The Union of Breaths (Dropped)

by AuxiliaryExit

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Harem Martial Arts
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content
The path of an elementalist is long and dangerous, but in a world where a single strong beast or expert is capable of deciding the fate of thousands one should strive to be strong. Famous sects, mighty clans and powerful trade conglomerates litter the continent. How could a young man from a troupe of travelling musicians and actors, armed only with the skills of his trade, ever hope to achieve true greatness in such a world?
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I hope you keep his entertainer backrgound

I like your writing style. English isn’t my 1st language, so I can’t really comment why I like it. But as I read it, it felt like I really read a Chinese novel. Perhaps because you use many Chinese terms, etc.


I also like the mc’s unique background. So far, many mc from the xianxia have  martial art background, perhaps they came from a sec big or small, their parents are martial artist, etc. Having background as entertainer I think could bring something interesting along the story.


The mc way with girls/woman remind me of Jin Yong’s The Duke of Mount Deer. So I think combined with his background as entertainer, it could actually moved the story line rather than just as a side dishes for the story.


I have some question though, perhaps I miss it, but is there any strong reason why Jia Long decided to help Yi Cheng? Jia Long did a lot for Yi Cheng, did he have strong reason to do such thing?


I think you have refreshing idea, hope the mc didn’t get strong too fast. I enjoy to read the progress how the mc will grow from zero to hero.