and have it revealed in more detail as the threats become more salient. Try keeping us in the dark almost as much as the MCs are.



Fresh take on LitRPG with a Sci Fi twist

Reviewed at: M6

Okay so first of all I know this review is a bit premature. I'll try to update it after more chapters are added, but I enjoyed the first chapter so much that I had to talk about it.

Style: So far we start out with something that looks like a classic Sci Fi story, and lays some good groundwork into the science of this world. However, there is a LitRPG aspect to it that I think is going to be really cool. The storytelling is good so far, and feels very polished in my opinion. It's a 3rd person narrative that flows smoothly.

Story:  The basic premise is a colony ship approaching their destination when things go wrong in a very LitRPG way. Again, I know it's early, but there is a lot of promise and I can't wait to get into the LitRPG stuff from the perspective of futuristic humans from an advanced society. There is also a very logical reason for the main character to be separated from the masses and stand out in the future, which is nice to see. Basically, it seems to me like the author is taking care to have reasonable explanations for the common LitRPG tropes.

Grammar: This is only the first chapter and I will tell you that I'm not a stickler for grammar. That being said, I didn't notice any errors at all. This is either edited, or the author is very good at proof reading. Maybe others will find mistakes, but I didn't.

Character: We only have two so far with the focus on the main character, but I think the author does a good job. We really just get a quick look at Morgan to start out, but so far he feels like a real person with distinct thoughts and feelings, but I just haven't gotten a chance to know him yet.

Overall, I am extremely excited for this story. I know there is not much yet, but this is going in a direction that I am looking forward to. There are some Sci Fi LitRPGs out there, but this one feels fresh to me with the way it is set up. I'm not usually an early reader, but I decided to try this one out on a whim, and now I will be impatiently waiting for updates, which are thankfully scheduled to come frequently.

Edit1: Seven chapters in and I can say that my rating wasn't premature. We are still early, but the writing feels professional, and I haven't seen a single grammar issue or typo. My only real complaint is that there hasn't been more sci fi elements, but that's just a personal preference and there's plenty of room for more of that later. I will say that the world building and character development are excellent so far. I am very impressed and it looks like I can stand by my early rating.


This story is well worth the read

Reviewed at: B3

Fantastic writing! I love the setting of the story and the attention to detail. Its immersive and the scope of it really draws you in, great work! I'm looking forward to future chapters and how it all pans out in the end. It's been awhile since i've actually sat down and read a story, I'm usually listening to an audiobook, so this is a good change of pace.


Above-average System Apocalypse style litRPG

Reviewed at: B7

As far as chapters I'm up to M31/B17 over on Patreon and still enjoying my advanced-chapter subscription. The author's spelling/grammar/syntax is solid, which is greatly appreciated. At the time of this review, the pace of updates is acceptable on RR and pretty continuous over on Patreon. In either case, the length of each chapter is solid and enough usually happens to satisfy the reader for the day.

This book features a system implementation event targeting humans traveling on a colony ship to new planets, which is a nice twist to the usual earth-based apocalypse situation. The logistics and planning that went into outfitting the colony ship dovetails nicely with having to start out fresh with System abilities and technology. I also like that it allows for interaction with other intelligent races without the stipulation that they are all invading earth.

Each chapter is third person and is devoted to one of two main characters, with a number of additional characters thrown in as interludes. Currently I'd say there is just enough character development (emotional/social), although my preference is always that stories go in this direction rather than the action side of things. The litRPG elements feel significant without being too bulky. Another personal preference is that I would like to see LESS loot rewards after the action events, although I assume there are just as many people who want a constant flow of shiny things. Overall this story may not be my top pick on RR but it is a great addition to my Follow list and I advise prospective readers to at least try a few chapters for each main character.


I love this story. It has some good worldbuilding, not a huge amount of plot armour and some interesting points of view. I also enjoy the foresight and planning the author has. Some have complained about the multiple points of view but I think that is short sighted, in the long run they have definitely added to the story to.make it fuller.


This story is just getting started but trust me.  It's a game changer. I've been looking for my next litrpg fix and I've found it. The story is fresh.  The system is interesting and you care about the characters.  Give it a read.  I binged all the current chapters in one sitting.  I'm writing this review at 4 am. This can be the next DOTF except with a focus on a few more characters.  


Nice combination

Reviewed at: B8

Guys, you should try it out! It is one of my favourite stories on RR right now! I binge read everything here, joined Patreon and did the same there^^

Both main characters have some nice character development, the side characters show potential and the way the story is going so far is very promising.

A great combination of adventure & adventure..

...combined with some base building and possible future faction interaction (wars, diplomacy, politics...).

The effects of/interactions with the "big bad" system are also well thought of (good class/skill system, promising base setup).

Looking forward to see the further progress!