World Transcending Dragon Paragon [HIATUS]

by AardwarkThe2nd

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Martial Arts Reincarnation Supernatural Xianxia

NOTE: This story is on hiatus for now. Kindly check my new story here!


Yulian Starlighter was formerly an ordinary University Student. After his sudden death, he was sent decades into the future, where the world has been shaken by a heaven rending apocalypse! This is a world of strength, where the only law is the law of the jungle!

For what reason did he transcend death? This world that has drastically transformed, is it really Earth or another world? Follow Yulian as he seeks answers on his path of cultivation!

Tags: Xianxia, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalypse, Time Travel, Fanfiction

[Note: This story is a fanfiction that takes place in the world of Swallowed Star, a famous novel by I Eat Tomatoes. Swallowed Star ranks among IET's best works and is extremely popular in China. It is currently translated by Zebulin in Translation Nations.]


NOTE: This story is on hiatus for now. Kindly check final chapter for the prologue of my new story!

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Word Count (12)
4th Anniversary
Top List #1000
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: A Mysterious Child ago
Chapter 2: Spirit Force ago
Chapter 3: Nine Yang Thunder Fist ago
Chapter 4: First Training Session with Zhang Wei ago
Chapter 5: Second Training Session with Zhang Wei ago
Chapter 6: Genetic Energy Cultivation Technique, ‘Spirit Immersion’ ago
Chapter 7: Third Training Session with Zhang Wei ago
Chapter 8: Introductory Stage of the Nine Stage Thunder Blade ago
Chapter 9: Final Training Session with Zhang Wei ago
Chapter 10: Rapid Gain in Strength ago
Chapter 11: ago
Chapter 12: First Battle ago
Chapter 13: Spirit Force Eruption ago
Glossary ago
Chapter 14: Three months passing by ago
Chapter 15: Aiming for the Pinnacle ago
Chapter 16: HR Alliance Contract ago
Chapter 17: A New World of Cultivation ago
Chapter 18 : VR Game ago
Chapter 19: Virtual Battles ago
Chapter 20: After a Week ago
Chapter 21: BOSS Battle Victory ago
Chapter 22: Dual Breakthroughs ago
Chapter 23: Yet Another Breakthrough ago
Chapter 24: First Blade Technique, Violetsun Radiance ago
Chapter 25: Receiving Instruction from the Dragon Sovereign ago
Chapter 26: The Master’s Teachings ago
Chapter 27: Five days of continuous slaughter ago
Chapter 28: The State of the Soul (1) ago
Chapter 29: The State of the Soul (2) ago
Should I Rewrite? ago
Prologue: Battle to Save the World ago
My new story is up! ago

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One of the best stories i've read on RRL and i've read an extreme large amount of stories on RRL.

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not stop writing. I am your fan work

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 Such good work perfect grammar perfect characters  long chapters storu

Yeah isome really good surprised that it's not in the top 5 keep writing man I am sure if you get more chapters out you'll make it there 

  • Overall Score

I've red multiple novels on RRL and yours is among the top but you need better consistency with chapters and if they are too long that it takes time than shorten the chapters to create a consitent chapter release.